Belgesel ve Kısa metrajlı filmler kataloğunu indir


Belgesel ve Kısa metrajlı filmler kataloğunu indir
turkey 2014, 6’, animation, colour, b&w
director-script Necmi Deniz Akıncı
animation Necmi Deniz Akıncı
editing Necmi Deniz Akıncı
music Yiğit Yeşillik
cast Buğra Alkıroğlu, Ahmet Melih Yılmaz
production-distribution Punctumcp, Necmi Deniz Akıncı,
Cumhuriyet Cad. Prof. Dr Celal Öker Sok. 3/3 Harbiye Istanbul
T +90 536 389 7475 [email protected]
A world ruled by virtual bosses who are no less slaves to the system than their minions. Our hero is one of
the minions, used as an instrument of political assassinations, but he manages to break away from others like
him. Hitting on a realization, he sets out to break a link in the chain that makes up the system.
Necmi Deniz Akıncı (Istanbul, 1990) graduated from technical high school, then studied Graphic Design
at Bilkent University. Since graduating in 2013, he has been working in the design and animation field in
ağrı and the mountain ağrı ve dağ
turkey 2013, 14’, fiction, colour
director Hasan Serin
script Hasan Serin
cinematography Umut Can Sevindik
editing Hasan Serin
cast Şevval Sarıhan, Hatun Arıkboğa, Emir Arıkboğa
production-distribution Filmada, Armağan Lale, Caferağa Mah.
Tellalzade Sok. 25/2 Kadıköy 34710 Istanbul
T +90 532 676 7903 [email protected] |
A small village at the foot of Mount Ararat. It’s winter. A little girl aged nine, wakes up in the morning. A
glimpse of a day in her life in the village.
Hasan Serin (Bingöl) studied Radio, TV & Cinema at Yeditepe University. He has directed several successful
shorts. He is currently working on his first feature film.
aunty teyze
turkey 2013, 6’, animation, colour
director-script Fulya Tokaoğlu
animation Fulya Tokaoğlu
editing Fulya Tokaoğlu
music Mustafa Şahin
production-distribution Canlandıranlar Association, Berat
İlk, Santral İstanbul, Eski Silahtarağa Elektrik Santrali, Kazım
Karabekir Cad. 2/6 Eyüp 34060 Istanbul
T +90 537 614 7077 [email protected]
An old lady in a swimsuit must prove to herself that she can use the diving board to get into the pool.
Fulya Tokaoğlu completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation at Anadolu University. She has contributed
professionally to various animation projects. She works as a character and background design artist.
turkey 2014, 23’, fiction, colour
director Emre Yeksan
script Emre Yeksan, Ahmet Büke
cinematography Emre Yeksan
editing Selda Taşkın
cast Ozan Bilen, Sercan Yamaner, Atilla Ertörer
production-distribution YXN Film, Emre Yeksan, Arayıcıbaşı
Sok. 24/6 34373 Istanbul
T +90 532 564 2498 [email protected]
Two men kill time in an urban park on Sunday, their day off from military service, awaiting the hour to return
to barracks.
Emre Yeksan has worked as a producer with directors Semih Kaplanoğlu, Kamen Kalev and Hüseyin Karabey.
He is currently working on The Gulf, his first feature as a director.
backward run tornistan
turkey 2013, 4’, animation, colour
director-script Ayce Kartal
animation Ayce Kartal
editing Ayce Kartal
production-distribution Les Valseurs, 40 rue Bouret 75019 Paris
France T +33 1 7238 0829 [email protected]
awards Best Animation Istanbul Special Jury Award Antalya
Best Animation Adana
A self-censored film commenting on press censorship of the Gezi Park protests, which took place in Turkey
between May-July 2013.
Ayce Kartal graduated from the Animation Department of Anadolu University. Between 2000-2004 he
worked as a Research Assistant and earned an MFA from the same department. After completing the Time
Based Arts Pre-PhD program at UNSW Sydney, he won a scholarship to study Film Directing at the New York
Film Academy and graduated in 2009. As an award-winning director, he has had his work screened at many
national and international film festivals.
turkey 2013, 11’, fiction, colour
director-script-editing Can Evrenol
cinematography Alp Korfalı
music Volkan Akaalp
cast Görkem Kasal, Remzi Pamukçu, Aydın Orak
production-distribution Mehmet Cemal Toz, Serhat Cinisli,
Can Evrenol, Mühürdar Cad. Ak Apt. 109/10 Moda Kadıköy
Istanbul T +90 535 564 5924
[email protected] |
Four cops go to hell.
