fred vahşi ve unbeatables


fred vahşi ve unbeatables
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
Quantum Primabridge Primabridge Quantum
N Nanev E Popov N S.Skorchev E J.Stefanov
S Mihov W Andonov S B.Popov W V.Aronov
Contract By M D N-S E-W Contract By M D N-S E-W
1N W 2
120 1N W 2
4♥ N 5
4♥ S 5
1N N 2
1N N 1
5♦ N 6
5♥ S 5
3♥ E 3
140 3♥ E
1 50
4♠ W 5
650 4♠ W 5
2♠ W
1 100
3♠ W
1 100
2♥ E 2
110 1N S
3♣ W 3
110 3♥ N
4♠ S
100 2♠ S 4
3N E 3
400 3N E 3
3N W
3 150
2♠ E 2
3N E 4
630 3N E 4
3♠ W
1 50
3♣ S 4
5♣ N 5
5♣ N 5
4♥ W 5
650 4♥ W 5
This segment
1 - 1
- 5
- 2
- 2
- 7
6 - 3
7 20
References: BridgeBase online. Edited by M.Sugino
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 1N
c 1N
this/total IMPs
W 2
W 2
♠4 3 2
Q65 43
♣A 4 2
N ♠K Q 7 5
A J10 9
A J87
♣ K10 8 6
♣Q J 9 3
♠ A10 9 8
K10 9
♣7 5
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
E: Popov
#1 N::
#3 W::
#5 N::
#7 E::
#9 S::
#2 S::
#4 E::
#6 S::
#8 W::
lestergold: dim pips are such that a dim switch
would do litle o help..p..1 !.. ..1N..p..p..p..♠4..
lestergold: flat.. 7.. J.. Q.. 4..♠9.. 7..♠2..
♠Q..♣3.. 2..♣T..♣2.. 5.. 6.. 9.. K..♠8..
¨ ¨
© © © ©
© © © ©
o 1N
c 1N
this/total IMPs
W 2
W 2
♠4 3 2
Q65 43
♣A 4 2
N ♠K Q 7 5
A J10 9
A J87
♣ K10 8 6
♣Q J 9 3
♠ A10 9 8
K10 9
♣7 5
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#1 N::
#3 E::
#5 N::
#7 E::
#9 W::
#2 W::
#4 E::
#6 S::
#8 W::
barbyh: Good evening.. 6..♠7
mariner1: Hi Barbara
barbyh: Hi Rob nice to see you
marlowepi: looks like momentum should carry
EW to 6S
marlowepi: Hi Barbara
frankaus: this one should get the pulses moving
marlowepi: 6S X probably
mariner1: for
BBO-TV. Watch many vugraph rooms at the
mariner1: same time, even while playing or in
the lobby. No download needed. Some need
mariner1: Flash Player 9, some don’t, Open one
browser window per table
barbyh: absolutely
sybarra: and here we go
marlowepi: hi colleagues & specs
barbyh: hi there
sybarra: hello Mashall, welcome
marlowepi: 4S seems par
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
barbyh: yes
sharkey: Good morning all - Snorri, Ralf, Ian &
wilkinsona: welcome to Japan everyone
sharkey: still dark outside in Norway
snorris: A fight to 5
is my bet
sharkey: I like the Korean team name - "Happy
snorris: on top of 4 ♠
ralfwil: And a good safe in 5♠
sharkey: who will save over 5 ?
mcarroll: hi all
snorris: hi all
werge: hi
Walddk4 : Operator? Please insert an L in
snorris: a 3nt e-w looks likly
wilkinsona: HI Ed
othered1: Hi, Tony!
wilkinsona: sorry, Tom
wilkinsona: slam time first up
snorris: 6 ♣ anyone?
ralfwil: as the cards lir a grand
ralfwil: lie.. sry
snorris: 6 ♣ is a good contract
wilkinsona: Hi Martin, Hans
Walddk4: No Tony, but I heard about it. Wrong
explanation by South to West that made him
remove 2♠XX
idblu: i understand we have the 11th and 12th
place team playing each is swiss teams
sybarra: not sure but hopefully thee
Walddk4: Hello everyone and welcome back to
Yokohama in Japan for the 14th NEC Cup. Last
match of the qualifying. 14 boards
sharkey: hi everyone
Walddk4: Commentators are Carl Mathiesen,
Mike Graham and Mike Polowan
mdgraham: Good morning all - sunny day here
in London
fabsayc: rehi, both teams have 6 players
roswolf: hi all
Walddk5: Hello everyone and welcome back to
Yokohama in Japan for the 14th NEC Cup. Final,
last segment of 16 boards now
roswolf: a close match now and the heat is on
ovncylmz : Su an 80 takim 10 farkli grupta
eccone: herkese iyi aksamlar hosgeldiniz
eccone: ˆ…stˆ…mˆ… degiltirdimde
eccone : ˆ¶vˆ…nc elma dersem cˆ‰k elma
dersem kritik
nafiz1: meraba Eymen, hg
eccone: hb :)
MolvaM: hoˆ geldiniz
vugraphzkg: herkese iyi seyirler hoˆ geldiniz
MolvaM: izmirde yapˆ‰lan tˆ…rkiye kˆ‰ˆ 4lˆ
… takˆ‰mlar ˆ ampiyonasˆ‰nda gruplarda 6.
ovncylmz : kenana hemen taner nerde diye
ovncylmz: bana skorlari gonderecekti amma?
vugraphzkg: :)
ovncylmz: Selam herkese
ovncylmz: Turkiye Kis 4lu Sampiyonalari 1/16
Knockout Maci
ovncylmz: Izmir’de artik 16 takim kaldi
riyilikci: hepiniz hoˆ geldiniz,
kabexnuf: merhabalar herkese
nafiz: hoˆ geldiniz ˆ vˆ…nˆ§, Koray, iyilikˆ§i
ovncylmz : Kusadasi gunun surprizini yapip
Istanbul-1 takimi Noname’i yendi
riyilikci: herkese merhaba, belki ileride baˆ ka
arkadaˆ larˆ‰mˆ‰z da bize katˆ‰labilir ama ˆ u
an iˆ§in Mustafa Tokay ve ben sizlere bilgi
vermeye ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ acaˆ ˆ‰z
tokay1975: selamlar
tokay1975: kg uzun suredir birlikte oynuyolar db
ise bricte yeni diiler ama partnerlikleri yeni
exerdar : en ˆ§ekiˆ meli knockout maˆ§ˆ‰
heralde, umarˆ‰z gˆ…zel bi oyun izleriz
exerdar: k-g precision oynuyor
april7: hello everybody and good afternoon
MolvaM: tekrar hoˆ geldi herkes
riyilikci: hoˆ geldiniz, Erdinˆ§ Erbil ve Mustafa
Tokay bize yorumlarˆ‰yla katkˆ‰da bulunacak
MolvaM: yarˆ‰ final son devreye hoˆ geldiniz
vugraphzkg: iyi aksamlar herkese
MolvaM: 16 bord sonunda finalist takˆ‰mlar
belli olacak
koksoy: herkese iyi aksamlar
arigun: son devre skorlar cok yakin, heyecanli bir
16 board seyredegiz
arigun: Enver Koksoy, Levent Ozgul degerli
yorumlari ile bizlere katilacaklar
MolvaM: tˆ…rkiye ˆ ampiyonasˆ‰ final maˆ§ˆ‰
ilk devresine hoˆ geldiniz
MolvaM: final 16ˆ ar bordluk 4 devreden oluˆ
vugraphzkg: gˆ…naydˆ‰n herkese
nezihk: gˆ…naydˆ‰n,
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
MolvaM: final maˆ§ˆ‰ 2. devreye hoˆ geldiniz
MolvaM: maˆ§ˆ‰n ilk devresi oldukˆ§a alˆ‰ˆ
veriˆ li geˆ§ti.
tyavuz: hoˆ bulduk:)
tokay1975: selamlar
vugraphzkg: ozur dileriz kucuk bi teknik hata
oldu hemen gerei donecegiz
thommos: Hi all..p
caitlin: hi folks
shevek: here we are, 13 imps to catch up (will try
to be impartial : )
nafiz1: ˆ vˆ…nc birazdan katilacak
MolvaM: 1 keycard dˆ‰ˆ arˆ‰da grandˆ lem
oynamak isteyenler iˆ§in fˆ‰rsat kervanˆ‰ bu el
koksoy: eski partner... eski takˆ‰m... sevdigimiz
arkadaslar anlatˆ‰mˆ‰ zor bir mac olacak
marlowepi: as expected so far..1 !..11-15p, 1+!
barbyh: hey Marshall
mariner1: both rooms are starting with board 1 so
we will see results as we go
snorris: not likely
wilkinsona: well lets hope for more excitment
this match
Walddk4: So the score was adjusted to 2♠XX
down 4 = 2200
snorris: hi all
idblu : S is Brazilian internationalist Diego
cindy: hi all
wilkinsona: Hi everyone
xenya: This is Part 1 of a semifinal match
athene: 4♠ might be reached
athene: and should go down, losing ♠AQ A
ahollan1: hello - Fred, Joe, Michael
idblu: Looks like the Chineses Women are the
cinderella team at the tourney :)
idblu: And they have also played stupendous ..
ahollan1: for convention cards of players - check
out: and
santyclz: Good hand for garbage stayman.
idblu: pass anything :)
xenya: Japan Open have a substantial lead China
Women, but there are 32 boards ahead
eccone: alert ne acep?
eccone: hmm
ovncylmz: kuzey guney zayif nt oynuyor
deniz_t: siz de hg niz
ovncylmz: Bodrum’da Mersin Bˆ B’yi yenerek
bu tura geldi
¨ ©
ovncylmz: Diger 14takimsa:
riyilikci: selamlar hoˆ geldiniz
exerdar: 1 10-15 0+
relrikas: slm herkese ii seyirler
tokay1975: selamlar
eerbil: selamlar
nezihk: ˆ§eyrek ve yarˆ‰ finallerde ilgi ˆ§ekici
eller geldi, inˆ allah finalde de birbirinden gˆ…zel
oyunlar seyrederiz
mcarroll: Morning Hans, Vladimir..
xenya : The other 2 teams are Australia and
Chinese Women
xenya: strong ♣ from E
ovncylmz: 12-14
eccone: Herkese selamlar
deniz_t: hg niz eymen arkadaˆ
emre kaya: yarˆ‰ final elleri yanlˆ‰slˆ‰kla aˆ§
ˆ‰ldˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ iˆ§in kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k bi bekleme oldu
herkese yeni ellerde iyi seyirler
MolvaM: final maˆ§ˆ‰ son devreye hoˆ geldiniz
sybarra: we will get names as soon as operator
has time to put them in ..1N
wilkinsona: Unfortunately Ian is trying to be
with us, but "gagged" at the moment
suit may "disappear"
ralfwil: Had anyone of you opened on N?
werge : Yoy have problems in 3 NT - East is
somehow endplayed...
wilkinsona: so the Hacket team came back to win
from 40-0 down
xenya: Hello Martin
athene: but i think even with 13 imps to make up,
bidding game wld be aggressive
athene: 3 will be a 3-card limit raise, i guess
shevek: fit showing jump maybe?
yo_yo: it’s a strong Australian team Klinger and
Delmonte are very well known
yo_yo: I dont know the other 2 but surely well
known also
sharkey: Would anyone open the East hand 1♣?
athene: east has the sort of hand that can be very
aggressive facing 4-card spade support but less so
facing only 3
athene: weak trumps and possibility of getting
forced in hearts
yo_yo : clubs are where my points are, yes i
shevek: absolutely an opening hand
ahollan1: but EW weren’t part of the team in
2008, so we’ll have to guess what they’re doing
Walddk5 : Your commentators are Geoffrey
Wolfarth, Jos Jacobs, Mark Horton and Kath
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
aruf: herkese gˆ…naydˆ‰n
ovncylmz: dogu bati polish club tarzi bir sistem
riyilikci: herkese selamlar
arigun: K tek toplama gibi bir problemde yok :)
barbyh: par 11..p
mcarroll: Now thats what I call a heavyweight
overcall - after a featherlight opening!
wilkinsona: strong club to start
lead i think
Walddk4: Hello everyone and welcome back to
Yokohama in Japan for the 14th NEC Cup.
Quarter-finals, two segments of 16 boards. This is
the first
ahollan1: welcome to first set of knockout phase
of 2009 NEC
b_eymen: selamlar
fahir: merhabalar:)
exerdar: yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran macˆ‰nda 7 bordunu
merak edenler iˆ§in -1 oldu:)
riyilikci: Selamlar, artˆ‰k seyircilerimizin ˆ§oˆ u
ˆ¶ˆ rendi ama, ˆ zbey-Koˆ§ ˆ§ifti kuvvetli♣, 1416 1NT, 2♣ ve 2 11-15 5+renk 4 maj yok,
koza bˆ…yˆ…k, NT kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k apel oynuyorlar
tokay1975: 4spxe dusunduyse kuzey xx demeyi
dusunmus olmali operatorden ogrenebiliriz
marlowepi : not an ideal start, but shouldnt
barbyh: normal sequence
snorris: if n shows life then not
snorris: :)
fabsayc: hi folks
cindy: i just see 6 tricks
sybarra: hi cindy
cindy: hi shirley :)
bg: normal contract probably off one two tricks
in three suits plus spade ace
thommos: assume X is for Takeout
mpny: Hackett will open 1H which will make
reaching 4H routine
idblu: I think S and E would like to be somewhere
else at this moment in time:)
sybarra2 : Operator, I have told E name is
Walddk5: But since they started 5 mins early,
they are not all here yet
ovncylmz: Izmir Buyuksehir Belediyesi Beyaz
takimi grubun seribasi takimi, Nafiz Zorlu,
Salvador Assael, Ozgur Bakan, Mert Bilgen,
Bulent Aslan, Ibrahim Mumcuoglu kadrodaki
riyilikci: herkese selam, yorumcu arkadaˆ ˆ‰m
Zafer ˆ engˆ…ler ve ben sizlere yardˆ‰mcˆ‰
olmaya ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ acaˆ ˆ‰z
sengulerz: mrb Rahmi, mrb arkadaˆ lar
ovncylmz: Deniz, Valentino, Burdur, Prosan, Ekˆ
i, ˆ zmir Bˆ B Beyaz, Yilankiran, Jr. Yilankiran,
Epsilon Bornova, Isparta Briˆ§, Varoˆ lu, Zabunoˆ
lu ve Sarp
ovncylmz: Herkese merhabalar, Turkiye Kis 4lu
Finallerinde ceyrek finale gelindi
ovncylmz: ˆ ki Yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran takiminin mucadelesini
birlikte izleyecegiz
exerdar: selamlar:)
mariner1: contract in Open is 5♠ DBL..p
snorris: no 3 nt now I guess
sharkey: gd morning Mike
mpny: good morning
mpny: or late nite here
sharkey: 4 makeable here?
Walddk4 : Commentators are Al, Ed, Joe and
santyclz: Hi folks.
werge: 3♣ look surprising?
idblu: re all :)
riyilikci: teknik bir aksaklˆ‰k nedeniyle geciktik,
ˆ¶zˆ…r dileriz
sharkey: 2♠ rather timid?..♠3
snorris: in my system I open 2 nt
snorris: give it 3..the law..
snorris: 3 ♠
wilkinsona: Hi Martin
idblu : W recently won a North Ameruican
championship at the recent nationals playing with
Steve Katz I believe
idblu: I see The Netherlands was in 1st prior to
the last these 2 must be the leaders or
very close to the top of the standings
sharkey: real late mike?
mpny: yes it is
ahollan1: IF EW using same convention card as
2007 Bermuda Bowl -- we’ll see some 10-13 NT
openers [fav 1/2/3]
caitlin: Hi folks:)
othered1: Hi, everyone
caitlin: hi Ed
ahollan1: according to CC west’s balancing NT
was supposed to be (12)13-15
ahollan1: evening Ed, Joe, Caitlin
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
is homepage
ahollan1: and Martin!
othered1: west may not play south for the 6count
caitlin: hi Joe and Al:)
caitlin: and Martin
ahollan1: well, there’s 6 count and there’s the
South hand
othered1: Do we know if north’s 1♠ is a limited
ahollan1 : ♠ J looks like normal play -- then
either or
[probably ]
caitlin: 8 teams have qualified for quarter finals
these teams 4th-5th respectively and between 4th8 teams only 5 VP difference
athene: opening 1♣ with 5-5 in the blacks can
certainly lead to a much smoother auction if
partner has a good hand
santyclz: Fearless.
ahollan1: NS 1N=10-12 1/2/3 not-vul otherwise
sybarra2: when operator gets a chance, will
make changes I am sure
roswolf: well n/s might bid the slam herehere but
eccone: gˆ…neyin agresif 4 basˆ‰na iˆ aˆ§tˆ
‰ gibi
eccone: 3 denilse rakip 4♠ zor der heralde
eccone: batˆ‰ demesse demezˆ ler
eccone: ˆ imdi mecbur kaldˆ‰
arigun : turnuva ile detay bilgilere, sonuclar,
butler siralama, bilgilere
riyilikci: oynayan yere geˆ§emese iˆ ler kolay
tokay1975: selamlar
arigun: Yorumcularimiz, Haldun Vahaboglu,
Ismail Kandemir, Mustafa Cem Tokay, hosgeldiniz
yakop: slm rahmi
wilkinsona: strangley, south sold out to 3 spades
othered1 : So west will bid her hand out in
natural order, rather than first
sybarra: and I am looking for which Hackett this
mpny: the auction also made it likely to guess D
athene: but most people these days prefer to get
their major in
yo_yo: for those who like to picture the players
here is a link for delmonte:
shevek: at this vulnerability they’re not very
¨ ©
eccone: baya
MolvaM: gˆ…naydˆ‰n herkese :)
MolvaM: 2♣ aˆ§ˆ‰sˆ‰nˆ‰n ortaˆ ˆ‰ daha ˆ§
ok keycard soruyor bu turnuvada
tokay1975: 1h acisi iyinetice verdi 4dia 1iceri
riyilikci: ˆ zbey-Koˆ§ kuvvetli ♣, 14-161NT, 2♣
ve 2 5+ renk 4 maj yok 11-15, 1 0+ 11-15
koza bˆ…yˆ…k sanzatuya kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k apel
sharkey: That’s a popular Scandinavian convention 2 NT = 55 in minors < opening..♠8
snorris: 3
showing 5
idblu: Hi Cindy, Tony
idblu: change that to Ralph Katz :)
irwinbo: it looks like no game makes
cindy: W wont let pd off the hook
mdgraham: err...
roswolf: :)
ovncylmz: Diyarbakir Diski elimdeki bilgilere
gore Diyarbakir olarak katilma hakki elde
etmis. M. Serif Camci, Ekrem Ozcikan, Baki
Demirhan, Tahir Demirhan, Zana Akay ve Besir
ovncylmz: Ekinci’den olusuyor kadrolari
deniz_t: gˆ…zel kontrat
vugraphzkg: tkˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
sengulerz: 1nt gf miˆ
arigun: Rahmi Iyilikci ev sahibimiz, selam rahmi
tez: gunaydin:)
riyilikci: selam
eerbil: gˆ…naydˆ‰n
koksoy: bu sette en az 6-7 tane slemle ilgili
kanlˆ‰ eller gelecek diye tahmin ediyorum ...
grand slemle basladˆ‰k
vahaboglu: 3NT biraz fazla gibi
yakop: ataktan 6 oldu
frankaus: the play will not be challenging..♠J
snorris: 5 ♣ then
mcarroll: hard to see what else
snorris: no 3nt
snorris: I presime
snorris: presume
ralfwil: I don´·t like the D from E
sharkey: ouch
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
caitlin: does anyone know what happened with
the appeal?
ahollan1: I don’t have CC for any of the China
Evertrust partnerships :( but a good bet that they’
re part of the Precision throng
caitlin: would think so and I have yet to find cc’s
santyclz: Rather a surprise on trick 1.
othered1: might be right to bid with the south
hand, then, as Ew could have game
fabsayc : hi all, not sure why he did not play
spade jack
caitlin: will cost
santyclz: I can only guess he didn’t read it as 4th
best. Many people would lead the 10 from that
othered1: maybe playing north for A109xx(x)
ahollan1: even if North’s lead conventionally
from A109xx or Q109xx -- when is it wrong to
play !J?
othered1: Depending on what NS lead from that
idblu: 10 makes a nice entry to the ♣’s
ahollan1: over weak NT --- DBL of Stayman =
GOOD HAND [vs Strong NT - better to show ♣
or something conventional]
arigun: linkinden ulasabilirsiniz
ovncylmz: Gunaydin herkese
kabexnuf: merhabalar
ovncylmz: Turkiye Kis Dortlu Finalleri Grup
Maclari 4. Tur maci
ovncylmz: Kuzey Guney ust duzey artifisyel bir
sistem oynamaktalar, guzel bir mac izleyecegimizden
aruf : J grubunun kritik maclarˆ‰ndan birini
dadim: slm
nafiz: hoˆ geldin irfan
eccone: declaran oynadˆ‰gˆ‰ndagˆ…neyin
10 lu vermesi lazˆ‰m
arigun: maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰
yakop: 3 nt de iyi kaldilar kuvvetli tref oynamasalar
5 minorden once duramazlardˆ‰ muhtemelen
ozgull: kˆ‰ˆ 4lˆ…ler arasˆ‰nda en ˆ§ok ˆ lem
ve gˆ lem eli bu turnuvda geldi heralde
sybarra: heard the screach of brakes ..♣6
marlowepi: S needs to bid 4S here
snorris: well done
ralfwil: Hello again!
mcarroll: 3NT I mean
werge: 10 of ♣ now,pls!
wilkinsona: doubtless game forcing now
ralfwil: which resulted in a fair punishment
thommos: lucky South didn’t X for t/o
sybarra: hello all
aruf: Burdur 3 maˆ§ta 75 vp topladˆ‰
dadim: saolun
riyilikci: herkese gˆ…naydˆ‰n
riyilikci: bu maˆ§ˆ‰n VG saati BBOya yanlˆ‰ˆ
iletilmiˆ , ama bu devre sonunda turnuva salonunu
deˆ iˆ tireceˆ imiz iˆ§in devreyi ˆ¶ne almˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰
vahaboglu: herkese gˆ…naydˆ‰n
riyilikci : ˆ zbey-Koˆ§ kuvvetli trefl, 1 0+,
1Maj5li, 2♣ ve 2 5+dengesiz 4 maj yok 14-16
NT oynuyorlar
MolvaM: bu maˆ§ta zabunoˆ lu ciddi 1 avantaj saˆ
lamˆ‰ˆ durumda ama maˆ§ˆ‰n bitimine daha
32 bord var. dolayˆ‰sˆ‰ ile herˆ ey olabilir
riyilikci: 2nt=11-15 5-5 minˆ¶rler
MolvaM: 3. devreye hoˆ geldiniz
tokay1975: selamlar
Walddk4: Morning Snorri and Ralf..♣4
ralfwil: hello again!
mcarroll: Yes an amazing set - 2 grand slams in a
row and lots of swing boards
sybarra: Paul H. I am told
ahollan1: and if 4th best [ugh] then Rule of 11
would make J automatic
sharkey : sensible stop NV - E may have bid
game VUL due to potential payoff
shevek: not sure he’ll make this
sharkey: u read my mind Nicoleta:)
athene: K now?
ahollan1: the other Chinese Women were playing
Precision - so until proven otherwise, let’s assume
EW also big ♣ers
eccone: J10 sek gibi yane
eccone: kalˆ‰rsa
deniz_t: :)
riyilikci: aˆ§ˆ‰k kart gˆ¶rˆ…p kuzeyin as piki ˆ§
ekmesini ˆ¶nermek bizim iˆ§in kolay
marlowepi: even though 3S is forcing, N might
think that it suggests alternatives to the eventual
4S that S would bid..♣J
cindy: hi :)
ralfwil: My bid on E is 4♠
werge: But the best board in this tournament was
by far 6 one down - and 7 making at the
other table. And declarer in 6 played perfectly...
werge: Yesterday
marlowepi: buddy?
werge: ♠-lead = expensive
mcarroll: The 1♠ opening and aggressive auction
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
by NS keeps EW out of a making 4♠?
roswolf: definitely bid the slam
Walddk5: Good morning to Jos Jacobs
roswolf: hi jos
josj: hi Roland and Geoffrey :)
josj: good to see a probably tense final session
coming up
Walddk5: and good morning to Mark Horton
arigun: herkese merhaba
aruf: Deniz takˆ‰mˆ‰ ise 59 vp ile 3. sˆ‰rada
vulkan: Aydoˆ dular kuvvetli trefli, revers canape
Q ve 10 lu D’da olunca 5 tane ♣
ve 3 tane ˆ§ekilince double sqz yapˆ‰p +1
arigun: Hoˆ geldin Nafiz abi
exerdar: selam herkese, biraz zor oldu baˆ lamak :)
koksoy: tabi bir key card dˆ‰sarda oldugu
icin slem oynanacak
MolvaM: bu gerˆ§ek mi?
vugraphzkg: evet
koksoy: o lala...
MolvaM: ben bunu yapsam pik as dˆ‰ˆ arˆ‰da
olur hemen
arigun: sigan+key card anlasmasinda bir sorun
cikti belliki, okan 7 dedi ve sansi yaver gidiyor
MolvaM : demek iyi oyunculuk bˆ¶yle birˆ ey
arigun: disardaki key card heran ♠A olabilirdi
vugraphzkg: rua tekle bekleyen westin yerinde
olmak istemezdim :)
marlowepi: welcome cindy..♣5
sybarra: hi cindy
sharkey: The "Happy Tea" off to a flyinf start as
5 likely to make
mcarroll: Hi Ralf
cindy: S getting nervous about being endplayed i
cindy: thinking of unblocking to avoid it
marlowepi: GF hands usually7 don;t
idblu: appears to off 2 1 and 1♣
cindy: welcome marshall
marlowepi: hi all
wilkinsona: tricky lead
ralfwil: E has a minimum for 1nt
thommos: 2♠ was making, but how many down
is is 3
caitlin: 5♣X will yield a nice score for N-S a half
Canadian/half U.S. team
caitlin: Mori is originally from Tokyo so has
advantage of speaking language
xenya: 4♠ is easy -- NS had a profitable save
¨ ©
vbman: hi all
MolvaM: hoˆ geldiniz
MolvaM: tolga ˆ¶zbay 5-4 majˆ¶rˆ… olan 6-7
puanlˆ‰k 1 el gˆ¶sterdi
ovncylmz: Selam herkese
MolvaM: cem altan ise 3 pik diyerek kararˆ‰ orta
ˆ ˆ‰na bˆ‰raktˆ‰
vugraphzkg: slm ekrem hoˆ geldin
arigun: ilk board gidip elini yuzunu yikamak
zorunda kalacak zavalli okay
vahaboglu: deklere olarak 2 NT uygun olur diye
dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yorum
tez: mrb:)kolay gelsin
snorris: dont know about 2 nt in Scandinavia but
in my version it is a kind of multi, covering some
strong versions..♣Q
sharkey: In Norway usually weak 55 hand
snorris: ok
wilkinsona: even 12 tricks possible..
wilkinsona: ..and a good choice it seems
sharkey: ok - undo
caitlin: sorry just put on right glasses:)
caitlin: lol
chessmaste: From a sunny Bath
Walddk5: My bath is wet
arigun: bu yil ankara kis 4lu kupasi degisik bir
formatta oynaniyor
aruf: bizim grup olduˆ u iˆ§in bizide ilgilendiren
bir maˆ§
MolvaM: muhtemelen 3 pik de batacaktˆ‰ zaten
ovncylmz: agresif zonlar serisi devam ediyor
ovncylmz: kis 4lu grup elemeleri hep boyle midir
murat abi? ne diyorsun?
arigun: iyi aksamlar
eccone: j10x ten 10 vermenin hic bi kaybˆ‰ yok
belki yanˆ‰ltˆ‰labilir
riyilikci: gene de ˆ§ekmesi daha iyi bir oyun ama
kaˆ§ kiˆ i ˆ§eker asˆ‰ bilmem
exerdar: zor bi 3nt le baˆ ladˆ‰ oyun
riyilikci: ˆ zbey ve Koˆ§ kuvvetli trefl 14-16NT
2cl ve 2d 11-15 2NT minˆ¶rler 11-15
riyilikci: i dedi?
ralfwil: now 12 tricks..♣7
wilkinsona: missed that one...Rolands got me on
split shifts
snorris: where south fell asleep?
idblu: safe lead, gives nothing away
santyclz : The other table had a normal 2/1
auction to the unenviable 2♠.
ahollan1: but ed -- which holding can north have
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
where it is EVER right to play small from dummy?
ovncylmz: Iste heyecan dolu baslayis:)
aruf: umarˆ‰z herkes seyirden keyf alˆ‰r
aruf: Deniz takˆ‰mˆ‰ iˆ§in kˆ¶tˆ… bir baˆ langˆ
MolvaM : eee kimse bu kadar yolu partskor
oynamaya gelmedi ya :)
snorris: right..♣8
sharkey: 11 IMPs here
fabsayc: i wonder what 3 meant
wilkinsona: a nice auction to a sound contract
cindy: another decision
cindy: to duck or not to duck that is the question
ralfwil: how many of you should double on E?
yo_yo: good morning from a frosty Manchester
xenya: interesting hand -- 4♠ looks very close
for EW
werge: They sacrifice against their olwn 4 ♠...
xenya: :)
ralfwil: Now W can make 5♣ if N continues with
MolvaM: izmirde yapˆ‰lan kˆ‰ˆ 4lˆ… takˆ‰
mlar ˆ ampiyonasˆ‰ finalleri
koksoy: ahmet bize de 5 saniyede 18 el alˆ
‰yorum diye elini acmˆ‰stˆ‰ :)
vugraphzhn: 1st and 3rd position here, we will
try to get scores from Sjˆ¶berg-Bergstrˆ¶m who is
second placed.......♣2
ralfwil: But why not a ♠ lead? a lead is missing
a tempo
wilkinsona: a couple of clubs can be ruffed for
11 tricks
werge: Yes
othered1: a109xxx
fabsayc: A109xx playing small, suit blocked
caitlin: yes go to to see
open room
caitlin : has to set up hearts but W will play
caitlin: down one
ovncylmz: harikulade:)
thommos: and 9 switch..♣3
othered1: or Q109xxx
josj: hi Mark :)
roswolf: sipping champagne as well i suppose
chessmaste: Good morning Jos!
ovncylmz: kuzey guney natural 5li major, 2
multiden olusan bir sisteme sahip
MolvaM: hoˆ geldin tezcan
riyilikci: kuzey2s mi dedi
tokay1975: 10lu cl ustunde bi onor vaadediyor
fabsayc: ruffing spades is easier.. 3
bg: duck is correct declarer may only have three
cindy: now a club would be good ?
snorris: when w finessed s
ralfwil: lucku
split! K98
ralfwil: lucky
sharkey: Defence not missing a beat here
ahollan1: after ♣A not taken early - declarer will
get last repreive when J falls
chessmaste: de reigeur on Valentines Day
josj: cold and sunny here as well
Walddk5: Good morning to Kath Nelson
Walddk5: Now they are all here
snorris: awful lead..♣K
xenya: perhaps 4♠ can be defeated by repeated
leads though
ahollan1: sorry Fred already said that :(
tez: iyi aksamlar..iyi seyirler:)
xenya: 3N looks a reasonable contract here -actually an easy make..♣A
sybarra: tough to time all the finesses you need
chessmaste: The au pair has just opened the
Krug Rosˆ'
yo_yo: good morning from Manchester
deniz_t: iyi akˆ amlar arigˆ…n
riyilikci: Valentino ve Yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran takˆ‰mlar
ˆ‰ rakipleri ˆ§ekildiˆ i iˆ§in ilk ˆ§eyrek finalistler
daman: not so sure about easy to make..♠2
fabsayc: hard to see how this was allowed to
santyclz: Bears repeating.
josj: lol
roswolf: hi kath
josj: hi Kath
aruf: batˆ‰ agresif baˆ ladˆ‰
exerdar: karolya devam ederse yapacak gibi
nezihk: salvo atak baˆ ladˆ‰
riyilikci : Aslan-Mumcuoˆ lu 2/1, multi 2
MolvaM: her iki takˆ‰m da kadrolarˆ‰nda 1 ˆ§
ift deˆ iˆ tirmiˆ ler
xenya: admittedly, on a fortunate lie..♠K
sybarra: not so sure its "easy make" either
daman: double dummy male
vugraphzhn: Fredin in the tank
snorris: openers prime suit
wilkinsona: sorry I meant spades of course
snorris: more luck
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
idblu: from the grave:)
thommos: this should now make 8
werge: The problem is, that a double from West
is take-out - and you are caught
Walddk4: for
BBO-TV. Watch all 4 vugraph rooms at the same
time, even while playing or in the lobby. No
download needed. Some need Flash Player 9,
some don’t. ...
Walddk4: Open one browser window per table
athene: if he led the A, he was threatening to
reach dummy in clubs and throw his diamonds on
the QJ
athene: so south might have cashed the A but
that wld kill the entry for the club ruff
chessmaste: Solid slam bidding
eccone: db nin iyi eli
eccone: iyi aksamlaer
eccone: wc
tokay1975: okay3sp deseydi 4luh slam daveti
yapacakti ama elini buna deger bulmadi iyide
vahaboglu: 9-10 HCP ile uyandˆ‰rˆ‰ldˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰
dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…lˆ…rse
ralfwil: hi Martin!..♠A
ralfwil: needs to play ♣ before ♠..♠6
sybarra: needs to play clubs now
sybarra: sorry for the echo Ralf
panja: hi all
ralfwil: Hello Panja
mcarroll: hi
snorris: south thinking about the J of s?
snorris: might be right against another layout
panja : a small
and then ♠ shift by North
would lead to some interesting situation
ralfwil: Agree with a small
ahollan1: Q109xx possible, but pass from south
holding ♠A very unlikely -- so maybe playing
for stiff or doubleton ♠Q is right
caitlin: 4♠ also down one on
lead but likely
get club lead
athene: so it wld be a strange complicated sort of
scissors coup
santyclz: Suit preference discard by e, suggesting
arigun: toplam 82 takimin katilimi ile yapilan
turnuava 80 takimin 10 grupta mucadelesi ile
round robin olarak basladi
MolvaM: bugˆ…n baˆ ladˆ‰
dadim: ovunc a takˆ‰mˆ‰nˆ‰n sistemi tam
olarak nedir 1 aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ larˆ‰ ve 2ler
ovncylmz: KG 1nt 12-14
ovncylmz: 2 multi
kabexnuf: merhabalar
ovncylmz: 2kor/pik 5li
ovncylmz: acar ele kadar
ovncylmz: :)
ovncylmz: 1c uzerine transferleri oynuyorlar
dadim: a takˆ‰mˆ‰ aydˆ‰ndan geldi
vugraphzkg: maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰ ve butler sonuˆ§
larˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
ovncylmz: 4.maclar girildi mi?
panja: perhaps, W will have to go up with a to
b_eymen: ♣
MolvaM: izmir takˆ‰mˆ‰ ˆ¶zgˆ…r bakan mert
bilgen ˆ§ifti yerine mumcuoˆ lu aslan ile oynuyor
tez: mrb:)kolay gelsin
tokay1975: 2sp 4lu sp gosterdi sanirim 18 19
dengeli gecerken 4lu spini gosterdi zaferde tercih
sybarra: Found the teams roster, it is Paul Hackett
.. 7
santyclz: n-s seem to be playing udca.
Walddk4: Hello Vladimir and Martin
riyilikci: ankara derbisi ile karˆ ˆ‰nˆ‰zdayˆ‰z
yakop: ilk el okadar tutuk oynannmaz genelde
zonlar oluyomu diye check etmek lazim:)
MolvaM: izmir bˆ…yˆ…kˆ ehir 24 ˆ¶nde ve 4
devreli final maˆ§ˆ‰nˆ‰n 3. devresindeyiz
mdgraham: It would seem that South thought
that 3 would be forcing after the 2♠ cue - but
in that case, 3 would also be forcing (I assume)
marlowepi: i am not sure what the advantage
might be of playing a third heart..♠Q
shevek: oops
mcarroll: Morning Vladimir
b_eymen: iyi defans
eccone: claim
ralfwil: bad defence!..♣9
idblu: will always lose 2 unless AQ alone on
his left
ahollan1: sorry that should have been Q109xx
NOT possible
eccone: takˆ‰mlarˆ‰ tanˆ‰yormuyuz?
eccone: ˆ imdi declaranˆ‰n kˆ…cˆ…k oynamaktan
baska caresi kalmadˆ‰
wilkinsona: so in trying to defeat this contract
active defence makes declarers life easy.. T
fabsayc: but running the spades was also poor
- 10 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
athene: sorry if declarer led the
©K i mean not
arigun: eleme turlarinda gruplarindan ilk 3 sirayi
alan takimlar knock out turuna devam edecek
MolvaM: zabunoˆ lu nda ise irfan-zafer yerine
zabunoˆ lu-kahraman var
mdgraham: and, let’s face it, AKJ876 may be
worth a mention ..♣T
othered1: still not making this with another ♣
xenya: but 5♣ is extremely costly
yo_yo: same contract in OR
MolvaM: isimler ve bayraklar lˆ…tfennnn
mpank61: slm
ovncylmz: dogu batinin ise modifiye 5li major,
14-18 1nt ve multi oynadiklarini soyleyebiliriz.
Ayrica NT ye karsi suction ile defans yapiyorlarmis
sybarra: getting easier .. 5
cindy: down 2 in open
irwinbo: still a good game to bid and it should be
replicated in the other room
ralfwil: and a nice defence
werge: This will bring a morning-score
xenya: -800 to be exact
josj: that’s what one would expect.. A
arigun: belki sabah magmurlugu belki vugraph
stresi, normalde cokda fazlasi olmayan bir el,
rakip NT acmis cevapcisi kompertisyon yapacak
puani var, ortagin fit ve puan olmadigi belli ...
arigun: birakmasi lazim muhakkak
ralfwil: This is one of the weaknesses, allowing a
5-card major in a nt-opening.. 3
werge: +8000...
werge: 800
shevek: defence erred here
yo_yo : here’s a nice pic of Fruewirth: http://
athene: south didn’t visualise declarer with all
those clubs
MolvaM: vugraf operatˆ¶rˆ…mˆ…zden isimleri
girmesini rica edelim
deniz_t: seni duymadˆ‰ capycino eymen kardeˆ
arigun: herkese merhaba
vahaboglu: Zorlu 3NT der zaten
vahaboglu: tutukluk yapmazdˆ‰
yo_yo: ty elmer for that.. 2
athene: this is a typical example of why people
open 1♠ rather than 1♣ :)
- 11 -
athene: you are most likely to play spades most
of the time, and often you get an extra trick from
concealing the side suit
sharkey: yes - nowadays minor suits are almost
arigun: ankara-1 ve istanbul-1 takimlari turnuvaya
32 takimlik knock-out turundan diretk olarak
b_eymen: slm hg
wilkinsona: Even if East bids more strongly in
spades, surely NS would go on in diamonds...dont
really understand south selling out in OR.. 9
ahollan1: i’m not sure what the appeal was all
about - or who was involved, but posted standings
after swiss qualifying had China Evertrust 5th and
Japan Open 4th
caitlin: yes
sengulerz: 2 tur ˆ… de ˆ§ekince iˆ lem tamam
idblu: ready to claim...... 8
riyilikci: herkese selam,
vulkan : mert ˆ§akmamakta ˆ‰srar etti fakat
defans daha ˆ‰srarcˆ‰ ˆ§ˆ‰kˆ‰p onu kˆ‰saltt
tokay1975: selamlar
eerbil: karolar bˆ¶yle olmasaydˆ‰ okay iˆ§in zor
bir karar olacaktˆ‰ bˆ…tˆ…n kozlarˆ‰ ˆ§ektiˆ i
tez: 2 ya 2♠ ile baslamak nasil fikir?
eerbil: bence olmasˆ‰ gereken 2♠
tez: birisi haber versin..farketmez
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 4
c 4
this/total IMPs
N 5
S 5
♠ K10 6 3
♣7 6
♠Q 7
N ♠A J 9 4 2
J10 8
♣ K Q10 9 4
♠8 5
K J10 4
♣A 8 3
W: Andonov
#1 E::
#3 N::
#5 N::
#7 S::
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
lestergold: best play wopuld be win club cash kq
dims heart to the k and then lead a spade towards
hand tc.. J
ndemirev: still may lose 1 imp here .. 4.. 2..
lestergold: we can ee that 5 will roll in on almost
any reasonable line ofplay
lestergold: just 2 spades to lose
ndemirev: i bet on making 4.. K.. 8.. 6.. 3
lestergold : well there is some equity in an
overruff of spades by the q hearts to hold it to 4..
5.. 2.. K.. 3
lestergold: not now tho.. J.. Q.. A
ndemirev: not anymore :) .. 8..♣6..♣5..♣A
roswolf: :)..♣9.. A.. 5
roswolf: flat..♣7.. T..♠5..♠7..♠K..♠A
¨ ¨ ¨
¨ ¨ ¨ ¨
© © © ©
¨ ¨
© © ©
E: Popov
¨ § ¨
#2 N:: K,8,6,3
#4 S:: J,Q,A,8
#6 S:: A,5, 7, T
roswolf: straightforward hand i think
lestergold: another not terribly exciting hand
likely to be flattish
roswolf: no reason to anticipate a swing
vugraphb1: yes... but Primabridge needs something
more exotic
lestergold: yes singy hands urgently needed by
the underdogs here..p..1 !..p..1
roswolf: and to come out on the right side of the
exotic hands
lestergold: swingy i mean
ndemirev: ♣ lead is the only one that creates
some problem ..1♠..2 ..2♠..4 ..p..p..p
lestergold: hardly much of a problem
ndemirev: but won’t change teh result unless
declarer take a view
roswolf: imo it will take some remarkable play
for n/s to lose heavily on this hand
ndemirev: yes
- 12 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 4
c 4
this/total IMPs
N 5
S 5
♠ K10 6 3
♣7 6
♠Q 7
N ♠A J 9 4 2
J10 8
♣ K Q10 9 4
♠8 5
K J10 4
♣A 8 3
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#1 W::
#3 N::
#5 N::
#7 S::
¨ § ¨
#2 S:: 4,2,Q,T
#4 N:: A,2,4,3
#6 S:: A,5, 7, J
marlowepi: W bid 5S in a flash. 6S is a gamble,
obviously not to everyone’s taste. but E’s single
most probable total of major suit cards is 9, so
with so many minor suit values working, the ...
marlowepi: slam is a reasonable gamble. 5S is
the safe bid of course
marlowepi: personally i think the game would be
greatly improved if bidding and making 5M paid
more than 4M with an overtrick
snorris: very strange, n opened 1 !!
wilkinsona: a happy start for NS
panja: 4♠ for NW here...
panja: NS even
snorris: there are many 11 counts here Werge
any opening bids?
sybarra: 2 imps
sybarra: website for tourney
werge: One more 7 NT...
wilkinsona: well Im not sure about that..... but
- 13 -
we hoped for more action
snorris: another weakness is the inability of not
being able to inviting slam in minor
idblu: a push as suggested
thommos: :)
ralfwil: For me a D from W is for penalty and 2nt
is forcing for one round
sharkey: yes - not sure I understand S bidding
yo_yo: the redouble looked odd to me
caitlin: this is why I tell my students NOT to
underlead Aces vs suit contracts:)
yo_yo: now we need pics of the chinese ladies
anyone oblige?
ahollan1: well last time i held 23 and heard LHO
open 1N -- we didn’t find a making game :)
xenya: note that 4♠ would fail if played by W or
if N could geta lead early -- then ♣ lead beats the
xenya: hello Roland
xenya: and Martin
mcarroll: Hi Roland
roswolf: this could be trappy for n/s
nafiz1: hg Akgun
akgun: hi all
eccone: selam reha
akgun: mrb Eymen
eccone: pas pasa batˆ‰ 5 acar
eccone: heralde
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
MolvaM: genellikle ilk 3 bordda ˆ‰sˆ‰nˆ‰rlar
bu tˆ…r ˆ§iftler
eccone: capycino bbo nicki galiba
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
riyilikci: selamlar, Tˆ…rkiye Dˆ¶rtlˆ… 1/32 maˆ§
larˆ‰ oynanmakta
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
sengulerz: ilk elde nasˆ‰l oynanacaˆ ˆ‰nˆ‰
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
eccone: pek bi sessiz buralar
vahaboglu: 5♣ de oluyor, sorun yok
april7: this lead gives a discard ogf a ♣ loser so 4
will make even if Q of is not found
april7: NS might reach 3NT after 1♣ opening by
riyilikci: kapalˆ‰ odada kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k bir teknik
sorun yaˆ andˆ‰ ve ilk bordu tam seyredemedik
eerbil: herhalde dam karo oynanmˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰r Ufuk
frankaus: 3♣ by W or is it tooo god at these
marlowepi: with stiff S it is important to preempt
barbyh: not a bad idea
snorris: 1 ♠?
snorris: well..
werge: Yes - and bad 11´·s...
ralfwil: it´·s very difficult to find a 6-3 fit in a
minor, like this
yo_yo: was he going to double opps?
mdgraham: perhaps it was so he could set up a
santyclz: Was it a strong nt?
idblu: was it wk or str NT?
MolvaM: ˆ ampiyona ile ilgili detaylara http:// kanalˆ‰ ile ulaˆ abilirsiniz
eccone: sistem mi oynuyolar gˆ…ney?
akgun: evet UTR denilen degisik bir sistemin
modifiye edilmis halini oynuyorlar
yakop: slm herkese
tokay1975: selam
riyilikci: hg ˆ smail
exerdar: yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran derbisinde daha gol sesi
ˆ§ˆ‰kmadˆ‰ ondandˆ‰r:)
fahir: Hakan’dan gˆ…zel bir baˆ langˆ‰ˆ§
vugraphzkg: 2li doˆ ru kart
tez: ozgur bakan/mert bilgen cifti turnuva boyunca
iyi gittiler bence
vugraphzkg: evet biraz dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ndˆ…
yusufb: hoˆ buldukkk herkese iyii akˆ amlar
wilkinsona: well +2?..1 !..11-15p, 1+!D
snorris: dont think so
vulkan: 4♠ DB
tez: 2 =multi..zayif majorlerden biri.acmaz el
oynuyor nafiz ve salvo
marlowepi: we could call it a "small schlemiel"
werge: This should be an easy bid for N
werge: 4 ♠
othered1: Do we know NS’s NT range?
sharkey: but then 2 wudnt be forcing after Dbl?
yo_yo: they will be happy to win 3 imps though
mpny: the XX must have showed a good hand. if
3H was not forcing, I do not know how one
would force
josj: 4♠ will be made but it might be missed here
or there
eccone: hmm
eccone: ♣ ?
eccone: nat veya diye biˆ iy mi?
ovncylmz: Kuzey Guneyin sistemi yalniz birakilirsa
daha cok problem cikacagina inaniyorum ben:)
nafiz: hoˆ geldin ogoksel
kabexnuf: KG zayˆ‰f nt oynuyor
ogoksel: herkese merhabalarr
ovncylmz: 1♣ uzerine de transfer oynuyorlar,
selam ozgur
kabexnuf: merhaba ozgur abi
yakop: tokay izmire gidemedin ama uzulme biˆ
ey yokmuˆ ben baktˆ‰m :)
tokay1975: :)))
yakop: hb
riyilikci: 2 = 5 +4♣ veya 6+ 4 maj yok 1115
MolvaM: ok bilgi geldi son devre 20:30 da
tokay1975: iyi aksamlar
ralfwil: I prefer D on S before 1♠ on that poor
suit and I have a 3-card ..2 !..5+!H
snorris: 1
snorris: ??
ralfwil: only 1♠ on a 7-card suit?
snorris: so how many? 3
wilkinsona: its forcing
mcarroll: Ron Klinger has long been an advocate
of 4 card overcalls
snorris: I would
idblu: that was quick and dirty
werge: For me too
yakop: bircdanla huseyin cok agresif oynuyolar (
normalde) bakalˆ‰m ˆ imdi ne yapacaklar
yakop: bu el bayaa konuˆ ulur
tokay1975: diger ekipde tam tersi gayet muhafazakar
MolvaM: bu esnda baˆ ka masalarˆ‰ da seyretmek
mariner1: ny Japanese advisor was in wrong
room, he was in Open, so our EW are not..2♠
¨ ¨
© ¨
- 14 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
mariner1: women...........
mariner1: my
snorris: not in my book
snorris: I bid ♠
werge: Nosacrifice aganist 4 Q s - looks lihe
werge: 4 ♠
ralfwil: And What´·s on? Ov course 4♠ on N!
any objection?
fabsayc: not a great 6NT, but will make
wilkinsona: lots of tricks NS as the cards lie
cindy: 4♠ should be ok
snorris: 6 nt is the contract to be in
snorris: here
wilkinsona: Ron’s to blame for this craze is he?
snorris: 1 ♠ might show 5
mpny : no, 2D would almost certainly not be
ralfwil: an easy 3nt
santyclz : This hand should tell us if e-w are
playing precision, w will probably rebid 3♣ if so.
roswolf: however the favorable heart lie is their
arigun : katilan tum takimlarin, turnuva ile
bilgilerin, ciftlerin konvansiyon kartlari vs bilgilere
TBF sayfas
b_eymen: ewet sorunsuz
eccone: ˆ¶leymis
yakop: bircana gol ˆ ansˆ‰ geldi 7 bile diyebilirler
riyilikci: Avcˆ‰oˆ lu-ˆ ztˆ…rk bir Polish Club
sistemi oynuyorlar
eccone: 4
tez: 4♣=rengini transfer et
panja: is this voluntary 3 likely to be interpreted
as strong?..3
ralfwil: Good morning Kath, Mike, Carl andMichael
santyclz: Precision 2♣s. 6+♣s or 5+ and a 4
card major.
ogoksel: yazˆ‰mlar sˆ‰rasˆ‰nda sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
blackeagle alackeagle olarak yazˆ‰lmˆ‰ˆ
ovncylmz : evet ilk 4boardda 0.08 imp/board
oynamislar:) kotu bi baslangic degil uzun suredir
eline kagit almamis bir cift icin:P
ovncylmz: ama il elemelerinde kim oynadi:)
MolvaM: batˆ‰ olsanˆ‰z ne derdiniz ˆ imdi?
arigun : 3 empassdan bir tanesi geciyor 5 ♣
olacak denirse
yakop: welcome TEZ
yusufb: 47 imp kapanmasˆ‰ zor gibi ama cˆ‰
kmayan candan ˆ…mit kesilmez
- 15 -
Results A-Final..p
sybarra: can E squeak this one by?
sharkey: Looks like 4♠ may make, but declarer
has to make the right choices
fabsayc: hi ed
othered1: Looks like forcing Stayman, or maybe
othered1: Hi, Martin!
snorris: 5+ that is
cindy: is this good enough for resp dbl ?
idblu: not I vul
irwinbo: i wouldn’t double with brenner;s hand
wou;d you?
marlowepi: not me at these colors
cindy: no
marlowepi: but i wouldn;t hesitate either
cindy: just checkin :)
marlowepi: we just chicken too
idblu: N shld be bid out
cindy: checkin chickens
idblu: 3 s/b 123 stop
wilkinsona: East may move here though
sharkey: But cannot see
returnhaving any
ahollan1: a Precision player MIGHT rebid 3♣ --but the quality of the ♣ suit may deter
idblu: no excuse for E to bid on here
arigun: sayfasindan ulasabilirsiniz
MolvaM: oooooo
MolvaM: 3♣ gayet makul kontrat
MolvaM: ama kuzey 1 daha konuˆ mak isteyebilir
riyilikci: 1 ♣ 12-14 dengeli, veya 15-17 trefller
veya 17+ herhangi el
yakop: 2 h ne acaba
yakop: klasik 6 h baraj eli
riyilikci: CC zayˆ‰f kˆ¶rler diyor
yakop: 6 deyip haneye yazacaksˆ‰n
MolvaM: seyircilerimize uyarˆ‰: bu tˆ…r deneyleri
evinizde yapmayˆ‰n tehlikeli olabilir
arigun: sigan + key card cevabi verirken genel
metod, 5nt cift sayida+sigan, 6x; tek sayida+sigan
(soylenen renk sigan) oynaniyor, sayet buyuk
renk sigan ise 6 seviyesinde koz ile ...
arigun: soyleniyor
koksoy: knock -out maclarda sans faktˆ¶rˆ…
normalden daha fazla
nezihk: salvo piki ˆ…ˆ§lˆ… ile alˆ‰yor sanˆ‰rˆ
Results B-Final..4
Walddk2: Last 5 boards of the tournament
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
snorris: 3 :)
wilkinsona: 1 heart overcall misses the sac in
thommos: and successful
bg: Hi Fred/Ian
thommos: hi Bruce
vugraphzkg: cok dusundu ama konusmadˆ‰
ovncylmz: kenancim hakem heyetinden istedigimiz,
son tur oncesi capraz tablo pdf i vardi:)
yakop: baraj otomatik olur
tez: iyi gunler:)kolay gelsin
MolvaM: gˆ…naydˆ‰n tezcan
marlowepi: S may be worried about m,issing a
slam, will soon find out he is too high in game..p
mariner1: so our W is male and out E is a woman
mariner1: our
marlowepi: wow
snorris: from bad to worse
cindy: 3N not so good
ralfwil: and only 3♠?
snorris: 4 si good but south will probably not
idblu: Hi Bruce, Ian :)
sybarra: hi Bruce
yo_yo: hi there
sharkey: Dbl then 3 which shud be forcing
caitlin: too high will be down
MolvaM : vugraf operatˆ¶rlerimizden isimleri
girmesini tekrar rica edelim bu arada
eccone: kuzeyin konusmamasˆ‰ ilginˆ§ oldu
MolvaM: bu arada kuzey rakibin zon kaˆ§ˆ‰rmˆ
‰ˆ olabileceˆ ini de dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nmˆ…ˆ tˆ…r
ovncylmz: daha ancak 5.tur sonuclarini gorebiliyoruz:)
yakop: piki dogru taraftan soylediler
riyilikci : KG 1
yu 4+ 1Majrˆ… 5+ 11-17
yakop: bu tip maclarda bu zon durumunda rakip
batsa bile ˆ ilem riske edilmez baraj yapˆ‰lˆ‰r
april7: an unbeatable contract:1♣ 1 - 1NT- p
2NT -3NT
tokay1975: 3cl dermi
MolvaM: ozaman kontrlar baˆ layabilir
tokay1975: bence x derken 2sp gelince ne yapicaginida
MolvaM: ufuk ortakta olasˆ‰ bir ceza kontru
varmˆ‰ diye umuyordu ama ˆ imdi canˆ‰ sˆ‰kˆ
eerbil: spesifik bilgi veren bi aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ tan sonra
kontr riskini alacak bi el olarak gˆ¶rmˆ…yorum
Ufuk’un elini
tokay1975: helede h 2bos sp tekken
MolvaM: defansta 4lˆ… karo olmamasˆ‰ kontrdan
kurtarabilir belki
nezihk: slm tez
marlowepi: is this round board a match?..p
panja: on a non
lead...11 tricks i guess
bg: 4 spades tough with heart lead 3nt also tough
with heart lead
lead unlikely vs 4♠ though
bg: declarer has to duck first round rule of 7 with
six cards subtract from 7 and get one therefore
duck first round
cindy: yes should find it
sybarra: is it rule of 7 or 11?
bg : can get 3 spades 3 dia two clubs and one
wilkinsona: ..judges well to pass
marlowepi : not much for E to do with such
limited stoppage in ajors and no diamond honor
ralfwil: Curious from E Partner has opened and
he has 11 HP
sharkey: gd morning Ralf
werge: Morning
sharkey: and Hans
ahollan1: too right -- the power of limited opening
1 , saves East from a painful guess
fabsayc: arrgh
santyclz: Negative x didn’t work out well.
idblu: 3N...what did E promise?
kabexnuf: nt ye dogu bati attitude cikiyorlar
kabexnuf: 1nt ye ne diyorsunuz
riyilikci : bu maˆ§ 16 bordluk 3 devre olarak
oynanacak, gelecek devre hangi maˆ§ˆ‰n verilece
ˆ ine sonuˆ§lara gˆ¶re karar verilecek
riyilikci: KG ekibin bir renk aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ larˆ‰ 14+p
ve forsing, 1♣ dengeli 15+ veya 5+kart, diˆ erleri
5+kart naturel ve dengesiz
april7: an odd 1NT overcall
MolvaM: doˆ udan 6 ˆ§ok hoˆ 1 kontrat gibi
Walddk2: or 4 remaining now..p
cindy: match a board
sybarra: no dbl no trbl
snorris: 990
werge: Is 1 ♠ your chice also - NEVER bid such
a suit in defensive situation
xenya: so a huge gain for Japan on the very first
idblu: opening bid?
yo_yo: now South will have to make a noise
but no
eccone: yorumlamak zor durumu
eccone: :)
- 16 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
akgun: KG 3H a kadar yapabiliyordu
dadim: 2nt
ogoksel : NS artifisyel oynuyor ise bu maˆ§
artifisyellerin savaˆ ˆ‰ olabilir.ufuk-tayfun ˆ§
iftide uzun zamandˆ‰r birlikte sistem oynuyorlar
yakop: 6 pik derlerse 7 barajˆ‰ olur mutlaka
fabsayc: 3nt looks very conservative..♣K
othered1: fMust b e 13-15 and north knows there
’s no long suit fit.
fabsayc: ah, possibly
wilkinsona: no nead to sac
snorris: 3 sp is too little
ralfwil: a 7-card suit after partners opening and
also a support?
snorris: sounds like just figthing for a partscore
werge: The ♣ Q shoyld lead to the right bid = 4
mpny: yes, 3D rather than 3H would be F, but he
got to the right strain
santyclz: Overall in the matches I’ve seen the
players have been remarkably conservative for
othered1: I don’t love opening the north hand
with 1N, but it’s worked out fine.
mcarroll: This should be flat - same contract next
roswolf: well the game is missed
josj: it might have been time for a polite raise by
S with 2 aces
roswolf: i fancy in the other room game will be
chessmaste: Maybe North should have doubled
to show a good overcall, although in my book he
had already promised a decent hand with 1♠
yo_yo: but has North show 15 with a 6 card suit,
i dont think so
josj: wanna bet Geoffrey?:)
riyilikci: gˆ¶rdˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…z imp ilk devre skoru
fahir: herkese iyi seyirler
MolvaM: ˆ imdi fren zamanˆ‰
tez: kotu 5li
unu gostermek istemedi
werge: RD...!!!..♣6
cindy: i agree
sharkey: Normal 3 NT here - off a couple
athene: it looks natural to begin diamonds with
small to the J, which won’t work
athene: oh - declarer doesn’t really have time to
play on diamonds anyway
athene: but there’s no possible way to get three
spade tricks
idblu: they aren’t playing the game that got them
- 17 -
arigun: Nezih Kubac, gunaydin hosgeldin
ovncylmz: :) eglenceli mac olacak gibi :)
sengulerz: hg Fahir
exerdar: ˆ zgˆ…r Bakan tref dam valeyi gˆ¶rˆ…
nce derin bi oh ˆ§ekmiˆ tir bu elde heralde
sybarra: even now ..♣5
snorris: right
sharkey: E probably doesnt want to open 2♠
with 2 aces thus 1♠ second choice?
snorris: I HAVE to bid something in south
snorris: it might be my last chanse to bid
ralfwil: Yes but, not 1♠ for me
ralfwil: I double on such a hand
thommos: pass from west would be a min hand
mdgraham: Any regular pair would have their
own agreements on what sets up a force and what
doesn’t - not all pairs play the same
yo_yo: this looks a hairy contract
mdgraham: the important thing is to be on the
same wavelength - and South was on long wave
there while North was on medium
sharkey: yes - lol - perhaps 3 followed by 3♠
and 4
ralfwil: !a and a ♣ continuation will break the
ralfwil: ♠A
sharkey: Problems here with trumps 4-2 I think
sharkey: E will refuse 1st ♠ perhaps
yo_yo: is it Paul Hackett here or one of his twins?
sharkey: 8 tricks if Declarer starts with low ♠
ahollan1: NS using standard honor leads; 3rd
even/lo odd spot leads -- upside-down count &
attitude signals
idblu : the China Women have been VERY all facets of the game.
yo_yo: the ladies bid everything
eccone: 1♠ yapar heralde
akgun: +1 gibi duruyor
vugraphzkg: batˆ‰ pasˆ‰ gˆ¶rˆ…nce kˆ¶tˆ…
hissetmiˆ ti kendini ama yeri gˆ¶rˆ…nce biraz dˆ
arigun: ♣ e kaptirirsa batacak
riyilikci: 2 aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ larˆ‰ (9)10-13 5+kart
arigun : matnikli oyun
A yere gidip ele ♣
arigun: rakiplerden herhangi birinde 3 tane
varsa 2 e 2 gidiyor
MolvaM: bu ˆ artlarda en makul kontrat
arigun : burada ahmet’in 6 demesi gerekir
kitabi olarak
tez: ♠ as ile baslarsa ve
atak olmazsa 6♠ te
© ¨
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
MolvaM: 4
¨ ile 4♠ demeden ˆ¶nce bir hafif ˆ
lem denemesi yapmak istedi bˆ…lent aslan
tez: ok
ralfwil: 9 tricks with a ♠ finess..♣A
roswolf: 9 tricks sure
vugraphzhn: Fallenius: small barp, Fredin: So
thats what you think? He probably likes the
ralfwil: the ♠10 was essential
sybarra: not sure you try the ♠ too early, could
go down
ralfwil: but N can have a 6-card suit in , so...
sybarra: thx all lots of suggestions,
sybarra: and all realistic, at the table I would be
worried (I think) about taking spade finesse too
snorris: probably
snorris: and if they play strong ♣ system its
almost ok
sharkey: NV not to unreasonable I think
wilkinsona: ..turns out ok, as this can make..
snorris: of course you will win 7 but...
ahollan1: North’s opening strenthens our guess
that they’re playing precision [but even that hand
seems too weak for 1N]
xenya: interesting contract
roswolf: perhaps unless you know!
josj: :) sure bets are the best
roswolf: :)
kabexnuf: 3h cok olmadi mi
eccone: ♣ pasˆ‰ gecince sorunsuz oldugu icin
♣ pas atmˆ¶ak daha iyi gibii
riyilikci: 5 pike bile 7
iyi baraj
eerbil: okay koz atak ederken eminim bˆ¶yle bi
dummy gˆ¶receˆ ini tahmin etmiyordu
yusufb: BBO yayˆ‰nlarˆ‰ skorlarˆ‰n anˆ‰
nda ve detaylˆ‰ girilmesi gayet gˆ…zeldi emegi
gecenlere tesekkˆ…r ediyorum
tokay1975: hem 2sp demesi hem sonra dbl cok
iyi bence (opsiyoneldi dayanamiyosan 3sp de gibi)
tokay1975: elin hakkˆ‰nˆ‰ verdi
marlowepi: with 3 cards in both unbid suits and
opps vul, 2D was a dubious choice.. 4
athene: even if you pick ♠Ax that only gives
you two spades
mcarroll: very delicate
xenya : might require a very careful play by
mcarroll: can make but not easy
xenya: declarer’s prime objective is to establish
clubs keeping N off lead
tokay1975: bu ataga hemen kozlari oynarsa 6
arigun: ♣ ataktan sonra ler uygun 6♣+4 ve
2 as ile 12 love alabilir
riyilikci: oldukˆ§a iyi bir 6 cl var
ovncylmz: rakibi engellemeyi dusunmus olabilir
ovncylmz: :)
riyilikci: evet ama kˆ¶r tek
exerdar: 3nt sorunsuz bu elde
tez: 1nt 4♣ e transfer..ya 4 oynamak isteyen
yada den keykart soracak el oynuyor goksu/
orhan cifti
mariner1: EW did have a save here if they found
it.. 2
werge: The problem is, that if you bid all henads,
where hou "must" bid . you loose
snorris: no win
mcarroll: Hard to disagree with success, and I
hate the final double
othered1 : 2 ♠ likely denying
(if they’re
playing standardish 2-way Stayman)
snorris: getting there..
snorris: maybe
mpny: paul
ralfwil: and perhaps more after ♣ a heart continuation
yo_yo: for those who dont know Paul (the father)
has twin sons, both champions
yo_yo: Paul likes to bid
sharkey: yes
akgun: 1c alert ne olabilirdi acaba 2+c mi?
eccone: 6 imp
vugraphzkg: tek bile olabilirmiˆ
eccone: hmm
yakop: agresif dedigimiz cift bile bu eli ˆ ilem
diyemedi gecen mac ne demek istedigim anlaˆ ˆ
‰lmˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰r heralde
tokay1975 : ismail senin dedigine gore 6sp
deseler 500 yazcaklardi simdi 650 daha iyi
ozgull: bence okan as cevabˆ‰yla ˆ§ok ilgilenmedi:)
ralfwil: The play in ♠ ic critical. The right play is
now to play ♠A.. Q
ralfwil: Covers all singleton honours
mdgraham: well, it shows what we know - 230
gained 3 imps against the 3 contract at the other
ralfwil: I think I have met them in Holland some
years ago
ralfwil: 10 with a ♠ lead and 9 tricks with a ♣
MolvaM: batˆ‰daki oyuncunun 3. den 10 puan
ile aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ masayˆ‰ biraz karˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰rdˆ‰
MolvaM: 3pik sˆ‰nˆ‰rda bir kontrat ve batacak
- 18 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
gibi duruyor
nezihk: gˆ…naydˆ‰n herkese
MolvaM : bu maˆ§taki yorumcularˆ‰mˆ‰z
tezcan ˆ en, yusuf sohtorik ve mustafa cem tokay,
roswolf: :)declarer wasnt!.. T
mariner1: Closed is also in 4♠ here
marlowepi : i prefer to save when their game
fabsayc: they do play strong club, not sure of
details, they were on vugraph before
caitlin: I prefer the 1NT than East opening 1 at
other table which did work but surprising no
spade balance
sybarra2: ty operator
riyilikci: Murat Kazˆ‰l Yataˆ an, Ertuˆ rul Aygen
Yalˆ‰kavak’tan, ˆ…lkemiz iˆ§in ˆ§ok alˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰
lmˆ‰ˆ ’her ˆ ey natˆ…rel’ diye sˆ¶ylenen bir
sistem oynuyorlar
ovncylmz: bu turnuvada 2♣ checkback limitleri
oldukca dusuk, bir de 3 yi 3lu kor max oynayanlar
var sonucta
tez: iyi aksamlar iyi seyirler..kolay gelsin
cindy: doesntlook like 3N or 5D so no problem ..
athene: perhaps lead a spade from dummy and
hope south jumps in with ♠Axx
athene: to return a club
shevek: same contract, same lead in OR
sharkey: N has to make 2 discards if
idblu: ge Shirley :)
mariner1: oops Open is in 4♠ :).. 8
ralfwil: of course, but still he has opened
xenya: yes
ovncylmz: herkese iyi aksamlar
ovncylmz: gunaydin:)
sengulerz: K-G 3 yapabiliyor ama zon durumu
ters olunca konuˆ mak zor
vulkan: ˆ imdi 1 batar.. 6
vulkan: ko devamˆ‰na
eccone: wc
vulkan: DB bu el 2 ♠ yapabiliyordu ama 1.bordda
aˆ ˆ‰zlarˆ‰ yandˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ iˆ§in uyandˆ‰ramadˆ
‰lar :)
kabexnuf: +1 herhalde
MolvaM: hayatˆ‰ film ˆ eridi gibi geˆ§mek bˆ¶
yle birˆ ey sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
MolvaM: 4pik oynarken pik as ile baˆ lamak daha
MolvaM : bu devre yorumcularˆ‰mˆ‰z tez,
- 19 -
tokay ve hˆ…seyin avcˆ‰oˆ lu
tez: ve MOLVAM:)
MolvaM: lˆ…tfen diˆ er yorumcularˆ‰mˆ‰zˆ‰n
sadece seyretmekle yetinmelerini rica edelim ˆ§ˆ
…nkˆ… yorumcu fazlalˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ da dikkat daˆ ˆ‰
sharkey: Yes - and then do the right choice in
.. 3
ralfwil: no thougtts about a grand?
werge: Is this play right:
to the Ace - and let
the 9 run...?
sharkey: much easier to bid seeing all hands :)
mpny: they will pick up another 3 IMPs here
yo_yo: do we all bid 1NT with that east hand
over the overcall?
yo_yo: i usually pass with a weak NT
ovncylmz: 16.50de tamamlanan birinci maclarin
sonuclari elimizde mi?
eccone: elma
ovncylmz: 3asli max bir el bence de
tez: 2nt acisindan sonra transferi almak 3 lu koz
gosteriyor diye dusundu salvo
wilkinsona: 13 now I suppose.. A
marlowepi: sometimes a bidder is just maximum..........except
for me of course
irwinbo: is three diamonds forward going or just
caitlin: you here Ed?
akgun: meraba
MolvaM: netekim
wilkinsona: declarer miss timed things in OR it
seems.... 2
ralfwil: for me 5nt in this sequence is a grand trial
idblu: blocking
athene: whatever she chooses to discard will
work out ok
josj: iI think so
roswolf : no but in a strong club system they
sometimes have to
yo_yo: ah that’s the difference maybe
josj: opps can’t beat it as they have no running
suits threatening
aruf: gˆ…naydˆ‰n Nezih abi hoˆ geldin
nezihk: tx
kabexnuf: gunaydin nezih abi
vulkan: sorry 2♠ -1
nezihk: bence sabah mahmurluˆ u vardˆ‰ ilk
elde , bu onlarˆ‰ uyandˆ‰rmaya yetecektir
aruf: ˆ zmir de hava bugˆ…n yaˆ murlu ˆ u anda
vulkan: valla Aydoˆ dular cin gibi :)
nezihk: bellioluyor, ancak ben minˆ¶rler veya
davetimsi el aˆ§ˆ‰klmasˆ‰na katˆ‰lmˆ‰
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
yorum, ya birisi ya diˆ eri olur
ovncylmz : dun fikret aydogdu oynamamis
elimizdeki bilgilere gore, nevzat aydogdu-hayati
ergur le oynamisti
kabexnuf: daha enteresan alertler gorecegimize
yakop: herzaman o hesap tutmuyo :)
tokay1975: 6sp 7h dense
yakop: bu el iˆ§in iyi ama bircanˆ‰n 6 demesi
lazˆ‰m cunku rakip baraj yapar ve kac olacagˆ‰
belli degil
riyilikci: 1/16ˆ‰n son devresi oynanˆ‰yor
wilkinsona: so terrific start for Hayate, making
7NT NS board 1, 6NT EW board 2.. 4
irwinbo: that’s what i think
idblu: any other bid would be fed going
cindy: i think it depends on your agreement
marlowepi: makes best sense to play it that way,
as other bids are available to show strength
ahollan1: indeed - maybe a mild upset to get to
finals, but were Seeded in the Top 4
MolvaM: artˆ‰k 6 yapabilir rahatca
tokay1975: ben 3sp yer,ne 3nt derdim 3sp riskli
2cl acana gore dusununce 2sple kozlari ifade etti
yusufb: tabii beyazda olmasˆ‰ cesaretlendirdi kˆ
‰rmˆ‰zˆ‰da pas deyip oynatˆ‰rdˆ‰ bence
sybarra: that is why he is playing and I am in the
rafters .. 3
yo_yo: I cant think of a game here even seeing all
ralfwil: and now 11
xenya: another good idea -- set up a spade trick
while discarding losers from hand
b_eymen: -1
eccone: Q♠
riyilikci: Hoˆ geldiniz Tezcan ˆ en ve Mustafa
MolvaM: 3nt nin aˆ§ˆ‰klamasˆ‰nˆ‰ rica etsek
idblu: forward.. 5
sybarra: hello Ed
othered1: Hi, Caitlin!
othered1: Hi, Shirley!
caitlin: :)
caitlin: yes 6 IMP to Juice
othered1: juice will get 5 back here, sooner or
caitlin: 5
nezihk: slem daveti
nezihk: olsa gerek
as alˆ‰nmazsa +1
yakop: fit varken alˆ‰yolar transferi
frankaus: this could make if Fushida ellect to
finess ♠.. 8
sharkey: no - do you agree with Paul’s Dbl?
yo_yo: i sympathize with it
mpny: no, I do not, but it is not an easy hand
idblu: from the get-go?
ahollan1: in fact -- the top 4 seeds ALL advanced
to the semi-finals
mcarroll: Yes a real opportunityt here as they
stopped in 3 in OR
MolvaM: ˆ u an bu ˆ ampiyona izmirde
MolvaM: kˆ…ltˆ…rpark fuarˆ‰ndaki salonlarda
eccone: :)
yakop: konyada 80 lerde bi baraj yapˆ‰lmˆ‰ˆ
adˆ‰ may barajˆ‰
marlowepi: though not as ducious as the double..
snorris: misguessed s maybe
sharkey: cud be
wilkinsona: played to ruff clubs in hand and lost
control it seems..
snorris: this was not a pleasing sight this king of
♠ for north
ralfwil: But no use of it
wilkinsona: yes only 3 spades othe table too...cant
see why north doesnt try for the max here
idblu: I want the handicapper betting for me :)
ralfwil: I have played many worse games.. Q
snorris: 4 ♠ bid might win or might push oponents
to a sac
fabsayc: NEX
josj: it also has the virtue of making life more
difficult for the opps, as was proved here
yakop: dolayˆ‰sˆ‰yla 3nt ˆ ilem daveti oldu
tokay1975: 3sp demeye yakˆ‰n ama balans
kontr demis ortaga garanti diil ortagˆ‰nˆ‰n
fikrini sordu
tez: 1 iceri girecek..u.koc yapmayi umit ediyor
tez: icerde onor ikili varsa olacak
sharkey: Double finesse in
odds on.. A
yo_yo: no they didnt bid it, good job we didnt bet :)
MolvaM: bazˆ‰ seyircilerimizden gelen istek ˆ…
zerine bunu belirtmekte yarar gˆ¶rdˆ…m :) anlayˆ
‰ˆ ˆ‰nˆ‰z iˆ§in teˆ ekkˆ…rler
marlowepi: 3 rounds of clubs is the defense.. 5
mariner1: yes the bad break hurts
ralfwil: perfect defence so far
ahollan1: key info fred: if i’m betting -- ignore
handicapper -- just bet opposite of what i do
MolvaM: ve bizler naklen izliyoruz
eccone: may da arapˆ§ada su demek
- 20 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
snorris: well done..♣7
bg: another 13 for Japan
werge: Third in hand
santyclz: Wd Martin, avoiding Joey’s copyright.
xenya: now he can try for a cross ruff -- which
works here
eccone: karoyu direkt cakmasˆ‰ daha iyiydi
riyilikci: ˆ eyrek final 1. devre 17:10
yakop: herˆ ey bitmiˆ baraja su toplanmˆ‰ˆ gˆ¶l
tez: oyle oldugu zaman zorlunun 3 nt si slem icin
kontrola gecmek oluyor saniyorum
MolvaM: ˆ imdi karo empasˆ‰ ile yere geˆ§ip 7
yapmayˆ‰ da dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ndˆ… ama fazla kurcalamayay
ˆ‰m dedi
roswolf: :).. J
b_eymen: pik bˆ‰rakˆ‰lˆ‰nca herˆ ey cakˆ‰
MolvaM: bu bordda 3♣ te durmak bence kazanˆ§l
ˆ‰ olabilir. doˆ unun eli ile ˆ¶zellikle ortak cevap
verdikten sonra frenlerin tutmama ihtimali var
MolvaM: bora 3 dese idi acaba cem altan ne
eccone: Merhabalar
MolvaM: selam eymen
kabexnuf: ♣
riyilikci : diˆ er maˆ§ skor kaˆ ˆ‰dˆ‰ http://
xenya: she sorry..♠5
ovncylmz: pas gecer herhalde:)
tokay1975: selamlar
snorris: might be difficult to find out about the
ahollan1: thoughtful A cash before going back
to -- encourages partner to play 13th , but
just doesn’t matter here
sengulerz: gene de pastan gelirken cesaretini
toplayˆ‰p 2♣e dbl diyen oyuncular ˆ§ˆ‰kar
snorris: 10 imps..♠K
sharkey: So the Chinese Women strike back
fabsayc: T
idblu: people who have used me for that theory
are very rich today as well :)
josj: maybe :)
MolvaM: eˆ er ˆ u an izmir fuarˆ‰na yakˆ‰n bir
izleyici varsa turnuva alanˆ‰na gidip
tez: bu eli kontrlu yapsalar masada buz gibi bir
hava esmeye baslayacakti
Walddk2: or maybe because you are not a Swedish
citizen? :)..♠A
vugraphzhn: Fredin: Leads from 6, Efraimsson:
- 21 -
normally 3rd, but 5th possible
ralfwil: but it was a lucky 7nt on OR
santyclz: +2, NEXT!
idblu: JOEY!!!!
aruf: bir fazlaya claim etmesi gerek
ovncylmz: konusur mu ki bi kez daha?
santyclz: Oops
idblu: got the next part :)
MolvaM: en baˆ ta demiˆ tim ama ˆ¶zel istek ˆ…
zerine tekrarlˆ‰yorum: tˆ…rkiye ˆ ampiyonasˆ‰
final maˆ§ˆ‰ ilk devresine hoˆ geldiniz :)
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 1N
c 1N
this/total IMPs
N 2
N 1
♠A Q 7 6
A Q10 4
♠ K10 9 4
N ♠8 2
AQ5 3
♣ Q10 4
♣9 7 2
10 9 6 4 2
♣AK 8
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
#1 E::
#3 E::
#5 S::
#7 S::
#9 N::
lestergold : a singleton honour such as thek
makes it just about aceptable..♣6..♣9..♣A..♣T..
ndemirev : spade risked the contract for an
overtrick ..♠8..♣J.. 3.. 2.. 8..♠6.. 5..♠J..
