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newsletter - Rönesans Holding
We’re Rönesans...
The leader of development, architect of the future.
Rönesans @Global
Countdown starts for Gotthard!
Rönesans ranks the top
10th in Europe.
The countdown started for the 57-km Gotthard Base, the
world’s largest railway tunnel that has been undertaken
by Renaissance Construction. The tunnel’s test drive was
successfully carried out in October. The test drives on the
tunnel, which is scheduled to interconnect Italy, Switzerland,
Austria and Germany will be brought into service, will be
completed until May 2016, and thus brought into service.
Renaissance Construction has achieved another success abroad. It has climbed up from its 53rd ranking to become
37th in “The Top 250 International Contractors” list, which is prepared by the Engineering News Record (ENR), the
international construction sector magazine, and also became the 10th Largest International Contractor in Europe.
Among over 500 projects that have been successfully completed and sustained by Renaissance until now are the
Gotthard, the longest railway tunnel in Europe, the Avia Park, the largest mall in Europe, the St. Petersburg skyscraper
project that has broken the world record with its continuous concreting, as well as the largest urea and ammoniac
facility in Turkmenistan and the world’s largest Gas to Gasoline (GTG) projects.
Rönesans @Global
Tushino-2018 is progressing ahead of schedule!
Tushino-2018, a new and outstanding integrated urban development project located in the city of Moscow in northwestern
Russia, is progressing rapidly than expected. Renaissance Construction is the general contractor of the project consisting
of residential and business complexes and sports and leisure facilities on an area of a total of 715,000 square meters.
Rising in St. Petersburg
Renaissance Construction has completed another prioritized
stage in the construction of a skyscraper project in St.
Petersburg by finishing the subbasement concreting. After
successfully completing the subbasement concreting and
sub-base construction, the construction of first floors in the
tower core was initiated.
Firsts / Bests @Rönesans
FMCo initiates its activities!
Renaissance Operating Services Consultancy Co.,
operating under the Renaissance Healthcare Investment
and called as FMCo, initiated its activities in order to
operate its investments in the field of health. It will be
responsible for the operating departments in line with
the Public-Private Partnership (PPP), which will become
one of the important reforms of health services in Turkey
and provide our county with many modern hospitals.
The FMCo will furnish a total of 19 services, namely, five
medical support services and 14 support services for 25
years in all hospitals on a total area of 3,000,000 m2,
provided that the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Health
will be responsible for medical and nurse services.
İkitelli City Hospital
entrusted to Rönesans!
Renaissance Healthcare Investment has purchased 100
percent shares of the İkitelli Integrated Health Campus
in Istanbul, one of the largest projects that is awarded
within the context of the Public-Private Partnership
(PPP) model with its 2,682-bed capacity.
Another achievement
in Russia!
Renaissance Heavy Industries signed
a contract for general construction
of the ZapSib-2 Ethylene Cracker
Unit in Tobolsk, Russia. The facility
is expected to become the largest
plant in Russia, as well as the largest
ethylene cracker unit factory of the
Rönesans Education Foundation breaks new ground in Turkey!
Rönesans Education Foundation (REV), which has taken the support for young people and contributions to the
country’s future as a mission, took its contributions beyond “awarding scholarships” with its Renaissance Education
Academy. The Rönesans Education Foundation’s (REV) Education Academy, which has provided more than 4,500
students with non-refundable scholarships since its foundation in 2009, received scholarship applications for the
new term through its online education portal on September 10. Receiving 6,500
applications in the first day and breaking a record in this field, it has got more than
37,000 scholarship applications and over 1 million visitors until October 9. Besides the
scholarship applications, the REV Education Academy aims at supporting scholarship
students and providing them with sense of belonging. The REV Education Academy
consists of many education modules under such headings as “Personal Development”,
“Preparation for the Business Life” and “Active Responsible Citizenship in the 21st
Century”. As part of the program that will start with five modules in the first year, the
number of trainings will increase to 25 in the upcoming years.