Can Evrenol (Istanbul, 1982) graduated from the University of Kent with joint honors degree in Art History
and Film Studies. He plans to start shooting Baskın (working title), his first feature film, in late 2014.
a cup of turkish coffee bir fincan türk kahvesi
turkey, france 2013, 7’50”, animation, colour
director Dağhan Celayir, Nazlı Eda Noyan
script Nazlı Eda Noyan
cinematography Antoine Maillère, Raphaëlle Forêt
editing Sébastien Hivert
music Ozan Baysal
production-distribution JPL Films, Jean-Pierre Lemouland, 31,
Avenue Chardonnet 35000 Rennes France
T +33 2 9953 1698 [email protected]
One cup of Turkish coffee is worth a lifetime of memories: intense, bitter and penetrating to the core.
Dağhan Celayir studied Visual Arts and earned an MA degree in Film Production in Istanbul. His shorts,
Rebellion of the Machines and The Man Who Never Leaves the Island, won several awards. With his short
film, The One Note Man (2008), he picked up 18 prizes. Nazlı Eda Noyan (Izmir, 1974) obtained BA and MFA
degrees in graphic design from Dokuz Eylül, Bilkent and Florida Universities. She earned a PhD from Istanbul
Technical University, writing her thesis on film title design in Turkish cinema. She has been working as a
freelance illustrator, designer and writer for an assortment of books and magazines.
fly sinek
turkey 2013, 6’, experimental, colour, b&w
director Mustafa Karadağ
script Mustafa Karadağ
editing Mustafa Karadağ, İrem Güngez
music Sír
cast Sude Meriç Kolozina, Rüçhan Eylül Ercan, Hür Diren
Bankoğlu, Sedef Gökçe, Mustafa Karadağ
production-distribution Mustafa Karadağ, İrem sok. 10/4 34770
Ümraniye Istanbul T +90 539 620 6161 [email protected]
The search of a delusional man who thinks he is a fly.
Mustafa Karadağ (Istanbul, 1993) began studying Archeology at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2011,
but transferred to the Modern Dance Program at the State Conservatory of the same university in 2013. He
is currently doing research on movement.
greed tamah
turkey 2014, 5’, fiction, colour
director-script-editing Erhan Yürük
cinematography Engin Özkaya
music Jeremy Dirat
cast Murat Kapu, Ömer Erzurumlu, Sabahattin Yakut, Özgürol
Öztürk, Şirin Keskin, Cansu Kapu, Selin Girit, SedaYürük
production-distribution İşler Production, Erhan Yürük, Necati
Bey Cad. Dericiler Sok, İdeal İş Merkezi 10/4 Karaköy Istanbul
T +90 533 816 6944 [email protected]
When a thief steals the watch of a man at the next table in a restaurant, he inadvertently unleashes a chain
of coincidences, which ends in a way he could never have foreseen.
Erhan Yürük found himself working in the advertising industry in 2000 when he was writing computer
games. In 2003, he set up his own digital agency. He has been directing online and television commercials
since 2006.
turkey 2013, 5’, animation, colour
director-script Nazlı Eda Noyan
animation Nazlı Eda Noyan, Nurbanu Asena
editing Nazlı Eda Noyan
music Ozan Baysal
production-distribution Canlandıranlar Association, Berat
İlk, Santral Istanbul, Eski Silahtarağa Elektrik Santralı, Kazım
Karabekir Cad. 2/6 Eyüp 34060 Istanbul
T +90 537 614 7077 [email protected]
Young Gülçin, whose name means “rose gatherer”, lives in a village near the Turkish-Syrian border. She
quickly learns that national boundaries are not only drawn by features of the natural landscape, such as
rivers, mountains and bushes or distances; they are also defined by walls and what lies hidden beneath the
Nazlı Eda Noyan (Izmir, 1974) obtained BA and MFA degrees in graphic design from Dokuz Eylül, Bilkent
and Florida Universities. She earned a PhD from Istanbul Technical University, writing her thesis on film
title design in Turkish cinema. She has been working as a freelance illustrator, designer and writer for an
assortment of books and magazines.
the head kafa
turkey 2014, 8’21’’, animation, colour
director-script Koray Sevindi
animation Koray Sevindi
editing Koray Sevindi
music Nazım Çınar
production Istanbul Cinema Center, Meltem İşler
distribution Koray Sevindi, Karadeniz Cad. Yargı Sitesi 21/41
Beylikdüzü Istanbul T +90 554 280 3706 [email protected]
award Honorable Mention Speechless Film Festival
The Head is the story of an “Other”. Nuri is one of those people who can only hold their heads straight with
the aid of a string attached to the crown. When events conspire to work Nuri’s string loose, he becomes
different from other people. As he tries to live with the situation, he grows lonelier by the day.
Koray Sevindi (Istanbul) worked as an assistant director on various short films, documentaries and ads, after
studying Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. He went on to
study film directing at the New York Film Academy. His short film, Bread, won several awards.
just for one day sadece tek bir gün
turkey 2013, 23’, fiction, colour
director-script Tunç Şahin
cinematography Tayman Tekin
editing Osman Bayraktaroğlu
music Safa Hendem, Mehmet Cem Ünal
cast Pınar Tuncegil, Bora Cengiz, Münire Aydın, Uygar Şirin
production-distribution Bir Film, Betül Afacan, Koşuyolu Mah.