♠K.. 5.. Q.. 3.. 4
vugraphb1: not because Andonov played 9 and
10 on the first and second round of the suit
roswolf: not in precision mike here 1nt may well
be bid anyway - and also if such an off shape nt is
bid often enough then when 1 is opened then
you know it is natural or a "standard" nt!
vugraphb1: wrong broadcasted by me
¨ ¨ ¨
© © © ¨
E: Popov
© ¨
#2 W:: 9,T,J,6
#4 N:: 5,7,K,4
#6 N:: 6,9,A,T
#8 N:: J, 3,2,8
#10 W:: 5,Q,3, 4
lestergold: well maybe some possibility of a
swing here- many pairs would go overboard with
the N/S cards..p..p..1N..p..p..p
roswolf: offcentre NT was opened by north in the
other room
roswolf: and here what is wrong with a precision
1 opening..♣2
lestergold: but they havent theyve reproduced
the auction
lestergold: these hands have been rather dull so
far- not giving many opportunities to either side..
♣8..♣Q..♣3.. 9.. T.. J.. 6
roswolf: fair comment and suits quantum very
well .. 2.. 8.. K
lestergold: off centre no trump not unreaonable
as another opener gives rise to rebid problems
4441 always difficult to handle.. A..♣5..♣7..♣
© © © ©
© © ©
- 22 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 1N
c 1N
this/total IMPs
N 2
N 1
♠A Q 7 6
A Q10 4
♠ K10 9 4
N ♠8 2
AQ5 3
♣ Q10 4
♣9 7 2
10 9 6 4 2
♣AK 8
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#1 E::
#3 S::
#5 S::
#7 N::
#9 E::
#2 N:: 5,2,K,4
#4 N:: 3,7,A,T
#6 W:: 9,Q,3,8
#8 N:: K,A,4,7
#10 W:: 8,,,
marlowepi: simplest to open 1NT, though not
snorris: now we will know if n-s play strong ♣
werge: Listen - he has an Ace, a trump trick (
aganins GOOD bidders - and partner has promised
an opening bid
wilkinsona: 6NT other room..
snorris: 3-3
ralfwil: I ask fro the Q by bidding 6♣. The suit
below the trumph
snorris: me too
wilkinsona: well 2 spades is available for forward
cindy: i wouldnt assume it was blocking with a
pickup partner
marlowepi: 2NT not weak either, nor 3C
idblu: new suit would show extras and interest
vugraphzhq: sry 3D 3make
- 23 -
thommos: at this speed we will be finshed in 30
sybarra: sort of like doing vugraph from Brazil
sharkey: agree
mdgraham: but then the alternative is 3N, and
nay 5-3 spade fit goes out the window
ahollan1: if EW playing 10-13 NT at this vul,
then East knew partner did NOT hold ♠Q
caitlin: Joey is playing:)
shevek: I hear that the real score is 47-29
sharkey: Slam here
athene: some people might pass that south hand
shevek: following an appeal
sybarra2: hello Fred
fabsayc: probably east should have bid 2h, if
partner has spades will still find
roswolf: this may be competitive
chessmaste: A 20/20 deal for Roland
MolvaM: ˆ u an eleme turlarˆ‰ olduˆ u iˆ§imn
olabildiˆ ince ˆ§ok sayˆ‰da takˆ‰mˆ‰n maˆ§ˆ
‰nˆ‰ vermeye ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ acaklar sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
vulkan: 4-3 e
ovncylmz : Pazar gununden itibaren elemeli
maclari izliyecegiz
kabexnuf: belki rakip daha uyanmamiˆ tˆ‰r diye
oynuyordur belki
sengulerz: 1♣ mi 3♣ mi?
riyilikci: Kuˆ adasˆ‰’ndan Mehmet Muˆ lu ve
Cengiz Kalˆ§a 2/1 ve multi, kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k apel
romen defos oynuyorlar, gene ˆ§oˆ umuz iˆ§in alˆ
‰ˆ ˆ‰ldˆ‰k bir sistem
kabexnuf: hala devam ettiklerine gore "hersey
naturel sistemini" iyi oynuyorlar.
riyilikci: DB ise 2/1 15-17NT, 2 =18-19 dengeli,
2sˆ‰ˆ§ramalˆ‰ araya giriˆ ler orta kuvvette el
yakop: mˆ…hendisler iyi bir
yakop: iˆ yapmanˆ‰n keyfiyle baraja bakˆ‰
tokay1975: 4cl sonra 5h demis oyuncuda sp rua
aradi kesinlikle dusuk ihtimaldi
fahir: selam Tezcan
MolvaM : ozaman doˆ rusu buymuˆ demekki
tezcan :) onlar daha elenmemiˆ durumdalar hala.
ama biz elendik
vahaboglu: 4♠, 3NT oluyor
riyilikci: ˆ u andaki durumlar iˆ§in
emre kaya: herkese selamlar iyi seyirler
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
riyilikci: yorumcularˆ‰mˆ‰z Tezcan ˆ en ve
Mustafa Tokay
koksoy: okay ve gˆ¶khan gercekten 2 tane cok
sansˆ‰z milli takˆ‰m secmesi macerasˆ‰
yasamalarˆ‰na ragmen partnerliklerini birbirlerine
olan sevgi ve saygˆ‰larˆ‰nˆ‰ korudular ...
koksoy: gercekten takdir ediyorum
tez: baglantim kotu
ralfwil: I would have seen Fredins smile if Morath
had 6 ..p
daman: get your popcorn out this should be fun
xenya: this might be interesting
ralfwil: only a part score in ♠ here, but let´·s see
caitlin: his team went from 20th to 8th
caitlin: sorry 6th
ahollan1: and knew no chance for trump promotion
yo_yo: i dont like 11 counts but 54 in the majors
i like
nafiz: hoˆ geldin Eymen
eccone: selamlar
tokay1975: katiliyorum sayˆ‰n molva
roswolf: indeed some actin..p
roswolf: action
mariner1: can EW make a Moysian 4♠ here?
marlowepi: if E does not rise on first heart lead
from dummy, 3NT makes
snorris: no
othered1 : 13-15 NT range has some funny
results, when it’s 15.
cindy: need to find club fit
idblu: tell ’em to slow down... we get paid by the
hour :)
vugraphzhq: NS reversed
sybarra: yeah right!
caitlin: in 2 in other room
shevek: agree with pass here
sharkey: but won’t get there
athene: you have an open-ended straight flush
draw, so it’s a clear opener for me
roswolf: 5 looks the contract
MolvaM: ama turnuvanˆ‰n ilerleyen safhalarˆ‰
nda iddialˆ‰ takˆ‰mlara ˆ¶ncelik verilecek doˆ
al olarak
b_eymen: :(
eccone: batˆ‰nˆ‰n eliyle cogu oyuncu acar
ovncylmz : 1.tur maclarinin cok az bir kismi
disinda skorlar su an hazir durumda
ovncylmz: 2nt alerti ile ilgili hemen sunu soyliyim,
eger KG sistemini soyle bir inceleyecek olursak,
1nt den sonra zayif minorler deklareleri oldugundan
herhalde bu biraz daha iyi bir el ...
ovncylmz: olarak anlasildi ama minorlerinin
oldugu kesin
riyilikci: 1cl
yakop: mansap kapaklarˆ‰nˆ‰ acalˆ‰m mˆ‰
diye bakarken akˆ am oluyo
eccone: 6 denmedigi icin belki
eccone : yorumlarˆ‰nˆ‰zla aydˆ‰nlatˆ‰n
bizleri lˆ…tfen
tez: iyi aksamlar:)
tez : bence ozgur..bende iyi el var anlaminda
atti.cezaya cevrilebilecegini dusunmemisti:)
roswolf: 4♠ looks normal and then?..1N..14-16
Walddk2: 2M=10-13, 6+suit
wilkinsona: In OR west failed to raise hearts with
5 it seems...
idblu: :)
ahollan1: 15-17 NT at these colors
caitlin: could this be a DONT type bid?
ahollan1 : 2 ♣ ♣ + Major or DONT ♣ +
ovncylmz: Buna benzer eller ozellikle elemelerin
ilk turlarinda problem yaratabilir, oyuncularin
daha tam olarak isinmadigini dusunuyorum:)
kabexnuf: eymen selam
sengulerz: anlaˆ ˆ‰ldˆ‰ bugˆ…n hiˆ§bir ˆ eyi
tutturamayacaˆ ˆ‰m
yakop: yatˆ‰p kalkˆ‰yolara sabah tekra degerlendiririz
eccone: ♠ K ♣A
tokay1975: 4cl dedi sonra 5h sp rua olma olasiligi
otomatik dusuk
tokay1975: selamlar
ralfwil: my bid too on E..p
snorris: :)
panja: 1 for Spade suit...
cindy: who likes 3 here ?
ralfwil: I like this 3 !
snorris: auto...
mdgraham: although South may have overcalled
1♠ if he had five and some values
ahollan1: if South gets a chance to bid 2 -- we’
ll know more about 2♣
ralfwil: 6♣ with a
shevek: values in the short suits not good
athene: 1♣ strong, double is clubs?
idblu: think they’ll play ’s here?
MolvaM: kuzeyin 3♣ deklaresi karo tututˆ u ve
davet eli gˆ¶steriyor muhtemelen
MolvaM: genellikle 5li karo ve 10-12 puan
MolvaM: ok 9-11 miˆ
- 24 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
yakop: bi bakˆ‰yolar baraj golunde
riyilikci: e ismail, devam
yakop: mandalar camur banyosunda:)
yakop: bu gercek ama:)
tez: 2♣ 12/15 en az 5li ♣ dengesiz el koc/ozbey
tez: 2 yapici ama forsing degil
riyilikci: 2♣=11-15 5♣+4 veya 6♣, 4 maj yok
vahaboglu: ˆ zbey-Koˆ§ ˆ§ifti modifiye precision
koksoy: ahmetle okan ise sanki birbirleri icin
yaratˆ‰lmˆ‰s gibiler cok eskiye dayanan
esprili bir partnerlikleri var
yakop: pik fiti bulunursa 4 pik oynanˆ‰r
tez: 4 iyi kontrat ama batacak
snorris: hmm.....p
snorris: undo
panja: 4♠ is a better spot than 3Nt, it seems, but
it might not be easy to get there..
ralfwil: But you will only earn 100 if it is -1 and
loose 170 if made?
ralfwil: and 4 is laydown
fabsayc: can we put superchargers on EW please
ahollan1: 2
means "System On" over DBL or
2♣ overcall
santyclz: If DONT it improves e’s hand.
caitlin : for any conventions one may not be
familiar with the new home for bridge guys is
caitlin: mark it off-- a reasonably good site
roswolf: ah i am blind 3 losers in 5
josj: unluckily yes
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
deniz_t: iyi defans yapˆ‰lmˆ‰ˆ tbrler
MolvaM: daha kimseye ˆ ikan veya 8-4 daˆ ˆ‰lˆ
‰m gelmedi. gece makinayˆ‰ yaˆ lamˆ‰ˆ lar
nezihk: bulmak zor gibi
yusufb: cevrilirsede KQX ♣ var yinede mutlu
marlowepi: i can’t imagine passing the N hand,
in third chair at these colors..p
marlowepi: but 3D will probably be the contract
sybarra: this could be the contract
marlowepi: true
marlowepi: except N will fear S has clubs
sybarra: pard sometimes plays a 4/3
snorris: e-w can 3
- 25 -
sharkey: Don’t understand why W would fail to
raise to 3 in OR when pd bid VUL
snorris: n-s maybe 4 ♣
bg: 3h ok if partnership understanding that it can
be that good
sybarra: would you bid 4 first time?
wilkinsona: East will take some stopping now
marlowepi: 1H is the best practical bid on W
hand even if playing 5-card majors
idblu: once W can’t cue ♠, they should stop in 5
♣ or 3N
marlowepi: lack of any spade cuebid ought to
stop everybody
cindy: as soon as she finds out they have no ♠
control the brakes will be put on
idblu: 5
mcarroll: Never predict a flat board they will
always find a way to outwit the commentator!!
ralfwil: For me - no opening on S
ahollan1: tournament homepage is
/game/nec/necfest.html -- i believe the finals are
4 sets of 16 boards
xenya: i think 2nd trump was a mistake but no
doubt she was playing for some other distribution
ovncylmz: eymen 4sp oynanicak degil mi
eccone: acˆ‰nca otomatik
tokay1975: dogu bati cok tecrubeli bir cift bu tip
turnuvalarda 10larca defa final gruplarinda
sengulerz: anladˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰mˆ‰z kadarˆ‰yla K*G
kuvvetli 1♣ sistemlerinden birini oynuyor
yakop: bizim su nereye gitti abi diyolar
tokay1975: sp rua cl asda olabilir ama dusuk
ihtimal batida olma olasiligi dahja yuksek
eccone: all pas
riyilikci: bu devre diˆ er maˆ§lardaki skorlar iˆ§in
yakop: zor bir bord derlerse ˆ ilem olacak muhtemelen
tez: cok bilenler yorumcu..iyi oynayanlar oyuncu:)
vahaboglu: evet
MolvaM: :)
tez: 2♠ pas pas pas gidecek
yakop: selamlar
wilkinsona: all the same with 32 hcp and 3 tens
its worth a look perhaps.. 2
cindy: no would never bid 4
snorris: how do you like this nt Hans?
b_eymen: 2 bekleme
eccone: 2 nt nat degildir heralde
deniz_t: bu elle 3 nt mi 4♠ mi arkadaˆ lar, ne
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
eccone: 2 nt az
eccone: 4♠ yada 3 nt demek lazˆ‰mdˆ‰ bence
akgun: bedire katiliyorum az gelir
ovncylmz: 3d nasil?
eccone: 4♠ iyi
akgun: 3nt hemen demek iyi
deniz_t: deˆ iˆ ik cevaplar var ˆ¶zelden ama dˆ…ˆ
ˆ…nceler ˆ u anda %50:)
eccone: ortak 6 lˆ‰ ♠ dedi
eccone: koza uygun el
nezihk: gˆ…naydˆ‰n herkese
arigun: ahmet beyazda olmanin huzuru ile 1NT
overcall’unu rahatlikla yapti, kirmizida bu elle
1NT derken insanin elleri titriyor, hele hele
stresin maksimum oldugu bu tur turnuvalarda
tokay1975: cokta korktugunu sanmam 3 defansi
tez: ozgurle uzun sure ortaklik yaptik
vugraphzhn: Efraimsson: You promise 3 trick?..
marlowepi: P - P - 1H - 1NT -3H and now EW
do not have an easy time
barbyh: d1 with a d lead
mariner1: yes N could have bid 1 or more to
take advantage of the NV vs VUL 3rd seat
cindy: hi all
mariner1: some saying 2 and some 3 with N
wilkinsona: back again..
cindy: i just dont like the fact 3 takes up so
much room
bg: clubs great contract
bg: 6
cindy: not fond of preempting our side
snorris: now can s double?
cindy: sorry marshall
cindy: im slow typist
werge: South will not ask for aces in this board....
sharkey: seems so
shevek: I believe you Will
idblu: 3 here would sound like a cue bid
ahollan1: confession time --- playing Precision, i
would open 1 in 1st seat
MolvaM: makul 1 kontrat
aruf: Ya 11-16 trefler yada 15-17 4 lˆ… tref ve 5
li major manasˆ‰nda acˆ‰yorlar 2 ♣ i
MolvaM: 5♣ fena baraj deˆ il ama bu zon durumunda
bulunmasˆ‰ zor
riyilikci: hoˆ geldin Nezih abi
riyilikci: 1/32 ilk devre sonuˆ§lari
riyilikci: gelecek devreler
yakop: sizce :?
yakop: devamˆ‰ sonra
yakop: bi anlaˆ mazlˆ‰k var ama:(
vahaboglu: ♣ partaj
vahaboglu: olduˆ u iˆ§in 6♠
vahaboglu: dummy reverse ile de oluyor 6♠
vahaboglu: Pass-pass- DBL
nezihk: zafer 4 sp diyecek
tez: 4♠ oynanir dedi garo...yapilir demedi
nezihk: ortakda kˆ‰sa kor gˆ¶rˆ…lˆ…yor
yakop: demeside lazˆ‰m kˆ‰rmˆ‰zˆ‰ beyaz
da oynatmaz heralde
MolvaM: bu zon durumunda 3 tehlikeli
mpny: EW can make 3 of either round suit.. K
sharkey: looks like a tad high
caitlin: 2♠ sure looks like super accept
MolvaM: turnuvanˆ‰n baˆ larˆ‰nda genellikle
makul ve mantˆ‰klˆ‰ kontratlar oynanˆ‰r
MolvaM: ama ˆ¶zellikle akˆ am yemeˆ i sonrasˆ‰
kontratlar biraz daha yaratˆ‰cˆ‰ olmaya baˆ lar
deniz_t: ve kontrat:)
nezihk: hoˆ gˆ¶rdˆ…k
arigun : irfan eli upgrade ederse zon2a gelip
tokay1975: selam garo
tez: bilirim neyi ne anlamda konusur:)
yusufb: selammm garo
marlowepi: eighth time’s the charm! welcome..
mariner1: hi Cindy
frankaus: many here will open 2 or equivalent
with N hand
marlowepi: happy ending
wilkinsona: surely West had a 3 heart bid here..
panja: 4♠ now..
ralfwil: take the money by a D
marlowepi: that’s cuz u worry about typosezb
cindy: yes :)
xenya: i’m with you Ralf
mcarroll: Me too
werge: In their system it is probably a reasonable
minimum opening
athene: south, having passed, can make aggressive
forward-going moves
athene: she can’t have any more than this
shevek: Mullamphy opened 1♣ with south’s
yo_yo: it’s not that great a slam
ahollan1: nice suit, easy rebids and most important -strength limited by failure to open 1♣
santyclz: As would I. But I’d pass here.
- 26 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
idblu: N will never P here
santyclz: No, I would have passed with s.
eccone: karo kup var
eccone: K
arigun: ♣ as ciktiktan sonra donusu batiracak
tez: 2 iceri girecek
tez: selam:)
tez: 2nt dermi?bu zon durumunda zon kacirmaktan
korkmaz 2♠ der bence
marlowepi: S may just run the fiamonds and lead
a club,hoping to read position..♣5
snorris: the law..
wilkinsona: ..or there
sharkey: Yes - The "LAW" shud compel W to
fight to at least 3 I think
ralfwil: also from the beginning. 5-card support!
wilkinsona: 4hearts looks ok on a cross ruff play
othered1: In contemporary bidding 2 on this
auction is pretty much not invitational
sybarra: likely a push
eccone: dengeli 10 larla 5 li renk yoksa davet
etmek iyi sonuc vermez genelde
exerdar: 1el yukarˆ‰ ˆ§ˆ‰ktˆ‰lar muhtemelen
bu elden imp gidecek
eccone: zaten ortakta iyi bir 14 olsa 1 nt acar
yakop: slm herkese
eccone: wc :)
fahir: merhabalar
yakop: bakalˆ‰m genˆ§ler abilerine karˆ ˆ‰ ne
exerdar: selamlar
exerdar: dam ataˆ ˆ‰ valeyi atmayˆ‰ istiyormuˆ
exerdar: ilker ataklarˆ‰ soruyor sanˆ‰rˆ‰m:)
yakop: bu elde dam atagˆ‰ iyi sonuˆ§ vermez
tabi klasik oynuyolarsa
yakop: ortak kucuk verince donuˆ problem
MolvaM: pik fitinin bulunmasˆ‰na 2dk kaldˆ‰
phantoma: Salvo bu elle mudahale etmeyerek
tecrubesini gosterdi
tez: garo hosgeldin
yakop: hb
marlowepi: some saying 8H too..♣2
snorris: 3 ♠ showing a better hand than weak
shift jump
panja: play should be interesting....
Walddk4: Welcome to Nobuyuki Hayashi, NPC
of the Japan Open team on many occasions
mcarroll: I dislike it intensely
werge: Better than any other opening with that
marlowepi: lucky layout for NS given that they
- 27 -
will get a clib lead
vugraphzhq: 3NT by Hackett
mcarroll: Although it seems to have worked
sharkey: % no - but makes :)
athene: 4 is aggressive facing a passed hand
ovncylmz: 2 nin 0-8 oldugu yazmakta konvansiyon
riyilikci: 2 = dengesiz 4lˆ… tutuˆ
npcjpn: Hi, everyone...♣K
bg: 6 spades goes for 1100 better than 6 cubs
cindy: was 4N supposed to be keycard there or
just general slam try ?
sybarra: interesting if it was
npcjpn: I am not sure, but some kind of slam try
with direct 5♣ shows just competing.
cindy: well keycard is sorta futile with that void
cindy: hi nobuyuki :)
werge: 1 ♣ - pass 1
- pass - ???
snorris: not the killing lead...
snorris: I agree Hans
ralfwil: I have seen so many nt-openings with a
singleton major, and I don´·t like it
irwinbo: wd
wilkinsona: sure well done
bg: declarer may get nevous here but cannot go
bg: nervous
xenya: only a ♠ lead beats slam
ralfwil: Now he must support ♣
arigun : 2 ♣ acisi ya 6li ♣ 11-15 yada 5li ♣
yaninda bir major yine 11-15 olmasi lazim
ovncylmz: ama ayni zamanda 1♣ 15+herhangi
bir el:)
ovncylmz: 4♣ 5M 16 ile ne aciyorlar acaba?:)
arigun: her iki durumda da 2nt biraz degisik oldu,
dbl biraz daha iyi sanki "gibi" :)
nezihk: nevzatˆ‰n bu sefer kontr atmamasˆ‰
ortaˆ ˆ‰n ˆ§ok zayˆ‰f aˆ§abildiˆ ini gˆ¶steriyor
eccone: gerci ona ragmen bi batˆ‰yor
eccone: 3 ortaga ne yapalˆ‰m sorusu olur
arigun: lakin heran yaptirilabilir
barbyh: what is 2nt here can possibly be a raise..
snorris: agree
cindy: so if general try what should E’s bid be ?
cindy: 5♠ i think
npcjpn: I think so too.
werge: North had the double! - diamonds behind
snorris: not much defence in s s hand
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
mcarroll: If you cannot open 1♣ it is difficult,
but I would open 1
¨ in that case
werge: Neither do I, but I was asked about THIS
idblu: he will be nervous after the lead...but all’s
well that end’s well
thommos: yes, but once Spade Finese works it
will be very quick
thommos: duck QC
ahollan1: i never remember name of convention
where 2m = m + Major :(
fabsayc: notice how DONT effectively preempted
ahollan1: i’m not a fan of superaccept with 3
card support --- especially when North has said
things not breaking well
fabsayc: he has 4 al
caitlin: this is for hearts--four card support
ahollan1: opps wrong glasses
caitlin: lol:))
santyclz: The ones full of scotch?
athene: if you play sensible control-bids, 4
denies a club control so 4 confirms one
ahollan1 : tough call for South on 2nd bid -RDBL and 2 both reasonable
idblu: very nice...catered to the 3 not being
ahollan1: well done Ino!
idblu: impressive
vulkan: 1KC ve koz Dam dˆ‰ˆ arda, 6 demezler
vulkan: evet 2nt iyi olmadˆ‰
vugraphzkg: tˆ…m maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰ iˆ§in bu
linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
nezihk: bu takdan sonra yapma ˆ ansˆ‰ olabilir
tokay1975: 500 muthis skor araya girilmese 1nt
MolvaM: olmadˆ‰
MolvaM: 5pik kadar yapabilir durumda doˆ u-batˆ
mariner1: Marlow do they have a card for that :)..
cindy: how about 1H
mariner1: Marshall
panja: if declarer removes trumps early, and then
loses finesse....he would go he might
think of getting Clubs in
snorris: thats another way to cope yes
caitlin: Al I had to look twice...thought it was my
ahollan1: 2♠ as superaccept may mean they’re
¨ ©
using the old Walsh Relays --- where 2 is
OR slam going minor 1-suiter
ahollan1: but still has to make it --- ♣ lead will
help a lot
santyclz: I guess that’s why I’m watching, not
Walddk4: Welcome to Ed Shapiro
othered1: Hi, everyone!
santyclz: Hi Ed.
idblu: Hi Ed...welcome :)
eccone: kˆ¶rede batmaz ama kritik olur
eccone: kˆ¶r atak edilse ilginˆ§ olabilirdi
riyilikci: kuzey tarafindan oynanan bir ˆ lem iyi
tokay1975 : ar diaya attiktan sonra elden dia
caksa 3lusuyle gokhan cle cakip vale h oynadigi
zaman batiyordu
arigun: en kolay cezalandirilan deklerasyon 1nt
overcalludur (acis degil), devaminda kacisda pek
mumkun olmaz iyi bir fit bulamazsaniz
yakop: iyi karar verdi irfan da zafer de
MolvaM: gˆ…naydˆ‰n hˆ…seyin avcˆ‰oˆ lu :)
MolvaM: ama mumcuoˆ lu karolar diye girince
aslan yanda 4lˆ… pik ummadˆ‰
sybarra: surpiese Morath didnt say no, just 2 ..♠
vugraphzhn: Board 27, same result at Sjˆ¶bergBergstrˆ¶m table
Walddk2: Efraimsson will soon realise that this
was a phantom, but I would have done the same I
must confess
marlowepi: E sequence showed a good hand
mariner1: yes 1 looked more normal to me,,,,,,,,
some kibbers very aggressive
marlowepi: no but it is on a par with 2H or 3H
barbyh: then he has to make 2 pitches
mcarroll: yesd he has an Ace - in partner’s suit,
Probably a trump trick - and we have seen some
really unconvincing opening bids
panja: difficult for West too..he does not have
Club removing trumps isnt attractive..
ralfwil: I think Hackett should have doubled with
his KJx
wilkinsona: difficult lead for west though
sybarra: and
come crashing down, bridge is
easy game
thommos: a partscore win to N/S
yo_yo : well it’s natural for Hanlon to try for
mdgraham: yes - almost mirrored shapes, which
never play too well
sharkey: EW would probably not have entered
- 28 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
into the bidding on this hand. 3♠ by S is normal
in many partnerships I believe
ahollan1 : no comprende scotch --- i’m into
fermented grapejuice like Zin
Walddk4: Best line is to win in hand and test
vulkan: kˆ¶r pasˆ‰ geˆ§iyo fakat karo kupuna
arigun: ♠ gidiyor lakin halen batacak
tokay1975: 6liyi vaelyle gecip sp donusune 7
elde kalˆ‰rdˆ‰
MolvaM: zorlama bir 3nt her zamanki gibi
eerbil: okay kˆ¶r damˆ‰nˆ‰ bulsa bile ˆ…mitsiz
bir 3nt
MolvaM: bir taraf 8-9 ile davet ediyor. diˆ er taraf
ta inˆ allah 9 vardˆ‰r diye kabul ediyor
panja: nothing else seems promising..♠Q
snorris: 3 times
to lock him on the table
snorris: and hope for 2-2 in minors in n
ralfwil: as the cards lie win on hand an play a ♣
to the Q
panja: my sense is...this will now go ♣A, ♣ ruff,
another trumps, and a Club...let us see...declarer,
not knowing finesse is in...will have to think
hard about his options
cindy: im thinking they werent on same page but
it worked out great
ralfwil: ♠K
Walddk4: To see if you can afford the safety play
in hearts later (small to the ace)
werge: If they land this slam, it has been quite a
athene : but south might now fear that 5 ♠ is
askin for good trumps (which she hasn’t got)
rather than a club control (which she has)
arigun: bir tur
den sonra guney 4 tur
uydugu icin bir sansi var
arigun: pardon kuzey
aruf: batˆ‰dan dbl la baˆ lamayˆ‰ tercih ederdim
nezihk: 2 trefl ve 2 kor verecek gibi
vulkan : 4kˆ¶r 4 karo yapˆ‰yor, bir lˆ¶ve de
defans verse hala zor
nezihk: dbl a katˆ‰lˆ‰yorum, hem 15 olmasˆ‰
hem de trefl durdurmasˆ‰ nedniyle
arigun: elde kalmasi iyi olmadi ancak sansi yok,
10 lu yerde olsaydi pasi ele gelip sonra 4 tur
dan sonra ♣ oynayip bir sansi olabilirdi
vugraphzkg: ilk board iˆ§in direktˆ¶r istendi
ovncylmz: ne yapalim diyo iste:)
nezihk: 3 korde sorun yok,
nezihk: defans iˆ§in en iyi defans koz defansˆ‰
tez: defans fire verirse 1 iceri
- 29 -
tez: dam ♣ oynayacak..ruaya cakip kozla disari
cikarsa 2 batacak
riyilikci: oynayan dam trefle rua koymazsa 1 iˆ§
eri ile kurtarˆ‰r
tez: kambura yatmak deniyor bizim oralarda:)
sharkey: Or perhaps they have seen pd’s overcalls
VUL before......♠2
ralfwil: he heard me!
idblu: the hesitation indicates no ♠ K
ralfwil: this opens up for a ♠ lead
idblu: u and me both Joe
ovncylmz: 6karo sorunsuzdu
ovncylmz: :)
eccone: J♣
pref idi
MolvaM: kˆ¶rden 2 el verse dahi sorun yok
MolvaM: ama bu tˆ…r az puanlˆ‰ kontratlar ˆ§
ok sˆ‰k yapˆ‰ldˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ iˆ§in genellikle deklare
etmekte yarar gˆ¶rˆ…yor herkes
tez: tayfun
u niye bastan tutmadi anlamadim
phantoma: dogan bu zon durumunda cok zayˆ‰f
konusmus ise zon kacirilmasi da olasi
tez: 1♠ pas 1nt dbl=acis rengine take out oynuyorlar
cindy: i mean dont ya want a heart lead ?..♣3
ralfwil: always a problem! isn´·t it?
sharkey: S pushed OR as well
mcarroll : Another delicate contract - the 4-1
trump break makes it difficult
xenya: feels it can be made but, again, a delicate
handling is needed here
b_eymen: artifisyel oynayanlarˆ‰n rahatlˆ‰kla
diyebilecegi bir 6
vulkan: evet 6 sorunsuz, fakat bu saatten sonra
b_eymen: diger masada nasˆ‰l oynuyolar ˆ¶vˆ
eccone: kˆ¶re batardˆ‰ heralde
sengulerz: Gˆ…ray 2. devre sonuˆ§larˆ‰nˆ‰
girmek ˆ…zere.. birazdan 2. devre sonuˆ§larˆ‰nˆ
‰ web sayfamˆ‰zda gˆ¶rebileceksiniz
tez: en kitabi 4♠..derslerde hep bu eli yaziyorum:)
yusufb: 1♠ pas 4♠ pas pas x nasˆ‰l bi el olurdu
othered1: 4 looks pushy to me, but it did fine
partner with a near-perfect 11 count..♣7
snorris: agree
yo_yo: I suppose Hackett and Hanlon are off to
the gold coast congress in Australia
othered1: Interesting plays at tricks 1 & 2. This
hand has gotten lots less complex
ahollan1: probably doesn’t matter -- but can it
hurt to play ♣9?
ovncylmz: 2♣ kuvvetli oynaniyor diger masada
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
akgun: cakip as karoyu cikarirsa yapardi sanirim
ovncylmz: hala cok net degil bence
ovncylmz: :)
eccone: suan net
akgun: 2. elde karo oynamazsa batabilirdi sanirim
eccone: A ♣ atagˆ‰na batarˆ‰ kalmadˆ‰da
eccone: ortak bu 2♠ leri 6 lˆ‰ ile diyosa 4♠
MolvaM: herhalde kˆ¶r tutsa 0-4 ten fazla gˆ¶
stermiˆ olacaktˆ‰
marlowepi: right. that is why he has to read the
bg : should play heart now if he draws trump
could get in trouble
cindy: yes he has all the club spots
npcjpn: I will tell the operater to catch up the
meaning of alerted bid later.
cindy: ty
npcjpn: so far we have no clue of 3 and 5 .
cindy: dare we suggest next ?
idblu: ♠ can’t be wrong
caitlin: they hear you Roland
eccone: yok degilse 3 olabilir
wilkinsona: on the other hand a psychic cue from
East may have stood a chance..♣T
idblu: Migr saves time :)
athene: ok well done
shevek: problem with opening south’s hand is
that you’ll pull the breaks (like south did in the
yo_yo: would you say that if K was with East?
arigun: 9 lu yerdeymis eve yere birakabilirmis
nezihk: 2 trefl dbl’dan sonra aydoˆ du ˆ§iftinin
anlaˆ masˆ‰ nasˆ‰l acaba, rdbl mesela?
vugraphzkg: skor dˆ…zeltmesi olabilir
vugraphzkg: yada geˆ§erli olur
tokay1975: ben olsam ozgurun yerˆ inde ufak dia
donerdim as dia ortaktaysa
vugraphzkg: pasˆ‰nˆ‰ sorup claim yaptˆ‰
tokay1975: tek sansim
ralfwil: T think W should have bid 3 ..♣8
Walddk4: The same should happen here
athene: well - as has been remarked, it’s not that
great a slam
yo_yo: or the spades didnt behave?
athene : perhaps the double, showing clubs,
makes it slightly better than 50% that the K is
b_eymen: 2♣ 3 diyebilirdi gˆ…ney ama pek
begenmedi elini galiba
vulkan: zorlu 2 kˆ¶r +1 yapˆ‰yor, 1 imp izmire
fahir: herkese ˆ zmir’den merhabalar, umarˆ‰m
keyifli bir 4lˆ… olur ve katˆ‰lamayanlarda rahat
ˆ§a izleyip burayˆ‰ yaˆ ayabilirler
tokay1975: slam hala yuzde 50 cok kotu diil ama
1 bataak bu daalˆ‰mla
riyilikci: evet kˆ¶tˆ… karo daˆ ilimi ve 3-1 koz iˆ
leri bozuyor
riyilikci: 5cl iyi kontrat ama
eerbil: bence zonda olmasalardˆ‰ gˆ¶khan 1nt’
ye pas geˆ§ebilirdi
MolvaM: evet genellikle zondayken daha ticari
kontratlar tercih ediliyor
tez: prensip su zonda zon kacirmak
defans zor istir.hataya aciktir..ben 3 nt derdim
demiyorum ama oyuncular boyle dusunuyor
MolvaM: peki sen ne derdin. biz seyirciler merak
ediyoruz onu da
tez: elin basinda yoktum gercekten..bric dersindeyim
phantoma: gunaydin herkese
nezihk: irfan pik sayˆ‰sˆ‰nˆ‰ verdi mi?
tez: bence ♠ i sayiyla oynamaliydi
tez: 800 aliriz demek bizim koyde
roswolf: heart back ..♣Q
sybarra: doubt S will be alone in this contract
ralfwil: Will the one suit squeeze work here?
xenya: sure -- both 4♠ and 5♣ look obvious
snorris: now all is well
bg: 5dia probably 3 key cards in clubs
idblu: as well as the
switch :)
mpny: this is a very normal result
ovncylmz: guneyin elindeki QJXXXX karo ile
agresif tutum alinmasi gerekiyor bu slemi bulmak
b_eymen: veya sistem geregi
tokay1975: 3ntda yapilabiliyodu h bile cˆ‰kˆ‰
eccone: ..
snorris: the best yes..♣6
arigun: 2 tur boslaninca 9 a geldi
tokay1975: batiririz demek bnm kitabˆ‰mda
sharkey: :)..♣9
wilkinsona: I think thats asking a bit
idblu: 2 IN THE or
ahollan1: partner just needs stiff J for tap to
work -- but no luck today
othered1: I was away and missed the semifinals,
but every time I’ve seen them, the China Women
team has just sat there and taken their tricks,
occasionally with aggressive initial actions. ...
othered1: I’ll be interested in seeing if they can
keep this style up.
idblu: why change when it works
- 30 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ahollan1: quoting Barry Rigal "strongest national
xenya: i think the natural line of taking a double
idblu: as long as they don’t "tilt"
idblu: and I don’t see them doing that
tez: ♠ devamina olacak
MolvaM: diˆ er taraf 5 X oynanˆ‰yormuˆ
tez: iki kisa rengi var..4lu fit..disarda adeletli bi
dagilim olsa
mariner1: and you know E is very likely to have
an opening bid.. 9
marlowepi: looks like he is trying to read the
position now
thommos: agreed
ralfwil: and perhaps also E could have bid 3
instead of 2
Walddk4: Strong players indeed
athene: but against that there are the chances of
club ruff, or the ♠Q scoring
yusufb: baˆ tan yok x diyemedim gibi bi elmi
wilkinsona: 11 tricks, NP.. Q
arigun: sabah maclarida ozellikle afyonun gec
patlamasindan dolayi bayagi eglenceli gecer
MolvaM: ˆ¶zyuva takˆ‰mˆ‰ kocaeli’den
yakop: goksu bu ataga epey sinirlrnmiˆ tir
vahaboglu: natˆ…relde
tokay1975: hangimiz 3 demez davet gelince
Walddk4: Welcome to Jaap Frijling.. 3
vulkan: aˆ§ˆ‰k odada 1.bordu diˆ er taraf 2♣
dbllˆ‰ oynuyor
aruf: bugˆ…n bu maˆ§ haricinde 3 maˆ§ daha
olacak ve gruplarda ilk ˆ…ˆ§ sˆ‰raya giren takˆ
‰mlar knock out lara girebilecekler
ovncylmz: 1.board tam 12-14nt lik bir el
ovncylmz: :)
ovncylmz : Dogu bati ilk 16boardluk bir bric
macinin ilk 3eli icin cok fazla yoruldular
wilkinsona: for EW not to fight seems strange (
though I may go -200 in 4Hx, I admit).. 8
yo_yo: and stop off conveniently for this congress
sharkey: S trying to create an endplay - but in
vain on the actual layout
sharkey: also need ♠ to break
sharkey: but - no guts - no glory :)
athene: i would say slam probably comes out at
about 50%, so the expectation from bidding or
not bidding it is about the same in the long run
ahollan1: while we wait -- I just checked NS CC -they do use 2 opening as weak + minor -but require 55
jaapfr: gm all
jaapfr: hoi Roland all specs
finesse in trumps is doomed
xenya: hello Jaap
jaapfr: hoi vlad
mcarroll: Hi Jaap
jaapfr: hoi martin
MolvaM: deklaran daˆ ˆ‰lˆ‰m hakkˆ‰nda bilgi
toplamaya ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰yor
riyilikci: hosgeldin Mete
nezihk: yusuf 1 kor elden 4 kup lˆ¶vesi 2karo ve
1 pik lˆ¶vesiyle 8 lˆ¶ve sayˆ‰yor, onun iˆ§in pik
empasˆ‰nˆ‰ dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yor
nezihk: fakat hala karodan ˆ ansˆ‰ var bence Q
riyilikci: empas atmaz karoyu da bilirse 4 yapiyor :)
riyilikci: devre sonuˆ§lari
arigun : hele hele kirmizida, biraz agresif bir
rakip kizgin boga gibi gelir insanin ustune :) birde
kismetsiz gunumuzdeysek boganin altinda fotograflariniz
internete duser, en cok tiklanan ...
arigun: fotograflar kismina :)
tez: 5 yapilabilir
roswolf: now west must hang on to his diamonds..
bg: next
MolvaM: ve kˆ¶r as birisinde 2 parˆ§a olabilir mi
diye bakˆ‰yor
MolvaM: belki de 1 IMP kazanabilmek iˆ§in
tez: herseyi bilerek:)
yusufb: defansif love olan
marlowepi: which major to finesse....cant go
wrong.. 3
panja: still..what if ♠ were 4-1?
snorris: not sure if this is the best play , like
yours betterPanja
yo_yo: nice life
eccone : ewet, dogu olarak aslˆ‰nda birtek
ortaktaki AQ batˆ‰yo gibi
yakop: ˆ eytan girdi iˆ§ime demek:)
cindy: that sounds right.. 2
npcjpn: Should south hop with A?
MolvaM: mersin bˆ b takˆ‰mˆ‰nˆ‰n hangi
ilden olduˆ unu ise daha sonra aˆ§ˆ‰klayacaˆ ˆ‰
z. :)
nezihk: batˆ‰nˆ‰n karoya pik atmayˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰nˆ
‰ anlamak mˆ…mkˆ…n deˆ il
arigun: heyecanli bir mac oluyor
ralfwil: Not now, burt if Fredin had played Q..
Walddk2: he has nothing elsed to hang onto
ahollan1: PO Sundelin says he has treatment
- 31 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
where 2 can also be a signoff in ♠
athene: but bidding it is more exciting :) and is
certainly consistent with these players’ style
sharkey: can only admire the Chinese ladies
athene: if you are playing against Chinese ladies
and you score +680, you can just write down -13
sharkey: lol
sharkey: S opened OR - didn’t come out
shevek: this is not vul, but still....
idblu: I don’t think S can handle this
santyclz: Going to have to take the ♣ finesse.
idblu: unless hook ♣
idblu: :)
eccone: 4♠ K♣ atagˆ‰ alˆ‰nmassa yapˆ‰lˆ‰
MolvaM: demek pik fiti o masada da bulunamamˆ
‰ˆ ?
tez: yani ♠ disinda renk istiyor 1nt ye kontr
fabsayc: defense slipped after a good opening
lead.. K
mcarroll: So it seems
tokay1975: normal degerlendirmede otomatik 3
vahaboglu: sayˆ‰lar akrˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰
frankaus: looks like 12 imps to EW here.. A
mdgraham: years ago I went off in a grand slam I had a singleton, and could count 13 tricks if
partner could take a ruff in my hand. However, he
held singleton ace and there were only 12 ...
mdgraham: tricks
vulkan: 2H tam oldu
nezihk: girmezse olabilir
eccone: ♣ dˆ¶nmesi pasifoldu gibi biraz
nezihk: karo gelirse olur.. 4
vulkan: kˆ¶r oynar
nezihk: yok pardon karoyu kaˆ§mˆ‰ˆ
aruf: temposu yetiˆ miyor
cindy: sorry i came in the middle of the hand..
snorris: nowadays a 3 bid is difficult to punish
ralfwil: a
from the table!
ahollan1: use ♠ to pull trump
idblu: yes
othered1: right
nezihk: evet
arigun: ayni anda 2 masayi birden seyretmek
istiyorsaniz ;
vahaboglu: karˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰
sharkey: but hard to Dbl 3 when you have 10
trumps - so risk minimal.. 5
fabsayc: good play of heart 10
wilkinsona: sorry 10 tricks
mdgraham: mirror shapes
vulkan: im alˆ‰ˆ veriˆ i yok
vulkan: imp
arigun: bu link’e tikladiginiz anda, bbo’ya web
uzerinden erisip diger masayi da seyredebilirsiniz
nezihk: ˆ imdi karoyu bilmesi gerekiyor
tez: bi tek seyi kacirmamak gerekli bence..ortakta
zonda oldugumuzu gorerek 2 nt diyor
Walddk2: and Fallenius must hope Fredin has
10.. 9
snorris: will south risk a club lead to the king?
idblu: gin
thommos: next
b_eymen: ilginˆ§
eccone: as girilip ♠ oynadˆ‰gˆ‰nda batˆ‰
vahaboglu : 1 ♣ -1 ♠ -4s olarak giderse ˆ ilem
demek zor olabilir
snorris: no.. J
snorris: 8 tricks
da da sayˆ‰ verilmedi
eccone : dam ♠ K ♠ olmasˆ‰ lazˆ‰mdˆ‰
dogru temponun..♠6
ovncylmz: upps
vahaboglu: 4♠
tez: netekim:)
marlowepi: careful cindy. censors don;t like the
middle of the hand.. 8
MolvaM: zabunoˆ lu maˆ§ta ˆ¶ne geˆ§mek ˆ…
vugraphzkg: 9lu ˆ aˆ ˆ‰rttˆ‰ galiba:)
- 32 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 5
c 5
this/total IMPs
N 6
S 5
lestergold: as in the closed room
lestergold: the dim slam is interesting - a spade
♠10 9
AQ6 43
♣AK 9
♠K 6 5 4
N ♠ AQ J 87 3
♣8 7 4 3 2
♣ Q10
K10 8 7
¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨
¨ ¨ © © © © © © ©
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
#1 E::
#3 N::
#5 N::
#7 S::
#9 W::
E: Popov
#2 S:: 7,2,A, 3
#4 N:: K,3,2,T
#6 N:: 5,9,A, 4
#8 N:: 9,J,2,K
#10 N:: T,Q, T,
ndemirev: i count only 7 trciks for 1nt , did i
© ¨
miss something? ..p..1♣!..2 !..
lestergold: hm chance for a swing here 6d an
excellent contract for n/s surely
roswolf: well the diamond slam seems to be with
the odds
lestergold: and 6h unlucky on the heart break
ndemirev: so this can be a 17 imps swing either
roswolf: yes a swingy board at last whiche/w
need to get right or n/s to get wrong!..p..4N!
lestergold: oh disappointment..p..5 ..p..p..p
lestergold: no blopodletting after all
roswolf: yup but 1 or 2 imps to the trailing team
lestergold: yes the barrage took up too much
- 33 -
lead and continuation makes it impossible to set
up the fifth heart to enjoy a club discard but the
qc drops doubleton in any case so makes
lestergold: so should make 12 tricks here by the
same token.. J
lestergold: on this lead the heart can be set up
and enjoyed.. K.. 5.. 4.. 7.. 2.. A..♠3..
Q..♠7.. 8.. 9.. K.. 3.. 2.. T.. Q.. 7..
roswolf: btw are they playing with screens?..♣3..
5.. 9.. A..♠4.. 6
lestergold: cl..♠5.. 3
© © ©
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 5
c 5
this/total IMPs
N 6
S 5
♠10 9
AQ6 43
♣AK 9
♠K 6 5 4
N ♠ AQ J 87 3
♣8 7 4 3 2
♣ Q10
K10 8 7
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
ª © ª
© §
ralfwil: a terrible start for NS..©J..♠9..♠J..♠2..
snorris: well he sure knows 5 © isnt a winner
ralfwil: if he had ducked ©Q
#1 W:: K,9,A,2
#3 S:: 4,T,Q,7
#5 N:: 3,J,K,2
#2 E:: Q, 2, 4,T
#4 N:: K,3,6, 3
#6 S:: A,,,
wilkinsona: happy enough to go +
cindy: its a little early for psychic cues isnt it
sybarra: and "next" joey silver is playing in this
sybarra: he is on the JUICE team
vugraphzhq: right NS position
idblu: they were one of the pretournament favourites...but
were 20th after 2 days
werge: This board looks like coffee
mdgraham: nice EW fit
sharkey: that’s being down on your luck Mike
yo_yo: very good prizes in this tournament I am
told so worth the stop over
athene: west might perhaps open 1nt
MolvaM: bugˆ…n 3 maˆ§ yapˆ‰lacak
MolvaM: bugˆ…nkˆ… diˆ er maˆ§lar 17:10 da
MolvaM: ve 20:30da
nafiz: Eymen Bedir de bizle, hoˆ geldin Eymen
MolvaM: eymen bedir de bize katˆ‰lˆ‰yor
vugraphzkg: tunuva programˆ‰ takˆ‰m kadrolar
ˆ‰ iˆ§in linke tˆ‰klayabilirsiniz
MolvaM: hoˆ geldin eymen
b_eymen: herkese selamlar
b_eymen: bu ele bakˆ‰caz
mpank61: karo asˆ‰nˆ‰ almamasˆ‰ ilginˆ§
eccone: cˆ‰kˆ‰nca A ikili ♣ bilirse yapardˆ
‰ belki
eccone: 8 li yok
eccone: j9xx ten bile
akgun: kg 4s yapiyor
aruf: :) banada ˆ¶yle geliyor bi mola almasˆ‰
ovncylmz: az onceki boardda masada kimse neler
oldugunu anlamadi kesinlikle:)
nezihk: kolya bir 4 pik eli
eccone: 1♠ yada 1
eccone: 1 tercihimdir
MolvaM: bu el ilginˆ§
MolvaM: bora’daki kˆ¶r puanlarˆ‰ baˆ ka yerde
olsa ˆ lem ˆ§ok rahat olabilecek idi
ovncylmz: ben su an gercekten 6.round sonundaki
skorlari merak icindeyim:D sesimi duyan yok
akgun: sadece D grubunu biliyorum 4 yakim 1-2
puan arayla sˆ‰ralanˆ‰yor
akgun: takim
tuppermet: aˆ§ar puanˆ‰ kuzeye plase edince iˆ
ler kˆ¶tˆ… gitti
sengulerz : demin
oynansa ♠ 9
promosyonu alˆ‰nabilirdi
riyilikci: kuzeyin eli ile 3cl diyerek treflleri gˆ¶
stermek sonra kˆ¶r deˆ erlerini duyunca 3NT den
vazgeˆ§ip 5cl oynamak iyi fikir
yakop: baraja devam ediim bari
vahaboglu: Zabunoˆ lu iˆ§in iyi bir bord
riyilikci: diˆ er maˆ§ˆ‰n skor kaˆ ˆ‰dˆ‰
MolvaM: ayrˆ‰ca 4-4 kˆ¶r fiti bulma ˆ…midi ile
pas geˆ§mek de zor
tokay1975: 4333 olmasi kotu estimation ama
- 34 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
buna mukabil kontrollu ve clde empas aticak
kaatlarimiz var
tokay1975: 5 seviyesinde rekabetmi istiyo 2
minor diyemedi
tez: 7
mariner1: 2N off 1 and 12 imps on last board..p
snorris: and now we will know if e-w play strong
wilkinsona: once again in OR, EW have stolen
an easy partscore it seems
sharkey: we’re doing pretty good Snorri
snorris: :)
ralfwil: But I think this was the correct play. It
provides ♠ 32 and if ♣K not is on side K must
snorris: 6
ralfwil: 4 on NS
snorris: 1 NT?
mdgraham: it was a long time ago, but I still
remember :(
ahollan1: he won’t remember this -- but PO is
the only person to ever bid 4N to make after
partner and I competed to 3N -- where it worked
and pulled in all the matchpoints [25+ years ago ...
ahollan1: i’m still waiting for chance to do that
to somebody else]
ralfwil: I am always irritated on my partner when
he not shows his controls because a weak opening.
For me he should have asked for aces
athene: some people do with that exact hand
ahollan1: 1 -1♠-?
yo_yo: so the men are the Japanese Open team,
do we know how they did in Beijing?
nafiz: bu arada ˆ¶nceki maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰nˆ‰n 1
saat iˆ§inde TBF sitesinde yayˆ‰nlanmasˆ‰nˆ‰
b_eymen: majˆ¶rler denilebilir
ovncylmz: board 3te karo cuebidi ile ilgili bir
problem oldu bence eymen, cunku 10-11 puanla
2c acan ortagi 4H de birakmak zor olsa gerek
b_eymen: majjˆ¶rler denilebilir
vugraphzkg: en kˆ‰sa sˆ…rede maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ
‰ yayˆ‰nlanacak federasyon internet sitesinde
eccone: db sistem oynuyor sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
ovncylmz: evet polish club
ovncylmz: ya da ona benzer diyelim
nezihk: fakat kuzeyde aˆ§ar olmadˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ belli
- 35 -
3.den aˆ§tˆ‰ ve 1pike pass dedi
eccone: 2.♣ in yerden kˆ…cˆ…k oynanmasˆ‰
kuzeyi kˆ‰llandˆ‰rabilirdi
yakop: bu abiler baraj yapacakken etud ediyolar
tokay1975 : sadece h cˆ‰kˆ‰lˆ‰p cle ufak
konursa dv den batiyodu
nezihk: molva senin dediˆ in eller gelmeye baˆ
tez : en kucugunu oynamak ya 3 yada 5 kart
yakop: bu elde problem zferde bence eger duz
sayˆ‰ oynuyolarsa
snorris: in north..1♣!..16+p, ANY
ralfwil: a nice 6 and also a cheap save in 7♣
mpny: here i’m guessing 1H-2C-4C-5C
idblu: D
roswolf: this should be a quiet partscore
arigun: yerde 5 tane
varken 2. ♣ i boslamak
cok mantikli degil, ♣ alip ♠ donse yine pek
kabahati yok
yakop: r sayˆ‰ istiyo oynuyorlar
MolvaM: bu gibi ellerden sonra ortam birden bire
ˆ§ok sˆ‰cak geliyor insana
vahaboglu: dengeli 18-19 herhalde
vahaboglu: 2
tez : final maclarinda hep guzel eller veriyor
snorris: 1nt??..2 !..!Ss or !C+!D
wilkinsona: declarer has a choice of plays in that
6NT in other room, best line not easy
marlowepi: sidekick clues?
cindy: lolol
marlowepi: that is one beefy NT
cindy: yes meaty
idblu: 17 prime + 10’s galore
marlowepi: i’d be tempted to open a minor and
rebid 2NT. then i would succumb to temptation
ralfwil: black and no sugar Hans?
thommos: me too
sharkey : 6 on for EW but NS will cloud the
fabsayc: trump underlead might have beat it
sybarra: likely off to the races?
sybarra: hello Martin, welcome
othered1: Is 7 good enough on, say,
caitlin: going to slam in other room
caitlin: friendly clubs
yo_yo: surely not 1NT on that hand
ahollan1: neg dbl then
or some immediate
othered1: 1♠-2 looks normal, nowadays (
nobody doubles with north)
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
mcarroll: in fact the most reasonable line - but
unfortunately it didn’t work
josj: Ino won the seniors, I think
eccone: DERLE Mˆ ACEP?
eccone: 2
dbl 2♠ pas ?
akgun: guneyin enerjisine bagli
eccone: babanlarmˆ‰ ˆ¶vˆ…nˆ§ kuzey
ovncylmz: yes
tez: 4 kiside onoru olan renkleri kim oynamaya
baslarsa o taraf kaybeder..onceki elde 4 oyuncudada
onoru vardi
koksoy: elde var 2
MolvaM: az ˆ¶nce palto giysem mi diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ…
nˆ…rken ˆ imdi evladˆ‰m su getirsene diye
adam aramaya baˆ lar
phantoma: 5♣ EW
MolvaM: evet gˆ…nˆ…n ilk ˆ§ˆ‰lgˆ‰n daˆ ˆ‰lˆ
‰mˆ‰ geldi
yakop: zorlu 5 tref derse super olacak
nezihk: niye 6 deˆ il
tez: iste bu eller gelecekki hep finalin tadi olsun:)
MolvaM: ˆ ikansˆ‰z ve keycard eksiˆ i olmayan
grandˆ lemleri herkes diyor. bu bord sorunsuz
sybarra: was suggested by one spec " it guarantees
3 tens and the K of trumps lol"..3
ralfwil: J on S had solved a lot of problems for
marlowepi: NV 1NT would appeal. red is another
story. tough call for N
ralfwil: With a singleton? this time minor!
werge: Here North has no re-bid problem
mdgraham: you’re on form Carl
yo_yo: i am with you on that guess
yo_yo: both wrong
sharkey: Sry - S didnt follow up
mdgraham: no - surprising
xenya: with a less revealing auction, board 3
might produce a swing for the Dutch
athene: really 1♠?
athene: the rationale is, you are stuck after 1 1NT
yo_yo: ah well, what do i know
MolvaM: eymen aˆ§ˆ‰k milli takˆ‰mˆ‰mˆ‰zˆ
‰n genˆ§ oyuncusu
eccone: gˆ…ney acˆ‰kla :)
ovncylmz: Dogu batinin sistemi biraz enteresan
gibi, 12-16 NT, 1♣ 2+♣ ya da 17+herhangi bir
el, 1 4+.. 2c: 6+♣ ya da 5♣+4lu yan renk
eccone: 1nt ne?
yakop: jeologlar ve jeofizikˆ§iler iki farklˆ‰
goruˆ veriyolar
exerdar: 5nt muhtemel declere
tez: 2 acisi ne vaadediyor bir bilen nerede?
MolvaM: birˆ§ok ortaklˆ‰k kuvvatli 1♣ aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ
ˆ‰na karˆ ˆ‰ en etkili defans olarak mˆ…mkˆ…
n olan her elle overcall yapmayˆ‰ dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…
tez: 11 ile herkes oyun aciyor 2 takimda
Walddk2: without the 10 the defence could still
have prevailed..4♠..pass or correct
frankaus: may get to (failing)
game here
cindy: cant imagine trying to get to game with S
mariner1: N in 3 here in Open
sharkey : well - 13-15 NT it seems - shaded
snorris: singelton and all..
wilkinsona: 3rd in hand... anything goes
wilkinsona: ..but turns up with 13 imps in
cindy: too good for 1N imo
cindy: probably work out well though since 10
looks like the lead
bg: flat 7 should bring pass unless NS starting
already to push abit
yo_yo: i have great respect for Hanlon, he must
have some cunning scheme
werge: agree
athene: for example, 1 - 1NT; 2 - 2
idblu: lets try again Al :)
ahollan1: my ? referred to East’s bid
santyclz : I x with n. That’s because my pd
declares better than I do.
idblu: so did I....he wasn’t ;istening
josj: except if there are 2 of them
yo_yo: pairs or teams?
akgun: sanirim 1h i gormedi guney
sengulerz: turnuva ˆ zmir’de fuarda bˆ…yˆ…k
bir salonda oynanˆ‰yor
riyilikci: ama bu kontratta 1 , 1 ,1♣ vererek
exerdar: 6
tokay1975: ama neticede dunya sonu bi3ntya
tokay1975: acik kartta
nezihk: hehe
MolvaM: fakat bu arada bazen uygun kontratlara
ulaˆ mak zorlaˆ abiliyor
tez: ben acmazdim ibo nun eliyle
MolvaM : gene 24 puanla 3ntye ulaˆ ˆ‰lacak
yusufb: su an 55 54 minorleri olup ters zonda
ortak konuˆ ursada iyi baraj bulunabilir veya
¨ ©
© ¨
- 36 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
rakibi 5seviyesine sˆ…rˆ…kleyebilir
marlowepi: after a look at the S hand, I’s open
1D as N..5
mpny: i do not think 5 would keep EW out of
slam anyway
josj: teams
vugraphzhq: yes
yo_yo: does anyone have a link to some photos?
Nice to see what they look like
yo_yo: are there any hunks for example :)
eccone: 4
nezihk: ikici trafli aldˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰nda apeli gˆ¶recekti
exerdar: all pass
fahir: diˆ er maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰nˆ‰ bu linkten
izleyebilirsiniz canlˆ‰ olarak
yakop: 6d
riyilikci: bu devre ˆ¶ncesi durum iˆ§in
arigun: kucuk atagina slam ancak batabiliyor
galiba, sonrasinda A alan ♠ oynuyor, koz 3-1
3lu tarafta ♠ 2 adet
pasi gecmiyor
arigun: geciyor
arigun: gerci ♣ ataginada batacak heralde
MolvaM: artˆ‰k turnuvalara giderken 8-4 ellerle
ne yapacaˆ ˆ‰mˆ‰zˆ‰ detaylˆ‰ konuˆ mamˆ‰
z gerek
koksoy: komik el
arigun: deklarinin pasi icin yere gitmesi lazim,
♠ antresi gidiyor
mariner1: same auction to 3 in both rooms..p
cindy: dont want to discourage them from maybe
bidding spades
frankaus: the red game is tempting
marlowepi: 1NT seems straightforward now by S
sharkey: E not done yet...
snorris: this is getting exiting
ralfwil: a clear P on S
snorris: will w pass?
snorris: might loose it rigth away if 3 times
after a loosing ♣ finesse
cindy: oops now what
bg: sproty balance
bg: sporty
snorris: a good contract
snorris: presuming
is 3-2
wilkinsona: this auction may get there
ralfwil: I don´·t like this bidding. With this strong
hand 1 must be the right bid. How can he now
show 45 in / ?
mdgraham: bidding 5♣ makes it awkward for
EW to use Blackwood
fabsayc: yes 7 is quite good, but seems unbiddable
- 37 -
caitlin: they off to the races now
othered1: And isn’t bidding 7 saying that they
are almost certain to be in small slam in the other
bg: good sequence 2nt asks for feature probably
caitlin: no way they know about 5♣X swing
mcarroll: But they stopped in 3NT
ahollan1 : sorry -- unless playing with New
Zealander -- DBL with North never would occur
to me
MolvaM: kendisi tˆ…rkiyeyi ˆ§in de yapˆ‰lan dˆ
…nya ˆ ampiyonasˆ‰nda temsil etti 2008 de
b_eymen: 2 ♠
b_eymen: bu sekans davet oldu
b_eymen: seˆ§tirip piki tercih etmesi
eccone: ♠ batar
nezihk : ters taraftan oynansa da oluyor, hem
karoyu alˆ‰p hem de trefl kupuna yetiˆ emiyor
arigun: ♣ cikisina batiyor galiba
vulkan: bu elle 4 le baˆ lamak daha iyi, bu ˆ lem
daveti oldu
aruf: yok karo gidiyor
vugraphzkg: tˆ…m maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰ ve butler
sˆ‰ralamasˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
eccone: 3 gf ise 3
eccone: 3♠
MolvaM: ˆ imdi ise ˆ leme gidip batma ihtimali
var eˆ er kˆ¶r as ˆ§ˆ‰kˆ‰lmazsa. ama yapˆ‰
labilir de
_event.php?event=172&stage=369 iki maˆ§ hariˆ
arigun: 2. ♣ alindiginda ortagindan apel geliyor
phantoma: 6 biraz hayal gucu gerektiriyor W eli
cindy: i think sproty is good adjective here :)..p
sharkey: perhaps he refrained from raising for
fear of aiding opps?
mdgraham: not that they need it...
sybarra: welcome Bruce
caitlin: won’t envision Joey underleading Ace
caitlin: will they risk it?
caitlin: :) we are always very proud to say Bruce
is Canadian:)
mcarroll: This is another potential slam
ralfwil: If I not will stand up for my opening I
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
should have passed
mcarroll: I agree Ralf
athene: now you are a bit good to pass and a bit
weak for 2NT
chessmaste: Dream on
kabexnuf: texas oynuyorlar yazˆ‰yor cc de
eccone: dogu alttan aldˆ‰ biraz3
eccone: denilebilir
deniz_t: pas deˆ ilde sanki 2 nt gelse daha mˆ‰
iyiydi arkadaˆ lar, katˆ‰lˆ‰yormusunuz?
yakop: jeologler biraz daha muhendis kafasˆ‰na
tokay1975: 2h paspasi uyandiran?
koksoy: iyi yerde durdular
vahaboglu: 18-19 balanced
mariner1: will S stop here?..p
cindy: lol
wilkinsona: lets hope you open diamonds as you
may be passed out
yo_yo: we dont use BW with a void Mike now :)
othered1: How do you find you 8-card ♠ fits on
part score hands?
santyclz: The 1nt must be 14-16 or e would have
xenya: ♠ lead looks best
riyilikci: bu devre diˆ er maˆ§lar
tez: iyi aksamlar:)kulubumuzde turnuva var..kulupteyim:)
arigun: 5 tedbirsiz oyuna batabilir mi ?
vahaboglu: ok?
tez: ok ty
nezihk: olmuyor zaten
yakop: zaten dbl karolarsa 3 bile hayal:)
tez: 2 riskli ama kesinlikle bu risk alinmali
MolvaM : bize 2-3 as dˆ‰ˆ arˆ‰dayken olan
grandˆ lem lazˆ‰m
tokay1975: beyazda 1 e2 girisi cok yaygˆ‰n
artik basit ellerle bile
tez: grandslemler daima tehlikelidir bence
Walddk2: by leading a heart ..♠K
ralfwil: And N did!
snorris: brave north
sharkey: will he make it?
snorris: is sveating I suppose a bit
ralfwil : they didn´·use any methods. Stright
caitlin: keep playing another 25 years Al it will
Walddk4: Welcome to Jim Tritt
wygbe1: hi all
arigun: dogu oynarsa yani :)
aruf: :)
yakop: bi yer kaya ama baraj yapmak zor yani
maliyet yuksek
yakop : gokhan atladˆ‰ ama yine de yapˆ‰
MolvaM: yok
Walddk2: cutting the communication..♠9
sybarra: flopping in to 3nt
roswolf: cutting communications
vugraphzhn: 5Cl -1 not doubled at Sjˆ¶bergBergstrˆ¶m table, they are N/S
mariner1: our S a little more aggressive
cindy: might make with
marlowepi: NonVul i would pass with S hand.
Vul S is worried about N having e.g. AKxxxx and
J of diamonds & stiff spade
sharkey: not too many entries in N....
ralfwil: and will probably smile when seeing the
snorris: right
wilkinsona: yep...sneaks home I think
panja: y, this was based on 32 trumps AND ♣K
ralfwil: Yes if ♠10 doesn´·t drop
snorris: right
fabsayc: not sure i like 3
snorris: after this "reverse" in north they will bid
it...I think
ralfwil: even if they play strong ♣
wilkinsona: may well, south may think partner
has a singleton spade for example
ralfwil: only after 1nt
sharkey: Ms West made a pragmatic bid - crude
but effective this time
fabsayc: take the finesse for free
caitlin: or is it: I have to take this finesse
caitlin: Hey Bruce Gowdy:)
caitlin: and 3♣ max with King
bg: Hi Caitlin/Martin/Ed
othered1: Hi, Bruce!
bg: nice to see our guys in the fight
mcarroll: Even a Grand if guesses the ♣
werge: 4 NT = sign off?
werge: For the grand, he must finess twice in ♣
- 38 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
geller: Hi all, Bob Geller from Japan
ralfwil: hi Bob
geller: I predict Chen will bid 6nt now. he waas
just fishing for 7
mcarroll: True Hans,
mcarroll: Hi Bob
xenya: actually board 3 turned out to be another
huge gain for Japan, when the Dutch in OR
landed in 3N -- no chance on a lead
ralfwil: In 7nt he probably will go down as the
percentage is for finessing over E
jaapfr: hoi jim
MolvaM: kendisi ABD takˆ‰mˆ‰na karˆ ˆ‰
oynanan sˆ…rkontrlu board ile bˆ…yˆ…k bir ˆ ˆ¶
hret yapmˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰r :)
eccone: maalesef batˆ‰yor ama bu kalite renk
varken ortagˆ‰n ♠ tutulmaz
eccone: 5 der heralde
MolvaM: bora nˆ‰n baˆ ka diyeceˆ i yok ama
ahmet kˆ¶ker daha iˆ§ini tam dˆ¶kemedi :)
eccone: :)
vugraphzkg: evet deki kapatmasˆ‰ndan rahatsˆ
‰z olmus gibi
eccone: 5 e sanˆ‰rˆ‰m araba yukardan hˆ‰
zlˆ‰ca 5♠ gelir
MolvaM: doˆ rudan 6 pik?
yakop: bi yer ne oldugu belirsiz ama ayak altˆ‰
kamyon giriˆ i falan musait
yakop: harfiyat ve baˆ ka iˆ ler ucuz
tokay1975: :)
vahaboglu: 4 = ♠ ler mydi, yoksa bu da mˆ‰
karˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰
leri tahsil ederlerse batacak
tez: rdbl
tez: 1.tur kontrol
ralfwil: best lead..♠A
werge: Close to slam here... - without a -lead!
panja: in the meantime, NS seem to have missed
a game on B20
othered1: Not my style
snorris: 11 tricks easy
marlowepi: that’s a lot of cloud to line
thommos: needed to lead a
to beat it - I think
mdgraham: yes. I like 6
caitlin: yes at other table Joey Silver from Montreal
and John Carruthers from Toronto
caitlin: sorry I don’t know the China Women’s
team but if anyone does, tell us please
b_eymen: ahaha
MolvaM: hayˆ‰rlˆ‰sˆ‰ neyse o olsun deklaresi?
eccone: oda mantˆ‰klˆ‰ pasam
- 39 -
teams_event.php?event=172&stage=369 iki maˆ§
riyilikci : turnuva bilgileri iˆ§in yukarˆ‰daki
linke tˆ‰klayˆ‰n
arigun: zafer As sormazsa 5 oynayacaklar...
aksi takdirde 2 as disarda 6
arigun: sormaz heralde 1 key cardla
arigun: tedbirin ne oldugu tartisilir muhakka
MolvaM: kulˆ…bˆ…mˆ…zde turnuva varken tˆ…
rkiye ˆ ampiyonasˆ‰ yapmayalˆ‰m mˆ‰
diyorsun yani tezcan?
as aldiginda ♠ oynarsa isi zor
tez: 6 imp gelirdi oyle
MolvaM: ˆ imdi bord egale olacak
tez: tabiki
atagi mantikli
tez: yoksa ortak daima ♠ atak eder
sybarra: this is website I have..♠2
sharkey: E may have to duck
lead from N
snorris: the only problem is north might move 6
to 6 nt
marlowepi: it is usually my partners who pass
cindy: have you been drinking marshall ?
idblu: thats a live possibility
marlowepi: since about the age of 18, but not
wilkinsona: this can go off it seems
idblu: about 1 being passed
idblu: it prob shld go down
irwinbo: a spade may beat it
wilkinsona: if the defence set up a spade before
the club is knocked out
idblu: need the ♠ return tho
bg: 4s 3nt both ok just need double hook inspades
cindy: hi all
fabsayc: something like that
werge: will he make 6 ♣?
geller: Furuta may pass but will probably bid 6nt
ralfwil: The Dutch team have to tighten up the
ahollan1: and Fred -- as a Canadian -- home of
Kokish -- DBL would be BLASHPHEMY
idblu: I think E hand evaluates to 11+ with the
doubleton ♠ and ♣ honors well placed
mcarroll: Hi Jim
ovncylmz: guney 1 yi gordu mu kenan sence?
eccone: cem iˆ dˆ…stˆ…
eccone: biraz sorup sorusturp pas demesi lazˆ‰
eccone: 6 demelerini istiyposa :)
MolvaM: ˆ¶zgˆ…r 5♣ derse...
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
MolvaM: demedi
xenya: looks like best lead..♠Q
snorris: thats auto...
fabsayc: i would try to buy for 2
caitlin: ooppps
athene: same after 1 - 1♠; 2 - 2
sharkey: wud bid 2 with E hand - too weak for
¨ ©
2 bids I think?
shevek: this might make but I have my doubts....
athene: i think it might be pushing things a bit
far to open 1nt with it but it’s not outrageous
chessmaste: China on Nelson!
vugraphzhq: Lead out of turn is accepted
josj: not a good omen, Mark :)
vugraphzhq: N leads ♠k
sengulerz: takˆ‰m sayˆ‰sˆ‰ 8 e dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nce
Ege Palas’a geˆ§ilecek
tez: 3 eger lar gosteriyorsa 6 oynarlar..eger
2.negatif ise oynarlar
phantoma: iyi defansa epey hasar verirdi 2 da
vugraphzhn : Fallenius asked Morath if he
showed count or attitude.. 2
ralfwil: but it is important to play ♠ from the
hand before any other suit
snorris: how can they not bid game here?
Walddk4: Mercifully undoubled
wilkinsona: can cash a few hearts first if they
werge: North should have bid 4 ♣ - not East...
sybarra: its just sort of pesky that ♠’s 3/1 but
does not matter here at the end of the day
b_eymen: 2♣
ya transfer olsa gerek
event.php?event=172&stage=368 sonuˆ§larla
ilgili adres /link/url
b_eymen: 110
ovncylmz : diger masada kritik 4 ♠ boardu
oynaniyor ve olacak gibi
ovncylmz: ve oldu:)
akgun: 4s ye geldiler ama cok sancˆ‰lˆ‰ oldu:)
eccone: 3 nt ˆ§ok kabak
akgun: 1nt nin f1 olmasi ilginc
vugraphzkg: evet gˆ¶rdˆ… iki tarafta alert etti
eccone: woow
vugraphzkg: guney halen icini dokemmemiˆ
gibi :)
MolvaM: artˆ‰k sorumlu bora oldu :)
vugraphzkg: dusunuyor
eccone: ˆ§ok sert
mustafaozk: .
sengulerz: biz de geˆ§meyi umuyoruz haliyle (in
ˆ allah)
yakop: ama buranˆ‰n problemi alt taraf kalker
tez: ama 4 te kalirlar
vahaboglu: ˆ rfan tedbir aldˆ‰, belki
diye :)
tez: belkide ♠ cide
rua var
MolvaM: ankara briˆ§ kulˆ…bˆ…nde popˆ…ler
bir soru: "ortaˆ ˆ‰n kˆ¶r dedi elinde kˆ¶r as var
ne ˆ§ˆ‰karsˆ‰n?"
tez: dese nasil sorardi keycardlari acaba?5 ile
mi 5 nt ile mi?cevaplari tersmi duz mu?
marlowepi : specs entitled to a partial refund
when a 1-level contract is played..♠4
wilkinsona: this my be -1, but ok with spades the
other way
marlowepi: hi cindy
sybarra: hello cindy, welcome
thommos: On lead and continuation 3 s and
athene: yes, with east’s actual hand, he would
just raise hearts
athene: but i mean those auctions are what west
had in mind when he rejected the 1 opener
yo_yo: 10 tricks looks very difficult to me
sharkey: Think you could push to 2 NT after 2
if you opened the hand 1 Will
Walddk4: China has 5 IMPs more than shown on
the scoreboard. They won an appeal
athene: there’s certainly a lot of work to do here
MolvaM: her maˆ§ 16 board sˆ…rˆ…yor
eccone: 1 nt denileek ellerle ne yapˆ‰lor?
eccone: 4♠ -1
ovncylmz: oo kuzey guneyin sistemine baktim da
ovncylmz: cidden enteresan seyler var
ovncylmz: 1nt: 5+
vugraphzkg: eymen senin iˆ§in soracaˆ ˆ‰m
oyundan sonra:)
ovncylmz: 1 : dengeli
eccone: kˆ¶r J assagˆ‰da 3 olsa bile batˆ‰yor
eccone: 7 demeli gˆ…ney
eccone: fit var abi
idblu: same def in the OR..♠T
wilkinsona: club loses the tempo
idblu: I would rather play the
K than a ♣
marlowepi: as it happens, but i think the real
issue is how W expects to get in enough times.
maybe lead a high one to indicate that you are
just trying to get PD off possible later endplay, ...
marlowepi: then E would not be so afraid that W
has a stiff spoade
irwinbo: if i played a club, i would play the 6
wilkinsona: we see the hands of course
marlowepi: leading a heart stakes everything on
- 40 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
position of heart ace
marlowepi: club is worth considering but must
lead a higher one
ralfwil: looks like a lead is best for the defence
geller: In the qfinal Japan open was losing 36-0
to China (same 4 members as now) before recovering
for an easy win
ralfwil: a ♠ lead for me
geller: "tighten up the leak", "plug the dikes".....
Let’s not go there. :-)
idblu: your 5carders
othered1: I woudn’t criticize taking invitational
action on east’s hand, I just wouldn’t do it.
xenya: but the ♣s are so favourable for declarer
that he will have no trouble making it i think
xenya: hello Jim
ovncylmz: 11-19puan
riyilikci: selam
snorris: wrong black suit.. 4
sharkey: more ♣
panja: 2♠ rebid, holding three Aces..and Jack in
partner’s on the conservative side..I dont
know what else was available for South though
cindy: yes luckily neither have the hand to dbl
Walddk4: But as the cards lie declarer may get
out for 1 down
snorris: this is awful bidding
wilkinsona : North does not want to play in
diamonds it seems
snorris: thinks s has 5
and 4
ralfwil: Now they have missed the best contract. I
cannot see how they will make this without a
favourable lead
snorris: no
wilkinsona: seems harder for East to lead hearts
thommos: hi cindy
caitlin: didnt expect that finesse
athene: now a diamond i think
yo_yo: now to count 10 tricks...hmm
yo_yo: spade?
athene: you want to set up some diamond ruffs,
with the possibility of throwing ♠3 on a club
later on, maybe
athene: west in the other room thought it was a
1nt opener as well
athene: this must be the norm these days
MolvaM: asˆ‰ girerse ve dikkatli oynarsa yapabilir
MolvaM: seyretmesi gˆ…zel 1 el olacak
MolvaM: bora’nˆ‰n teknik becerisini izleyebilmek
MolvaM : cem altan atak kˆ‰smˆ‰nˆ‰ iyi
- 41 -
eccone: :)
MolvaM: iˆ in kˆ¶tˆ…sˆ… bu deklarasyona bˆ…yˆ
…k ihtimalle trefl ˆ§ˆ‰kˆ‰lacaktˆ‰
eccone: yapma ihtimali ˆ§ok dˆ…sˆ…k
MolvaM: dolayˆ‰sˆ‰ ile trefl rua cem altan da
vugraphzkg : ataklar hakkˆ‰nda soru sordu
kuzey doguya
MolvaM: yani bora ataˆ ˆ‰ ele ˆ§ekebilir ve anˆ
‰nda batabilir
MolvaM : bu tˆ…r sorulardan pek birˆ ey ˆ¶ˆ
renilmiyor. tecrˆ…beyle sabit
MolvaM: ataklar nasˆ‰l? cevap: normal
MolvaM: mersi
eccone: :)
vugraphzkg: :)
eccone: kendimle mini rˆ¶portaj gibi oldu
MolvaM: :)
eccone: pasam as koyulsa bile batˆ‰cagˆ‰na
MolvaM: trefl asˆ‰ girdikten sonra en iyi seˆ§
enek kˆ¶r ekspasˆ‰
eccone: evet ama oda yetmiyo gibi
MolvaM: evet tabii oyunu yapmak iˆ§in karolarˆ
‰ da adam etmek gerek ki ˆ§ok zor bir iˆ
arigun: A
kup ve ♠ lere giderse de zor
phantoma: karo durumundan downgrade etti
snorris: that was a grave mistake.. T
wilkinsona: safe club exit..
snorris: not playing ♠
othered1: I guess it’s a "mixed raise"?
cindy: still -7
marlowepi: W’s chickens now come home to
roost. he got what he asked for
geller: The other semi is Oz vs. China ladies.
fahir: iyi yayˆ‰nlar iyi seyirler:)
b_eymen: zor batardˆ‰
vulkan: 2.bordda aˆ§ˆ‰k odada Zorlu kˆ¶rle baˆ
ladˆ‰ ve bir trefi Ruaya deos ederek tam yaptˆ
eccone: merak iˆ§indeyim
yakop: yani tebeˆ ir
riyilikci: Doˆ an-ˆ engˆ…ler 2/1 rebid hariˆ§ Zon
forsing, 2 18-19 dengeli sˆ‰ˆ§ramalˆ‰ 2
seviyesinde ˆ…ste konuˆ malar orta kuvvette
oynuyolar. Bˆ…yˆ…k apel dˆ…z sayˆ‰ , 1M-
© ©
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
2M= diˆ er majˆ¶r+trefl ...
riyilikci: sistemin diˆ er bazˆ‰ noktalarˆ‰
tez: 4 eger ♠ ler gosteriyorsa buna 4 demek..
