Resume - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer


Resume - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer
Ali Polat
4417 Stone Meadow Dr
Orlando, FL 32826
Phone: 407 282 15 40
E-mail: [email protected]
Date of Birth: 25.08.1979
Highly motivated, organized, reliable individual with extensive experience in “systems and control
engineering”, combining diverse areas such as computer, electronically, mechanical and industrial
engineering. Skilled in process analysis, modeling the systems, developing innovative technical and
theoretical solutions and creating new engineering approaches. Interested in a good career in control
and mechatronics and involving in high-technological projects.
Bogazici University – Istanbul, Turkey
MS, System and Control Engineering
Yeditepe University – Istanbul, Turkey
BS, System Engineering
Istanbul Nisantasi Anatolian High School – Istanbul, Turkey
Computer Skills:
• Programming
− C&C++, Java, Access, Gams, Matlab, Matematica
• Software
− Simul8, Tora, MS Office, MS Project
• Developed many control and automation software using C, Visual C and Java.
• Advanced level English
• Beginner level French
Yeditepe University Full Educational Scholarship During B.S in Turkey, 1997-2002
Yeditepe University under graduation honor in 2002
Bogazici University, Projects:
Design of a Robot Control Experiment Setup for a 4-Degree of Freedom Rubbertuator Robot
(Master Thesis)
− Electronically wiring and panel layout of the old system and made the system be
controlled from computer.
− Developing control software for the robot arm using C libraries of the Data
Acquisition Cards.
A control toolbox was constructed in order to facilitate the comparison of various
control techniques. As a case study PID and Neural Network controllers were
Yeditepe University, Projects:
Simulating and controlling a crane over the Internet (Engineering Final Project)
− A simplified version of a crane is controlled with controller that is designed by
Ackerman’s pole placement method.
− Developing user interface, for animating and controlling for a crane using Java
programming language.
− Results were compared with the results of the commonly used programs such as
Matlab. Advantages of the software were discussed.
− Additionally this tool is available through the Internet for the researchers for
examining their controller with their controller’s parameters.
Quality Control Analysis of Public Transportation of Istanbul
− SWOT analysis
− Benchmarking
− TQM implementation
Analysis of a boiler room for the triple villa
− First, boiler room of a triple villa was described. Then mathematical expressions
were found. In the simulation part, flow diagram of the system was drawn.
− In order to analyze the interaction of parameters between each other some
parameters were chosen. In the optimization part, constraints and the objective
function were decided and the system was optimized.
Motor Manufacturing Case
− Production planning of a motor factory was made and optimized with GAMS
optimization program.
Ulker A.S. Istanbul, 2002
− Trained in Ulker A.S. that produces biscuit, chocolate etc (45 days).
Kumtel A.S. Istanbul, 2001
− Worked in Kumtel A.Ş. that produce electrical stove, as an assistance of Export
Manager, 2000. (6 Months)
• Electronic: Signal Processing, Robotics and Microprocessors.
• Computer: Artificial Intelligence (Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic, GA Algorithms).
• Control: Linear Control, Digital Control and AI Control.
Establishing member of Genc Girisimciler Club, Istanbul, Turkey
− Genc Girisimciler Club is for the engineers in the business area to share
information, solutions to common problems, and know-how.
Football, basketball, swimming, biking, tennis.