Mahmut Yesari Sok. No: 12 Kadıköy 34718 Istanbul
T +90 216 339 2049 [email protected]
After a long sermon from an experienced colleague at a company dinner, Can, an advertising trainee, can’t
stop himself blurting detailed personal information about his colleagues to their faces. When Kerim lays
into him, Ece, another young trainee, steers Can out of the restaurant. Can promises to tell Ece everything
he knows if she has coffee with him. As they start talking, Ece discovers that Can knows some of her own
best-kept secrets too…
Tunç Şahin (1978) graduated from the Istanbul Technical University, Department of Electrical Engineering and
went on to complete a Master’s degree in business administration. He has been working as a producer at Bir Film
since 2002. His first short film, Hamam, was screened at several festivals. Just For One Day is his second short.
last birds son kuşlar
turkey 2013, 8’, fiction, colour
director-cinematography Ahmet Ferah
script Gülru Keçeciler, Ahmet Ferah
editing Turgut Erdoğan, Ahmet Ferah
music Mustafa Durman, Utkan Tunca
cast Damla Ferah, Bahri Ferah
production-distribution Ahmet Ferah, Ziya Gökalp Cad. 19/9
Fındıkzade Fatih 34433 Istanbul
T +90 532 291 7717 [email protected]
Last Birds sets out to capture the natural beauty of Hemşin and the wellbeing of children living in this
far north-eastern corner of Turkey. The film underlines the importance of natural water sources and
environmental conservation for the future of our children.
Ahmet Ferah studied photography, graphic design and sociology. He currently works as a director and
director of photography for documentaries and commercials.
life center yaşam merkezi
turkey 2013, 21’, fiction, colour
director Ömer Günüvar
script Ömer Günüvar
cinematography Yıldıray Yıldırım
editing Ömer Günüvar
cast Mehmet Kireçtepe
production-distribution Mavi Sanat, Alper Akdeniz, 208 Sok. 6/3
Konak 35290 Izmir
T +90 532 516 0797 [email protected]
Veysel, a cleaner in a shopping mall, has one aim in life: to work the statutory number of days required by
the social security system before drawing a pension, then retire and put his family back home at ease. But for
now he has to face starting a new life in his bleak and solitary lodgings and dealing with the tough working
conditions of the mall. The events that befall him after the age of 40, leave Veysel bitterly disillusioned in
the brightly lit world of the mall.
Ömer Günüvar (Konya, 1986) studied medicine at Ege University. He began his film career as an editor after
attending a cinema workshop at the Nazım Hikmet Culture Center. Since 2006 he has worked on many short
films as director, director of photography and editor. He continues to work as a professional film editor.
little black fish küçük kara balıklar
turkey 2013, 27’, fiction, colour
director-script Azra Deniz Okyay
cinematography Andaç Şahan, Benjamin Rufi
editing Camille Mouton
music Saruhan Batur
cast Metaxia, Camille Sablet, Azra Deniz Okyay
production-distribution Azra Deniz Okyay, Bolahenk Sok. 9/11
Fındıklı Istanbul T +90 531 651 4726 [email protected]
award Best Performance Izmir
In order to grow, three women must emigrate to new pastures. Maral is from Armenia and is working illegally
in Istanbul, Ela is a Turkish girl living in Paris and Julia is a French photographer based in Paris. Life deals a
blow to each of their dreams, but in the end adversity helps them grow strong enough to swim in the big
Azra Deniz Okyay (Istanbul) studied Cinema at Sorbonne-Nouvelle where she earned both an undergraduate
and a Master’s degree. She has made award-winning video clips for French and Turkish bands.
m is for mobile
turkey 2013, 3’, fiction, colour
director-script Barış Erdoğan
cinematography Taner Tamer
editing Murat Sercan Subaşı
music Burak Topalakçı
cast Ozan Özkırmızı, Taner Tamer, İlker Arslan, Ali Arslan
production-distribution Barış Erdoğan, Barbaros Mah. Başkan
Sok. Gökyüzü Soyak Sitesi C-18 Üsküdar 34662 Istanbul
T +90 542 322 2429 [email protected]
Hands tied, mouth gagged. A desperate man is at the mercy of a coldblooded torturer who receives his orders
in the form of text messages from an unknown person. What will happen next? Will the nightmare ever end?
Barış Erdoğan graduated from the Cinema & TV Department of Anadolu University. He has been working as
a screenwriter since 2002 and is a member of Rüya İşçileri, a group of screenwriters writing for television.
my favorite sister sevgili kız kardeşim
turkey, czech republic 2014, 7’, fiction, colour
director-script Boran Güney
cinematography Alexey Elagin, Boran Güney
editing Ömer Özyılmazel
music Kerem Aksoy
cast Elisabeth Rao, Juyan Chen, Fabio Canepa
production-distribution Deluks, Boran Güney, Faik Paşa Cad.