♠ i tuttum elim super anlamina geliyor
nezihk: ortak karo ˆ§ˆ‰kmadˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰na gˆ¶re ˆ
ikan olmalˆ‰ deˆ il mi?
vahaboglu: evet
vahaboglu: bence texas transfer gibi dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nd
ˆ…, ama South African Texas mˆ‰ˆ
werge: Because they have seen too many bad
opening bids...!.. Q
ralfwil: ASnd the beginning of this was the first 1
snorris: reverse dummy maybe
ralfwil: ??????
snorris: well this will surely not win
ralfwil: I think NS will not tell anyone about this
yo_yo: so we will never know Hanlon’s cunning
plan unfortunately
idblu: 7 losers opposite an opening bid
ovncylmz: 3 bence de
nezihk: ˆ imdi yaptˆ‰, pikleri ˆ§ekip piki kuzeye
verince kontratˆ‰ yapˆ‰yor
vahaboglu: 1NT tam oluyor
MolvaM: karoya trefl atmaya ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ madˆ‰
riyilikci: 4 bord sonunda valentino-ˆ BB Beyaz 60 (bu devre)
MolvaM: ufuk ortakta muhtemelen 5li kˆ¶r olduˆ
unu biliyor
riyilikci: son durum 9-8
riyilikci: pardon 8-9
tez: anlasmak gerekli yani
sharkey: nice.. 7
snorris: sneaky..
werge: Best way to avoid the overtrick, seems to
be to lead the ♣ 9...
ahollan1: that’s where i was going Fred -- was
East too good for 2 or not -- i think very close -especially since ♣ location only presumptive
sybarra2: spots work well for declarer
xenya: oh yes, and s, too, are nice
ovncylmz: iki As var
eccone: 2 NT 2 li kˆ¶r yok gibi olmaz mˆ‰
yusufb: ikili turnuva eli gibi duruyo
MolvaM: tayfun 4lˆ… kˆ¶r gˆ¶sterdi mi?
tokay1975: 2numara 3dia dblli oynaniyo kuzeyden
MolvaM: eˆ er 4lˆ… kˆ¶r gˆ¶stermiˆ se koz damˆ
‰nˆ‰ sormaya pek gerek yoktu
wilkinsona: but tough guess.. K
ralfwil: perfect!!
sybarra: this could get messy
mcarroll: It took 6 rounds of bidding in OPen to
get to the same contract
MolvaM: 10 grup var ve her grupta 8 er takˆ‰m
b_eymen: pik partaj yada j♠ tek e hep oluyodu
yakop: yani delik deˆ ik
yakop: muhendis abiler barajˆ‰ buraya yaptˆ‰rˆ
‰yplar ucuz diye
yakop: sabah ta zemin yuku kaldˆ‰ramayˆ‰nca
su aoldugu gibi yer altˆ‰na
yakop: kabahat kimde
riyilikci: diˆ er maˆ§larda bu devrenin skorlarˆ‰n
ˆ‰ gˆ¶rmek iˆ§in
snorris: :).. 3
wilkinsona: I like the 3 heart call.. why let th
oppo bid spades
thommos: the Club lead is normal
ralfwil: Most of players will lead a ♣, Yes
thommos: Still some work for Declarer - now
and has to find the endplay
werge: Sorry - in my coffee I see 9 tricks...
ralfwil: no a
lead and you have 9 tricks
ralfwil: Are you a soothsayer Hans?
thommos: a ♣ also lead in the Open room
werge: I also like 6
for sure
geller: The official score still hasn’t been updated
othered1: 2 then double isn’t bad at all for a
description of east, if you can accept making a
limit bid and bidding again.
idblu: presumptive but odds on they fit with pard’
s ♣ or were over the overcaller
arigun: K uygun yerde 3nt yapilabiliyor
vugraphzkg: konvansyon kartlarˆ‰ bu linkte var
her takˆ‰mˆ‰n
eccone: Q A
aruf: slm arkadaˆ lar
akgun: slm
ovncylmz: konvansiyon kartlarina baktigimda
artifisyel oynayan takimlar ust turlara kalirlarsa
enteresan maclar izleyebiliriz:)
eccone: selam
ovncylmz: slm faruk
tez: super bir 6 ..ama
cakayla batiyor
riyilikci: Zorlu - Assael 2/1 2’li trefl 4lˆ… karo,2
multi, 2 flannery 2♠ ♠+minˆ¶r, kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k
apel oynuyorlar
snorris: take ♣ and then .. 6
thommos: This will now make 11
¨ ¨
- 42 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
idblu: usually worth a try
idblu: 14 losers = game
MolvaM: yani herkes grubunda 7 maˆ§ yapacak
ve ilk 3e giren takˆ‰mlar knockout aˆ amasˆ‰na
eccone: en iyisini yaptˆ‰ :)
bg: interesting play decision go allout with club
split or ruff a dia and settle for six..♣3
mcarroll: Yes 3 2♠ and 2♣, while becaus they
split 4-4 only loses 4 s
MolvaM: bence bora en makul oyunu oynadˆ‰
eccone: 4 den sonra dogu sorabilirdi
yakop: tabi bunu briˆ§e uyarlayacagˆ‰z
vugraphzhn: and it showed attitude.. 3
Walddk4: Misguessed spades. Now at least 2
cindy: didnt clear that hurdle
snorris: reverse dummy and a sqezze ?
snorris: squezze
snorris: no
snorris: only 12
ralfwil: will not do, but in 6 it had worker with
a reverse dummy
snorris: yes
athene: now declarer knows the ♠K is right
yo_yo: difficult to lead out of turn with screens
yo_yo: presumably they have screens?
aruf: dogu oynarsa ♣ atagˆ‰na A alˆ‰p kˆ¶re
hemen R atar yapar
eccone: 2 A ayrˆ‰ konu tabi
arigun : defans icin ♠ baslangici, sonrasinda
boslanirsa ♣ devami kontrati zorlayabilir ancak
dagilim dekleranin lehine.. J
ovncylmz: skorlar yavas yavas girilmeye basladi
ovncylmz: bu sene cok hizli bir sekilde bilgilere
ulasabilmemiz guzel:)
ovncylmz: :)
ovncylmz: o nasil oluyor?
sengulerz: bilgi verirken bu ele pek bakamadˆ‰
m.. kˆ¶tˆ… koz daˆ ˆ‰lˆ‰mˆ‰na ˆ§atmˆ‰ˆ G
koksoy: 15 nolu boardda yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran takˆ
‰mˆ‰na potansiyel swing var
MolvaM: beklendiˆ i gibi 1. bord zabunoˆ luna
tez: rakip 3 nt oynuyor..elinde as ikili ♠ var ne
atak edersin pasam:)
sybarra: if you look at NEC teams and players,
you will see many international stars are in this
tourney .. K
wilkinsona: well we can see this will not make
- 43 -
looking at the cards, but Hanlon will be trying to
make it
eccone: baska bi ˆ§ˆ¶zˆ…m yok
eccone: :)
ovncylmz: 1nt oynamiyorlardir bence
ovncylmz: 1nt forsing tum eller
ovncylmz: 2c/2d oynamaya olabilir belki
ovncylmz: 2h de keser sorusu mesela:)
akgun: karo V 3 lu olsa olabilirdi oyun
eccone: bizde rahatladˆ‰k oda.. 2
ralfwil: worked.. just witn a
lead.. A
ralfwil: after 1nt there can be a problem if partner
not has a suit (not bidden)
athene: the defence could never cash the spade
then play a club through
athene: a very delicate hand, trying to set up
winners everywhere and avoid 4 losers along the
athene : declarer has to draw two rounds of
trumps to enjoy a club trick
athene: and that means only one diamond ruff
athene: he must be hoping for one diamond ruff,
one pitch on the ♠Q and one on the ♣K
eccone: en kˆ¶tˆ… koz damˆ‰ olmadan oynarlard
ˆ‰ :)
nezihk: alˆ‰p trefl oynarsa yaptˆ‰rˆ‰r,
MolvaM: ♠a
MolvaM: bildim mi?
tez: merci:)
akgun: yok yinede olmuyor
tez: hidayet abiden primi kaptin:)
MolvaM: bu elde 7nt oluyor ama karo dam ve pik
dam olduˆ u iˆ§in oluyor. bunlarˆ‰n birisi
olmasa 7 olurken 7nt batabilirdi
vugraphzkg: 4’lˆ…
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 3
c 3
this/total IMPs
♠ A Q10 6 5 2
10 9 7
♠8 7
N ♠K J 9
A Q J10 4 3
♣ Q10 9 3 2
♣K 5
♠4 3
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
E: Popov
#1 S::
#3 N::
#5 S::
#7 W::
#9 E::
spade in dummy
vugraphb1: I am very surprized by Andonov’s
pass... this auction promises 16 +HCP or equivalent
lestergold: i suppose iot wasdnt obvious that
north needed to continue spades and retain the
ace of clubs as an entry for effecting the promotion
Walddk3 : Remember that Europe changes to
daylight saving (’summer time’) tonight. Times
on our vugraph schedule web page will change
automatically when that happens, so it’s 1 hour
off at ...
Walddk3: the moment. Not to worry about
Walddk3: Automatically if you live in Europe
that is
lestergold: prima may gain 5 imps here
lestergold: all probs solvd.. 3.. A.. 4.. T
lestergold: if south ducks then east has a losing
option.. 2.. Q.. 7
roswolf: soft defence on this hand.. 8
lestergold: yep the defence lost its way.. J..
9..♠J.. 5.. 6
¨ ¨ ¨
¨ ©
¨ ¨ ¨ ¨
¨ ¨
#2 N::
#4 E::
#6 W::
#8 S::
roswolf: this is the sort of board where a fair
amount of imps change hands when one side gets
too high..1♠
vugraphb1: 3NT is possible here
lestergold: im trying to work out why 3h went
off on the surface tthere appears to be a lsoer in
each suit..
lestergold: sureloy a simple 2h overcall unless
their system doesnt permit it..p..2♣..p..2 ..p..3
roswolf : west shouldnt advance any further
imo..p..3 ..p
vugraphb1: and trump promotion
lestergold: well obviously the trump promotion
needs ot be found to defeat this contract..p..p..♠
lestergold: now can surely make..♣5..♣8..♣2..
lestergold: providing east does not try and ruff a
- 44 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 3
c 3
this/total IMPs
♠ A Q10 6 5 2
10 9 7
♠8 7
N ♠K J 9
A Q J10 4 3
♣ Q10 9 3 2
♣K 5
♠4 3
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#2 E::¨3,A,4,T
#4 N::ª2,J,©9,§2
#6 N::ªT,©Q,§6,9
#8 W::©6,5,T,K
sybarra: thx Geoffrey, and thx to our terrific
operator ..©5..©J..©K..¨6..¨K..♠2..©3..©A..
#1 S::
#3 S::
#5 S::
#7 E::
#9 S::
frankaus: will EW stay out of game here?
wilkinsona: well done by NS, converting the
good score in OR
ralfwil: and now also ♠K on side!
marlowepi: can’t the hearts wait?
ralfwil : hake your
trick otherwise it will
ralfwil: 7 with ♠A instead of KQ
caitlin: 7 at other table
werge: CR or OR
yo_yo: bad luck there to the oz team
athene: a very interesting hand for sure
idblu: any carryover in this match ?
MolvaM: oldukˆ§a sakin bordlar geliyor
ovncylmz: 4 ye 4nt ile as sordu
- 45 -
ovncylmz: 5 de durabilecekler mi acaba?
ovncylmz: 5korde durdular
b_eymen: koz damˆ‰ yok mecburen
ovncylmz: 2♣ i esnek oynamak bazen cok guzel
elleri kacirmaya neden oluyor
b_eymen: 2♣ 2nt bunlar naturel sistemin eksiklikleri
ovncylmz: oyuncular 2♣ acan ortaklarinin elinde
loveye dayali el oldugunu dusunup korkuyorlar
b_eymen: en tehlikelisi 2 nt acan eller
akgun: 1d 5+d 11-19
vulkan: bu jakoby kabe
eccone: bˆ¶le bi dagˆ‰lˆ‰molmaz ama denemek
vugraphzkg: sonuclarˆ‰ takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰nˆ
‰ ve konvansiyon kartlarˆ‰nˆ‰ gormek icin bu
linkten faydalabilirsiniz
eccone: ne derdi mesala?
akgun: 2h:)
eccone: :)
deniz_t: 3 derdi sanki!
nafiz: )
ovncylmz: eymen 3kore 4 der misn?
exerdar: okay gˆ…r 4-3-3-3 oldugu iˆ§in sˆ¶
ylememiˆ olabilir minˆ¶rˆ…nˆ…
riyilikci: bodrum 4 imp aldˆ‰, izmir bbb 10imp
tez: iki mac seyretmis gibi oluruz..burada mac
bittiginde orada macin henuz basi olur
vahaboglu: 2 mu
ralfwil: With a 4441 hand I always open with the
highest minor (1 on 4144)..1♠
idblu: wel back Cindy
othered1: another slam possible hand opposite a
weak 2
MolvaM: fˆ‰rtˆ‰nadan ˆ¶nceki mi acaba?
eccone: hmm
aruf : 3nt ideal kontrrat gˆ¶zˆ…kˆ…yor ama
masada ilginc seyler olabilir bu elde
arigun: yada pass atip batar
riyilikci: Goksu el aˆ§madan ˆ¶nce sˆ¶yleyelim
Eren takimi Adana’dan katiliyor,
daman: potential for slam here..2
daman: or 3 x
Walddk2: This concludes our second official
broadcast from Sweden. We are hopeful that we
get many more. It’s a treat for our many spectators
to see Sweden’s leading players in action. ...
Walddk2: Sweden is a world class bridge nation
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
roswolf: and another possible slam
ralfwil: Thanks all. Nice to work with you. I wish
arigun : bu tur seyler heran hepimizin basina
you a nice sunday afternoon
sybarra: I believe we talked yesterday about the
club "we" are seeing with 2200+ members
roswolf: why didnt south show spades as well?
sybarra: quite a large contingent
mariner1: guilty by proximity
sharkey: yes - they earned it
snorris: will n-s go to 2nt?
snorris: 1 ♠-1nt, 2nt?
sharkey: 15 vs 7 - dont think so...
snorris: 16
sharkey: excuse me 16
snorris: 4
a splint? for me anyway
petergill: Australian NS at other table: Klinger Mullamphy System Card is at
petergill: linger-mullamphy.pdf ... but after the
last hand perhaps you don’t want to look at it?
snorris: 4 in a M
snorris: 5 ♣ or 4 s?
ralfwil: always longest suit
cindy: ty :)
werge: Quiet boards this morning
mpny: SA is not a grand
caitlin: this one harder to get to
othered1: I wonder if their suits are agreed to be
very good
ralfwil: after winning with ♣10 he had all 13
yo_yo: interesting that the Chinese ladies didnt
try for game
wygbe1: well 4h will probably make
b_eymen: sanmam paˆ am
b_eymen: hˆ‰zlˆ‰ca 3 nt oynayacaklar
eccone: 1♣?
eccone: abi bu kararlˆ‰k biˆ iy degilki ortak 6
tane biliyorum diyo max san dersin minsen
nezihk: oynayan As trefl koyup trefl ekspasˆ‰
yapsaydˆ‰ zaten yapabilirid
arigun: yorumcumuz ismail kandemir hosgeldin
panja: NS dont make 4♠ here..because of ♣
jaapfr: but be bid?
chessmaste: They are off Nelson!
yo_yo: yep
josj: once again N holds QJx in a vital suit, this
time to beat a slam
yo_yo: 19-20 i am informed ty Al
yo_yo: so they might not get too high
ovncylmz: 12-14 nt oynuolar
ovncylmz: ve transferler
ovncylmz: 4+ demek 1
MolvaM: 2nt pas pas pas?
roswolf: could get murky now..p
xenya: are we sure 3 is not a 2-suiter?
sharkey: 1 ♠ - 1 NT - 2♣ - 2♠?
snorris: then there might be a fight
ralfwil: 1♠ - 1nt - 2♣ -2♠?
snorris: west will bid on though
petergill: Yes, 4 splinter
fabsayc: mind you, my openings are sounder
geliyor :)
than this one
snorris: might be hard to reach
cindy: looks like 3N this time
marlowepi: there is a good case for opening 1S.
1C is clear second choice for me
idblu: the same 1/2 imp?
roswolf: hard now to stop
ovncylmz: aksamki incelemelerime gore ciftlerin
en az %60-70i multi oynuyor, ve bu multide
genelde 2nt elleri de var
ovncylmz: 5li majorlu ya da majorsuz
ovncylmz: eglenceli eller izleyebiliriz
eccone: yane pas derdimtabi herkes gibi
ovncylmz: 7tane gordum onlari ben ya vallahi:)
yakop: slm herkese
yakop: izmir gazisi olarak :)
eccone: :)
yakop: guzel yorum gelmiyo valla
frankaus: green so can afford to be conservative
irwinbo: is looks right to me
wilkinsona: may be tricky to defend 3N
marlowepi: i dont think they will get there
cindy: i dont like to distort my distribution with a
full opening bid
josj: they should, however, as slam is well over
josj: board should be a push at 6♣-1
akgun : 4. board muhtemel egale olacak 3 nt
kabak ancak demek cok kolay degil
eccone: hehe
vahaboglu: dbl= tek renkli herhalde
MolvaM: hˆ…seyin avcˆ‰oˆ lu da katˆ‰lˆ‰yor
bize. o da izmir maˆ durlarˆ‰ndan. hoˆ geldin
avcˆ‰ :)
phantoma: hosbulduk gunaydin herkese
koksoy: elde var 3.... slemle ilgili elleri sayˆ
- 46 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
tez: sistemine uygun elin gelmesi bile bir sans:)
marlowepi: in the US the green party is NOT
conservative.. !
snorris: 5
panja: I dont like E’s pass....
werge: Then 5
is lay-down, South has given
the solution for palying -suit
cindy: next :-)
ralfwil : does anyone of you know what 2
opening means?
snorris: think w has to bid it himself
snorris: 2
on a nt seems to be majors
wilkinsona: west likely to bid it, though missed
in the other room
idblu: 3rd chair allows a 4 card major opening...especially
with a suit as good as this
cindy: dont play in a womens event
marlowepi : good principle cindy. but i don;t
really see what bad can happen after 1S
cindy: they will rake you across the coals for
doing that
sybarra: jamming the auction perhaps to no avail
thommos: hard to bid 7S now
sharkey: in it is - but dont think they’ll end up
in 7
ahollan1: if you want to check out EW Convention
Card from 2007, try [sorry, i still don’t know how
to make smaller URLs]
caitlin: they likely have another way to show
weaker preempts
fabsayc: might make if you just blast to slam
athene: well it was an interesting bidding decision
for east, facing a strong notrump - perhaps the
australian’s 1NT is a point stronger than the
sharkey: In OR W didnt inquire with Stayman just blasted into 4 via transfer. Cud have
missed 4-4 ♠ fit
wygbe1: impossible to bid, especially after 1nt
b_eymen: elemelerde genelede bu tip elller
b_eymen: batˆ‰nˆ‰n 1nt agresif
vulkan: genellikle direk 2nt de 5li M yok, multide
5li M var
nezihk: evet hele ilk iki eli seyredince
ovncylmz: support dbl
eccone: ozaman derdim belkii
tez: gectigimiz elde 6 da ♠ atagiyla batardi 4lu ile ilk 2 tur almayi reddederek
- 47 -
yakop: maˆ dur degil paˆ am gazi:)
sybarra: wonder if they had a 2 suited call ..p
caitlin: at other table
lead from North but did
take ♠Q finesse
fabsayc: now 2♠
josj: 6nt is down a lot :)
yakop: kalkerli memleketlerde briˆ§ ˆ§i yetiˆ mez :)
eccone : bˆ…yˆ…k ihtimal sebeb o ama 6
demek daha dogru bence
riyilikci: 2 = 18-19 dengeli
daman: they could have had 800 in 3 x..3♣
ralfwil: I dont know their defence bidding, but
this can be a 2-suiter with ♠ and
vugraphzhn: I believe there were no alert on 3D
sharkey: NS may play 2/1
ralfwil: I´·m not quite sure of 4 . It looks like E
has red cards and it could help them to find the
snorris: 3 ♣
idblu: pards a passed expect to get to a
cindy: well i want to have a chance to get to
game if its right
sharkey: guess it proves that science not always
better :)
athene: i like that action
athene: it’s pretty rare that you want to play in
spades with west’s hand facing 1nt
sharkey: Think the Chines Women use a 14-16
ahollan1: nothing showing on web page about
carryover, but haven’t read conditions of contest
MolvaM: 2 karo: 3 renk ile soruyor
b_eymen: evet
b_eymen: minˆ¶r elleri sorun oluyo
ovncylmz: evet ama emin olun cok enteresan 2
ler gordum:)
eccone: 4 ya kadar yapˆ‰labiliyor
MolvaM: tolga ˆ¶zbayˆ‰n eli ile siz olsanˆ‰z
4.den birˆ ey aˆ§ar mˆ‰ydˆ‰nˆ‰z
yakop: en guzeli buydu:)
MolvaM: zondayken zon kaˆ§masˆ‰n yaklaˆ ˆ‰
tokay1975: 14 16yami dedi 3
MolvaM: evet 14-16
othered1: I wonder how ambiguous east’s hand
is in their style..p
fabsayc: which made the chosen line clearly a
swing line
xenya: easy 4 for NS. There is a cheap save
for EW but they are ublikely to find it
ralfwil: had anyone of you bid 2 on E? I had
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
roswolf: this isnt
josj: very well bid btw
roswolf: east offering a choice
eccone: ben acmazdˆ‰m
vugraphzkg: acmadan once epey dusundu ama
piklerin onda olmasˆ‰na guvenmiˆ olabilir
eccone: ortak 5 4 minˆ¶rle 5NT demis olabilir
yakop: gunaydˆ‰n fantom
tez: 2 yu zayif lar acarsin hic gelmez acacak
MolvaM: 2 pik nedir?
tez: zor el
yusufb: kritik 3nt
MolvaM : karo as pik s yanyana olduˆ u iˆ§in
deklaran uˆ raˆ abilecek durumda
panja: in these superfit situations it pays to bid
one more.....3
wilkinsona: but, then only 9 tricks were made
snorris: then 3 and ..
bg: same auction as before N had a feature here
none will settle in game
othered1: AS the cards lie, east isn’t a favorite at
all to find ♠ lead
idblu: the teams that finished ahead of the team
they were playing had a 1/2 imp c/o
jaapfr: if 3 -3 4
yo_yo: yes
josj: the quanti raise often suggests a minor
josj: (or two)
MolvaM: doˆ uda 3lˆ… pik araˆ tˆ‰rmasˆ‰
ovncylmz : pik kupu var, kuzey guney 4c ye
cikarsa tehlikeli olabilir:)
eccone: iyi konusma
dadim: 5 karo demeli dogu bana gore
eccone : dagˆ‰lˆ‰msal el sadece karo var
phantoma: gnd garo kardes
riyilikci: dbl= ! veya
veya +♠
MolvaM: ok gazi :)
yakop : kontr dan sonra goksu dagˆ‰lˆ‰m
bozuktur diye duˆ unup zola ilgilenmedi
eerbil: kartlar 3nt diyenler yapsˆ‰n diye hazˆ‰
rlanmˆ‰ˆ gibi
MolvaM: az ˆ¶nceki de 24 puan idi. bu da
MolvaM: diˆ er masada 3nt deme ihtimalleri yˆ…
tez: 3♣ stayman
vahaboglu: 2♠= transfer to 2NT
tez: 2♠ 2nt ye transfer
tez: acik kartla yapilabiliyor
tez: birakmasi iyi oyun su anda
sharkey: 2♠ forcing?..p
¨ © ©
sybarra: W might have found it
caitlin: yes
werge: Passive E/W - 5 ...
othered1 : Nice lead, but declarer can pitch
dummy’s third on ♣
ahollan1: but if half imp comes into play in 64
board match we’re in for a great time tonight
idblu: in the 1/4’s and semis
idblu: good bid 2
sybarra2: waiting for next X?
idblu: might inspire S to bid more
akgun: evet 3nt de duracaklar artik
eccone: sorunsuz bir 2♠
akgun: karo 2, Hxx gibi dusunurse dogu guney +
2 yazabilir kandirarak
deniz_t: evet +1 olur gibi gˆ¶rˆ…nˆ…yor
eccone: ˆ¶le olsa adam 3 lˆ… koymaz yerden
heralde :)
sengulerz: sade bir deklarasyon oldu.. ♣i yere
doˆ ru oynayˆ‰p 3♠ = yapar diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…
kabexnuf: DB 4h yapabilir ancak, bulmak cok
yakop: okay gur 6 d deseydi 5 tane karo gosterirdi
tez: kuzey guney cifti yapay sistem oynuyor..konusmalari
size garip gelebilir:)
riyilikci: diˆ er maˆ§ iˆ§in
arigun: okanin elinden dengesiz 4lu fit yokselmek
phantoma: S1F 2N
riyilikci: 2♠=transfer to 2NT
barbyh: is this conventional or a psych..p
sybarra: wonder if club system?
snorris: thinking about 2nt?
snorris: yes
wilkinsona: declarer got the clubs right to score 9
tricks OR, even after a heart lead
ralfwil: When playing 1nt forcing, there always is
problems with hands like S
snorris: well done west
wilkinsona: thought it was 3 clubs last time
cindy: N was sorta fixed for a bid
idblu: keycarding with a void hard to work out
cindy: what could he do ?
idblu: he was strapped...on a guess
bg: 7 spades would make provided S cashes AK
dia before 3 rd club
mpny: apparently
idblu: almost came into play last night against
ahollan1: 3 rounds of ♣ to discard dummy’s --
- 48 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
but great try
arigun: 3♣ makul kontrat, hicbir zon’un sansi
MolvaM: doˆ u ise 2 kˆ¶r ile 3lˆ… pik yok ama 4lˆ
… kˆ¶r var dedi
arigun : Batinin 2 su 3. renk, ileri dagilim
eccone: 5 de istersen demek zaten
eccone: ortagi cezalandˆ‰rmamak lazˆ‰m
ovncylmz: neden acti ki:)
akgun: As girecek basta tabik,:)
ovncylmz: :)
vahaboglu: 3♣=Stayman
wilkinsona: once again the Chinese woman win
the auction..p
ralfwil: agree Tony, 2♣ was a little bit weak
snorris: east knows south has 4
so didnt dear
bid more
thommos : this lead will be well received by
werge: With this lead = 3 NT
yo_yo: if they play weak jump shifts it’s forcing
ahollan1: EW are using upside-down count &
attitude, so 8 = frown
othered1: And, indeed, at other table south is
declarer after a multi and transfer auction
yo_yo: smolen in action :)
athene: ♠AK and a trump to lose here
vulkan: 1NT den sonra 2♣ de durmak da ˆ§ok
ovncylmz: ozellikle burdur maclarindan birine
denk gelirsek tum bbo’yu aydogdularin masasinda
b_eymen: dogunun 1 nt ye 2♣
MolvaM: batan ˆ lemden sonra biraz avansˆ‰
olduˆ unu dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ndˆ… belki
eccone: kuvvetle muhtemel
MolvaM: genellikle ˆ¶nde olduˆ unu dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nen
oyuncular daha agresiv olma eˆ iliminde olurlar
yakop: 5nt en az bir minor 4 lu demek
tez: kucuk koyarak 1 batar
sharkey: Yes - If 1 NT forcing 2♠ shud show a
mere preference or weak ♠ raise..♠3
ralfwil: -2!
snorris: might get it undoubled’
panja: no point in defending against
never know what will get ruffed..
wilkinsona: however steals the contract... perhaps
as south has shown hearts
wilkinsona: its not really right though
- 49 -
marlowepi: 1S hardly prevents me from getting
to game
idblu: well they got to game...
wilkinsona: may have to drop that spade Q to
stand a chance..
irwinbo: they rate to go down on the lie of the
idblu: that he won’t do
idblu: maybe they play Roth-Stone?
idblu: N passes 12+ hands frequently
werge: They are too happy with their doublestopper in ♣
sharkey: some play it constructive I believe
werge: Run to 4
mpny: 4H is making
ralfwil: 3nt instead of a better 4
sharkey: S doesnt know pd has 6
mpny: I hate the dbl. the opponents are unlimited,
your Spades are not that great. why should
partner have a trick
sharkey: cud bid 4
caitlin: same auction open room
santyclz : Tinyurl for cc:
caitlin: Joe, we know why Roland ’hired’ you:)
ahollan1: now 7 = current count [odd]
santyclz: For my comedy relief?
caitlin: that too
fabsayc: i think heart 7 was actually spade signal
yo_yo: frue will be glad to be dummy, to recover
from that last one
xenya: looks like the double indicated s -- good
use of opponents’ transfers
yo_yo: yesterday the slams I saw them bid were
all making
arigun: 3lu ♠ vey 4lu
eccone: 2 nt 5-5 mi oldu
aruf: bastan 1 ♠ e 3 ♣ tercih ederdim
akgun: 5431 gibi
eccone: 1 15+ imiˆ
ovncylmz: dunden beri izliyoruz, turkiyede zon
limitlerimiz 22-23e dusmus durumda:)
vulkan: DB nin sistemsel sorunlarˆ‰ var, ya Batˆ
‰ 1nt ile baˆ lamalˆ‰ ya da Doˆ u 2ntye pas geˆ
vugraphzkg : tˆ…m maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰na bu
linkten ulaˆ abilirsiniz
eccone: bu tip konusmalar zaten bu eli tarif eder
kabexnuf: dogu uyandirabilirdi
riyilikci: 4 bord sonunda Yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran-Zabuno
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ˆ lu 2-20
MolvaM: zabunoˆ lu ˆ§ok alttan aldˆ‰ ama ˆ lem
cindy: i think the pass is curious..♠7
snorris: still should win 8 tricks
caitlin: also in 4 in open room
shevek: real score is 64-29 due to an appeal
aruf: ok ama 5-5 el gˆ¶zˆ…kmˆ…yor hala
yakop: benim anlatmak istedigim bazen kazanmak
iˆ§in ugraˆ ˆ‰rsˆ‰nˆ‰z
eccone: 5 li olsa belki xfer edip ˆ¶le 4nt derdi
yakop: pasrdonben okay davett etti diye yazdˆ‰
eccone: ama bˆ¶yle oynayanlar vardˆ‰r elbette :
eccone: 4 NT Oynanˆ‰yor aˆ§ˆ‰k odada
tokay1975 : sp as sp ten sonra dia asi alan h
donmesse yatirarak yapabiliyor mucize
barbyh: oops..♠Q
ralfwil: and 9 with a right guess in ♣
snorris: the ♣s are the key
wilkinsona: once again 9 tricks pos if declare
gets the clubs
snorris: small
from west to show ♣
panja: how does W show that he wants ♣ now?
snorris: interest
mcarroll: Same bidding next door
irwinbo: for all of its 11 points, the north hand is
only worth 1nt over 1 diamond
cindy : hard to bid 7 without knowing about
trump Q
thommos: it is not a good 7,
sybarra : at the moment, S probably just as
happy to be in 6
cindy: and they dont have it even
sharkey: ♠ lead ♣ shift
ralfwil: Why not show this over 2♠ with 3
instead of 2nt
sharkey: agree Mike - cud have been overtricks
jaapfr: in evaluating S hand it could help too
wygbe1: it gave n a chance to upgrade his stiff d,
if s elected to show a superaccept
xenya: sure
yo_yo: but it should be a flat board
josj: ty
vugraphzhq: photo of JAPAN OPEN Team at
the top
ovncylmz: kusadasi 2.boardda inanilmaz agresif
bir biddingle 6 dedi ve batti
ufukta tek oldugu iccin sorun yok
tokay1975: 2li olsa ne oluyoduki
MolvaM: bu elde heyecan yok. uykusu gelenlere t
ˆ…rk kahvesi servisi yapalˆ‰m...
tokay1975: 9 lovesi var
tokay1975: ama doner heralde hu
MolvaM: dˆ¶necek baˆ ka ˆ eyi yok
donusu yatmayi onluyor
tokay1975: cl donerse iste
tez: 3 3♣ 1♠ 1 =8
MolvaM: overcall’cuda nasolsa 1 as vardˆ‰r diye
dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yor
tokay1975: 2nci spe 10lu koydu ozgur zaten bi
anlami vardir 10lunun
MolvaM: trefl pasˆ‰ tutmazsa ˆ§ok batarˆ‰m
korkusu da var
tez: ♠ 10 lu el tutarinin nerde oldugunu gosteriyor
o.bakan in...izleyiciye bilgi
MolvaM: trefl pasˆ‰ karo partajˆ‰ ve karo as
uygunluˆ u ile yaparˆ‰m ˆ…midi de var :)
panja: not a pause and small
ralfwil: 10 tricks after that lead and only 7 with a
♠ lead
mdgraham: very aggressive double - why should
a spade lead be best anyway?
mpny: the C shift should still be easy
mcarroll: true
b_eymen: demesini hala cˆ¶zemedim
eccone: naturel atak
eccone: aˆ§an el yere aˆ§ˆ‰ldˆ‰ bide
MolvaM: ama bu eli yapacak gibi duruyor
yakop: ama bu ugurda kaybettiginiz ˆ eyler size
yakop: cok pahalˆ‰ya malolabilir
tez: bi arkadas var 4lu
ile bile 22 actigi icin
en cok zayif lar geliyor diyor
tokay1975: cl pasi yaparsa simdi defansin hata
yapma sansi kalmaz 3nuc diayu alir clle cˆ‰kar
werge: Look at dummy,pls.. 3
idblu: ♠ to A
wilkinsona: diamonds need to be led twice from
dummy so..
cindy: no it isnt
MolvaM: iˆ e 22 puanlˆ‰k bir 3NT kontratˆ‰
eccone: 3♣ diyince gˆ¶zˆ…kˆ…rdˆ…
eccone: hehe
sengulerz: turnuva formatˆ‰ ˆ ˆ¶yle: gruplardan
ˆ§ˆ‰kˆ‰lˆ‰nca knock out yani yenilen eleniyor
ˆ eklinde oynanˆ‰yor
yakop: sabah kalkˆ‰nca golde su bulamazssˆ‰n
- 50 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
sybarra: hmm.. A
sybarra: so who leads a
on this auction?
barbyh: whoever is on lead
sybarra: so a push
wilkinsona: so the landslide continues
mcarroll: the lead solves the problem of how to
play trumps
b_eymen: tref partaj olsa bu dagˆ‰lˆ‰ma 5♣
ovncylmz: sistemsel bir problem oldu galiba
eccone: 2♠ olursa sinir bozucu bi durum
yakop: bunun iˆ§in mumkun oldugunca akademik:
(diger muhendisin dedigi)
exerdar : diˆ er odada jr iyi baˆ lamamˆ‰ˆ a
benziyor 1 zon,1 ˆ lem kaˆ§mˆ‰ˆ 15-16da
riyilikci: bodrum 14- valentino 2, burdur 6- izmir
bbbeyaz 10- varoˆ lu 0- zabunoˆ lu 6
4. bord
sonunda durum
eccone: A ortaktan 7 li gelir belki diye cekildi
phantoma: karo atagina 3N yapilabilir mi acep
MolvaM: salvo kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k karo devam ederek +1
i engelleyebilirdi belki
cindy: thing universal heart lead.. 4
cindy: think
snorris: semms like it
arigun: sanirim 3. renk sonraasi 3♣ zon forcingi
anlasildi, aksi takdirde dogunun pass demesi
lazim minimum eli var
b_eymen: gerˆ§i onauda yapamazdˆ‰ tref atagˆ
b_eymen: 3nt denmesi gerekiyodu
sengulerz: 82 takˆ‰m vardˆ‰.. elemelerde 32ye
dˆ…ˆ tˆ…
sengulerz: bu devre sonunda yenilen 16 takˆ‰m
daha elenecek
sengulerz: ilk 16 ya kalan takˆ‰mlar maˆ§ˆ‰n
ilk devresini akˆ am son 2 devreyi yarˆ‰n sabah
ve ˆ¶ˆ len oynayacaklar
sengulerz: bu maˆ§ˆ‰n son devresi bu
yakop: gibi davranmak lazˆ‰m
tez: ♣ empasi gectigi icin 9 el alacak
MolvaM: trefl 9luyu gˆ¶rˆ…nce fikir deˆ iˆ tirip
dam dˆ…ˆ ˆ…rmeye oynar mˆ‰?
vahaboglu: ˆ rfan empas yapar
tez: yerde
lar aslan agzi gibi.alacagini biran
once almak lazim
othered1: NS could have competed here, too, but
can’t make much if EW find the ♣ ruffs.. T
othered1: But opening lead there was also
shevek: 64 - 29.5 actually (Oz has 0.5 carryover)
from Elmer
athene: now you could throw either spades or
- 51 -
clubs on the diamonds
b_eymen: sistemlik biˆ iy yok onu diyorum
vulkan: ben 3NT erdim
eccone: belki ondada 5li♠ 5li vardiye cok sˆ
‰kˆ‰stˆ‰rmamak lazˆ‰m
vahaboglu: Tayfun ˆ zbeyi tanˆ‰yan ˆ§ok yakˆ
‰n biri Dbl= ya ♣ ler, ya lar, ya da Majˆ¶rler
olduˆ unu bildirildi
MolvaM: zonda deˆ ilken zon kaˆ§ˆ‰rmak fazla
hasarlˆ‰ olmuyor. en fazla 6 imp kadar
tokay1975: once dia asi cˆ‰karsaydi 3ncu dia
alan defans belki bi hata olabilirdi
MolvaM: trefle boˆ gelince surat asˆ‰lacak
marlowepi: curious or timid. like the 60’s film "i
am curious yellow"..♠4
sybarra: they may need to ’splain this one
snorris: a good jack.. will it help+
snorris: ?
panja: y, no need to show any interest...a look at
dummy tells you it must be Clubs
panja: still, I wonder why none of EW doubled....
snorris: Harada pondering
snorris: seems
ralfwil: Why?
eccone: yane 2♣ 2 3♣ 3 gibi
eccone: veya 2♣ 3
riyilikci: doˆ an iyi karar verdi, 3 NT sorunsuz, 4
kˆ¶rˆ…n idaresi daha zor
nezihk: doˆ an kˆ¶r kalitesi ˆ§ok kˆ¶tˆ… diye
ancak 5-4 kˆ¶r fiti varsa oynamak istedi, bence
makul bir dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nce
tez: 1nt oynarken 1 nt yapmaya oynuyor..3 nt
deseler zorunlu hamlelerle 3 nt yapacaklardi
vugraphzhn: "Take a chance with the 9..♠8
caitlin: by West
ralfwil: but he found ♣K..♠A
idblu: all conjecture now
idblu: if he cashes a 2nd
he will be happier
thommos: qC next is ok
idblu: but K before pitching is better technique
sharkey: woman intuition may apply :) - looks
like down 2
mdgraham: well, you can’t argue with that
ralfwil: as I play - with a weak hand I bid 2
over 1♠ showing a 6-card suit and 2 with a
stronger hand, so 3 is my bid after 2♠
sharkey: never tried....
mdgraham: it’s not worth it
sharkey: lol
sharkey: Agree Ralf - but you mave a a problem
getting to 3NT then
idblu: was a great lead...once again
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
baylind: + 2 yapˆ‰yor artˆ‰k
cindy: heh..♠9
cindy: i am curious green
frankaus: i use green as NV no doubt u have
worked it out
snorris: then he should be in 5!
thommos: or ruff
club to the Q
idblu: 10 looks right..
fabsayc: won’t help
ovncylmz: 1nt yi cok zayif bir elle 1nt diyen bati,
2♣ ye pas gecti
b_eymen: en ddogrusu
wilkinsona: tries the spade hook..♠2
irwinbo: i hate 4333 hands
idblu: stalling for time ... 0% play now
ralfwil: plain sailing
athene: but the clubs only require two pitches not
b_eymen: ne kadr zayˆ‰f
b_eymen: en minumumu var zaten
sengulerz: ˆ imdi yere ♣
yakop: vale karo oynamayˆ‰p baˆ ˆ‰na iˆ aldˆ
‰ ama kor bozuk degil
ralfwil: a finess in ♣ for safe..♠J
ovncylmz: istanbulda yasamama ragmen aydinli
oldugumdan ve orada yillardir elemeleri izleme
firsati buldugumdan biliyorum ki diger masadaki
NS asiri agresif bir cift
barbyh: hope so.. 9
cindy: well they have 24 hcp
werge: But East should havr cashed his other red
ovncylmz: oyle bir noktadayiz ki ben 1sp-1nt-2h2nt yi de dogunun kabul edebilecegine inaniyorum:)
tez: 3 nolu elde diger odada konvansiyonel bi
anlasmazlik olmus..13 imp kaybedilince diger
masada artik umitler kesilmistir
sybarra: claim coming ..♣2
ahollan1: as advertised -- well done on both sides
idblu: that certainly won’t
b_eymen: atak eden oyunu acan
b_eymen: ve orakta tref uzun
tuppermet: diger masada da aynˆ‰ gideceˆ ini
eccone: kˆ¶rˆ… oynayarak ♣ pasˆ‰yla 9 lˆ¶ve
MolvaM: ama doˆ al olarak batˆ‰rmaya ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ
cindy: probably makes 5C but tuff to bid that..♣
snorris: running home?
panja: small
is risky
panja: had this been a doubled contract..on the ♣
3 return..E might have been tempted to play a
small ...
bg: 1 imp to Japan
sharkey: unexpected - but dont think it matters
athene : just a question now of how to play
athene: probably A and another
MolvaM: biraz zorlama bir kontrat ve batacak gibi
MolvaM: zondayken zon kaˆ§ˆ‰rmak daha pahal
ˆ‰ olduˆ u iˆ§in genellikle sˆ‰nˆ‰rdaki eller ile
biraz daha yˆ…kselmekten ˆ§ekinmiyor oyuncular
sybarra: need your guessing shoes on for 5 ♣ but
sure close to it..♣3
ralfwil: A and all is over
arigun: sayet batinin 3♣ i zon forcingi ise, davet
eli ile ne yapmak lazim
eccone: murat abi nerelerde acep
yakop: herkes teknolojisini kullansˆ‰n
marlowepi: i hate more hands than that. there
must be at least 5000 hands i hate..♣A
santyclz: In a fair world, w would ruff the 3rd ♣.
nezihk: ancak trefl empasˆ‰ geˆ§ip karo Dam da
kaˆ§ˆ‰nca onda da sorun yok
bg: sry..♣5
thommos: A high ♣ was lead in the OR
athene: or not :)
athene: i was thinking Del’Monte might have
been worried about a spade over-ruff now
athene: but probably he trusts that if the defence
had a spade ruff, they would have taken it
athene: so playing for them to have misdefended
is just a grosvenor coup
santyclz: Simplifying the play.
ovncylmz: iyimser bir yorum, "QX pik ortaktadir
olur bu kagit, ya da 2nt de batar zaten" felsefesi
ovncylmz: stiller cok cok agresif
kabexnuf: o zaman bord 5 4♠ oynanabilir
vahaboglu: Gˆ¶ksu ˆ§ok iyi karar verdi, ortaˆ ˆ‰
da 3♠ diye by-pass yapmadˆ‰
fahir: herkese merhaba
tez: dumduz bir bordtan 13 verince insanin cani
sikilir elbette
MolvaM: selamlar fahir :) hoˆ geldin
cindy: just have to find Q..♠T
yo_yo : is the women’s team the finalists at
bg: should have drawn trump before second dia
doesnt matter here but it could have with hearts 41
shevek: good point raised by Roland, maybe 32
- 52 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
bds in the semi-final not enough?
MolvaM: herˆ ey yerli yerinde
deniz_t: defans yapmasˆ‰ gerekeni yaˆ‰yor
diyecektim bu arada aksunun R dˆ¶nˆ…ˆ ˆ…ne
ufak vermesi ortaˆ ˆ‰nˆ‰ yanˆ‰lttˆ‰ olsa
nezihk : ˆ imdi kˆ¶r oynasaydˆ‰ geliˆ gidiˆ
problemi olacaktˆ‰
sengulerz: pardon.. bi de yatˆ‰rˆ‰p 4 yapabiliyormu
mpny: well now -1.. Q
ralfwil: no entrance to ♠K
eccone: 55 ♠ 1
2 tane olsa olabilir
eccone: 3♣
yakop: briˆ§te sallamak yok
tez: ♣ ile ♠ arasinda sikisacak
cindy: that you have hated ?..♣6
athene: and you lose out to KQx onside
MolvaM: ˆ u an izmirde 80 takˆ‰m oynuyor
b_eymen: 2♣ e direkt 3♣
MolvaM: bu takˆ‰mlarˆ‰n hepsini gˆ¶rebileceˆ
imizi sanmˆ‰yorum
ovncylmz: 2♣ ye pas gecme luksunun olmadigini
dusunuyorum ben
yakop: otur demek:)
vahaboglu: evet
tez: sqz de diyenler var
tokay1975: evet gercekten kotu olmus
tez: merhaba fahir:)
tokay1975: slmlar
ovncylmz : kuzey ve dogu acmazsa batinin
acmasina katlanicaklar:)..♣9
eccone: 140 yapˆ‰labiliyor
eccone: sqz oluyo kuzey
vugraphzkg: sqz diye claim yaptˆ‰
Walddk2 : Thanks all for coming, hope you
enjoyed the show from Stockholm.. 8
snorris: nice tuch
arigun: bence 2♣ uzerine 3. renk yapmadan 3♣
demek iyi bir fikir, neticede 5li ♠ var ama ortagi
daveti kabul eden 3lu ♠ fiti olan ellerle zaten 3♠
der ve 4♠ kacmaz
eccone: kˆ¶r as teklerse kˆ¶rˆ… veriyor
eccone: teklemesse 170
yakop: gordunuz az onceki macta
yakop: kac tane ˆ ilem denmedi
yakop: iyi tercih
tez: o zaman ♠ valeye dogru oynamak zorunlu(
ak yu cektikten sonra)
tokay1975: wd
snorris: if s has 4 ♠.. 2
yo_yo: if so they know what they are doing
- 53 -
ahollan1: Teramoto having hard time believing
partner has the perfect ♠ holdin
yo_yo: Delmonte should finesse a second time so
he needs to return to hand
idblu: who said life was fair
eccone: ama sistemleri ne bilmiyoruz tabe
ovncylmz : ve isler bazen fazla iyi gittiginde
guzel maclar cikarabiliyorlar
riyilikci: iki el gˆ¶rˆ…rken 4♠ fena deˆ il, daha kˆ
¶tˆ… zonlar oynadˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰m ˆ§ok oldu
ovncylmz: board 5 2sp cok az zaten
wilkinsona: can be -3 now..... J
sybarra: yes guess so .. 7
athene: he is confident he can ruff a spade safely
in hand for the second trump finesse
ovncylmz: board 1 noldu kenan? skor gecerli mi?
vugraphzkg: ˆ u an iˆ§in bi dˆ…zeltme olmadˆ‰
vugraphzkg: sanˆ‰rˆ‰m geˆ§erli olacak
nezihk: batˆ‰ karoya devam etse kontratˆ‰
yapabilirdi, zira kuzey majˆ¶rlerden squiz oluyor
vugraphzkg: kuzey tempo kaybederek belli etti
eccone: amakˆ¶rˆ… atmamasˆ‰ lazˆ‰mdˆ‰ :)
xenya: thanks everyone.. 6
Walddk2: Broadcast from Norway in progress, so
no time to rest
sybarra: thx to all, esp. the organizers, hope we
see more
mdgraham: yes, the names look familiar
sharkey: No entry to dummy
sengulerz: leri ˆ§ekip oynayˆ‰nca alan yatˆ
othered1: now a couple of high black ruffs?.. 5
MolvaM: ama organizasyon en azˆ‰ndan her
gruptaki iddialˆ‰ takˆ‰mlarˆ‰ gˆ¶stermek iˆ§in
uˆ raˆ acaktˆ‰r sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
vulkan: ˆ§ˆ…nkˆ… 1nt 8-11 gˆ¶sterir
ovncylmz: 2♣ nin cok dogru olmadigina inanmakla
eccone: dogunun
MolvaM: evet 140 a dˆ¶ndˆ…
fahir: cesur ama etkili trefl dˆ¶nˆ…ˆ ˆ…
ralfwil: nice squeeze.. T
yo_yo: sun ming is a very famous name
mpny: yes
b_eymen: ˆ§ˆ…nkˆ… majˆ¶r demedi.. K
b_eymen: heer ele 3 nt yapar
yusufb: merhaba Fahir
b_eymen: ben onu tartˆ‰smˆ‰yorum canˆ‰m..
akgun : 3c dmesi gerekirdi Rxx koru sevdi
sanirim kendi tarafindan nt icin
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
eccone: ˆ imdide atmasˆ‰ gerekiyordu :)
sengulerz: yani yatˆ‰nca 3 oluyo
b_eymen: 2♣ in bi faydasˆ‰ yok onu diyorum..
b_eymen: atak icinde uyarmˆ‰s oluyosun
vugraphzkg: kuzey yatˆ‰yorsun diyerek claim
sengulerz: wd
eccone: pikiˆ bˆ‰rakˆ‰p
♣ ortagˆ‰nˆ‰n
oynamasˆ‰nˆ‰ beklemek daha iyi olurdu
eccone: ♣ saglanˆ‰yor ama antrre yok
wilkinsona: should have taken more time.... 9
idblu: guaranteeing 4
dadim: 5 !t yapabiliolar sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
dadim: 5♣
ovncylmz: saka mi?
eccone: ♠ kup olmassa evet
ovncylmz: pik as pik kup
nezihk: -1
eccone: farkeden biˆ iyde yok
MolvaM: bu elkde yˆ‰lankˆ‰ranˆ‰n durumu
10 imp almak veya 5 imp vermek.
athene: as soon as the 7 appears he can claim
ogoksel: :)
fahir : bir sonraki vugraf yayˆ‰nˆ‰mˆ‰z
Antalya2009 dan olacak
MolvaM: sˆ…per haber :)
tokay1975 : tezcan bey bi sonraki vugraphta
yorumcu olmamak icin cok calismamiz lazim
o 4♠
c 4♠
this/total IMPs
W 5
W 5
♠A 8 7 6
♣Q J 2
♠ K J95432
N ♠10
K10 8 3
♣ 53
♣AK 9 8 4
Q10 8 7 3 2
♣10 7 6
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
#1 N:: 6,A,2,4
E: Popov
#2 E:: T,Q,,
roswolf: this again looks quietly straightforward..2
lestergold: this looks like another tailor made
lestergold: 2 spades to lose in the obvious 4s and
thas all..p
¨ ¨
vugraphb1: 5 min break..4♠..p..p..p.. 6.. A..
ndemirev: I never know what to expect after 2C
opening. there is so little room for such a variety
of hands
ndemirev: meant 2♣ prec
ndemirev: when it could be 5-card
roswolf: indeed in the other room east opened a
strong club!
ndemirev: I’d rather do that on E hand
ndemirev: shed point to get more control in the
ndemirev: i got barraged with questions:
ndemirev: to answer then all
ndemirev: them
ndemirev: 2♣ in precision shows 11-15 points
and 5+♣
- 54 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ndemirev: when ♣ are only 5 the hand is unbalanced
o 4♠
c 4♠
this/total IMPs
W 5
W 5
♠A 8 7 6
♣Q J 2
♠ K J95432
N ♠10
K10 8 3
♣ 53
♣AK 9 8 4
Q10 8 7 3 2
♣10 7 6
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#1 N:: Q,K,7,3
#2 E:: T,Q,K,A
#3 N:: 7,,,
mariner1: I was here in the 60’s however don’t
remember that movie
cindy: one of my partners says the 10 there is a
trick card to give yourself a chance to go down
cindy: would always make it if u didnt have that
tricky 10
snorris: jep
ralfwil: Not even trying for 9?
sharkey: cud be down if ♣ AJ behand and 5-3?
panja: West must play ♣8 to give the ruff, not ♣
bg: good guess opps too busy signaling;))
snorris: 40-0!!
wilkinsona: Im not sure I follow wests pass of 1
spade x...
snorris: well.. no not enough
yo_yo: well done to the ladies
sharkey: difference in style - NS only got to 2
other room...
mdgraham: very much so - the final pass looks
rather pessimistic
- 55 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
santyclz: This is becoming embarassing
xenya: even 6 would have been profitable for
ahollan1: Fred -- i’m sure that was me
idblu: I thought so
xenya: still it’s hard to see S bid 4 all on his
own -- N had an opportunity to insert 3
© over 3
mcarroll: same contract in OR
MolvaM: bu vugraf yayˆ‰nlarˆ‰ndaki 1 baˆ ka
sorunumuz da ˆ u
MolvaM: tˆ…m iyi oyuncular oynuyorlar
b_eymen: ˆ§ˆ‰kmayˆ‰n diye
eccone: 4 board 4♠ oynanˆ‰yormus
akgun: enteresan eller gelmeye devam ediyor
ovncylmz: 4 = masa icin iyi oldu:)
dadim: evet gormemiˆ im
eccone: 5♣ denilirse 5 denilecekti tabi
eccone: evet
MolvaM: maˆ§tan sonra impleri paylaˆ ˆ‰rken
hatˆ‰rlatmasˆ‰ gerek takˆ‰mdakilere
eccone: 3. den zayˆ‰f acˆ‰lacak bi eldi
ovncylmz: :)
akgun: KG 3nt yapabiliyor bu boardda
eccone: sorunsuz
eccone: sorunsuz boardlarˆ‰ gecssek zaman
kazanˆ‰rdˆ‰k erdiolsa murat abi
akgun: evet redeal pls:)
vugraphzkg: :)
vugraphzkg: kuzey deklerasyona baˆ ladˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰
iˆ§in burada yardˆ‰mcˆ‰ olamayacaˆ ˆ‰m:)
eccone: dogu gˆ¶rˆ…nˆ…yor burda
eccone : G 1nt kuzey bu tip ellerle stayman
yapmamasˆ‰ daha dogru
eccone : ♠ bulunursa bile oynanmamalˆ‰
kozdan batˆ‰labilir
eccone: puan cok nt batmaz
vugraphzkg: kuzey zayˆ‰f nt aˆ§tˆ‰ gˆ…neyin
eliyle 3nt dendi ve herkes pass
eccone: sen ne yapˆ‰yosun o arada
vugraphzkg: deklere doˆ udan baˆ lˆ‰yor
riyilikci : Yorumcularimiz Nezih Kubaˆ§ ve
Mustafa Tokay, baˆ ka baˆ arilarinin yaninda geˆ§
tiˆ imiz senenin Tˆ…rkiye Kulˆ…pler ˆ ampiyonlar
ˆ‰ ve Kiˆ Dˆ¶rtlˆ… yari finalistleri
yakop: bu oyuncular turkiyenin en iyi oyuncularˆ
‰ndan biriydi
vahaboglu: haklˆ‰sˆ‰n ancak transfer eden de
davet etmedi
riyilikci: 1NT rebidi 17-19
tez: 1 08
MolvaM: doˆ uda dengeli daˆ ˆ‰lˆ‰m var gene
koksoy: gˆ…neyde de :)
MolvaM: tebrikler
mariner1: the Seniors are taking a big lead early
here..1♣!..16+p, ANY
snorris: yes
cindy: 3N could be a struggle
ralfwil: 40-0 after 6 boards! unbelieveable!
irwinbo: the problem with i diamond is that when
partner bids one spade you have to bid 2nt
idblu: 1N n/s a good spot
vugraphzhq: Micry fends kisses by E
werge: Ah - some fun - bad ♠-break
sharkey: sure looks like it’s worth a raise in my
caitlin: China has its stride
MolvaM: dolayˆ‰sˆ‰ ile yorumcu bulmamˆ‰z
zor olacak
MolvaM: vugraf yorumcusu
akgun: 1d 1h overcall gelirmi
riyilikci: Kazˆ‰l- Aygen iˆ§in iyi duruˆ
ovncylmz: anadolu bricinde ufak bir hastalik
daha, 4lu fiti forsing nt icine saklamak:)
dadim: slm
exerdar: gˆ…zel bi 6h var bakalˆ‰m nolacak
yakop: ilginˆ§ bord
yakop: nerde bitecek bakalˆ‰mˆ…
MolvaM: gˆ…naydˆ‰nlar :)
arigun : ♠ haric evet :) renkler arasinda adet
olarak en fazla 1 fark var
vahaboglu: ˆ¶nceki el diˆ er odada belki 4♠ e
gelinip -500 ile iyi baraj olabilir
tokay1975: 3nt oynarlarsa muthis
MolvaM: iˆ te klasik bir vugra eli
tez : el goren bulbulu olmamak icin elimden
geleni yapacagim:)
MolvaM: 6 aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ nasˆ‰l?
sharkey: 1 = 1+ ?..2♣
snorris: 4
vs 4♠
wilkinsona: ...maybe its the 4 card overcalls
irwinbo: ca’t be
xenya: anyone know what 2♣ is?
yakop: 6 hayal gibi:)
exerdar: 1nt aˆ§ˆ‰ldˆ‰kdan sonra bulmak zor
MolvaM: 5-3 kˆ¶r fitini bulmak zorlaˆ tˆ‰ ˆ imdi
tez: 3nt diyecek ibo
ralfwil: but no use of that with only singleton ♠
snorris: redouble might mean something special
cindy: this cant be right
idblu: THATS a weak NT
bg: 1430 may lose an imp should make 7
- 56 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ahollan1: i once lost a 7 board set to Meckwell
athene: south has a good hand for a non-forcing
by over 60 -- everyone on their team won a
christmas tree
bg: somwe kind of part score here- as Joey Silver
would say--next
othered1: north might bid some NT
sybarra: will never guess the
caitlin: I will be very surprised if Mori bids 2N; it
is his least favourite bid
ralfwil: a bad split in and a ♣ lead will make it
difficult in 4
yo_yo: dbl!
idblu : yea...but living in Arizona slants your
views on life :)
othered1: game isn’t particularly goo dhere
idblu: 13 tricks...can they bid it
santyclz: 7 would appear to be pretty good, 7nt
less so, but making.
jaapfr: y but after 1nt which N believes in game
yo_yo: thanks hiroaki
roswolf: another slam zone hand
arigun: buradan cikarilacak sonuc, yorumcular=
kotu oyuncular :)
b_eymen: 3 fazla tutucu oldu
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰nˆ‰ bu linkten bulabilirsiniz
eccone: evet
nezihk: malesef bu sene erken elendik
kabexnuf: selam irfan
yakop: ama onlarda barajˆ‰ kalker uzerine inˆ a
etmek istemiyolar
yakop: ucuz olsun demiyolar
eccone: 2NT veya neyse
yakop: bulsan da yapmak zor olur:)
eccone: selamlar
arigun: guney tam dengeli 1-1 :)
tez: salvo acmisti milli takim secmelerinde tam
bu elle
MolvaM : bu elde 6 kˆ¶re trefl ˆ§akasˆ‰ ile
batmak ˆ§ok acˆ‰ olur
othered1: Compare this hand with the last east
opened -- that’s a pretty good range in a limited
opening system...3 !
snorris: like an honor in ♠
fabsayc: a lot of matches have had wild swings
of momentum
2 bid but not many people play that outside
eccone: dbl
riyilikci: skorlar iˆ§in
vahaboglu: 1 aˆ§ˆ‰lˆ‰rsa overcall olur
MolvaM: aˆ§ˆ‰k odada ingilizce yorumcu eksiˆ i
varmˆ‰ˆ . ben mˆ…sadenizi rica edeyim
marlowepi: roses are saying "we’ve senior big
lead and are not scared"..p
cindy: harhar
sybarra : ok folks, I am going to leave you,
breakfast meeting are not my thing, but have an
early one tomorrow
sharkey: and almost opening hand?
ralfwil: but we didn´·t see what EW discarded on
- 57 -
ralfwil: But W had made 5 after the 4 bid!
snorris: better pass..
snorris: south
idblu: yes...I am surprised he didn’t make 7
mdgraham: miss a vulnerable game. Gain 12
imps. Too easy
sybarra: there you go
fabsayc: lol
caitlin: but he had no other bid:)
othered1: That, invitational, feels about what it is
worth. But maybe 2 forces to far
shevek: maybe showing 0-7 :)
athene: sorry WEST has a good hand...
wygbe1: tough bid for s here
wygbe1: i think 3h would be my choice
MolvaM: bu 3 karo aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ biraz insiyatifli
ya transfer
aruf: dogu batˆ‰ en son 2 ♣ deklaresi yapacak
gibi gˆ¶zˆ…kˆ…yor ama sonrasˆ‰ ilginˆ§
akgun: kuzey pas
akgun: guney cakar herhalde
eccone: evet
eccone: pas pas rdb olur heralde
tokay1975: abi solemeseydin keske ben gizliyodum:))))))
nezihk: onu bildiˆ im iˆ§in sˆ¶yleyim bari dedim
arigun: slam sorunsuz bakalim soylenebilecekmi
nezihk: hehe
tokay1975: 2dia en az davet eli gosterdi sanirim
kalmalari cok zor artik
nezihk: 3 karo 3 H den sonra 6 ya ˆ§ok kolay ulaˆ
kabexnuf: 2sp
tez: 5♣ e gelecekler muhtemelen
tez: 5 super kontrat
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
tez: okay
¨ larini gosteremeyecegi icin 5¨ yu
bulmak zor bu zon durumunda
vahaboglu: ˆ ngilizcesi kuvvetli olanlar!
tez: hoscakal molvam
tez: korkarsa
dan dbl der
ve vardi yine
tez: 7/8 yil once..gercekten ciddi soyluyorum
yusufb: 6 dicekler ama koz cˆ‰kˆ‰lmasa bile
MolvaM: ok tez inandˆ‰k sana :)
MolvaM: koz ˆ§ˆ‰kˆ‰lsa aˆ rˆ‰sˆ‰z ve acˆ‰s
ˆ‰z batacak hiˆ§ olmazsa
tokay1975: belki terse gitmek lazim taktik acidan
icerdekiler gerideki takˆ‰m nasil olsa 6 der diye
6 dicektir 4te kalˆ p mucize olmasini ve 6nˆ‰n
batmasini beklemekde bi taktik
tez: onda
damida vardi galiba
yusufb: 6 acˆ‰sˆ‰ baya rastladˆ‰m ben en son
Hakan goksu istanbul elemelerinde actˆ‰ sizin
maˆ§tˆ‰ galiba Tez
tez: 2000 yilindaymis..seyircilerden onay geldi
vugraphzkg: oyuncu dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yor
MolvaM: esasen bu elde sonunda 6 e gelmek ile
baˆ tan 6 aˆ§mak arasˆ‰nda pek fark olmayacak
tez: evet yusuf
yusufb: biz 3 oynamˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰k:)
tez: herkes yapacagi kadarini oynuyor:)
MolvaM: ozaman 2♠ e bˆ‰rakˆ‰p batˆ‰rsˆ‰
nlar bari. 100 alˆ‰rlar :)
tokay1975: hahaha
yusufb: ama biz bile +3 yaptˆ‰k o kadar kabaktˆ
mariner1: only part scores here..p
snorris: 2 ♠ a fit bid it seems
ralfwil: One of my principles. Dont tell too mych
in a competitive bidding
ralfwil: much....
wilkinsona: suppose so..
ralfwil: rather strange to land in only 2 in OR
josj: this time it seems to make
vugraphzhq: you’re welcome
yo_yo : all happy and smiling except for the
ladies captain :)
eccone: sˆ…per bi 6
MolvaM: sˆ…per mi gerˆ§ekten?
eccone: aˆ§ˆ‰k elde ˆ¶le paˆ am
eccone: :)
MolvaM: kˆ¶r pasˆ‰ geˆ§tiˆ i iˆ§in?
MolvaM: :)
yakop: 6 cl der heralde
eccone: batˆ‰ der
¨ ©
eccone: dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…p dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…p :)
yakop: zafer 7 iiˆ§in formul arˆ‰yo bence 6 yˆ‰
yakop: bilmem anlatabildim mi
eccone: gˆ…zel hikaye :)
tez: ben 3 nt derdim
MolvaM: nasˆ‰l olsa koca izmir de karoyu kesen
birisi bulunur herhalde dedi.
tez: 3nt keserim var yada yok ..gucum var demek
cindy: g’night shirley..3♠
barbyh: bye shirl
sybarra: gl with all the rest, g’night all
sharkey: claimed before we cud Ralf
ralfwil: only to help partner
wilkinsona: has to get the spades right here
snorris: arrgg..
idblu: :)
werge: 2♣ should include a weak minor-2
xenya: there have been several suggestions from
the kibitzers as to the meaning of the 2♣ bid
werge: D = do not lead ?
idblu: yes...7 once they find the fit
Q falling makes 4 but not an
mcarroll: the
obvious play
eccone: ♣ bulurlar
akgun: 2c guneye kadar geri gelir
akgun: undo?
aruf: normal sartlarda ˆ¶yle olmasˆ‰ gerek ama
masada her sey farklˆ‰ oluyor psikoloji hava
eccone: buda ilginc bi declere oldu
eccone: K araya girince falan filan
riyilikci: doˆ unun eli ile oyun aˆ§mayan ˆ§ikar
mi bilmiyorum ama oyun aˆ§iˆ i KG iˆ§in ˆ lem sˆ
¶ylemeyi bu el daha garantili hale getiriyor
yakop: umarˆ‰m size bi fikir vermiˆ imdir
eccone: 4♣ denilebilir ˆ¶zgˆ…rˆ…n eliyle
eccone: kalˆ‰rlar yine ama
eccone: 4 az oldu
tokay1975: bulent 1nt acti butun onorlerini garde
etti simdi odullenicek 3nt yaparak
tez: 3 nt kutsal kontrat..kolay kolay gecilmez
minor varken
tez: 2 pas pas dbl pas 2 olacak bence
ralfwil: In this position I play D showing a 4-card
suit and 1♠ shows a 5-card suit. Do youplay like
irwinbo: can’t
caitlin: he often watch them run hearts
at me or whatever
othered1: I wonder if south could have bid a non-
- 58 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
invitational 3♣?
ovncylmz: takimlar oldukca agresif:)
eccone: 1♣ trefler yada herhangi 15+
eccone: gerci bu zondurumunda hicbiˆ iyde cˆ‰
kmaya blir
vugraphzkg: aman tanrˆ‰m
eccone: 4 cok az oldu
tyavuz: sˆ…per dediˆ in %20 civarˆ‰nda
MolvaM: ufuk hala orta sahada top dolaˆ tˆ‰rˆ‰
snorris: another advers sacrifice..3N
fabsayc: the 4 bid is a strong clue
wilkinsona: may well do so
snorris: the woes will never end
snorris: I do
thommos: what do you all play the pass from
South as?
sharkey: 2♣ checkback
xenya: all very different
idblu: try Canada....
santyclz: Mirror distribution.
ahollan1: i had skewed perspective in other states
fabsayc: now 4 , ace asking?
ahollan1: 1N=BAL 8+ game force
yo_yo: does he know something.....
roswolf: this could be murder
vugraphzkg: no:)
eccone: hava iyiymis izmirde faruk
akgun: eller ilginc deklereler supriz
eccone: psikolojiyi bilmem ama
eccone: :)
aruf: evet kardeˆ im ben kˆ‰sa kollu ile dolaˆ ˆ‰
vugraphzkg: faruk bozuyo havayˆ‰ ama
eccone: oh oh
MolvaM: kˆ¶r ataˆ nˆ‰ ele ˆ§eker miydiniz?
ovncylmz: kenan takimlarin su anki siralamalari
var mi elimizde:)
MolvaM: uzman sorusuna cevap verin bakalˆ‰m
vugraphzkg: ben taner internette olamasˆ‰ lazˆ
tokay1975: rua spini sevmiyor
MolvaM: sonra 3 karo olmayacak mˆ‰ peki?
snorris: 5
only -1..p
snorris: but no
ralfwil: often difficult in reversed vulnerable
panja: neither the 1♣ opening not this pass of 4
♠ by W bid are easy to understand...I mean the
ratinale behind either
npcjpn: 2NT is a puppet to 3♣, then 3NT shows
3♠ and 4 .
- 59 -
sybarra2: or cue all the way
idblu: 3♠ Q
idblu: cue
josj: 2 is safe
roswolf: sensible run out
MolvaM: gene de makul kontrata gelindi
b_eymen: 3 4 daha iyi bi dec
nezihk: kapalˆ‰ odada sorunmu var caba sadece
¨ ©
1 nolu borddan skor aldˆ‰k
MolvaM: eskiden bu gibi durumlarda seyirciler "
ama onlar lebensohl oynuyorlar" filan gibi uyarˆ
‰lar gelirdi. ˆ imdi kimseden ses ˆ§ˆ‰kmˆ‰yor.
herkesin uykusu gelmiˆ sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
ogoksel: muhtemelen ufak ♣ oynanacak
tez: rakibin iyi fiti varken 2 ye oynatmak istemez
oyuncular genellikle..ama salvo tutucudur.pas
mariner1: 4 could be the contract which has
tough chances..4♠
marlowepi: deepfinesse makes 4H i bet
snorris: 3nt is difficult
snorris: with
sybarra: that was first push bd
sybarra: maybe righting the ship for Israel
bg: not sure what those bids meant but contact is
ahollan1: even if NS play 2 way Stayman [part
of original Precision] I like 2♣ rather than 2 because East will never make a lead directing
b_eymen: 4 mantˆ‰klˆ‰
b_eymen: ortagˆ‰n ilk rengide AJXX
b_eymen: aj9x
b_eymen: :)
vugraphzkg: :)
aruf: kenan sen kagˆ‰tlarˆ‰ takip et kardeˆ im
eccone: pas gfmi?
eccone: 3 nt denir heralde
tokay1975: dia iyi olmali ve h vale bulunmali
tez: %20 benim superim turancim:)
koksoy: son 2 board zabunoglu lehine potansiyel
MolvaM: 6 dese yapar mˆ‰ydˆ‰?
MolvaM: kim burada karo oynar?
tez : ♠ kq
akjx idi hakanin 6
actigi el..karsida fiti ve j9xx ♠ bulunca el
tokay1975 : ben 5h dicek diye dusunmustum
3spten sonra
tez: diger masa 4 oynuyor bu eli
yusufb: 6 oynarken en kotusude koz atak gelmez
sevinirsin ama ♣ partaj degil yˆ‰kˆ‰lˆ‰rsˆ‰n:)
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
wilkinsona: easy now..p
ralfwil: important to play E for the right A with a
¨ lead, but now....
snorris: well west doesnt know if east has s
sharkey: agree with ♠ lead?
ralfwil: no!
othered1: agree on ♠ play, but it’s not guaranteed
snorris: can he slip this home+
snorris: ?
werge: Yes
wilkinsona: yes, most would bid 1 spade by west
cindy: at the 1 level i usually play no preference
cindy: only at 1 level though
thommos: above one level as penalty?
cindy: yes
thommos: 3NT likely to make 11
sharkey: 2 invitational values I assume
athene: this looks to be down only one?
yo_yo: Wang has a good hand for 2♠ dont you
othered1: even 3♠ needs some racing luck
ahollan1: if 1N=14-16, i think hand might be too
good, if 15-17, just right
jaapfr: x lead:)
wygbe1: was one spade like a forcing nt?
xenya: this will probably fail
jaapfr: with this super lead
akgun: pas pas:)
ovncylmz: bunu bugun 10. kere falan soyluyorum
ama takimlar eleme turlari oldugundan asiri
eccone: mecburen paˆ am
tez: 7♣ te sorun yok..oynamasi kolay bulmasi
tez: 5 derse simdi
tez: kor disinda keykart sorsa
MolvaM: rahmi bey diˆ er maˆ§tan haber varmˆ‰
tyavuz : ama gˆ¶rˆ…ntˆ… olarak ˆ ˆ‰k bir
kontrat bu konuda sana hak veriyorum:)
yakop: slm arkadaˆ lar
tokay1975: selam
MolvaM: burada sˆ…per kontratˆ‰n tanˆ‰mˆ‰
nda anlaˆ mak gerek
MolvaM: batmasˆ‰ gerekirken olan kontrata mˆ
‰ sˆ…per denir?
riyilikci: kapalˆ‰dan sadece 4 bord geldi
tokay1975: anlastilar abi %20 ve ustu
tez: 5♣ i yaptirmaktan korkup 5 dersin bicok
kere.. larda fit oldugunu ogrensek kimse 5♣ e
pas demez okayin eliyle
MolvaM: ok. kaza raporu tutmamˆ‰za ve alkol
muayenesine gerek yok yani
tez: guneyin eliyle 1♠ acar mˆ‰ydˆ‰nˆ‰z?
mariner1: NS in Open are in 2 only..p
cindy: the are fluctuating between conservative
and aggressive
marlowepi: i wish they would let ME do that
when i lead
idblu: tuff dummy to lead into
cindy : nothing good to do here it seems
another spade ?
idblu: whtas his is his
marlowepi: D unlikely to cost
cindy: i would like to play it penalty at 1 level
too but cant get any of my partners to play it that
way :)
athene: for two down, the defence have to get a
diamond ruff AND stop the spade ruff
ahollan1: another good lead
othered1: How would you play this, needing lots
of good things to happen?
