“We have decided to proceed with Nebim V3 ERP.”


“We have decided to proceed with Nebim V3 ERP.”
AĞUSTOS 2013 Sayı:15
Orka Group CEO, Süleyman Orakçıoğlu:
“We have decided to proceed
with Nebim V3 ERP.”
Interviews: Andoutdoor - Arzu Kaprol - B&G - Dagi - Erak - Hello Baby
Justin Alexander - Karınca - Maraton Sport Wear - Sassofono - Sunglass Hut - Süvari - Yelss - Woody
The number of leading organizations that
discover real productivity with Nebim V3 ERP
increases more and more.
The comprehensive Nebim V3 ERP, able to adapt
rapidly to developing visions, is the key to
productivity thanks to its speed and practicality.
Nebim V3 ERP will put you over the top from
purchasing to production, from planning and
budgeting to sales, and from finance management
to store management with its applications that
function in an integrated manner.
For more information:
“As Turkey's leading
fashion retailer, we are
greatly pleased by our
collaboration with
Turkey's leading ERP
software company.”
Yalçın Ayaydın
from the editor
We are happy to greet you with the 15th issue
of Nebim News Magazine. We hope you will
enjoy our new issue.
We had once again a lot of activities such as
organizing client seminars, participating in trade
shows and meetings. One of these was the
“Solution Partners Summit” in Antalya, where all
of our solution partners came together. In our related article, you can find
all the details regarding information and opinions shared at the summit.
Just like the previous year, we once again met with our clients and solution
partners at our Nebim Planet event held in Istanbul in May. At Nebim
Planet we had the opportunity to hear the experiences of Nebim V3 users.
We suggest that you read about these experiences covered by the article
and watch the videos of the event.
We continue to interview our clients - as we do on every Nebim News
Magazine and Nebim e-news. In the interviews you can read in detail about
the experiences these companies gathered, their expectations, and the
solutions they implemented.
The importance of social media is increasing day by day, and Nebim
continues to be a part of this development. You can find news on us on our
Facebook page. On our YouTube channel, you can watch the interviews we
held with our clients, our product introduction films, and event videos. You
can also reach our Facebook page and YouTube channel from our web site.
You can find the most-watched videos we have prepared for you among
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our pages.
The training of the human resources is another crucial aspect for us. We are
aware of the importance of it and we keep investing in it. The educational
activities that we conduct in collaboration with universities and educational
institutions continue without slowing down. We continue to instruct new
experts with the Nebim Application Expert (NAE) Certificate. Again, the
details of the topic can be found in this issue.
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Nebim Joined with Its Customers and Solution
Partners at the “Nebim Planet 2013” Event
Orka Group CEO,
Süleyman Orakçıoğlu:
“We have decided
to proceed
with Nebim V3 ERP.”
Nebim V3 Product Strategy
Murat Demiroğlu, Nebim Executive Board Member
and Deputy Managing Director
Nebim Met Its Solution Partners
in Antalya
Don’t be Late for Change
Sedat Taşçı, Nebim General Coordinator
Investment in Technology and Human
Recourses to Ensure Profitability and Growth
Serkan Yalçın, Nebim Ankara Regional Coordinator
Your Are 1000 Steps Ahead with NebimExtra
Ahmet Coşanay, Nebim
Software Support Services Manager
Hello Baby
Arzu Kaprol 29
Justin Alexander
B&G 30
Bella Tekstil (Woody)
Cebir Tekstil (Maraton Sport Wear) 32
Dagi 33
Erak 35
Sunglass Hut 40
Yelss 43
from nebim
Nebim V3 Product Strategy
During the first half of 2013, Nebim’s
revenue grew 30% compared to the first
half of last year. Moreover, the number of
companies using Nebim V3 exceeded
400. In this issue of Nebim News, I would
like to share with you the product strategy
of Nebim V3, which constitutes the
backbone of Nebim’s growth strategy.
e-invoice and e-ledger applications, CRM
and CPM features as examples to the
applications that we plan to develop until
the end of the year.
In summary, we are continuing to render
Nebim V3 more comprehensive in terms
of function, the industry, and the countries
it supports.