3/2 Çukurcuma Beyoğlu 34000 Istanbul
T +90 535 650 4430 [email protected]
Lyn is paralyzed from the neck down and well cared for by her sister, Yen, who grooms, bathes, feeds and
takes her out to parks every day. Unfortunately, their relationship is based neither on love, compassion nor
Boran Güney (Izmir, 1977) worked as an art director in advertising for many years. After earning a Master’s
in Computer Sciences at Istanbul Technical University, he moved to Czech Republic to study cinema at FAMU.
He enjoys telling stories that extrapolate his personal history into the language of film.
one word bir kelime
turkey 2013, 4’, experimental, colour
director-script Tufan Taştan
cinematography Atıl Kurttekin
animation Uğur Erbaş
editing Mehmet Kurt
cast Birol Tezcan
production-distribution Yapım Eki, Murat Tümer, Abay
Kunanbay Cad. 17/5 Kavaklıdere Ankara
T +90 543 319 6432 [email protected]
“In fact, there were a lot of things to say...”
Tufan Taştan (1988) studied at Ankara University, graduating first from the Drama Department and latterly
with a double major from the Faculty of Communication. In 2012 he founded CAVA (Cinema and Audiovisual
Arts) Institute, where he works as program director in addition to teaching at several other institutions.
path patika
turkey 2014, 15’, fiction, colour
director-script Haşim Sezgin Kılıç
cinematography Serkan Özkan
editing Burak Koçak
cast Erdinç Doğan, Ecesu Sevindik, Müjde Hayat, Cebrail Esen,
Ertuğrul Çiftçi, Levent Kunt
production-distribution Haşim Sezgin Kılıç, Talatpaşa Bulvarı
145/34 Cebeci 06340 Ankara
T +90 538 316 9331 [email protected]
Zafer is a married man with an ordinary job and an ordinary life. He is trying to write a book called ‘Path’. One
day, he catches the eye of Günseli, a girl who lives in the apartment building across the street. Zafer feels
irresistibly drawn to her, despite their age difference, and an affair begins between them.
Haşim Sezgin Kılıç (1982) graduated from the Gazi University, Department of Radio, Television & Cinema.
He has been working as a reporter for the national daily newspaper, Hürriyet, since 2007. In two joint
photography exhibitions with Murat Koçak, he drew attention to global warming and its effects.
turkey 2014, 11’, fiction, colour
director Alper Akdeniz
script Alper Akdeniz, Fatih Yurdakul
cinematography Yıldıray Yıldırım
editing Ömer Günüvar music Engin Bayrak
cast Cansel Elçin, Sema Öztürk, Gündüz Öğüt
production-distribution Mavi Sanat, Alper Akdeniz, 208 Sokak
6/3 Konak 35290 Izmir
T +90 532 516 0797 [email protected]
Roya is the story of a group of refugees who endure a hazardous journey. Aref and Roya’s love story takes
an unexpected turn.
Alper Akdeniz (Mersin, 1979) graduated from the Dramatic Writing Department of Izmir’s Dokuz Eylül
University and started a Master’s degree at the same university. He has won a total of 15 national awards
for his writing and film work.
stop durak
turkey 2014, 3’, animation, colour
director Serdar Çotuk, Buğra Uğur Sofu
script Serdar Çotuk, Buğra Uğur Sofu
animation Serdar Çotuk, Buğra Uğur Sofu
editing Serdar Çotuk, Buğra Uğur Sofu
music Serdar Çotuk, Buğra Uğur Sofu
production-distribution Ghosttown, Serdar Çotuk, Ertuğrulgazi
Mah. Çilem Cad. 92/5 Eskişehir
T +90 506 764 1325 serda[email protected]
In a broken corner of the world, people waiting at a bus stop find themselves having to deal with a creature
that causes strange things to happen.
Serdar Çotuk and Buğra Uğur Sofu began studying Animation at Dumlupınar University in 2010. During their
second year and subsequently they made the short films, Line, Flower and Worker, which screened and won
awards at both national and international festivals.
summer night sky yaz gecesi gökyüzü
turkey 2014, 15’, fiction, b&w
director Can Eskinazi
script Can Eskinazi (based on a story by Barış Bıçakçı)
cinematography Meryem Yavuz
editing Osman Bayraktaroğlu
cast Engin Emre Değer, Murat Mahmutyazıcıoğlu
production Kamara Film
world sales Origine Films, Emilie Dubois, 15 rue Philibert Roussy 69004 Lyon France T +33 6 6215 2160 [email protected]
Two friends run into each other on a warm summer night. Having missed the bus, they decide to hitch a ride.