MolvaM: dolayˆ‰sˆ‰ ile gˆ…ney ders almadˆ‰.
ileride gene aˆ§ar bu elle 3
b_eymen: 3♠ 4
MolvaM: ta ki zon kaˆ§ˆ‰rana kadar
arigun: 5 major ataklara batiyor, 5! in sansi
yok, iyi yerde durdu kocaeli takimi
arigun: bence kimsenin aklina gelmez :)
MolvaM: doˆ ru yerde durdular her iki takˆ‰ma
da tebrikler
cindy: this could be a push also..p
npcjpn: it is a kind of puppet stayman, in case
opener has 5♠.
thommos: I do play it as penalties
ahollan1: and extremely unlucky mirroring it is
yo_yo: Liu is out for blood
vulkan: benim baˆ lantˆ‰da sorun var galiba
yazdˆ‰klarˆ‰m takriben 15 dkka sonra dˆ…ˆ ˆ
b_eymen: bendede oluyor hocam
b_eymen: bak yine oldu
b_eymen: ♠
ya aˆ ˆ agˆ‰sˆ‰ ˆ…ste cakˆ‰yor
vugraphzkg: 1 sonraki macta seri baslarˆ‰nˆ‰
yazarˆ‰m vugrapha
ovncylmz: diger masa da 6♠ oynuyor kor sigan
olan boardu:)
eccone: aslˆ‰nda karo sayˆ‰sˆ‰yla ilgili
tez: en kolay yol bu saniyorum..
koksoy: 5 tane karo eger kˆ¶r oynanˆ‰rsa
- 60 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
tez: gercekten tebrik etmek lazim
marlowepi: "congressive"--good description..♣Q
snorris: 3 times
snorris: maybe
ralfwil: only if EW not take their 2 and 3♠
wilkinsona: well defence has 5 on top now
cindy: well then you could be my partner
idblu: obviously they have never played rubber
idblu: ’s have been set
ovncylmz: bugun izledigimiz 21-22-23 3ntleri
7.falan oldu
ovncylmz: guneyden 4♠ ye 6 geldi
cindy: yes !!..♣K
cindy: excellent
wilkinsona: spade does not look unreasonable
sharkey: always good in the post-mortem to lead
pd’s suit - unless you have a very good reason to
do otherwise
mpny: that was a very good stop
yo_yo: do we like that opening bid?
ralfwil: 2 is better than 2♠ but how stop there?
mdgraham: this may make, if West can hold the
trump losers to two
sharkey: yes - only 8 tricks with best defence I
xenya: to quote a kibitzer: their CC say "w2 in
or GF one-suiter or 20-21 bal"
ahollan1: for spectators -- mirroring is when both
hands of partnerhip have exact same distribution
eccone: bu 23 ler normal bence
eccone: ♣ i KQ olsa el acar
kabexnuf: bu bord cok agresif degil bencede.
eccone: karo 5 tane vermiyosa
MolvaM: hala kˆ¶r devamˆ‰na soru iˆ areti var
riyilikci: ortak kˆ¶rˆ…n tek mi sorusu? :)
yakop: cok konservatif davrandˆ‰ eldeki kuˆ
daldaki kuˆ :)
eccone: woow
eccone: sˆ…per baraj
tez: cevaplarinida onceden calismak gerekiyor
panja: down now..♣7
cindy: E wishes he could have S lead again
bg: double dummy low cub to 9 low spade to
queen this could be made
cindy: poor Levin always in a potential endplay
bg: drop spade king great play if he finds it
cindy: he is thinking about it
- 61 -
sybarra: best if in tempo
sybarra: or closer tempo than this
cindy: cant use the phone excuse in live bridge
wilkinsona: defence need to find a diamond ruff
it seems
werge: WHICH trump will North lead?
santyclz: On a trump lead, I’d pull, take the ♣
finesse eliminate and exit in s. As I said, my pd
declares better than I.
santyclz: If the get to 6♠s, I hope e doesn’t x.
ovncylmz: upps
eccone: sorun yok ˆ¶vˆ…nc :)
kabexnuf: :)
nezihk: gˆ…neyin 3 D deklerasyonu iˆ i kolaylaˆ
tokay1975: h cˆ‰ksa batiyo ama dogru hemen
olucakti 3nt hakkaten iyi baraj
eccone: 4♣
tez: ben kesin giderdim 6 ya
tokay1975: 2cl 2dia 3h 4he pas demis nafiz abi
cl as garanti veriyo dia kayˆ‰plari kapaniyosada
bulmiyim demis
tokay1975: riske girmemis 5 seviyesinin bile
tez: ortakta biraz mal oldugunu biliyor ufuk koc
ralfwil: they missed their 4-4 fit in ♠ and found
the best contract..♣3
ahollan1: so no discards or ruffs available for
extra tricks
idblu: :)
santyclz: (they)
roswolf: this is now a messy auction
josj: slam seems far away
yu bˆ‰rakmassa -1
eccone: baban elini gˆ¶stermesse sorun yok
ovncylmz: haha:)
vahaboglu: tehlikeli
vahaboglu: her halˆ…karda oluyor
vahaboglu: ancak
alˆ‰nˆ‰r, dˆ¶nˆ…lˆ…
vahaboglu: dekleran ♠ partajˆ‰na giderse
vahaboglu: batar
tez: cok bilen az oynayan yorumcu arkadaslar:)
cevap lutfen
snorris: yes..♠T
snorris: so now is the time..
bg: safer to play it as no preference frequency of
having right cards for a penalty is too low
chessmaste: North was lucky his side had an
escape from 2♣ redoubled
akgun: simdi kucuk kormu oynayacak?
eccone: elde kalmak icin 10♠ deniyebilirdi
eccone: ama baska bi planˆ‰ var galiba
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
akgun: eelde kalmasi iyi olmus aslinda
eccone: en iyi ♠ oynamasˆ‰ lazˆ‰m
eccone: Q♠
aruf: baya uzun sˆ…recek bu el :) pike dvm mant
ˆ‰klˆ‰ gˆ¶zˆ…kˆ…yor
akgun: 3s 2h 2c 2d yapmayi becerebilirse olacak
eccone: baska secenek yok galiba
eccone: :)
eccone: 2 aldˆ‰rmazlar
eccone: 3♠ te
MolvaM: trefl ˆ§akasˆ‰ arˆ‰yor. makul ama
riyilikci: aˆ§ik oda 15-16 ile basladi bu yˆ…zden
sadece 1 nolu bord skorlandi
vahaboglu: As
tez: bu elden sonra okay ve gokhan saldiracak..biliyorlarki
biraz geri dustuler sayi olarak
snorris: the weakness of the strong ♣ systems is
the 1 bid..♠Q
wilkinsona: may be tricky to cash these spades
ralfwil: If I open with 1 ny next bid would be 2
athene: whether the ¨9 can be read depends on
what sort of count signals the Chinese ladies play
athene: if they play upside down, it has to be a
shevek: note Ish played the 8 not the 6
idblu: needs ♣ hook now
josj: the X was optimistic, too
eccone: ˆ¶hm
eccone: ˆ§akˆ‰p Q en iyi tempo paˆ am
tez: alkis
riyilikci: Orhan’dan iyi bir deklerasyon
tez: 7 nt ideal oyun ama o kadar kusur ..
idblu: the expert duck..♠K
yo_yo: suicidal more like it
b_eymen: acaba gˆ¶rdˆ…klerim dogrumu
eccone: en iyi oyun dam ♠
vugraphzkg: kuzey 1.den 1nt aˆ§tˆ‰ arkadaˆ lar
marlowepi: club to the eight to make 4..♠A
mariner1: aggresserrvative?
bg: how many open S with 1 club? How is pard
supposed to know what is going on?
othered1: you might be able to strip the hand of
back suits then Ax and hope something really
good happens
fabsayc: north knows enough now
vahaboglu: pik
MolvaM: izmir ˆ¶ne geˆ§mek ˆ…zere ˆ imdi de
ogoksel: karoyu saˆ liyacak
tokay1975: kaat bi acaip hale geldi as cekip sp
verirlerse cl passiz yapamiyor
tokay1975: ad di,a cekip
ogoksel: kontratˆ‰n olup olmayacaˆ ˆ‰ ˆ ˆ…
pheli hale geldi sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
snorris: when it doesnt promise the suit.. 7
ralfwil: now it´·s important to play
sharkey: In this case I think E has length in as
for sure short in ♣ - thus I thin lead stands out
snorris: agree but might be 11-13 flat and no d
snorris: suit
idblu: your line looks right Joe
yakop: bu el bircan kazandˆ‰
yakop: agresiflik bu iˆ te
yakop: karo alˆ‰nˆ‰p h donulurse piki bˆ‰
rakmak sefaty
snorris: still 10 tricks
fabsayc: no finesse now
athene: yes, Del’Monte does his best to confuse
the issue
shevek: but that didn’t help
athene: but to no avail
athene: when you play upside down count you
like your singletons to be large
eccone: ♠
eccone: ♣ partajsa ki ˆ§ok zor karo ˆ§akarak yap
tokay1975: guney 4cli dogal sandi uyumsuzluktan
cekindi fiti anlayamadi kuzeyde dia cuebidi
duymayˆ‰nca pas dedi
vahaboglu: ben rakip 3NT ye gelsin de DBL
atayˆ‰m diye beklerdim
- 62 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 2♠
c 3♠
this/total IMPs
-1 100
-1 100
♠ J10 6 5
J10 6 4
♣3 2
♠K 9 8 7
N ♠A Q 4
K10 7
♣Q 9 4
♣10 7
♣ AK J 8 6 5
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#1 N::
#3 N::
#5 S::
#7 E::
#2 S::
#4 S::
#6 W::
#8 E::
marlowepi: should be a snore at 4H
mariner1: 4 can make here
snorris: doesnt seem so
ralfwil: I don´·t pass on N
ralfwil: and still -1!!!!!
snorris: strange
play there
ralfwil: through the whole play
werge: 7 NT - to avoid any ruffs...
wilkinsona: sorry, yes well done
othered1: west likely won’t get to open 1♣ here
cindy: he could have endplayed S for down 1
ralfwil: Harada has seen 2 and 2 tricks and
that partner only has 3 ♣, so how can he break
the contract without 3 ♠ tricks?
werge: 3 NT with 11 + 11
marlowepi: i say life is too short for anything
bg: i need typing lessons
thommos : you masterpoints may have more
- 63 -
regulation than your banks :)
cindy: thats so true !!!
idblu: MP’s are so inflated anyways
ralfwil: aha 6♠X!
thommos: they got to high and needed spades
breaking with K onside
mdgraham: board 20 was an 11-point opener as
well ;)
sharkey: i surmise odds against based on your
mpny: It is just style, not right or wrong. I would
not open, but very few would not
yo_yo: true Mike but it had a few more things
going for it
sharkey: true - think 11 pts ok with shape and
ahollan1: stemming the tide --- a push
fabsayc: and i am betting at least one pair using
it in this event
athene: declarer could have drawn trumps and
gone only one down but reasonably enough he
tried to make
ahollan1: if declarer held 3 -- it is right, if only
2 then 4 and ruff-sluff doesn’t help declarer -well done
santyclz: Yes. If you know what to do, letting
partner who may not choose is a mistake.
santyclz: Makes on 12.5% of the 4-1
too (I think) so maybe better than 70%.
idblu: re :) crashed :(
santyclz: Re Furd.
arigun: guney 1 acsa kuzeyin cok iyi bir eli var,
slame tesebbus ederse butun 5 ler batiyor
MolvaM: deklaran kozlarˆ‰ biraz ters oynadˆ‰
diyelim kˆ‰saca
ovncylmz: OOO, salvador-nafiz abiler de 3ntyi
ovncylmz: 3c oynuyorlar onlar da
b_eymen: o elin naturel decleresi bence 1 dbl
pas 2♣ pas 2 pas 2 nt pas 3nt
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linke bakabilirsiniz ayrˆ‰ca
turnuvanˆ‰n detaylˆ‰ programˆ‰nˆ‰ ˆ¶ˆ
ovncylmz: diyarbakir takimi 14-18 1nt acislari
yapiyor, son derece tehlikeli tum masa acisindan:)
vugraphzkg: gˆ…zel bir oyundu
aruf: normal bi 4 oyunu araya sˆ‰kˆ‰smˆ‰ˆ
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
eccone: tebriklerimizi ilet :)
vugraphzkg: ok
ovncylmz: wd EW
kabexnuf: belki 6 cozulmedi
ovncylmz: tek-cift apel oynuyorlar
eccone: ♣ Q ondayken baska caresi yok
ovncylmz: 6yi cozemedi zannedersem oysa
teklerin hepsi gozuktu
ovncylmz: 17-7 oldu
ovncylmz: karo dam atagi gelince
eccone: Q cˆ‰kˆ‰lmˆ‰s
sengulerz: 4 ve 5. eller Akˆ…zˆ…m takˆ‰mˆ‰
aˆ§ˆ‰sˆ‰ndan ˆ…mit verici
eccone: bu zon durumunda ortak 4 cakˆ‰nca
enteresan bi el yane kˆ¶r kˆ‰sa diye 6♣ denilebilrdi
yakop: bu tip maclarda boyle davranmak normal
karanlˆ‰ga kursun sˆ‰kmak iyi oyuncularˆ‰n
pek tarzˆ‰ degildir
nezihk: ataˆ ˆ‰ deˆ iˆ tireceksin
yakop: avcˆ‰nˆ‰n kjararˆ‰ cok iyi
nezihk: fakat bu elde iyi ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰
riyilikci: sonuˆ§lar
tez: ortadogu ve asyanin en hizli el acanlarindan
biridir hakan goksu
yakop: safety miˆ :)
vahaboglu: :)
MolvaM: bakalˆ‰m voidwood konvansiyonunu ˆ
§alˆ‰ˆ mˆ‰ˆ lar mˆ‰
MolvaM: turan yavuz hoˆ geldin :)
tyavuz: selam herkese
tokay1975: evet hoca dogru ben eksik analiz
yapmisim o pozisyonda
tokay1975: 2el gormusum
tez: geride takim kanli ellerin gelmesini ister
tez: gerideki
MolvaM : ben ufuˆ un yerinde olsam 11 imp
kazandˆ‰k derdim
tez : el veriyorsun ve mutlu oluyorsun slem
olmuyormus garip bir oyun bu bric
ralfwil: As in the previous session I can recommend
Kesleys books about defence.....2♣!
snorris: a lucky position in ♣s
eccone: dogu ilk kursunu sˆ‰kmadˆ‰ysa sorun
olmazdˆ‰ bence :) ama ˆ… 2li olabilirdi gayet
MolvaM: briˆ§te saldˆ‰ran pek iflah olmaz diye
biliyorum ben ama...
sharkey: Multi 2 in OR..p
sharkey: Appears EW in OR didnt have a defence
prepared for Multi 2 opening
ralfwil: 3nt on W is OK
sharkey: yes
thommos: bank stocks, no longer inflated
cindy: a beer costs 1/2 masterpoint
caitlin: 4 doubled in open room
athene: 1♣ on any balanced hand outside 1nt
othered1 : That’s what I meant about north
having count
ahollan1: to really learn the lesson about preventing
partner from going wrong. Hugh Kelsey’s "
Killing Defense at Bridge"
idblu: is E worth a call at this vul?
santyclz: No, if s 4-1 needs 3-3 s so only 6%.
ovncylmz: kritik bir el:)
ovncylmz: 2sp acabilir KG
eccone: 1 nt mi?
sengulerz: ˆ§abuk tarafˆ‰ndan bir 4♠ olacak.. d
ˆ…z bir board daha
eccone: 1 dbl
exerdar: kuvvetli aˆ§ˆ‰lˆ‰ˆ da dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nebilir
eccone: 2♣
eccone: evet mantˆ‰klˆ‰
yakop: 2nt?
eccone: selam :)
MolvaM: ˆ u an yarˆ‰ final maˆ§ˆ‰nˆ‰n ilk
devresini izliyoruz
MolvaM: yarˆ‰ final toplam 3 devreden oluˆ
uyor (toplam 48 bord)
tez : burasi baya kalabalik oldu..bana ihtiyac
yok..ben derse devam ediyorum.kolay gelsin
MolvaM: kazanan takˆ‰mlar yarˆ‰n 64 bordluk
final maˆ§ˆ‰ yapacaklar
tez: tyavuz hosgeldin:)
riyilikci: teˆ ekkˆ…rler Tezcan
MolvaM: yoksa masa tenisinde miydi o
vahaboglu: atak deklereye devam ediyor ˆ zmir
Bˆ B
MolvaM: tabi ki. deklarasyon kˆ‰smˆ‰ bricin ˆ
u an en ˆ¶nemli kˆ‰smˆ‰. herkes iyi kˆ¶tˆ…
defans yapabiliyor veya yer oyunu oynayabiliyor
ogoksel: N 1NT araya girer ise heyecanlˆ‰ bir
el olabilir
panja : this should not be a difficult hand to
bid...S shows his long suit, North asks Aces
sometime...and that is all that is needed to bid 7..2
snorris: dont think they will bid it
yo_yo: 11 point balanced then
ahollan1 : actually Joey Silver may still be
playing it [with John Carruthers]
eccone: zayˆ‰fta kuvvetlide acar bu el
- 64 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
MolvaM: ˆ anssˆ‰z bir atak olmuˆ .
phantoma: gunun ilk 7sine merhaba diyelim
tyavuz: iyi dersler tez:)
MolvaM: burada da grandˆ lem potansiyeli var
wilkinsona: multi seems popular in the East..p
snorris: 2
for me
snorris: but how to find it+
snorris: ?
panja: now...the self preempting effect of the big
2Nt bid comes into picture
snorris: south will try to show s and slammish
athene: double = 4+♠
shevek: dbl shows 5♠ I think
xenya: at last an excellenet slam
jaapfr: last 10 boards of nec 2009?
jaapfr: re
b_eymen: bu durumda elden oynanacaksa koz en
iisi kˆ…cˆ…k oynamak
arigun: demekki yorucu=kotu oyuncu teoremi
dogruymus, degil 5 4 bile batabiliyormus :)
ovncylmz: 4lu pik uzun minor:)
vugraphzkg: sˆ¶yledim eymen:)
eccone: :)
vugraphzkg: olmayacakmˆ‰ˆ
eccone: 3♣ ne?
tokay1975: kuzeyde bunlar varken guneyin
kuvvetli elinde dia uebidi olmamasi nerdeyse
imkansiz ama yinede pas demesine yanlˆ‰s
nezihk: vavvvvvvvvv 7 hem de alasˆ‰
yakop : riske edemez hiˆ§ bir oyuncu bu zon
eccone: hehhe
yakop: 5li rengi oˆ‰lan nt
eccone: 4 ataktan oluyor galiba
tez: burdur 20 nolu bordu 6 karo yaptˆ‰
baylind: gitme tez kal kritik eller geliyor
MolvaM: sana her zaman ihtiyacvˆ‰mˆ‰z var
tezcan :)
tez: 6nt oynuyor diger masa sorunsuz..bu masada
7 derler yaparlar
yusufb: sayˆ‰ potansiyeli eller geliyo ama egale
oluyo baˆ ka maˆ§larda gecen elden cok imp cˆ‰
kardˆ‰ 6 -1 egale olsa anlarˆ‰mda 4 egale
baya entresan oldu
othered1: looks very normal so far..3♣!..6+!C,
othered1: But not optimal
wilkinsona: looks as though 6 diamonds unlucky
for EW here
snorris: if n had the q of ♠ instead of q of this
- 65 -
was the right defence
sharkey: Precision here?
yo_yo: does that dbl show ♠?
wygbe1: 3 spades might gum up the works
xenya: 6 and 6♣ both make
b_eymen: iki renkli
ovncylmz: ki orda 12-14 acilmis 1nt galiba
akgun: 1h 11-19 dengeli 4441
akgun: 1s 6+ any
akgun: 2c 15-17 dengeli
eccone: evet
tokay1975: konussa ne diyecek oda problem 4he
tokay1975: 4cl
tez: zorlu delikanli adamdir 4♣ e kacar
snorris: on 2 ..p
ralfwil: For me - 2♠ on S
snorris: I mean instead of double
sharkey: W’s Dbl may get EW to 4 perhaps
ralfwil: The reason is that if P has
3 or even
4 is OK
sharkey: s’s 2 Pass or Correct?
werge: After South passed his opening hand...
panja: they may not have enough space to explore
and rule out 3Nt, then ask for Aces
ralfwil: It´·s rather easy if S can find the 4-card
marlowepi: S just barely has a response....maybe
marlowepi: 10,5 losers.....
wilkinsona: that doesnt have the appearance of
an optimal OR result though
cindy : im wondering when we can just send
money to the acbl and they will credit our accounts
with masterpoints
sybarra: not with 7
idblu: a good call by Hackett
xenya: however 4 looks makeable too -- not as
easy as 4♠ of course
athene: oh right - ok
sharkey: 1♠ = 3♠
wygbe1: if south had shot out 4h, they would
surely be in slam - but after this start it could be
difficult to reach
xenya: no, Japp -- there will be another 16-board
session i think
jaapfr: ic tx
yo_yo: i think i would go straight to 3NT too
b_eymen: 5-5
akgun: 2s 2nt ye xfer
ovncylmz: 2c ye transfer diye biliyorum
eccone: mantˆ‰klˆ‰
eccone: pas veya 3 nt
eccone: 6-9 mu yane
© ©
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
eccone: pas mantˆ‰klˆ‰
eccone: 6-9 sa
eccone: ortaga 1 2 puan kalˆ‰yo
vugraphzkg: evet 6 9
riyilikci: bodrum 22- valentino 2- burdur 6- izmir
bbb 24- varoˆ lu zabunoˆ lu 12-6
6 bord
fahir: bˆ…yˆ…kˆ ehir bu bordda 5 kˆ¶rde kalmˆ
‰ˆ lar aˆ§ˆ‰k odada...
MolvaM: ama iˆ in varsa sonra gel istersen
koksoy: biraz dinlenelim boardu... 3nt flat
MolvaM: 7 da kˆ¶r ruayˆ‰ dˆ…ˆ ˆ…rme imkan
ˆ‰ var. o bakˆ‰mdan daha iyi bir grandˆ lem
cindy: thats an ugly 1N ..p
bg : every one likes pre-empts suit quality or
points or shape -doesnt seem to matter
idblu: MP’s are now attendance points
fabsayc: that is who i meant
fabsayc: after this is ducked, club queen next
othered1 : Don’t knock 2-way Stayman (my
preferred method).
caitlin: night all:) enjoy
othered1: bigtrain points out that more imps
were available for making 3♣ (my choice, too.)
caitlin: early morning appt.
ovncylmz: dun KG yaklasik 6-7 tane 800 1100
aldilar 1nt acisindan sonra, ama tayfun ozbeyin
zayif nt diye her elle araya girmeyecegini dusunmek
MolvaM: ˆ leme tek parˆ§ayˆ‰ ˆ§ˆ‰karak elinizi
belli etmeyin diyenler vardˆ‰r. onu dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nmˆ
…ˆ ve sekanstan ˆ§ˆ‰kayˆ‰m demiˆ ama....
eccone: en iyi ihtimalle k olsa bile 3 nt olmuyor
yakop : dogunun elinde 2 tane kor olsa kontr
demeyen var mˆ‰
yakop: koz kucuk oldugu iˆ§in manevra alanˆ‰
kalmadˆ‰ bu elde
eccone: ben derdim ama ortak bide 3.den acˆ‰
yo oda var
eccone: as sorunca otomatik diyolar abi
yakop: bakalˆ‰m ne olacak
tokay1975 : ben 4spe kesinlikle katˆ‰lmˆ‰
yorum tercihim 5sp
tokay1975: riskide var ama bnm trcihim 4sp cok
daha az loveli basit elde olabilir
yakop: ortak zor durumda kontr demiˆ olabilir
tokay1975: mumkun hepsi
yakop: bizim barajˆ‰ unutma:)
eccone: 4♠ ye konusmayan ortaga karsˆ‰ biˆ iy
olurmu ki?
yakop: kalkere denk gelirsin:)
tokay1975 : 4he dbl tam negatif cok daha az
kaatlada 4sp dicekti
yakop: ˆ imdi:)
tez: ilk 3 bord 15 verip bir bordda geri aldˆ‰lar
yakop: hemen heyecanlanma fantom iˆ ler karˆ‰
ˆ ˆ‰k
yakop: 4h demesi lazˆ‰m
MolvaM: bu 2nt aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰nda 5li renk var mˆ‰?
MolvaM : ama 4 ele bakˆ‰nca 7 ♣ ve 7Nt de
oluyor tabii
tez: 7 derlerde mu sanzatumu belli degil.ikiside
mariner1: in Open W rebid 2N here and E bid 3
.. !
cindy: matter of style
marlowepi: possibly system difference. i like 2S
with 100 honors and no aces & suit-oriented hand
snorris: seems so
snorris: 4
maybe orck?
panja: looks like 4 is interpreted as transfer by
snorris: then 4
is accept
snorris: and 4 ♠ now a rkcb
panja: South will try a precipitate jump to 6
ralfwil: 4nt will now solve all problems
panja : seems like this is a misunderstanding
wilkinsona: well declarer may duck this
snorris: trying...
cindy: but hate to pass too
mpny: looks to be
sybarra: gn Caitlin:)
shevek: minisplinter
sharkey: Kibs advise 1♠ = 0-3 ♠
athene: a splinter in diamonds won’t excite west
shevek: I don’t like it much with stiff ace...
ahollan1: 3 is balanced raise
othered1: nice for them to let east get her suit in
without risk (3♠, limit, would be a different story)
chessmaste: In the other room North was given
a chance to make 2NT - but 3NT looks hard on a
heart lead
MolvaM: doˆ udaki oyuncuya bu gˆ…zel el ile 2
batacaksˆ‰n deseydik inanmazdˆ‰
b_eymen: ˆ¶hm
teams_event.php?event=172&stage=368 sonuˆ§
larla ilgili adres /link/url
eccone: ama yerin rengini ˆ§ˆ‰kmˆ‰ˆ
eccone: 4♠ ataktan olucak
eccone: :)
eccone: 4♠ yukardan hic batmˆ‰yo
- 66 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
tez: 3nt demek icin cok istekli olursun rakip zayif
acis yapinca
tez : ama kontr yersen delikanli gibi hemen
yakop: zaferin kontr demesi lazˆ‰m atak iˆ§in
tokay1975: 2cle kacmadi
MolvaM: tayfun gerilimi artˆ‰rdˆ‰
tokay1975: 2cli belki kontrsuz atlatirdi
yusufb: 7nt daha iyi cunki empas baska secenek
yok 7 de expas secenegi var:)
marlowepi: even if i played 2S showed 6 i would
still bid 2S..r
bg: should have endplayed south he had already
showed five dia 4 hearts and two spades he club
finesse was a waste of time
snorris: the didnt rise to those hights
sharkey: 11 pts balanced you know Kath - = 3
NT down:)
yo_yo: yes
roswolf: yup i would too but maybe be unlucky
this time
akgun: 3c stm olucak
eccone: gˆ…ney 2 yu uyandˆ‰rabilir
eccone: dbl mantˆ‰klˆ‰ olurdu
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yardˆ‰m alabilirsiniz
eccone: Nafiz abi hoˆ geldiniz
eccone: 5nt simdi
tokay1975 : 4spe konusmayan elle 6 olur el
acarsin riskide var 5 e batabiliriz az bi ihtimal
yakop: ama goruˆ net degil razˆ‰ olmak zorundas
eccone: el gˆ¶rmˆ…yolarsa tabi
cindy: whats wrong with 3 ..3♠
cindy: N passed 2N in open room
cindy: not sure why
othered1: wonder if that encourages ♣ shift?
fabsayc: south can give suit preference actually
othered1: Ithought south might have played 3
wilkinsona: and perhaps NS had to find a club
sybarra: not sure W can handle it here either
marlowepi: i dont hate to pass
thommos: yes, looking at 7 clubs and 2 aces,
hoping are ok
cindy: my partner always has AJxxxxx
idblu: however vulnerable you can expect this
type of hand
- 67 -
bg: see on slam they did lose an imp:))
sharkey: This plays well view S has ♣Ax
caitlin: hard to believe over 3N West bid 4
own AFTER telling partner once prior he had
ahollan1: ME? i’ve played 2-way Stayman -and Montreal Relay for further distributional info since mid 70s
caitlin: I used to play 2 way stayman
ahollan1: but only when 1N=weak
caitlin: yes
caitlin: with weak NT
othered1: So you’ve had 30 years of good results
with it?
caitlin: moi?
othered1: Meanwhile, declarer has his work cut
out here.
caitlin: sorry not that old:)
caitlin : I mean I am 30+ but not 30 years of
ahollan1: the good news for declarer - is that
West holds SIX
ahollan1: -- and East has no entry
ahollan1: who said J and ♣J weren’t worth a
full 2 points :)
fabsayc: and declarer has no tricks, so tell me
how to make
caitlin: 7 tricks
ahollan1: ♣Q gets ducked -- then what does
West do?
othered1: I don’t see any way for declarer to
score this.
santyclz: 8 tricks I think.
fabsayc: if ducked he can play ace and another if
he wants
ahollan1: at some point West making uncomfortable
discard AND giving away another round [♣/ ]
othered1: maybe a low ♣ would give declarer
some chances, or maybe not.
caitlin: yes 8
yo_yo: will delmonte be thinking of a ♣ slam?
ahollan1: on the auction J lead makes a lot of
sense too
othered1: 9 looks right, especially if they play
odd-ranked leads
idblu: all roads lead to 4 making
ahollan1: which is why i prefer J lead
idblu: might lead to a pseudo uppercut on occasions
wygbe1: tough bid by n, who can visualize slam
opposite ak of h and 3 small clubs
chessmaste: Defence will have to be careful
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
roswolf: declarer might get out for -1 but -2 is
yo_yo: do we all lead from Jxxx?
josj: J9 is just acceptable
roswolf: nope unless it works
josj: J9xx
ovncylmz: diger masada KG 12-14 ve 15-17 nt yi
degisik oynuyor
eccone: 5♣ karo tek gibi
ovncylmz: kuzeyden tutuyor muyuz?
eccone: mecburen
kabexnuf: :)
eccone: iyi atak
ovncylmz: a takiminin sadece 4 oyuncusu var
sengulerz: insan bir eli de tutturamaz mˆ‰
yakop: kacarsa kacar
yakop: wowwwwwwwwww
tokay1975 : riski tayin etmek lazim riski ve
odulu bnm tercihim 5sp cok nedeni var
yakop: 5cl 5d olursa 7 diyebilir
tez: 7 iyisi ama expas yapma sansi oldugu icin
7 nin batma olasiligi var .7nt nin baska oyunu
cindy: cant be missing vulnerable games..p
werge: 1 NT is not my cup of tee - pass or 2 ♣
thommos: yes passing 1♠ was an option
ralfwil: on N, agree Hans
ahollan1: assuming Q lead asks for unblock or
count, there is small chance that East hold doubleton -so my guess K continue
b_eymen: hmm,
akgun: 4h guneyden izliycez
eccone: kˆ‰smetsiz :)
nezihk: 2pik, 2 kor, 2 karo 6 lˆ¶ve var
tuppermet: Cold for 3 diamonds (E-W)
eccone: 3.den o zon durumunda kritik bi el
yakop: yˆ‰lˆ‰n dekleresi olabilir
ogoksel: 2 batacak gibi duruyor ilk bakˆ‰ˆ ta
snorris: maybe they stumble inti it..p
snorris: into it
bg: your first question Ed is valid how does south
get to bid a nf 3clubs?
othered1 : I might lead J if I had supported.
Otherwise, count seems best since dummy’s hand
isn’t at all specific, is it?
ahollan1: maybe not -- could be just as hard to
read declarer’s heart length
b_eymen: 3 nt sorunsuz dogu batˆ‰ iˆ§in
ogoksel : ufuk bekleyip 2 dese idi sanirim
positif bir el anlatmˆ‰ˆ olacaktˆ‰
eccone: AK10
ovncylmz: yerin rengi olayi kotu cidden
ovncylmz: :)
kabexnuf: bu 1M-2c sekanslarˆ‰nda son yˆ‰
llarda transfer sistemleri kullanˆ‰lmaya baˆ landˆ
dadim: batˆ‰dan ne atak edersiniz?
riyilikci: valentino- ˆ BB 6-12(devre) 8-21
wilkinsona: wests x here seems an improvement
on the 3 clubs in OR..p
ahollan1: tada
fabsayc: something wrong with this auction
idblu: not really, minimum w/long ♠ wants to
play game
josj: well, there we are
roswolf: this can make i think
b_eymen: cogu expert dbl la baslardˆ‰
vulkan: Ekinci de battˆ‰ 3nt ye 5.bordda
nafiz: adaˆ hg
riyilikci: 10 karo
tez: okay in bi tezi vardir..sonuncudan iyi 18 ile
2nt acilabilir
tez: onun 1 fazlasi var
tez: 19:)
sharkey: Yes - EW will be duly rewarded for
their bidding..♣2
snorris: getting some imps back
snorris: 13 in fact
sharkey: If S unblocks and N shifts to
- still
panja: operator, could you pl clarify the meanings
of bids?
ralfwil: Can S have better cards? rise to 7
snorris: easier if south opens 3
snorris: then it should be easy
snorris: well done
marlowepi: i would pass with slight misgivings
idblu: are they playing 2/1 or somehing else
ahollan1: but looks like lack of intermediate
spots will be the doom of declarer
othered1: south has pointed suit pressure on east,
but can’t get the count right for a squeeze
wygbe1: he went for the guess with the biggest
jaapfr: impressive gambling:)
jaapfr: educated quess
akgun: diger masada tersten oynanacak
nezihk: 3nt de 8 lˆ¶ve var, 9 herhalde olmayacak
riyilikci: sonuˆ§ ayni kup yok RD karo kaˆ§iyor
tokay1975: turan bey hosgeldiniz:))))
yakop: okayˆ‰n bir TEZ’i eskiden vardi ˆ imdi ˆ
¶zcanˆ‰n bir TEZ’i var:)
atagindan sonra 5♣ hastaneye kalkar
- 68 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
nezihk: kˆ¶r ataˆ ˆ‰na haˆ amat olacak
tez: ben delikanli gibi kacardim 2♣ e tayfunun
cindy: it kinda describes your hand..♣7
marlowepi: all’s well that ends well
mariner1: different routes however both rooms in
© here
snorris: but still lucky
snorris: not loosing 3 ♣ tricks
wilkinsona: norths raise bold all the same
wilkinsona: ..may have a tough decision yet
marlowepi: club K seems like a better shot than
shevek : yet another flat board, just what Oz
marlowepi: kinda
ralfwil: agree snorri. The only thing to find 7 is
for N to check aces
snorris: right
werge: Because of the ♠-bid, Souths hand was
snorris: right
wilkinsona: every chance of beating -4 however
idblu: other room did not do well either
shevek: mainly because partner will construct
hands with the ace somewhere else
chessmaste: That looks like a fatal play - now
declarer has a second spade trick
b_eymen: en iyi atak
eccone: KARO 98 vardiye cinayet degil ama
MolvaM: evet gayet makul atak esasen
nezihk : trefl oynarsa 2 iˆ§eri gidebilir ,karo
yakop: artˆ‰k 7 demek kaldˆ‰
yakop: bravo orhan abiye
tokay1975: wd
nezihk: yˆ…rˆ… be emre
yakop: 5 pik kor kontrolum yok demek
ozgull: +2
vahaboglu: ♠ le geˆ§meye kalkarsa karˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰r
nezihk: alttan pik oynar mˆ‰ acaba?
ile ortaga gecmeyi bulmali
tez: alttan ♠ oynarsa:)
nezihk: oynamaz ya, yani!!!
nezihk: ortak da neyle kontr atˆ‰yor, 3 nt ye ve
de 5 cle
nezihk: karo asˆ‰ olduˆ u aˆ ikar
yakop: niye riske etsinki ortagˆ‰ kontr demiˆ
kendinde iki el var
vahaboglu: bulurlarsa dˆ¶nˆ…ˆ ˆ… 4 iˆ§eri 1100
MolvaM: defans saˆ lam olursa bu bord 800 e
kadar gidebilir
tez: kuzey guney cifti yapay sistem oynuyor
cindy: two suits ♠ and
mariner1: I am with Marshall here, prefer the
slowing of 2♠
marlowepi : as you say, matter of style. xom
would rather emphasize major with 100 honors
than a very broken minor. both approahes will
have their successes
- 69 -
ahollan1: so -- length showing probably IS best
ahollan1: yep Ed - i’m convinced
MolvaM: bazˆ‰ seyircilerimiz soruyor. tezcan
hocamˆ‰z nerede diye
MolvaM: tezcanˆ‰n takˆ‰mˆ‰ yarˆ‰n baˆ
layacak turnuvaya
eccone: cebini verelim :)
vugraphzkg: istanbul 1 ve ankara 1
MolvaM: :)
arigun : ayni anda diger masayida seyretmek
isteyenler icin
sengulerz: nba seyreden arkadaˆ lar varsa bilirler..
tutturamama konusunda benden daha kˆ¶tˆ…sˆ…
Kaan Kural’dˆ‰r
eccone: 9 best
eccone: ve naturel
exerdar: 5minˆ¶rde -1 d-b iˆ§in bu elde
exerdar: ama bulmak imkansˆ‰z:),ufak karo ataˆ
ˆ‰ gibi
atagˆ‰nada batar
exerdar: kˆ¶rden sonra yine ufak karo lazˆ‰m
gibi duruyor
tyavuz: :)
snorris: 9 tricks on top..♣4
ralfwil: 9 tricks without ♠
sharkey: sry - miscounted :(
ralfwil: and NOT ♠J?
snorris: king for count?
snorris: ace for unblock
snorris: ?
snorris: -2 at least
b_eymen: gelene nt demek iˆ§in
arigun : bilgisayarda flash player9 veya ustu
yuklu olmasi lazim
arigun: flash icin ;
arigun: seyredeceginiz her masa icin browserinizdan
ayri bir pencere acmak yeterli olacaktir
eccone: :(
yakop: alinin uyanˆ‰p 7 demesi lazim karo asˆ
‰nˆ‰ soylemedi
MolvaM : deklaranˆ‰n ele gelme sorunu var.
kozlarˆ‰ ve pikleri yere doˆ ru oynayabilmek iˆ§
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
in ♣ empasˆ‰nˆ‰ bˆ‰raktˆ‰
phantoma: !J dogru yerde olunca sorun cikmiyor
ralfwil: If S had bid 2♠ W must bid 2nt not D as
partner then will go to 2 .. 9
irwinbo: spades plays better he will go down at
least two
wilkinsona: on the heart switch care needed I
now and a duck is a 2 undertrick diff
ahollan1: looks like China going minus at both
tables -- nice way for Japan to get off the schneid
athene: ok - so N-S do indeed play upside down
aruf: naturel oynayanlar 4 deklarede 4 oynayacaklar :)
ama istem olunca bˆ¶yle cilveleri oluyor
eccone: ikilide yi olmazdˆ‰
akgun: evet 4h std ancak yon fark edecek
eccone: gerci natˆ…reldede gˆ…ney oynuyor
ogoksel: direkt 2 rengim var puanˆ‰m yok
anlamˆ‰ taˆ ˆ‰yor olmalˆ‰
sengulerz: neyse 4. elin Akˆ…zˆ…m aˆ§ˆ‰sˆ‰
ndan ˆ…mit verici olduˆ unu tutturdum.. bˆ¶ylece
maˆ§ birden heyecanlandˆ‰
MolvaM: 2♣ aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰na olumlu cevap geldiˆ
inde mutlu olursunuz genelde. ama bu el hakan gˆ
¶ksuyu pek mutlu etmedi
tez : cok karisik bi yapay sistem degil..kolay
kolay konusmalarda atlamiyor ufuk ve tayfun
MolvaM: irfan ve zaferin basit bir elde atlamasˆ‰
sadece yorgunluktan
MolvaM: 3nolu elde
b_eymen: ♣.. 7
b_eymen: yada k
b_eymen: dbl ˆ iddetine baglˆ‰ :)
eccone: 1 nt 2♣
aruf: evet
akgun: evet bu elde 15-17 oldugu icin sorun yok
nezihk: evet, As koru kendi kullandˆ‰, o zaman
oyun sonunu getiremiyor
MolvaM : hocamˆ‰z saˆ lˆ‰k ve afiyettedir
merak etmeyiniz :)
vugraphzkg: direk 1 32 ye katˆ‰lacaklar
eccone: hehe
eccone: boradanilgincbi atak
eccone: sanˆ‰rˆ‰m tek oluru
tokay1975 : spi birakˆ‰rsa 2 batar musti he
tokay1975: 5cle a s cevabi filanmi verdi acaba
tokay1975: 5h bi garip belki as sorusu aldi 1 as
yakop: 3 h uzerine 4 d naturel olurdu 4h zaten
marlowepi: hearts is declarer’s second suit. W
will let declarer look after them.. Q
santyclz: Lets see, s has to lead a ♣ up for his
8th trick, I think that deprives him of a late
yo_yo: i wonder why Wang played A?
tez: ♣ dam cok onemli bu elde.onu ogrenmeli
yapay sistem oynayan cift
yusufb: vugraf operatˆ¶rlerimizde gayet gˆ…zel
idare ettiler onlarada TEBRˆ KLERRRR
vugraphzkg: teˆ ekkˆ…rler yusuf abi
tez: hepimizin basina geliyor molvam:)hangi
birimiz sekans atlamadi unutmadi
tez: nerde unuttun o onemli
yo_yo: did he lead 7?.. 2
mpny: Paul need to play a D
ralfwil: needs a
idblu: has to hook
ovncylmz: tam onu diyecektim ben de:)
kabexnuf: guzel atak, -2
MolvaM: deklaranˆ‰n elinde tek parˆ§a pik vale
olmasˆ‰nˆ‰ uman bir atak evet
eccone: kjˆ¶rden sonra ufak karoya gerek yok
cindy: he can now..♣3
mpny: well done
shevek: real score again is 64 - 29
ahollan1: overtake with ♣K might have been
interesting -- but south must always fall back
upon finesse
roswolf: with 3-3 japan have scored a real goal
MolvaM: evet. deklaran yeri gˆ¶rdˆ…ˆ ˆ…nde "
iyiki alttan almˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰m" demiˆ tir
b_eymen: :)
akgun: ancak guney 4441 olsada yine guneyden
eccone: sistemde dikkat edilmesi gereken en ˆ¶
nemli sey belli olan elin yere acˆ‰lmasˆ‰
vulkan: +1 claim
yakop : kritik maclarda bu kararlar cok etkili
oluyor deyip batmak var demeyip yapamamak
var eli iyi olan kazanˆ‰yo burada yazˆ‰ tura
riyilikci: KG iˆ§in sistemde baˆ ka alternatif yok
tez: 3 yada 4 iceri
phantoma: kor J
yakop: genelde sekansˆ‰ ortaklar atlar degilmi
ahollan1: East holds ♣ and West squeezed down
to winners..♣T
eccone: +1 yapˆ‰labilir suan
eccone: ♠ qxx
ogoksel: dekleran 3♣ 2 lˆ¶vesi ile 5 lˆ¶vede
- 70 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ralfwil: So I mean that 2♠ is a better bid than 2
santyclz: Low ♣ opening lead would have been
b_eymen: cakˆ‰lmassa 800
b_eymen: bu plana gˆ¶re cakˆ‰lacak
MolvaM: bir ˆ ekilde keycard soruldu mu?
tez: kesinlikle:)en cokta bikac sefer konustugunuz
ve degistirdiginiz sekanslarda atlanir
tez: hangisiydi acaba?
tez: konusmalarin aciklamasini yazar misin baran
MolvaM : kahvaltˆ‰da sen ˆ unu dememiˆ
miydin? evet ama sonra yolda giderken deˆ iˆ
tirmiˆ tik ya.. durumlarˆ‰ deˆ il mi? :)
riyilikci: bildiˆ im kadarˆ‰ ile 2 dan itibaren
idblu: but can get 2 ruffs..♣9
idblu: better declarer play :)
mcarroll: They found 4♠ on 6 in OR
mcarroll: Sounds like a close your eyes and hope
for the best - but with ♣ sa s trump a bit difficult
to investigat scientifically
wygbe1: he knew south would not be able to
cooperate if slam were making
ovncylmz: 500de anlasirlar:)
tokay1975: 1098 h var yerde 500 le yirtar 3dia
2h 1sp 2cl defansa
snorris: but that is good if he takes 5 tricks.. A
eccone: 4441 ilan edip o elin sahibi oynayˆ‰nca
defansˆ‰n iˆ i baya kolay
aruf: 2 fazlaya geldi
oynandˆ‰gˆ‰nda 2 batardˆ‰
yakop: zaten ortak rakipte karo vardˆ‰r diye asˆ
‰ olmadan kontr diyemez
vahaboglu: operasyon pahalˆ‰ya patladˆ‰
tez: evet molvam aynen:)
athene: west might cash ♠A now.. T
athene: south can’t really have the ♠K
athene: but would north play a third heart with
the singleton ♠K, revealing the position?
MolvaM: ˆ u ana kadar iˆ ler altan takˆ‰mˆ‰
lehine geliˆ ti hep
eccone : Q ♠ ya QX yada AQX baska biˆ iy
eccone: bu yˆ…zden ♠ alˆ‰ ♠ vermek tehlikeli
bi oyun tarzˆ‰
vugraphzkg : 2clnin cl ler ile alakalˆ‰ olup
olmadˆ‰gˆ‰nˆ‰ sordu guney batˆ‰ya
vugraphzkg: batˆ‰ olsa alert etmezdim zaten
dedi :)
- 71 -
eccone: haklˆ‰
eccone: :)
riyilikci: turnuva bilgileri iˆ§in
tez: bu oda ile diger odanin maci bitirme saatleri
arasinda enaz 30 dakika olur diyorum..bahisler
MolvaM : diˆ er masada salvo 2 ♣ e kaˆ§arak
kendini ˆ§ok iyi kurtarmˆ‰ˆ
MolvaM: masamˆ‰zda son 3 dakikada gˆ¶rˆ…len
seyirci patlamasˆ‰nˆ‰n sebebi bu elmiˆ demek
chessmaste: 12 goals you will find.. 8
roswolf: :)
MolvaM: 18 puan ama iˆ e yaramˆ‰yor
MolvaM: 600 e kadar ˆ§ˆ‰mˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰k
wilkinsona: in OR EW could have passed out 2
spades xx.. 3
4-0 degilse batˆ‰da onˆ¶r 2 li ♣
kabexnuf: hmm
MolvaM: bboda olsa batˆ‰ gˆ…neyi masadan
tez: ♣ bagislansaydi tam felaket olacakti
MolvaM: evet ˆ imdi 500 ile kurtaracak s
tokay1975: batabilicegi bi oyunu yok ne oynasa
yapiyo daalim seker gibi
othered1: rectifying the count for a squeeze that
isn’t there.. 4
wilkinsona: just drifting one off it seems
snorris: east will continue sp and hope for no q
of in south
snorris: ah... 7 of ♣
wilkinsona: yes could well do
ovncylmz: nezih abi bu eli 3nt mi 4♠ mi oynamak
daha dogru?
yakop: gecmiˆ ellere baktˆ‰m ˆ imdi battˆ‰klar
ˆ‰ 6 trefin de etkisi olmuˆ tur
MolvaM: doˆ ru karar
oynasaydi daha iyiydi bence daha once
tez: zafev
idblu: ?.. K
ahollan1: nope -- declarer going for the quick
vulkan: ne pik mi attˆ‰, operatˆ¶r hatasˆ‰ mˆ‰
eccone: ahahaha
MolvaM: gˆ…ney de bana gelip haksˆ‰z yere
oyundan atˆ‰ldˆ‰m ˆ ikayetˆ§iyim derdi
vugraphzkg: 8li trefi elinde epey bi gezdirdikten
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
sonra dondu karoyu guney
eccone: siz ne derdiniz paˆ am
nezihk: kor K doˆ uda olduˆ u kesin yusuf pikten
vazgeˆ§ti, kor empasˆ‰ yaparak 6 lˆ¶vesini
tez: bu oda yarim saat once bitirir maci
riyilikci: 45 dakika dersen dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…rˆ…m
tez: boylece diger oda seyirci rekoru kirar bu
MolvaM: gene de 9 imp izmire
ralfwil: ???.. 6
snorris: natural
idblu: not only would beat the contract
begse: slm lar
nezihk: goksu-akgul ne apel oynuyorlar
eccone: :)
ogoksel : yerdeki T98
dekleranˆ‰ -3 ten
kurtarˆ‰r..Defans 2.♣ i almasa idi defansˆ‰n
dekleranˆ‰ yere saplama ihtimali var idi
MolvaM: evet ˆ u an kˆ¶r defos edebilir sorunsuzca
wilkinsona: so boldness pays.. 5
yo_yo: she must have had a reason
ogoksel: gˆ…neyden 2 ya bˆ‰rakmazdˆ‰m ˆ
ahsen. tek 6 puan kompetisyona devam edebilir
tez: garo bu ozlu ve guzel soze onceden calismis
MolvaM: evet ˆ§ok dokunaklˆ‰ oldu. gˆ¶zyaˆ larˆ
‰mˆ‰ siliyordum ben de..♠9
yakop: sayendew ˆ air olacaz
vugraphzkg: mola verildi
idblu: ?..♠J
vulkan: ha ˆ yle :)
eccone: iˆ te bu olmadˆ‰
MolvaM: veya pik tabii
fabsayc: good evening cindy, spectators..♠Q
riyilikci: 4 bord sonunda bodrum-valentino 4-24
snorris: that would be carnage....♠2
wilkinsona: which may have been 1600 approx
thommos: the A♠ was a good play by West,
ensures they take their tricks
chessmaste: As a general rule aces should be
used for bashing kings
akgun: 4441 oldugunu acandan baska bilen yok
tokay1975: bisey olmaz hep 500 cl bagislansada
el acar
MolvaM: 500 vermeye sorunsuz denebilir mio ayr
ˆ‰ konu tabii
tokay1975: bu defa yandan 1h 1sp alir 1cl 2dia
1h 1sp
tokay1975: cl kazaninca dam h oynuyo elden
defans caresiz
sharkey: 13 IMPs to the Chinese Ladies - Match
marlowepi: W cannot see the layout. down 1 will
suit him just fine
cindy: ??
tokay1975: buyuk oynarlardi bnm v bildigim
sybarra: yes..♠3
MolvaM: "puanˆ‰n da hayˆ‰rlˆ‰sˆ‰" deriz biz
riyilikci: 4bord sonunda burdur-izmir 15-15
akgun: ancak 18-19 ise 4441 belli..♠7
nezihk: aˆ§ˆ‰k elde 4 pik daha iyi gˆ¶rˆ…nˆ…
sharkey: a push..♠5
eccone: QX se yerde J koymanˆ‰n bi kaybˆ‰
nezihk: doˆ an maˆ§a iyi baˆ lamadˆ‰,
dadim: defoslar nasˆ‰l die sormak iˆ§in ideal bi
durum :)
b_eymen: 3 imp kuzey gˆ…neye ..♠4
b_eymen: bˆ…yˆ…k ihtimal
deniz_t: hg niz bˆ…yˆ…k usta:)
tez: ben nafizin eliyle 3 nt derdim
eccone: AQX se j koymalˆ‰
vahaboglu: 10 imp eder
tez: belki hastaneye bizde kalkardik
- 72 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 2
c 1N
this/total IMPs
♠A 9 3
KQ6 2
J10 3
♣Q 7 6
♠K 7 6 2
N ♠Q J 4
J 43
10 9 8 5
♣ K10 9
♣A 8
♠10 8 5
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
E: Popov
#1 S::¨2,5,J,A
#2 E::©5,7,J,Q
#3 N::§7,8,J,K
#4 W::©3,2,8,A
#5 S::¨K,9,T,4
#6 S::ª8,2,A,4
#7 N::ª9,Q,5,6
#8 E::©9,§2,©4,K
#9 N::ª3,J,T,7
#10 E::©T,§3,9,©6
roswolf: 1© is horrible imo..p..1¨!..1©..¨
lestergold: what is this heart overcall >??..2©!
lestergold: well this is not brideg as i recognise
¨ ¨ ¨ ¨
it.. 2.. 5.. J.. A
roswolf: tue captain kirk.. 5.. 7
lestergold : that is the mos pointless awful
overcall ive seen for a long time.. J
roswolf: true.. Q
lestergold: kibs are cracking jokes
roswolf: even if it was intended as a psyche
lestergold: like it was lead directional
roswolf: :)
lestergold: or dims mixed yup with hearts
vugraphb1: I am not sure, but...
lestergold: all good jokes recieved will be passed
henryb: If you are going to psyche, why not 1♠.
at least you want the lead!
- 73 -
© ©
roswolf: very pertinent comment
lestergold: of course irony is that the diversion
will almosty certainly gain..♣7..♣8..♣J..♣K..
3.. 2.. 8.. A
vugraphb1: he missed Ivan’s openning of 1 ...
he wanted to open 1 also
ndemirev: .... so as 1D was unavailable he settled
for the next cheapest .. K.. 9.. T.. 4..♠8..♠
2..♠A..♠4..♠9..♠Q..♠5..♠6.. 9..♣2.. 4.. K
ndemirev: :)
ndemirev: 1
vugraphb1: yes
vugraphb1: he did it smoothly, so...
henryb: could not stand passing with 11 count
them points
lestergold: 1h being a transfer back to diamonds
roswolf: lol
roswolf: 2 imp gain..♠3..♠J..♠T..♠7.. T..♣3..
♣9.. 6
vugraphb1: deserved 2 IMPs :)
vugraphb1: and better loughs who loughs last :)
henryb: Popov likes to be biddive, not passive
vugraphb1: laugh :)
roswolf: hmmm very erudite henry
lestergold: we understood
© © ©
¨ ¨ ¨ ¨
© ©
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 2
c 1N
this/total IMPs
♠A 9 3
KQ6 2
J10 3
♣Q 7 6
♠K 7 6 2
N ♠Q J 4
J 43
10 9 8 5
♣ K10 9
♣A 8
♠10 8 5
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#1 W::
#3 E::
#5 W::
#7 E::
#9 E::
#2 E::
#4 N::
#6 W::
#8 S::
mariner1: a snore as Marshall said
frankaus: more excitement here
cindy: hi :)
wilkinsona : well, we dont know about the 2
diamonds, but if it shows either major, 2 spades is
werge: 3
is stupid - a brave man opens 1 D
werge: 1
wilkinsona: take care
ralfwil: bad defence
snorris: a slm again
snorris: slam
snorris: 4
caitlin: well Japan on the map
caitlin: doubt my brother Tokyo 28
+ years
othered1: one trick stolen at both tables
xenya: or rather they didn’t find 4 perhaps...
roswolf: another chance for japan
MolvaM: aslˆ‰nda ˆ¶nˆ…mˆ…zdeki gˆ…nlerde
masadan gˆ¶rˆ…ntˆ…lˆ… yayˆ‰n yapmayˆ‰ da
MolvaM: bu elde de herˆ ey yerli yerinde
MolvaM: 4pik kontratˆ‰ iˆ§in
vugraphzkg: masada ki oyunculardan biri yˆ…zˆ
…nˆ… yˆ‰kamak iˆ§in izin alarak gitti
MolvaM: kim? doˆ udki oyuncu mu?
MolvaM: gˆ…venilir kaynaklardan aldˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰mˆ
‰z bilgi ile ˆ¶ˆ rendik ki
MolvaM: 4pike batan oyuncu gitmiˆ
vugraphzkg: :)
MolvaM: aslˆ‰nda doˆ unun yˆ…zˆ…nˆ… yˆ‰
kamasˆ‰na gerek yok. diˆ er masadaki oyuncu
da aynˆ‰ duruma dˆ…ˆ ecek
b_eymen: 1nt ye dbl dense daha ilginc seylerolabilir
MolvaM: hatta bu son eli kontrsuz atlatmak bence
gayet makul bile
b_eymen: ewet ucuz atlattˆ‰lar
MolvaM: bu turnuva ile ilgili sonuˆ§larˆ‰
MolvaM: tbf web sayfasˆ‰ndan takip edebilirsiniz
MolvaM: muhtemelen sonuˆ§lar her akˆ am gˆ…
MolvaM: her maˆ§tan sonra olmasa bile
MolvaM: turnuva toplam 6 gˆ…n sˆ…recek
MolvaM: ilk 3,5 gˆ…nˆ… izmir fuarˆ‰nda
MolvaM: son 2,2 gˆ…nˆ… ise ege palas
MolvaM: oteli salonlarˆ‰nda oynanacak
vugraphzkg: teknik arˆ‰zadan dolayˆ‰ baglant
ˆ‰mˆ‰z koptu yeniden birlikteyiz
ovncylmz: gerci turkiyede bu 2ntler bazen kotu
ellerle de yapiliyor
b_eymen: kˆ¶re baglˆ‰ o
ovncylmz: ozgur bakan suphelenmis olabilir mi?
b_eymen: ben 3 demezdim
b_eymen: riskli baya
ovncylmz: ben de demezdim, ozgur de demezdi
ovncylmz: :)
ovncylmz: bence suphelenip kafayi soktu:)
ovncylmz : diger masada hala enteresan 4
boardu oynaniyor
eccone: Q10X OLSA ♠ 10 CIKARDI
MolvaM: kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k ˆ§aplˆ‰ da olsa bormali tak
ˆ‰mˆ‰ iˆ§in bir moral takviyesi
nezihk: rahmi kaˆ§ devre maˆ§
sengulerz: burada oynarken sadece briˆ§ oynamak
olmuyor bu iˆ .. konsantrasyonu hep yˆ…ksek
tutmak, fiziksel olarak gˆ…ˆ§lˆ… kalmak
kabexnuf: 2sp acan?
dadim: 2♠
eccone: dbl 5 gelirse ilginc olabiˆ lirdi
yakop: bu el bence turnuvanˆ‰n en guzel deklerasyon
eli olmalˆ‰
- 74 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
yakop: baˆ tan sona harika
riyilikci: baˆ lˆ‰yoruz
tez: 1100 verince gidip elimi yuzumu yikardim
tokay1975: tutar abicim dam h oynuyo alsin
defans dia yˆ‰kˆ‰yo bi h daha veriyo 3diaya
elden 2cl 1sp defos ediyo el aciyo bisey yok
tez: ozlemistik boyle elleri
yusufb: tv reklamˆ‰ gibi oldu birazdan:)
mariner1: EW can beat 4♠ here......p
mariner1: 3N makes though
frankaus: poll for final contract & result - 4♠ S
+1 for me
fabsayc: fast pass and on to 25, which is more
cindy: looks like a pass out here too
othered1: this they may be able to make.
ralfwil: But N found a nice endplay on W, so
perhaps -1 IMP for the dutch
athene: a good board here for australia
idblu: tight bridge so far
ahollan1: 1 -(2♣)-X?P
santyclz: I believe their 1 is 0+.
b_eymen: ˆ ˆ…pe kafa koparˆ‰r :)
ovncylmz: 6.boardda enteresan seyler oldu
nezihk: rakibi biraz hafife aldˆ‰
tez: jr yilankiran genclerden olusan bir takim
arigun : 4. board diger odada 4 ♠ oynaniyor,
yilankiran 12 veya 13 alacak
MolvaM: 1 ˆ lem daha
koksoy: ve iste 4. slem boardu...
nezihk: 3nt puanˆ‰ da 12 ye indi
tokay1975: kabak 5lovesi kabak el acar
wilkinsona: once again 3NT bites the dust in
OR..1 !..11-15p, 1+!D
cindy: this is fun hand
bg: should reach a slam
snorris: -1
shevek: a routine 3NT here...
kabexnuf: kontrat ne
arigun: 1. devre detay sonuclar icin yukaridaki
linke tiklayabilirsiniz
nezihk: 6 karoya ulaˆ acaklardˆ‰r.
yakop: %100 haklˆ‰sˆ‰n tokay
marlowepi : in my view, N should open 1H
regardless of system..p
snorris: on their marry way..
wilkinsona: looks like it
snorris: merry
ralfwil: on a cross ruff
wilkinsona: or 3NT
- 75 -
snorris: thats better
mpny: Kath, do you know what 1H is
to crowd the forcing ♣ action
yo_yo: Paul wants to disrupt them
mpny: it was alerted
sharkey: think 3NT by E has chances
werge: Might show red OR black suits
mdgraham: what price this ends in something
sybarra: at least equal stealing
athene : if north didn’t open, you might miss
ahollan1: finally -- confirmation of Precision
fabsayc: i have to go, enjoy all
chessmaste: The auction in the other room was
ovncylmz: KG treflleriyle degil de korleriyle
ovncylmz: su an 4 dendi dusunulmekte
eccone: dogunun eliyle 3♠ denilebilir
MolvaM: bu maˆ§larda moral bozulup normal dˆ
‰ˆ ˆ‰ hareketler yapmak ˆ§ok tehlikeli
yakop : sadece guney 5h dese kurtarˆ‰rdˆ‰
tez: 1♣ acacak
MolvaM: 4pik?
vahaboglu: o zaman 800 mˆ… yazˆ‰lˆ‰yor
MolvaM: bˆ…lent bu elle araya girer diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ
…nmˆ…ˆ tˆ…m
MolvaM: az sonraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
cindy: a grand ..1N
idblu: wine break..brb
ralfwil: ´⁄1h on EW
ovncylmz: DB ye 4 varken, KG 1 X oynadilar
ovncylmz: ve 14imp Izmire gitti
b_eymen: ewet transsfer owercall mu oynuyolar
vugraphzkg: evet alort edilmiˆ :)
ovncylmz: bilmem ama double uzerine anlasmamislarsa
oynamamalari daha guzel :)
ovncylmz: diger masada oyunun yarisi bitti su an
ovncylmz: transfer overcalls (1 =korler, 1 =
pikler) gibi
ovncylmz: 2kor deklaresinden sonra 3nt oynamak
mecburi gorunuyor ama normalde kor ve trefllerde
ciddi problem vardi
eccone: 3 konv degilse daha iyi olabilirdi
MolvaM: evet. ama ˆ ikan yok kimsede
sharkey: may stop at part score here..p
wilkinsona: west bound to upgrade after the 4
diamond splinter
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
snorris: 2
snorris: showing intermediate strength
snorris: it seems
marlowepi: i would not pass the N hand
cindy: thats ugly 1
idblu: love those 4 card majors...remind me of
my younger days
ralfwil: 4
athene: of course that was never a danger :)
idblu: see ya Martin, gn
santyclz: As Edgar used to say: this is the kind
of weak nt that gives weak nts a bad name.
ovncylmz: rakibin doublelarina karsi napmak
gerektigi konusulmali demek istedim
nezihk: gerˆ§i o da koz ataˆ ˆ‰na karoya kalˆ‰
eccone: sˆ‰kˆ‰stˆ‰rmak babˆ‰nda
eccone: ortak pastan geldigi icin
eccone: kesinlikle
MolvaM: kˆ¶tˆ… bordlarˆ‰ unutup o ele konsantre
olmakta yarar var
dadim: 2 ♣ diyen
eccone: rakibe fazla yer bˆ‰rakmamak lazˆ‰m
ovncylmz: 2c ye dbl falan yok mu?
tokay1975: 3he pas demis,m super bi elim var
3he pas diyen el icin ortak rahatca degerlendirebilir
pas diyosa 5e cok cok az batma riski olabilir
onun disinda sorun olmaz
koksoy: ilk elden sonra 6-7 slem eli olacagˆ
‰nˆ‰ tahmin etmistim
tez: geri dondugumde bunun bir is kazasi egitim
zayiatˆ‰ oldugu konusunda kendimi ikna ederdim
MolvaM: maksat ortalˆ‰k karˆ‰ˆ sˆ‰n diye
tez: acanin rengini cuebid etmek diger iki renk
..enaz 55
snorris: they are going there too..p
cindy: is this the real bidding ?
cindy: im getting dizzy :)
sybarra: better
bg: good idea not to try for six maybe at match
points and you are not playing with your spouse
thommos: not for the lead!
yo_yo: you were right mike
mdgraham: trump lead...
eccone: sup oynamˆ‰yolarmˆ‰s
barbyh: do they play support dbls?..p
marlowepi: here 1D could be a winner though
marlowepi: it looks like it from that 2NT bid,
barbyh: yes but hard to imagine 3nt with the
south hand
snorris: no good bid in north
bg: thats better 2 clubs by East some system not
yet written
sybarra: now how they are not in 6 is beyond me
cindy: how about keycard now
sybarra: was some form of experimental ghestem
sybarra: meaning 6340
npcjpn: but south does not know about shortness...
sybarra: or as a spec said, an exclusion 2 suiter
cindy : no but he knows N has 5 hearts and 4
sybarra: come on, bruce, be creative
bg: ok keycard then go for it:))
sybarra: I was still talking about the (misentered)
2 ♣ bid
snorris: flushed with sucsess north moves on
marlowepi: you wont be able to overcall with
this shape, so bid right away
othered1: south stops to investigate, but now
athene: playing Precision, south’s 2 response
would be natural and constructive but non-forcing
sharkey: 3 - 3 NT?
athene: so she has to bid the artificial 2 relay
first then 3 is forcing
santyclz: Gn Martin.
roswolf: well done
chessmaste: We should have a new leader soon
yo_yo: i have sympathy with the 2♠ bid in the
other room, it’s not a great suit
eccone: 2♣ davet olsa gerek
ovncylmz: 3nt gelecek herhalde
ogoksel: 2♠ tutulur ise 2 iˆ§eri gibi duruyor
tez: murat molva 3.den zayifacmayana anadoluda
kiz vermiyorlar diyordu gecenlerde:)
riyilikci: 3 =♠+♣ iyi el
MolvaM: 2nt ile gˆ…ney kˆ‰salˆ‰k sormuˆ
baylind: 3h sp cl iyi 55 oynuyorlar
koksoy : normal transfer + splinter yapˆ‰
ogoksel : dˆ…z bir 4 ♠ deklerasyonu ve kart
oyunu..heyecan yok bu elde oyuncular biraz
tez: cevapcinin rengini soylemek naturel
wilkinsona: good lead it seems..♠2
othered1: I’m not at all sure about 4
snorris: what??
wilkinsona: well, dont really follow the x
yo_yo: how many down
mcarroll: S opened 1 in OR
wygbe1: he was in a tough position, too strong
- 76 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
for 4c, 5c would end the auction, and over 4s,
how would south know how to continue?
josj: N bid only 2 ♠, thus S did not know about
the extra trick coming from the 7th spade
eccone: otomatik bence
ovncylmz: 2/3c denir ya
dadim: bence de
MolvaM : tabiki oyuncular skoru bilmiyorlar
eccone: kuzeyin pas gecmesi ilginc oldu
ovncylmz: kuzeyden pas mi?
riyilikci: DB bˆ…yˆ…k ihtimalle 4 ♠ oynayacak,
kˆ¶r atak edilmezse oyun sorunsuz ama......
yakop: karˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰:)
MolvaM: operatˆ¶rˆ…mˆ…zden bilgi geldi...
MolvaM: ˆ§ok kayˆ‰p var diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ndˆ…
vahaboglu: ben olsam "elimde ♣ i kapalˆ‰ gˆ¶
rdˆ…m ortak" derdim
snorris: not good ..♠3
irwinbo: no opening 2 diamond bid and no bid
over two clubs
santyclz: Bob Hamman has no problem with his
ahollan1: i bet most partnerships haven’t discussed
North’s 3♣ bid -- Natural and big hand without
better bid both understandable interpretations
santyclz: If 3nt is an option, bid it.
othered1: I would not play it as natural
othered1: but it’s certainly reasonable to do so.
caitlin: but I would still pass
fabsayc: maybe not natural but surely something
in suit, has many other options
ahollan1: well -- especially with increase use of 1
♣ as 2+, i think Natural is very reasonable use
othered1: North is worried about missing slam or
a better minor suit game. ♠ void is a concern.
caitlin: oh I hate short club
fabsayc: i have short diamond
jaapfr: what were the results of the Dutch team?
eccone: 3♠ denilsede 3 nt geliyodu
eccone: rakibe tek konusma sansˆ‰ tanˆ‰mak
lazˆ‰m elden geldikce
riyilikci: 3 devre oynanacak, bˆ…tˆ…n devreler
kapali line-up bu yˆ…zden hep ayni ekipleri karsˆ
‰ karsˆ‰ya seyredebiliriz
sengulerz: hepsi bi arada gerekiyor.. dolayˆ‰sˆ
‰yla "aa bunu da nasˆ‰l yapˆ‰yolar" demeden
ˆ¶nce bu turnuvanˆ‰n 7 gˆ…nlˆ…k bir turnuva
olduˆ unu da hatˆ‰rlamak gerekiyor
MolvaM: 5♣ barajˆ‰ heyecanlˆ‰ olabilirdi
fabsayc: club shift needed?..♠J
sharkey: well - dont think this was one of the
- 77 -
alternatives we had in mind :)
ahollan1 : i never know what to do with East
hand -- DBL is only way to play 33 ♠ fit
josj: well, the suit is quite bad but that’s not so
interesting when you preempt
chessmaste: True, but 3♠ still looks an underbid
yo_yo: this time the K of trumps falls
ovncylmz: wow
MolvaM: ♣ harici as sorusu olarak almˆ‰ˆ
tez: dedigim gibi yapay sistem oynuyorlar.1♣ 16
yeni katilan izleyiciye bilgi
tez: 16+
marlowepi : which is not to be interpreted as
approval of 2NT..♠8
mariner1: I am told they do play support DBL’s
ralfwil: ?????
wilkinsona: is 4 spades not there..?
marlowepi: 2D?
idblu: declarer will have a lot to worry about here
sybarra: but is the lead N got
thommos: looks like a , ♣ and one in the wash
to loose - making 10
fabsayc: make that hate
ahollan1: the more I see 1♣=2+ and transfer
responses, the more i like it
caitlin: :)
athene: ok - doesn’t bother with showing hearts
othered1: if I bid east’s hand that way, partner
would correct to 2♠ with 3-1-6-3
idblu: win ♣ and ♠ switch kills this hand
eccone: iyi durdular :)
vulkan: Erdalˆ‰n eliyle ben 1 pik aˆ§ˆ‰p 2 karo
rebid ediyorum
MolvaM: ama gene de ˆ leme batan bir oyuncu
kendini iyi hissetmez
yakop: ˆ u anda 15 e 8 olabilirlerdi
eerbil: 4pik’de gˆ¶khan kˆ‰rmˆ‰zˆ‰ renklerden
skuiz oluyor karo asˆ‰nˆ‰ yˆ‰kmazlarsa eˆ er
MolvaM: eller ˆ§ok gˆ…zel ama 4pik batacak gibi
tyavuz : karo defansˆ‰ yapˆ‰lmazsa 4 pik
oluyor galiba
mariner1: I think Frank will owe us a beer..♠Q
marlowepi: 4S is a very conservative action
frankaus: first leg in but looks unlikely to make
snorris: 2 imps if south cashes out
wilkinsona: declarer can gain an imp by taking 7
wilkinsona: yes 4 hearts not a bad contract really
othered1: and 5 isn’t a bad spot at all
athene: easy to make ten tricks here without the
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
shevek: China Women’s Team lost the World
yo_yo: what’s that defence called? to the strong
Championship Final 222-223 to England last year
athene: 9 and 10 both work hard for you
sharkey: and EW can only cash 2 ♣ tricks
sybarra2: where are "we" headed, 5 ♣?
jaapfr: J:)
wygbe1: it has been pointed out by kibitzer that if
you are going to bid 6c, you might as well bid 4nt
on the way to confirm you are not off two aces if 4nt is blackwood
xenya: concealing the
suit has worked out
quite well for declarer -- she gets a very helpful
riyilikci: bu devre ˆ§ok sayida ˆ lem sˆ‰nˆ‰rˆ‰
nda el var, geride olan takimlar iˆ§in birˆ§ok
firsat sˆ¶z konusu,
eccone: yazsana vugraf organizasyonu ve maˆ§
sonuˆ§larˆ‰nˆ‰n tˆ…m detaylarˆ‰yla anˆ‰nda
yayˆ‰nlanmasˆ‰ cokk gˆ…zel diye
eccone: yazssana fazla oldu sorry :P
exerdar: :)
riyilikci: skorlar iˆ§in
eccone : antalyadada aynˆ‰ organizasyon
olucakmˆ‰ merak iˆ§indeyim
yakop: bu durum ali iˆ§in hiˆ§ iyi degil yeterli
tecrubesi olmadˆ‰gˆ‰ndan bundan sonraki
bordlar onun iˆ§in sˆ‰kˆ‰ntˆ‰lˆ‰ geˆ§ebilir
MolvaM: ve 1 as gˆ¶stermiˆ ali
snorris: 2 imps..♠5
sharkey: Some may have bid 3♠ with East’s
cindy: i cant see em staying out of at least a small
slam here
ralfwil: not even a try!
santyclz: If pd’s 1 showed s, I’d pass with e.
jaapfr: good kib:)
eccone: KG icin hic bi zonda sorun yok
ogoksel: ♠ ˆ§ˆ‰kˆ‰lˆ‰r ise 11 ˆ ˆ‰kˆ‰lmaz
ise 12 lˆ¶ve
tez: kisanin karsisinda kq sekten daha kotu bisey
var mi?
marlowepi: 4S cold if S reads this as singleton..
wilkinsona: yep
wilkinsona: defence requires care..
othered1: That may have been a helpful lead.
Now NS need to be careful
wilkinsona: I think north has done fine so far
othered1: Do NS lead A from AK?
idblu: is worrying about
cindy: looks that way to me too
mdgraham: The Unsuccessful Defence
yo_yo: this is not a good advert for it
ralfwil: Suicide defence?
caitlin: same score
othered1: Stayman auction touted west away
from her
geller : looks like 3nt is an easy make here.
should be flat.
yo_yo: surely she will win in North & finesse
sybarra2: suggested it will be 6
idblu: can anyone explain the auction :)
sybarra2: it actually looks like a puppet minor
suit auction
ovncylmz: 4 boardunda 5♣ ve 5 geldi
ovncylmz: ve X
eccone: hmm
ovncylmz: harika:)
yusufb: yok
sybarra: redble..♠9
bg: 3nt N ? how about 3 hearts or 4 dia isnt it cue
bid time?
snorris: 10 tricks withright wivev in ♣s
wilkinsona: as kib says just make 2 clubs
snorris: not trying to play on ♠s
ralfwil: I don´·t know their system, but couldn´·t
W have bis 3 after the transfer?
ahollan1: then 1 =4+ and some say guarantees
unbal -- huge advantage in later and competitive
caitlin: maybe not
caitlin: if 1 promises unbalanced then I understand
short club
caitlin: but many play it to play it
ahollan1: why would length of opener’s affect
your choice?
othered1: Isn’t pass possible on east’s hand?
And mightn’t north double 2 ? East is lucky
this hasn’t become a disaster
santyclz : I believe in letting the opps play
misfits. I have nothing against letting them play
in ♣s, and can bid 2 if pd x’s.
yo_yo: bingo
roswolf: yup
ovncylmz: kuzey 11puani ile pusuda kaldi galiba:)
eccone: pusuda hala
tez: 1♣=yapay acis 2♣ pozitif el 2 bekleme 2
♠ naturel 3♠ forsing tutus
tez: 3 tur ♣ oynayarak baslarsa defans...gokhan
in asini almayi ertelemesi iyi defans
tokay1975 : bence 3h derken hun4luyse 4cle
- 78 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
donebilirsin mesaji verdi zorlu
snorris: this is not more than 3 down..♠4
ralfwil: 4 down after a
ruff and trumpd return
snorris: well yes
marlowepi: heart ruff is hard to find
werge: 30 years ago in Denmark it was called
yo_yo: that’s a good name yes :)
ahollan1: play a new convention because it’s
sexy -- bah MUST understand the ramifications
on other auctions to adopt
ralfwil: 10 tricks
werge: Not the lead, West expexted - but hoped
athene: there might even be 11 tricks if east gets
b_eymen: 1nt 2 nt gibi partskorlara pasif atatklar
en ideali
ovncylmz: ooo
eccone: 3♣ tolga 3 diyebilirdi
eccone: 6 lˆ‰ olmadˆ‰gˆ‰ bidurum olamaz
ama 3..den acˆ‰ldˆ‰ diye ˆ…stelemedi heralde
eccone: iyi atak
MolvaM: ahmet kˆ¶kerin 2 tur pas geˆ§mesi gayet
gˆ…zel 1 manevra bence
tez: 3nt x = diger masa
tez: ♣ atagindan sonra 9 el alinmis
MolvaM: irfanˆ‰n 3.den zayˆ‰f aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰
dengeyi bozmuˆ
tez: 6♠+2 +1♣=9 el
arigun: 6 yi demek icin rakibin ♠ ile sˆ‰kˆ‰stˆ
‰rmasˆ‰ gerekiyordu, okayin mudahale etmemesi
lehine oldu
tokay1975: salvo 2nt trnsf sandi sanirim ama
pastan gelrkende oynuylaarmi
tokay1975: oynuyolarmi
nezihk: herhalde bir tek kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k Kˆ¶r ataˆ ˆ‰
na olur
tokay1975: ilk cli alip 2nciyi almamak kosuluyla
4ceri gidebilir gibden baktˆ‰k
tokay1975: ama ilkini boslarsa yapiyo
tokay1975: yani 5love
tokay1975: gib benden akˆ‰llˆ‰ olduguna gore
tokay1975: minareyi calan kˆ‰lˆ‰fˆ‰ hazirlar:)
phantoma: mantikli
sybarra: should be in 7 shortly at this table ..♠T
cindy: do you start slam cue bidding at the 3 level ?
caitlin: agree and that was sexy Al:)
xenya: yes, easy 10 tricks it seems
ovncylmz: diger masadan sok bir el daha geldi
riyilikci: oynayan ataˆ ˆ‰ boˆ larsa bazen bir ˆ
ansˆ‰ olur, ama murat kazˆ‰l 8liyi attˆ‰ bile
- 79 -
eerbil: herhalde irfan ile zafer kontrun ne olduˆ
unu anlaˆ mamˆ‰ˆ lar
koksoy: ama 8 pun ve cok kˆ¶tˆ… renk var
tam denk gelmis
vahaboglu: 22 HCP ile iyi deneme
tokay1975: cli 5li olsaydi kesinlikle demezdi
diye dusunuyorum
yusufb: 2 A nasˆ‰l alˆ‰namamˆ‰ˆ acaba
MolvaM : bence KJ daha kˆ¶tˆ…. KQ hiˆ§
olmazsa 1 el alˆ‰r
snorris: 8 tricks..♠7
irwinbo: yes or 1 diamond if that is to your taste
sharkey: May be some form of CRASH - this
time the did...
werge: 500...
ahollan1: too right Ed -- Pass probably best -- but
so tempting to DBL and hope 2♠ finds a 7 card
sybarra2: so it is 6 ♣
sengulerz: brb
tez: konusmanin voidwood olabilmesi icin kozun
ne oldugu belli olmali..5 seviyesinde olmali..
tez: ve sicrama olmali
vahaboglu: ˆ¶nceki bordda 5♠ exclusion olurdu
tez: son secenegi atlamis ali
MolvaM: bu ˆ ampiyonada keyvardlar eksik deˆ
ilse grandˆ lem, 1 eksik varsa da ˆ lem demekte
yarar var bence :) genellikle oluyor ˆ lemler
tokay1975: anlasmazlik oldu 2ntde kalˆ‰rlardi
MolvaM : KJ’nin ise neye yarayacaˆ ˆ‰ belli
sharkey: 3 IOMPs now..♠A
snorris: 3 imps
sharkey: IMPs
wilkinsona: anyone for a x on the west hand?
cindy: i dont
npcjpn: 5♣?
wilkinsona: lots of cards right for declarer
othered1: This is a pretty friendly hand for NS,
despite the Q in the weaker hand
idblu: only has to find the J
santyclz: Didn’t find the
ovncylmz: 2♠ pass pass pass gitti
ovncylmz: board 7
nezihk: 3 nt 3 treflden daha iyi deˆ il mi, kor ataˆ
ˆ‰na oluyor
MolvaM: rakibin 3 ntye gelmesini umuyor
tuppermet: doˆ u-batˆ‰ 1nt aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ nedeniyle
3 trefli bulamˆ‰yor
marlowepi: win in hand, hook heart, discard club,
then scissors in hearts..♣6
snorris: no
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
wilkinsona: In OR East only raised to 3 hearts, so
MolvaM : karo as ataˆ ˆ‰ ˆ§ok baˆ arˆ‰lˆ‰
didnt look near six, but after the 4d west looks
ahollan1: declarer thinking -- those pesky minor
suit quacks
werge: Claim, pls
nezihk: 7 derlerse batacaklar,
MolvaM: evet seyircilerimizin dediˆ i gibi
bg: I play 2c is GF therefor e3 dia starts a cue bid
series aces-kings- N is not cooperating singletons..
mdgraham: if you play a strong club you just
love boards like this
xenya : a ♠ lead, for exampple/ would have
defeated the contract easily
riyilikci: bu linkte turnuva ile ilgili her ˆ ey var
riyilikci: idim tabi OLA PATRA
riyilikci: sorry private
sengulerz: 5. elde de 4♠ -1 gelince fark 2ye
kadar indi
marlowepi: but twop trump lsoers anyway..♣J
thommos: maybe should of played A the Q
idblu: has ’s to ruff, ♠’s to finesse....
cindy: can he do it all ?
sybarra: lot of work
thommos: only 3 trumps, not always right
othered1: this will present no problems at all,
when break revealed.
arigun: simdi
emniyetli tarafa empass yapilir
eccone: seyircilerden bu konu hakkˆ‰nda cok
soru geliyor
mariner1: now a couple of ruffs..♣K
snorris: ok if he can manage 6 tricks as e-w have
eccone: tersten gelmemesi halinde tabi :)
eccone: gerci tersten gelinse bile dbl ♣ atak ister
MolvaM: ama diˆ er taraftan da eˆ er ortaˆ ˆ‰
atak edecek hale gelirse ataˆ ˆ‰n bulunamamasˆ
‰ riski de var tabii
ya ♠ konusulmadˆ‰
nezihk: 4 cl den trefl rua var sandˆ‰ herhalde
tokay1975: sp rua yada cl rua ogrenmeden 7
demek cok riskli
arigun: ♣ rua korumada
yakop: bi de bize sor paˆ am:)
tokay1975 : adx cl vardi batida onun 3ncu
clinede elden squiz oluyo
¨ ©
tokay1975: tezcan beye bi yemek kaybettim bu
ogoksel: gib:Gˆ¶rsel ˆ ˆ itsel Briˆ§ˆ§i?
tokay1975: yemegine iddaaya girmistikj
MolvaM: bbo da bu tˆ…r ataklarˆ‰ ˆ§ok sˆ‰k gˆ
¶rˆ…yoruz malum
ralfwil: but now, with a well placed ♠K and 3
from P..♠K
sybarra2: same contract other table with W as
declarer and lead
MolvaM: belki de genel kuvvet ve koz kalitesi
sormuˆ olabilir
eerbil: zafer’in kontru kˆ¶r ataˆ ˆ‰ iˆ§in attˆ‰ˆ ˆ
‰nˆ‰ sanˆ‰yorum
tez : 1 ♣ pas 1 dbl=daha dengelice ellerle
atiliyor..genellikle 54 yada 44
cindy : i play 3 is just forcing and could be
trying to get to 3N or could be slam interest.. 2
sybarra: 5 nt grandslam force or josephine as it
used to be called
wilkinsona: yep, sorry
tez: 5 koz dam sorusu ....koza donuz koz dam
tokay1975: ard sekin gercekte iyi bi tutus olmadigini
tez: kj sek varken rakip asini alir..kj sek varken
belki yanlis koyar diye asini koymayabilir defans
MolvaM: karo boˆ lanmˆ‰ˆ 1 tur herhalde
snorris: agree.. 5
sybarra: shou;d mark the ♣ finesse also
yada ♣
eccone: :)
arigun: gerciˆ ilk lovede ♣10 asin yerini soyluyor
ama seytan doldurmaz mi ? :)
yakop: bana degiˆ ik yorumlar geliyo 2 nt ile ilgii
ama irfan davet etti zafer anlamayˆ‰p 3 tref dedi
tez: koza donus=yok
b_eymen: ilginˆ§..♣3
tokay1975: hakan cl pasi yapacak sanirim
nezihk: daha fazla ihtimal
tokay1975: rxx clede oynayabilir ama pas biraz
daha iyi yuzde
tez: diger masada konusmalar soyle gitmis
tez: 8 verirse !e devam ister
MolvaM: sorulduˆ u zaman da oyuncu genellikle
elim karo astan baˆ ka ˆ ey ˆ§ˆ‰kmaz ki der
genellikle oyuncular
wilkinsona: your partners wjo must be as bad as
mine.... 9
othered1: west may be considering that the K
- 80 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
is onside
yo_yo: I would love defending this
ovncylmz: J109XX - J108XX AKX ile 2sp acisi
da riskli
ovncylmz : nafiz abilerin bazen bunlarla 1sp
actiklarini biliyorum
b_eymen: sisteme baglˆ‰ kalmak lazˆ‰m
b_eymen: bukadar cˆ‰kmaz
tez: ♠ e
tez: simdi
tokay1975: zafer keske x deseydim diye dusunuyodur
MolvaM: koz ataˆ ˆ‰ ˆ§ok baˆ arˆ‰lˆ‰
snorris: but he wont.. T
sybarra: terrible trump split here (just kidding)
cindy: way to go Israel
ahollan1: is smooth duck any better?
othered1 : it’s opposite a limited opening -partner will act again if it’s your hand most of the
eccone: 130
eccone: K rua cekilse daha iyi
ovncylmz: evet
MolvaM: ahmet kˆ¶ker operatˆ¶r gˆ¶z doktoru imi
dadim : korun ikili oldugu tarafta 2 asˆ‰ da
bulmasˆ‰ lazˆ‰m ama ...
vahaboglu: ˆ¶nceki turlarda olmuyordu
sharkey: Kib suggests Lobotomy Defence..... A
xenya: not that she is going to make it now it
mustafaozk: selam arkadaˆ lar
MolvaM: bu el de 12 imp sˆ¶z konusu eˆ er 4pik
mariner1: in Open NS ended in 5 .. 2
snorris: do it
fabsayc: yes would explain this line
eccone: declere sˆ¶yle olsa mesala
MolvaM: gˆ¶zˆ…nden rahatsˆ‰zlˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ olanlar
lˆ…tfen nur kumkaleye baˆ vursun :)
tez: koz dam empasi yapmazsa batacak
ogoksel: demekki geˆ§en el zabunoˆ lu takˆ‰mˆ
‰na ve tokaya pahalˆ‰ya patladˆ‰..:)
tokay1975: salvoda 3lu hu biliyor
MolvaM: ˆ imdi pik vale empasˆ‰ gerekecek
tez: rakibin iki kozu varken..ozellikle ikinci rengi
iyi durdururken koz atagi iyi sonuc verir
phantoma: 6-3 dusunmuyorsa ♣ i dusurmeye de
gidebilir dogan
mariner1: lead.. 4
tez: 1♣ dbl 1 1nt pas 3nt dbl pas pas pas..dogu
- 81 -
MolvaM: bu elde ˆ lemi bulamamak normal
tokay1975: bu yeri gorunce spe devam etmesi
normal love kaybetmek istemez
jaapfr: she makes.. K
mustafaozk: iyi akˆ amlar
sengulerz: hemen ♠ oynamalˆ‰
ralfwil: A defence against a strong ♣ is combined
with suited hands not balanced.. 5
othered1: no
ahollan1: and with the actual hand West will pass
[reopen contraindicated with that ♣ holding]
arigun: fikret direkt 3♣ dese belki nevzat diyebilirdi
ancak simdiki 3♣ yarisma amacli oldugu icin
eccone: 1
1♠ 3 3NT DBL otomatik ♣
atak ister
eccone: slm
snorris: can end play e for 5 tricks.. 3
tez: kontr bence yerin rengini istiyor
tez: yerin bilinen vaadedilen rengi ♠
tokay1975: dogru:)))
tez: kq sek olacakti ilk cumle
athene: will just claim 10 now i am sure..♣2
sharkey: a push
yo_yo: yes claim and get on with it
xenya: yes indeed -- must have missed something
phantoma: nitekim
vugraphzkg: mola verildi
tez: ♠ atak edilmis.♠ devam edilmis..♠ uzerine
kaybi gitmis
MolvaM: 10 nolu el de izmir iˆ§in iyi skor
wilkinsona: yep, and may go -2 now..♣9
snorris: this is cheep for n-s
ralfwil: now only -2
othered1: I would really hate this score at matchpoints.