More Comprehensive and Integrated
Taking into consideration the
requirements of the retailers, wholesalers,
and manufacturers, we aimed Nebim V3 to
provide more industry-specific features in
comparison to other ERPs, and therefore
to be more comprehensive and to offer all
these features integrated on a single ERP
platform. Nebim V3 was introduced in
2011. Enabling operations abroad to be
managed from the headquarters in Turkey
with the multi-language and local currency
support; allowing companies to manage
multiple sales channels varying from their
own stores to franchise stores, from
export operations to e-commerce;
providing companies with a functionally
much richer product and price
management than Nebim Winner thanks
Murat Demiroğlu to the Merchandise planning applications;
Nebim Executive Board Member and real time accounting integration and
Deputy Managing Director
finance management were among the
features rendering Nebim V3
comprehensive. To make a comparison
with Nebim V3’s first edition introduced at
the launch in 2011: We have enabled
Nebim V3 to become more
comprehensive with added novelties such
as TMS/IFRS support, human resources,
export/import applications, a new POS
interface, data gathering and cleansing
features to enable CRM operations,
parametric discount campaigns, combined
product and inventory management,
richer language support for operations
abroad, installment sales and support for
after-sales delivery, further out-of-the-box
reports and queries, a new financial
budgeting application, Dashboards
designed according to user roles for
business intelligence, and Merchandise
Planning applications. Evaluating our road
map until the end of 2013, we can see that
we will be continuing to make Nebim V3
even more comprehensive.
We can name features for eyewear
retailers, new mobile applications,
Open to Change and Progress
Another design principle we targeted as
we promoted Nebim V3 in 2011 was that
Nebim V3 easily supports companies to
grow and to change their business
processes. Therefore, Nebim V3’s industry
properties and its parametric structure
were developed in order to easily conform
to the companies’ changes in business
processes, their developing sales channel
structures, and increasing product range.
Nebim V3 continues to adapt to
companies’ increasing rquirements with
the integrations effectuated since its
launch. Within the last two years, Nebim
V3 was integrated with many e-commerce
applications such as from Inveon, RND,
and Bilginet; 3rd party logistic systems
such as Ekol, Conmar, Ulustrans, and
Barsan; workflow systems such as eBA;
analytical platforms like IBM SPSS; door
counting systems; secure payment
systems like VeriFone VPlatform. Thanks
to its open structure and Software
Development Kit (API support), Nebim V3
continues to grow in the field of openness
to change.
Faster Implementation
Nebim V3’s third design principle was its
speed of implementation compared to
other ERPs. Longside industry-specific
features and properties which are based
on the software architecture, e.g. the
parametric structure, thanks to the Nebim
V3 implementation methodology, that
covers all project phases from preparation
to business analysis, from set-up to user
trainings, from system testing to live
usage support; it can be rapidly adapted
according to companies’ requirements.
In a nutshell, we continue to develop
Nebim V3 as we remain loyal to the three
basic principles that I have summarized
above. Hope to see you again on the next
issue of Nebim News...
The number of leading organizations that
discover real productivity with Nebim V3 ERP
increases more and more.
The comprehensive Nebim V3 ERP, able to adapt
rapidly to developing visions, is the key to
productivity thanks to its speed and practicality.
Nebim V3 ERP will put you over the top from
purchasing to production, from planning and
budgeting to sales, and from finance management
to store management with its applications that
function in an integrated manner.
For more information:
Nebim Joined with Its Customers and
Solution Partners at the
“Nebim Planet 2013” Event
Nebim, the leading domestic software developer with its Enterprise Resource
Planning solutions geared towards retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturing
companies, held its 2013 event with the participation of Nebim customers and
solution partners once more in Istanbul.
from nebim
Turkey's leading ERP developer and
implementer, Nebim, held its “Nebim
Planet” event, which brought its
customers and solution partners
together on May 14 at the Grand
Hyatt in Istanbul. At the event
attended by approximately 350
Nebim customers and solution
partners, executives of industryleading companies such as Dagi,
Damat-Tween/D'S Damat, İpekyol,
and Süvari, presented their success
stories and opinions about the
Nebim V3 ERP software. Nebim
Planet 2013 continued with
presentations made by North
Nebim V3 continues to
Nebim Executive Board Member
Murat Demiroğlu shared Nebim V3's
product strategy in his presentation.