Renaissance Heavy Industries
office in Mozambique was
“Respect for History Award” for the İzmir Bayraklı Renaissance Mansion
As part of the Respect for History, Local Conservation Awards, which is organized by İzmir
Metropolitan Municipality for the 13th time this year, İzmir Bayraklı Renaissance Mansion
was presented the respect for history award.
Our Portal’s New Face!
Our inter-corporate portal and available web sites started to be
renewed. The new designs will represent Rönesans’s modern
and dynamic face in a better way!
Little children start the academic
year of 2015-2016!
Renaissance Medical in its new building!
TED Rönesans College started its education life last year and
also initiated the academic year of 2015-2016. The excitement
and happiness of both the current students and those who just
start school were written all over their faces.
Renaissance Medical moved to its new address on Hoşdere
Street in Ankara.
Renaissance MEA Administrative Assistant Emine Serpek
meets her followers at the autograph session at TÜYAP Book
Fair on November 8 for the coloring book that she has prepared
for adults.
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Corporate Communication and Asset Management Group Presidency
Human Resources @Rönesans
Rönesans Academy Opened
A great many educational and video materials started to be presented to our white
collar officials in Turkey, Russia and Turkmenistan through the Renaissance Academy
online education platform. The aim is to designate experienced officials in various areas
of specialization as internal trainers and also make contributions to young officials’
professional development under the roof of the academy.
Rönesans Leader
Development Program
The Leader Development Programs,
which are diversified and designed in
accordance with officials’ levels, were
Corporate Performance System Mid-Term
Evaluation Period completed.
The Corporate Performance System mid-term evaluation period in which the officials
and managers talk face to face and exchange ideas was completed on September 30.
As part of Performance and Feedback Trainings, a total of 69 trainings were given in
six countries. The focus of these trainings was on the ways of enabling managers and
officials to support each other in a better way and making an objective assessment
with regard to their performances, and awareness was created about feedbacks.
Simple Organization Workshops carried out
Simple Organization Workshops were carried out in order to simplify and activate the department and processes within
the Holding Company and also increase the added value with the principle of continuous development.
ERP developments continue!
The ERP developments were initiated in order to ensure that such
fundamental human resources processes as the Performance
Management, Wage Management, Training, Skills Management
and Career Management area conducted through a single system.
As a result, the aim is to standardize our Human Resources
systems and applications in all countries covered by Renaissance.
HR Champions
next to us!
The Human Resources Champions were elected among our
officials in order to furnish more effective services in terms of
processes regarding the Human Resources at our enterprises.
Coffee Break meetings continue…
Rönesans Ankara and İstanbul officials came together as part of the “Coffee Break” activity. CNN Türk Economy Editor and Money
Detective Program Producer Cem Seymen won recognition of Istanbul officials and Personal Development Specialist Ahmet Şerif
İzgören got credit of Ankara officials.
Pedals at full sped!
We came together with our Rönesans Ankara officials at Eymir Lake on Sunday, October 25,
and took a bike tour with our İstanbul officials on Heybeliada.
Office Yoga started!
Creating new atmospheres for its officials who would like to get away from the busy pace of business life, Renaissance has initiated
the office yoga activity in Ankara and İstanbul.
One of Us / Interview
Cem Dipçin / Technical Office Director – Renaissance Healthcare Investment
Music is an antidepressant to me...
We interviewed with Cem Dipçin, who has turned his love
for music from his family into a source of motivation for the
business life.
- When did you start getting interested in music?
As my father is a professional musician, I have been living in music since my
childhood. In our house, especially the classical music was played. My first
toys were hundreds of records, because it was quite difficult to access media
in those days. In this regard, I was lucky.
- Which instruments do you play and what kind of music are you interested
I have a band, in which I’m the main vocalist. Besides, I play the flute,
saxophone and keyboard. I try to try and learn all the music genres without
differentiating between them, but I’m especially interested in such genres as
the classical, soul, new age and psychedelic pop and soul music. The music
that we make with our current group consists of examples from the funk, soul
and rhythm and blues.
- Do you have any compositions and what are your sources of inspiration?
I mostly work on covers at the semi-professional studio that I set up in my
house. Furthermore, I have compositions on the synth pop and electronic
music, because I’m interested in synthesis sounds.