But no catastrophe here
fabsayc: now diamond king
sharkey: wd
deniz_t: hg mustafa ˆ¶zkan iyi akˆ amlar
tez: ♣ ile ortagina gececek
cakasi alacak
sharkey: 3 NT makes if S’s holding is AJ instead
of KJ..♣7
idblu: wd...played it safe
sybarra2: finding the J of
tez: guvenli oyun bazen en guvensizidir:)
wilkinsona: as same kib points out may now
wish to have retained spade entry..♣A
snorris: does not matter
wilkinsona: but the view in clubs is the onlt bet
sybarra: its Imps, just have to make it!
sybarra: but probably sweaty palms on that one
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
mdgraham: to be fair, coming in over a strong
wilkinsona: I would have thoght Easts high cards
club doesn’t have to be a disaster - it just was this
tez: ♠ j
tez: 2♣ kontruna irfan 2 deyince nun gercek
uzun oldugunu dusundu zafev
arigun : hakli olarak, ♣ bu kadar iyi olmak
zorunda degil, lakin elinde ♣ top onorlerinden bir
olsa yinede biraz kasinir.. 6
nezihk: evet
vugraphzkg: mola verildi
MolvaM: bu elde 6♣ 6♠ e nazaran daha iyi bir ˆ
MolvaM: gerˆ§i bu daˆ ˆ‰lˆ‰mda her ikisi de
oluyordu ama karo ataˆ ˆ‰na kuzeyden 6 pik
tehlikede olabilirdi
baylind: bu arada dogru taraftan 6cl deklare
MolvaM: evte
MolvaM: herhalde 2 pik aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ 2 renkli el gˆ
tyavuz: ama 2 imp kaybettiler :)
MolvaM: ve kuzey 3 kˆ¶r diyerek yan rengin trefl
ve iyi eli olduˆ unu gˆ¶sterdi sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
baylind: 2sp altˆ‰nda minor oynuyorlar
baylind: evet
MolvaM: evet :) ama doˆ ru kontrat oynamanˆ‰n
huzuruna erdiler
MolvaM : briˆ§te huzurun bedeli 2 imp imiˆ
demek ki
snorris: not any more.. 8
fabsayc : had a complete count of opponents
ahollan1 : only if declarer decides for some
bizarre reason to hook ♣J
othered1: looks like it will work out to one more
imp for juice, 12 down with 8 boards to go
santyclz: NEXT!.. Q
ovncylmz: 5 X ye kor atagi geldi ve -1
kabexnuf: 10 geldi, pik kubu ile ele gelmek
daha iyi
eccone: ondan ˆ¶nce
ovncylmz: direk kor rua
ovncylmz: sonra karo
kabexnuf: evet
ovncylmz: :)
ovncylmz: eymen sana "turk bessis" diyelim mi
bundan sonra?
ovncylmz: messi gibi:)
eccone: bence ona genc eymen diyin :P
nezihk: karo oynasaydˆ‰ ilginˆ§ son olabilirdi
sharkey: squeeze time?.. J
on the thin side already
ralfwil: Now he will make!
yakop: kor donmezse olur artˆ‰k
eccone: cˆ…nkˆ…
ya majˆ¶r denilmedi 3
diyenede cˆ‰k denizlmez bi tek ihtimal ♣
tokay1975: 7 nolu elde stayman yapmˆ‰s zafer
4lu spi ogrenˆ‰nce otomatik 4sp
- 82 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 3♣
c 3
this/total IMPs
W 3
♠A 5
A J98
♣9 6 5 4 2
N ♠Q J 9642
10 7
Q5 3
Q10 6 2
♣ A K Q10 7 3
♠ K10 7 3
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
E: Popov
§ ª ©
#1 N:: K,A,4,2
#2 E:: J,8,Q,6
#3 W:: A,2, 2, 2
ndemirev: partial for NS but EW are bound to
get overboard on this ..1 !..1♠
ndemirev: actually 3nt e-w might make ..p..2♣!
vugraphb1: this is makeable
lestergold: the lead didnt hurt.. K.. A
henryb: certainly after that lead
lestergold: infrangible.. 4.. 2..♣J..♣8..♣Q..
lestergold : a steady erosion of the lead how
many boards to go ?.. 2
¨ ¨
¨ ¨
o 3♣
c 3
this/total IMPs
W 3
♠A 5
A J98
♣9 6 5 4 2
N ♠Q J 9642
10 7
Q5 3
Q10 6 2
♣ A K Q10 7 3
♠ K10 7 3
W: V.Aronov
#1 E::
#3 N::
#5 W::
#7 S::
#2 W::
#4 S::
#6 N::
#8 N::
marlowepi: frank wins the beer if S plays as i
described -- overtirck instead of one down
barbyh: best result wd be 2 cl dbld
barbyh: support dbls have their disadvantages
marlowepi: right--but how many times do we get
to execute a scissors coup?
barbyh: there is a trend nothing makes
frankaus: my father was a tailor he had coups
with scissors all the time :)
barbyh: this looks good for 4 sp
mariner1: 5 was also -50 so board 8 was a push
marlowepi: will S make a TO double?
barbyh: doesnt matter
mariner1: yes 4♠ seems to be automatic here
mariner1: Open is indeed in 4♠
barbyh: is this a saki break?
marlowepi: but it matters to me. i have a huge bet
in vegas
mariner1: Marshall planning to buy a trip to the
- 83 -
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
moon? :)
fabsayc : a big debate as to which suit north
tokay1975: buna kardan zarar diyoruz
phantoma: bu elde zonu asma tehlikesi var mi
should open
cindy: this looks a little more interesting
fabsayc: can be a blind spot not to think of that
othered1: count was known by show-out
cindy: they needed that
snorris: more imps..
sharkey: agree Mike - sometimes it backfires
yo_yo: so the Chinese ladies are teaching the
men a lesson here :)
othered1: 4 (all pass)?
shevek: EW certainly found the best spot in the
sharkey: she listened Nicoleta
shevek: :)
athene: the australian N-S pair made things hard
for the Chinese in the other room
yo_yo: a weak 2 in 3rd seat or do the ladies play
sharkey: NS can sacrifice in 5
idblu: silence is golden occasionally
sybarra2: and didnt in the other room it appears
josj: 1 overtrick in spite of misguessing
ovncylmz: yok olgunlastin artik sen:)
vugraphzkg: 2 oyuncu izin mola verdi
eccone: hangileri
kabexnuf: KG herhalde
ovncylmz: a takimi diger masada zonlari oynamamakta
vugraphzkg: gˆ…ney ve batˆ‰
eccone: seyircilerimiz kacˆ‰rˆ‰yoruz onlar el
yˆ…z yˆ‰kamaa gidince
deniz_t: :)
vugraphzkg: maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰ ve butler sonuˆ§
larˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
eccone: 6♠ te kalˆ‰ndˆ‰ diger masada
nezihk: yine 7
eccone: :)
tez: sadece 4 eli goruyorsun ..olu o kadar garo:)
tez: olur
arigun: 1nt acanin bir sekilde rakip ♠ derken ♠
de puani olamdigini ifade edebilmesi okani
heyecanlandirirdi... fantazi bu sonu var mi :)
MolvaM: yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran beklenmedik bir 12 imp
tokay1975: bencede:))
tez: eger yaklasik esit olsa pas derdi diye dusuundu
tokay1975: firsat gelmisti 4cl yaparken rakip 3he
50serden batacaklardi
yo_yo: the australians might well bid slam here
hoping to recoup some losses..1 !..11-15p, 1+!D
chessmaste: Another 20/20
eccone: bidaha salmayalˆ‰m kimseyi pls
frankaus: W may get excited here..1♠
cindy: i always open 1H
fabsayc: relative strength suggests 1♠ to me
cindy: firm believer in not distoring shape
fabsayc: oh well, we can not agree on everything
cindy: true
snorris: 5 s sacrifice on adverse vuln
snorris: predicting 4 ♠ -1 on this one
snorris: no not after 2 s
panja : this is an interesting hand...4 ♠ could
make if played carefully..
snorris: 3 ♣ or 3
ralfwil: and even with 3-1 in you will make 10
tricks. (no entry on N)
ralfwil: another 3nt on EW?
ahollan1 : 16+ unbal, either 17+ or 18+ bal
depending upon 1N range
othered1: ♣ systems sometimes have problems
with 3-suiters
santyclz: With a lead the initial play comes
from e and makes finding the J much tougher.
akgun: 2d 23+
ovncylmz: aydogdu ciftine gelen eller durgunlasti :)
aksiyonlar azaldi son boardlarda:)
eccone: 4 mˆ… paˆ am
MolvaM: yoksa 1 pik mi?
eccone: 4 ˆ… terci ederim
riyilikci: dˆ…zeltiyorum gelecek devre baska mac
yayinlanacak ve bu devre sonuclarina gˆ¶re seˆ§
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
riyilikci: 8 bord sonunda Yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran-Zabuno
ˆ lu 3-40
koksoy: pasam 8 -4 ellerle kendi kozunu
oynamama konvansiyonu yazˆ‰lmˆ‰s 4pik 1 olmus
MolvaM: 4. bordda
tokay1975: ben olsam neler solerdi salvoya fazla
bisey demiyor
caka ile 5l♠ batiyor
- 84 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
barbyh: not if he bw’s..2♣!
marlowepi: rats, looks like i have to keep working
for a living
cindy: you have robinson on your side
sharkey: mundane 4♠ here
ralfwil: but real suits NOT 10987
xenya: what about 6♣?
b_eymen: dbl
MolvaM: bence 4
eccone: ˆ¶hmm
MolvaM: bu herhalde pikler demek
ovncylmz: 5+♠ olabilir mi? kaplan inversion?
ovncylmz: gelene 4H diycek herhalde
vugraphzkg : 5artˆ‰ sp die alert etti north
guneyin alertu kacˆ‰rmˆ‰sˆ‰m ozur
MolvaM: mesela ortakta Kx AKQxx Axx xxx
eccone: bir 6♣ daha
nezihk: evet hastaneye gitme sˆ‰rasˆ‰ zafere
yusufb: tayfun ufuk ciftinede maˆ allah her el 1
♣ acˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ geliyo
tokay1975: 1dia 1h 1sp demis zorlu 03 kart sp
demekmis ama bu yinede konusmaya mecbur diil
tokay1975: bu el
yusufb: aynˆ‰ konuˆ ma masadada olmuˆ mert
sizi calˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰rmayamˆ‰ geldik demiˆ :)
riyilikci: dbl=5-7p
MolvaM: rakip ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰rˆ‰rken tˆ…rkiye ˆ
ampiyonu olmak gˆ…zel bir hobi
cindy: i dont wanna see it.. !
cindy: hey 2N i kinda like it
marlowepi: if i had bet "Don’t Pass" instead of
Double, i would be collecting
fabsayc: move the spade 10 to hearts, i open 1
idblu: ge Cindy, Martin :)
snorris: now south will not play on a doubble
wilkinsona: on 6 Women found a five diamond
sac vs 4 spaes OR
snorris: d ?
ralfwil: there are two books, written by Kelsey Killing defence and More killing defence.
othered1: and making on stiff
fabsayc: the singleton lead not good
bg: single dia lead goodbye!
ahollan1: ALL systems have trouble good 3suiters
othered1: wonder what double is?
ahollan1: even if playing a version of Roman 2
idblu: +’ive?
santyclz: Except Roman ♣.
- 85 -
ahollan1: my bet RDBL=5-8 bal
idblu: n/s going to bid ’s all the way up
ahollan1: or maybe ANY 5-18
ahollan1: 5-8
ahollan1: i’ve never seen DBL of strong ♣ used
to show single-suited hand
idblu: this looks like the place
othered1: I have, but not a specific suit
santyclz: SuperCRaSh can, some reverse the x
and 1nt bids.
idblu: in 6♠ will have to guess the doubleton A
ahollan1: i don’t get it -- doesn’t help partner
compete, doesn’t have ANY preemptive value
sybarra2: yes
sybarra2: he even ducked the
akgun: 2h 4+any
ogoksel: part skor ♣ yada
eccone: olabilir
MolvaM: ahmet kˆ¶ker uygun ele ˆ lemi kaˆ§ˆ‰
rmak istemiyor
dadim: 1 pik araya giriˆ i boardu biraz karˆ‰ˆ tˆ
arigun: irfan tarafindan cok iyi bir slam
tokay1975: 4te bˆ le kalabilirler 2nt acisindan
tokay1975: pardon 5
MolvaM: uzun taraftan atak ederek bulunan ˆ§
akalara ˆ§ok sˆ‰k rastlamˆ‰yoruz
tez: 3 =herhangi bir renk tek..4lu tutus..10 12
tez: 3♠ teki soruyor
MolvaM : kuzey olsanˆ‰z tekin ne olduˆ unu
merak eder miydiniz?
tez: bu yari 4/2
phantoma: hayir
tokay1975: bence biraz dusunup 4sp dicek
thommos: but not if ♠ were 6-1..3
othered1: I like this pass less than the earlier all
Q 6-c ount
ahollan1: another 5530 hand -- just like the god
of probability to tease us this way
bg: Club ace is best holding nat trump trick
othered1: this will work out for EW, as west will
win and play ♣
fabsayc: i agree, spade is shot in dark also
othered1: If this were presented as "what was the
one card you could lead to let them make it?" ♣A
might get lots of votes
MolvaM: bu ne?
ovncylmz: ben 1 -1nt-2♣ gazilli(ya naturel
trefller/ya da 16+ii el) oynaniyor bu sistemde
benim bildigim
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
MolvaM: pik fitim yok mu demek?
yakop: 3♣ 4lˆ… majˆ¶r sorusuymuˆ dediniz
ama bunlar dinamik nt oynamˆ‰yolar 8 puanla
zon soyleyecek el mi verki
arigun : major ataklara 12 oluyor pasifcikisa
ya gidiyor
tez: eller acikken yanlis oynadi diyebiliriz..ama
oyuncunun hakli sebepleri vardi koz dam empasi
yapmamak icin
tez: cok zor kapatmasi
frankaus: lights green ..p
cindy: i like it
cindy: hey fred
fabsayc: welcome fred
wilkinsona: got to bid em first
mcarroll: so 4♠ makes
snorris: now this is smart!!
werge: 1 ♠...???
mpny: Malinowski - Bakshi probably think they
are ahead
athene: hard to bid 5 over 5 when neither player
has a stiff in opps’ suit
jaapfr: a dull 4 +1 time for coffee
xenya: the ♠ return by N at the end was a mistake
josj: isn’t 20/20 a type of cricket match, Mark?
ovncylmz: 10lu pik kritik son derece
b_eymen: batˆ‰nˆ‰n eliyle 1 nt dememek lazˆ
eccone: ilginc bi dbl
ogoksel: 1NT tercih ederdim konuˆ acak isem
ovncylmz : rdbl minorlerin birine cakiyoruz
demektir :)
vugraphzkg: pikte onor gibi bisey olabilirim
MolvaM: bu zon durumunda baraj yeme sorunu
yok. dolayˆ‰sˆ‰ ile deklareyi dolaˆ tˆ‰rmak
makul olabilir
nezihk : 3 D ya karˆ ˆ‰ 3 H part skor mˆ…
cadelesi var
vahaboglu: Zabunoˆ lu nun 7 no lu bordda grand
ˆ ilem diyeceˆ ini tahmin ediyorum
MolvaM: mumcuˆ lu pas geˆ§erek en az 5-6 puanˆ
‰ olduˆ unu gˆ¶sterdi
mariner1 : 2N shows both minors so 3 is a
forcing cue..p
snorris: might end in 2 ♠ d!
wilkinsona: Taka take the lead with the 3NT
idblu: a slight overbid
bg: EW part score either major NS 4 dia
sybarra: welcome to Ed Shapiro
othered1: hi, all
eccone: her ataga her taraftan 12
eccone: 2♠ aˆ§ˆ‰lmamasˆ‰ ilginˆ§
vahaboglu: tarz olarak derler
riyilikci: diˆ er maˆ§ canlˆ‰ skor
barbyh: aces and spaces..p
cindy: N not going along with it
cindy: what up with N not bidding ?
cindy: it makes my skin crawl to see 1S and then
2H here
sharkey: dont think so Snorri :)
snorris: no ♠ bid in north...strange
snorris: 3 d is ok -1
thommos: hi Ed
bg: Hi ED
yo_yo: the men can blame jet lag i suppose
b_eymen: 2♠ all pas
vugraphzkg: kuzey oyuncusu dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yor
ovncylmz: 1♣ pass 1nt X ile baslansa
ovncylmz: enteresan yerlere gidilebilirdi
akgun: 3d-3h-3nt herkes pas sanirim
nezihk: 4-1 pik olduˆ u iˆ§in 4 pikde zorlanacaˆ ˆ
‰nˆ‰ dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yorum, ˆ¶zellikle karo ataˆ ˆ
‰ndan sonra
tokay1975: 2cl dialari gosterdi
tokay1975: 3diada serbest gayet iyi
nezihk: kuzey bˆ‰rakmaz
eccone: 2 xfermi oluyo diye dsˆ…nˆ…yordutr
MolvaM: 2pik az deˆ il mi?
tez: 4 =neydi halin varsa gor:)
werge: Here again - the double-circus over 1
sharkey: Dbl Take Out I think
yo_yo: words fail me
shevek: assume we skipped some bids on the
yo_yo: that doesnt look like a vulnerable 5 to
chessmaste: A short one
yo_yo: isnt it something to do with eyesight?
josj: that’s what I thought too,yes :)
chessmaste: That’s Vision Express
eccone: 1♠ limˆ te sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
eccone: veya 2
nezihk: nasˆ‰l bir ˆ ey bu hastane dedi herhalde
vugraphzkg: ˆ rfan dohan 3h korden davet etti
tokay1975: muhtemel belki 3hu limit el h ler
yusufb: zaten iˆ ler kotu gidince masada bolede
bi espri olmaz yuzler asˆ‰lˆ‰r:)
- 86 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
cindy: ugh..♣8
marlowepi: we have all seen worse 2NT bids. we
just try to forget the fact
frankaus: 5 X will be not a lot of fun
idblu: this board caused some discussion in the
OR....whether to open 1 or 1♠
snorris: plays much better in north
snorris: well done n-s
idblu: Hi Ed :)
cindy: dangerous
othered1: Hi, Ian; hi, Bruce!
wygbe1: yikes
mcarroll: so an even duller 3 ?
ovncylmz : 1karo daha iyi oldu masa sagligi
b_eymen: 1♣ pas 1nt ye pas derdi muhtemelen
eccone: dbl yerine mantˆ‰klˆ‰
ogoksel: 1♠ max 16 puan olmalˆ‰
uygun 8 love alabilecek
nezihk: single karo ile birlikte ˆ§ok iyi
yakop: bu kontr iˆ i kolaylaˆ tˆ‰rˆ‰r iki taraf iˆ§
inde zafer ˆ imdi ortakta kayˆ‰p kor puanˆ‰ yok
diye ˆ ileme gedeek
tez: kozlar 3/2 ise ak koz ceker dursun efendi
dedigimiz alici kozu disarda birakir ve oyunu
den davet anladi irfan
vugraphzkg: Zafer Senguler ise tekim var dedi
tokay1975: cunku bu elle 3h singleton gosteriyosa
tutusla dusunmesi bile cok makul diildi
tez: 3 un den davet oldugundan emin olsa
pasta diyebilirdi:)
tokay1975: ama yinede irfan cok tecrubeli 4h
diyip sigortasini yapti
tokay1975: sigorta yapti emin diildi
tez: brawo tokay..buna sigorta deniyor:)
tokay1975: hocam sendende bunu duydum ya
gozum acik gitmem artik:)))
tez: nafiz td cagirmistir
MolvaM: bu durumda TD ˆ§aˆ ˆ‰rˆ‰p rakiplerin
tam anlaˆ amadˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ iˆ§n 5♠ e ˆ§ˆ‰kmalarˆ
‰ talep edilebilir mi?
tokay1975: bu durum stresli finallerde sˆ‰k
olur unutrsunuz ve tek dusundugunuz nsil sigorta
yaparim olur
riyilikci: :)
tez: cunku 3 un yapay oldugunu bilsem 3 e
dbl derdim diyecek
tokay1975: ama art niyet yok bence
tokay1975: cok olagan bi durum
MolvaM : stresli finale gelebilsek o dediˆ ini
© ©
- 87 -
yapacaˆ ˆ‰z ama...
vugraphzkg: Nafiz ve Zafer perde arkadaslarˆ‰
tokay1975: hehee
sharkey: OR N opened 3♠ .....♣Q
wilkinsona: still time...
snorris: 10 tricks
mcarroll: yes
wilkinsona: pretty good books as well
snorris: very good
snorris: no double.. well
cindy: 3♠ there would ask for
stop right ?
cindy: but thats dangerous because gives them a
chance to dbl for spade lead
idblu: S doesn’t want to push them to 6♠
sybarra2: if the play is accurate
chessmaste: If declarer makes this we will have
a tie
eccone: ama knusmamak en iyisi sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
arigun: defans ♠ oynamakta gecikirse belki 9
deniz_t: bu el iˆ§erde 3 nt oynanacak diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ
tokay1975: evet
nezihk: 4 karo da yaparlar trefli tahsil edemiyecekler
nezihk: bana da enteresan geldi
yakop: bu eli iyi konuˆ madˆ‰ paksoy
tokay1975: ozgur unuttu sistemi
MolvaM: her 2 masa da aynˆ‰ konvansiyonu
oynuyor demek ki
cindy: why did he give em fielders choice..♣5
idblu: I like 1
cindy: i just cant stand to distort shape im a
broken record
fabsayc: there are no 58 foot snakes in this game
snorris: now!!
sharkey: only has 7 of them :)
sharkey: NV
cindy: chance for small gain here
ralfwil: he is one of my favourites
snorris: with 5 tricks in ♠ + ace..
werge: I repeat - what is 1 ♠?
marlowepi: yes, with this shape and poor spade
irwinbo: is that a three spade bid for all of you?
thommos: I tend to bid my stoppers
idblu: I would the one u have
othered1: Mustn’t east overtake?
othered1: no, guess it’s safe
bg: he should K cannot be a tripeton
bg: ripleton
bg: tripleton:))
sybarra: :)
sybarra: 3rd time’s a charm
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
bg: starting typing course next wek
sybarra: but I like ripleton
bg: week
othered1: west is thinking that east might be the
one void in
sharkey: well - the fast lane
ahollan1: i wonder if 3 -DBL would have been
takeout or balanced hand
santyclz: Gn Shirley.
sybarra2: gn Santy and all
sybarra2: these long days are killing me
b_eymen: oyun gˆ…cleri yok
b_eymen: minˆ¶r gelirse ˆ¶nˆ…ne onu uyandˆ‰r
ovncylmz: ben katilmiyorum buna
ovncylmz: 23puanla bunu 4 oynayanlar cikar:)
MolvaM: bence 3 biraz tutucu oldu
nezihk: aksi takdirde kore karo gidiyor
tokay1975: 2nt 3 cle trnsferdi
MolvaM: ˆ¶zgˆ…r hariˆ§ :)
MolvaM: 5 imp daha
snorris: not a bid of your liking.. mine neither..♠
idblu: not I...2 1/2 ♠ here
cindy: 1/2 trick short for me but i dont hate it
idblu: don’t hate it...but NV I go for the 2♠
sybarra : I am heading out (actually to bed)
breakfast meeting not my thing, so early day
cindy: i right behind you shirley
cindy: that didnt sound right
sybarra: Ed can do the job for both of us :)
othered1: Bye Shirley!
othered1: Bye, Cindy!
sybarra: gn guys, cu tomorrow
cindy: night shirley :)
thommos: Bye Shirley and Cindy
idblu: gn Shirley :) sleep well
cindy: night everyone :)
bg: nite Shirley
idblu: gn Cindy :)
thommos: Only 8 tricks
sharkey: View pd’s 15-17 NT think west’s pass
too conservative
ralfwil: thats pardonable - jet lag
werge: Depends on the ♠-suit behaving
athene: it does look a bit aggressive :)
roswolf: exciting
josj: with
3-3, she might
yo_yo: i wonder why no 1NT rebid bye east
b_eymen: :)
ovncylmz: :)
b_eymen: zon durumu tehlikeli
teams_event.php?event=172&stage=368 sonuˆ§
larla ilgili adres /link/url
b_eymen: bence katˆ‰l
nezihk: 3nt +2
eccone: gˆ…jney hˆ‰zlˆ‰ca derse der ama ♠
tekken 3 demek fazla olur gibi
nezihk: bravo yusuf
barbyh: depends whose side youre on..♠A
idblu: and no time to find a 9th
thommos: a light opener by S Fav in 3rd seat
ahollan1 : agree -- Precision players do Pass
many more 6 counts than others, but this hand has
so much potential if partner has -- and 2♠
rebid is easy otherwise
othered1: nice non-double by south
othered1: Guess I missed that.
ralfwil: 6♣ needs a 3-3- split in ♠ but it is so
wygbe1: strange to have a bidding misunderstanding
on this rather common sequence
mcarroll: N will not be pleased
xenya: some misunderstanding no doubt
ovncylmz: farkindayim ama gencim iste cok:)
eccone: bencede
deniz_t: hˆ‰zlˆ‰ca denmez kanˆ‰mca
eccone: 3 oynanmaz o halde :)
tuppermet: kontratˆ‰ tehlikeye sokacak bir atak
riyilikci: Bodrum takˆ‰mˆ‰ daha tecrˆ…beli bir
takˆ‰m, TBF turnuvalarnda genelde gˆ¶rebiliyoruz,
ˆ stanbul-1 takˆ‰mˆ‰nˆ‰ eleyerek gelen Kuˆ
adasˆ‰ takˆ‰mˆ‰ ise biraz daha yeni yˆ…zler
bana gˆ¶re
kactigi icin evet aksi takdirde zafer
tarafindan ♠ pasi na ihtiyac vardi lakin 3 e dbl
gelince o da belli oldu
tokay1975: evet 2sp acisi otomatikti ama diger
elinde 2cl acmamasi icin cok sebeb yoktu 4asla
exerdar: 4pike atak?
eccone: :)
tez: 3 nt deseler 1 fazla yapacaklardi
tez: 1♠ 2 5 2♣=10 el..
tez: olma sansi heralde %1 i gecmez
yakop: buyuk el zaferdeyse dun kacˆ‰rdˆ‰klarˆ
‰nˆ‰n acˆ‰sˆ‰nˆ‰ cˆ‰karˆ‰r o elde:)=
b4 they bid 4♠..♠6
cindy: ya gotta bid
frankaus: looks like international dialling
wilkinsona: maybe has some spades mixed up
with his hearts
sharkey: lol
© ¨
- 88 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
wilkinsona: well 4 hearts may be close
snorris: -2 at least
snorris: so why not double in south
snorris: 3
is -2 too
sharkey: 3 NT could easily be a make and
ralfwil: low
santyclz: Undid, to x.
othered1: Doesn’t this make?
caitlin: with KQTx in a major, I see no reason for
S to pass
fabsayc: uppercut to beat still
ahollan1: right Caitlan -- even playing precision
we think 1N is automatic
othered1: really?
santyclz: I must be missing something, I don’t
see how to beat it.
othered1: nor do I
fabsayc: three rounds of clubs, then what?
othered1: low ?
ahollan1: of course, 1N will probably kill the
chance for South to enter -790
othered1: you do want to start low from hand,
othered1: given the double
fabsayc: so low diamond to king?
ahollan1: fly ♠A, 3 rounds of ♣, ?
ahollan1: don’t pull trump at all
athene: 4 at most for me, given the vul :)
yakop: 2 pik acmamasˆ‰ iˆ§in bir sebep yok
arigun: noooldu arkadaslar, 1nt oynaniyor diye
birsey yazmiyormuyuz yorum filan yokmu ?
alistiniz 7-8 oynanmasina
MolvaM: bu arada 3.lˆ…k maˆ§ˆ‰ sonuˆ§larˆ‰n
ˆ‰ da merak etmiyor deˆ iliz tabii. acaba bilgi
var mˆ‰?
barbyh: big number..♠3
marlowepi : this is what i call "justice being
served in an unjust way". when you make a bid
like 2NT, you are BEGGING the universe to find
a creative way to punish you
sharkey : it was a mundane 4 ♠ but I hadn’t
counted on N not bidding...
snorris: or as I sometimes do divide them in two
wilkinsona: the turn of NS to win the auction
akgun: 9 love kolay
eccone: EWET
eccone: gˆ…neyde 5 li♠ olmadˆ‰gˆ‰ biliniyormu?
MolvaM: evet ayrˆ‰ca 3 kˆ¶r de az :)
MolvaM: yoksa yarˆ‰ finalde yenilenin dostu
olmuyor mu?
tez: vale atagindan sonra yerdeki 9lu 4 kart
- 89 -
u gorunce insan tuhaflasiyor:)
riyilikci: ilk devre sonunda Valentino ˆ§ekildi, Yˆ
‰lankˆ‰ran 3. oldu
chessmaste: You often find on a 4-3 fit that
leaving trumps alone is best..♣4
josj: yes, let the opps do your work
josj: good idea by all means...
b_eymen: farkˆ‰ndayˆ‰m
akgun: bilinmiyor
eccone: iyi atak
eccone: pik
eccone: ortaga cˆ‰kma mantˆ‰klˆ‰ batˆ‰nˆ
‰n eliyle
akgun: 5s 2h olsa 3s derdi sanirim
arigun: 10 veya 11 love olacak dekleranin ♠
oynayisina gore
nezihk: 3. karoya kor defos ederek kontratˆ‰
yapabilir, boylelikle kor kuplarˆ‰nˆ‰ yapacak
cindy: i like it better than dbl..♠4
frankaus: 1100 our access numbet for intrnational
eccone: bellide ollmaz aslˆ‰nda
deniz_t: olabilir benim dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ncem kiˆ iseldi
sadece bekleyip gˆ¶receˆ iz eymen kardeˆ im:)
tokay1975: cok muhtemel denilir diger odada
henryb: for whom?.. 2
bg: 9 tricks next
sharkey: I must admit I wud have raised on the
W hand
eccone: ˆ¶yle olmalˆ‰ tabi
eccone: kuzzeyin kˆ¶rˆ… 6 lˆ‰ysa
eccone: 4 mu dder bidaha
yakop: acmadˆ‰ madem ˆ ilem daveti yapmalˆ
exerdar: 2pikde kaptˆ‰rsa batmasˆ‰ zor artˆ‰
tokay1975: 3nt
vahaboglu: evet her gˆ…n bir 7 vardˆ‰r nasˆ‰l
MolvaM: ok teˆ ekkˆ…r. ve tebrikler yˆ‰lankˆ‰
tez: 3/4 luk maclari dunyanin en zevksiz maclaridir..bitsede
gitsek dersin hep..genellikle ilk yarida kim
kazanirsa digeri cekilir
tez: onceden anlasirsiniz hep
othered1: push. 7 to go..♣3
werge: Show-up squeeze against Souht now
yo_yo: 2 is pushing it for me
akgun: orasi ufo:)
eccone: :)
eccone: karˆ‰sˆ‰k buralar
eccone: kritik
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
eccone: :)
akgun: hemde ne:)
tez: okayin eliyle dbl yada 4
bence mantikli
seceneklerden biri
tez: ortakta tek pik varken yapariz diyor bazi
seyirciler...ortak kendi elindeki tek ♠ i goruyor..onun
eliyle ben konusamam
tez: batinin eliyle 4 derdim diyor..ona cevap
tyavuz: gˆ¶khan okay da tek pik olduˆ undan
emin olamadˆ‰ sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
ogoksel: hatta yazˆ‰ tura yoluna bile gitmek
isteyenler oluyor bu durumda:)
sharkey: I wudnt have considered either VUL i
athene: it will have gone something like P P P 2
♣ 2 3♣ 3 3♠ 4 perhaps
yo_yo: no i take that back, even 2 is out for me
tez: nafiz salvo kucuk apel ters sayi oynuyorlar
tokay1975: h cˆ‰kˆ‰sˆ‰na 4sp oluyordu
vahaboglu: 4 aˆ§ˆ‰lˆ‰nca kaliteli 7 li veya 8
lidir diye baraja devam etti
wilkinsona: this gives the defence a chance.. T
ralfwil: Here is one of the reasons that I prefer to
bid as soon as possible. Not balancing
wilkinsona: likely x was take out
santyclz: I’m not sure taking the ♠ finesse is
right, but it certainly makes the hand easier to
ya 9 koymak iyi
eccone: herzaman
deniz_t: :)
yakop: valla bunlar bizden de kotu ˆ ilem konuˆ
eccone: 2. bordun etkileri devam ediyor gibi
yakop: burada problem ˆ urdan kaynaklanˆ‰yo
biri biˆ ey yapˆ‰yo oteki dogru kabul ediyo
eccone: kritik soru ˆ u 3 dbl a pas ne demek?
yakop: iki yeni ˆ§ift olsa ortak nasˆ‰l olsa biˆ ey
anlamamˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰r deyip ˆ ilem soyleniyo
eccone: ahah
arigun: halen 3nt yi gecmek istemiyorum demek
yakop: anlaˆ mˆ‰ˆ ekiplerin en buyuk problemi
kabak ˆ ilemleri diyememk
eccone: hmm o halde 4 e 4♠ denilebilir mi?
arigun: ancak slami iyi yapan 1d daki uyum,
irfan hakli olarak ortaginda tek varken K kayip
deger olarak dusunuyor
yakop : kabak derken 33 puan anlamayˆ‰n
tez: ♠ rua ucmali.. dam vale icerde olmali..♣
empas gecmeli.. empas gecmeli
riyilikci: turnuva hakkˆ‰nda bˆ…tˆ…n bilgiler
koksoy: bence o boardda 5 karo tam +600
cok iyi skor
arigun: belki guzel bir kart oyunu veya defans
vardir :)
tez: yazi turayi hakemler kabul etse oyuncular
razi olur
MolvaM: 4kˆ¶r batˆ‰yordu ama tayfun 5karo
yapabileceˆ ini umdu
cindy: israek..♠5
snorris: maybe
bg: parties parties if I dont get to bed early I’m
going home
sybarra2: gn all
tokay1975: eskiden vardi ole bir soz anlamiyosan
pas deme kim demˆ s bilmiyorum ama
wilkinsona: not taken that chance..♠9
marlowepi: the real question often if
you bid only 2S will pd pass & u miss a game u
wanna be in. not vulnerable that is a bigger risk
irwinbo: but in precision, if you don’t open one
club, it is an easy 3s bid
wilkinsona: just seems on the finesse really
idblu: and the ♣ for 1 loser
chessmaste: Declarer already has a clue - the
first two tricks
eccone: ˆ imdi ♠ in 3-3 oldugu belli oldu
riyilikci: Bˆ¶yle uzun turnuvalarda kondˆ…syon,
konsantrasyon ve heyecan, briˆ§ bilgisinin ˆ¶nˆ…
ne bile geˆ§ebilmekte
tez: 9 el icin
yada ♣ empasindan dogru olani
tez: emin olsada o diyemez bence 4
tokay1975: kabus gibidir gercekten salonda 2
masa olur bi masada 70 seyirci 3nculuk maci
oynanan masada sadece 4kisi
MolvaM: oysa onu bile bulamayanlar var. vugraf
kˆ¶ˆ elerinde yorumculuk yaparak avunmak
tez : yilankiran takimi son 3 senede hep yari
finalde elendi.3luk maci yapti
tokay1975: :)
riyilikci: ikisinde de seyirci yoktu bu sefer
idblu: :).. 7
shevek: it might happen that Ish lost his patience
yo_yo : presumably delmonte has had some
success with such bids in the past
yo_yo: or he wouldnt be where he is today
athene: i would bet large amounts he didn’t open
5 :)
shevek: he is a very fast player and I think the
tempo of the match didn’t suit him
- 90 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
yo_yo: operator can you confirm the bidding
sharkey: must have - especially since W didnt
consider raising
yo_yo: so you think he lost his rag because of the
yo_yo: because of the slow play?
sharkey: perhaps Operator only inserted the final
athene : there are lots of plausible auctions
ending in 5 by east
b_eymen: q♠
nezihk: artˆ‰k yapamayacak
tokay1975: cl oynarsa simdi 3 iceri ile kurtulur
cindy: israel.. 8
ralfwil: He didn´·t herar me. He is far away from
me and the window closed
santyclz: As PO Sundelin says, you can’t beat it,
but that doesn’t mean declarer will make it.
yo_yo: are we allowed to say "rag" in England?
wygbe1: luckily they are not vul, so will only
cost about 6 imps
partaj gorunce sonunda ♠ pasindan
korkmaz heralde
eccone: ♣ cˆ‰kˆ‰lsa iyi
eccone: ama onada batmˆ‰yor
koksoy: bizde dinleniyoruz cecengiz 1 batˆ‰
yor iste
arigun: buyuk ellerde alisveris oluyordiger oda
5.boardi 6 oynadi
frankaus: *number.. 3
fabsayc: suit preference spade lead
thommos: squeeze is now possible
ralfwil: hear..
athene: only on fridays
yo_yo: Prince Harry got ticked off for that word
shevek: Friday the 13
athene: he is hoping for a trump endplay against
athene: but there’s no chance
athene: south has two trump tricks and that’s the
end of it :)
athene: he would need to find south with four
spades and the last club; then he could perhaps
ruff club, cash three spades, ruff spade, then exit
with 9
sharkey: I think the actual bidding may have
been something along the lines you outlined
earlier Will
xenya: which is strange
sharkey: Agree - and here N had FOUR chances
to bid.. 4
- 91 -
idblu: had to throw a ♠ from dummy
riyilikci: kalan 16 takˆ‰mˆ‰n ˆ¶nemli bir kˆ‰
smˆ‰ yorgunluk ve dikkat daˆ ˆ‰lmasˆ‰
belirtileri gˆ¶steriyor
tyavuz: nasˆ‰l yani box ˆ‰nda 4 yokmu
MolvaM: tayfun un sadece 2 pik demesi yavaˆ latt
ˆ‰. belki baraj niyetine 3 pik dese idi okay 4
demek zorunda kalacaktˆ‰
tokay1975: gecen sene biz oynadik yˆ‰lankˆ‰
ranla yendiler bi devrede cekildik..♣2
cindy: there are many excellent players on both
sides of the argument.. 3
sharkey: i’ve been informed the NT range of the
Chainese pair is 14-16
vale super
mariner1: I looked away and Marshall places a
new bet to the moon here :).. 6
idblu: nice def....
snorris: or must be
ahollan1: hehe -- it can’t be beat, but it may go
ahollan1: wow -- great result for Japan in Open
nezihk: evet
sengulerz: iyi bir ˆ lem ama hiˆ§ ilgileri olmadˆ
tokay1975: yuzde50 biraz iyi 6 solda dxx cl ve h
rua varken yatirma sansida var
As aˆ§ˆ‰lˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰na batˆ‰yor
tez: ortakta
tek degil diye dusundu salvo
eccone: partnerlik arawsˆ‰nda nekadar fazla ˆ
ablon olursa o partnerlik okadar baˆ arˆ‰lˆ‰
olur..bence :)..♣7
tokay1975: yuzde 50 den
MolvaM: 3♣ de battˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ iˆ§in fazla hasar
olmayacak. belki 1 imp
tyavuz : ♣ ruayˆ‰ can sˆ‰kˆ‰ntˆ‰sndan
koydu herhalde
MolvaM: 4-1 daˆ ˆ‰lˆ‰ma 4kˆ¶r yapmasˆ‰
kolay mˆ‰dˆ‰r peki?
marlowepi: should we mention that spoades have
to break?..♠7
marlowepi: maybe mariner’s protege+
cindy: hee hee
wilkinsona: yep, ok not so great, but there has
been worse
ralfwil: now he can see the problem with winning
the first !
chessmaste: The heart was a mistake I think she may go down now
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
roswolf: this should go off i think
chessmaste: maybe better to get rid of dummy’s
wilkinsona: declarer plating well to hold this to -
last spade on the diamonds
tokay1975: evet diaya batar 4sp
ahollan1: and lest we forget -- that’s one heck of
a 3 bid from West - opposite passed partner and
with suspect Q.. 2
fabsayc: but north’s club is a major disappointment..
santyclz: a opening lead.
yo_yo: back on track now
tokay1975: clide rahatca bilicek
idblu: end of the road tho ..♠J
cindy: i used to have a protege
othered1: nothing really available at any point
beyond 8 tricks (famous last words)
ralfwil: and now has to play ♠
idblu: pressed the easy button
ahollan1: from auction - should guess South to
hold doubleton A anyway
idblu: seems the only play...should get it right
roswolf: really that cant be right
chessmaste: Now she is back in business
akgun: kor damdan sonra clm +1
tez: ici karariyor oyuncularin.seyirci niye gitsin
mutsuz adamin yanina
sharkey: ??..♣6
ralfwil: vety bad
yo_yo: that was a bit odd
sharkey: was that correcundo?
xenya: not necessarily -- Jx would do, also you
might get some count on the defender’s hands
eccone: declaran 3 oynadˆ‰gˆ‰nˆ‰ zannediyo
nezihk: ˆ§akˆ‰p karo oynayˆ‰nca problem var,
tez: yapariz demedik pasam..deriz dedik:)
idblu : has no way to reach the ♣ J even if he
guessed it.. J
ralfwil: I had tried 3 on E over D
thommos: Has to ruff last club and pick the
sharkey: undo?
eccone: dogunun A ♠ q♠ oynamasˆ‰ karo prf
deniz_t: galiba eymen belki de 3 yapmaya ˆ§alˆ
‰ˆ ˆ‰yor olsa gerek:)
yusufb: ♣ ve
22 rakipte
MolvaM: her iki rakip te 4522
yusufb: j koycak 4 olsun diye
tokay1975: empas yapmak lazim 4h insallah
yapiyolardir diye
wilkinsona: and one chance to defeat this contract..
ralfwil: but sould have ruffed a
MolvaM: 3.lˆ…k maˆ§ˆ‰ esnasˆ‰nda slon gˆ¶
¨ ¨
revlileri elektrik sˆ…pˆ…rgesi ile masanˆ‰n altˆ
‰nˆ‰ temizlemeye bile baˆ lˆ‰yor bazan
tez: :)
tokay1975: bitirinde gidin isimiz varda diyolarmˆ
snorris: right..♣T
yo_yo: i seem to remember that delmonte isnt as
cool, calm and collected as some
idblu: tight game, once again
santyclz: Makes 7 if she plays for 3-2 s, but
guarentees the contract this way.
nezihk: as koyup karoya kor kaˆ§malˆ‰
- 92 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 4♠
c 2♠
this/total IMPs
♠ Q10 5 2
♣K Q 7 6
♠K 6
N ♠J 43
Q10 8
K J84
♣10 9 5 4
♣A J 2
♠A 9 8 7
A Q10 7 5
♣8 3
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
¨ ª ¨
¨ ª ¨
¨ ª
§ © ª
¨ ©
E: Popov
§ ª §
ª © ª
#1 W:: T,Q,A,3
#2 E:: 4,5,Q,2
#3 W:: 4,K,2,8
#4 N:: 3,6,A,4
#5 S:: 5,8, 2, 2
#6 N:: 6,J, 7, 5
#7 S:: Q,K, 5, 9 #8 N:: 3,6,A,8
#9 S:: 7,J, T,J
#10 E:: 3,8,K,Q
#11 W:: 9,7, 7, 9 #12 S:: A,6, 9, 4
#13 S:: T, T,J,K
Walddk3: 14 is the last board
Walddk3: Then 32 boards tomorrow
lestergold: thx
Walddk3: Was 8-71 after 15 boards. Nice recovery
by Primabridge..p
lestergold: altho there are only thfree ’losers’ on
the north south cards. i would have thought that
ten WINNERS were a tall order..1N..p..2♣..p..2
lestergold: a significant swing here one way or
the other
vugraphb1: yes passive defense is necessary
lestergold : 4s is a contract almost as thin as
twiggy.. 4.. 5
Walddk3: or you Mike.. Q.. 2
lestergold: er em ere not er kwite roland after my
© ©
- 93 -
© ©
diet ill let u know
lestergold: of course minor suit honours were
lying very badly for declarer..♣4..♣K..♣2..♣8..
3.. 6.. A.. 4.. 5.. 8..♠2.. 2
roswolf: this should make though
ndemirev: 4♠ is a very playable contract ..♣6..
ndemirev: still could make i think
lestergold: one trump lead from east would have
set a few challenges
vugraphb1: yes and the declarer deals very well
with it by now
lestergold: and now?.. Q.. K..♠5.. 9.. 3..
6.. A.. 8.. 7.. J
lestergold: kill point
Walddk3: I don’t think so
Walddk3: He can’t make it even if he ruffs with
the queen
roswolf: well defeat is likely
lestergold: trick short surely
lestergold: off..♠T
lestergold: even if he ruiffs with q..♠J
vugraphb1: yes he used the greater chance
roswolf: primabridge going well now..♠3..♠8..
♠K..♠Q..♣9..♣7.. 7..♠9..♠A..♠6.. 9..♠4..
T.. T.. J.. K
vugraphb1: unlucky
lestergold: well it was never a great game
vugraphb1: very well played but all the cards
were badly placed for him
¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨
¨ ¨
© © ¨ ¨
¨ © © ©
¨ © ©
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 4♠
c 2♠
this/total IMPs
♠ Q10 5 2
♣K Q 7 6
♠K 6
N ♠J 43
Q10 8
K J84
♣10 9 5 4
♣A J 2
♠A 9 8 7
A Q10 7 5
♣8 3
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
¨ ª ¨
¨ ª ¨
© ª ©
#1 W:: 4,3,9,T
#3 N:: 6,J,8,5
#5 S:: 5,8, 2, 2
#7 S:: 7,J, T, 6
#9 S:: 5,Q,3,6
#11 N:: 9,K, 9, 8
§ ª §
§ ª §
¨ ª © ¨
#2 S:: 3,4,K,2
#4 E:: 4,A,T,2
#6 N:: 7,A, 8, 9
#8 N:: Q, 3,7, T
#10 W:: K, Q, 7, A
#12 S:: A,,,
idblu: looks like easy 3N n/s here
sharkey: well - nothing boring here
ralfwil: In my opinion it´·s much more difficult to
read a position after balancing than a stright
forward bidding
ralfwil: another 4♠
snorris: more 4 ♠
cindy: hi henry
henryb: Hi Cindy
snorris: 4 ♠ e-w?
snorris: difficult
thommos: 58 imps traded on 8 boards played
mpny: When Hanlon was in with the SA it could
no longer be beaten
ralfwil: thanks!
bg: spec quotes a Joey "next"
sybarra: and mr. "next" is in the OR
werge: But
©-intermediates have gone, small ©
is ok for 12th trick
ralfwil: 10 boards and 9 games and one slam!
mcarroll : Yes - no mere partscores for this
xenya : and yet another game for NS here -admittedly a lucky one
ralfwil: only on a ♣ finess, so I have seen worse
xenya: but perfectly reasonable of course
xenya: true Ralf
xenya: there are some communication problems
ahollan1: right - only chance is for somebody to
hold doubleton A
ahollan1: another uncomfortable hand for Precision
yo_yo: nicely done Liu
roswolf: 7 board match now
b_eymen: sorunsuz bi el daha
eccone: dip not: 3 nt ♣ Q toplanan elde ♠ e kˆ
…cˆ…k konuldugu icin dogru oyun oynanmˆ‰s
eccone: ♣ Q ikili degilse kˆ¶r pasˆ‰na yaopabiliyodu
vugraphzkg: maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰ ve butler sonuˆ§
larˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
eccone: tabi ♠ i kˆ…cˆ…k kˆ cˆ…k ˆ‰raktˆ‰
klarˆ‰ icin
nezihk: kuzey gˆ…ney iˆ§in iyi skor
tokay1975: db 3nt yaparken kuzeyin 3h yapmasi
riyilikci: bu maˆ§ ˆ¶zelinde konuˆ ursak, sanˆ‰rˆ
‰m ilk 2-3 bod bunlarˆ‰n ˆ…zerine bir Vugraph
tedirginliˆ i de vardˆ‰ ama artˆ‰k dˆ…zeldi sanˆ
arigun: ancak yinede
love olacak, zferdeki
muhtemel bir kayip gidecek, zor ancak soylenebilir
bir slamdi
yakop: bu eldede 14 e a5 var ve de singleton
eccone: bitane daha
nezihk: diˆ er oda da 6 Karo oynuyor
vugraphzkg: .
yakop: 7 no lu el burdur izmir macˆ‰nda 710
olarak egale
MolvaM: :)
arigun: makina sapitti knock out turnundan sonra :)
MolvaM: splinter konvansiyonunu artˆ‰k ˆ ikan
gˆ¶sterir ˆ ekilde revize etmek gerek. zaman ayak
uydurmakta yarar var
MolvaM: nasolsa her el bir ˆ ikan var
tez: salvo nun kozlara hemen lari defos etmesi
tokay1975: bence 4sp oynanir bu el h cˆ‰kˆ‰sˆ
- 94 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
‰nada olur
tez: eger cekilirse
tokay1975: 3nt dia cˆ‰kˆ‰lmassa oluyor ama
icerde 52 ye 4sp oynamislar
MolvaM: 5-2 fite gˆ…zel bir zon bulmuˆ nafizsalvo
tez: kucuk koysaydi irfan oynanan ya..salvonun
donmekten baska sansi olmayacakti
mariner1: 2 did play well in Open here.........p
mariner1: 1♠ and E used forcing NT probably
planning to pass and 2 level call W made
cindy: what does S bid after 1D 2C ?
snorris: this might be difficult
snorris: after 3♣ what to bid in north?
panja: E’s 2!M opening isn’t very mush weaker
than some of his 1 openings..
panja: 2 even
panja: still, should S overcall 2Nt or 3♣? or pass?
wilkinsona: slammy perhaps
thommos: yes, but maybe West could of played
a ♠ earlier
ralfwil: looks like a 4♠
ahollan1: and the initial romp is now just an 8
imp difference
xenya : declarer can’t draw all trumps before
taking the finesse
athene: another 24 count 3nt for N-S here, the
same as a momet ago
athene: *moment
santyclz: Ugly 6♣s, with 1 redeaming feature.
eccone: sounsuˆ‰z bi board daha
akgun: suprizlerle dolu olabilir
aruf: sorunlarˆ‰ bizler yaratˆ‰rˆ‰z biliyorsun
Eymen :)
eccone: sizkimsiniz?
eccone: :)
aruf: yani insanlar
eccone: dogru
nezihk: 3 nt var, deklere edilirse
nezihk: benim tanˆ‰dˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰m toros pass geˆ§
tokay1975: sp cˆ‰kˆ‰lmicagini varsayiyorum
riyilikci: oyuncularˆ‰n demek istedim sry
eccone: baraj su tutarmˆ‰ acep?
tokay1975: evet gercekten cok ustaca
ogoksel: sorunsuz bir el daha gibi duruyor..bakal
ˆ‰m oyuncular bizi yanˆ‰ltacakmˆ‰?
tez: ne farkeder demeyin..cok sey farkeder bu tur
kucuk ayrintilar
yusufb: ben kimin geride oldugunu anlayamadˆ
‰m oynanan oyuna gore
MolvaM: 1nt overcall?
- 95 -
thommos: yes ..1N!..14-16 NT
othered1: multi on a bad 7-bagger
ahollan1: unless playing relays - East rarely gets
to show both minors
xenya: as the auction hadn’t been too complicated
up to that point
yusufb : bu elde bile 1 ♠ 2 2 ♠ 4 pas pas
fabsayc: 2 ..p
idblu: 3♣
idblu: THEN !3♠, 3
snorris: now..
ralfwil: I have placed one ♣ among the
will bid 2nt
panja: and a real problem for North
othered1: Here, too, north with a strong balanced
hand will h ave auction ahead of him
snorris: very nice slam on few points
ralfwil: 4 or 5 for me on N
wilkinsona: or 1NT
snorris: :)
irwinbo: only 19 imps in 8 boards action yet to
shevek: chance for Oz to get some imps here
ovncylmz: -4 mu -5 mi oldu?
eccone: 2
akgun: 4d mi diyecek
ovncylmz: evet onu irfan da soyledi bana haklisiniz
riyilikci: Yusuf Sohtorik bˆ…yˆ…k olasilikla
karo oynamayi daha erken bulmuˆ tur, ama aliˆ
kanlik olarak bu tˆ…r durumlarda hesaplarini
tekrar gˆ¶zden geˆ§irir
nezihk: evet,
sengulerz: arkadaˆ lar hemen sitem etmeyin.. biz
de bu turnuvada oyuncuyuz.. arada biz de mola
vahaboglu: herhalde 2 oynanacak
koksoy: zabunoglunun swingi geldi... her iki
takˆ‰mˆ‰n lehine birer swing potansiyeli
daha var
koksoy: 6. board kimin lehine olacagˆ‰ belli
degil slem yaptˆ‰rˆ‰labilr
tokay1975: batsa bile
MolvaM: ˆ imdi 4 piki bulmak daha zor
ahollan1: why ugly -- isn’t it just ♠K in the slot?
idblu: will most likely play 3N
nezihk: bence de
eccone: ve bir tane daha
tez: 1 2nt 4 ..
MolvaM: izmir BBB maˆ§ˆ‰nda yaptˆ‰rˆ‰lmˆ
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
mariner1: -
Tournament site..p
cindy: thats a suit you want led
idblu: 3n
snorris: two 11 counts passing..
sharkey: agree - much easier for S then
snorris: got it right
fabsayc: no sound bid
othered1: There is a case for staying out, but east
doesn’t have sound opening tendencies (see board
snorris: 4
n-s is more natural
ralfwil : at least 2 1 ♣ and a trumph in a ♠
werge: Can we stop in 6 now...
snorris: 5
a voidwood?
werge: 6
is a good practical bid from West
ralfwil: If W bids 4♠ and E 5♣
ralfwil: I prefer the scientific way by cuebids
sharkey: Rite now the Chinese women can’t do
wrong it looks like
othered1: Japan Open has come back quickly.
But this dull board will slow things down.
othered1: 2♠ positive in , but not ♠
sybarra: 2 sp usually says, I have a better hand if
your suit is ’s
werge: This is not only on a ♣-finesse - you can
only handle 3-3 in ♣ og West being shorter than
that - WITH the K
sharkey: ♠ lead may set this
athene : yes, it’s not totally trivial to bid and
make game here
b_eymen: bu elleri 2♣le baslamak
b_eymen: seviyenin assagˆ‰dan ilerlemesi icin
daha iyi
eccone: 4 aaz olur
mustafaozk: 2nt de dururlar diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…
sengulerz: dbl.. majˆ¶rler demek herhalde
yakop: 2 pik acsa 6 demek kolay degil sistemleri
el anlatmaya musaitse derler ama bi anlaˆ malarˆ
‰ yoksa sadece gomerek bulurla
tokay1975: dogru tabi
koksoy: 15. board kesin yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran lehine
MolvaM: tahmin edildiˆ i gibi karo oynanamamˆ
vahaboglu: 2 ˆ… ne oynuyorlar
vahaboglu: zayˆ‰fsa ideal deˆ ilse de yakˆ‰ndˆ
tez: hah benim eller basladi:)
thommos: also 3NT..2♠
ahollan1: 1♣=16+
bg: I like using 2 dia as a weak weak major then
it is possible to use 2H/S as reasonable suits
othered1: that’s an attractive style
eccone: ama simdi tam el tarifi olur
eccone: 4
eccone: 2♠
eccone: yada 3 nt
nezihk: ooooooooooooooooooo
arigun: 6♠ oynayacaklar bir solukta
yakop: ben artˆ‰k emin degilim:)
eccone: belki 6♣
eccone: :)
arigun: en sorunsuz el bu olacak bence susurluk
kazasi olmazsa
eccone: hehe
yakop : bu eli rakip karˆ‰ˆ mazsa kolayca 6
tokay1975: zaten i yuzde%50 ufakda bi yatirma
sansi var fazladan
yakop: ama sonuˆ§ ne olacak
tez: kavga bordu
MolvaM: ama yapan kim bilmiyorum
MolvaM: izmirBB yapmˆ‰ˆ 6 trefli
ozgull: minˆ¶rler oynamaya mˆ‰?
tokay1975: yerde n as
MolvaM: ♠ hariˆ§ dengeli daˆ ˆ‰lˆ‰m?
tez: j dortlu koz yoksa batmaz:)
MolvaM: yerden vale daha yaratˆ‰cˆ‰ bence
MolvaM: +1 yapabilmek iˆ§in
tez: disarda 3 tane var diyen ikramiye alacak:)
cindy: (not)..p
barbyh: thats pushing it a bit
othered1: I think 2♠ is *very* aggressive
snorris: but awful lie in
snorris: the science prewail
werge: This 3 NT looks solid - but might get
trouble with 5-3
yo_yo: Paul wont let this go
yo_yo: pass?
ahollan1: 1N is 1 round force
vugraphzkg: -5
MolvaM : doˆ u batˆ‰ elleri 4 kˆ¶r iˆ§in ˆ§ok
uygun ama bulabilecekler mi
arigun: 2. iddanamedenmi okudun pasam
koksoy : evet zor tabii ... 5tane karonun
buharlasˆ‰p ucacagˆ‰ kimsenin aklˆ‰na
gelmez.. kamera sakasˆ‰ gibi
vahaboglu: pass
fabsayc: 2nt is off my chart..p
npcjpn: 3NT shows 5 .
cindy: what lead do you like here henry ?
- 96 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
josj: NT does not play well as N has no entries
ovncylmz: ok tesekkurler
eccone: gelinebilirse 4 iyi :)
MolvaM: okay ♠ fiti arayacak mˆ‰?
wilkinsona: Im not sure about that... EW produced
a non forcing sequence after a strong club..
partner was marked with some goodies..p
sharkey: I agree with East’s pass - opened in OR
wilkinsona: well stay low it seems
snorris: no such hights in the bidding;)
idblu: 3N by E best
mpny: this will be flat
werge: Sorry - I was sleeping...
santyclz: Need to ruff
too, breaks an issue.
ahollan1: 1N=17-19 or 18-? again depending
upon range of 1N opener [14-16 or 15-17]
idblu: looks like a relay sys
b_eymen : yane puan cokken yawaˆ yawaˆ ,
azken agresif konusmak iyi sonuclar verir herzaman
b_eymen: 3nt 13 15 4 lˆ… ♠ heralde
b_eymen: dengeli
b_eymen: tek yok yane
nezihk: karo partajˆ‰nˆ‰ deneyecek, olmasaydˆ
‰ pik pasˆ‰yla da yapma ˆ ansˆ‰ vardˆ‰
ogoksel: dekleranˆ‰ olmak istemezdim bu 1nt’
mustafaozk: yanlˆ‰ˆ dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nmˆ…ˆ ˆ…m:)
ovncylmz: upps
nezihk: bravo toros
sengulerz: K, 2♣ le uzununu mu yoksa gˆ…cˆ…
nˆ… mˆ… sordu.. operatˆ¶r belki bilir
tokay1975: eliminasyon yapip ash h cˆ‰karsa sp
onotleri ayriktir diye dusunup yapabilir
tez: zor bir el
tez: defansin ♠ e dokunmamasi lazim
relrikas: ama 10 lu yada ihtiyaˆ§ var .ift pas daha
tez: acik kart yapilabilir..bence batacak
relrikas: ˆ§ift
tez: heyecanli bir el
vahaboglu: butlerlarˆ‰ kˆ¶tˆ… olur ama maˆ§ˆ
‰ etkilemez
yakop: atak koz olacak muhtemel
koksoy: uzun zamandˆ‰r minˆ¶rler oynamaya
konvansiyonu gˆ¶rmemistim geliyormus
koksoy : ve de kazadˆ‰rdˆ‰... 1nt zor
kontrat ... 2 kˆ¶re gelmek ise imkansˆ‰z gibi
koksoy: 5 trefl +1 egale oldu
MolvaM: bu tˆ…t ˆ§ok sayˆ‰da kanlˆ‰ bord
olan devrelerden sonra yenilen takˆ‰m oyuncular
ˆ‰: "bu tˆ…r eller brici tombalaya ˆ§eviriyor
- 97 -
azizim" diyerek iˆ§lerini rahatlatabilirler
MolvaM: ben hep ˆ¶yle yaparˆ‰m
MolvaM : 1 karo aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ karodan birˆ ey
MolvaM: dolayˆ‰sˆ‰ ile hala karo ataˆ ˆ‰ olasˆ
ogoksel: 3nt oynarken Axx karo ataˆ ˆ‰nˆ‰
3.turda alˆ‰p atakˆ§ˆ‰yˆ‰ oyun dˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰na
itmeye yetiyor
MolvaM: 3ntye karˆ ˆ‰ tabii
cindy: he told em what to lead.. 4
othered1: Does partner know you’re bidding on "
the Law" alone?
wilkinsona: sure is and may catch a raise
othered1: Guess he does.
chessmaste: Good point
josj: even on a trump lead, this is easy
ovncylmz : iste bu 5li major olmayan multi
oynayan bir cift:)
akgun: batˆ‰ karismadam edemedi
eccone: 6♠ bi tek ♣ atagˆ‰na batardˆ‰
deniz_t: herkese selamlar ne mutlu bizlere ki, hep
beraber canlˆ‰ yayˆ‰ndayˆ‰z:)
eccone: dogu ♣
sqz olurdu
eccone: batˆ‰ cˆ‰kuyomus zaten
eccone: hicoluru yok :)
eccone: selamlar
MolvaM: puan az ve daˆ ˆ‰lˆ‰m da dˆ…z
ovncylmz: 2sp 4+♣ davet elleri oynamak guzel
sengulerz: ♣ler veya majˆ¶rlermiˆ
arigun: ortaginda ♣ leri bilirse
yakop: yine karo teki begenmedi
tokay1975: bu kadar kotu markalarla bu zona
nasil gidilirki zaten hepsi 32 dagilmis
mariner1: not sure I would agree with 2N here on
a 14 count.. 3
cindy: uhh...what about 1S
idblu: me too...
sharkey: 11 points and 4333 is not my favorite
wilkinsona: but EW pushed to 3 diamonds which
may be -1
fabsayc: well double by south presumably t
fabsayc: takeout, still very strange
thommos: with ♣ 3-3 , should be easy
sharkey: shud be...
ralfwil: needs only 4-2 or 3-3 in ♣ and K on side
werge: Blind spot, but interesting...
sharkey: But East has to disregards pd’s overcall
athene: west just has to find the spade lead
sharkey: Sry - W on lead
athene: not impossible with no raise from partner
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
athene: but with two entries in diamonds, it looks
normal to try to establish your suit rather than
sharkey: E on lead in OR leading pd’s suit
shevek: can’t see making it on any lead
athene: true, even on a heart lead, west has time
to switch
ahollan1: just a delayed Stayman auction
ovncylmz: 1h-1nt-2c-3c nin iyisi gibi
mustafaozk: kuzey hayatˆ‰ndan memnun olmal
ˆ‰ bu board iˆ§in
eccone : aslˆ‰nda K olmassa elinde derdi
belki veya arastˆ‰rˆ‰rdˆ‰
MolvaM: doˆ ru karar
tez: iyi idare ettiler
MolvaM: demek ki 3. turda karo oynamamasˆ‰
gerekiyormuˆ defansˆ‰n
cindy: yeh i dont like any of the choices really..
idblu: no reason to distort the hand
cindy: i dislike 3C the least
bg: Ace Dia:))
cindy: does A ask for attitude or count here for n/
henryb: whatever
honor asks for attitude
cindy: must ask for attitude
werge: I repeat: 6
snorris: didnt work very well
marlowepi : 5C probably best spot but 3NT
makes easily
thommos: and the
shevek: my bet is 12 imps to Oz :)
sharkey: EW misdefended OR - E covered when
♠ lead from W
sharkey: giving NS 3 ♠ stoppers
sharkey: gd lead - top of nothing
athene: east can happily duck the ♠Q - that can’t
yo_yo: the Aussies wont like being beaten be a
team of "sheilas" will they?
shevek: north played it on a
sharkey: more difficult to defend in OR as QJx
concealed in N’s hand
yo_yo: should East cover?
sharkey: can’t see why
sharkey: just encourage
athene: the only reason you might cover here is
if you don’t want declarer in dummy
athene: but the normal play is to duck
yo_yo: i am told it was covered in the other room
sharkey: N played the hand in OR making it
harder not to cover
josj: maybe best for E is to duck K
nezihk: ancak defans pik oynarak her iki ˆ ansˆ‰
nˆ‰ kullanmasˆ‰ engelleyebilirdi
eccone: evet
sengulerz: 109 ♠ sekten gelince 3 de bir sorun
tokay1975: 6dia sp cakˆ‰cak yapˆ‰cak daha
iyi bi oyun varmˆ‰
yakop: top bircanda artˆ‰k
tokay1975: hu cˆ‰ktˆ‰gˆ‰nda kuzey ufak sp
geliyo rua alip sp simdi valemi koysun olmaz o
iyi diil
marlowepi: playing devil’s advocate, 2NT is a
better bid than 5NT.. T
cindy: i like 1N better than 1♠
panja: I guess ♠ finesse next..
ralfwil: N has to finess over E to keep entrancen
to table
wilkinsona: well i dont go along with that
werge: I vote for 140 - I know Paul!
roswolf: i am informed by a spec that the chinese
ladies would win the split tie
chessmaste : +170 will give Japan a 1IMP
josj: but then a cross-ruff will result
ovncylmz: dbllansa cok kotu:)
ogoksel: trefler ˆ§ekilip pik oynanˆ‰r sanˆ‰rˆ
ovncylmz: bu arada bu grupta sabahki macta
zabunoglu sevile 20-10 yenilmis
ovncylmz: a takimi da 23-7 nakkasa yenilmis
eccone : ♣ lere dogu bˆ…yˆ…k bˆ…yˆ…k
verirse pik oynanˆ‰r
eccone: buralar bˆ¶yle cˆ¶zlˆ…yo
nezihk: selam
yakop: sizce nerde durur
vale atak edecek
koksoy: son borda kadar heyacan sˆ…recek
vahaboglu: 6 lˆ¶vesi var
tokay1975: 6 eli alip gider
tokay1975: 2nci hu caktirabilir defans ama oyun
snorris: right..♣3
ahollan1: ok -- still bad glasses -- 12 imp difference
[mea maxima culpa]
othered1: They are in 2♠ in the open room. The
non-prremptor bought the hand a level lower
twcho: this bd was one played in the semi between
Australia and China Ladies
asi cikardiktan sonra simdi ♠ lerin
- 98 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
uzerine oynayacak, nun partaj olmama ihtimaline
karsi emniyetli
eccone: hmm
riyilikci: Nezih Kubaˆ§’a hoˆ geldin diyoruz
eccone: artˆ‰k dememek zor
tez: sakirler hosgeldiniz
sharkey : looks like 7 tricks when ♠ break
cindy: was gonna say pretty good hand to be
passing 3N
yo_yo: nice lead for NS
sharkey: a small pick up for the Hacketts perhaps
bg: continue clubs let dclarer end for himself
idblu: E certainly doesn’t have a 1NT call with a
ovncylmz: wow
ovncylmz: well done
yakop: agresif abi:)
eccone: 6
eccone: tam dagˆ‰lˆ‰m bilinmiyor suanda
yakop : ˆ ilem soylerlerse 10 dakkadan once
bitmez bu el
tokay1975: :)
yakop: mola alabilir bizim iˆ§in:)
tokay1975: 3hu 55 diye anlasmˆ‰s olmalari
lazim yoksa problem vardi
ogoksel: 2. boˆ landˆ‰ktan sonra
lmesi gerekecek defansˆ‰n batˆ‰rmasˆ‰ iˆ§in
yusufb: aslˆ‰nda burda biraz afresif olmakla
birlikle 2nt(minorler yada ♠ ten davet) denilebilir
ozgurun eliyle
ralfwil: wow!..♣K
idblu: unless 1 =
roswolf: apparently the team finishing ahead in
the Swiss is awarded 0.5 imp
josj: in Beijing standards, that would be a healthy
yo_yo: that seems an odd rule
roswolf: :)
nezihk: karo oynamasˆ‰ defans iˆ§in iyi
nezihk: pik rua kaˆ§tˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ iˆ§in yine de oluyor
yakop: burdan seyredince kolay gibi ama iˆ§erde
batmamak iˆ§in ugraˆ ˆ‰yolar
snorris: good duck..♣2
ralfwil: I cannot understand 5 ! it´·s obvious to
bid 5♣
idblu: not so loud Marshal
yo_yo: Liu has a horrible choice of leads there
ralfwil: or only 2 trumps on the short ♣
ahollan1: as mentioned tough hand to bid in
¨ ©
- 99 -
Precision -- She chose to call it Balanced rather
than clumsy 2♣ rebid
xenya: but this one is easy
yo_yo: they mustn’t allow extra boards to be
mustafaozk: 9. board kapalˆ‰da 3nt konturlu
nezihk: 6 nolu bordda diˆ er masad 2nt oynanˆ‰
yormuˆ ,
othered1: interesting choice back..♣6
cindy: uhoh
cindy: he’s thinking :(
idblu: can’t ♠ cuebid
wilkinsona: well bid
ahollan1: 1N is NOT a standard Precision response -with good 5 card suit and game forcing hand [8+
HCP] normal response is 2♣
caitlin: flat board
ahollan1 : the rest of the auction does look
Stayman-ish, which is standard precision
fabsayc: probably deciding hat diamond to return
fabsayc: what
sybarra: guys, I have an early day also,....going
to have to say good night
fabsayc: gn shirley
sybarra: midnight approaching here, and the
pumpkin coach is waitnng
sybarra: gn all
ralfwil: needs nothing more.....
ahollan1: nope 1♣=strong 1 =neg
b_eymen: 2 majˆ¶rler diye alert edilmedi mi?
ovncylmz: majorler diil ki
eccone: bundan sonra mac varmˆ‰ diye sorular
ovncylmz: var, son maclar
MolvaM: 2nt aˆ§ˆ‰klamasˆ‰nˆ‰ rica edelim?
ovncylmz: ama yemek arasi
MolvaM: seyircilerimiz iˆ§in
eccone: 2♣ 2 ya transfer
vugraphzkg: evet bir mac daha var sonboardlara
dogru takˆ‰mlarˆ‰ ve saati soyleyecem
MolvaM: son maˆ§lar 2030 da
eccone: 2 nt 5 li
dengeli davet
nezihk: karoya da uyuyor 3 lˆ… koz sahibi
tez: diyecektim ki:)etmis
tokay1975: 2 tur dia boslanirsa vale h oynuyor
asla spi vrmeden 9u yok birakiyor ilk hu 2nciyide
birakiyor diadonusunu alip asas spi cekiyor
viyana darbesiyle yapiyor 3nt bakalˆ‰m ...
tokay1975: yanˆ‰ldˆ‰kmˆ‰ bu defa
idblu: over 3♣ pard bids 3N if all stopped, or the
suit he has..♣J
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
snorris: 7 tricks as they did in the open room
idblu: 8 on top...9th to follow in ♣’s
eccone: 2way oynuyolar yane
ovncylmz: tum 4lu splerle 1d-1h ye 1sp diyorlar
yakop : eger 0-8 alert i dogruysa avcˆ‰ fren
riyilikci: Ana Sayfa IMP Misafir IMP
tokay1975: 3lu kozla bence cok agresif
bg: bravo just picked up 3 imps..♣8
henryb: now 9 winners in aces and kings
sharkey: The lead didnt hurt Hans
idblu: thats taking a view...but I can’t argue with
ovncylmz: zayif 1major ya da 19-22 dengeli 5li
major yok
tokay1975: diasunu donerse ona bile yapiyo
santyclz: Unless 1nt was a xfer to ♣s...♣5
mcarroll: lead certainly helps!
idblu: worried that if the ♠ hook loses they can
take 4 tricks
ahollan1: for both other Chinese Pairs -- the 1N
rebid is 18-19 bal/semi-bal
idblu: i’ll bet N played small and E is tanking
josj: we have no time for that here as the next
match will start shortly :)
eccone: bˆ¶lede olur
ogoksel: dekleran 5 lˆ¶vede kalˆ‰r -2
nezihk: 6 imp ekˆ i takˆ‰mˆ‰na gelecek
eccone: or 8+ no 4 M
snorris: in the defence!.. 4
wilkinsona: I reckon for a make here
bg: N endplayed now cannot beat three
ralfwil: claim 10 and new board
idblu: the same hand?
akgun : guney 6s olur diye uzulmustur yeri
deniz_t: gˆ…zel kontrat
nezihk: karo rua kaˆ§ˆ‰nca 4 sp yapˆ‰lˆ‰yor
eccone: hehe
yakop: ˆ imdi oldu
tez: olay varmiydi.koptum:)
MolvaM: bunu bilemeyeceˆ iz maalesef tokay. 3nt
oynanamˆ‰yor artˆ‰k
tokay1975 : dia dia vale h ufakh ilk 4 love
kazaniyor defans
MolvaM: olmak ˆ…zere tezcan
MolvaM: bu elde farketmiyor salvo ne dˆ¶neceˆ
ini bildiˆ i iˆ§in
tokay1975: as koyar dedim cunku acanda sigan
sp 5li dia ve ruah varsa batiyor mucize bisey ama
sharkey: 3 more IMPs for the Ladies.. A
arigun: ♠ kaybetsede problen degildi
eccone: 9 ♠
tokay1975: as h h oynarsa simdi
yakop: hadi arkadaˆ lar en az 10 dakka mola:)
riyilikci: bodrum-valentimo 22-2
riyilikci: burdur-izmir bbbeyaz 6-46
riyilikci: varoˆ lu-zabunoˆ lu 17-6
arigun : hele hele son devre ondeysen, butun
boardlar dumduz gelmezse kabahatli hep el
dagitici program olur
tokay1975: sonra as sp cekip yerdeki dam sple
elinde asx hu squiz ediyor
ogoksel: tokay bu sefer yemek kaybetmezsin:)
tokay1975: heheeh tamammˆ‰ bu
cindy: look at N hand if S rebids 2H.. T
shevek: Ron Klinger and Matt Mullamphy were
in the Aussie Open team in Beijing last year
athene : well, we want some good boards for
australia, in the interests of an exciting match
yo_yo: this hand isnt going so well for the ladies
yo_yo: if only East had covered..
sharkey: 6 more boards after this - looks like 13
IMPs to the Aussies here
nafiz: hoˆ geldin VulkaN
vulkan: teˆ ekkˆ…rler, selam herkese
b_eymen: burda bi arkadasˆ‰mˆ‰zˆ‰n dedigi
gibi ♠ K balamak lazˆ‰m
b_eymen: selam hocam
b_eymen: j10xx ˆ¶nlem almak lazˆ‰m
vulkan: slm eymenciim
b_eymen: 3 1 e kayˆ‰p yok
eccone: kuzey 4 dese daha iyieltarifi olurdu
tokay1975: hemsende oynasak 6 ya yerin uzun
rengi cˆ‰kˆ‰ldˆ‰gˆ‰nda empas otomatiktir
eccone: tehlikeli atak
yakop: yerein kulagˆ‰ vardˆ‰r adamˆ‰ etkilemeyin:)
yakop: empas atarsa tokaydan bileceez
eccone: ahaahh
tokay1975: :))
tokay1975: hemˆ ende ama burda as
tokay1975: aksam meyhanede meze olmamak
icin dam hemˆ ense
tokay1975: hemˆ ende
yakop: bircanˆ‰n kartˆ‰ da agrsesif:)
nezihk: karo 2-2 ise empasa gerek kalmˆ‰yor
nezihk: dolayˆ‰sˆ‰yla atmayacak
eccone: benim kortugum A♠ K
yakop: tek mide bulandˆ‰rˆ‰cˆ‰ atak edildi
orhan abi formda
tokay1975: lakabini soleyelimmi ismail
cindy: i mean overcall 1N instead of 1♠.. 2
- 100 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
snorris: playing on crossruffs now
ralfwil: four boards to pick up 30 IMPs
xenya: curious play -- but it’s as good as anything
jaapfr: he back now they missed my forecast????
ovncylmz: oyun plani nasil olmali eymen?
tokay1975: yapardi
tokay1975: orhan abinin
tokay1975: defans 3ncu hu gelse catala geliyor 9
atak edilmezse 6♣ galiba
MolvaM: 3.lˆ…k maˆ§ˆ‰ sonucu:
ogoksel: ama dekleranˆ‰n ♠ empasˆ‰nˆ‰ refˆ
…ze etmesi lazim.Masada empas atˆ‰lˆ‰r batˆ
‰lˆ‰r derim ben
tokay1975: ben artik gible tartisicam :)))
tez: jx
den atak zor
wilkinsona: a slght change in the position of
these spade would make a mess of 3NT.. 5
othered1 : What benefit would you get from
transferring to ♣ that would overcome mispositioning
the NT often?
ahollan1: PO again mentions something i misse -maybe 3 ♣ instead of 2 to show max + ♣
sharkey: which is desperately needed
twcho: sorry, private
yusufb : evet 4lu koz olsa bide tek zaten 2 ♠
sozkonusu olmazdˆ‰
snorris: no 7.. 8
mcarroll: I agree
thommos: 11
akgun: haklˆ‰sˆ‰n
akgun: karoyu cakip pik vericek sanirim
deniz_t: bence kuzey 6 ♠ oynayabilirmiyiz diye
bir seˆ§enek sundu sanki :)
eccone: sunduysada dengeli slem daveti gibi
tez: artik yapmak icin ♣ empas yapacak
MolvaM: "elle daˆ ˆ‰tsak her zaman biz yeneriz"
demekte yarar var
koksoy: dˆ…n zabunoglu takˆ‰mˆ‰na karsˆ
‰ son 2 boarda 13 ˆ‰mp ˆ¶nde girip 25 ˆ‰
mp verip 12 ˆ‰mp le kaybettik
ogoksel: ˆ brahimin 4 ya attˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ dbl NS
ekibi 6♣ e iteledi
MolvaM: diˆ er masa bitirdi
idblu: only if they are 5-3..♠2
idblu: 4-4 always makes 3N
idblu: lots of avoidance plays
nezihk: defans iyi olarak terefl dˆ¶nmeli fakat
karolara uyunca oluyor
- 101 -
tokay1975: hem sp onorleri ayrik yuksek ihtimal
hemde guney tek h ruadam sp rd dia x derdi
belki 1he
MolvaM : ufuktan gˆ…zel oynamasˆ‰nˆ‰
tez: dikkatli bi oyunla kolay..maca heyecan geldi
ogoksel: 4 ya pas dese idi 5♣ te duracaklardˆ
‰...ˆ imdi tayfun ortaˆ ˆ‰nda as ve kayˆ‰p
karo puanˆ‰ olmadˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰nˆ‰ biliyor
tez: batmak zor
ogoksel: toplam 25 puan 8 kart koz..
yu alacak dam ♠ oynayacak
tokay1975: neticede acik elde oluru olmayan bi
6 cl sans faktorude oldukca onemli bu oyunda h
cˆ‰kˆ‰lsa ve batsa 24 imp diferans
MolvaM : ne dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yor ki diye soran
seyircilerimize cevap. oyunu nasˆ‰l oynayacaˆ ˆ
‰nˆ‰ dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yor. yoksa yerden karo vale
elden de karo as oynamasˆ‰ gerektiˆ ini muhtemelen
biliyordur deklaran ...