Can Eskinazi (Izmir, 1986) has directed music videos, as well as the web series, İzliyorum, for Turkish film
magazine, Altyazı. His first short, The Phantom Behind, screened at the New York New Filmmakers and !f
Istanbul festivals. His experimental work has been shown in Austin, Buffalo and Istanbul. His writing on
cinema has been published in Film Comment and Altyazı.
where are you? nerdesin?
turkey 2013, 15’, fiction, colour
director-script Fatih Kızılgök
cinematography Florent Herry
editing Fatih Kızılgök
cast Irmak İpek Altın, Volkan Yıldırmaz
production-distribution Fatih Kızılgök, Levent Cad. No: 27
1. Levent Istanbul
T +90 532 264 9949 [email protected]
award Best Short Film Turkish Film Critics’ Association
A boy and a girl wake up in a room. A sense of malaise hangs over them, but as long as they are together
everything will be fine and nothing will hurt.
Fatih Kızılgök graduated from the University of Colorado, Liberal Arts Department where he also studied
experimental film with Stan Brakhage. He has been directing films since 2004. His short film, Dust, screened
at over 70 international film festivals and won 11 awards. He started directing music videos and commercials
in 2006 and has been awarded both nationally and internationally. He is currently working on his first feature.
worth it buna değer
turkey 2013, 41’, fiction, colour
director-script-editing Can Oral
animation Ege Bilgen
photography Gürkan Özkan music Aslı Kobaner
cast Özer Arslan, Reha Özcan, Aslı Şahin, Turgay Doğan,
Vurgun Çağıldayan, Emrah Eren
production-distribution Siyah Ekran, Can Oral, Emirgan
Mektebi Sok. 58 / 5 Emirgan Sarıyer 34467 Istanbul
T +90 555 480 1416 [email protected]
Ahmet has been trying to earn a living through his passion for writing novels, but as time goes on, he drifts
deeper into despair. Meanwhile, his fictional character, “Grieving Fox”, is engaged in a struggle all on his
Can Oral has been shooting short and medium-length films since 2004. He has attended numerous film
festivals and shot some of his work abroad, including the United States and Switzerland. He is currently
working on his first feature film, designing a board game and playing gigs with his noise rock band.
turkey 2014, 14’39”, fiction, colour
director-script Derya Durmaz
cinematography Meryem Yavuz
editing Theron Patterson
music Barış Diri
cast Emy Vardanyan, Erika Hakobyan, Davit Gevorgyan
production-distribution Giyotin Film, Cubu Film, Emine
Yıldırım, Derya Durmaz, Caferağa Mah. Gürbüz Türk Sok. 18/15
Kadıköy Istanbul T +90 216 450 3311 [email protected]
Ziazan is a little Armenian girl who decides to go on an adventure. Hiding inside her uncle’s luggage, she
attempts to cross the border from Armenia to Turkey to get some of her favourite chocolate cream. Will she
be able to cross the closed border between these two countries and bring off her adventure?
Derya Durmaz is an actress, director and scriptwriter. She has degrees in Economics, Human Rights Law and
Acting. Ziazan, her first short film, earned production support from the Turkish Ministry of Culture, as well as
winning her the Project Award of the Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform.
charm of istanbul cervel-i istanbul
turkey 2013, 12’, colour, b&w
director Can Eren
cinematography Can Eren
editing Can Eren
music Dimitri Kantemiroğlu
cast Birol Erdoğan
production-distribution Ehemm Production, Beste Yamalıoğlu,
Bozkurt Mah. Eşref Efendi Sok. 25/5 Şişli 34375 Istanbul
T +90 533 256 1004 [email protected]
With its 5000-years history, Istanbul enjoys a vast cultural heritage, but one that is only partially protected.
Unidentified and unexplained treasures of history and culture are visible all over the city. To its residents,
the city remains undefined and alienated. The aim of this ‘mockumentary’ is to raise awareness of the city’s
cultural identity by questioning the truth of the film.
Can Eren graduated from Bilgi University in 2011 with a double major in Cinema and Communication Design.
He is now working on an MA in Cinema at the same university. He has made several shorts and is currently
developing a feature film script, which he also plans to direct.
child zarok
turkey 2013, 29’, colour
director Muhammet Beyazdağ
script Muhammet Beyazdağ
cinematography Gökhan Özkan
editing Muhammet Beyazdağ
music Metin Kemal Kahraman, Kardeş Türküler, Aram Tigran
production-distribution Muhammet Beyazdağ, Meltem Mah.
Anıl Sitesi C8 Blok K: 8 D: 15 Muratpaşa 07000 Antalya
T +90 538 518 5529 [email protected]
“They were children and didn’t want to get married, but they had to live out the destiny written for them.”
This documentary offers a stark insight into the universal problem of child brides.