Demiroğlu mentioned additions to
Nebim V3 in 2012, including novelties
on TMS/TFRS, new reports that
especially companies with foreign
partners use in the field of finance
and accounting, a new financial
budget application, foreign trade
applications, novelties in human
resources applications, and
properties that meet the local
Sedat Taşçı
Murat Demiroğlu
Burhan Çamlıca
Özlem Tektaş Çelikkanat
Onur Tusa Baykal
Nebim General Coordinator
Nebim Executive Board Member
and Deputy General Manager
Orka Group CFO
İpekyol Supply Chain Director
İpekyol Retail Director
Atlantic, a company specialized in
the field of CRM, on the topic of
“CRM in Retail and The Importance
of Knowing The Customer” and by
the VeriFone company on the topic
of “The Integration of Verifone
VPlatform Solution with Nebim V3”.
Cem Mergen, a guru of the retail
world, also attended the event with
his presentation on “Managing
Information in Retail”.
27 % growth in the first four
months of 2013
Nebim General Coordinator Sedat
Taşçı, who gave the opening speech
at Nebim Planet, mentioned that
they serve with over 60 solution
partners across Turkey, Russia, and
Azerbaijan, and a team of 450
employees, and that they aim to
expand Nebim's support structure in
the region as soon as possible, by
adding solution partners to Nebim's
distribution channel in Kazakhstan,
Ukraine, and Germany. In his
assessment, Taşçı said, “We are
closing off 2013's first quarter with
27% growth when compared with
the first quarter of 2012. We target
35% growth by the end of the year.”
Taşçı also mentioned that the
number of companies using Nebim
V3 has exceeded 350. Referring to
new projects, Taşçı talked about how
the ERP project implemented for
Bilsar, the manufacturing processes
implemented at the manufacturing
plant in Çorum, the operations,
where the products of brands such
as Fred Perry, Bilstore, and Muji are
managed, all involve several
processes from manufacturing to
merchandise planning and to sales in
stores. Taşçı, who also mentioned
the ERP projects implemented
abroad, said, “We have transferred
20 stores from the Russian Bosca
Fashion Group, a group consisting of
40 stores, to Nebim V3 online. In
Russia, we have integrated in a
function where officially approved
receipts can be printed at the cash
register and also managed with the
programs that are mandatory to be
kept at the headquarters for
accounting. With this project, we
have established a mature
infrastructure in Russia.”
requirements in Europe, Middle East,
and Azerbaijan. Demiroğlu
mentioned that they are continuing
to expand the product coverage for
Nebim V3 even further in 2013 and
underlined that the processes of
installment-sales and
deferreddelivery were enriched; that
novelties specific to the local
requirements of Russia, Ukraine, and
Kazakhstan were developed; and
that new applications for optical
retail will be added to the new
version of Nebim V3, which will be
launched at the end of September.
Demiroğlu also communicated that
e-invoice and e-book applications
are being added to Nebim V3.
Demiroğlu also touched on the
external solutions integrated with
Nebim V3, besides the new
applications and properties
developed for Nebim V3, and said,
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
“Companies that use Nebim V3, can
also integrate with other systems.
Integrated solutions were developed
for example, with VeriFone
VPlatform in the area of safe
electronic payment; with solutions
such as Bilginet, Inveon, and RND in
the field of electronic trade; with
Ekol, Ulustrans, Conmar, and Balnak
in terms of logistic systems; and with
eBa for work flow.” Demiroğlu also
emphasized that in the permission
marketing field, regarding
integration with systems that handle
mass SMS sending and e-mailing, the
mass action feedback can be
Nebim V3 ERP at ORKA Group
Burhan Çamlıca, CFO of Orka Group,
which has been in 17-year
collaboration with Nebim, started his
speech by indicating that Orka
Group chose Nebim V3 as its new
ERP. Çamlıca said, “Orka Group,
which consists of two brands, is a
global group consisting of 210
stores. As a group that continues its
operations with 2.000 employees,
we took our relationship with Nebim
a step further, following a
collaboration we have had for many
years, and we kicked off the Nebim
V3 ERP project.” Çamlıca, who
don't do these three things. For this,
many properties, like well-developed
reporting techniques and
distribution, feeding, transfer, and
the reportability of products, stand
out. When compared to last year, the
fact that we can reach the data on
mobile platforms, instantly, will help
us better manage our business.