MolvaM: :)
ogoksel: Jx
den atak imkansˆ‰za yakˆ‰
n.Ama biliniyorki Defansˆ‰n dan lˆ¶ve ˆ§ˆ‰
karmasˆ‰ zor.Tayfun 2 boˆ
ile 6♣ diyemezdi
MolvaM : english commentary is in the open
room. this room is turkish ONLY
vugraphzkg: dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yor oyuncu
nezihk: cevapˆ§ˆ‰da 5431 belli zaten,
tez: ilk ♠ almazsa ♠ koyup cakar
serhat: Bulent alˆ‰p H K oynayˆ‰nca isler karˆ
‰sˆ‰yor o zaman.. tref empasˆ‰ yapip batabilir
fabsayc: the 1NT response is in fact the problem
with transfer responses.. 2
santyclz: I don’t know, Ed. Nor do I know that
was a xfer. It was alerted though so it seemed a
jaapfr: any explanation not in4 ?
b_eymen: claim
arigun : turnuvanin yapildigi salonda surekli
elektrik kesintisinden dolayi canli yayinimizda
problem cikmaktadir herkesden cok ozur dileriz
MolvaM: selamlar tekrar
b_eymen: wc
MolvaM: izmirdeki elektrik kesintisi birˆ§ok kiˆ
iyi dˆ‰ˆ arˆ‰ attˆ‰ sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
eccone: tek varken sˆ¶ylemek lazˆ‰m
ogoksel: ortaˆ ˆ‰nˆ‰n geldiˆ i marka bˆ…yˆ…k
R koymasˆ‰nˆ‰n anlamˆ‰ yok
nezihk: kuzey insiyatif kullandˆ‰ ve kazandˆ‰
exerdar: karo ataˆ ˆ‰na 3nt fazla oluyor, ufak kˆ
¶r ˆ§ˆ‰kˆ‰labilse bi heyecan olabilirdi heralde
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
koksoy: ve simdi burada murat.levent ve ben
marlowepi: ruff the hearts good, and diamond
sizlere yazˆ‰yoruz :)
arigun : o devredeki grand slam eli olmasa
kazaniyordunuz biliyorum :)
arigun: benzer boardlar bizde de oldu :)
tez : 1 imp ile turkiye sampiyonlugunu cok
kaybedende var:)lutfen yani
MolvaM: yes there isnt an open room becuase
they finished the set. pls wait for the next segment
to start in approx 1 hr
nezihk: pik alˆ‰nˆ‰nca problem kalmˆ‰yor,
trefl 3-2 olmalˆ‰
ogoksel: Ortakta muhtemel bir ♠ onˆ¶rˆ… olduˆ
u var sayˆ‰lˆ‰r ise defans 2.lˆ¶vesini renginden
umarak atak edebilirdi belki
mariner1: Marshall you are a psychic :)..♣7
cindy: his hand looks ginormous after a 2H rebid
snorris: well 4
was a strech
josj: In Norway that is
yakop: sansar
vugraphzkg: 5 5
riyilikci: 2 NT naturel deˆ il ama sˆ‰ˆ§ramalarla
ilgili CCde bilgi yok
snorris: or not..♣A
sharkey: ♣ 33 so can pitch dummy’s ♣
wilkinsona: trouble is, East has pushed the boat
out already and doesnt want to bid 5 clubs
irwinbo: good auction, he had to try
marlowepi: sure
idblu: meanwhile, what happens on a ♣ lead....???
ahollan1: Claim Early - Claim Often!!!
akgun: hatta 2 sinide:)
eccone: yoksa direkt 4 derdi haklˆ‰sˆ‰nˆ‰z
tokay1975: :)
eccone: ♠ kalˆ‰rdˆ‰
eccone: panik yapmassa batmazdˆ‰ ama
yakop: kor oynarsa fazla loveyi kapar
fabsayc: not to me..♠8
fabsayc: 2 shows 44 only
marlowepi: hearts provide the tricks. S cant lead
clubs twice without giving dummy an extra entry
vugraphzhq: players take a rest
idblu: pointed out that there is a red suit squeeze
after AK ruff a
marlowepi: on what sequence of previous plays,
do you mean?
idblu: if you lead ♠ and they lead ♣ then u set
up the / sq
marlowepi: there is no need to. on club lead just
play heart to ace and ruiff a heart, then concede a
spade. S has to win to lead a club, but then you
have another entry to dummy in trumps to ...
ace is till there to reach the long heart for 11th
nezihk: doˆ ru
tokay1975: evet son clini kaciyor 3ncu diaya
4ncu diaya buyuk cakip kozu ekip yere dogru sp
marlowepi: most people just say psycho, thanks
for the tact Rob..♣9
MolvaM: cem ve tolganˆ‰n el deˆ erlenirmeleri ˆ
§ok baˆ arˆ‰lˆ‰ bu elde
idblu: not a reverse?.. 7
fabsayc: with 45 rebid 2
cindy: not to me
tokay1975 : cl pash pas %75 bunda sp onlu
guneyde ise ve h rua tekse yapiyor
tez: goreegiz yapamaz diyenleri
tez: c
nezihk: 4-2 pik iˆ§in 1 karo daha ˆ§akmalˆ‰,
ama ona geliˆ gidiˆ yok, mecbur 3-3 pike oynayacak
MolvaM: 1170 seyricimiz var. bugˆ…n iˆ ler iyi
tokay1975: dusunuyosa alicak demektir
cindy: thats a typo he meant psycho hee hee..
mariner1: :)
marlowepi: agree with cindy about 1NT, assuming
we have methods to find a spade fit if we have it
sharkey: Four more boards after this one
ralfwil: very slow now!
akgun: kor pasi afise artˆ‰k
eccone: teknoloji yetiyosa :)
MolvaM: ama karo dam ters tarafta olsa idi, fazla
konuˆ tular diyecektik
yakop: ama rh+ male sansar:)
eccone: batma ihtimali kalmadˆ‰
nezihk: emre 3 lˆ… atakda orhanda en fazla 2
tane pik var sanˆ‰yor ve ˆ§ubuˆ unu yakmˆ‰ˆ
yakop: guzel ˆ ilem guzel atak
eccone: empas yapardˆ‰ ozaman belki :)(
eccone: baska caresi kalmˆ‰yor
nezihk: evet
riyilikci: valentino-izmir BBB 21-25
cindy: to me it shows shape..♠T
jaapfr: b41
nezihk: karo antresi hala duruyor
tokay1975: ama butun bunlar ash h oynanˆ‰
eerbil: diˆ er odada grandˆ lem sˆ¶ylendi
MolvaM: yas tutan arkadaˆ lar iˆ§in bbo’da ˆ¶zel a
ˆ lama odalarˆ‰ var
xenya : a simpler line is to cash the ♠ A and
- 102 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
embark ona cross ruff, establishing a ♣ trick in
the process.. 6
roswolf: declarer isnt making many tricks here
b_eymen: kritik
b_eymen: yere karo veya ♠
b_eymen: masada olmak laazˆ‰m biraz
b_eymen: ♠ ruanˆ‰n yerini tahmin etmek lazˆ
ovncylmz: gunaydin herkese:)
nezihk: gˆ…naydˆ‰n
nezihk: tabii
ogoksel: 2 takˆ‰mda birbirini ˆ§ok zorlayˆ‰cˆ
‰ kontratlara ulaˆ ˆ‰yorlar..Demin Bˆ…lentin
3Nt si ˆ imdide 6♣
cindy: i dont rebid 5 card suits..♣Q
fabsayc: not a reverse if 2♣ is game force
werge: 140 is over - and out
athene: maybe this is the start of an exciting
Ozzie Rally
eccone: aynen
eccone: :)
MolvaM: yorumcular ele gˆ¶re konuˆ maya bayˆ
‰lˆ‰rlar :)
eccone: hakkaten fazla konustular ama
koksoy: bu sene bayanlarda ve senyˆ¶rlerde
olimpiyat sampiyonlugu 15 gˆ…nlˆ…k oyun
sonunda 1 ˆ‰mp ile bitti
wilkinsona: Happy bridge have to go some here
as EW have gone off in 5 contracts OR..♠3
yo_yo: is this knockout or swiss?
ovncylmz: 4h asiri agresif degil mi?:)
eccone: 13 10 dengeliye dengeli
eccone: son 3 dakika
yakop: bitmez daha oyle
eccone: biri sˆ¶ylese kabak diye ya :)
nezihk: maˆ§ yeniden baˆ ladˆ‰ diyebilirmiyiz?
yakop: bircan emin olun oyun bitince orgazm
olmuˆ gibi hissedecek(umarˆ‰m RTˆ K yoktur):)
eccone: operatˆ¶r arkadasˆ‰mˆ‰zdan masada
yasananlarˆ‰ naklen iletmesini rica ediyorum :P
MolvaM: .eˆ itli seyircilerden soru geliyor. valentino
takˆ‰mˆ‰nˆ‰n isminin sebebi nedir diye
MolvaM: aˆ§ˆ‰klama yapacak yorumcumuz var
eerbil: hepsi ˆ§ok yakˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰klˆ‰
serhat: now what?
tokay1975 : cl rua gelip diaya asla cakip cl
ogoksel: Serhat bey sizi aˆ§ˆ‰k odaya alalˆ‰m:)
tokay1975: sonrasi ben karˆ‰smam
tez : ♣ ele gelip
cakarsa..asla..sonrada ♣
valeyi toplarsa yapiyor
- 103 -
tokay1975: allah kurtarsin
ahollan1: Meckwell uses 1♣-1N to show game
force hand with ♣ length -- so there must be
something to that approach..♠7
othered1: Juice can’t do it one imp at a time.
riyilikci: takˆ‰m kaptanˆ‰ ˆ brahim Yarˆ‰moˆ
lu’nun lakabˆ‰
barbyh: yes..♣T
mariner1: in fairness W probably did like his
position behind the 1 caller.....
wilkinsona: good trump, holds to 9
ahollan1: which pseudo-squeeze?
ovncylmz: diger masada da 4♠ oynaniyor
ovncylmz : orda deklaran kor pasi yapmaya
mecbur kalmis gibiydi en son
ovncylmz: batti diger masada
MolvaM: mesela takˆ‰mˆ‰n sponsoru ahmet
valentino isimli birisi olabilir mi?
riyilikci: valentino19-yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran 29
vahaboglu: markalarˆ‰ harcamadˆ‰ Zafer.. 5
sharkey: Actual score 76-42 now.. Q
shevek: anyway, I like to take the opportunity to
tell everyone that in 10 days we host the Yeh
Bros Cup Invitational Teams as a lead in to the
Gold Coast Congress 26/2/09 to 02/03/09 - ...
shevek: Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast
eccone: ?
arigun: ben ogleden sonra bir oda actim, ama
invisible... kimse gormeden kendi kendime
hungur hungur agladim
fabsayc: is more a case of less evil i think.. 3
idblu: N is the protector here...will hate to throw
his A
santyclz: pitch gave up the dbl-sqz possibility,
but it didn’t matter since s 3-3 anyway.
eccone: sevgili operatˆ¶r iyisin degilmi?
tokay1975: 4lu kozun yoksa bi asin olmalˆ‰
agresif bi bid yapmak icin bile neticede dv10 ♠
ten birini ezicek nt diyen onoru olduguna gore
cindy: no but it doesnt show a balanced hand
either.. 6
koksoy: bric iste :)
b_eymen: haberimyok canˆ‰m.. K
akgun: dama rua cikarsa eskisehire donmemek
icin as girdi:)
eccone: batˆ‰nˆ‰n A♠ olsa zaten bˆ…yˆ…k
ihtimal A♠ ceker
eccone: karˆ‰sˆ‰klˆ‰k cˆ‰kmassˆ‰n diye
yakop: test
vugraphzkg: teknik arˆ‰za oldu sry
ahollan1: nope -- the play of the hand doesn’t
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
interest me at all :)..♠Q
eccone: npp
nezihk: dˆ‰ˆ arda 1 pik kaldˆ‰ kor oynamakda
sorun yok.. 7
tuppermet: deklaran karo ruayˆ‰ ˆ§ekerse gˆ…
ney karo ruaya damˆ‰ atmalˆ‰
riyilikci: evet galiba el aˆ§ildi pazarlik var
MolvaM: ok teˆ ekkˆ…r
ovncylmz: berabere oldu bu arada mac, 3nt+1
olan el 2sp oynandi.. A
serhat: :)
MolvaM: ben empas atar batardˆ‰m
ovncylmz: bu el cidden zor bence derken -1.. 9
idblu: true, and also true.. K
eccone: endiˆ elendim senin icin
ogoksel: empasˆ‰ atˆ‰p batacak
ahollan1: 3 = I like ..♠9
yakop: bircandamˆ‰?
MolvaM: ben gˆ¶rdˆ…m seni cengiz
chessmaste: ten was not too shabby.. 8
tez: guzel oynadi
tokay1975: normal yuzdesi empasti
yakop: :)..♠A
tokay1975: evet
riyilikci: zafer gene bilemedi bugˆ…n mehmet
pulat zaferin ˆ…zerine oynuyor
riyilikci: bodrum-valentino 12 bord sonunda 36-2
o 3N
c 3N
this/total IMPs
♠9 8 6 3
♣A 5 2
N ♠Q 7 2
K J8
Q10 2
A Q10 4 3
♣Q876 43
♣K J
♠ K J10 4
K J98
♣10 9
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
W: Andonov
E: Popov
#1 S::
#3 N::
#5 E::
#7 S::
#2 E:: K,9,3,A
#4 W:: 4,2,J,T
#6 N:: 8,7,K, 5
lestergold: the trumps were not that bad
lestergold: the values were comfortable part
score values rather than game values..p..p..p..1N
ndemirev : there must be a good reason for
stayman and then 3♣ that i’m not aware of..p..2
♣..p..2 ..p..3♣..p..3
ndemirev: are they playing 14-16 nt? ..p..3♠
lestergold: a trick always nlikely on the lead..p..p..
lestergold: in dims or spades
vugraphb1: in CC is writen (14)15-17
ndemirev: then 1n-3n strikes me as normal ..♠5..
lestergold: this makes on any return by n
lestergold: if north retrned a dim than east playes
ace and in fulness iof time defence makes the two
- 104 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
aces and two dims thats all..♣A..♠6..♠2..♠J..♠
lestergold: this way 2 aces and two spades..♣4..
♣2..♣J..♣T.. 2.. 5.. K.. A..♠8..♠7..♠K..
5..♠4.. 7..♠9.. 3
roswolf: science is normally to be praised but
sometimes more primitive bidding is best
© © © ©
o 3N
c 3N
this/total IMPs
♠9 8 6 3
♣A 5 2
N ♠Q 7 2
K J8
Q10 2
A Q10 4 3
♣Q876 43
♣K J
♠ K J10 4
K J98
♣10 9
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#2 E::§K,9,3,2
#4 W::§8,A,¨4,©4
#6 W::§7,©3,2,¨8
§6,ª8,¨3,©5 #8 W::§4,©7,¨T,J
#10 E::¨A,9,5,2
©T,ªK,©J,A #12 N::¨6,,,
#1 S::
#3 E::
#5 N::
#7 W::
#9 W::
#11 E::
cindy : yeh well then 1N instead of that ratty
spade suit
mariner1 : next session is scheduled for 60
minutes from now
fabsayc: is all a matter of agreement
idblu: but 2N shows something you definitely do
not have
cindy: admitedly i dont play sayc
fabsayc: to me, 3♣ is unbalanced
cindy: not to me
wilkinsona: ...six now...
for the tournament website
snorris: 6 s
othered1: 130 l;ooks very generous
fabsayc: well played, i am impressed at overall
- 105 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
level of play
wilkinsona: thats some claim..
fabsayc: 110 is all
npcjpn: looks like a series of strong notrumps.
werge: It´·s the old story - with 4 you overbid,
and now you try to regret it
caitlin: really??
caitlin: how could that be
yo_yo: is there a heat wave there?
idblu: 720 = N threew his ’s
ahollan1: so -- pseudo sqeezed worked -- there
really is no justice
roswolf: perhaps
ovncylmz: bu el heyecanli olucak
deniz_t: bir anlamdada sizin dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ndˆ…ˆ ˆ…
nˆ…zde doˆ ru olabilir fakat kayˆ‰plar konusunda
anlaˆ abilmekde gerek sanki:)
eccone: burddan bi ekmek yerler :)
ogoksel: muhtemelen sorunsuz 2 oynayacaklar
MolvaM: ˆ¶yle tabii ama baˆ arˆ‰ ile tartˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰
lmaz derler
eccone: 1 nt 2 iyi :)
ovncylmz: :)
deniz_t: sˆ¶ylemiˆ tim zannederim:)
nezihk: 2 karo ve 1 pik vererek 4 sp kolay gˆ¶zˆ
arigun : KQxxx ? yinede iyi ? QJ10... 50%,
Kj10xx. 51.68 :)
arigun: pardon ozel mesajdi
yakop: ˆ u anda irfanlarˆ‰n rakibi 3 buyuk ˆ ehir
dˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰nda bi takˆ‰m olsa 40 sayˆ‰ bu 3
elden yerlerdi:)
eccone: hmm
yakop: deklerasyon nasˆ‰l yazsana nezih
koksoy: gˆ…nde 10 saatten 15 gˆ…n oyna so
nra 1 imp :) :)
MolvaM: bu bordu skoru iˆ lenmedi sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
tokay1975 : sp pas gecerse vale sp cekip sp
cakmaya gidicek 42 sp varken bile cl vale iyi
yerdeyse yapabiliyor
tokay1975: 2 oyunda kritik hesap yapmak lazim
MolvaM: ok dˆ…zeldi teˆ ekkˆ…r
tokay1975: yinede yuzyuzde100 varken
tez: zafer gecen sene 1 imp ile kaybettigi finali
hatirladi..1 imp kazaniriz belki diye e kucuk
tokay1975: evet 1impde kˆ‰ymetli
yusufb: diger masada 55♠ varken 3nt batˆ‰nca
anladˆ‰gˆ‰m maˆ§ bˆ‰rakˆ‰lmˆ‰ˆ
MolvaM: zorlu-assael bir ˆ lem kaˆ§ˆ‰rmˆ‰ˆ
gibi gˆ¶rˆ…nˆ…yor 12. elde ama buna karˆ ˆ‰n
irfan-zafer ˆ leme batmˆ‰ˆ ve izmir takˆ‰mˆ‰
kontrlu partskor yapmˆ‰ˆ
wilkinsona: I go alonf with Hans and the 6 heart
caitlin: hmmm
yo_yo: it’s a great tournament , i’ve been 3 times
xenya: perhaps S was trying to cater for a 5-1
split in ♣s?
b_eymen: 2♠ oynanˆ‰r heralde
eccone: burdan alˆ‰rlar biraz
eccone: :)
eccone: 11 kadar
mariner1: EW can compete in
idblu : to me says I don’t have a major or 2
wilkinsona: Roland’s arrived folks..
Walddk4: Hi all
snorris: hi
ralfwil : In OR scores seems good for China
sharkey: S opened Multi 2 in OR
snorris: a good 6
ralfwil: 4 on NS
snorris: me too
ralfwil: But you cannot be ashamed for 4 and
let your partner decide
werge: Sporty 6
thommos: 6 on the ♠ finese
caitlin: we can all miss cards
santyclz: Particularly when the contract is not in
danger and we’ve been playing for several days.
caitlin: for sure
fabsayc: opportunity here
werge: Part score in sight
sharkey: it’s warmer than where you are Kath :)
athene: probably australia has less snow at the
minute than england
idblu: I hate to throw Aces also :)
idblu: get so few of them
ahollan1: checking dictionary --- nope sqeezed
is not acceptable form of squeeze
b_eymen: woow
b_eymen: artˆ‰k zor
ovncylmz: 1kor?
akgun: 4d dese iyiydi 3d ustune
akgun: 1h-1nt gelince tek koru gostermek istemedi
aruf: 4
ovncylmz: su pik dam atagi var ya
ovncylmz: aynisi diger masada da olmus desem
yakop: ˆ u anda gorecegiz rakip ne kadarˆ‰nˆ‰
- 106 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
riyilikci: burdur-izmir 10 bord sonunda 6-46
eccone: 4♣
riyilikci: varoˆ lu zabˆ‰noˆ lu 8 bord sonunda 176
eccone: ilkerden saldˆ‰rgan bi aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ
arigun: sari olmanin avantaji, namahrem diye
birsey kalmadi :)
snorris: borderline 2 ....p
Walddk4: Long time ago
sharkey: Good morning
Walddk4: We also have an open room
othered1: down 1 wasn’t it?
wilkinsona: -1 I think
werge: Not only - Q of , if ♠ are not 3-3
santyclz : Well e was obviously 3235 on the
auction, so...
roswolf: oh well this complicates east’s life
eccone: DB uyandˆ‰rabilir
mustafaozk: 4h gelirse 4s demek zorlaˆ abilir
KG iˆ§in
riyilikci: BODRUM 5.0 VALENTˆ NO 37.0
riyilikci: BURDUR 25.0 Bˆ Yˆ Kˆ EHˆ R BEYAZ
tokay1975: valentino sˆ‰kˆ‰ takˆ‰m kolay
pes etmez
tokay1975: 4lu spi var sandi tama indirim bari
marlowepi: the real issue, i think, is whether 1NT
will compromise your chances of finding a spade
fit. if not, then i have no problem with cindy’s
slight upgrade based on the positional .....1N
marlowepi: factor rob mentioned
barbyh: what???
cindy: im with you
ralfwil: 3 !
snorris: pondering..
snorris: steeling the
wilkinsona: south in 4 spades OR
irwinbo: strong 2s bid
sharkey: 3 NT in OR
caitlin: many 4 person teams
othered1: getting to game on these north south
hands can score 6 more imps
bg: heres a chance for Juice to pick up mor than
one imp
idblu: that was so long ago
ahollan1: 2 = transfer to
-- showing better
raise than immediate 2
chessmaste: 4 looks good - but can declarer
- 107 -
overcome the breaks?
roswolf: is that correct - looks a great gamble to
b_eymen: 2 2♠ pas pas olur heralde baska
ovncylmz: bundan sonraki macta kimleri izleyecegiz?
eccone: dogu daha dogrusu
ovncylmz: cok enteresan geldi bana
MolvaM: demek ˆ ablon atakmˆ‰ˆ
eccone: hayˆ‰rlˆ‰ iˆ ler deriz
eccone: :)
MolvaM: defterime not edeyim de ben de hep pik
dam ˆ§ˆ‰kayˆ‰m
eccone: ahaha
ovncylmz: murat abi sana lazim olacak bunlar
nezihk: ege derbisi diyebilirmiyiz?
yakop: duzeltme burdur 6h demiˆ
tez: ortadogu ve balkanlardada ibrahim i herkes
valentino olarak taniyor
eerbil: bu elde K-G’in 5-3 kˆ¶r fitini bulabilmesi
ˆ¶nemli gˆ¶rdˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…z gibi
MolvaM: bu son bordun iyi tarafˆ‰ maksimum
seyirci katˆ‰lˆ‰mˆ‰nˆ‰ saˆ lamˆ‰ˆ olmamˆ
‰z. herkesin uykusu aˆ§ˆ‰ldˆ‰
snorris: might be hard to reach after the preempt..p
shevek: yes we do have bush fires in victoria and
floods in queensland
yo_yo: the only drawback is the surf
yo_yo: you can’t have a decent swim
shevek: drawback, you’re kidding Kath :)
athene: surely surf is good? it means you can
have an Exciting Swim
chessmaste: 3NT? Way too much for me
josj: nope
tez: 2nt=minor soruyor
tez: 2♣=majorler
fabsayc: debate time again..2N!..ask for 5!H or !
ralfwil: any objection?
snorris: I would have opened in first seat
othered1: and it’s been corrected to that on the
snorris: or will they cope?
cindy: wow
idblu: the ♣8 grows up
wilkinsona: QC perhaps
idblu: anyone for 2 ’s
ahollan1: this is ’only’ day 4 of the event - and
China is 6-handed
ralfwil: in that case - the first one!
xenya : no reasonable explanation, Jaap, i’m
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
yo_yo: Lui has guts
yo_yo: Liu
josj: there is no law against gambling
ovncylmz: kuzey davet etmesin su an?
vugraphzkg: dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yor derken etti
aruf: tam bi el tarifi gibiydi
eccone: mesala ortakta 3 boˆ pik sadece as kˆ¶r
puanˆ‰da olabilir
riyilikci: Mustafa Tokay’da aramˆ‰zda
tokay1975: selamlar
yakop: ˆ imdi zafer ortak oyun acinca 1 0puandan
itibaren ˆ ilem soyler:)
eerbil: natˆ…relde 1sp-1nt-3nt diye gidebilecek
bi deklarasyonun sonucu aˆ ˆ‰r oluyor bu elde
MolvaM: sˆ…per deklareeee
tokay1975: her normal insan gibi 4lu spi var
tez: 4 de bitecek
ogoksel: 4♠ 4 e baraj olmuˆ sanki?
tez: 2 ile hangi major uzun diye sorulabiliyor
tez: artik bundan sonra macin donmesi imkansiz..senlikler
marlowepi: worth a short suit or long suit try i
cindy: wow again
wilkinsona: and with the diamonds as they are
may be 4 losers
idblu: must play that constructive
cindy: is that really the lead ?
marlowepi: maybe the other black queen
ralfwil : do you know what defence NS have
against strong ♣
Walddk5: There will be no extra boards for sure.
In the event of a tie, the higher ranking team in
the Swiss wins
deniz_t: kuzeyde 5 kayˆ‰plˆ‰ bir el gˆ¶rˆ…nˆ
…yor bu anlamda ne iyisini ne de kˆ¶tˆ…sˆ…nˆ
… almak gerek sanki orta bir kararda belki 4♠ gˆ
…zel deklare
ovncylmz: aman dikkat
mustafaozk: gelmedi
nezihk: slm
riyilikci: bu arada turnuva bilgileri
nezihk: supp dbl, muhtemelen 4pike gelecekler
ve 1 pik 1 trefl ile 5 yapacaklar
MolvaM: 4pik aˆ§mak iˆ§in fazla iyi bir el
snorris: they sure did..3♣!
werge: Nice 1 ♠.bid here
snorris: you like it?
othered1: not me
othered1: I guess both souths have downgraded
their after the opening.
bg: 2 spades S a little underbid why not 2 dia at
least show 10 points or so
shevek: well apart from the shark attacks...
sharkey: W hates to give up - may cost
santyclz: Most play that 3♣ shows a good hand
with s, if they do, I wonder what a bad one
looks like.
yo_yo: Now Imakura knows where K is
roswolf: west has a difficult lead here
josj: but that won’t help him
eccone: rua karoyu at dam tref 3 bos pike 6 hic
eccone: bence az
nezihk: pik kontratˆ‰nˆ‰ gˆ¶zden ˆ§ˆ‰kardˆ‰,
fakat 5 karo olmuyor
sengulerz: ˆ§ok saˆ lamcˆ‰ bir pas G’in eliyle
eccone: 2♣
eccone: ˆ¶hm
exerdar: 3nt gambling den biraz daha ii bi el
tokay1975: o macin canli skorunu gorme imkanˆ
‰mˆ‰z varmˆ‰
MolvaM: ama bu elde sorun yok
MolvaM: diˆ er masada gˆ…zel bulmuˆ lar doˆ ru
tez: 2nt=3♣ e transfer
yusufb: ˆ zmir Buyukˆ ehir takˆ‰mˆ‰nˆ‰n ˆ
ampiyonlugunu ˆ imdiden tebrik ediyorum
cindy: i dont like 3C either :( to me it begs for a
spade lead..p
idblu: puppet stayman
snorris: not after a gutsy 4 ♣
werge: NOOOO...
snorris: the killing lead
thommos: don’t like the suit,
othered1: I agree that a cue-bid by the passedhand
is a good option
wygbe1: his line doesnt do that, since only rho
can have a stiff club - after the spade jack, could
just cash ace and play clubs from top
josj: now there is a chance
yo_yo: Wang guessed the wrong suit
roswolf: this i think can make on this lead
Walddk5: So China has a carryover of 0.1 IMP
chessmaste : I don’t understand that lead partner must have a club suit - this may cost the
Walddk5: They finished 3rd in the Swiss
- 108 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
akgun: 4d gelince hangi guney 6s ye giderdi o
ovncylmz : bu arada nevzat abi bboya girdi,
dummy olur olmaz, haha:)
vulkan: 3nt gitti
eccone: sizi kapalˆ‰ya bekliyoruz
ovncylmz: enteresan
kabexnuf: bu sene 1/16 lara egeden dˆ¶rt takˆ‰
m kalmayˆ‰ baˆ ardˆ‰.
nezihk: demek ki egede briˆ§ hˆ‰zla ilerliyor.
ovncylmz: 6istanbul
yakop: anadoludan kastˆ‰m oyuncu kalitesi ile
ilgili degil partnerlikle ilgili
yakop: major varken minor soylenmez:)
MolvaM :
tokay1975: valentino bodrum macida heyecanli
MolvaM: bu linke bakarak diˆ er masayˆ‰ da
tokay1975: ty
MolvaM: bu bakˆ‰mdan diˆ er masada burak
aralp’in yaklaˆ ˆ‰mˆ‰na katˆ‰lˆ‰yorum ben
tez: ♠ 10 atak
tez: puan azken cakaya cikmak cok insani
nezihk: 5 olur
ogoksel: 2 =multi=zayif majˆ¶rlerden biri.2 =
pass or correct
cindy: i feel like a big complainer :(..p
fabsayc: learned nothing, rather start with 3♠,
asking 3NT if both majors stopped, else bid a
snorris: trying for 7
othered1 : east jumps to game and partner’s
absolute high card maximum will be useful.
snorris: -3
ralfwil: expensive!
snorris: or more?
wilkinsona: club ruff looks fairly easy
mpny: Swiss qualifying for a KO
werge: Here Paul got his 140...
yo_yo: i’ve been swimming with sharks, apparently
they are over rated as killers
yo_yo: the multi strikes again
shevek: this is not going to be a pick-up for Oz...
yo_yo: presumably Wang doesnt know which
akgun: evet
eccone: artˆ‰k ˆ¶nemli 2 renk var tref ve pik
deniz_t: tabiki splinter oynamak veya soran kˆ…
bit anlaˆ malarˆ‰na gˆ¶re deiˆ ebilir, zaten bricin
gˆ…zelliˆ ide burda:)
akgun: acik odada da hic heveslenmemiˆ ler
eccone: gˆ…ney 3 dermi ˆ¶vˆ…nˆ§?
eccone: 4 diyincede belki giderdi
MolvaM: evet :)
eccone: 3NT gamblingmi?
eccone: 3 nt mini splintermis
eccone: yane 10 12 tek var
exerdar: 9-11 4lˆ… fitmiˆ sorry:)
eccone: 4♣ gercek splinterede uygun
tez: 3nt=oynarim ben bu oyunu
tokay1975: ve diger maclarin
MolvaM: okan zabunoˆ lu MVP olmaya doˆ ru
gidiyor bu maˆ§ta
sharkey: 3
by S will certainly be Doubled and most likely make.....3N
cindy: whew
vugraphzhq: sry
idblu: looks like 3
mpny: very tame for east to pass
mdgraham: swiss, I believe
werge: But close to game anyway
athene: east fears his partner just bid south’s suit
shevek: that happened 200 meters from where I
live :)
idblu: 5 in the bank :)
ahollan1: transfers over double gaining a lot of
popularity to distinguish hands with own suit +
tolerance for partner, bad vs good raises
MolvaM: baˆ lantˆ‰ kopmalarˆ‰ iˆ§in ˆ¶zˆ…r
dileriz. umarˆ‰m ˆ¶nˆ…mˆ…zdeki gˆ…nlerde
elektrik kesilmeleri yaˆ anmaz
eccone: raip 3 diyince hata yapma ihtimalleriyok
nezihk: batan 4 pik, 2 iˆ§eri 5 trefle karˆ ˆ‰
tokay1975: 3nt demek ilginc tabide x gelince
ortakta 5li minoru bile bile kacmamak cok daha
tez: as
atak edecek
tez: sonra ♠ oynayacak bence
MolvaM: ortaˆ ˆ‰n pas geˆ§eceˆ i ˆ§eˆ itli ellerle
ˆ lem kaˆ§abilir
MolvaM: e gel abicim o zaman
relrikas: tebrikler izmir buyuksehir
othered1: East..p
xenya: easy 8 tricks, with ♣Q on
ralfwil: But as the cards lie - 9 tricks
athene : nicoleta is a shark at the double bay
rubber bridge club :)
athene: 200 meters from where she lives :)
jaapfr: would be lovely to see face expressions of
NS ifso
- 109 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ogoksel: -1?
ovncylmz: demez
eccone: dememeli
eccone: gerci ben yokum yarˆ‰n
ovncylmz : ben pik dama yerden pik valeyi
ovncylmz: ortalik iyice karissin diye:)
dadim: iˆ in gucun ortalˆ‰k karˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰rmak
zaten :)
nezihk: ˆ imdi ˆ…mit var
tokay1975: ama bu sistem bole cok makul diil
spler bulunmalˆ‰ sonra yine degerlendirmeye
baglˆ‰ 3nt oynanir
nezihk: karo oynayacak trefl dˆ¶nˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ… alˆ
‰p piki yerden sola bˆ‰rakmalˆ‰
eccone: gerci 5 li ♠ yok nasˆ‰lsa demistir belki
eccone: ama nerden cˆ¶mzˆ…cek
MolvaM: ama diˆ er maˆ§larˆ‰n canlˆ‰ skoru
yok maalesef
tez : rakip yapay sistem oynuyorsa mumkun
oldugu kadar cok araya girmek gerekir
koksoy: mecburen... ortakta insallah 5-6 faydal
ˆ‰ puan vardˆ‰r diye dˆ…sˆ…nˆ…yoruz
cindy: whats wrong with just plain old 3N..p
idblu: what a lead!
cindy: why tell the opps how to defend
ralfwil: Once again! now S is in a bad position
wilkinsona: fair enough to bid spades if you have
thommos: CRaSH, i am told
fabsayc: it leaves more room also in case north
has hearts
ahollan1: 3 only used as preemptive or sometimes
ovncylmz: derse aydin bric kulubunde silahlar
ovncylmz: fit verilmedi
eerbil: atak?
snorris: or not..♠J
thommos: 9 should make on this lead
santyclz: Ah, relay, not an ask at all.
santyclz: I guess 3♣ showed a bad hand and 3♠
showed the suit.
ovncylmz: zaten diger masada 2 -1 olan boardda
2nt oynadi KG ve inanilmaz sekilde oldu kagit
ovncylmz: :)
eccone: oluyo bazen
ovncylmz: bu macta sik sik oluyo bence:)
eccone: vuagraph heyecanˆ‰da var tabe suan
ovncylmz: ve 4-4pik fiti de bulunmadi
yakop: giriˆ te demiˆ tim zaten iyi ˆ§iftler ˆ ilem
ozurludur diye
yakop: kimse sorumluluk almˆ‰yo
tez: orhan in kacmamasi gercekten ilginc..delikanli
tez: oyle olmasa okay kesinlikle araya girmezdi
bu elle
MolvaM: ufuˆ un 1 kˆ¶rˆ… 4lˆ… renk gˆ¶steriyor
olabilir. 5li garanti etmiyor belki
rua cekerek koz cekmeye baslayacak
MolvaM: trefl atak edilmedikˆ§e sorun yoktu
tez: nafiz
larin ise yarayacagini dusunuyor
fabsayc: too plain :)..♠5
cindy: i told u it begged for a ♠ lead
snorris: more imps to the ladies
snorris: aplying the breaks
snorris: one last 6 ♣?
ralfwil: after 4♣ E must see a slam!
snorris: only question about 6 or 7 for east
ralfwil: W promising both majors
werge: 6 is clearly against odds - after North´·
s pre-empt!
mcarroll: contemplating 7?
wilkinsona: EW ’s aggressive policy can pay off
again here
othered1: That’s a very friendly lead. Might
consider a trump on this auction.
fabsayc: well this game should always be bid
fabsayc: but they minimized information
othered1: yes, it should be bid on EW’s cards,
but north doesn’t know that
cindy: more small gain chances here
cindy: im not going to say i like that lead
bg: should play dia 8 tease a cover from
ralfwil: three rounds of ♣ one and ♠ had been
othered1: can be headed -1 in a voluntarily bid 3
nezihk: doˆ u batˆ‰ bundan daha iyi bir ˆ ey
hayal edemezdi herhalde
ovncylmz: 3 ankara
ovncylmz: isparta + burdur
eccone: 9-11 4 lˆ… fit ve ne?
tez: 5 ♠ atak edilmezse olmaya yakin
riyilikci: diˆ er maˆ§ iˆ§in
eerbil: yine de batˆ‰racaklar
MolvaM: brice yeni baˆ layanlarˆ‰n masasˆ‰
nda bu el ˆ imdi bitmiˆ gitmiˆ ti. ˆ imdi yaklaˆ ˆ‰
k 27dk sˆ…ren acˆ‰lˆ‰ bir dˆ¶nem bekliyor bizi
MolvaM: "1 overcall yaptˆ‰k, atak et demedik
eerbil: defansˆ‰n fazla dˆ…ˆ ˆ…necek biˆ eyi
- 110 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
olmayacak bence, gˆ¶khan’ˆ‰n sadece smith
echo’yu doˆ ru vermesi yeterli olacak
tez: vale
yu yerden koymak iyi fikir
devamini saglak icin
MolvaM: ˆ ampiyonada 5. gˆ…nˆ…n akˆ amˆ‰
oynanˆ‰rken smith ekoyu filan kaldˆ‰rmak
gerek bence
tez: saglamak icin
eerbil: :) tezcan’ˆ‰n vale karo fikri de aynˆ‰
mantˆ‰kla kesin doˆ ru
riyilikci: valentino-izmir bbb 27-26
tez: fofutta degilim turkcemde fena degil..klavyem
MolvaM: sˆ‰kˆ‰n diˆ inizi 20 dk kaldˆ‰
sharkey: think 3 initially, as you stated, Ralf,
wud have put pressure on EW..♠3
frankaus: we got to the ♠ grand where xxx opp
ralfwil: W needs to have tke K in both majors
panja: depends on ♠ pips ...
caitlin: I am told our operator might have got it
wrong that indeed the club was played for 11
caitlin: is that possible operator?
yo_yo : all the years it’s been around and the
multi still gains imps
jaapfr: mb 0 emotions shown:)
roswolf: declarer’s play was odd
sengulerz: ama ˆ§ok bi ˆ ey deˆ iˆ medi.. D bˆ‰
rakmazdˆ‰ herhalde
nezihk : bbo nun katkˆ‰sˆ‰nˆ‰ gˆ¶zardˆ‰
ovncylmz: +antalya
yakop: avcˆ‰ ˆ u anda karamba karambita falan
tez: 3nt nin hic sansi yok
arigun: tebrikler okan’a, 2 kere insiyatif aldi hem
bu el hem 7 eli ikisine de kazandi
MolvaM: MVP= en deˆ erli oyuncu
cindy: Jxxx is my least fav lead of all time..♠Q
wygbe1: beatable on h lead
ovncylmz: piki doner herhalde di mi?:)
eccone: 2♣ gelene 2♠ daha iyi
koksoy: bence bu board standart
MolvaM: basketboldan devˆ irme bir deyim
tez: iyi defans uzun kozdan caktirmak
MolvaM: yerde ♣ tek bulacaˆ ˆ‰nˆ‰ biliyor en
tez: nafiz zorlu salvador assael ozgur bakan mert
bilgen bulent aslan ibrahim mumcuoglu tebrikler:)
tokay1975: salvoda cok oldu ama artik genclerin
onunu acmasi lazim
- 111 -
yusufb: tabiii 2 ve 3 de TEBRˆ KLERRR 82 takˆ
‰m uzun maraton
tokay1975: kacinci bu
tokay1975: hepsini kazaniyor
mcarroll: yes but they have to find the lead..♣
jaapfr: pls no
wygbe1 : this may seem kind of unfair - and
maybe it is, since we can see all the hands - but
with e known to be short in diamonds it seems the
heart is the percentage imp lead
jaapfr: we are allowed to favor the underdogs
ovncylmz: upps, 2nt+2?
tez: koz kotu dagildiysa salvoda uzundur
ralfwil: I cannot see how to make this..♣9
snorris: strange.. why ask pd if you are going to
7 anyway
MolvaM: seyircilerin ˆ§oˆ unu aˆ§ˆ‰k odaya kaˆ§
ˆ‰rdˆ‰k malesef
ovncylmz: seneye kis 4lude bir sekilde oynamak
lazim:) bu sene yorumculuk yaptik, pistik artik:)
eccone : bence seneye yorumculuga hazˆ‰r
olucaksˆ‰n :P
eccone: tek ˆ igan?
vugraphzkg: trefi uˆ§uyomu diye claim yaptˆ‰
wilkinsona: west judges well to stay in a making
ralfwil: There is one possibility!
panja: oh the 5♣ seems like an elite is
good to make on the way.....
werge: North will be happy, that pd has the ♠
snorris: west will finesse s
snorris: and hope for k of ♠ and j of
in north
irwinbo: i think he should have ducked a spade
ovncylmz: 6tane kor almiyorlar mi?
nezihk: evet
wilkinsona: declarer can play to ruff hearts it
bg: club J not a good play now in wrong hand
idblu: Joey...your call
tokay1975: su an defans 5 love alabiliyor sonra
alamayabilir ben garanti 5love goremedim
idblu: just a guess, no reason ♠ over ..♣J
sybarra: I simply dont lead it unless is pards suit,
even then likely to lead the J
cindy : E may hate leading from Jxxx too so
decided to lead a strange card to try to disguise it :)
bg: 165 specs know what to do now littletougher
for N
cindy: trying to get a heart shift maybe certainly
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
cant want a back
idblu: agree
wilkinsona: playing a low spade from dummy
first may have been tricky for the defence
idblu: maintains control
shevek: this is a textbook multi two btw
athene: well, it wasn’t the multi which gained
athene: it was a multi in the other room too!
dadim: :)
othered1: This type of auction is a benefit of a
big club system. East can have a great variety of
hands for the 4♠ bid,since partner’s opening is
wilkinsona: and/or diamonds
snorris: ace of
THEN clubs
athene: it was North wading in over 3♣
sharkey: looks like Frue can escape for -1 here
shevek: imo, 3♠ is the culprit
sharkey: 1
sharkey: What if E Major suit were reversed?
athene: 3♠ is a bit pushy
idblu: will probably eventually overtake the K
to play a ♠ down and will be pleasantly surprised
when the Q falls
vulkan: doˆ u trefle el tutup alttan karo oynarsa
dekleranˆ‰n tercihine kalacaktˆ‰
b_eymen: ewet
MolvaM: masa baˆ ˆ‰nda biri olsa ve "beyler bu
elde birˆ ey yok 2-3 fazla oluyor" deyip bordu
kaldˆ‰rsa... zaman kazanˆ‰rdˆ‰k
eccone: iletsin operatˆ¶r
eccone: Kenan
eccone: !
riyilikci: zafer haklarˆ‰nˆ‰ bitirdi, 9 lˆ¶ve ew al
ˆ‰r herhalde
exerdar: orasˆ‰ belirsiz
mdgraham: ?..♣Q
ahollan1: does North hand fit either of those 3
chessmaste: playing East for a singleton K
josj: maybe he did not realise
might be 4-1 as
ovncylmz: burdan soyle bir teklifim var TBF’ye.
nasil TSK icin ekstra bir takim aliniyorsa, gencler
sampiyonasi sonunda 1. olan takim direkt katilsin
eccone: semineremi?
ovncylmz: gencler bu kadar yogun mac programini
kaldiramiyor cunku:)
tokay1975: simdi oyun cok ilginc hale geldi
dicektim hakan 9u verdi
exerdar: masadaki alert
eccone: ayarlamˆ‰slar agresif aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ pasif tutu
tez : 9 ♣ super oynayanda 10 lu 4lu ♣ varsa
empasa giriyor
santyclz: NEXT!..♣5
tez: cek bakalim ne yiyecekler sqz ine oynayacak
baylind: herkese merhaba
mcarroll: And the finesse has to be taken the
right way to keep E off lead and 9 tricks then
athene: it’s basically hoping south has hearts and
partner didn’t do anything with a borderline hand
ovncylmz: uste cakmadi mi?
riyilikci: karodan 4-1 daˆ ˆ‰lˆ‰mlara ˆ¶nlem
almak lˆ…ksˆ…mˆ…z bile var
tokay1975: kendisi elden squiz olabilir cl asi
almassa 5nci diaya bi cl atacak sonra 2he 1cl ve
sonuncusuna sˆ‰kˆ‰sˆ‰r
MolvaM: yere doˆ ru trefl oynandˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰nda
sorun ˆ§ˆ‰kar mˆ‰
tez: seyircilerden cok fazla mesaj geliyor..bunlari
cevaplamam imkansiz
MolvaM: yoo ˆ¶yle deme seyirci velinimetimizdir
tez: bisey daha biz yorumcular bu maci eglenceli
ve egitime katkili hale getirmeye alisiyoruz..kimseyle
dalga gecmiyoruz..sadece saka yapiyoruz
nezihk: kˆ¶rleri elimine ettiˆ inde trefleri ˆ§ekip
karo oynandˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰nda sorun ˆ§ˆ‰kabilir
MolvaM: aˆ§ˆ‰k odadaki deklarasyon ve oyun gˆ
¶remiyoruz malesef
nezihk: defansˆ‰n 3 karo almayˆ‰ ayarlamasu
nezihk: diˆ er odada ayarladˆ‰lar
ogoksel: 1pik 2 kˆ¶r 2 pik 3kˆ¶re salvo 4 pik
demiˆ diˆ er odada
tokay1975: yerden sp cevirmek 33 sp ve 32 cle
yapiyor bunun yuzdesi yaklasik %20 diger oyun
sp empasi gececek sp 42 olacak ve eldeki 5cli
kurtarmasi lazim disarda v7234 varken hesabi
biraz ...
tokay1975: karisik ama bence yerden sp daha iyi
MolvaM: sevgili yorumcular bu arada 82 takˆ‰m
arasˆ‰nda 2. olan zabunoˆ lu takˆ‰mˆ‰nˆ‰ da
gˆ¶nˆ…lden kutlayalˆ‰m
cindy : oh i agree with that just saying they
always get it right against me..♣A
sharkey: Shud W have raised to 4♣?
snorris: dont think so ..has doubled
- 112 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
snorris: thats enough
snorris: first hurdle..
ralfwil: no chance
snorris: no
cindy: that looked good
yo_yo: klinger went quietly in the other room
athene: 3 is ok if you have the firm partnership
agreement it’s non-forcing here
yo_yo : i think the chinese ladies might have
discussed that
athene: yes, south passed it :)
santyclz: E wasn’t nice enough to unblock the
ovncylmz: kuzeyin eliyle dbl atilabilir mi sizce?
tokay1975: rakipler diilde
MolvaM: 9lu markasˆ‰ biraz can sˆ‰kˆ‰cˆ‰
MolvaM: finalde tabii ki 1 takˆ‰m yenilecekti
idblu: or they play always lead ♠ vs NT :).. 4
snorris: bidding
snorris: yes’
snorris: nice to have ♠ now..
thommos: but recovered
idblu: ty :)
idblu: no cooperation from the defence at all
sengulerz: k-g 2♠ d-b da 3 yapˆ‰yor
ovncylmz: az onceki turdaki salman-selekler
maci 111-111 bitmisti
eccone: en iyi oyun 8 li kˆ…cˆ…k kˆ…cˆ…k
vahaboglu: bu durumda 2♣ e 2 yu uzununu se
ˆ§ oynamak iyi
caka verse 3 oluyordu
mdgraham: odd play in hearts.. 4
yo_yo: here’s the link to the standings: http:// ty
chessmaste: So China will retake the lead
tokay1975: 2nci cli cekmeden dedim
cindy: has to take his 9 now..♠6
riyilikci: yusufun 5 cl deklerasyonu oldukˆ§a
mantikli, Toros’da dengesiz el olsa 5 CL kaybedemez
yakop: ˆ u ana kadar masada 4 tane ˆ ilem kactˆ
‰ ve de 2 tane battˆ‰
eccone: veya farketmez zaten
eccone: A karo bile cekilebilir
riyilikci: as laro ˆ§ekip yerden kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k oynamak
eccone: evet
tez: olur demedim..aman ha yanlis anlasilmasin
riyilikci: oynayanˆ‰n onlu dˆ¶rt tane trefli varsa
tek batˆ‰ran 9lu
tez: yeterki ortak dogru anlasin:)
- 113 -
tez: ♣ oynarsa
tez: havaya cakmak deniyor buna
tez: cakarsa kucuk verip onorleri koruyoruz
MolvaM: teknik terimler konusuna ˆ§ok hakimsin
tezcan :)
tez: merci pasam:)
tez: ingilizcesi ne bilen var mi?havaya cakmanin?
tez: ruff to the air imis:)
wilkinsona: I notice the 1N alerted..♠2
vugraphzkg: hayˆ‰r
vugraphzkg: ˆ§akmadˆ‰ gˆ¶rdˆ… sanmˆ‰ˆ
ovncylmz: enteresan seyler oluyor su an
ovncylmz: takimlar isinma problemi yasiyorlar
bence, ya da erken yoruldular
ovncylmz: ilk gun hep zor olur bu tur turnuvalarda:)
cindy: hehe..♠4
cindy: and ♣ vs slams
idblu: that too...part of sayc :)
fabsayc: i will test that
idblu: :)
fabsayc: and by the way, i don’t play sayc
idblu: win 5 Imps for caution
ralfwil : and perhaps more than 9. W is under
josj: but playing the Q probably cannot cost
othered1: This declarer is taking everything not
nailed down..♠A
caitlin: ok ....10 tricks
idblu: the ♣8 may grow up
riyilikci: Bir sonraki maˆ§ta Bodrum-Valentino
ve Burdur-ˆ zmir Bˆ…yˆ…kˆ ehir maˆ§larˆ‰nˆ‰
n galipleri Vugraphta olacaklar, Maˆ§ saati 14:30
tez: tayfunda dami koyarsa olacak
MolvaM : okan, ahmet, zafer, irfan, ufuk ve
tayfuna da tebriklerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
yusufb: 2-ZABUNOGLU 3-YILANKIRAN 4VALENTˆ NO bide ben 25 falan olmuˆ uzdur
kendimide tebrik edim:)
baylind: tebrikler yusuf
wilkinsona: take care, now.....♣7
othered1 : why set out on that line then pull
sybarra: think we cash soon
ovncylmz: wow:P
deniz_t: bence gˆ…neyin pas geˆ§mesi sanki iyi
deˆ il, sonuˆ§ olarak ortagˆ‰ 3 dedi bu kesinlikle
iyi el demek , o anlamda gˆ…ney bence pas
dememeliydi. Tabiki ortaklˆ‰k anlaˆ masˆ‰
saygˆ‰ duymak ...
deniz_t: gerekir.
ogoksel: 9+4=13 fark 12 idi:(
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
idblu: moi aussi..... 3
sharkey: yes - looked at nothing wasted in
everything working - but E wud have passed
snorris: can contain a singelton?
thommos: 1 showed majors or minors
thommos: 2♣ was pass or correct
thommos: Bye all
ralfwil: bye
deniz_t: herkese slm
vahaboglu: Varoˆ lu takˆ‰mˆ‰ herhalde 2 yu
natˆ…rel oynuyorlar
MolvaM: karo as altˆ‰ndan oynuyor olabilir mi?
MolvaM: olamaz. ˆ¶yle olsa karo as karo oynardˆ
‰ herhalde
MolvaM: karo valeyi dˆ…ˆ ˆ…rmeye filan ˆ§alˆ‰
ˆ ˆ‰rdˆ‰
nezihk: biraz heyecan katayˆ‰m diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ…n
tokay1975: ibo icin zor bi bekleyiˆ bu
MolvaM : gene de kˆ…ˆ§ˆ…k karo iyi oyun.
rakibi dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ndˆ…rtmekte yarar var.
serhat: tref oynasa nasˆ‰l yapacak? K alˆ‰r
karo oynar A alˆ‰r tref oynar? tek care bu.. is
Bulo ya kaldˆ‰!
ogoksel: Tayfun Bˆ…lenti zorlayˆ‰p duruyor
bu elde..Hata yapacakmˆ‰ diye
MolvaM: eˆ er karo asˆ‰ tayfundaysa trefl as ibo
da olmalˆ‰ diyor
tokay1975: bulent dogrusunu bulur
tokay1975: bahislar aciliyomu paˆ am
yusufb: J yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran takˆ‰mˆ‰da 25 yaˆ
ortalamasˆ‰yla son 8 kaldˆ‰ onlarada tebriklerrrr
sharkey: that was EW..... 2
Walddk4: In some places you alert weak NTs
snorris: like east before?
ovncylmz: ancak uzatma boardlari oynanmis ve
antalya-selekler 16.takim olarak bu etaba ciktilar:)
nezihk: hamle yanlˆ‰ˆ , ˆ¶nce trefl oynamalˆ‰
tokay1975: h le cˆ‰ksa oynayan 2 tur hu alip as
sp cekiyo dami atmassa bati sp oynayip damina
birakiyor yatirip elden cli 9 love.. 8
nezihk: evet
riyilikci: karo ve garanti demek istedim :)
MolvaM: yusuf ˆ§ok iyi oynuyor genelde ama ona
kaˆ ˆ‰t gelmiyor
santyclz: N is asking for an undo...♣6
tokay1975: h le cˆ‰kˆ‰p as spe damˆ‰ atip
nezihk : hele kor damˆ‰ da bulmasaydˆ‰
eccone: :)
MolvaM: dˆ…zelteyim. canlˆ‰ skorlar ˆ u adreste
varmˆ‰ˆ .
eerbil: ah 1 overcall’u !
tez: !9 luyu gokhan bende bisey yok senin icin
oynuyorum anladi
tez: ♣9
ogoksel : AQx su olan dekleran bˆ¶ylemi
oynardi peki?sanˆ‰rˆ‰m hayˆ‰r
snorris: ??..♠8
snorris: south sleeping?
ralfwil: or VU
idblu: what does it stand for?.. 3
chessmaste: They have been wobbling in both
rooms over the last few deals .. 5
ovncylmz: zayif nt neden acmadi ki?
tokay1975: evet en cok 8 hp gider ona
sharkey: probably W didnt feel he cud afford to
pass 3 - in case pd had ♠ - so I don’t think 3♠
that unreasonable view his strong fallback ♣
vulkan: Aydoˆ dularˆ‰n stilinin agresiv olmasˆ
‰na raˆ men bu elde 3ntye gelememeleri ilginˆ§
ovncylmz: 1kor 4+kor
vulkan: 4333 el dˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰nda 4lˆ… major varken
1nt aˆ§mˆ‰yolar galiba
ovncylmz: yok aciyorlar
ovncylmz: ama 3.den gerek duymadi herhalde
ovncylmz: 2M kontrati kacabilir diye
ovncylmz: bi sistemde bir eli birden fazla sekilde
acabilme durumu hakkinda ne dusunuyosunuz?
arigun: onun bir sistem olmadigini ...
ovncylmz: :)
nezihk: kˆ¶tˆ… baˆ langˆ‰ˆ§ yapan DEniz takˆ
‰mˆ‰nda iˆ ler daha sonra iyiye gitti
ovncylmz: 1h-1sp 3lu olunca
ovncylmz : simdi 2spye 2nt dese de 4spden
aruf: mola iˆ e yaramˆ‰ˆ anlaˆ ˆ‰lan
kabexnuf: :)
ovncylmz: 11le isi zor ama sistemsel olarak
ovncylmz: cunku sistem dengesiz eller uzerine
ovncylmz: ruyama girdi benim hatta dun aksam:)
3acislarini falan gorsek keske su son 5elde
vulkan: 1 ♠ nin 3lˆ… olabileceˆ ini Nevzat da
biliyor, 4 ♠ den korkmaz Fikret 2nt derken
ovncylmz: 1sp 4+ sistemde
arigun: fikretin korkusu ortaginda 4lu olabilir,
aksi takdirde 11 puan ortagini rengine 2 onor
destek, yanda kaliteli bir renk var
- 114 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
nezihk: as alˆ‰p kor as ele kozu alˆ‰p trefli
tokay1975: hep derim bulent gibi oyuncun varsa
serhat: J de cekmeyecek bence
serhat: Q h
bircan: yusufun yeri dar
ralfwil: crossruff!.. 7
xenya: W would have done better to unblock s
perhaps -- still there must be a way for 9 tricks
sengulerz: yalnˆ‰z.. bu kadar kafa kafaya giden
bir maˆ§ta +1 ler falan da ˆ¶nemli tabii
nezihk: karo ˆ§akarsa kor partajˆ‰na kalˆ‰r,
yine de oluyor
kabexnuf: herˆ ey guzel bu bord
vahaboglu: ancak skorlar update edilmemiˆ
MolvaM: nedense rua-valeden hangisinin koyacaˆ
ˆ‰mˆ‰zˆ‰n pek ˆ¶nemli olmadˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰
durumlarda genellikle doˆ rusunu biliriz.
ahollan1 : in the other room 3 makes more
sense because the 1 opener was limited by
failure to open 1♣.. T
exerdar: claim
MolvaM: Nafiz_Salvo yu ˆ zmir de yenemeyip
daha da hˆ‰rslananlar iˆ§in ilk fˆ‰rsat Kadirli:)
15 Mart 2 Seans ˆ kili
baylind: yusuf genelde dummy oluyor:)
ahollan1: here, South could have held bigger
hand.. J
wilkinsona: these trumps were made for ruffing..
fabsayc: is caitlin around?.. 9
ogoksel: 12-14 NT ye karˆ ˆ‰ transfere atˆ‰lan
konturun atak deˆ il puan gˆ¶stermesi uygulanan
bir yˆ¶ntem.
ovncylmz: board 9 diger masada 3nt oynaniyor
tokay1975: guneyin kalan kartlari qxx h x dia
q10 cl olsa
ovncylmz: o da -2 oldu
tokay1975: o zaman dia cakip yere dogru cl
idblu: It is ACBL propaganda.. Q
tokay1975: yani hu 4lu diasu 3lu olsa cli kacirarak
yapiyo simdi elleri iyi saydiysa dedigim gibi
oynayip batavilir
yusufb : hiˆ§ puan gelmiyo burda gordum 20
puan 25 puan bana devamlˆ‰ 3-5 puan :)
ovncylmz: daha enteresan seyler olabilirdi bu
boardda.. 6
eccone: karo ele cekilmedimi
nezihk: hiˆ§ onlara gerek yoktu, ˆ imdi karosu
yok kor var diye oynarsa batacak
- 115 -
ovncylmz: -1 le iyi kurtardi izmir takimi.. A
ogoksel: Bu elde geˆ§erli deˆ il ama uyandˆ‰
rma pozisyonuna kalˆ‰nca iˆ iˆ ten geˆ§miˆ
othered1: and now an overtrick en passant.. 9
wilkinsona: but 10 tricks ok
ovncylmz: diger masada da 2nt+2 oldu
ogoksel : Dikkatsizlik yada yorgunluk hata
yapmasˆ‰na sebep olabilirdi.Normal ˆ artlarda bˆ
¶yle bir hata yapˆ‰lmasˆ‰ beklenmiyordu bence
fabsayc: actually it started off as anything on
general chart.. 5
tokay1975: yusuf bende kendimi tebrik ediyorum
biz ilk 82 ye kalamadik.. 2.. T
¨ ©
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 3N
c 2♠
this/total IMPs
W -3 150
E 2
♣K J 6 5 3
♠K 8
N ♠ Q10 7 6 3
Q J65
A10 8 4
♣ A10 8 4 2
♠A J 9 4 2
K10 9
♣9 7
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
E: Popov
ndemirev: right :) ..♠K..©J..©A..¨6
ndemirev: actually regardless of range i would
just bid 3nt :) ..1¨!..p..1♠
ndemirev: but just wondered ..p..1N
roswolf: i suppose 2¨ is any gameforce..p..2¨!
#1 N::
#3 S::
#5 E::
#7 W::
#9 S::
#11 E::
#13 S::
#2 W::
#4 N::
#6 W::
#8 N::
#10 S::
#12 E::
¨ ¨ ¨
declarer.. 3
roswolf: yes this will be hard if not impossible to
make.. 4.. 9.. Q
ndemirev: this hand is too tough to play on those
ndemirev: will probably end up -1 or -2..♠8..♠5
lestergold: i can see 2 dim tricks a club a spade
and three hearts = only seven ..♠T
lestergold: anoher in the wash in an endplay or
misdfenc but a full nine i cant see..♠J
roswolf: i agree mike more like -2..♣9..♣2..♣
K..♣Q.. 5
lestergold: unlucky really many other days 3n
would roll in here
lestergold: after all combined 24 points with 2 5
card suits good imtermediate cards all suits well
stopped is not an unreasonable 3N.. A.. 2..
roswolf : this could be -3 and 9 imps to the
leaders.. Q.. 4.. 3.. T..♣8..♣J..♠6..♣7..
6.. 8.. J.. 6..♠A
ndemirev: need 3-3 S with J onside as a straightforward
chance with a few secondary chances
roswolf: only 7 imps ..♣4..♣3..♠7..♠2..♣T..
ndemirev: you always want to be in those games some of them make
vugraphb1: 6... and no diference between 2 and
3 down.. A.. 9.. 5.. 8.. 7.. K.. J..♣5..♠
9..♣A.. K.. T
roswolf: only 6 imps actually
¨ ¨ ¨
© © © ©
¨ ¨ ©
© © © © © © ©
¨ ¨
ndemirev: 2D must be GF
lestergold: i fear prima may be returning some
vugraphb1: 3N has some play..p..3N..p..p..p
lestergold: not unreasonable to bid up to 3n on
the e/w cards but the lie of the cards kis not the
wind blowing int tyhe right direction so to speak
lestergold: even a trcik given on lead is unlikely
to see this make mind u diamond very helpful for
- 116 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 3N
c 2♠
this/total IMPs
W -3 150
E 2
♣K J 6 5 3
♠K 8
N ♠ Q10 7 6 3
Q J65
A10 8 4
♣ A10 8 4 2
♠A J 9 4 2
K10 9
♣9 7
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#1 S::
#3 E::
#5 S::
#7 W::
#9 E::
#2 W::
#4 N::
#6 S::
#8 S::
#10 E::
mariner1: could see a double part score swing
frankaus: anybody suport 1♣ by north - i do
barbyh: I would
cindy: yes
mariner1: well you don’t compete if you don’t
bid I hear
frankaus: zar followers would open it
barbyh: who is zar?
wilkinsona : ..but assuming partner made a
penalty x of 1N... I doubt if I would have found
west pass
snorris: strange..
mcarroll: I suspect -1
snorris: probably
ralfwil: With better defence EW had had a much
bigger lead
werge: Then you still make it
snorris: right:)
- 117 -
werge : Ruffing finesse in
¨ gives another
idblu: possible p/o
cindy: no way
marlowepi: E has an opener
idblu: nice hand in the W
idblu: 19HCP but looks like a lot more
mdgraham: not to worry :)
ralfwil: 11 tricks in ♠
werge: 1430 - without a -lead...
ralfwil: yes
sharkey: pick up for Oz :)
shevek: hard not to bid 4♠ here
santyclz: Good opening lead.
idblu: gave nothing away
wygbe1: wasnt that claim premature?
jaapfr: why
mcarroll: not really
wygbe1: guess not, sorry
yo_yo: Nerves are showing here
MolvaM: 16 bordluk maˆ§lar daha kritik oluyor
dadim: teklifini deˆ erlendiriceklerdir heralde
ovncylmz: murat abi deftere yazsana bunu cidden:)
kabexnuf: ama seminere diye yazsin :)
eccone: Q♠ in altˆ‰na
mustafaozk: ben kapalˆ‰da bulacaklarˆ‰nˆ‰
tahmin ediyorum oyuncu olarak agresiflerdir her
sengulerz: geˆ§en sene son eli 1 fazla yaptˆ‰
rarak bir turnuvada finali kaybeden biri olarak iyi
bilirim bunun acˆ‰sˆ‰nˆ‰
nezihk: 5spe kadar sorun yok
tokay1975: cli bilirse
tez: slm:)
MolvaM: okay 9 yerine 10 girseydi?
serhat: yanˆ‰ldˆ‰m tref oynadˆ‰:)
yusufb: diyarbakˆ‰r Dˆ SKˆ takˆ‰mˆ‰nada
tebriklerrrr onlarˆ‰ yenen 2takˆ‰m finalde bulu
ˆ tu:)
cindy: i would open it in 1st seat 2nd seat 3rd
seat and 4th seat..1 !..11-15p, 1+!D
marlowepi: personally would open N hand in a
coma, in ANY seat. pd could have: Axxxx Qx
xxxx Qx
fabsayc: east worth 2NT then quick sign-off
sharkey: Operator said one of the pairs lost their
convention card - thus alert of weak NT proper
fabsayc: play seems to go in bursts, which is
hard on operators
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ahollan1: big ♣ -- and big interference
chessmaste: A solid result from the Open Room
MolvaM: bir bordda yapˆ‰lan hatayˆ‰ telafi
etmek iˆ§in az sayˆ‰da bord oluyor
akgun: 1c 5+c 11-19
ovncylmz: yok yok Kis 4luye:)
MolvaM: not aldˆ‰m. pik dam ataˆ ˆ‰nˆ‰n
hemen altˆ‰na
ovncylmz: :)
eccone: ahaha
ovncylmz: o sayfa cop olmaz di mi:?
aruf: slm arkaˆ lar
arigun: ortaklik anlasmasinin disinda hernekadar
3 seviyesinde de olsa basit renk overcall’u, guney
’in passina kesinlikle katiliyorum aksi takdirde
800 vermekten iflahimiz kesilir :)
tokay1975: ama unutmamak lazim biz 4 elide
goruyoruz masada hersey farklˆ‰
riyilikci: 12 bord sonunda yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran-zabuno
ˆ lu 15-51
frankaus : link to zar -
snorris: allways stealing norths suit this west..
bg: 5 boards to go 11 imps diff lets see what
athene: unlucky to have a trump loser here
sharkey: especially when you play catch-up
athene: should be flat
ahollan1: not so big :(
idblu: I can’t see e/w finding ♠’s
ahollan1: 1♠ = 2-suits same rank [♣ &
& ♠]
ovncylmz: pik atagina kucuk konmasina ragmen,
rua oturulmamis, oturulup as kor kor oynansa, 2nt 2 olacakti
riyilikci: refresh yapmayˆ‰ unutmayˆ‰n
MolvaM: bu devre bordlarˆ‰ iyi brice daha yatkˆ
‰n ellerdi.
mariner1: zpetkov/TheDistributions.html..1
marlowepi: i would open 1C on that hand even if
kibitzing at euchre
barbyh: what is going on here?
Walddk4: 2♠ likely MSS = Minor Suit Stayman
marlowepi: in any seat for me, but surely in 3rd
at these colors
irwinbo: anubody double?
idblu: moi
sharkey: EW will sac
ahollan1: we’ve had FOUR 12-imp swings and
only three 1-imp exchanges
yo_yo: now will Liu compete?
santyclz: Looking more and more like a version
of SuperCRaSh.
idblu: dbl = o-7 ?
josj: easy enough with strong club
roswolf: yes pressure is certainly on and fatigue
may play its part too
b_eymen: dbl dan sonra baya kritik bir board
MolvaM: bu bakˆ‰mdan gˆ…ˆ§lˆ… takˆ‰mlar
maˆ§ˆ‰n mˆ…mkˆ…n olduˆ unca ˆ§ok sayˆ‰da
bordla oynanmasˆ‰nˆ‰ isterler,
vulkan: g ˆ leme gidebilir
eccone: majˆ¶rler demek icin uygun bi el
ovncylmz: giricek mecburen
eccone: slm
arigun: 4♠ i demenin tek gercekci yolu, bence
dogu yukseltse idi simdi guney’in tekrar dbl ile
uyandirmasi ile mumun olabilirdi
nezihk: evet
MolvaM: sn federasyon baˆ kanˆ‰mˆ‰zdan aldˆ
‰ˆ ˆ‰mˆ‰z bilgiye gˆ¶re bordlar 2 masada
oynandˆ‰kˆ§a giriliyormu. sˆ…per bir uygulama
bu. teˆ ekkˆ…rler :)
MolvaM: diˆ er maˆ§ta ˆ§ok IMP israfˆ‰ oluyor
galiba :)
tokay1975: aynˆ‰ boardlarsa bu masada toplam
6 ,mp o masada 66
MolvaM: belki gˆ¶khan yanlˆ‰ˆ yapmazdˆ‰
koksoy: 5 minˆ¶r iyi baraj 300 veriyor
MolvaM: gˆ¶khan ve okay ˆ§iftine minˆ¶rler ˆ§ok
geliyor galiba.
MolvaM: flaˆ haber: kadirli turnuvasˆ‰nda, bu ˆ
ampiyonanˆ‰n flaˆ ˆ§ifti emre paksoy ve orhan
ekinci de oynayacaklarmˆ‰ˆ ...
relrikas : bende modaya uyup kendimi tebrik
ediyorum 23 yaˆ ortalamasˆ‰ eskisehirli genclerle
17. falan olduk :) gonullerin ...
cindy: oops..p
snorris: but south must be careful and not to try
to chash the ♠s first
santyclz: Probably 5-8 or similar.
mariner1: zpetkov/
ralfwil: 4♠ on EW
wilkinsona: yep
mdgraham: Doubtful if East will let 4♠ play
sharkey: I think - but 4♠ makes it difficult
werge: But will E/W find the -suit now?
yo_yo: there’s some very talented players in the
Hackett team, they will bounce back after a good
night’s sleep
othered1: south does have a 12-count, and 2♣ is
normal. Rebid will be interesting
- 118 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
idblu: OK..some values
mcarroll: closer now as they found the
marlowepi: i might if you reverse the majors, but
ruff fo
beat 4♠ in OR
b_eymen: 5 iyi gibi
ogoksel: 2 e atˆ‰lan Dbl uyandˆ‰rmamˆ‰
yoksa gerˆ§ek puanmˆ‰ belli olmuyor bu ˆ
ekilde oynanmaz ise
MolvaM: multi ye katˆ‰lˆ‰yor muyuz?
riyilikci: mesela 6 kart trefl olsa
yakop: 9 nˆ‰lu elde cogu seyirci ˆ ilemi bulur
diye duˆ unuyorum
MolvaM: bu masa ˆ§ok tutumlu
MolvaM: soran seyircilerimize aˆ§ˆ‰klama: evet
aynˆ‰ bordlar oynanˆ‰yor
idblu: not counting his Jacks..p
snorris: does n dear 3nt?
othered1: Ew have lots of duplication, but likely
time to avoid going past 5
ahollan1: either CC has changed, or Takayama
thinks West hand is too good for 10-13 NT
athene: oh yes
ahollan1: per 2007 CC --- vs big ♣: DBL= , 1
=♠, 1 =color [♣&♠ or & ], 1♠=shape [
♣&H or &♠] 1N=rank [♣& or &♠]
idblu: then he bid wrong
ahollan1: partnership check -- is 2 forcing or
not? drum roll please
idblu: must have changed the cc
santyclz: Hadn’t seen that defense before.
ovncylmz: evet ozgur hakli
nezihk: burada dbl 5 trefl veya defans arasˆ‰nda
teklifi deˆ ilmidir?
sengulerz: ˆ ekilde gˆ¶rˆ…ldˆ…ˆ ˆ… gibi o 1
imp le ˆ¶ne geˆ§ti izmir takˆ‰mˆ‰
eccone: 4♠ demek zor ama gelinirse birtek ♠
atagˆ‰na batˆ‰yor
eccone: 9 bide :P
tez: 2nt diyecek
tez: goksu 3♠ ile daveti kabul edecek
vahaboglu: ˆ ilemle ilgilenirler herhalde
tez: 3♠
mariner1: I can barely spell zar though..2♠!
cindy: i would open it in a train, i would open it
on a plane
marlowepi: invcented by Dr. Zarkov
cindy: is that forcing ?