Muhammet Beyazdağ (Istanbul, 1989) studied at the Akdeniz University, Department of Radio, TV & Cinema
in Antalya. Zarok is his second documentary.
gripy soyka
turkey 2013, 21’, colour
director-script Serhat Altay
cinematography M. Sercan Yürek
editing Serhat Altay
cast Murat Karakaya, Arsen Everkiyan, Dilber Özdemir
production-distribution Serhat Altay, Tepebaşı Mah. 659. Sok.
No: 17 Mardin Kızıltepe
T +90 543 248 3090 [email protected]
Two workers from the Kayseri Industrial Park take the unconventional step of salvaging scrap metal from the
workshop where they work and using it to create sculptures.
Serhat Altay (Şırnak, 1989) graduated from Erciyes University with a degree in Journalism. He is a short film
and documentary filmmaker, as well as working on music videos, advertising and design.
the guest misafir
turkey 2013, 30’, colour
director-script Haydar Demirtaş
cinematography Pınar Demiral
editing Yusuf Kurt
music Bahram Deyjour, Mehdi Gholami, Serdar Yüce
cast Circis Kaplan (Bahe)
production-distribution Ajans Ba, Haydar Demirtaş, Mardin
Gençlik ve Kültür Evi, Üç Yol Mevkii 47100 Mardin
T +90 506 383 0617 [email protected]
The circumstances of the 1920s forced an Assyrian woman to depart Turkey for Syria with just three of
her four children. She left her youngest son, Bahe, in the care of the Derylzafaran Monastery. Although 75
years have since elapsed, Bahe has always remembered his mother and hoped for her return, leaving the
monastery only on special occasions.
Haydar Demirtaş (Mardin, 1984) received his first training as a filmmaker at a BBC cinema workshop held
by the Mardin Youth & Culture Center. He spent six years as a volunteer for the UN programs, Habitat and
Agenda 21, and during 2005-2006 attended a filmmaking course organized by Istanbul Kültür University.
pure state of the soul meğer
turkey 2013, 19’, colour
director-script Uğur Egemen İres
cinematography Şükrü Özçelik
editing Uğur Egemen İres
music Mikail Aslan
cast Emine İres, Yusuf İres
production-distribution Uğur Egemen İres, Icadiye Mah.
Hacıbakkal Sok. Uğur Apt. 57/2 Üsküdar 34674 Istanbul
T +90 555 835 6264 [email protected]
Yusuf Ires, originally an Armenian from Dersim, lives as a Muslim. At the age of 71, he decides to be baptized.
Although his 78-year-old wife, Emine İres, can’t come to terms with his decision, she finds herself unwittingly
reckoning with the past.
Uğur Egemen İres (Istanbul, 1988) graduated from the Anadolu University, Department of Cinema & Television
and has made a number of short films.
storm fırtına
turkey 2013, 27’, colour
director Aydın Kapancık
cinematography Aydın Kapancık
editing Oktay Altunnar
cast Mehmet Altaş, Perihan Demirci, Gönül Gülay
production-distribution Odafilm, Selda Kaya Kapancık,
Esenevler Mah. Keklik Sok. 6/7 34762 Istanbul
T +90 532 742 5475 [email protected]
This is a film about three people living in Çamlıhemşin whose stories engage with the places they have lived.
Life has condemned many to foreign lands in the struggle to earn a living. But as the years pass, the meaning
of what they left behind is deeply felt.
Aydın Kapancık (Ankara, 1981) graduated from the Cinema and TV Department of Anadolu University in
2006. He went on to study filmmaking at FAMU in the Czech Republic on the Erasmus student exchange
zapata in istanbul zapata istanbul’da
turkey 2013, 17’, colour, b&w
director Zeyno Pekünlü
script Zeyno Pekünlü
cinematography Zeyno Pekünlü
editing Zeyno Pekünlü
production-distribution Zeyno Pekünlü, Ömer Hayyam Cad.
37/14 Tarlabaşı 34000 Istanbul
T +90 533 541 7451 [email protected]
The thrilling story of a group of bureaucrats who managed to erect a statue of Mexican revolutionary,
Emiliano Zapata, looking well-dressed and clean-shaven, in one of Istanbul’s upmarket neighbourhoods.
The documentary is made up of interviews with historians, bureaucrats and ordinary people, as well as
representations of the Mexican national hero in fiction films.
Zeyno Pekünlü (Izmir, 1980) graduated from the Mimar Sinan University, Department of Painting and went
on to earn an MA and PhD from the same university. She also completed a second MA in Artistic Production
& Research at the University of Barcelona. She works as a lecturer at the Multimedia Department of Istanbul
Kültür University.
ain’t no cinderellas külkedisi değiliz!
turkey 2014, 53’, colour
director Emel Çelebi
script Emel Çelebi
cinematography Özlem Günhan
editing Özlem Sarıyıldız, Emel Çelebi
music Mircan Kaia
production-distribution ZeZe Film, Emel Çelebi, Sururi Mah.