Çamlıca, who also talked about the
importance of Nebim V3's fast and
flexible service, and understanding
for Orka Group, said, “The Nebim
team's post-sales loyalty to its
customer, and the fact that they
have taken notice of all kinds of
Şevket Çelikkanat
Erkan Arslan
Cem Mergen
Vedat Şengöz
Kerem Topuz
Neda Seçkin
İpekyol Information Technologies
and Logistics Director
Süvari Product Management Expert
Dagi Accounting Deputy Manager
North Atlantic Managing Partner
VeriFone Retail Solutions
Sales Director
reloaded to Nebim V3 and reported.
Hinting at the fact that Nebim V3
can be implemented quickly.
Demiroğlu said, “Within the past two
years, we shortened the time period
required for Nebim V3 to become
available for actual use. For this, we
developed a “Nebim V3
Implementation Methodology”,
based on the experience we
gathered during our implementation
projects, and we trained all of our
consultants on this methodology.”
He concluded his presentation by
saying that their aim, as Nebim, is to
guarantee the continuity of the gains
companies obtained after the
transition to live use of Nebim V3
with the “NebimExtra version update
and support contract”, and to offer a
service that will always be by their
side in order to increase the
productivity of Nebim V3.
underlined that Orka Group's
collaboration with Nebim is one step
ahead of a relationship with a
supplier company, explained why
they preferred Nebim V3: “As a
Turquality company, we had to take
a step in order to grow and maintain
our acceleration in markets abroad.
Many qualifications stood out, like
the fact that Nebim V3 is
multi-licensed, that different local
permissions are obtained in different
countries, the training opportunities,
and that they have established their
own consultants for foreign
collaborations. We saw that all these
qualifications would provide us with
many advantages in implementation
and in the phase of transition to live
use.” Mentioning that one has to be
at the right place at the right time
with the right product, Çamlıca
continued, “We are taking a risk if we
requests we made, was very
important to us. In this context, we
thank the Nebim family for our
collaboration, which has been going
on for 17 years and with which we
anticipate continuing for many years
to come.”
Merchandise Planning at
İpekyol with Nebim V3
Supply Chain Director Özlem Tektaş
Çelikkanat and Retail Director Onur
Tusa Baykal of İpekyol, whose
transition to Nebim V3 ERP was
important news for the industry,
shared details of the Nebim V3
projects, and the point arrived at in
2013, with Nebim Planet participants.
Özlem Tektaş Çelikkanat, who
presented first, made an introduction
by saying “We started using Nebim
V3 live in 2012. When 2013 arrived,
from nebim
we started the Merchandise Planning
implementation, of which we had
always dreamt. We defined the
planning in four main functions:
Channel plan, category plan, range
plan, and assortment plan. And we
divided these functions into two
phases. We will start using the first
phase, which involves the channel
and the category plans, and then the
next phase will follow right after
that.” Onur Tusa Baykal, who joined
the presentation at this point, said,
“For us, one of the interesting
aspects of this project was how we
would handle the 'Like for Like'
concept. At this point, Nebim offered
us the 'like-store concept' solution.
When we are about to open a new
store, as we tell which one of our
stores it will resemble, we can
immediately see the details on that
screen.” Baykal continued his speech
by saying, “Nebim's planning
application automatically displayed
the sales data that are subject to
normalization as if we have sales
every week. Nebim developed the
possibility to act upon it for special
dates, such as holidays and vacation
days, according to the course of
each week. This way, we have the
opportunity to forecast where our
plans are headed in the upcoming
weeks. We now have a complete
normalization process, as we can see
how it was last year and and how we
must intervene manually this year.”
Özlem Tektaş Çelikkanat, who took
the floor once more, mentioned
Nebim V3's advantageous properties
and said, “Instead of making all KPI's
on gross income, average prices,
discounts, and promotions in both
channel and category plans, one by
one, we can now enter them in one
screen and have them used in all of
the plans. It is an important property
that our category and channel plans
match. It is far more practical for us
to bring the two plans side by side
and to determine the company plan
that is aligned with this plan,
automatically distributing it to the
channels and categories. The Nebim
V3 Merchandise Planning application
has very flexible, with user-friendly
screens where the retail and sales
teams can do channel planning
separately.” İpekyol Retail Director
Baykal emphasized the flexibility of
Nebim V3 and said, “Before Nebim
V3, we couldn't speak a mutual
language when we visited our stores;
one store detailed the data with
seasons and the other without; we
had a problem focusing. Nebim
carried us ahead, coming back to us
with Dashboards. All the stores
started seeing the Dashboards
automatically as well. For example,
all our managers receive the monthly
sales report, simultaneously, so we
do not have to create reports over
and over. Nebim V3 provided us with
simplicity on this matter and some
product-based conveniences.”
