Vıldız Tschnicol University



Vıldız Tschnicol University
V ıldız T s c h n ic o l U n iv e rs ity - Vi İdiz
Block A
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
Informatics, Students Affairs Department
Head Office, Security Unit
Block I
Block В
Sadıka Sabancı Nursery
Data Processing Centre, Yıldız Çatı
Restaurant, Classrooms and CAD
Laboratory, Computer Technical Service
Yüksel Sabancı Cultural Centre
Block К
Block L
Block С
Block M
Laboratories, Conference Hall, Oğuz Atay
Theatre Hall
Students’ and Staff’s Dining Hall
Block D
Yıldız SEM (Continuing Education Center),
Health Services (Medico- Social Centre),
Rectorate Office of International Relations,
EU Office (Erasmus), Foreign Students’
Office, Farabi
Faculty of Architecture, Department of City
and Regional Planning, Switchboard
Block E
Mechanical Engineering Laboratories
Block F/ “Çukursaray”
Graduate School of Natural and Applied
Science, Graduate School of Social Science
Block G
Block G1
Printing House
Block H
Faculty of Economics and Administrative
Block N
Block О
Constructive Works Head Office, Health,
Culture and Sports Department Head Office
Block R
Dove cote
Block S / “Kiler-i Hümayun”
ÖREM (Student Guidance and Counsel­
ing Centre), Project Support Office, Unit of
Scientific Research Projects,
The Graduates’ Association (YTU-MED)
Block T
Faculty of Naval Architecture and Maritime,
Auditorium, Public Affairs and Communica­
tion Coordlnatorshlp, Classrooms
2. Building
Support Services
3. Building
Legal Consultancy
4. Building
5. Building
Block U
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Side
B u ild in g -1, Laboratories
6. Building
Block V
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Side
Building- 2
1. Building
T.C. İş Bank
7. Building
Yıldız Bahçe Restaurant
8. Area
Sports Area

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