Emin Cami Sok. 45/7 34435 Istanbul
T +90 212 238 3481 [email protected]
Ain’t No Cinderellas! chronicles the struggle of domestic workers to form a union for women. In the film, we
see women fighting for their rights and pressuring the government to respond to their pleas for coverage
under the Union and Collective Bargaining Law.
Emel Çelebi’s first film, Housekeeper, won Best Documentary Award at the 43rd Antalya Golden Orange Film
Festival and First Prize at the 9th Women’s Film Festival in Seoul. Sisters of Lilith won Best Balkan Documentary Award in Kosovo. She is the co-founder of the DOCUMENTARIST-Istanbul Documentary Film Festival.
the children of müslüm baba müslüm baba’nın evlatları
turkey 2013, 53’, colour
director Vuslat Saraçoğlu
cinematography Fatih Sarı
editing Deniz Kayık, Vuslat Saraçoğlu
production-distribution Kuzgun Film, Vuslat Saraçoğlu
Cihangir Mah. Defterdar Yokuşu 42/3 Beyoğlu 34433 Istanbul
T +90 536 352 0913 [email protected]
The Children of Müslüm Baba investigates the fanatical devotees of Turkey’s leading arabesque singer, the
recently deceased Müslüm Gürses. Being a ‘Müslümcü’ (fans of Müslüm Gürses) is more than a musical
choice, it is a form of identity. The documentary thereby encourages the audience to question all the
concepts used to identify the state of “being a fan”.
Vuslat Saraçoğlu graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University with a degree in Sociology and International
Relations. She went on to study Modern Turkish History at Boğaziçi University, but discontinued her course
at the thesis stage. Her short, Kakafoni, was screened at numerous national and international festivals.
distant uzak
turkey 2013, 64’, colour
director Ahmet Yurtkul
script Ahmet Yurtkul
cinematography Sedat Şahin
editing Somnur Vardar
production-distribution Karafilm Production, Nermin Aytekin,
Yeniçeri Sok. 48/3 4. Levent 34416 Istanbul
T +90 544 235 7815 [email protected]
Many Syrians fleeing the civil war in their country are settled in camps near the Turkish-Syrian border and
living in container houses temporarily. Five Syrians who stay in Öncüpınar Refugee Camp tell us about their
hopes, fears and anxieties for a future that is becoming more unclear everyday.
Ahmet Yurtkul (Cologne, 1977) studied Journalism at Selçuk University. He did the campaign design and
the art direction of the advertisement campaign on behalf of the International Migration Organisation. He
worked as an assistant director in Yangın Var, Deli Deli Olma, O. Çocukları by Murat Saraçoğlu and in the film
Balık by Derviş Zaim.
a dream school in the steppes tepecik hayal okulu
turkey 2014, 55’, colour
director Güliz Sağlam
script Güliz Sağlam
cinematography İlker Berke, Frank Massholder, Güliz Sağlam
editing Güliz Sağlam, Özlem Sarıyıldız
production-distribution A. İlker Berke Production, İlker Berke,
Erenköy 2. Orta Sok. 56/8 Kadıköy Istanbul
T +90 532 700 6940 [email protected]
Ahmet Uluçay, a director well known for his idiosyncratic shorts and his only feature film, Boats out of
Watermelon Rinds, had to face the fact that he was suffering from a brain tumor. Echoing a life between
dream and reality, this film draws us from the half-lit corridors of a hospital into the world of a passionate
Güliz Sağlam studied at the University of Marmara, Department of Social Sciences and Administration. She is
an independent documentary filmmaker and video activist. Her work consists of independent documentaries
on a variety issues including immigration, women workers’ strikes and resistance.
jazz in turkey türkiye’de caz
turkey 2013, 100’, colour, b&w
director Batu Akyol
script Batu Akyol
editing Loyka Productions
production-distribution Loyka Productions, Batu Akyol, Çolak
İsmail Sok. 37/4 Kadıköy 34330 Istanbul
T +90 533 236 1763 [email protected]
Jazz in Turkey can be summarized as a project in which I explore the character, evolution and interaction of
Turkish jazz music and its musicians in parallel with Turkish history.
Batu Akyol (1976) began shooting his first documentary, The Last Flavor Stop of the Orient Express: Pera
Palace, in 2010. In 2011, he started work on the Jazz in Turkey project and released it in 2013. Premiering at
the Istanbul Jazz Festival, the documentary continues to compete at various film festivals.
in the chasing past time geçen zamanın peşinde
turkey 2013, 60’, colour
director Nuriye Bilici
cinematography Fikret Reyhan
editing Fikret Reyhan
production-distribution Verba Film, Nuriye Bilici, Sıraselviler
Cad. Kantar Odaları Çıkmazı, 64/4 34430 Beyoğlu Istanbul
T +90 535 574 8866 [email protected]
These days, lack of time is one of the biggest problems for the vast majority of us. But there is a small atelier
in Istanbul where time is almost stopped, or wound backwards and can even be mended. Recep Gürgen is
a rare master in understanding and repairing almost all objects that operate with a clock mechanism, his
mission being to ensure that they tell us the time with utmost accuracy.