Çelikkanat, taking the floor for one
final time, talked about the
“Bestseller” report they use the most
at İpekyol. Çelikkanat concluded her
presentation with the statement,
“We can assign a certain criterion for
each product and classify the
products as the best, mediocre, and
bad with the Bestseller report. The
design team, the stores, the visual
team, the sales team, and product
management all use this report.
Before Nebim V3, this was a difficult
report to obtain. Even creating it
took one hour then. Now it arrives
automatically every morning.”
E-Trade Web Site integrated
with Nebim V3 at İpekyol
Another speaker from İpekyol,
Information Technologies and
Logistics Director Şevket Çelikkanat
shared with the Nebim Planet
participants what was required for
an e-trade Web site, how the
necessary system should be built,
and how İpekyol achieved this in
integration with Nebim V3 ERP, in
his presentation. Çelikkanat
mentioned that they are proceeding
with RND in the visual department
and with Ekol Lojistik in shipments,
and that these three parties need to
be able to work in an integrated
manner for the operation to proceed
in a healthy manner throughout the
sales and post-sales processes.
While summarizing the process,
Çelikkanat explained that they make
automatic transfers from Nebim V3
through the product integration;
whether the customer is on Nebim
V3 is checked on the order; they
keep the customer single; send the
shipment order to Ekol Lojistik; the
courier is integrated; when the
shipment information arrives at RND,
it is merged with all the necessary
bank information and transferred to
Nebim V3; and all these integrations
happen in real time.
Product Management at Süvari
with Nebim V3 and Retailing
The next speaker at Nebim Planet
was Product Management Specialist
Erkan Arslan from Süvari, which has
a total of 108 stores in Turkey and
abroad. Arslan began his
presentation by mentioning that as
Süvari, they started retailing in 1997.
Arslan said that Süvari, which
increased its number of stores after
four years and needed a different
product range, met Nebim with the
requirements for management of
campaigns and category groups.
Arslan, who talked about the Nebim
collaboration that started in 2001
and about the requirements that
emerged as a result of the increased
number of Süvari's stores at the end
of 11 years contributing to their
development and growth, said, “The
reason for our transition to Nebim
V3 is Süvari's target of increasing
stores abroad by the year 2023. We
were aiming to create a big impact
with instant touches on the
operations abroad, just like we do
domestically. In that sense, Nebim
V3's multi-language option, and the
local currencies abroad capability
geared us towards Nebim V3. Now,
our stores in Russia, Kazakhstan, and
Ukraine can complete the
transactions much faster with their
own alphabets on Nebim V3 POS
and Store screens. They also have
the opportunity to work with local
currencies. For example, a
transaction completed in Russia,
using rubles, can be seen in TL at
headquarters. Next, Arslan
elaborated on the Discount
Campaign application, which is an
important Nebim V3 application for
Süvari. He talked about the multiple
campaign options and the capability
that makes it possible to
simultaneously manage different
campaigns at different locations. He
continued his presentation by
discussing the Product Restock and
Transfer transactions and informed
capability: “We encountered these
(functions) regarding the need to
gather all the missing products in
one store. The capability enables us
to restock all the size breakdowns in
the stores that have accelerated
sales, with one small touch. Before,
we could complete the shipment
process in 48 hours by obtaining the
data from 150 Excel tables, one by
one. After Nebim V3's Product
Allocation application entered our
lives, we decreased this duration to
24 hours. It saves us a significant
amount of time.” Arslan, who finally
talked about the projects they are
currently running with Nebim V3,
concluded his presentation with the
words, “Another project we are
running with Nebim is planning. We
have a big operation regarding
campaigns, with stock codes, on a
stock code basis, and RPT and
transfer projects. One of our biggest
objectives is to be able to give
information about these operations
at Nebim Planet 2014, after we
complete them.”
The Knacks of Information
Management in Retail from
Cem Mergen
Cem Mergen, an expert trainer in the
retail world, made a point of the
importance of making decisions
based on numbers and information
during his presentation, called
Managing Information in Retail. Cem
Mergen, who talked about the
relations between the speed and
quality of decision making and the
success and the risks taken, later
mentioned the knacks of analysis
processes. Mergen shared with the
participants the importance of
categorization and classification, as
well as comparison and elimination
in the analysis process.