Walddk4: 2NT equal length perhaps
snorris: 3 ♠ singelton?
snorris: 4
might be good now
cindy: i dont like much about the S hand
- 119 -
¨ ©
¨ ©
probably not on the atcual hand
idblu: N can protect
idblu: E hand useless to W
athene: i didn’t notice south’s hand
shevek: things getting even worse....
athene: no way you are passing 4♠ with that
idblu: up here we play Mickey Mouse...dbl=maj,
NT = min
ahollan1: oops - typing error -- 1♠=rank, 1N=
shape sorry about that
jaapfr: again a good board ew
jaapfr: 4h on
eccone: 4♠ denilse olucak buda
eccone: bu zondurumunda evet
riyilikci : tabi ki ˆ¶yle, sanirim bu ortakliˆ in
overcall stili ile ˆ§ok ilgili,
nezihk: ona gerek kalmaz ikinci lˆ¶vede alˆ‰nca
yer ˆ§aka el ˆ§aka gemek zorunda
nezihk: direkt empas atmazsa sorun yok
ozgull: normalde sˆ¶ylemesi zor zona geldiler
MolvaM: evet tekrar maˆ§a dˆ¶nelim
tokay1975: o zaman gitmeyelim kadirliye birinci
belli simdiden:)
fabsayc: limit raise..p
cindy: or his trumps
snorris: good for him
othered1: A nice spot and a good stop after a 15
point 1N opening.
snorris: as not to weak e-w up
idblu: u r forgiven
vulkan: kˆ¶r partjˆ‰na ˆ lem kabaktˆ‰ :)
MolvaM: batˆ‰nˆ‰n 3karo aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ biraz
frenledi sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
b_eymen: hersey tamam 7 ♣ demezler demi ˆ¶vˆ
ovncylmz: 6c:)
b_eymen: karo rua soramˆ‰yo ne olcak
ovncylmz: ama rua sorma durumu falan olursa
isler karisik
deniz_t: bizler yaˆ landˆ‰k galiba yeni jenerasyon
briˆ§ˆ§iler gˆ…zel anlaˆ ˆ‰yorlar:)
deniz_t: arigˆ…n hocada haklˆ‰dˆ‰r kendince
fakat ben gene de anlaˆ malˆ‰ ortaklˆ‰klarda 3
diyen elin 15+ ve ihtiyaˆ§sˆ‰z bir deklare
diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yorum.
vahaboglu: tek olan,
fiti ˆ ilem daveti
tez: saniyorum.. tutusu herhangi bir renkte
kisalik anlamina geliyor
nezihk: nafizi tutmak zor gibi
vahaboglu: 3NT sorar
tez: ♠ tek demek degil
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
vahaboglu: teki
tez: 3nt ile teki sorarsiniz
vahaboglu: veya ˆ imdi RDB
tez: 3 yu mumu dedi sanirim
barbyh: perhaps he thinks he has a runout suit..p
marlowepi: apart from this hand and these pairs,
it is worth checking with our regular partners
whether the sequence by E is forcing on W
idblu: that too
snorris: q of ♣
snorris: just kidding..
idblu: but vulnerability a big concern for n/s
werge: by
yo_yo: but the Chinese ladies are playing very
well ( as usual)
mcarroll: 2 part scores in a row?
idblu: too high already
xenya: meanwhile the gap has narrowed down to
21 imps
wygbe1: low spade will beat 4s, but 5d is cold ew
ovncylmz: 4c yi as sorusu oynuyorlar mi acaba?
aruf: Turgay abi sonunu gˆ¶rmedik daha :)
akgun: KG in yaˆ ortalamasˆ‰ 50 civari yanilmiyorsam:)
aruf: uygun el bencede
ovncylmz: cengiz abi dbl kotu mu sence?
mustafaozk: bence 2h dbl uygun bu kadar kapalˆ
‰ renginiz varken pd 3c dese bile 3d diyebiliriz
ovncylmz: elimizde trefl+pik olsa belki tamam
arigun: yaninda da 4 tane ♠ var demek degil
heralde, 4 tane ♠ olmasa guney neden konussun
ovncylmz: karo+Pik var
ovncylmz: trefli duzelticez mecburen
ovncylmz: ama pike harika oluyor el
mustafaozk: piki kaˆ§ˆ‰rmamak lazˆ‰m
mustafaozk: diˆ er masa dbllˆ‰ 4 pikte
tokay1975: koz cˆ‰kˆ‰sˆ‰na yetmiyo sanirim
exerdar: 2cl gazilli olmasˆ‰ lazˆ‰m
eccone: 2♣ gazilli
eccone: 2 8+
MolvaM: federasyonumuzdan beklediˆ imiz 1 baˆ
ka hizme ise, mˆ…mkˆ…nse hiˆ§ bir takˆ‰mˆ‰
n elenmeyip herkesin finale kalmasˆ‰nˆ‰ saˆ
tez: mumcu
frankaus: X would be lot of pain for fushida..p
marlowepi : it is hard to be a handhog with a
yarborough, but S achieved that difficult feat with
the 2H bid
snorris: has to lead ♣s from table though
snorris: so ace of s and ♠ to ace and...
werge: Safety play now -
♠ and then ♣ from
cindy: hmm
eccone: gecen eldenmi bahsediyoruz
ovncylmz: yes
ovncylmz: zayif nt defansi
ogoksel: ters zon durumunda girmek istemedi
MolvaM: ben 1 piki tercih edebilirdim
eccone: KXX olmasˆ‰ kritik bi tek
eccone: bu yˆ…zden 1♠ te mantˆ‰klˆ‰ master
yusufb: bbo yayˆ‰nˆ‰ ve mac skorlarˆ‰nˆ‰n
cok detaylˆ‰ ve hˆ‰zlˆ‰ girilmesinde katkˆ‰sˆ
‰ olan herkese ozellikle TESEKKˆ R
barbyh: d opener wd be devastating..♣7
sharkey: actually best sac view potential ♣ ruffs
in contract
fabsayc: this double is going to backfire
fabsayc: because it surely asks for a club lead
athene: maybe west will be a hero and lead a
small spade from hand
b_eymen: 4 mu 5 mˆ… paˆ am
eccone: bence tabi
eccone: nacizhane
tez : AQ87 EGER GOKHANDA olsa idi tek
batiran defans ♣ 9luyu oynamak olacakti
Walddk4: Presumably..♣A
wilkinsona : declare can establish diamonds
without letting south in
snorris: well done e-w
wilkinsona: well done by west
wilkinsona: thats a push by West
marlowepi: to say the least
lead best
othered1: But east doesn’t know of the duplication
thommos: J♠ and 4 trumps are good
ralfwil: ???????
mdgraham: wow, this is dangerous
ahollan1: WOW --- what a bizarre swing
jaapfr: any lead beats 4s?
MolvaM: kuzey 1nt aˆ§ablse idi gˆ…ney ˆ leme
giderdi muhtemelen
b_eymen: artˆ‰k iˆ ler karˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰
b_eymen: tref nasˆ‰l tutucak bakalˆ‰m
deniz_t: 4 adet ♠ olmasˆ‰ gerekmiyor zaten
cengiz hoca ben kiˆ isel olarak 3 deklaresinin
iyi el olmasˆ‰ gerektiˆ ini dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yorum.
mustafaozk: Isparta iˆ§in iyi bir board
tokay1975 : kapali odada mehmet kˆ‰sa
yoldan 6h demis
fahir: emriniz olur Paˆ am :)
- 120 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
MolvaM: :)
MolvaM: esta
tokay1975: bende tum takˆ‰mlarin finallere alˆ
‰nmasini talep edicektim istanbulda elenen takˆ
‰mlar icin
vugraphzkg: yok koˆ§ dedi
tez: yok dbl varmis gormedim.ozur
tez: ♣ dam oynarsa batacak
MolvaM: ˆ§aka almazsa prensipte pik ˆ§ift pasˆ‰
ile yapabilir ama muhtemelen batacak
cindy: interesting im not sure i would think its
sybarra: hmm 4 ♣?
idblu: and how to find out
othered1: 2 looks like they’re ignoring west’s
athene: i think that’s asking a lot though :)
santyclz: Makes 1nt so -1 is no loss.
idblu: looks like a push...same contract in the OR
event.php?event=172&stage=368 sonuˆ§larla
ilgili adres /link/url
tokay1975: 11 imp varoslu takˆ‰mˆ‰na
nezihk: pik kararˆ‰na 6 H var, rahminin dediˆ
ine katˆ‰lˆ‰yorum, bu devrede ˆ§ok alˆ‰ˆ veriˆ
sengulerz: ♠ atak edilebilirse ˆ§ok can sˆ‰kˆ‰
cˆ‰ ew iˆ§in
riyilikci: ˆ§ˆ‰ktˆ‰ bile
sengulerz : anlaˆ aˆ‰ldˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ kadarˆ‰yla
kantar ˆ§ˆ‰kˆ‰yorlar
sengulerz: bu el bence uzun bir sˆ…rede oynanacak..
ˆ§ok seˆ§enek var
sengulerz: 4 eli gˆ¶rˆ…nce problem yok ♣ A ♣
verip rahatlˆ‰kla yapabilir ama ♣ empasˆ‰ geˆ
§erken batabilir.. ˆ¶yle de oynamasˆ‰ zor
yakop: acaba ekincide k korde olsa ne diyecekti
tez: 2 zon forsingi.2♠ 6li ♠ garanti etmiyor
MolvaM : zafer 2nt diyerek durumu araˆ tˆ‰
rabilirdi tabii ama
tez : bbo vugraf simdiye kadar gordugum en
iyilerden biriydi..brawo baran
snorris: ♣ lead??..♣Q
marlowepi: i would pass 2C and hope to make it
idblu: what system are they playing...can someone
explain the auction
ralfwil: no problems with A on side
othered1: nice lead, not to capitulate honors
fabsayc: nothing much matters
ahollan1: duck from both hands would be interesting
chessmaste: Should be a flat board
vulkan: Batˆ‰nˆ‰n bu elle aˆ§arken dˆ…ˆ ˆ…
- 121 -
nmesi lazˆ‰m, 3nt hiˆ§ dememesi lazˆ‰m...
eccone: gercek puan olsa belki 2 ya dbl atar
sonra 2 bidaha
eccone: bunlar aanlasmayla ilili birazcˆ‰k
ogoksel: ˆ¶yle oynanmalˆ‰
eccone: ters zon durumu tehlikeli ama el oldukca
eccone: 4 -3 bile rahatca oynayabilir
yakop: irfan zafer iyi bi ortaklˆ‰k ve bulamadˆ
‰lar ben kandi sistemimizde nasˆ‰l konuˆ
urduk diye baktˆ‰m sonuˆ§ ne sizce:)
eccone: 7 ♣ :P
yakop: 1nt 2sp(trefe transfer) 3 tref 3 h:(singleton)
yakop: 5 trefi 1 gram gecemeyiz muhtemel 4 pik
yakop: 4 pik ˆ aka:)
tez : madem bunlari biliyordun niye izmirde
degilsin denebilir tabiki..
MolvaM: 3nt nin kuzeyden oynanmasˆ‰nˆ‰n
daha doˆ ru olduˆ unu dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ndˆ…
tez: zaferin 3 u ♣ ten korkuyorum demek
baylind: bu arada belediye takˆ‰mˆ‰nˆ‰ cal
ˆ‰stˆ‰ran taktik veren Sn recepkoken hocaya
yusufb: nafiz abiyle salvo hiˆ§ bi ˆ lemi solemiyelim
diye anlaˆ mˆ‰ˆ lar heralde bunuda dememiˆ ler
taktik galiba
riyilikci: vugraph ekibi, Emrah ˆ en, Kenan ˆ z
kurt, Taner ˆ elik ve Baran ˆ etin
wilkinsona: heart lead OR..♣2
sharkey: that helps a lot
ralfwil: Unbelievable lead!!! E showing minors!!
irwinbo: yes and a diamond switch
werge: But how can North stand 5 ♣...?
Walddk4: They can’t bounce back if they are
dropping out of the top 8, and they are very close
at this point
sharkey: I think S is too good for 4♠
Walddk4: This is the last round of the qualifying
and only the top 8 teams advance
sharkey: he wants to make the Bulletin....
vugraphzkg: gˆ…ney yeri gˆ¶rˆ…nce biraz kˆ‰
zdˆ‰ ama kˆ¶r ˆ igfanˆ‰nˆ‰ gˆ¶rˆ…dce batˆ‰
dan sevindi
ovncylmz: :)
eccone: 2NT 15-17 dengeli
tokay1975: guzel konustular bu eli bence
tez: bizde gittik..baktik yagmur yagiyor acil geri
tokay1975: hoca bende uzulmustum beni birakip
gittin diye
tokay1975: yanliz birakip gittin
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
MolvaM: eˆ er 4♣ kˆ‰salˆ‰k gˆ¶sterdi ise bu
atak pek agresiv deˆ il bence
tokay1975: salvo cok tecrubeli hemen hu cˆ‰kˆ
‰p kupunu almˆ‰s:)))
MolvaM: evet ˆ imdi deklaran +1 veya belki de +
2 kadar yapabilir durumda
idblu: take 5..♣3
fabsayc: opposite 5332 would be down in 4
wilkinsona: a good club guess will help
yo_yo: i like it when they lead my best suit
MolvaM: kuzey 12-13 puanla kontr demiˆ olabilir.
bence 5 ˆ§ok fazla
ovncylmz: sekil a
b_eymen: :)
b_eymen: bu tutmakolmadˆ‰ ama
b_eymen: ilan etti
deniz_t: sonunu gˆ¶rmeye gerek yok gˆ…zel
konuˆ malar var, yakˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰klˆ‰.
arigun : bilgisayarda bir problem oldu, canli,
yayin bilgisayarini degistirdik
ovncylmz: az onceki 2sp elini diger masada DB
2 oynuyor:)
vulkan: hayˆ‰r onlar da 2♠ oynuyor 11 bordu
ovncylmz: farkindayim:)
kabexnuf: ben 2♠ gordum 11. bordu
ovncylmz: yanlislik oldu galiba evet
ovncylmz: 1kor acan bati olmus
ovncylmz: ben 6li kor 5karo ve 10 puanla pas
gecemiyorum, genclik diyelim:)
MolvaM: salvo biraz tutucu davranmˆ‰ˆ sanki
cindy: thats ok..♠3
bg: good opening by East this could get tough
eventhough all cards are well placed
sybarra: can declarer guess the ?
santyclz: When precision first came out there
was a defense in the NYC area called 1♠. You
just bid 1♠ without looking at your hand.
wygbe1: actually i guess they can beat 5d also
with a club lead by south
roswolf: yes there is a warm glow in your heart
ovncylmz: sansli olma sirasi diyarbakirda
nezihk: evet, eˆ er bˆ¶yle ellerle araya giriyorlarsa
bu tarz oynmak zorundasˆ‰n
yakop: ˆ imdi, o kabak ˆ lemleri sˆ¶yleyenler kˆ¶t
ˆ… oyuncu mu oluyor, nasˆ‰l bir mantˆ‰k bu?
diye sordular
eccone: gˆ…zel kontrat
tez: oynayanda o zaman 10xxx ♣ olurdu..3.turda
10 lu empasa girerdi
tokay1975: vugraph ekibine tesekkurler
vugraphzkg: tˆ…m arkadaˆ larˆ‰m adˆ‰na
bende teˆ ekkˆ…r ediyorum
cindy: do you think it is marshall ?..♣9
cindy: i dont mind going down
idblu: gotta be there
idblu: claiming 5
snorris: now..
irwinbo: by south
othered1: first cue on a void can be dangerous in
some situations, but here it pretty much clarifies
hand for east
fabsayc : assuming hearts break i see 9, and
taking them fast
othered1: how do you get them all?
othered1: A and another
xenya: S has no answer to 2♠ but N might have
reopened if given a chance
wygbe1: i think w can make now, with a h at
trick 2
ogoksel: renkler kaliteli olunca cezaya kalma
riski az
eccone: ewet
eccone: yerinde bi soru
eccone: :)
yakop: elbetteki degilller ama herkes bu kadar
anlaˆ mˆ‰ˆ olarak oynamˆ‰yoki
yakop: cogunlukla insiyatif kullanˆ‰yoruz
othered1: Opposite a 15-17 1N opening, west
might act and get overboard.. 4
ralfwil: Yes but D over 5♣ is - I cannot explain it
yo_yo: ok they wont bounce back then :(
shevek: yes, Barry is in the audience
ovncylmz: arastirma sirasinda enteresan seyler
olabilirdi bu boardda
eccone: 4
Walddk4: In Japan, 1NT is 15-17/16-18, other
ranges should be alerted. Thanks to Kazuo
Takano for the clarification.. 9
wilkinsona: this surely makes now
snorris: yes it will
snorris: -1
ralfwil: take your 6 tricks and new board!
othered1: and you’re blocked in both majors
ahollan1 : from Barry Rigal: This version of
CRASH was played in UK 30 years ago --maximizes
use of 1H/S/NT.
idblu: i had friends who bid the of deuces they
held...1D =1, 1H = 2, etc
ahollan1: but were those friends sober/straight
enough for correct count?
idblu: sat down vs becker/rubin in Niagara Falls
in ’79 and they changed rooms
ovncylmz: deniz bu maci yenerse grupta isler
- 122 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ovncylmz: jr yilankiran-burdur maci var bir de
aruf: su anda bizim maˆ§ˆ‰n sonucu cok ˆ¶nemli
kabexnuf: 4-4-3-2 ile bile Mler diyenler var,
boyle kaliteli olunca.
yakop: ama iyi bi partnerligignin oldugunu duˆ
unuyosan o hakkˆ‰n elˆ inden gidiyo
yakop: bence ayni konuˆ‰sacaktˆ‰ ve kabak ˆ
ilem gidecekti
eccone: buna naturelde bi ˆ§ˆ¶zˆ…m olamazdˆ‰
yakop: pekii bunun caresi var mˆ‰
yakop: cevap yazabilirsiniz
eccone: 4 dan sonra
nezihk: RQ pik ve RQ kor olsa kesin 6 derdi,
passdan geliyor ve ortak kˆ‰sa karoyla ˆ leme
davet ediyor...
vahaboglu: fikstˆ…rˆ… de kˆ¶tˆ… ayarlamamak
tokay1975: :)
tokay1975: hakanˆ‰n 5hune herkes mutabikmi
tokay1975: yada mutabik olan varmˆ‰
snorris: well done.. Q
sybarra: anyone have any good ideas about 4 ♣?
asking for cue bids?
ahollan1: so -- now we’re back to my ducking
trick 1 eh?
sengulerz: ˆ§ok kolay bi batˆ‰ˆ oldu
vahaboglu: ˆ ilemin oluru yok
ralfwil: More unbelievable.. K
bg: could have new leader if this makes
xenya: W was forced to bid 4♠ i think -- although
she knew preciously little about partner’s hand
wygbe1: n does best to win and shift to stiff d
jaapfr: after my silly comment i was trown out
ovncylmz: 4 +2 olan bir boardumuz vardi
eccone: naˆ§izane
tez: cok bilenleri yorumcu yapiyorlar..iyi oynayanlari
MolvaM: 9 lˆ¶ve var gibi duruyor ama almsˆ‰
biraz sorunlu
tez: 9 atagina yapabilir
nezihk: salvonun hemen ˆ leme gitmesi iˆ§in
bana gˆ¶re yeterli bir eli yok
tokay1975 : h 32 bile olsaydi cl 33 yada dia
dam2li lazimdi
tez: ikinci turda
8 oynayarak kaybindan
as iyi defans
ruayi bloke birakti
mdgraham: time to cash the aces.....♣5
sharkey: If S bids 3♣ over 2♣ showing limit
- 123 -
raise values he can later pass 5 ♣ and leave
decision to pd
sharkey: min limit raise values
mdgraham : yes - but maybe 3 ♣ would have
been more than a limit raise
mpny: It is not clear that a limit raise creates a
forcing pass
ralfwil: Let Partner decide with pass over 5♣
mpny: but the NS result is poor
ralfwil: In vulnerable! of course
fabsayc: declarer will figure the red aces are split,
must play for actual layout
riyilikci: mert herhalde pikte bir ˆ§eˆ it blokasyona
oynamaya ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰yor
tokay1975: kesinlikle dogru
nezihk: ortaˆ ˆ‰n doldurmasˆ‰ ˆ§ok zor, ˆ¶yle
eli varsa da giderdi bari 4 karoya 4H desin
yu vermez ama 1 +1♣ verir
9 cikilabilir
kotuymus ozur
idblu: 2 ways to play the ♣s.. 7
idblu: but if N wins the 1st guess
mcarroll : I would have super-accepted the
transfer with the W hand - anyone else?
xenya: :)
mcarroll: LOl
b_eymen: ˆ ans kazandˆ‰ran durumlara denir
aruf: bizim takˆ‰m pˆ‰narbaˆ ˆ‰ ile oynuyor
vulkan: Faruk burda, maˆ§ˆ‰ alˆ‰rˆ‰z diyo
nezihk: 13 puan olacak deˆ il ya
arigun: okay’in 4♠ su stop relay, yani ♣ e daha
iyi fit olamasi lazim, bu durumda Gokhanin 5♣
demesi gerekiyor belki
MolvaM: bu trefl oyunu ˆ art mˆ‰ydˆ‰?
sybarra: could have been gerber (Roland will
shoot me for typing it) ..♠2
cindy: lol
cindy: i hear him coming
cindy: sorry shirley i didnt see the beginning of
the hand phone excuse here
marlowepi: S should not fall for this
ralfwil: locked on table! why not win with A
mpny: non vul opponents can still make things
othered1: He may wind up playing for
wygbe1: w hasnt made 4s yet, but if she does
match is tight
josj: now E can open up another suit to declarer’s
yo_yo: Liu to find a lead, not easy
MolvaM: zon denmeyince bˆ…tˆ…n empaslar geˆ
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
MolvaM: netekim
tez: 1 2♣ 1 ile batacakti
jaapfr: lovely..♣4
wygbe1: with that play she should make i think
nezihk: nevzat pike dˆ¶nmezse yaptˆ‰racaklar
eccone: onu tercih etmem sahsen
ovncylmz: diger masada NS 5 oynuyor
yakop: naturel oynarken buyuk eller hep problem
tokay1975: 7li ye bakiyo neden 9lu koymadi
nezihk: gˆ…ney sˆ‰kˆ‰ˆ maz mˆ‰?
tez: ♠ ler calistigi icin olacak
MolvaM: defans bayaˆ ˆ‰ zorluyor deklaranˆ‰
ruayi vermek fena fikir degildi
asin altina..
lari saglamak daha kolay olacakti
tez: ♠ empasi gectigi icin hala sorun yok ama
oynayan bizim gibi elleri gormuyor
tez: biz sadece el goren bulbullugu yapiyoruz:)
ralfwil: and a help from W..♠A
shevek: nice bulletins btw :)
b_eymen: bu board egale ˆ§ok bˆ…yˆ…k ihtimal
ovncylmz: pastan geliyor ama
ovncylmz: egale oldu
tez: ♣ dam iyi donus
mcarroll: good choice of plays..♠8
marlowepi: E is most likely to be 6322. so win S
ace & lead D
marlowepi: oops, thanks. forgot W was playing it
kabexnuf: :)
MolvaM: iˆ te yeni 1 teknik terim daha ˆ¶ˆ rendik :)
werge: NO - look at the ♣-values..♠5
santyclz: The toothpicks holding my eyes open
are starting to get soggy.
josj: low
now probably prevents the overtrick
vahaboglu: ben katˆ‰lmˆ‰yorum
riyilikci: yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran-zabunoˆ lu: 23-52
bg: dont like heart king there may get tangled up
should have played dia first..♠6
yo_yo: she heard you :)
vugraphzhq: lol
roswolf: a straight guess
josj: timing not yet right for a squeeze on E
yo_yo: i dont think many would lead from Q, do
chessmaste: Declarer is worried - a wrong guess
and a low club back he is thinking
aruf: Vulkan valla biz elimizden geleni yapacagˆ
‰z sonuc ne olur bilinmez
ovncylmz: karo cift empas falan atar mi acaba?
ovncylmz: a takimi ilk implerini oldukca gec aldi:)
vahaboglu: bakalˆ‰m
tez: buyuk abi batar diyor
tokay1975: sˆ‰kˆ‰smaz :)
vahaboglu: kim o, GIB mi?
tez: gib
marlowepi: but i was at least right that E is most
likely to be 6322 :)..♠4
fabsayc: but west will get endplayed in clubs
fabsayc: if they attack the heart entry twice
jaapfr: you will not be trown out Jim:)
arigun: 4 de biraz az...yanda 15 puan ile
yakop : kuvvetli tref buna care ama onun da
zaaflarˆ‰ baˆ ka
ralfwil: agree Martin, but now it was right..♠K
b_eymen: 12-13 isede 4-4-1-4 dir en ˆ‰kˆ¶tˆ…
b_eymen: dagˆ‰lˆ‰mˆ‰ uygun olur diye
MolvaM: evet. eˆ er kendini iyi hissediyor ise 4
xenya: i don’t like the 3 small s.. 8
idblu: yours and mine both
mcarroll: Interesting in OR they bid to 6 and
W then bid 6♠ rather than dbl
xenya : a huge swing for the ladies is on the
wygbe1: if n was allowed to hold the trick and
shift to d , might have beaten 4s
josj: declarer needs to lose 1 more trick but of he
does so, he loses 2
josj: if
eccone: 1♣ 1 2♣ baska biˆ iymi rehacˆ‰m
tokay1975: son 4 kart x dia xxx cle j dia arx cl
giriyor kuzete kozu verirken
yusufb : 20-22 nisan ˆ SKENDERUN briˆ§
idblu: oops went wrong...played for 2-2 A onside..
cindy: wonder if anyone at the table noticed
wilkinsona: oops unlucky guess gives 3 tricks it
idblu : it is just after midnight here in North
America EST
chessmaste: A good shot by East
josj: Q is mandatory
eccone: aldˆ‰mˆ‰ ki
kabexnuf: neyse daha 5 4 bord var
tez: simdi batti
fabsayc: now needs diamond finesse?.. 7
santyclz: Superglue has been recommended to
ler arkadasca dagildigi icin sorunsuz
arigun: normalde okan pass dese 5♣ diyecekti...
simdi degisen sey nedir, 4 ’u batirmayi mi
dusundu acaba
¨ ©
- 124 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ralfwil: and a squeeze on S!.. 3
sharkey: S will come under pressure now
wilkinsona: yep with only 2 boards left a good
ahollan1: ahh back in the Ultimate Club era --
that was hard book to read, but concept sure made
impact for scientific bidding
roswolf: i agree
MolvaM: murphy’nin empaslar ile ilgili kuralˆ‰
yakop: 3 any singlton, orta kuvvette el
eccone: claim pls
ralfwil: 2 rounds of ♣ will kill S.. T
akgun : KG in oynadiklari sistem Universal
Transfer Responses (UTR) nin modifiye edilmis
eccone: Gˆ¶ksu clup ta deniliyo hemen
josj: or finesse, rather.. J
b_eymen : 3 ♣ e 4 ♣ dese diyor ˆ¶bˆ…rˆ…
vulkan: elbette :)
eccone: 5 dan alcak diyosun
ovncylmz: 4 +2:)
tuppermet: nuri partneri sˆ‰kˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰rmamak iˆ
§in trefli ˆ§ekmedi
lead in the other room simplified
things... 2
wilkinsona: bur -2 now.. 5
santyclz: NEXT!
idblu: and quickly
eccone: hhehe
ovncylmz: burda suna deginmek lazim
eccone: :)
MolvaM : 5 kˆ¶r 5 pik alˆ‰p oyunu yapmak
varken trefl rua uˆ§urmaya ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ mak...
othered1: note that even if south had unblocked
earlier, with ♠ blocked, it wouldn’t have
mattered.. 5
roswolf: 9 tricks only now
ovncylmz: evet bence de
ovncylmz: aydinda oturup istanbulda okuyan biri
olarak, anadolu kuluplerinde oynayan bricciler
icin yapilacak kamplarin yararli olacagina inaniyorum:)
eccone: ahahah
eccone: iyi fikir
sengulerz: ilk ♠i bˆ‰rakˆ‰p aynˆ‰ oyunu
oynasa yapacaktˆ‰
eerbil : tek ˆ ans ilk turda Dam karoya Rua
konmasˆ‰ idi, ˆ imdi ufuk treflini 2 parˆ§aya
indirirse batˆ‰rˆ‰yor.. 8
vahaboglu: Salvonun teki ♣ olsa sˆ…per bir ˆ
nezihk: pik pasˆ‰ yapˆ‰p ˆ§akse ve son kozu
- 125 -
kuzeye verse
phantoma: muthis defans yaptilar bravo
marlowepi: well, i think that RDBL puts the ball
in their court, so we have to be prepared for it to
be back in our court, and since RDBL announces
more than the balance of the values, i .....♠Q
marlowepi: think it ought to be forcing. but there
is room for discussion
yakop: bu cevap dogruya yakˆ‰n
snorris: boars 7 has been ajusted to 2♠ xx ..♠9
cindy: more unlucky they are in 2N
wilkinsona: nice not to be vulnerable
marlowepi: i think it would be better for E to
play king of spades and a spade. that way he is
more likely to smoke out the info he needs to
guess clubs right
MolvaM: ˆ imdi yapara geldi
snorris: 2200..♣8
yakop: acanˆ‰n splinterlerini ayˆ‰rmak lazˆ‰
ralfwil: or 3 rounds!.. 4
sybarra: bridge is an easy game
fabsayc: quite a complicated hand.. A
aruf: Burdur bu maˆ§la 25 serisine son vermiˆ
ovncylmz: seminer falan tarzi seyler tum yurtta
yapilsa takimlar arasi dengeler biraz daha kurulabilir
cindy: i think the colors are clouding my view..
9.. 6
mariner1 : well the senior world champs are
beating up on the unsuspecting opponents here
nezihk: deniz nerenin takˆ‰mˆ‰
ovncylmz: ankara
kabexnuf: pik atmaliydi
ovncylmz: bu karti yaptirmamak gerek artik.. 6
eccone: aslˆ‰nda o biraz kiˆ isel geliˆ imle ilgili
eccone: bol bol kitap okumak mesala
yakop: bana gore bu pozisyonda o turnuvada
karalarˆ‰ iyi olanˆ‰n biraz daha sorumluluk
almasˆ‰ lazˆ‰m
marlowepi: entries not an issue as he is really
needing 2-2 clubs
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 3N
c 3N
this/total IMPs
♠10 8 2
J10 6
♣ A10 9 6 3
♠K 4
N ♠9 7 5 3
AK Q5 3 2
10 9
♠A Q J 6
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
#1 S::
#3 N::
#5 W::
#7 W::
#9 W::
ndemirev: that is if you know how ♠ break
ndemirev: may go after
hook - down 1
lestergold: not likley on the biddng!..♣2..♣7..♣
lestergold: and against odds too
ndemirev: true..¨T..¨4
ndemirev: i ignored the bidding sorry
lestergold: all academical tis board flat.. A.. 7
¨ ¨
E: Popov
¨ ª ¨
¨ ª
§ ©
#2 E:: 2,7,K,A
#4 E:: T,4,A,7
#6 W:: Q, 8,3, J
#8 W:: 5, 2,7,J
#10 W:: Q,6,5, 7
ndemirev: there is a another touch and go 3nt
that may go down
vugraphb1: sry 1 IMP diference..p..p
Walddk3: 3NT is safe if played by East..1
lestergold: yes if played by west which it wont
now be a heart lead would be fairly lethal.. ..2
lestergold: 3n now..p..3 ..p..3N..p
roswolf: duly arrived at..p..p
ndemirev: spade lead can sink it
roswolf: that lead doent.. 4.. 2.. T.. Q
roswolf: doesnt
Walddk3: spade lead doesn’t either. they only get
3 spades and 1 club
lestergold: i think its infrangible a spade lead
wins 3 spades and a club surely thats all
lestergold: sorry roland snap! simultaneous
¨ ©
© © © ©
- 126 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 3N
c 3N
this/total IMPs
♠10 8 2
J10 6
♣ A10 9 6 3
♠K 4
N ♠9 7 5 3
AK Q5 3 2
10 9
♠A Q J 6
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#1 S::
#3 N::
#5 W::
#7 W::
#2 E::
#4 E::
#6 E::
#8 W::
mariner1: this is the pentultimate board of the
¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨
session............ K.. 8.. 9.. 6.. Q..♠8..♠3..
J.. 2..♣3..♠5..♠6.. 5..♠2..♠7..♠J.. 3..♠
T..♠9..♠Q..♣Q..♣6..♣5.. 7
cindy: if they were reversed, i would think its
forcing :)
frankaus: I would thik it would need pd to have
opened light before it could be passed
marlowepi: if it is forcing, and maybe even if it is
not, maybe E should just bid an honest 2H....but
maybe EW play that as NF, but then you can;t
play RDBL followed by Pass as NF
mariner1: next session in 51 minutes 18 seconds
cindy: oh yes i like 2 much better
ralfwil: To watch this defence is good for sharpening
your self confidence
sybarra: just a double hook
snorris: so only 13 imps down now
¨ ¨
- 127 -
wilkinsona: so a push
mdgraham: note that North just bid 4♠, not 4 ,
after a raise to 3♠ in the other room
sharkey: Pass is not forcing in my book after 4♠
thus S had to Dbl
ralfwil: same result in OR! unbelieveable
athene: australia are running out of boards here
ahollan1: West will be extremely relieved to
learn this is a 7 imp pickup
santyclz: Amazing how preemptive a 1 bid can
idblu: 1/2 imp looking big now :)
mcarroll: Suddenly we have a close game
xenya: getting the match really close
wygbe1: another swingy hand
josj: another vital imp
roswolf: another imp to the ladies
josj: the decider coming up?
yo_yo: just what we need, a rubbish 8 card suit
chessmaste: This was a disaster
b_eymen: ewet 5 karˆ‰yla ilgili olur heralde
b_eymen: 4 daha iyi
b_eymen: karo sorry
vugraphzkg: saat 17 10 da izmir bˆ…yˆ…k ˆ ehir
belediye beyaz ve diyarbakˆ‰r iski takˆ‰mlarˆ
‰ canlˆ‰ vugraphˆ‰ olacak
ovncylmz: 2♣: 18-19 balanced
aruf: ok o zaman dedigin naturel oluyor eymen
arigun: ankara
nezihk: kaˆ§ oldu ankara da
vugraphzkg: tˆ…m maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰ iˆ§in bu
linkten yaralanabilirsiniz
aruf: Benim dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ncem gruptan Burdur biz
ve Deniz cˆ‰kacak
ovncylmz: nerede o bric kitaplari:)
eccone: ben bˆ…tˆ…n briccilere martenzin bˆ…t
ˆ…n kitaplarˆ‰nˆ‰ tavsiye ediyorum
ovncylmz: :)
eccone: inanˆ‰lmaz faydalˆ‰
ovncylmz: 4♠ X = geldi bile:)
ovncylmz: 2 X 3nt X
ovncylmz: sekansindan sonra
ovncylmz: 2 *
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
yakop: ama bu durumda gunah kecisi olmak da
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
var bu yuzden bu sorumlulugu herkes alamaˆ‰yo
yakop: 15 17 ya da 18 +
nezihk: Q trefl ataˆ ˆ‰na 4 sp yapar sansar
yakop: arada cok fark var
tokay1975: bende pas derdim asve ruam var h tek
bile acilabilir yere
tokay1975: nafiz abi pas birakmˆ‰s x e
tokay1975: 500 almˆ‰slar
yakop: kontr ceza oynanˆ‰yosa pas ama take out
agˆ‰rlˆ‰klˆ‰ysa 3 lu kor bile olabilir kontr
tokay1975: her sekilde olabilir ne dicek 2siylede
tokay1975: 5h dicek eli yoksa hep x dicek
tokay1975: kaadi varsa
tokay1975: bu bordlarda cok sasirtici bu kadar
yusufb: sorryyy 20-22 MART
tokay1975: federasyon yonetiminide tesekkur
etmek istiyorum bu organizasyon icin
MolvaM: arkadaˆ lar lˆ…ˆ tfen turnuva reklamlarˆ
‰nˆ‰ almayalˆ‰m.
wilkinsona: thats a significant adjustment..p
ralfwil: and two to go
ahollan1: Barry Rigal confirms -- after the small
lead - declarer had no legit chance
ahollan1: and after 13 boards on Friday the 13th
[still that date in western hemisphere] all tied
b_eymen: olabilir
riyilikci: TBF ana sayfa
nezihk: 6karoya gelirler mi acaba
MolvaM : herkesin turnuvasˆ‰nˆ‰ duyurma
imkanˆ‰mˆ‰z yok ama zaten hepsi tbf sayfalarˆ
‰nda yayˆ‰nlanˆ‰yor
yusufb: son tebrigimde BODRUM takˆ‰mˆ‰na
yarˆ‰ finali 1 imp ile kacˆ‰rdˆ‰lar
mariner1: :0..p
snorris : maybe north forgot to ask about the
ralfwil: 3♠ from S?
sharkey: have to average almost 9 IMPs a board
from here
josj: I see 4 top losers
roswolf: well now a real chance for japan
b_eymen: ama su aˆ§ˆ‰dan aˆ§ˆ‰lmayabilir
akgun: 1h 11-19 4432 veya 4333limitler 11-14,
15-17 ve 18-19 4441 olabilir
aruf: tˆ…m kuvvetlileri anlatˆ‰yorlar Kuzey
insiyatif almˆ‰ˆ herhalde
MolvaM: multi?
ovncylmz: :) kesin
aruf: ben acmazdˆ‰m
nezihk: yoksa 4 H -1 mi?
riyilikci: DB iˆ§in felaket zor bir bord
exerdar: buda egale gidecek bordlardan
MolvaM: evet evet sayˆ‰n seyirciler defans atlad
ˆ‰ ama bunlar olabilir. sakin olalˆ‰m. masadaki
herkes 5 gˆ…ndˆ…r briˆ§ oynuyor
eerbil: herhalde tam olacak, +3 deˆ il
vugraphzkg: evet
vahaboglu: 2♣
mcarroll: One benefit of the superaccept is that
when pd is very weak - as here - it makes it very
difficult for opps to reopen..1
ralfwil: a lot of IMPs to recover and only 4 boards
santyclz: This hand would be a lot more fun if ew weren’t vul.
ahollan1: Ino treating hand as 22+ balanced
b_eymen : daha hˆ‰zlˆ‰ anlatabilirsin pas
dedikten sonra
eccone: hmm
eccone: dbl
eccone: ˆ§ok kˆ¶tˆ… multi iˆ§in
MolvaM: 3.cˆ…den multi aˆ§mamak olmaz
aruf: kˆ¶rler sˆ…per :)
mustafaozk: 12. board ˆ§ok iyi atak edildi ama
arigun: ilk devre skorlari, butler ranking vs icin ;
yakop: bu konuyla ilgili oynadˆ‰gˆ‰m bi eli
yazacam ve cavap verebilirs
snorris: 1 ♣-1♠, and..?..
snorris: 1 NT with no singelton??
mcarroll: Shouldn’t be allowed lol
marlowepi: i might be tempted to try 3S on the S
hand in 3rd seat
wilkinsona: or 4 spades
cindy: no 4♠ for me
bg: good old style 4 card major
werge: J-10 of ♠ are vasted values too
akgun: kuzey 6. boarddaki 3nt den sonra iyice
havaya girdi:)
eccone: :)
aruf : Ama yaˆ ar abiyi birazdan gidip tebrik
edecegim cok iyi tercih yaptˆ‰ ve oynadˆ‰
yakop: iniz
tokay1975: diger mac icin soledim
koksoy: oooooo beklenmedik swing geldi
wilkinsona: dont always have one..2
idblu: do they play ACOL?
sharkey: Think most play 3♠ or 4♠ as preemptive
- 128 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
after bidding by opps but not sure
roswolf: now n/s should get the defence right
chessmaste : They took a club ruff but then
South played back a diamond!!
nezihk : bu elle 1 Nt ye katˆ‰lˆ‰yormusun
tokay1975: pasa demeye katˆ‰lˆ‰yorum
tokay1975: pas
tez: 2 yeterli bence
tokay1975: pastan gelen ortaga dbl zonda
idblu: not my o’call vul..2♠
fabsayc: 4♠ looks better than 2NT
snorris: 1 nt anyone?
wilkinsona: doubtless EW miss informed re the
idblu: 4♠ cold on 20 high....good vul save in 5
marlowepi: yes, though that might go for a lot
against nothing, or too much against game
wilkinsona : it appears EW will find the sac
othered1: double is not without considerable risk,
as south may prefer 3-card support for to a
weak 4-card minor.
thommos: probably
ralfwil: If not I had bid 5♠ on that hand
yo_yo: 5 level decisions are the most difficult for
mdgraham: they are for everybody
sharkey: Is Mr. Hanlon considering entering the
ralfwil: At least as a save against 5♣. Who says
that we have a ♠ trick in the defence?
yo_yo: of course he is
ahollan1: 2 =6+ HCP so game force created
josj: which ♣ did N return?
chessmaste: seven
josj: interesting...
ovncylmz: ama ortagin hep pastan geldi ve cok
dengesiz diye dusunur, 5-5 11 puanla acilir
b_eymen: 3♣ all pas
ovncylmz: baksana KG 9lar 10larla aciyor
kabexnuf: ben bˆ¶yle geliˆ tim diyorsun
eccone: varsa biˆ iy ondadndˆ‰r
nezihk: evet ben de
sengulerz: bu arada 3NT oluyo muydu tam da
emin deˆ ilim ama en azˆ‰ndan bu kadar kolay
batmazdˆ‰ onu biliyorum
tez: qj ♠ kotu..dagilim 4333..
tokay1975: elleri yanlˆ‰smˆ‰ goruyorum ben
koksoy: 15. boardu sayarsanˆ‰z yˆ‰lankˆ‰
- 129 -
ran ˆ¶ne gecti...
MolvaM: 1000 kiˆ i olduk
ralfwil: Righr Snorri, probably the only reason..p
snorris: seems so
athene: the play here isn’t trivial by any means
athene: i guess you set off on diamonds
yo_yo: lots of options on this hand
yo_yo: lots of way to go wrong in the
athene: you would rather win the lead in dummy
to set off on diamonds i think
idblu: 6 a nice contract
akgun: 3nt yi oynayan Erhan abi degilmiydi
eccone: okumak
eccone: oynamˆ‰s gibi oluyosun,
eccone: 6♣ bitek
atagˆ‰na batˆ‰yo
ovncylmz: trefller uyumsuz?
ovncylmz: J109X
ovncylmz: kor as
eccone: haa o var bide
eccone: 4♠ biˆ iyi yok diye iletelim bunuda pls
yakop: ˆ¶yle bir sorumluluk alˆ‰ndˆ‰gˆ‰nda
cok sert tepkiler mi geliyor, hoˆ gˆ¶rˆ… yeterince
yakop: bu bana soruldu
yakop: cevap:)
eccone: buda gˆ…zel soru
vahaboglu: 2♠
MolvaM: genellikle kapalˆ‰ oda daha tenha olur
ama bu masadaki oyuncularˆ‰ seyretmek istiyor
ˆ§oˆ unluk sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
tez: 4♣=onlar 4♠ derlerse paslar forsing demek
barbyh: sometimes the oppo’s have 7 runners
and an outside trick..3
cindy: me either
idblu: intermediate jump overcall vul here
marlowepi: if we can make 4S, much of the time
N will bid it over 3S at these coplors
ovncylmz: dogunun eli ile 2♠ denebilir mi?
aruf: ama briˆ§ her tˆ…rlˆ… sonuca aˆ§ˆ‰ktˆ‰r
riyilikci: gelecek maˆ§ 14:30’da hangi maˆ§larin
yayinlanacaˆ i sonuˆ§lar alindiktan sonra belirlenecek
yakop: Sˆ Z 1 TREF ORTAK 1 Pˆ K
MolvaM: evet zafer-irfan fazla konuˆ mak zarar
getirmiyor nasˆ‰l olsa deyip yˆ…kselmiˆ ler
koksoy: yalcˆ‰nla ˆ¶zgˆ…r zaferle irfana
karsˆ‰ cok iyi gidiyorlar
ralfwil: 11 tricks..p
xenya: 2♣= s it seems
geller: there are only 4 boards left in the half, but
20 boards left in the match. No reason for the
Dutch to panic yet.
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
mcarroll: Do they not have another 16 boards to
ahollan1: 3 transfer
ahollan1: DBL -- unnecessary
ahollan1: 4 obligatory now
santyclz: Somehow in the o/r e neglected to open
that rock.
roswolf: great judgment
chessmaste: A brilliant bid by East
josj: saves the day and maybe even the match
vugraphzhq: true
yo_yo: Liu trusts her partner
roswolf: perhaps an imp to japan
eccone: 4♠2 2 5♣ olsa bile dbl
ovncylmz: 5trefl bile gorusuruz modunda duruyor
eccone: o kadar degil :)
nezihk: pass a katˆ‰lˆ‰yorum
eccone: 1nt sistemmi gˆ…neyin
vahaboglu: 9 no lu bord ters ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ mˆ‰ˆ
MolvaM: 3nt ˆ§ok rahat ama kuzey aˆ§ˆ‰nca gˆ
…ney hemen ˆ lem hayalleri gˆ¶rmeye baˆ lˆ‰
MolvaM: okan-ahmet biraz kurcalamˆ‰ˆ lar ama
zamanˆ‰nda durmuˆ lar
thommos: 3♠ is too high..3N
bg : how many bid 1 heart East? how is pard
going to know what is happening-not necessary to
bid every time it is your turn
xenya: yes they do
werge: This looks like panic...
xenya: this is segment 1
santyclz: By e or s?
othered1: dbl could let them find slam
ahollan1: hehe East :(
ahollan1: sidebar -- NS play CRASH over strong
2♣ -- how many of you in the audience have
discussed that possibility?
idblu: won’t keep W out of it
jaapfr: 6 likely to fail here
wygbe1: i think 3n was cold
roswolf: nope
b_eymen: denmez
b_eymen: 3 tane olmalˆ‰ :P
aruf: ok Erhan abiyi :)
arigun: 5. olmuslar
ovncylmz: denz
yakop: elbetteki olmuyor ama takˆ‰m 6 kiˆ i
elendiiginizde sizin yanlˆ‰ˆ kararlarˆ‰nˆ‰z on
planda olunca
tez: 4♣ extra gosteriyormu sizce burda?
MolvaM: kˆ¶r partaj olsa 4 olacaktˆ‰
sybarra: maybe be headed to 6 nown ..p
sybarra: guess not
cindy: time running out
cindy: does anyone like e/w methods here with 3
marlowepi: i do, a lot
wilkinsona: thats the problem with 1 spade
irwinbo: vul it was an intermediate (strong) jump
overcall i think
cindy: the thing that bothers me is 3 takes up
so much room when it could be their hand
idblu: yes..I like int jump o/calls vul
marlowepi: i am a firm believer in intermediate J
O vul
othered1: that may be the best lead
ahollan1: nice stiff trump lead
idblu: wonder why :)
riyilikci : doˆ unun durmasˆ‰ gerˆ§ekten zor
ovncylmz: lebensohl oynamiyorlar galiba
tez: 14 16 nt oynuyor koc ozbey cifti
fabsayc: agree with 2nt?..p
othered1: I like 3 now by north
fabsayc: not if south is flat
snorris: this is too expensive
ahollan1: North’s PASS probably [keyword]
denied 3♠
othered1: Actually, I did this afternoon, right
before a local tournament session
santyclz: With 1 pd I play SuperCRaSh.
jaapfr: my bet 6 -1
wygbe1: diamonds might go down, even at the 5
chessmaste: I’ll be the Sun was not shining in
the other room
akgun: benimde tebrikleri iletirsen sevinirim
ovncylmz: oynansa da isler zor:)
yakop: kandi halinizi siz duˆ unun
vahaboglu: Varoˆ lu 5 ♠ e batˆ‰nca 10 imp
tokay1975 : 10 ve 11 dede puan kazanabilir
barbyh: can breathe easy here..p
snorris: curious 1nt in east
cindy: method being a jump overcall is not weak
wilkinsona: EW have outbid NS on this hand
b_eymen: iyi bi ˆ lem eli daha
ovncylmz: deniz takimi su ana kadar hep ayni 4lu
ile oynadi
aruf: Burdur a 12 nolu boarddan imp gelecek
aruf: 2 oynanˆ‰yor
eccone: karo cˆ‰kˆ‰lmassa :)
- 130 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ovncylmz: karo cikilabilirdi bence, ama simdi
3nt atagi onemli
MolvaM: multi aˆ§saydˆ‰ karˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰rabilirdi
nezihk: ters oynuyor olabilirler, bzim gibi
riyilikci: DB konvansiyon kartˆ‰ lebensohl diye
yazˆ‰yor, bu sekans hakkˆ‰nda bilgi yok
arigun: zaferin elinde 4♠ cok fazla olmus, elinde
2 ♠ den fazlasi yok eksigi var... muhtemelen
masada gerideyiz psikolojisi ile dedi
arigun: bilseki kapali oda da ortaklarinda cok iyi
2 skor var
MolvaM: karolar bloke olduˆ u iˆ§in
Walddk4: It won’t be difficult for declarer to
place the outstanding 11 hcp.. 4
snorris: no
werge: NO!
snorris: :)
ahollan1: RDBL by south often used to say "you
must accept transfer now"
othered1: When do they get around to getting
their 9-card solid fit into the auction?
ahollan1: not 4 ? maybe that shows better ♣
eccone: j♣
eccone: woow
eccone: gercekten mi eymen solimmi ?
MolvaM: bora da 3 kˆ¶r derdi belki?
ovncylmz: bu ellerle nicin multi acmadiginizi
eccone: operatˆ¶rˆ…mˆ…zden :)
riyilikci: 4NT 0 as olarak alert edilmiˆ batˆ‰
eccone: 7 li kritik marka
yakop: bu iˆ e soyunan oyuncular (ki ben cok
yakop: kabak baˆ ˆ‰na patlˆ‰yˆ‰o bi anda
MolvaM: metin ekkˆ i nin overcall yapmamasˆ‰ i
ˆ e yarayabilir mi acaba?
MolvaM: bence hayˆ‰r
cindy: its just the taking up so much space thing
that bothers me.. 2
geller: Really, what’s remarkable is that so far
there have only been two big swings, both to
ahollan1: gulp
b_eymen: mecbur olmadˆ‰kˆ§a insiyatif almayanlar
iyi oyuncu olur ˆ¶vˆ…nˆ§
MolvaM: oooo bu tehlikeli
tokay1975: 5 dia deseler oluyo insaf:)
snorris: or is it?.. T
snorris: not after this lead
- 131 -
snorris: needed to lead ♠
ahollan1: South NOT interpreting partner’s pass
as denying 3♠
othered1: Feels like south was taking some kind
of inference from north’s actions that I don’t see.
santyclz: Ok, that’s half the battle. Just 1 more
little task to complete.
idblu: do we ruff 2♣ and concede a
arigun: ben hep demisimdir koz’a 3-5 atak hep
iyi olur :)
MolvaM: eˆ er as soruyorsa
nezihk: 3 trefle 3 Nt 4 lˆ… trefli red mi ediyor
tokay1975: 3cle 3nt gelince 4nt demek iyimi
ortak negatif gostermis
tokay1975: zaten 1nt demis bastan 3cle cuebid
MolvaM: belki kantitatiftir?
nezihk: cue bid 4 lˆ… trefl gˆ¶stermez mi?
tokay1975: kantitatif bile olsa 14 hp ile buyuk
risk var
tokay1975 : gostersin 4lu cl ama 3nt nerden
baksak red manasinda bi cevap
MolvaM: eˆ er kantitatif ise kuzey ˆ lem demeyip
ne yapsˆ‰n?
tez: nafiz 4 u batirmayi umit ediyor
sharkey: Some questionable actions by N in this
match - the lead last hand and failure to bid ♠ on
Hand 9.. Q
snorris: Akama not agreeing with you Hans
snorris: going -1
sharkey: 2♣ by west says nothing about ♣ - just
ralfwil: looks like a flat board
mdgraham: it looks as if 3♠ was GF
sharkey: Think Invitational values and E accepted.
yo_yo: PO prefers west to bid a direct 3♠
werge: How can you imgine to make 4 ! facing a
passed hand???
mpny: 2C created a GF
mdgraham: possibly. In England, most play that
the jump after 4SF is GF
werge: Sorry, not passed hand
yo_yo: i play 4th suit is GF
sharkey: 2♣ shows invitational values
yo_yo : but opposite 1 maybe 3 ♠ better (
playing a strong club)
geller: especially with Chen-Furuta in for Japan
you’d expect more than 28 imps of total swings in
the first 12 boards.
ahollan1: so -- going INTO 13 we had tie, after
13, not so much
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
aruf: tmm 5 dakikaya kadar gidecegim salona
akgun: karo atagindan sonra?
ovncylmz: mesela bu artifisyel 1♣ acislarinda
ovncylmz: haklisin
b_eymen: yapman gerekenleri yaptˆ‰kˆ§a kazan
anadoluda ataklar hep boyledir:)
eccone: ˆ§ˆ…nkˆ… renk yok dagˆ‰lˆ‰m yok
puan yok benim fikrrim
MolvaM: yemeklerden ˆ¶nce aˆ§mˆ‰yoruz
eccone: en ˆ¶nmlisi renk ˆ§ok kˆ¶tˆ…
tokay1975: cok fazla love almˆ‰cak zatenmakul
olmayan agresif deklarasyonlarˆ‰n klasik sonu
MolvaM: kˆ¶r partajˆ‰nˆ‰ deneyip kaˆ ˆ‰tlarˆ
‰ atmaktan baˆ ka seˆ§enek yok gibi
ralfwil: can anyone of you bid 1nt on E? not me
with only 10xx in ♠..♣5
wilkinsona: this lead should ditch this contract
mdgraham: very tempting, with all those kings
vulkan: yine uygun kˆ¶r ve tref daˆ ˆ‰lˆ‰mˆ‰
na ˆ lem olacaktˆ‰ ama maalesef
akgun: kor atagida oldurucu
eccone: ahah
eccone: oda var tabe
eccone: iyi briˆ§ˆ§ilerin farki yorum ve insiyatif
yakop: yani partnersen derdin var abi:)
eccone: diye bi msj aldˆ‰m
MolvaM: 5nt ne? kantitatif?
nezihk: paslar ordan oraya gidiyor
tokay1975: 5nt bence h mu clmi oynayalˆ‰m
dedi clim 4lu dedi
MolvaM: "ben maksimum um. sen de maksimum
musun" sarusu mu acaba?
phantoma: 5N batacagimiz 6yi sec herhalde
nezihk: adam nerden bilsin, 14 den fazla olacak
hali yok ya
nezihk: niye 6 demedi, J108 trefl de var
MolvaM: metin ekˆ i ˆ imdi bakˆ‰yordur acaba
atak kendinde olmayan bir kontrat olabilir mi
nezihk: ˆ…stelik
tokay1975: 12 14 dengeli ele 3cle 3nt dedikten
sonra 4nt katilmˆ‰yorum
tez : disardaki ♣ dagiliminin nasil oldugunu
dogru tahmin etmek gerekiyor
werge: He is not alne..♣7
werge: alone
wilkinsona: should have had less space if south
opens 4 spades
santyclz: The lead is frightening as it may easily
mean s aren’t breaking and they’re needed for
b_eymen: bricte yapmak istediklerin ve yapman
gerekenler var
b_eymen: sende :=
ovncylmz: ortaktan 2sp ye 4sp gelmesi muhtemel:)
ovncylmz: bende J98X varken
ovncylmz: ama rakip her durumda 3c oynasin
isterim ben:)
ovncylmz: haha
fabsayc: 2 shows spade fit, game interest..♣Q
ralfwil: 10 tricks on many ways
othered1: Perhaps they focus on suit. If north
denied solid stop, south’s h and gets better
akgun: bu ataktan sonra cikari yok defans atlamazsa
eccone: ahaha
nezihk: rahmi siteden eleme sonuˆ§larˆ‰nˆ‰ gˆ
¶remiyoruz, eˆ leˆ melerde baˆ ka zorlu bir maˆ§
var mˆ‰?
riyilikci: sorunsuz sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
nezihk: evet
riyilikci: kˆ¶r rua ˆ…ˆ§lˆ…den dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nce
ovncylmz: gunun son 4boardundan biri, ama
batmak gercekten zor gorunuyor bu dagilimda
yakop: erhan yamut tan yaz geldi:)
snorris: yes..♣A
wilkinsona: still -2
mdgraham: it’s the aces that are a problem
ahollan1: but endplayed once again :)
fabsayc: lead it again
santyclz: 7 s?
b_eymen: dogunun 4 lˆ… ♣ i kesinlestigi icin 3
bidaha konusula bilirdi
akgun: yerde vale ile kalinca 1 den fazla batacak
eccone: buna bi seminer verilebilir mesala
ovncylmz: A65432 olsa bile ortakta 2tane olmasi
halini dusun
tez: rakibin ♣ leri 4/4 ise
asi cikartilmali
tez: 5/3 ise ♠ empasi atilmali
tez: tabiki
asi kimde oda onemli
tez: rakibin sayilari nasil verdigini bilmek gerekiyor
eerbil: belli ki ters .. eymen’in sˆ¶ylediˆ i gibi, 6’l
ˆ‰dan sonra okay’ˆ‰n ˆ¶nce 5’li sonra 4’lˆ…
vermesi pike preferans olmalˆ‰
tez: rakip dogru sayi vermeyecek pozisyondami
tez: okay ve gokhan ters sayi oynuyorlar
tez: 654 sirasiyla verince tek sayida oynuyorlar
tez: yoksa 4lu tutus tek ♣ 4lu koz yeterlimi?
MolvaM: 3. devre baˆ langˆ‰ˆ§ saatini rica etsek
ralfwil: can S see a singleton ♠ on N?.. J
idblu: oops
- 132 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
yo_yo: true aces are useful
ahollan1: yes -- we all know South could effectively
lead ♠ 2 -- but South only sees his hand and
ahollan1: a) does teramoto trust north’s carding
b) did North give accurate count
santyclz: I would have led the a (opening),
because my pd always has a stiff in my suit.
yo_yo: should West cover the 9?
yo_yo: or will he, i guess not
sharkey: then it makes i think - if she lets 9
ahollan1: specs calling for 14
mcarroll: maybe even -2
jaapfr: i am still online:)?
xenya: likely -2
MolvaM: rahmi beyden
vugraphzkg: 2♠ye 2♣ gidiyor dedi karo vale
kuzeydeyse 6 oluyor diye claim yaptˆ‰
cindy: he had his bid.. A
mdgraham: you don’t have them, and partner is a
bit short of them too
xenya: not exactly a happy contract
idblu: if trust count in ’s...3-3, that the best line
wilkinsona: and can be -300.. 3
wilkinsona: not easy, but a spade may be best
idblu: makes now
othered1: east, however, rode to NS’s rescue,
trading a likely plus for a likely minus, maybe 200
shevek: if ♣ 3-3 they can wait....
jaapfr: glad operator did not like it either:)
tokay1975: sonu guzel bitti buyuksehir icin
MolvaM: kahvede briˆ§ oynarken "kaˆ ˆ‰dˆ‰n
hakkˆ‰nˆ‰ vermek" kavramˆ‰ vardˆ‰. bu o
serhat: iyi durdular
ahollan1: i thought rule was -- partner always has
stiff when you rebid the suit.. 5
fabsayc: agree this is subpar overcall, but is all a
matter of style
othered1: A matter of style and some top champions
do well with it (but I don’t)
ahollan1: [7 X]
deniz_t: kanˆ‰mca 3 nt yapˆ‰lacak
ovncylmz: karo cikisi zor ama bence
eccone: naturel atak herzaman kazandˆ‰rˆ‰rr
tokay1975: 9lumu koyucak?
tokay1975: tebrikler 2 takˆ‰mada bu devre icin
MolvaM: maˆ§tan sonra soracaklar arkadaˆ larˆ‰
- 133 -
na "5nt tam bordunu ne yaptˆ‰nˆ‰z" diye
eccone: imkansˆ‰z.. T
aruf: bir batacak
akgun: guney pasif savunmaya gectigi surece
sorun yok
aruf: karo ruayˆ‰ bilse ortagˆ‰nda 2 batacaktˆ
deniz_t: kˆ¶rˆ… ezmedi maalesef ama bakˆ‰caz
eccone: evet j♣
ovncylmz: o 2tanenin birisinin onor olma ihtimali
%70 civarinda
arigun: 2♠ demeye korkardi muhtemelen, ancak
bu durum yani masa psikolojisi her duzeyde
oyuncu icin etken tehlikeli bir faktor, hepimiz bu
ruh haline sˆ‰k sˆ‰k dusebiliyoruz
snorris: w has to lead ♠.. J
marlowepi : true enough tony--but then even
MORE likely that NS would end up saving
athene: yes, best to keep that club tenace intact
othered1: Will west continue ?
riyilikci: :) bˆ…yˆ…k olasˆ‰lˆ‰kla herkes saygˆ
‰ ile yere baktˆ‰
nezihk: ikinci kore J gelince J10 lu mu yoksa Kj
mi karar vermeli
eccone: dogunun pas ta pasif oldu gibi
yakop: 4 karo diyorum, ortak 4♠ derse de canˆ‰
m sˆ‰kˆ‰larak pas diyorum
vahaboglu: 2 batar
wilkinsona: trumps for -2 now.. A
snorris: right
wilkinsona: spec says 3N OR going a pos -3
wilkinsona: possible 13 imps
wilkinsona : makes it a tight match with one
board to go
snorris: has been confirmed
snorris: 3nt -3
cindy: doesnt really matter what they play if S
bids 4♠
thommos: 3D was likely make
sharkey: According to the "book" games should
be bid with a success rate of about 38% - view the
high payout if it makes
ovncylmz: diger masada 3sp oynaniyor su anda
ovncylmz: J109X trefl
mustafaozk: bu board Isparta iˆ§in potansiyel
tehlike diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yorum kapalˆ‰da ne
olucak bakacaz
sengulerz: 4 iˆ§eri 400 mˆ… 5 iˆ§eri 500 mˆ…
olacak merakˆ‰mˆ‰z budur
yakop: bence dogru cevap bu
eerbil: 6-4-5 sˆ‰rasˆ‰ ile de verilebilirdi pikler
tez: 2♠=davet elim var demekti..izleyiciye bilgi
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
sharkey: I bid 1 NT with E hand - show shape if
not 4 .. 7
othered1 : The double of 6 ♠ deserves to be
ahollan1 : philosophically -- i wonder what
difference are between south’s immediate 4♣ vs
RDBL [forcing 3♠] then 4♣
ahollan1: maybe one of those would convince
Ino that his are biddable
idblu: I was away for a few min...seems to have
missed something here :)
akgun: ezse bile antre sorunu vardˆ‰
eccone: solda KQJ10X halini dˆ…sˆ…n
tez: orhan in eliyle ne derdiniz?2 ?3 ?1nt?2nt?
vahaboglu: ♣ ˆ§aka da alˆ‰r
tez: N.Zorlu=nafiz arkadasligimiza verin
MolvaM: bir saniye lˆ…tfen resmi teˆ ekkˆ…r fasl
ˆ‰ geliyor ...
yo_yo: undo.. 2
ovncylmz: batmaz ki yine
sengulerz: gib e baktˆ‰m.. 4 batar diyor
idblu: that he did....W was suspect.. 8
snorris: it would be 3♣ or 2 ♠ in my book
wilkinsona: seems so... a glimmer of hope for the
Oz team
ralfwil: in fact 4♠ is a cheap save against 4
with J10xx in ♣ on N
ahollan1: A, J [north pitching ]
twcho: unbelievable
nezihk: 2 H deyip gelene 4 sp demek!
fabsayc: need spade now for -2.. 9
jaapfr: you agree with line of play (me not)
jaapfr: so my -1
eccone: declerasyonu bilmiyoruz tabi
eccone: ayrˆ‰ca zaten sana kalmˆ‰yacak bu
MolvaM: bunlarˆ‰ dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ne dˆ…ˆ ˆ…ne bu
hale dˆ…ˆ tˆ…k zaten
wilkinsona: may make 4Sx sometimes.. 4
idblu: and 5♠X on this def
cindy: thats not the only way to get to 4♠
xenya : but declarer can get out for -1 if he
persists with trumps
santyclz: Needed to take the
ovncylmz: salvador assael 2c ye dbl atmis, 3clye
nafiz zorlu 3 deyince de 3♠ ye duzeltmis
akgun: guney hep pasif oynarsa -2
aruf: hepinize iyi gˆ…nler arkadaˆ lar iyi seyirler
salona gitmem gerekiyor
ovncylmz: bol sans maclarda
nezihk: baˆ arˆ‰lar
eccone: batmaz ama naturel
© ©
© ¨
ovncylmz: ben katiliyorum sana
kabexnuf: bi dahaki sefere batar
ovncylmz: :)
eccone: sen oynamayacaksˆ‰n yane
nezihk: ekspasa giderse batacak
riyilikci: BODRUM 14.0 VALENTˆ NO 48.0
riyilikci: BURDUR 45.0 Bˆ Yˆ Kˆ EHˆ R BEYAZ
tez: koc simdi ♠ oynayacak..ortakta tek dam
kalmis olabilir diye
tokay1975: ˆ iir gibi defans
MolvaM: ˆ ncelikle bu turnuvaya 4 yˆ‰ldˆ‰r ev
sahipliˆ i bˆ…yˆ…kˆ ehir briˆ§ takˆ‰m
ˆ‰nˆ‰ oluˆ turan izmir bˆ…yˆ…kˆ ehir belediye
baˆ kanˆ‰ sayˆ‰n Sn Aziz Kocaoˆ lu’nu da
kutluyor ve teˆ ekkˆ…r ...
MolvaM: ediyoruz
ahollan1: with the particular auction we have, i
would play North for absolute worst hand for
slam potential -- so South gets vast majority of
the charge here..♣2
wygbe1: well he did go down at 5d - or would
have if e didnt pitch h
ovncylmz: 8 oldu a takimi
cindy: i might have dbld 1N.. 6
ralfwil: If score sheet is ok, 6 went down in OR
but 7 made in CR(!)
idblu: still wouldn’t help
eccone: kˆ¶rˆ… ezsede yapamazdˆ‰
yakop: ama canˆ‰mˆ‰zˆ‰n sˆ‰kˆ‰lmamasˆ
‰ iˆ§in bi formul olmalˆ‰ deminki elle bu aynˆ
‰ mˆ‰ sizce
vahaboglu: zaten deklerasyondan ♣ kˆ‰sa oldu
ˆ u kesin
wilkinsona: trumps ace..♣K
snorris: this has been quit some comeback
wilkinsona: assuming the adjusted score stands
shevek: J gone, really?
athene: probably went 9 Q K A and a
spade return
mariner1 : Japan Gold Medal in World Mind
Sports Games
snorris: 11 hp outside ♠..
sybarra: well that made life easy
ralfwil: and EW have cooperated with the recovery
snorris: disclaim..
sharkey: Thus EW pushed - NV they may have
¨¨ ¨ ¨
- 134 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
settled for 3♠
santyclz : Sry, still short a pitch even with 2
entries to dmy.
idblu: complete cross ruff now..2♣ and 1
aruf: gˆ…ney her yerden bi ekmek arayˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰ iˆ
§inde :)
eerbil : o zaman da tek sayˆ‰ olur ama pik
preferansˆ‰nˆ‰ reddeder
MolvaM: herkese gˆ…naydˆ‰n :).. K
MolvaM: maˆ§ˆ‰n sonuna mˆ‰ yetiˆ ebildim?
tokay1975 : 8 11 ve 12 eren takˆ‰mˆ‰ icin
potansiyel kazanc
tokay1975: aradaki farkˆ‰ kapamalari icin
riyilikci: devre sonuˆ§lari iˆ§in
vugraphzkg: mustafa akgˆ…l tarafˆ‰ndan claim
tokay1975: ve9
sharkey: W may have overbid when bidding 3♠ 2♠ may have shown his hand..♣6
akgun: ancak erhan da top
eccone: gˆ…naydˆ‰n paˆ am
kabexnuf: 2-3 bord var herhalde
eccone: en heyecanlˆ‰ yeri
kabexnuf: gunaydin
riyilikci: artˆ‰k ˆ¶yle bir ˆ ans kalmadˆ‰
nezihk: evet
MolvaM: Tˆ…rkiye Kˆ‰ˆ Dˆ¶rtlˆ… Takˆ‰mlar
ˆ ampiyonasˆ‰nˆ‰n sonuna geldik. ˆ ampiyon ˆ
zmir Bˆ…yˆ…kˆ ehir Belediyesi takˆ‰mˆ‰nˆ‰
ve dereceye giren tˆ…m takˆ‰mlarˆ‰ kutluyoruz.
MolvaM: ˆ ampiyonanˆ‰n baˆ ˆ‰ndan bu yana
her devre vugraf sunumu yaparak bizlere gˆ…zel
bir briˆ§ ˆ ˆ¶leni yaˆ atan Tˆ…rkiye Briˆ§ Federasyonu
’nu, Baˆ kan Fahir ˆ zˆ…mcˆ…’yˆ… ve yˆ¶
netimdeki tˆ…m ...
MolvaM : gˆ¶revlileri kutluyor ve teˆ ekkˆ…r
ediyoruz. Artˆ‰k alˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰k. ˆ lerideki turnuvalar
ˆ‰ vugraf olmadan geˆ§emeyiz.
ralfwil: that´·s better..♠3
aruf: tˆ kler herkese
eccone: ortak pastan geliyor sende bˆ¶le bi el
cindy: let W squirm..♠6
ralfwil: I will show at least a half ♠ stopper
snorris: to much for 1 nt
deniz_t: kapalˆ‰ kart tabiki acele etmemek lazˆ
aruf: ve kagˆ‰t oldu
riyilikci: gelecek devre 14:00’da
MolvaM: Bu yayˆ‰nˆ‰ bizlere adeta masa baˆ ˆ
- 135 -
‰ndaymˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰z gibi canlˆ‰ olarak getiren ve
gˆ¶nˆ…llˆ… olarak ˆ§alˆ‰ˆ an sevgili vugraf
operatˆ¶rlerimize ˆ¶zellikle ˆ§ok ˆ§ok teˆ ekkˆ…r
sharkey: sry - I mistook the bidding.. Q
athene: ok, so australia still alive
ahollan1: now ping pong match -ruffs vs
fabsayc: you can’t, you passed west hand..♠2
cindy: i mean with E
riyilikci: Kuˆ adasˆ‰ iˆ§in farkˆ‰ azaltma ˆ ansˆ
‰ doˆ du..♠5
koksoy: sonuc olarak bu bir oyun...
vahaboglu: gˆ…zel savundular
vulkan: byee..♠J
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 3♠
c 3♣
this/total IMPs
W -1
S 4
♠10 4
10 6
♣ A10 9 7 6 5 3
♠ AQ976 2
N ♠J85
10 9 4 3
K J4
Q7 32
♣Q J
♣8 4
♠K 3
Q J852
♣K 2
W: Andonov
#1 N::
#3 W::
#5 W::
#7 S::
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
E: Popov
#2 N::
#4 W::
#6 S::
#8 N::
roswolf: We are now on the last board of the set.
Thanks to our very efficient operator, Momchil
Aleksandrov. Great Job! Many thanks and our
appreciation to the Bulgarian Bridge Federation
roswolf: (Stan Nedkov)
roswolf: for allowing us to broadcast from this
event. Thanks too to my very learned fellow
commentators Henry, Mike, Nick and Roland for
their wit and perceptive comments and to our
specs .....p
roswolf: whose contributions keep us on our toes
lestergold: indeed and i have recived manyexcellent
comments form specs..1 .. ..1N!..p
ndemirev: e-w can make 3S..2♣
ndemirev: so this can be a double partial
Walddk3: Specs have messaged Mike to tell him
how to install a spell-checker
roswolf: primabridge will need that
lestergold: and ten tricks in clubs can be prevented
but only on a spade lead..2♠
lestergold: from east of course..3♣..3♠..p
lestergold: impossible on this auction
lestergold: par not reached..p..p.. K
ndemirev: that would 7 imps for the underdogs..
lestergold: i think this is off
Walddk3: Play resumes tomorrow at 8:30 Central
European Summer Time (9:30 local time).
Remember to put your clock/watch one hour
forward tonight if you live in Europe
vugraphb1: ty all nice kibitzers thanks to all
commentators and to Roland Wald for this
ndemirev: sorry NS may find a promotion on
that lead
ndemirev: or no entry as it is ... .. 5.. 6.. 7..
4.. 2.. A.. J.. 6.. 2.. 5
lestergold: alert kib has pointed out 3n form
south makes surely as cards lie
roswolf: this is at least -1 since no quick entry to
vugraphb1: tomorrow 8:30 AM CET... and don’t
forget the change of the time
roswolf: Ace and another trump seems best
ndemirev: that equires too much
Walddk3: Live broadcast from Israel in progress,
and tomorrow we have Bulgaria and China for
ndemirev: *requires ..♠T..♠J..♠K
schedule.php for full schedule ..♣K..♣J..♣3..♣
ndemirev: who mentioned that spell checker - i
need it
roswolf: a couple of imps to the trailing team..♣
2..♣Q..♣A..♣8.. T.. 3
Walddk3: May I suggest that you bookmark that
site where all times are local to *you*. That will
save me from lots of questions about where, when
and what. Thank you.. A.. 4
roswolf: bye all
Walddk3: Thanks all and bye for now
ndemirev: thanks all
lestergold: bye and thx all
vugraphb1: bye for today and thanks once again
© © ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨
© © © ©
¨ ¨
¨ ¨
- 136 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 3♠
c 3♣
this/total IMPs
W -1
S 4
♠10 4
10 6
♣ A10 9 7 6 5 3
♠ AQ976 2
N ♠J85
10 9 4 3
K J4
Q7 32
♣Q J
♣8 4
♠K 3
Q J852
♣K 2
W: V.Aronov
#1 W:: J,3,4,K
#3 N:: K,3,2,A
#5 S:: Q,6,7,4
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
©ª ¨ ©
#2 S:: 2,Q,A,8
#4 W:: J,6,2,A
#6 S:: J, 2, T, 9
mariner1: that is a photo of the Senior team
mariner1: this is the last board of this session,
next in 45 minutes
frankaus: tu for your company cindy, marshall,
barbara, rob, kibs - tu BBO and all at NEC
formaking this vugraph possible
mariner1: a big THANKS! to Unknown (Japan)
our superb operator, for doing an excellent
mariner1: job!!!
idblu: last hand?
ralfwil: must be wrong - or?
ralfwil: OK- last board
snorris: ♠ lead to the ace and later a finesse!!
wilkinsona: well defended then..
othered1: That was a little punishing for getting
to an inferior but not hopeless spot.
sybarra: and last bd now
ralfwil: 3 by E and 4 by W wasn´·t good
idblu: last hand everyone...thanks for the insights :)
- 137 -
Walddk4: 27 IMPs = 22-8 VP. It’s touch and go
whether Hackett can afford that; will depend on
results in other matches
mpny : Reaching game here is a very normal
result, despite the four top losers
sharkey: Potential swing here
caitlin: how the tide has turned
ahollan1: i have no idea if my defense is any
xenya: any other play allowes the defence to
score their trumps separately
athene: 15 imps in 3 boards
athene: easily possible
shevek: let’s not forget real score is 78-58
athene: but a good result for China here
athene: ah right good point
ahollan1 : for a minute i thought i knew the
answer --- but turns out I AM wearing the
correct pair of glasses
wygbe1: his line needed diam q coming down
plus 33h = so might as well ruff h before playing
d, which would lead to down one
jaapfr: ok now we must support Jepan:)
wygbe1: what a comeback by the china women
xenya: indeed
xenya: time to relax? -- looks like a quiet partial
by NS
jaapfr: would be sensational for the chinese girls
to beat the whole male field:)
wygbe1: like the cardinals in the super bowl - so
will japan now do what pittsburgh did? for u.s.
players only
jaapfr: they are all asleep Jim
roswolf: this is going to the wire i think
ovncylmz: ama o masada kimse acmamis ilk
aruf: Reha tebrik etmeye gideyim mi hala ?:)
akgun: evet 2 kere lutfen:)
deniz_t: yakˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰klˆ‰ sen git gene tbr et:)
ovncylmz: bu el onemli
riyilikci: turnuva ile ilgili diˆ er bˆ…tˆ…n bilgiler
riyilikci: 2008-2009-sezonu&Itemid=99
ovncylmz: yarin sabah hangi maci izleyecegimiz
belli mi?
yakop: emrenin 4d dedigi elle kˆ‰yaslayˆ‰n
eccone: 13. board 4♠ denilip yapˆ‰lˆ‰rsa 2
imp kalˆ‰yor
tez: ♠ oynayinca ortagin tek dam kozu buyur
vugraphzkg: mola verildi
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
yakop: bu elde swing olabilir
tokay1975: paˆ am mert bizi duymus olabilirmi
tez: super konusmaydi
tokay1975: pas dedigine gore
koksoy: insanlarˆ‰n kendilerini cok fazla
germelerine ve baskˆ‰ altˆ‰na almalarˆ‰na
gerek yok
koksoy: hayˆ‰rlˆ‰sˆ‰ neyse o olur
MolvaM: konfˆ…ˆ§yˆ…z gibi konuˆ tun enver :)
cindy: thx all :)..p
mariner1: Many thanks to the NEC (sponsor), the
JCBL and Akito Omasafor helping BBO
mariner1: bring us the vugraphs!
mariner1: and thanks for their wit and insight to
my co-commentators Barbara Apel, Marshall
mariner1: Lewis and Cindy Marshall (USA), and
Frank Budai (Australia), and Roland Wald
mariner1: (Denmark).....I am Rob Brown (USA)
mariner1: Roland Wald (Denmark) is the BBO
vugraph co-ordinator and works diligently at it!
cindy: E has the hand i dont want to pass and
dont want to bid 2S
cindy: yes it is
Walddk4: Corrected to 12
ralfwil: ok
sybarra: of this set
cindy: ok nail biter here
wilkinsona: north playing 2 hearts OR
snorris: 2 ??
wilkinsona: Last board
othered1: 3 boards to go in a tied match.
bg: now tied three to go cannot get any better
than this
ralfwil: E must have a perfect cound on S so a
trumph continuation was obvious
chessmaste: Looks like a regulation game here
riyilikci: hayˆ‰r, maˆ§larˆ‰ sonuˆ§larˆ‰ ˆ¶ˆ
rendikten sonra seˆ§iyoruz
irwinbo: she gave him count on the hearts, isn’t
that a major error by west?..1
nafiz :
schedule.php detaylˆ‰ canlˆ‰ yayˆ‰n program
aruf: ok :))) valla uzak dururum oralardan ben
bizimkilere bakacagˆ‰m artˆ‰k :)
akgun: 1d undo?
nezihk: karo passˆ‰na 6 kor olabiliyor
barbyh: can they get to 4 sp..
mariner1: Last but not least, a round of applause
for our hosts: Fred, Sheri, Uday, Bill Gates,
mariner1 : Sharon Osberg, and David Smith.