- How important is music in your life? What are its contributions to you?
Music is the passion and source of happiness to me. It’s a perfect
antidepressant that motivates us in the busy pace of our business life.
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NOVEMBER 2015 / 30.09.2015 / 22.08.2015
Rönesans Eğitim Vakfı ‘Online Burs Başvuru’ Sistemiyle Binlerce
Öğrenciye Burs Dağıtacak!
Rönesans Eğitim Vakfı (REV) Türkiye’de bir ilke imza attı ve burs
başvurularını bundan böyle online olarak internet üzerinden kabul
edeceğini açıkladı.
Haberin Devamı için tıklayın...
Rönesans Avrupa’nın En Büyük 10. İnşaat Şirketi
Rönesans, Engineering News Record’un (ENR) “Dünyanın En
Büyük 250 Uluslararası Müteahhitleri” listesinde 53’üncü sıradan
37’inci sıraya ilerledi. Rönesans, Avrupa’da ise en büyük 10. inşaat
şirketi oldu.
Haberin Devamı için tıklayın... / 30.09.2015 / 22.08.2015
Basın Bülteni-Vakıf Türkiye’de İlk Kez Başlattığı ‘Online Burs
Başvuru’ Sistemiyle Binlerce Öğrenciye Burs Dağıtacak
Rönesans Eğitim Vakfı (REV) Türkiye’de bir ilke imza attı ve
burs başvurularını bundan böyle online olarak internet üzerinden
kabul edeceğini açıkladı. Bu amaçla site 100 binin üzerinde tekil
ziyaretçiye ulaşırken, tıklanma oranı 2 milyonu aştı.
Haberin Devamı için tıklayın...
Rönesans Avrupa’nın ilk 10’unda
Rönesans İnşaat ENR’nin “Dünyanın En Büyük 250 Uluslararası
Müteahhitleri” listesine 53 sıradan girme başarısını gösterdi.
Firma aynı zamanda Avrupa’nın en büyük 10 şirketi arasında
kendine yer buldu.
Haberin Devamı için tıklayın... / 30.09.2015
Rönesans Eğitim Vakfı’ndan Bir İlk
Rönesans Eğitim Vakfı (REV) Türkiye’de bir ilke imza attı ve burs
başvurularını bundan böyle online olarak internet üzerinden kabul
edeceğini açıkladı.
Haberin Devamı için tıklayın... / 30.09.2015
Rönesans Eğitim Vakfı “online burs başvuru” sistemiyle binlerce
öğrenciye burs dağıtacak
Rönesans Eğitim Vakfı’ndan bir ilk:
Vakıf Türkiye’de ilk kez başlattığı “online burs başvuru” sistemiyle
binlerce öğrenciye burs dağıtacak!
Haberin Devamı için tıklayın... / 30.09.2015
Rönesans Eğitim Vakfı “online burs başvuru” sistemiyle binlerce
öğrenciye burs dağıtacak
Rönesans Eğitim Vakfı (REV) Türkiye’de bir ilke imza attı ve burs
başvurularını bundan böyle online olarak internet üzerinden kabul
edeceğini açıkladı.
Haberin Devamı için tıklayın... / 19.09.2015
‘Dünya küçük’ Türkler büyük
Uluslararası inşaat sektörü dergisi ENR’ın (Engineering News
Record) müteahhitlerin bir önceki yılda ülkeleri dışındaki
faaliyetlerinden elde ettikleri gelirleri esas alarak yayınladığı
“Dünyanın En Büyük 250 Uluslararası Müteahhidi” listesinde 2013
verilerine göre 42 olan Türk müteahhitlik firması sayısı 2014 yılı
verilerine göre 2015 yılında 43’e yükseldi.
Haberin Devamı için tıklayın...
Corporate Communication and Asset Management Group Presidency / 09.09.2015
Renaissance lowers bid for Dutch builder Ballast Nedam
Turkey’s Renaissance Construction said on Wednesday it will
slash its takeover offer for Ballast Nedam by 80 percent after the
Dutch builder issued a new profit warning.
Haberin Devamı için tıklayın...
/ 01.09.2015

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