Finance Management and
Accounting at Dagi with
Nebim V3
Dagi Accounting Deputy Manager
started his presentation with the
assessment, “Dagi and Nebim's
encounter happened due to the need
for faster data management, with the
increase in the manufacturing and
business volume in 2012.
from nebim
We determined that Nebim was the
software company that could best
meet these needs.
In the beginning of 2012, we started
using Nebim V3, live, at all our sales
points and in all our processes.
In April, we started using it,
integrated with manufacturing and
supply. We use Nebim V3 at every
point in all the processes of our
brand from its manufacturing, its raw
material, to its sales.”
Şengöz, who mentioned the
importance of controlling the
balance in the cost center usage, as
well as presentation of the data to
the management in a report, after
being compared and checked,
indicated that Nebim V3 supported
them on this matter. Şengöz said,
“We can say that we were saved
from pages of trial balance, thanks to
Nebim V3. We managed to distribute
the costs of departments, such as
finance, human resources,
administrative affairs, which we call
the Back office within our
headquarters, and where we follow
up on the costs of the points-of-sale
at our headquarters, our stores and
our branches separately, to these
departments, taking their share from
the revenue of the sales points with
the properly assigned ratio. Looking
at the items to be distributed, we
were able to allocate them
automatically, based on the turnover
or the cost of the goods sold,
depending upon how we would like
to have it, also indicating the subbreakdowns of the cost centers
located in our headquarter offices.
We detailed all the sales, the
turnovers, the expenses, and the
expense portions that those points
receive from the headquarters by
creating a cost center hierarchy
structure.” Şengöz talked about
another project that increased the
productivity on the financial side and
summarized, “All our bank
transactions, such as money orders,
electronic funds transfers, depositing
money, withdrawing money, are run
through Nebim V3. We integrated
the sales by the POS used at our
sales points with Nebim V3. We can
check whether there are any
mistakes in the bank commission
amount, or the service charges, by
comparing the future and past POS
revenues and creating reports to
present to management.”
Şengöz, who finally mentioned
another project that is very
important for Dagi, shared the
details, “Account aging and closing
off debts and receivables was a very
important project for us. We can
obtain the past and the future
balance of the customer's term in
detail, and cumulatively, with the
aging report. This way, our
colleagues, both in the finance and
marketing departments, can check
this report to see when the term of
the collection from the customer is
due and when the past term was,
separately and in detail. During
audits, when the auditors ask us for
reports, we can create them in
Nebim V3, instead of in Excel, and
very easily present them.”
CRM and The Importance of
Knowing The Customer From
North Atlantic
The second part of Nebim Planet
started with the presentation called
“CRM and The Importance of
Knowing The Customer in Retail” by
Kerem Topuz, the Managing Partner
of North Atlantic, which is a
consultancy firm in the field of CRM.
Topuz defined CRM as an approach
to understand the impact of a
customer's behavior and how to
increase the company's value by
understanding the value of the
customer base. Topuz underlined the
fact that, it is important to create the
maximum value out of each
customer for “customer share”, just
as it is important to create the
maximum value out of each product
for market share. Topuz then laid out
the roadmap for retail companies,
describing how to make the
transition to a customer-focused
structure. Topuz, who mentioned
that customers first need to be
observed, understood, and
segmented, later talked about the
planning and the management of
announcements and the necessity to
differentiate in terms of services, as
well as products.
Nebim Product Manager, Abdullah
Bekmezci, who took the floor
following Kerem Topuz's
presentation, shared with the
participants how Nebim V3 meets all
the requirements mentioned on the
roadmap for transition to the
customer-focused structure that
Topuz had recommended for retail
companies, and how companies can
implement CRM using Nebim V3 in
his presentation titled, “CRM with
Nebim V3”.
Nebim V3's Integration with
VeriFone VPlatform
VeriFone Retail Solutions Sales
Director Neda Seçkin talked about
“The Integration of the Verifone
VPlatform Solution with Nebim V3”.
Seçkin, who started her presentation
by first telling about VeriFone and
the mutual POS systems, talked
about the operational advantages of
VPlatform on discarding POS
pollution, preventing cashier
mistakes, and increasing operational
productivity. Next, Seçkin touched
upon the financial advantages of
Nebim Product Manager Abdullah
Bekmezci, who took the floor
following Seçkin's presentation,
where she introduced VPlatform,
shared the details of how Nebim V3
is integrated with VeriFone
VPlatform with the participants.