Without them there would have been no
mariner1: broadcasts. Thanks a lot for creating a
site that is greatly appreciated by bridge
mariner1: lovers worldwide!
mariner1: Tournament site
cindy: thx everyone !!
idblu: you really don’t open that you?
Walddk4: Last board of the match in this room
now. Many thanks to our (unknown) operator in
Yokohama. Fine job!
snorris: obviously thought the lead was a singelton
othered1: 1 big ♣,preempt?
wilkinsona: Last board just now and the Chinese
Women have played well here I would say
snorris: not 2 ♠ ?
wilkinsona: relyably informed so
snorris: well.. more to come for hackett then
snorris: 4 ♠ will be tried probably
wilkinsona: thanks to everyone in Japan
marlowepi: last hand, restart in about half an
hour i think
wilkinsona: well I take it all back ... if you can
make 5Sx the biddings ok
idblu: he played pard for the singleton
cindy: Levin opened 3♠ in the open room
ahollan1: south never did get a chance to determin
if partner held ♠K
athene: 20 imps and it’s hard to see a gain on this
ahollan1: maybe the final lesson --- don’t double
6♠ when not sure of beating the escape
Walddk4: 25 IMP swing it was. Lost 16, could
have gained 9
idblu: they shld pour cold water on their faces
and relax before they go on tilt
idblu: slam swings going the wrong way
b_eymen: 3 de kalˆ‰nˆ‰r gibi
aruf: neyse herkese iyi akˆ amlar iyi briˆ§ seyirleri
deniz_t: saol sana da yakˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰klˆ‰:)
eccone: iyi aksamlar
akgun: iyi aksamlar
ovncylmz: 4sp ve 5cl oluyor sanki
ovncylmz: su an hem 4.mac skorlari
ovncylmz : hem de butler durumu tamamiyle
girilmis durumda
ovncylmz: 5♠ 4 6-9 tarzi bi sey galiba
nezihk: 2 sp 5pik 4+ kor olsa gerek
- 138 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
koksoy: son bir senelik felsefem
serhat: diger odada 17.10 Tr olarak anaons edildi
tez : 1 yari daha var..henuz kimse sevinecek
MolvaM: 10uncu
eccone: evet 9imp
nezihk : kuzey ˆ aka gibi diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…
durumda degil
mariner1: Marshall if you win your Vegas bet I
need a bailout! :)..1N!
idblu: or doubleton
idblu : check here for results and info on the
othered1: This has been a match of two separate
sprints, so far, and Japan’s result in the Open
Room on this hand makes theirs likely to continue.
xenya: so it looks like a potential gain for Japan
vulkan: KG 3
b_eymen: 1♣ ten sonra zor
ovncylmz: upps, su an gordum 4-0trefli
MolvaM: beklendiˆ i gibi 10 bordda altan takˆ‰m
ˆ‰ yˆ…ksek konuˆ masˆ‰nˆ‰n mˆ…kafatˆ‰nˆ
‰ aldˆ‰
yakop: bi tane cengaver ˆ§ˆ‰ktˆ‰:)
riyilikci: diˆ er maˆ§lar
yakop: ufugun 2 hu hakanˆ‰ bayagˆ‰ rahatlattˆ
vahaboglu: Ufuk biraz konservatif davrandˆ‰
tez: son 2 bord kuzey guney icin sorunsuz..diger
masada 430 ve 50 almis kuzey guney
tez: son yari 20 30 da
MolvaM: 1 yarˆ‰ daha olduˆ una sevinmemize
izin var mˆ‰?
othered1: And how high will east now go?..p
sybarra: thx to our terrific operator, well done,
wilkinsona: perhaps..
irwinbo: then there was no need to cash
Walddk4: They can’t afford a game swing here,
that’s almost certain
othered1: east didn’t have, or chose not to make
a support double in the open room.
athene: 2 :)
othered1: East is to blame for west having to
defend 6N. West misread the hand and I think
had enough clues, assuming east’s lead of 5th
best was the correct spot to lead by their ...
othered1: agreements
idblu: have lost more than 40 imps being the
wrong way on 3 slams
santyclz: Now Fred, you know you can’t admit
we’re rooting for CHINA Women.
eccone: dbl
eccone: ve neden 1♣
eccone: sistemmi buda
- 139 -
ovncylmz: wow
yakop: mac zaten foto finiˆ te bitecek
yakop: 3 h deseydi karˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰rdˆ‰ iˆ ler
koksoy: ˆ¶nceki 26 seneyi karˆ‰stˆ‰rma :)
MolvaM: ama bu yˆ…zden konfˆ…ˆ§yˆ…z hiˆ§ tˆ
…rkiye ˆ ampiyonu olamadˆ‰
fabsayc : i am happy to pass east hand, way
worse than that 1♠ overcall..2♣!
cindy: yes good job !
sharkey: Operator - can you verify the score
board 30 pls
ahollan1: but i still like make signals clear to
partner -- ♠10 was no help
akgun: 1c yanlis
riyilikci: maˆ§lar saat 11:00 da baˆ lˆ‰yor
barbyh: 4 sp good save..2♠
othered1: The Women’s team has played rather
fabsayc: pass?
wilkinsona: and after te Excellent 4 spades here
score now close
yo_yo: opinions differ as the wisdom of responding
1 here
ralfwil: 6 with the favourable
ahollan1: 2♠ = 5♠ 4+minor and 4-10 HCP
fabsayc : i am told there is more excitement
idblu: :)
b_eymen: gˆ…ney iˆ§in agresif bi aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ
deniz_t: bence 1♣ doˆ ru deklare nacizane
akgun: yok boyle bir sey
ovncylmz: linkimizi de verelim:)
mustafaozk: 3d 3h 3s 4s?
tuppermet: 3trefli burda trial deˆ il, ekstra kuvvet
olarak oynamak uygun sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
eccone: 2 ya xfer
MolvaM: diˆ er masada aˆ ˆ‰rˆ‰ kompetisyonda
dolayˆ‰ salvo-bafiz 7 diyememiˆ
cindy: and thx to specs too lots of good feedback..3
snorris: interesting..
idblu : yes...unusual high card shows higher
suit...very simple
ahollan1: and if DBL of 3 made any sense -then East 4 seems automatic to me
idblu: we are impartial...may the best woman win :)
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
josj: they will reach 4♠, I think
josj: E opened in OR
MolvaM: salvo-nafiz
marlowepi: what is it this time rob? grand theft
cindy: lol
bg: open room still 4 boards behind
athene: 3 should be forcing here
ovncylmz: 15.boardda bizi kritik bir 5♠ bekliyor
MolvaM: ben katˆ‰larak vugraf yorumcu yaˆ
ortalamasˆ‰nˆ‰ 2ye filan katladˆ‰m herhalde? :)
kabexnuf: 3nt?
eccone: bilgiyide ˆ¶le pasam
MolvaM: :)
ovncylmz: 6332 ile kaldirma ortak demek:)
ovncylmz: 6322*
ovncylmz: 2 6-9, 2♠ davet olabilir mi acaba?
sistem atlanmis olmasin
eccone: cubid yane
riyilikci: bodrum-valentino 36-9 14 bord sonunda
vahaboglu: Tayfun da 3 demedi
nezihk: 5 NT, ne ayak hocam demek dimi tokay?
tokay1975: :))
nezihk: hehe
nezihk: hidayet diliyle
tokay1975: kaptan burda olsa gozleri yasarirdi
nezihk: dmeyene kart vermiyorlar
MolvaM: ne ayak konvansiyonunu aˆ§ˆ‰klayˆ‰
n ozaman haydi :)
nezihk: pozitif korler dedin de neyin pozitif
tokay1975: 5cl pasa daha iyi bi deklarasyonu
varmˆ‰ bence gayet iyi dedi
snorris: well here it is a singelton..p
ralfwil: So what to do else than ♠A
ralfwil: ♣A!!
wilkinsona: in fact Oz may even be winning after
the last hand
snorris: good for n-s
snorris: the limit it seems
idblu: except that pard could get a ruff
ralfwil: a ♠ lead is killing!
athene: but del’monte is dead minimum for his 3
♣ and decides game just isn’t there
Walddk4: Maybe East, but East did not help her
partner one bit, and after all it’s a partnership
nezihk: temkinli oynarsa yapar
riyilikci: gelecek devre 17:10 ama bu geˆ§ bitecek
baˆ hakem ne karar verir bilmiyorum belki 3-5
dakika geˆ§ kalˆ‰rˆ‰z
mariner1: :) close, I do ride bicycles..p
cindy: more congressive bidding
Walddk4: Also thanks to our excellent commentators:
Snorri, Carl, Tony and Ralf
snorris: up with the king
snorris: yes!
wilkinsona: dont think Paul will go -3 though
ralfwil: WOW
werge: ♠-lead = game
Walddk4: Maybe Ed I mean
vulkan: 4 den ˆ¶nce duramazlar heralde
b_eymen: imkansˆ‰z
vugraphzkg: kesinlikle
eccone: ortagˆ‰n 5li ♠ de kollamak icin dbl
demek lazˆ‰m 1 acˆ‰sˆ‰ndan sonra tabi
eccone: tref partas olsa oda olucak
eccone: q 2 li!k rua doru yerde tek
eccone :
atagˆ‰na kˆ‰saldˆ‰gˆ‰ icin
declaran batˆ‰yor
eccone: onada olur heralde
akgun: eˆ it olur R sp tek oldugu icin
eccone: olmaz
eccone: gˆ…neyi agresif gˆ¶rdˆ…m bugˆ…n
dadim: guneyden pas dien?
nezihk: yapmak iˆ§in 2 iˆ§eri gider diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ
vahaboglu: katˆ‰lˆ‰yorum
tez: sana hersey serbest pasam:)
mariner1: well the good news is 2♠ is not in
doubt here..♣J
Walddk4: So a maximum win for the seniors.
You need 39 IMPs for 25-5 and this will likely be
Walddk4: Swiss format from round 2
snorris: right lead this time..
fabsayc: granted not perfect for double, but not
forcing situation for me
othered1: despite a style of opening very aggressively
snorris: -2 likly
yo_yo: too difficult to reach the slam then
yo_yo: not much of a slam though
ralfwil: agree Kath
caitlin: not sure why anyone would X this
ahollan1: sorry -- at equal vul promised 55
b_eymen: K♠A♠
akgun: ayrica dam dia 2 li tabiki:)
atak kotu baslang,c oldu defans icin
MolvaM: evet
MolvaM: tek parˆ§a karo ile pek iyi bir beklentiasi
yok bu elin bence
eccone: 2NT cok fazla agresif
eccone: en ˆ¶nemlisi
ovncylmz: 2nt abarti oldu bence biraz
- 140 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
vugraphzkg: carding duzmu sorusuna "duz duz
mustafaozk: kestirmeden 4s:)
vugraphzkg: 2♣ aˆ§ayˆ‰mmˆ‰ die dˆ…ˆ ˆ…
ndˆ…ˆ ˆ… iˆ§in buna 4 dedi:)
MolvaM: gecikme cezasˆ‰ var mˆ‰
idblu: I would want to be in game looking at all 4
hands...unlucky everything off..♣3
sybarra: thx to co commentator for hanging in
until the end with me, and to the other "co’s" on
the way
b_eymen: 3 nt ilginc olabilirdi ama
b_eymen: ♣
eccone: ♣ i2 kere almayˆ‰nca batˆ‰yor
yakop: ali de 4 h demedi:)
arigun: milli takim kamplarindaki NLP sonrasi
bir hafta bende nirvanaya bir gidip gelmistim,
ama bir bayram ziyaretine Nigde’den dondukten
sonra ozume hizli bir donus yaptim
cindy: ty Shirley ! :)..♣4
yo_yo: looks as if Wang rejected the 4-4 ♠ fit
serhat: Eksioglu cok bastˆ‰rˆ‰yor 7 icin..
nezihk: bu pasa metin 7 demeliydi, ercan daha ne
deisn 2 kere pass dedi,, zavallˆ‰nˆ‰n baˆ ka
kartˆ‰ da kalmadˆ‰ ki
MolvaM: 6karo "keˆ ke grandˆ lem diyebilsek"
tokay1975: cl void olabilicegine hala inanci var
tokay1975: 6dia dedigine gore
nezihk: ya da as
wilkinsona: seemed to have judged well to land
in a making contract..♣K
sybarra: thx also the NEC and all the folks who
brought this terrific tourney to bbo
Walddk4: Thanks to our very capable operator in
Yokohama. Fine Job!
roswolf: yup might have made 11 tricks in 4♠
vugraphzkg: gˆ…neyin pas atˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰nˆ‰ gˆ¶
rmeniz lazˆ‰mdˆ‰ aˆ§tˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰na iˆ te o zaman
piˆ man oldu gibi
deniz_t: bu kontrat batabilir yada olabilir fakat
bricde 3 lˆ¶veli el devdir genˆ§ arkadaˆ larˆ‰m
oysaki Gˆ…neyde 6 lˆ¶ve var:)
akgun: 2. kore cakmasin oyleyse
eccone: batmˆ‰yor
shevek: Fruewirth was sure 3 was forcing..♣2
Walddk4: They have been playing for a week and
are very tired
ahollan1: i guess the only things i agree with are:
2♣-2 ;2N-3
and opening lead of [just not
sure about which spot was right for partnership]
othered1: I agree that east could have clarified
- 141 -
freely with ♠J, but west still had count to disregard
chessmaste: With the A onside there look to
be 11 tricks in spades
b_eymen: halbuki pas denizlse ˆ¶nce
eccone: ahaha
Walddk4: Finally, thanks to NEC for sponsoring
the event, and our appreciation to the JCBL for
bringing this prestigious tournament to BBO
vugraph. Akito Omasa has been instrumental in
Walddk4: setting up a fine show
athene: but normally, you need about 17+ to
double then bid a new suit, and 7 or 8+ for the
free 3♣ bid, so the situation can be treated as
santyclz: 10 tricks, next.
tokay1975: 8 el var 9 olurmu?
eccone: f
koksoy: 6. milli takˆ‰m kampˆ‰ndan sonra
insana bir rahatlˆ‰k cˆ¶kˆ…yor :)
marlowepi: i think the idea is just to make sure
you get a plus in those situations..♣A
irwinbo: you don’t need a ruff to beat it
ralfwil: a ♣ shift for -2
Walddk4 : But I would like to go back to the
double of 6♠. That caused the misery for poor
mustafaozk: asˆ‰ az ondan 2♣ aˆ§mamˆ‰ˆ tˆ
‰r istersen sor:)
yakop: demin sordugum elin karˆ ˆ‰sˆ‰nˆ‰
yazˆ‰yorum siz karar verin ne oynayacagˆ‰nˆ
riyilikci: burdur-izmir bbb 12 bord sonunda 12-56
and claim
MolvaM: trefl kontrolum olsaydˆ‰ 6♣ derdim
ben zaten
MolvaM: diˆ er maˆ§tan haber var mˆ‰
fabsayc: a lot of finesses to take..♣8
othered1: I like that defense
wilkinsona: or not to take (spades)
sybarra: thx to Bruce Gowdy also,
idblu: greed is a terrible thing
wilkinsona: once again EW win the bidding..
irwinbo: thanks all
cindy: ty :) next set in 25 min ?
idblu: thanks everyone ...see you at about 10:20
wilkinsona: thanks to everyone in Japan, back
soon I believe
idblu: EST
mdgraham: yes indeed
b_eymen: sonra sonsuza kadar konusabilirdi
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
b_eymen: ˆ¶nce alttan almak lazˆ‰m
b_eymen: aˆ§ˆ‰slarda ˆ¶zellikle
ovncylmz: 6.maclar kacta ve kimleri izliycez?
MolvaM: maˆ§tan sonra hemen bunu sˆ¶ylemek
lazˆ‰m ki tartˆ‰ˆ ma uzamasˆ‰n
tokay1975 : ortakta cl kont disinda ne eksik
olabilir bole konustugunda 7 icin
tokay1975: 5nt ve 6dia dedi
MolvaM: faturayˆ‰ ercan kuruya’mˆ‰ kestik
serhat: ole gozukuyor
vugraphzkg: claim yaptˆ‰ mert bilgin 1 kˆ¶r alˆ
‰rˆ‰m dedi
nezihk: ben o fikirde deˆ ilim, aksine
sharkey: wud be surprised if anyone bids it.. K
ralfwil: Now W wanted to bee a little bit higher
ahollan1: always nice to have a flat hand after
that kind of rollercoaster ride :(
idblu: why switch to the
at tr 2...pard led ,
eccone: ♠ yatˆ‰rˆ‰p yapar
riyilikci: varoˆ lu zabunoˆ lu 14 bord sonunda 286
tez: 2 11 144 iyi koz.zayif degil kuvvetli degil
snorris: should be -1.. 3
Walddk4: and to our many excellent commentators
xenya: i would think twice before biddin 2N as
yo_yo: has frue shown an acol 2 in ?
ovncylmz: bu maclardan sonra yemek arasi var
diye biliyorum
MolvaM: ♣9 gˆ¶rˆ…nˆ…nce deklaranˆ‰n trefli
boˆ lamasˆ‰na gerek kalmadˆ‰
nezihk: bord 8de 6 Karo oynanˆ‰yor
idblu: they have to get the ♣ switch tho to beat
4...... 2
eccone: 2 tref verince batˆ‰yo zannediyorum
sengulerz: makine de insanˆ‰n sinir sistemini
zorlayacak eller veriyor.. en az hasarla kurtarmalar
ˆ‰ iyi olur
sengulerz: kozlarˆ‰nda ˆ‰srar etmeleri durumunda
50 yerine 500 verecek bir noktaya gelebilirlerdi
ralfwil: K and ♣K and ♣.. A
wilkinsona: -1
wilkinsona: careful defense needed vs 4 spades
ralfwil: But it´·s only on a finess. Have played
mcarroll: Yes and then I would hope to think for
a third time
xenya: a
lead would have defeated 2N?
eccone: baska biˆ iy vermiyo zaten
deniz_t: bekleyelim bence:)
akgun: 2. kore bir defos yapmasi gerekiyor
eccone: bencede hersey olabilir
eccone: onada gerek yok rehacˆ‰m
akgun: artik sinekleri birakiyor karolara girmesi
sharkey: yes - in 7 NT once off 3 aces.. J
Walddk4: Finally, thanks to NEC for sponsoring
the event, and our appreciation to the JCBL for
bringing this prestigious tournament to BBO
vugraph. Akito Omasa has been instrumental in ...
Walddk4: setting up a fine show
yo_yo: thanks everyone and order some sleeping
pills Paul
Walddk4: Thx all and bye for now
sharkey: Ty all
mdgraham: Thanks all, bye for now.
mpny: take care all
ralfwil: Thanks all. And have a nice thursday
ahollan1: some call that treatment Muiderberg
Twos, some Tartan Twos -- i’m not possitive
about the differences
idblu: here’s a slam their 10-11
koksoy: mac + - 5 imple bitecek gibime
riyilikci : tek taraflˆ‰ysa evet ama iki tarafta
sybarra: think he is still "lurking" in here with us
.. 6
ralfwil: Put in ♠9 on a ♠ from table and you can
have a ruff after to A
wilkinsona: East should really play the 9 on the
first round of trumps perhaps
frankaus: welcome roland .. 2
fabsayc: apparently the ladies have a 0.5 imp
werge: But decklarer might have a problem if
North shifts to a
werge: How to get the ♠ K?
athene: it was a LOT easier for E-W in the other
eccone: karo karo ceksin
MolvaM: nasˆ‰l olsa 1 kez daha durduruyor bu
eccone: pardon
fabsayc: well maybe.. A
cindy: what else ?
fabsayc: more likely declarer tries for spade king
fabsayc: tartan is more 55
othered1: Since it was east, with the
who doubled 4 , it must have been a "table
- 142 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
action." Or maybe south’s auction was too
athene : because north didn’t raise over the
santyclz: We, I mean they, are on the right side
of the slam swing this time.
chessmaste: South will not enjoy his discards
josj: he does not know N holds stopper as well
vulkan: biz tˆ…kler biraz ˆ…stten oynamayˆ‰
seviyoruz heralde :)
vulkan: tˆ…rkler
akgun: evet haklisin eymen
nezihk: erene 14 imp
tez: 11/14
Walddk4: Hello.. Q
Walddk4: 28 IMP swing it was actually. 6NT
would have been 2 down if West had picthed a
heart in the end-game. 12 in instead of 16 out
ahollan1: 9 -- another unclear discard :(
b_eymen: ewet kart oyunu bˆ¶le geliˆ ir denilir
hep :)
eccone: su elle denilebilir mesala AXX AXXX
exerdar: izmir yarˆ‰ final iˆ§in ˆ§ok avantaj
tez: on atagina yerden as konunca dam verilebilirdi..ortagin
devamini saglamak icin
marlowepi: Clone 4.. 6
fabsayc: also tartan 2 bids are much older, i think
proposed first in the 1960’s
xenya: yes, the
shift is needed to hold
MolvaM: okanˆ‰n 3nt deklaresi hakettiˆ i puanˆ
‰ aldˆ‰ bence
MolvaM: zayˆ‰f deˆ il kuvvetli deˆ il kˆ‰smˆ‰
nˆ‰ pek anlamadˆ‰k
tez: siz turkler orta kuvvet diyorsunuz galiba:)
shift, Q lead, but certainly not
obvious.. 7
chessmaste: 10 tricks are certain 11 will depend
on South hanging on to his clubs
yo_yo: he will surely do that looking a dummy
akgun: simdi guneyin yuzu guldu
eccone: cakmasˆ‰n
eccone: karoyla cˆ‰kabiliyor
vahaboglu: ♠ As
Walddk4: Play will resume in about 20 minutes
with a match from round 4. Welcome back then..
vulkan: normal deklere verip fazla yapmaya ˆ§alˆ
‰ˆ sak olmaz ˆ‰ :)
b_eymen: bence mahsuru yok
akgun: dam dia yi ikliden almayida becerebilirse
- 143 -
eˆ it olacak
eccone: ˆ¶br pikide cekerse batar
yakop: ozgur 4 lu kozun hevesiyle 4 h dedi ortagˆ
‰na uysa guzel bi swing olurdu
idblu: yes the China Women teams way.. J
MolvaM: 39-16 izmir ˆ¶ndeymiˆ diˆ er maˆ§ta
cindy: thx Bruce :)..♠2
bg: still not clear wher number nine coming from
cindy: yes israel lucky to have a chance here
cindy: i cant see 9
bg: S has to win and play clubs
xenya: or a
followed by a from S
ahollan1: but East finds best shift
idblu: :)
bg: if he ducks ninth trick comes in hearts.. T
bg: if NS are using udca S should have played
dia deuce to first trick
athene: people often laugh at these terrible raises
but they do inconvenience opps
yo_yo: jJ now?
chessmaste : That would make life easy for
tez: ortak herzaman hata yapabilir..ona yardimci
olmak gorevimiz
idblu: that is the % play.. 9
cindy: yep
wilkinsona: the 1nt -1 a push so all on this hand
sengulerz: ♠
cindy: g’night all
fabsayc: thanks all
idblu: thx Cindy, Martin....witching hour here
and 6AM comes early :)
idblu: gn all :)
fabsayc: i don’t book myself for single digit
idblu: good habit
snorris: well done hackett
wilkinsona: so an uneventful match with thie
Hacket team sneeking home
ralfwil: Thanks Tony, Hans and Snorri. Nice to
work with you
snorris: thx
wilkinsona: so thanks to everyone in Japan, more
exciting bridge to come shortly
wilkinsona: bye for now
petergill: We believe the adjusted score to 2200
on Bd 7 was because, with screens in use, South
gave West a misleading explanation which
affected West’s decision to remove 2♠XX.
othered1: That’s a funny-looking trick
thommos: undo?
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 5♣
c 5♣
this/total IMPs
N 5
N 5
♠ AQ8
Q8 4
♣ AK 9 7 4 2
♠ J10 4 3
N ♠9 7 5 2
10 7 6 5
AK Q6 5 2
J 43
♣8 5
♠K 6
A J 32
♣ J10 6 3
W: Andonov
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
roswolf: i always have fun
ndemirev: 5 is down 3 but all hinges on teh
¨ ¨ ¨
K position so it’s not a good spot .. 4.. 7.. K..
lestergold: too risky.. Q
ndemirev: it may even propel NS to 6C when it
is right ..♣9.. 3.. 8..♣A..♣5..♣3..♣Q
lestergold: it might propel them when its wrong
to!..♣K..♣8..♣T.. 2.. 4.. 5.. J.. K
¨ ¨
¨ © © © ©
E: Popov
¨ § ¨
§ ¨
#1 E:: 4,7,K,T
#2 W:: Q, 9, 3,8
#3 N:: A,5,3,Q
#4 N:: K,8,T, 2
#5 N:: 4,5,J,K
lestergold: hi Mike from the UK here
lestergold: n?s havwe 5c here
ndemirev: hi again
lestergold: N/S can make 5c but west will make
life difficult no doubt
lestergold: 5dx is only three off for 500 so shows
a profit gainst the vulnerable game
lestergold: Hi Nikolay..p
Walddk3: Hi Mike, Nik and Geoffrey..1 !..2♣
roswolf: hi all..3♣
lestergold: Hi Geoffrey ..3 .. ..p
ndemirev: hi all
lestergold: and hi Rolan..4 !..p
roswolf: this looks a safe level..5♣..p..p..p
lestergold: so N/S have done wellto reach their
game and e/w have not found par with 5d
vugraphb1: hello everybody :) this is the last set
for today... HAVE FUN
- 144 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
o 5♣
c 5♣
this/total IMPs
N 5
N 5
♠ AQ8
Q8 4
♣ AK 9 7 4 2
♠ J10 4 3
N ♠9 7 5 2
10 7 6 5
AK Q6 5 2
J 43
♣8 5
♠K 6
A J 32
♣ J10 6 3
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
¨ § ¨
#1 E:: 4,7,Q,T
#2 W:: A, 2, 3,8
#3 N:: A,5,3,Q
bg: he did not want a spade ace continuation
roswolf: another imp
roswolf: this might be the death knell for japan
b_eymen: 1 nt acmak iyi bu ellerle zon durumu
uygun el fena degil
b_eymen: batˆ‰nˆ‰n eliyle
ovncylmz: ama hava guzel
ovncylmz: onu biliorum
b_eymen: nerde?
ovncylmz: izmirde
vugraphzkg: evet gˆ…zel bir hava var
b_eymen: :)
deniz_t: demek ki acele etmemeliyiz genˆ§ karde
ˆ lerim:)
MolvaM: ve birˆ§ok oyuncu normalde yapmayaca
ˆ ˆ‰ hatalarˆ‰ bu turnuvalarˆ‰n ilerleyen aˆ
amalarˆ‰nda yapabiliyor
ovncylmz: a takimi sadece 4kisiyle oynuyor ve
bence iyi durumda olmalarina ragmen kopmus
- 145 -
eccone : 2NT nin konvansiyon olma ihtimali
eccone: sevgili operatˆ¶r
eccone: ne olcakki ya
MolvaM: "ben kˆ¶tˆ… skorlardan sˆ‰kˆ‰ldˆ‰m
iyi birˆ eyler olsun istiyorum" konvansiyonu
eccone: :)
vugraphzkg: hayˆ‰r natural tamamen
ovncylmz: diger masada KG sikintida galiba,
baksaniza 2nt ye:)
nezihk: pik ataˆ ˆ‰na tedbirli oynmak gerekiyor
tokay1975 : simdiki 4 eldende mutlaka puan
sengulerz: iˆ te tahmin budur
vugraphzkg: :)
ovncylmz: 6 = 5 -3
arigun: biz derken ? :) sadece ikimiz mi :)
eccone: hehe
eccone: 3 4 ♣ 2 as mˆ‰ˆ sorry
tokay1975: 500 olur en az normal defansa 3dia
riyilikci: 3x16 48 bord oynuyoruz
riyilikci: varoˆ lu-zabunoˆ lu 35-6 oldu
exerdar: batˆ‰dan oyun aˆ§ˆ‰lˆ‰rsa zon rahat
sˆ¶yleniyor bu elde
eccone: yapmak icin ♣ bulmasˆ‰ lazˆ‰m
ya devam edilse hayati kaymisti:)
tokay1975: as spi koymadimi
tokay1975: sp donusune
yakop : hakan da X XXX DXX ADJXXX
MolvaM: zafer-irfan ˆ lemleri sˆ¶yleme serisine
devam ediyor
nezihk: salvo bunu yapar
MolvaM: diˆ er masaya hˆ‰zlˆ‰ oyun cezasˆ‰
verilebilir ama
eccone: abi yorum yapˆ‰yoruz oyun oynamˆ‰
yoruz ki..p
ovncylmz: babam diye diyorum:)
MolvaM: :)
riyilikci: 13 nolu bordun idaresi gerˆ§ekten zor
nezihk: potansiye swing
ahollan1: i remember writeup of tartan in New
Zealand or Australian mag from late 60s/early
70s -- so Martin is spot on..1 !..11-15p, 1+!D
mcarroll: the Dutch inching back
vugraphzkg: ˆ¶vˆ…nˆ§ kritik mi:)
tez: son 2
MolvaM: bu tˆ…r maˆ§larˆ‰ faz farkla kaybetmek
insanˆ‰ daha ˆ§ok ˆ…zˆ…yor. bu nedenle belki
¨ ©
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
bˆ¶yle kaybetmek daha makul
wygbe1 : the underdog cardinals made a big
comeback to go ahead with 2 minutes left only to
lose on a last ditch rally by pittsburgh in the u.s.
football super bowl..2♣
chessmaste: This does not look like a thriller unless they overbid
eccone : ne yapacaklarˆ‰nˆ‰ degil nasˆ‰l
olacaklarˆ‰nˆ‰ anlatˆ‰yoruz
tuppermet: bordlar simultane olarak verilemiyor
teknik bir nedenden herhalde
nezihk: 1 terfl mi aˆ§ˆ‰yorsunuz 1 pik mi?
tez: 4 e geldiklerinde t.ozbey kontr diyecek
tez: pasam bisuru seyirci topladik..hasilat iyi:)
MolvaM: polyanna gibi mi konuˆ tum?
tokay1975: 1 sayiyla kaybetmekde cok uzmezmi
paˆ am
yo_yo: but East made a free bid ..p
idblu: the China Women have played flawless to
date....unfortunate 1 bad result so costly
idblu: another slam....
santyclz: Yes, I’m trying to figure a way other
than a full relay system to get there.
mcarroll: And besides they dont have a Santonio
to perform miracles
ovncylmz: bu el kritik
b_eymen: 5♠ nasˆ‰l gitmisler acep
ovncylmz: yakinmisti cunku mac arasinda
MolvaM: haklˆ‰ bence de
eccone: bunuda zon derler heralde
MolvaM: son 2 ele girdik. akˆ am maˆ§ˆ‰nˆ‰n
kimler arasˆ‰nda olacaˆ ˆ‰ belli mi
MolvaM: sayˆ‰n operatˆ¶rˆ…mˆ…z?
ovncylmz: son el altan icin kotu olcak sanki
vugraphzkg : belli deil ama buyuk ihtimalle
Varoslu ile Epsilon Bornova arasˆ‰nda saat 20
30 da
riyilikci: BBO aˆ§ik odada geˆ§ baslanmasini
talep ediyor, biz de buna uyuyoruz
nezihk: kor ataˆ ˆ‰na yanlˆ‰ˆ koyarsa trefl dˆ¶
nˆ…ˆ ˆ… batˆ‰rˆ‰r
riyilikci: bu aˆ§ˆ‰ˆ lara asˆ‰mˆ‰zˆ‰ ˆ§ˆ‰
kmamˆ‰z beklenir ama
riyilikci: kˆ¶r as ˆ§ˆ‰kˆ‰nca sorun kalmˆ‰yor
tez : 2 puan var..oda dam ..ama kozdan 2 el
almayi umit ediyor
MolvaM: :)
tez: 4 dermi ufuk?
tez : 1 sayiyla kaybedince daha cok uzuluyor
insan demek istedi
ahollan1: Muiderberg were introduced somewhere
in scandinavia..3♣
xenya: what happened to 46?
jaapfr: walter is also awake:)
akgun: en guzelidir yorum yapmak:)
yakop: transferi 4 diye alˆ‰r:)
MolvaM: 3pik neymiˆ ?
riyilikci: baˆ lama saati 17:10 tˆ…rkiye saati,
starting 16:10 CET
tez: 3♠=herhangi bir tek..10 12 puan..4lu tutus
tez: 5 imp kapatacak bu elden sonra zabunoglu
tokay1975: :)
shevek: ah well, the penultimate board as Rob
likes to say.....3
athene: even if N-S double E-W in 2♠ here for
470 that just isn’t enough
yo_yo: did the Chinese ladies win this event in
the past?
idblu: thats taking a view
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰nˆ‰ ve turnuva
hakkˆ‰nda her bilgiyi bu linkten takip edebilirsiniz
ovncylmz: 5c barajina denmis
b_eymen: hmm
ovncylmz: kuzeyden simdi gelen 3♠ var yan
b_eymen: riskli
b_eymen: demek cesaret ister cok
ovncylmz: cok riskli
deniz_t: o da doˆ ru eymen sen de haklˆ‰sˆ‰n:)
ovncylmz: ama tabi ki ankara takimi cok daha iyi
oynadi bu macta
riyilikci: aˆ§ik oda 15-16 nolu bordlar ile basliyor
tokay1975: nezih abi mustinin 3diasuna katˆ‰lˆ
eccone: 1100 oluyomus :)
tokay1975: avci spi aldiginda dam h oynasa cl
yerine oynayan boslamak zorunda simdi 5 love
oluyodu defans icin
MolvaM: beni 1 kiˆ i anladˆ‰, o da yanlˆ‰ˆ
bg: 11 tricks here for a push all comes down to
last board.. !
yo_yo: liu didnt even stop to think :)
josj: Pik ist der Feind der Ohne
nezihk: yapˆ‰cˆ‰ eli tarif edebiliyorlar mˆ‰,
yani 2 nt ile 3 d nun farkˆ‰ ne?
tokay1975: 3dia tercih gibidir sanirim
tokay1975: herhangi bi el
riyilikci: evet iki odada da klasik atak geldi, egale
- 146 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
arigun: gecen el’de major fiti varken 3nt daha iyi
idi... bu el’de oyle
nezihk: 800 oldu
MolvaM: kaˆ§ karo desin?
MolvaM: 4?
arigun: 12. boardda Zabunogluna 10 imp geliyor
koksoy: ˆ¶bˆ…r odada 1 karo acˆ‰na 2 pikle
girilmis 2nt pass olmus
tokay1975: sordum
yo_yo: oh well she wouldnt ..p
petergill: Wang Hong Li’s light Precision 1
opening at the other table made game harder to
reach there.
chessmaste: This will clinch it for China
petergill: but a spade switch?
josj: still on time
ovncylmz: hem de vugraphin ilk boarduydu o
diger masada
eccone: estahfurrullah :)
ovncylmz: 2tane kritik zon soylediler ve yaptilar
eccone: oo sˆ…per
MolvaM: bu gece, 80 takˆ‰mˆ‰n 50’si elenecek.
yani son maˆ§lar ˆ§ok kritik
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰nˆ‰ buradan
nezihk: o zaman 2 nt den geˆ§meyi tercih ederim
arigun: +1 olunca 9 olmus
josj: if by N..3
b_eymen: kritik de sen :)
ovncylmz: cok ufak bir istegimiz olsa izmirden?
eccone: 4. den acˆ‰lˆ‰nca 4♠ dememk zor
ahollan1: system and North’s 4-suit overcall
create this swing -- whichever way it goes..p
ahollan1: i’m told Muiderberg comes from The
geller: 4 imps to the Dutch for responding 2♠
rather than 3♠ to a transfer with ♠AKJT KJxx
xxx ♣KQ
xenya: the 4-1
split might kill this?
idblu: 8 solid + another trick = slam
idblu: wd
ovncylmz: heyecanla karisik ozguven desek?
b_eymen: iyi baslamˆ‰slar
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvasyon
- 147 -
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
nezihk: aˆ§ˆ‰k elde kolay gˆ¶rˆ…nen kontrat
oysa ˆ§ok zor olabilirdi, 3-1 kˆ¶r 4-2 trefl ve
kuzeyde as pik
eccone: 1 nt sistem mi ˆ¶vˆ…nc?
MolvaM: az ˆ¶nce de 22 puanlˆ‰ oyuncu tam
hevesle beklerken kendisinden ˆ¶nceki oyuncu
oyunu aˆ§mˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰
ovncylmz: skorlarla ilgili son tur oncesi bir pdf
ya da excel falan hazirlanip konsa?
eccone: batˆ‰nˆ‰n eliyle araya girmeyen?
tokay1975: super atak yapti 5i batirdi
tez : artik tayfun kontr demez..rakibin 5 ya
kacmasindan korkar
koksoy: levent gelinmesi zor bir zon demisti
koksoy: bazen rakip sizi arkadan ittirir
koksoy: sizde kosmaya baslarsˆ‰nˆ‰z :)
MolvaM : benim rakiplerim genellikle ˆ¶nden
ittiriyorlar beni
koksoy: geri geri mi kosuyorsun ?
arigun: biri de arkana comelmis duruyor degil mi
pasam :)
MolvaM: kesin
tokay1975: 2diaya 2h demeyen varmˆ‰ yada
othered1: Now up to north to get a large swing
back, evening thematch...3♠
santyclz : Once again, I’m not sure it can be
santyclz: Great lead.
b_eymen: bˆ¶yle bir rengi varken ♠ oynamaya
calˆ‰smamak lazˆ‰m
b_eymen: hocam siz ne dˆ…sˆ…nˆ…yosunuz?
deniz_t: :)
yakop: DEMˆ ˆ Tˆ M FOTO DA Bˆ TECEK Dˆ
tokay1975: 8li diayu kurtartmˆ‰s defansa 10
cakip rua dia oynasa 500 oluyo rahatca
arigun: kim o ?
nezihk: 9lu karo boˆ oynamasˆ‰ gerekiyor
tez: ben derdim
ahollan1: 1 either denies 4-card Major -- or has
strong hand..p
ovncylmz: 3kore 3sp denmemeli mi?
b_eymen: evet
b_eymen: ortak pik var diyor
ovncylmz : 3karoya dblin karolar oldugunu
dusunmuyorum burda
b_eymen: 1 actˆ‰ zaten pas derdi
ovncylmz: evet
b_eymen: rakip ♣ var derken bu ♠ olur
ovncylmz: mert 10implik bir vurus icin hazirlaniyor
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ovncylmz: 1nt seminer/kamp eksikligi
kabexnuf: :)
eccone: :/
ovncylmz: gercek ama bu:) dunden beri ne 1ntler
gorduk eymencim
eccone: baban ˆ¶fkesini kusuyor batˆ‰ya
eccone: :)
ovncylmz: diil mi?
mustafaozk: 13. board kapalˆ‰ odada deklere
kuzeyden baˆ layˆ‰p 2h aˆ§ˆ‰lˆ‰nca tehlike ge
tuppermet: medium ellerle 13-16 trefli tercih
etmek daha iyi sonuˆ§ veriyor gnlkle
eccone: neyseki bu 4♠ tede sorun yok
yakop: burda sorumluluk almak lazˆ‰mdˆ‰ ve
irfan bunu yaptˆ‰ bu gercekten zor bi iˆ
yakop: allah kolaylˆ‰k vbersin hepsine
MolvaM: seyircilerimizden bu 3♣ e pas yok mu ˆ
eklinde sorular geliyor. hayˆ‰r yok
geller: It’S all Larry’s fault!..5♣
vulkan: katˆ‰lˆ‰yorum
vulkan: 4-4 her zaman faydalˆ‰ deˆ il
b_eymen: simdi 3♠ denilirse pas pas pas gidebilir
MolvaM: seminerde siz siz olun 1nt demeyin mi
MolvaM: :)
kabexnuf: :)
eccone: ahahha
ovncylmz: :)harikaydi
nezihk: 10 nolu bord diˆ er masada ne oynnanˆ‰
nezihk: bilen varmˆ‰
sengulerz: bu maˆ§ˆ‰n sonucunu merak ediyorum
ama takˆ‰m arkadaˆ larˆ‰mˆ‰n yanˆ‰na
gitmem gerekiyor.. kolay gelsin Rahmi.. iyi akˆ
amlar herkese
eccone: aminn
MolvaM: son 2 elden sonra adrenalin baˆ ˆ‰mlˆ
‰sˆ‰ olduk. bu el aˆ§madˆ‰ seyircileri
yo_yo: yes, i am told, but not this team..p
athene : well the 1 ♣ opener makes it easy to
place cards
yo_yo: anyway they are playing fantastically well
shevek: well done girls
athene: only 18 hcp missing
shevek: they did play well
santyclz: The old-fashioned way. Bid what you
think you can make.
petergill: It’s normal to knock out A first, no
reason to play on
josj: sure...
chessmaste: Now North has a chance to shine
josj: N should not duck twice
vulkan : ˆ imdiki gibi uzun renge ˆ§akˆ‰lma
tehliksi de var
b_eymen: evet
b_eymen: woow
ovncylmz: bence su an masada 3 nin anlami
tartisiliyor perdenin iki tarafinda da
nezihk: karo partal olunca batmaz, pik as 3 lˆ…
nezihk: 4 nasˆ‰l olmuˆ
MolvaM: ortak reverse yaptˆ‰ktan sonra zayˆ‰f
elleri gˆ¶stermek iˆ§in birˆ§ok ˆ§ift ˆ§eˆ itlki
konvansiyon oynuyor
MolvaM: ortak tabii ki
koksoy: zabunoglu artˆ‰k finale 3 adˆ‰m
petergill: If North ducks, is there a case to switch
to , with North marked with A, and South
more likely to have longer ♠?..p
eccone: 4♠
riyilikci: 2sp kuzey
nezihk: bu atak yusufun iˆ ini kolaylaˆ tˆ‰rdˆ‰
nezihk: kolankaya puan alacak demekki
tokay1975: daha dogrusu tek sans
tez: 3nt umutsuz
vahaboglu: Q boˆ lanˆ‰rsa
tokay1975: 3h yapiyoruz rakipte 3spe batiyor
b_eymen: ♠ zaten bizim yan renk..p
ovncylmz: wow
ovncylmz: bu 1nt ile ilgili mactan sonra problem
cikacagini dusunuyorum
eccone: onunla kalsa iyi
kabexnuf: :)
eccone: dˆ…n yorulmuslar bes belli
MolvaM: kuzey ortaˆ ˆ‰na yarˆ‰m pik keseri
sordu ama gˆ…ney konuyu ˆ lem araˆ tˆ‰rmasˆ
‰ olarak algˆ‰ladˆ‰
eccone: tekrar sˆ¶ylˆ…yorumvuagraphta oynamak
kolay degil hakkaten
ovncylmz: kenandan ogrendigime gore kuzey
kagitlari kapatip sinirli bir pas gecmis
eccone: hele hee ilk se
mustafaozk: Batˆ‰ oldukˆ§a alttan almadˆ‰ mˆ
‰ bu eli sizce?
tokay1975: spi elden oynamasi 2defa sonrada
3ncude ufak
tez: 2 iceri girecek
arigun: ahmet isler iyi gidiyorken bulasmayayimzon
’da diye dusundu heralde, cok buyuk eli var
xenya: but the ♣A is right, so perhaps it can be
made.. 4
werge: No - he can play for tje 10 of
down - and only loose 3 black tricks
- 148 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
xenya: in theory at least
sharkey: they also had their share of the luck -
but so do good teams
ovncylmz: diger masada oyun bitti
ovncylmz: az sonra oldukca kalabalik olacagiz
ovncylmz: :)
ovncylmz: senkronizasyon problemi oldu diyebiliriz
ovncylmz: hmmm
nezihk: kor as ele pik yere olmalˆ‰ydˆ‰
nezihk: 4 nt sormakta zarar yok, eˆ er aslrˆ‰ ters
serhat: 4s kotu degildi..hatta AK c ve c oynanˆ‰
rsa 4sp olur
9 yok gerci ama yinede derdim
tez: yanda 4lu ♣ oldugu icin..yoksa 5332 ile
jaapfr: was it a low level cuebid 3 ??.. 7
eccone: yarˆ‰n VG 11:00 de baslˆ‰yacak
riyilikci: Zafer ˆ engˆ…lere teˆ ekkˆ…rler
geller: If Furuta gets out with a here EW have
lots of work to do and not many entries.. Q
ralfwil: best is a third round of ♠
shevek : So Japan Open vs China Women in
tomorrow’s final
roswolf: and now
josj: what else, in view of dummy?
roswolf: a spade is unlikely i think
tokay1975: h sp yada cl cˆ‰ksa hic sorun yoktu
vahaboglu: Hakan ˆ‰n 4 su ne idi
ovncylmz : kenan 3karonun anlami ile ilgili
konusmalar oldu mu?.. T
eccone: oyuncularˆ‰n sistemleri hakkˆ‰nda
bilgimiz olmadˆ‰gˆ‰ iciin her eliistenildigi
eccone: ben
vugraphzkg: ok solerim bu istegini ovunc
nezihk: bu da oldu ˆ imdi
tokay1975: bence buyuk risk dememek bi daha
konusamassak zon kacirmis olma ihtimali var bu
elde ceza ufak oldu 5imp
ahollan1: Italian Blue Team had philosphy about
auctions like this --- Double and LEAD TRUMP..
shevek: that’ll be in 13 hours time
athene : wasn’t it Greg Norman who, when
congratulated by a spectator for a "lucky" long
putt, said "it’s funny, the more i practice, the
luckier i get"
yo_yo: shame the times arent good for the UK
b_eymen: q♣
nezihk: batˆ‰ ˆ¶nce pik oynarak kuzeyin antresini
yˆ‰kmasˆ‰ gerekirdi
¨ ¨
- 149 -
ovncylmz: alttan?
tokay1975: zabunogluna 2 imp
MolvaM: batarsa 5 imp olacak ve bu maˆ§ iˆ§in 5
imp aˆ ˆ‰rˆ‰ bˆ…yˆ…k 1 rakam
ahollan1: 1N alerted because MAY hold one or
both 4-card majors..♣2
eccone: istenildigi gibi
yakop: yerde 2 3 puan da cˆ‰kabilirdi
werge: Not best for declarer..... 3
idblu: N played for a 9 trick hand and got it
b_eymen: wd
mustafaozk: underbid anlamˆ‰nda
mustafaozk: :9
tez: 4 cok iyi kontrat..sanssiz
MolvaM: 14 imp yˆ‰lankˆ‰rana geliyor bu elde
wygbe1: mini splinter showing values for a raise
to 3s, with stiff d.. 8
MolvaM: 12 implik bir el haline geldi bu el
ovncylmz: ortagim 1nt dediginde ben de heyecanlanirim
gibime geliyor
eccone: heyecanlanˆ‰pp ne yapardˆ‰n?
mustafaozk: :)
tokay1975: otursa yapamazdi
ovncylmz: :) yok anladim tabi ki de..♣A
roswolf: well that settles it..♣5
ovncylmz: ama 4karoya 5karo diyebilirdim:)
nezihk: evet onun iˆ§in 9 lu dedim
b_eymen: 3 ikisinede fit var heralde..♣3
MolvaM: evet son maˆ§lar ˆ¶ncesi skorlarˆ‰ gˆ¶
rmek isteriz
vahaboglu: Zafer
Q ˆ‰ ˆ¶rtse iyi idi
petergill: Ino, who won the World Senior Teams
in Beijing last year, is in another gripping Final
right now..♣Q
ovncylmz: ya ben cidden anlamadim hicbir sey
su anda
ovncylmz: harika olur:)
ralfwil : and now E can see that 10 must be
xenya: he will make it now i think
xenya: the actual distribution seems to be about
the only one that allows to make, and he will
figure it out
ralfwil: and that is 10xx in
xenya: yes
xenya: but there seeems to be no other chance
geller: but can’t Chen keep ♠ and ♣a and win
the last two tricks?
mcarroll: yes the 9 looked like an unlikely
winner - can it be a beer card game?
ralfwil: there is another too, that S has ♣ AQJx
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
xenya: close your eyes, cash 4
¨s and take a ♣
geller: that’s right. no other chance.
athene: i am told it was gary player not greg
norman..but the same thing applies to bridge
athene: if a team is playing really well they often
look lucky
athene: because they take maximum advantage
of any good fortunate they get
petergill: One board to go.
chessmaste : Once the heart held declarer
should probably have played a diamond - still she
can smile now
b_eymen: kuzeyin as girmesi laazˆ‰m tabi
vulkan: G de K de tempoda 1er kez atladˆ‰lar
tokay1975: :)
o 4
c 4
this/total IMPs
W 5
W 5
♠Q 3
Q10 9 7 2
♣ A10 7 3
N ♠ A10 9 8
K J10 9 6
♣K Q
♣8 6 2
♠K 6 5 4
K J53
N: Nanev
S: Mihov
W: Andonov
#1 N::
#3 E::
#5 E::
#7 W::
#9 W::
E: Popov
#2 W::
#4 W::
#6 N::
#8 E::
lestergold: 4h on for e/w..1N..p
ndemirev: e-w would definately need that looking
at the score so they might have as well tried..2♣
..p..2 ..p
lestergold: only 22 points combined but cant
stop 11 tricks..4 ..p..p..p
vugraphb1: another good sacrifice missed
ndemirev: here?
lestergold: only 2 off in 5 dims yes but had to get
into auction
vugraphb1: 5 is 500 on best defense
lestergold: mind u e/w can bid and make 5h
lestergold: i think this is likely to be flat i cant
see the entry opportunity into the auction for n/s..
T.. 4.. 3.. A.. 6
roswolf: true mike.. 2.. 9.. 5.. 6.. 5.. A..
4.. 2.. Q.. K
lestergold: eliminates and guarantees only one
spade lsoe wherever the honours lie.. J..♣2..♣
¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨
¨ © ¨ © © ©
© © © ©
- 150 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
¨ ¨ © ¨
4..♣K..♣A..♣3..♣6..♣J..♣Q.. 8.. 9.. T..
K..♣8..♣5.. 3..♣7..♠2
o 4
c 4
this/total IMPs
W 5
W 5
♠Q 3
Q10 9 7 2
♣ A10 7 3
N ♠ A10 9 8
K J10 9 6
♣K Q
♣8 6 2
♠K 6 5 4
K J53
W: V.Aronov
N: S.Skorchev
E: J.Stefanov
S: B.Popov
#1 N::
#3 E::
#5 W::
#7 N::
#2 W:: 2,4,K,5
#4 W:: Q,3,2,4
#6 E:: 6,5,K,A
yo_yo : i prefer the one "how do you avoid
making bad plays?"
athene: 6♠ here on very few hcp
ahollan1: right fred -- they cover the meaning of
1M response, but not really 1 possibilities
roswolf: We are now on the last board of the set.
Thanks to our very efficient operator, Hiroaki
Miura. Great Job! Many thanks and our appreciation
to the JCBL and Akito Omasa for allowing ...
roswolf: us to broadcast from this event. Also
thanks to NEC for their generous sponsorship.
Thanks too to my very learned fellow commentators
Mark, Kath, and Jos for their wit and ...
roswolf: perceptive comments and to our specs
whose contributions keep us on our toes!
petergill: Japan need a miracle.
b_eymen: herkese iyi gˆ…nler
vulkan: G daha hatalˆ‰, kuzey alˆ‰cˆ‰ kozla ˆ
§akaya aˆ§ˆ‰lmazdˆ‰
vulkan: hoˆ ˆ§a kalˆ‰n
b_eymen: hocam :)
- 151 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
ovncylmz: ozellikle 2.doubleda kesin belliydi
vahaboglu: masada ben olacaˆ ˆ‰m da hˆ‰zlˆ
‰ oynanacak
serhat: tesekkurler herkese..
fabsayc: is this 48 or 64 board match?..4
bg: S is saying your kidding me!
fabsayc: needs to bid 8NT :)
xenya: 46 shown as a push
petergill: In the Worldl Championship last year,
with one board to go China Women trailed 212 223. They gained 10 imps on the last board to
lose by one
b_eymen: 3 3♠ mecbur degilken demesi aynˆ
‰ sey
MolvaM: bu ilginˆ§ 1 el
riyilikci: 1/16 maˆ§larˆ‰ 20:30’da
yakop: batsaydˆ‰ suˆ§lu hissedecekti kendini
MolvaM: bu masadaki son bordu oynuyoruz
vahaboglu: 4♣ belki as aorusu olurdu
werge: Had 1 ♠ not promised 5-card?..p
jaapfr: last board of this very fine session
petergill: Had the vulnerability been different,
they would have gained 12 imps to win by one
vulkan: pardon son bord
nafiz : son el, baˆ ta VG operatˆ¶rˆ…mˆ…ze,
yorumculara ve herkese BBO adˆ‰na teˆ ekkˆ…r
MolvaM: yarˆ‰final 2. devre saat 17:10da
MolvaM: oyunculara ve yorumcularˆ‰mˆ‰za ve
seyircilerimize ˆ§ok teˆ ekkˆ…r ederiz
vugraphzkg: diger tur 20:30 da basliyor
tokay1975: tesekkurler
shevek: 2 , right......p
Walddk4: Last board of the match now. Many
thanks again to our (unknown) operator in Yokohama.
Fine job!
othered1: These have been exciting matches,
with lots of good play
yo_yo: this will make up for it
yo_yo: good money prizes
ovncylmz: evet
eccone: operatˆ¶rˆ…mˆ…z oralardamˆ‰ acep?
MolvaM: gˆ…nay pas geˆ§iyor kontr diyen olursa
kaˆ§arˆ‰m diye
MolvaM: kuzeyin 3ntsine katˆ‰lˆ‰yor musunuz
ovncylmz: tesekkurler herkese
eccone: 7 7 NT 7 ama cok zorrr
yakop: ikisi aynˆ‰ anda oynanamaz
tokay1975: 3dia xlide 7li dia ile cakmasi cok
pahaliya maloldu bati 8li tekle uste cakip ortagˆ
‰nˆ‰n 6lisine bi sp kupu daha verdi 500 yerine
1100 8 yerine 14 imp
vugraphzkf: slm herkese izmirden sevgiler
ovncylmz: 4sp denmesi taraftariyim genc ruhumla:)
MolvaM: o pardon ters bakmˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰m
ovncylmz: son boardumuz bu gece icin
riyilikci: yarˆ‰n 11:00 de gˆ¶rˆ…ˆ mek ˆ…zere
ovncylmz: bu masada 2-3 hafif enteresan board
disinda pek bir sey olmadi
yakop: ama kimse irfana niye 4 dedin diyemez
problem oyuncunun kendisinde
nezihk: herhalde as sordu ki 5 cl dedi
arigun: normalde 3♣ epass demez cue bid ederdi
tanidigim kadariyla, ondan sonra zon derlermi
bilmem ama 5 ♣ sansli kayip sadece 5 imp
MolvaM: son borda geldik
MolvaM: son el
MolvaM: bu masadaki son ele geldik.
MolvaM: ˆ ampiyonayˆ‰ bir ˆ lem ile kapatˆ‰
MolvaM: ˆ lemler ˆ ampiyonasˆ‰ da diyebiliriz
santyclz: And on the final board of the set, we
have a 1 imp match...1
fabsayc: 13 top tricks, who will bid it
bg: 7nt to finish up:))
xenya: he seems to have been playing for that
yo_yo: answer " by experience"
yo_yo: and how do you get experience?
chessmaste: This is not it
ovncylmz: diger masa sonucta daha etkili gozuktu,
guzel macti, herkese tesekkurler
MolvaM: bu devrenin son eline geldik. tˆ…m yarˆ
‰ˆ macˆ‰, yorumcu ve seyircilerimize teˆ ekkˆ
…r ediyoruz
MolvaM: tˆ…m yorumculara, oyunculara teˆ ekkˆ
MolvaM: deˆ erli gˆ¶rˆ…ˆ leri iˆ§in tˆ…m seyircilere
ˆ¶zel teˆ ekkˆ…rler
tez: tesekkurler..birazdan gorusuruz
yo_yo: answer: from making bad plays"..p
roswolf: indeed
eccone: 11 19 5+
yakop : ˆ unu belirecem sadece sisteminiz ne
olursa olsun cok kuvvetli ve kuvvetli elleri ayˆ‰
rmanˆ‰z lazˆ‰m
murat: aˆ§ˆ‰k odadan geldik, selam herkese :)
tweety1: slm:)
exerdar: slm:)
yakop: bence aliyle boyle bi sekans oynamaz
MolvaM: tˆ…m yorumcularˆ‰mˆ‰za ve bu maˆ
§ˆ‰ seyreden seyircilerimize ˆ§ok teˆ ekkˆ…r
- 152 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
MolvaM: 3. devre 17.10 da
fahir: ˆ zmirden bu kadar, 4-5 nisan istanbul 2li
de gˆ¶rˆ…ˆ mek ˆ…zere
santyclz: 32 I believe...p
idblu: lots of inferences there not discussed when
1 bid
santyclz: This is the last bd of this session. The
next is sched to start in about 8 min 11 sec. It
may be a little late.
b_eymen: 3
dbl 3 3♠
MolvaM: yoksa kontr?
eccone: 3 dbl
MolvaM: pas?
dadim: 3nt
ovncylmz: ben katilmiyorum
nezihk: 3 D ve pass olacak
arigun: bence 3 diyecek
nezihk: diye dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yorum, yoksa 3 nt mi
riyilikci: Teˆ ekkˆ…rler Nezih Kubaˆ§, Mustafa
Tokay, ˆ vˆ…nˆ§ Yˆ‰lmaz, Koray Gˆ…lcˆ… ve
ˆ rfan Ilˆ ˆ‰n
yakop: en agˆ‰r durum bu bence
MolvaM: tˆ…m yorumcularˆ‰mˆ‰za, seyircilerimize
ve bu yayˆ‰nˆ‰ saˆ layan tˆ…rkiye briˆ§
federasyonu na teˆ ekkˆ…r ediyoruz
MolvaM: ve tabii ki BBO’ya :)
MolvaM: ˆ¶nˆ…mˆ…zdeki diˆ er ˆ¶nemli turnuvalar
ˆ‰n da vugraf yayˆ‰nlarˆ‰nˆ‰ bekliyoruz
nezihk: zabunoˆ lu takˆ‰mˆ‰nˆ‰ tebrik edelim,
kalan ellerde fark kapanacak gibi deˆ il
MolvaM: son devre saat 2030 da herkesi bekliyoruz
ahollan1: Precision 2♣ something like 11-15
HCP, 6+♣ or 5♣ + 4card major [some pairs say
ALWAYS 6+♣].. T
shevek: lead directing
b_eymen : bi sonraki seans ne zaman sevgili
vugraphzkg: 17 10 da
b_eymen: teˆ ekkˆ…rler
vugraphzkg: diyarbakˆ‰r diski ve ˆ zmir beyaz
ovncylmz: burda merte yine bir seyler kaldi
ovncylmz: uyandirir mi acaba?
b_eymen: kesin
ovncylmz: yemek oncesi boardlari:)
b_eymen: uyandˆ‰rmalˆ‰
eccone: iyi kontrat
eccone: herkese iyi akˆ amlar
vugraphzkg: 2 aˆ§ar el 6+ kˆ¶r
nezihk: 2 sp yaparak 7 puan kazanˆ‰r 30-29
burdur kazanˆ‰r
- 153 -
nezihk: karˆ‰ˆ ˆ‰k bir el , agale olabilir
riyilikci: bu odanin son bordu, aˆ§ik odada 4 bord
daha var, gelecek maˆ§ 14:30,
tokay1975: musti neler dusunuyodur simdi
exerdar: diˆ er masada anlaˆ mazlˆ‰k olmuˆ
gibi declerasyonda
tez: tesekkurler
ogoksel: Emeˆ i geˆ§en herkese ’ellerine saˆ lˆ‰
idblu: are there late penalties for slow play?.. 4
ahollan1: Big ♣, Neg
-- rest is natural
idblu: last hand for this session....thanks all for is past the witching hour here and bed
is looking very inviting...
wygbe1: could have made an early spade play to
make i think - 4s, 2c, 2h and a d
jaapfr: especially for the ladies and their supporters
ovncylmz: isparta 1.oldugu ve macta problem
cikmadigi icin gereksiz agresifliklerden kacindi
mustafaozk: evet teˆ ekkˆ…r ederiz
ovncylmz : oyle desek iyidir, bu boardlarda
bricten cok taktikler on plana cikiyor karar
mustafaozk: ben bir cˆ…mle daha ekliycem
mustafaozk: Baˆ arˆ‰lar Isparta diyeceˆ im mˆ
vugraphzkg: maˆ§ sonuˆ§larˆ‰ ve butler sˆ‰
ralamasˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
riyilikci: Yorumcularimiz Nezih Kubaˆ§ ve Mete
Toppare’ye tesekkurler,
nezihk: iyi akˆ amlar, iyi kandiller
ovncylmz: evet hoscakalin:)
tokay1975: bence buyuk erˆ¶r bu seviyede
eccone: 3♣ oynanˆ‰yo 3 nt bordu
riyilikci: Ege Palas’tan herkese merhaba
yakop: bu elde naturel konusma kazanˆ‰yo
yakop: ekinci iˆ§in 7 demek artˆ‰k ˆ§ok kolay
eccone: 6 oynansa yetiyor
eccone: 6 tabi
yakop: 4pik
riyilikci: 1/8 maˆ§larˆ‰ Ege Palas’ta 17:10’da ba
ˆ lˆ‰yor, saha ve hava koˆ ullarˆ‰, internet baˆ
lantˆ‰sˆ‰ mˆ…sait
eccone: ˆ lem oynamak yetiyo wd burdur takˆ‰
riyilikci: Yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran-Zabunoˆ lu maˆ§ˆ‰ 2352 ilk devre skoru
xenya: true Hans, i forgot.. K
petergill: ref
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
/WBNews/WBFNews09.pdf Feb 2009 edition for
their 1 imp loss story
petergill: Have to dbl to have a chance
vulkan : tref ataˆ ˆ‰na 1 batar defans lˆ¶ve
atagˆ‰na 90
vugraphzkg: diski takˆ‰mˆ‰ diyarbakˆ‰rˆ‰n
en guclu takˆ‰mˆ‰ izmir beyazda ise Salvador
ve Nafiz cifti var
vulkan: evet atak Ddan
ovncylmz: :)
ovncylmz: Kuzey ortagina el yazmaya basladi mi:)
yo_yo: well done again to the Chinese "sheilas"..
Walddk4: Also thanks to our excellent commentators:
Nicoleta, William, Carl and Kath
athene: west knows his trump holding is doomed
othered1: This can really be punished, if west
had allowed it.
roswolf: north needs to axe
vugraphzkg: takˆ‰m kadrolarˆ‰ ve konvansyon
kartlarˆ‰ iˆ§in bu linkten yararlanabilirsiniz
nezihk: toros ne dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…yor acaba
nezihk: 4 as olsa yusuf 7 demezmiydi
riyilikci: TBF sitesine girip KIS dˆ¶rtlˆ… sayfasini
tiklarsaniz turnuva ile ilgili her seyi bulabilirsiniz.
Maˆ§larin skor kagitlari, eller ve butler siralamasi
iˆ§in ilgili linki tiklayiniz
yakop: artˆ‰k grand ˆ ilem kolay
eccone: 3!ˆ'c oynanˆ‰yop 3 nt bordu
eccone: 3♣
yakop: tabi yaratmazssa:)
eccone: Q ihtiyac var ne olursa olsun
nezihk: ˆ imdi 2 sp
fabsayc: not sure what is happening here, was 4
ace asking?.. 2
bg: I am old school 1nt-4clubs-4hearts-7nt good
luck pard
fabsayc: can’t bid that way on BBO
bg: goes faster we are not paid by the hour
brgpro: what time is the next session?
fabsayc: it appears koneru mystified by 4♠
athene: normally with QJ tight you hope declarer
plays restricted choice
mcarroll: So looks like an exciting last session
coming up
petergill: China win. Congratulations - well done.
roswolf : Congratulations to the winners Sun
Ming, Wang Hongli, Wang Wenfei, Liu Yiqian,
Yan Ru, Dong Yongling,
nezihk: ˆ imdi iˆ deˆ iˆ ti
arigun : 3 ya pass derse birsey olmaz diye
tokay1975 : seti dusundu sanirim 7de cl pasi
gecmedi bi kac el daha kˆ‰rˆ‰k dagilimlar vardi
murat: 3pik 55 18+ kˆ‰sa tref olarak alert edildi
emre tarafˆ‰ndan
caitlin: with misfit in clubs........ 4
othered1: this = 4♣
santyclz: Thanks Fred. Thanks to our excellent
vg oper!
ovncylmz: kadirlinin durumu da kritik galbia
yakop: yarattˆ‰:)
tokay1975: buda bi ters gidiyo
tez: 2 ya 2 demeyi tercih ederdim
MolvaM: diˆ er masanˆ‰n daha 3-4 bordu var. bu
taraf bitince diˆ er tarafa bekleriz
tez: yorumculuga son devredede adayim..cok
seyirci baskisi var gerci..sen yorumcu olma diye
fabsayc: hey, 7NT redoubled is enough :).. K
Walddk4: Finally, thanks to NEC for sponsoring
the event, and our appreciation to the JCBL for
bringing this prestigious tournament to BBO
vugraph. Akito Omasa has been instrumental in ...
Walddk4: setting up a fine show
ahollan1: who would you charge for lateness?
NS during auction or EW during play of unlucky
othered1: Was it equal until that board?
santyclz: Thanks to all of you for joining us.
riyilikci: kuˆ adasˆ‰ iˆ§in 5 yada 6 imp daha
ovncylmz: 3♠ davet
riyilikci: Yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran, Varoˆ lu, Bodrum, J. Y
ˆ‰lankˆ‰ran, ˆ zmir Bˆ B, Zabunoˆ lu ˆ§eyrek
MolvaM: saat 1710 da diˆ er final maˆ§ˆ‰ verilecek
koksoy: 1 batarsa 1imp ile zabunoglu
recepkoken: Tebrikler bˆ…yˆ…kˆ ehir
vulkan: ˆ imdi +120.. 5
vulkan: iyi akˆ amlar herkese
b_eymen: iyi aksamlar
vulkan: slmlar
ovncylmz: Herkese selamlar
ovncylmz: Izmir’den Turkiye Kis Dortlu Finalleri
ovncylmz: demek gerektigini dusunuyorum ama
tokay1975: belki o yuzden 3h demedi
riyilikci: kˆ¶r ˆ§ˆ‰kˆ‰nca 6
yakop : son verilen 10 imp ufuk la tayfunun
- 154 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
yakop: ˆ anssˆ‰zlˆ‰k gercekten
exerdar: faruk atlamˆ‰ˆ tˆ‰r o zaman, yoksa 7
dˆ…ˆ ˆ…nˆ…rdˆ… hemen:)
tez: ortakta sigan bile olsa oynar koz kalitesi
tez: artik 4 u bulmalari zor
arigun: operatorumuz sevgili Taner’e, degerli
yorumcularimiza siz seyircilerimize bizlere
katlandiginiz icin, TBF’ye bu imkani bize sundugu
icin son olarakda tum BBO ilgililerine basta ...
arigun: Roland Wald olarak cok tesekkur ediyoruz
athene: but after 1nt she will never play you for
the singleton.. J
othered1: 32 boards in quarter and semifinals,
the 64 in finals...♠5
caitlin: next session starts very soon after this
ahollan1: confirmed Ed’s claim -- 2-16 board
sets in QF & SF
othered1: That was a statement, not a claim :)
caitlin: Thanks to Ed Joe Martin Al organizers of
NEC and of course Roland and BBO for following
this event on vugraph
idblu : I was thinking that...that hand was an much to gain or lose
ahollan1: we were equal or a little ahead of other
room until then
xenya: 2 is definitely better here
MolvaM: yani zabunoˆ lu yˆ‰lankˆ‰ran maˆ§ˆ
mcarroll: Hard to see 9 tricks - despite the extra
on lead?.. A
ovncylmz: :)
MolvaM: 4 pik varsa iyi ama 4 pik yoksa 3ntyi ka
ˆ§ˆ‰rˆ‰yorsunuz kontr diyerek
MolvaM: ben 3nt ye katˆ‰lˆ‰yorum
ovncylmz: almanlar bunlarla uzun sure dusunup
kontur atiyorlar:)
MolvaM: sonra da mahkemeye dˆ…ˆ ˆ…yorlar
ama :)
ovncylmz: QXX olunca da dusunup dusunup 3nt
ovncylmz: :)
eccone: karonun Kx olmasˆ‰ hos degil
tokay1975: birde valentino
riyilikci: bu henˆ…z resmileˆ memiˆ sonuˆ§lar,
tokay1975: burak var o takˆ‰mda ceyrek finale
kalmamasi imkansiz
eccone: :)
eccone: ˆ¶hm
eccone: deme ˆ¶le seyler
tweety1: Gazzilli oynuyorlardˆ‰ sanˆ‰rˆ‰m
- 155 -
Emre ile Kepekˆ§i
vahaboglu: 4 =kickback olabilir
MolvaM: bir kopukluk oldu hoˆ geldiniz
vahaboglu: Nezihin dediˆ i gibi
caitlin: and always thanks to specs for comments,
input.. Q
josj: goes -2 for 500 and 11 imps - 1 imp left :)
josj: if axed
roswolf : Commiserations to the runners up
Kazuo Furuta, Chen Dawei, Masayuki Ino,
Tadashi Imakura, Tadashi Teramoto, Masaaki
ovncylmz: Yarin gorusmek uzere, herkese iyi
riyilikci: 6 imp
riyilikci: ayrˆ‰ntˆ‰lˆ‰ bilgi
daha sonra devamˆ‰nˆ‰ okuyu tˆ‰klayˆ‰n
exerdar: kˆ¶r saˆ lanmˆ‰yor trefe doˆ ru karar
vermesi lazˆ‰m
murat: junior bu tur tutuk oynadˆ‰.. umarˆ‰m ˆ
§abuk silkelenirler
yakop: trefe dogru karar verse ne olur:)
yakop: erdi yapamaz buba dedi bence de:)
0 green: 4-0
exerdar: koz 4-0 problmlimiˆ
nezihk: 4 yapacak
tez: du bakali nolcek:)
ahollan1: and great silent contributors PO Sundelin
and Walter Johnson!..♣Q
caitlin: indeed:)
fabsayc: next :(
ovncylmz: koz atagi gerekirdi sanki
arigun: bu devrenin son eli, izleyicilerimize,
yorumcularimiza ve operatorumuze cok tesekkur
riyilikci: Next Match 16:10 CET
tokay1975: ozgur 5h xlide dia asi aldiginda h
empas yerine cl cevirip 3 batmˆ‰s wd
idblu: it will be over when we get up tomorrow...may
the best team prevail. It’s been very exciting
bridge :)..♣3
jaapfr: tx jim vlad martin and operator for fine
job and tx specs for watching and next session in
.... minutes
tez : desteksiz onoru atak etmek ya tek yada
singleton bizim oralarda
athene: thanks all, fun match here..♣2
athene: the Chinese ladies are looking tough to
idblu: I would give benefit of the doubt
MolvaM: son maˆ§lar yemek arasˆ‰ndan sonra
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
20:30da baˆ layacak
eccone: ama 3 nt ankette dbl dan daha fazla not
alabilir ve alˆ‰r
tuppermet: 14 sayˆ‰ ekˆ i ye
nezihk: iyi seyirler
Walddk4 : We will be back in Yokohama in
exactly 13 hours. Welcome back then..♣4.. 8
ahollan1: i’m told "it took W over 10 mins to
play 1 card"
yo_yo: well done Chinese ladies!
ovncylmz: 10lu kup iyi miydi?
eccone: ama ben dbl derdim
tokay1975: tesekkurler
arigun: bundan sonraki devre 17:10 da baslayacak
MolvaM: tebrikler zabunoˆ lu takˆ‰mˆ‰
tokay1975: 29 imp icin bende ole dusunuyorum
yeterince el var ve frekans biraz yukselirse cok
29lar havada ucusur kapanmaz ir fark diil
tokay1975: ama zorlunun son 400metresi muthistir
bunuda unutmuyorum
tokay1975: cok kaliteli final oluyor bence elbette
elestiri yapiliyor ama genel seviye cok cok iyi
tokay1975: neden finalde olmadigimi simdi daha
iyi anladim
tokay1975: :)
MolvaM: operatˆ¶rˆ…mˆ…ze ve yorumcularˆ‰m
ˆ‰za ve seyircilerimize ˆ§ok teˆ ekkˆ…r ediyoruz..
serhat : yarˆ‰na segman kaliyormu? yoksa
bugun yarˆ‰ finaller bitecekmi?
MolvaM: yarˆ‰n final
fabsayc: this looks like a kelsey hand.. 6
ovncylmz: tesekkurler herkese:)
eccone: Teˆ ekkˆ…rler herkese
MolvaM: 241 kiˆ i karda kˆ‰ˆ ta gelip bizi mutlu
ettiniz :)
ovncylmz: :)ty bboooo
ovncylmz: bu sene grup maclarinin verilmesi cok
guzel oldu cidden
ovncylmz: sadece finaller yetmiyordu
fahir: 4 yˆ‰ldˆ‰r bu ˆ ampiyonaya ev sahipliˆ i
yapan ˆ zmir Bˆ…yˆ…kˆ ehir Belediyesi ve Baˆ
kan Aziz Kocaoˆ luna federasyon olarak teˆ ekkˆ
…r ediyoruz
akgun: iyi geceler herkese.. 3
deniz_t: iyi geceler ˆ¶vˆ…nˆ§
vugraphzkg : yorumculara ve seyircilere cok
tessekurler 20 30 da sorusmek uzere byeeeee
vugraphzkg: gorusmek
vugraphzkg: :)
koksoy: yaparsa 6 imp
eccone: evet..♣6
vahaboglu: Kickback=RKCB varyantˆ‰, belli
olan kozun bir ˆ…stˆ… ile 4 seviyesinde as
MolvaM: ve 3.lˆ…k
idblu: but it went quickly after that..♣5
santyclz: Next session is in about 1.5 hrs. I hope
you enjoy it.
xenya: but 1N also makes, especially on this
xenya: with a few overtricks
xenya: thanks everyone
mcarroll: which they now need as a big lead has
evaporated and they trail by 10 imps
xenya: note that s are still intact...
ogoksel: Yorumlarˆ‰mˆ‰za katlanan tˆ…m
seyircilerimize ˆ§ok teˆ ekkˆ…r.Son devrede gˆ¶r
ˆ…ˆ mek ˆ…zere
xenya: well a
finesse might do the job?..♣K
mcarroll: Yes the spots have grown
koksoy: tebrikler zabunoglu
MolvaM: gollˆ… 1 maˆ§ izledik
koksoy: herkese bize katlandˆ‰gˆ‰nˆ‰z icin
MolvaM: diˆ er maˆ§tan bilgi alabilirsek memnun
tez: herkese tesekkurler
yo_yo: a formidable team indeed..♣A
MolvaM: son bordumuz
MolvaM: artˆ‰k sen daha bilge bir briˆ§ˆ§isin
tokay :)
ahollan1: busted!..♠Q
ahollan1: which reminds me of a quote from
none other than THE Hideous Hog -- you’re
going to play the wrong card -- so play it quickly
deniz_t: ssana da iyi geceler reha arkadaˆ ˆ‰m
deniz_t: vede herkese iyi geceler gˆ¶rˆ…ˆ mek ˆ
ozgull: izmir ˆ§ok ˆ¶nde
sharkey: yes - they could have beat anybody
MolvaM: 1 sonraki maˆ§ saat 17:10 da
- 156 -
Bulgarian National Teams Championship(Final - Segment 3_5)
- 157 -

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