Nuriye Bilici (1965) graduated from the Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences. She has worked as
a screenwriter on numerous TV series, as well as developing projects for TV series and documentaries. She
founded the production company, Verba, where she currently produces and directs documentaries.
istanbul along with negri negri ile istanbul’da
turkey 2014, 63’, colour, b&w
director Burak Serbest
script Burak Serbest
cinematography Oğuz Yenen
editing Burak Serbest
music Sinan Erez
production-distribution MonoKL Yapım, Volkan Çelebi, Uğur
Mumcu Mah. Serçe Sok. 33/3 Kartal 34882 Istanbul
T +90 212 252 6827 [email protected]
Celebrated philosopher Antonio Negri is a critical thinker who defines the prevailing system, but more
importantly he proposes alternative solutions. Using Istanbul as his point of departure, Negri tells us about
the chaos of the metropolis, the individual, the philosopher’s identity, Karl Marx, rebellion, love and the
conditions under which it is possible to attain a more humane world.
Burak Serbest (Adana) graduated from the Bilkent University, Department of Communication and Design.
His 2010 short film, River Styx, was shown at the 47th Golden Orange Film Festival. The documentary, Istanbul
Along with Negri, is his first feature-length work and screened at the 33rd Istanbul Film Festival in 2014.
my wish is peace dileğim barış olsun
turkey 2014, 43’, colour
director Kıvılcım Akay
script Kıvılcım Akay
cinematography Halit Soy, Aslı Çelikel
editing Kıvılcım Akay
music Hakan Akay
production-distribution Akaylar Production, Kıvılcım Akay,
Hüseyinbey Sok. 9/7 Moda Kadıköy Istanbul
T +90 532 524 4242 [email protected]
Ten children and three mothers from the southeastern districts of Diyarbakır, Lice, Ergani, Cizre, Mardin,
Nusaybin, Kızıltepe and Varto… The ongoing 30-year war in Turkey’s southeast has left children to suffer
most and mothers to shed the most tears. In this film, children and mothers talk about how they long for and
remain hopeful of peace. The common theme that emerges from their various reflections is an overwhelming
desire for peace, regardless of the suffering they have endured.
Kıvılcım Akay studied film at Akdeniz University, Faculty of Fine Arts. Between 2009-2011 she worked for
an advertising agency as a copywriter and agency coordinator. In 2013, she produced and directed Turkey’s
first fashion documentary, One Hundred Years of Fashion, for the state broadcaster, TRT.
190107 Ağrı and the Mountain Aunty
Backward Run Baskın A Cup of Turkish Coffee
The Head
Just for One Day Last Birds Life Center
Little Black Fish M is for Mobile My Favorite Sister One Word Path Roya
Summer Night Sky Where are You? Worth it Ziazan 27
Necmi Deniz Akıncı 1
Hasan Serin
Fulya Tokaoğlu2
Emre Yeksan2
Ayce Kartal 3
Can Evrenol 3
Dağhan Celayir, Nazlı Eda Noyan4
Mustafa Karadağ4
Erhan Yürük5
Nazlı Eda Noyan5
Koray Sevindi6
Tunç Şahin 6
Ahmet Ferah 7
Ömer Günüvar7
Azra Deniz Okyay 8
Barış Erdoğan 8
Boran Güney 9
Tufan Taştan 9
Haşim Sezgin Kılıç 10
Alper Akdeniz10
Serdar Çotuk, Buğra Uğur Sofu11
Can Eskinazi
Fatih Kızılgök
Can Oral 12
Derya Durmaz 13
Short Documentaries
Charm of Istanbul Child Gripy Guest, The
Pure State of the Soul Storm
Zapata in Istanbul Can Eren15
Muhammet Beyazdağ 15
Serhat Altay
Haydar Demirtaş16
Uğur Egemen İres 17
Aydın Kapancık17
Zeyno Pekünlü 18
Long Documentaries
Ain’t No Cinderellas Children of Müslüm Baba, The Distant
Dream School in the Steppes, A Jazz in Turkey
In the Chasing Past Time Istanbul Along With Negri
My Wish is Peace
Emel Çelebi21
Vuslat Saraçoğlu21
Ahmet Yurtkul22
Güliz Sağlam22
Batu Akyol23
Nuriye Bilici23
Burak Serbest24
Kıvılcım Akay24
This catalogue is edited by Ankara Cinema Association / Festival on Wheels.
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