Nebim Manufacturing at Sarar
Next, Nebim Manufacturing Manager
Yılmaz Akgül gave a detailed
presentation on Nebim's
manufacturing software solutions.
Yılmaz Akgül mentioned that Sarar,
one of the leading companies in
menswear, started using Nebim's
manufacturing solutions in four
plants and shared with the
participants that in the implemented
project there are processes
regarding collection planning, fabric
planning, barcoded production
follow-up, retail integration,
production productivity, and the
integration of operations abroad.
Nebim Planet 2013 ended with the
closing cocktail party.
You can watch Nebim Planet event videos by scanning the square barcode.
Nebim Planet Video Summary
From The 2011 Nebim V3 Launch To Today
Sedat Taşçı, Nebim General Coordinator
Nebim V3 Product Strategy
Murat Demiroğlu, Nebim Executive Board Member
Nebim V3 ERP in Orka Group
Burhan Çamlıca, Orka Group CFO
Nebim V3 CPM –Merchandise Planning
Özlem Tektaş Çelikkanat, İpekyol Supply Chain Director
Onur Tusa Baykal, İpekyol Retail Director
E-trade Web Site Integrated with Nebim V3 ERP at İpekyol
Şevket Süreyya Çelikkanat
Product Management and Retailing Abroad
with Nebim V3 ERP from Süvari
Erkan Arslan, Süvari Product Management Expert
The Knacks of Data Management in Retail
Cem Mergen, Consultant
İpekyol Information Technologies and Logistics Director
Finance Management and Accounting with
Nebim V3 ERP at Dagi
Vedat Şengöz, Dagi Accounting Deputy Manager
CRM in Retail and The Importance Of
Knowing The Customer from North Atlantic
Kerem Topuz, North Atlantic Managing Partner
Integration of Nebim V3 with VeriFone VPlatform
Neda Seçkin, VeriFone Retail Solutions Sales Director
Nebim Met Its Solution
Partners in Antalya
Nebim, one of the leading ERP software providers for retail,
wholesale and manufacturing companies in Turkey, held its
annual Solution Partners Summit in Antalya this year.
from nebim
“Into the Future Through Progress and Growth”
This year, “Nebim 2013 Solution Partners Summit” was
held in Antalya, February 28th through March 2nd. During
the summit, Nebim, the most preferred software
provider for ready-wear apparel, footwear, chain and
multi-level eyewear merchandisers, assessed the results
for 2012 and shared its 2013 plans with the solution
partners and authorized vendors.
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
Using the slogan “Into the Future
through Progress and Growth”, the
event was kicked off with
presentations given by Nebim
executives, where they shared
Nebim's strategy and product road
maps. The recent developments in
Nebim V3, new methods in project
implementation and Nebim's new
support system were some of the
subjects discussed in panels, which
were then followed by Q&A sessions.
The last day of the summit was filled
with the excitement of the awards
ceremony. The solution partners
received awards from the Nebim
executives based on their
performance in 2012 in categories
such as sales performance, project
success and productivity. In his
opening speech for the summit,
Nebim General Coordinator Sedat
Taşçı first assessed the 2012 results
and then talked about the state of
Nebim V3 and the growth targets for
2013. Later, Taşçı congratulated the
newest members of the Solution
Partners family: Badel (Konya),
Moliorus (Russia) and Yorka
(Denizli). Other topics of the summit
were Nebim's vision, which took
shape with the 2011 launch of
Nebim V3, the ERP solution, and the
company's targets for 2015-2020.
In his presentation on this subject,
Nebim Executive Board Member
Murat Demiroğlu stated that
Nebim V3 is increasingly becoming
popular since its introduction and an
exemplary point was reached
together with the Solution Partners.
Demiroğlu assessed the market and
the trends in technology and
discussed Nebim V3's target market
and its growth strategy for
2010-2020. Demiroğlu, while talking
about the 2015 growth strategy
studies done by Nebim, urged the
Solution Partners to build
technologically skilled teams who
emphasize a customer-centered
approach. One of the other
important subjects in Demiroğlu's
presentation was the road map for
Nebim's support services.
In the session held by Nebim ERP
Project Implementation Director
Volkan Yıldırım the details on some
projects completed by Nebim and its
Solution Partners in transitioning to
Nebim V3 and the new support
platform NebimExtra were shared.
from nebim
The summit continued with Nebim
General Coordinator Sedat Taşçı's
presentation, where he shared some
of the processes and talked about
his experiences. Taşçı pointed out
that Nebim's approach, which
targets client satisfaction and
productivity in all phases, from initial
contact through after-sales support,
is widely recognized and used
successfully by all the Solution
Partners. Then he reviewed the road
map related to the new sales support
platform that Nebim is currently
implementing to provide better
support for Solution Partners, and
the training/certification programs.
The second day of the summit
brought discussion of the support
processes for the highly anticipated
new support platform, NebimExtra,
and the Nebim V3 implementation
methodologies. Final presentations
of the summit were given by ERP
Product Manager Abdullah
Bekmezci, ERP/CPM Senior Analyst
Çağrı Güngör, and Manufacturing
Projects Manager Yılmaz Akgül.
In these presentations, the most
outstanding features of Nebim V3
were shared with the participants.
The Nebim Solution Partners Summit
2013, where the Solution Partners
found some time outside of the
sessions to enjoy themselves and
meet the newest members of the
Nebim network family, ended with a
entertaining gala dinner and an
awards ceremony.
During the Solution Partners Summit, Nebim trained all of its solution partners
on the new support service NebimExtra before the launch.
Nebim offers faster and better
quality service to its users thanks to
“NebimExtra” which contains the
version updates and the support
services of the software. With the
NebimExtra, effectuated on April 1,
2013, Nebim users can obtain the
up-to-date versions of the licensed
Nebim V3 and Winner software as
well as receive online support,
support over the telephone, or
one-to-one support at their
companies. Thus, they can
implement their new business
processes in an agile manner by
increasing the productivity they
obtain from Nebim software.
Different NebimExtra contract
options are offered depending on
the editions of the licensed Nebim
software and the service level
selections of the companies.
Companies with a NebimExtra
contract can do the following based
on their contract type:
• They can reach the new versions of
the licensed software,
• They can receive support online or
over the call center,
• Receive one-to-one support at
their companies from support
• They can measure the productivity
they obtain from the software
thanks to the Nebim Productivity
Assessment service and plan
activities to increase productivity,
• They can attend the Nebim Basic
User Training free of charge.
In order to obtain further information
on NebimExtra, please either visit
www.nebim.com.tr/nebimextra and
download the “NebimExtra Leaflet”
and the “Frequently Asked
Questions On NebimExtra” or obtain
information from your Account
Executive or Support Consultant.
Successful Partners were Awarded
In the awards ceremony, Nebim Solution Partners
received awards from Nebim executives for their
2012 performance in various categories, such as
sales performance, successful project
implementation and productivity.
Sales Performance Category
•Turkey's Highest Sales Performance
Nebim Platinum Solution Partner NBM
•Turkey's Second Highest Sales Performance
Nebim Aegean Region Gold Solution Partner Giltaş
•Turkey's Third Highest Sales Performance
Nebim Gold Solution Partner Turkuaz Consultancy
• Nebim Gold Solution Partner Başarı
• Nebim Gold Solution Partner Verimsoft
• Nebim Gold Solution Partner Birikim
• Nebim Antep Region Gold Solution Partner Detay
• Nebim Silver Solution Partner Fleksoft
• Nebim Antalya and Cyprus Region Gold Solution
Partner Ekim
• Nebim Silver Solution Partner Delta
• Nebim Silver Solution Partner CMT
Best Project
Best Performance Category
• Nebim Gold Solution Partner Turkuaz
• Nebim Gold Solution Partner Verimsoft
• Nebim Silver Solution Partner Fleksoft
• Nebim Russia Silver Solution Partner Moliorus
• Nebim Gold Solution Partner Başarı
• Nebim Silver Solution Partner Basepro
SMS Prize
NebimExtra Best Performance
• Nebim Aegean Region Gold Solution Partner Giltaş
• Nebim Gold Solution Partner Turkuaz
• Nebim Aegean Region Gold Solution Partner Giltaş
• Nebim Platinum Solution Partner NBM
• Nebim Silver Solution Partner Onat
from nebim
Don’t Be Late For Change
Sedat Taşçı
Nebim General Coordinator
According to us, a new age began
following the Nebim V3 launch we
realized in April 2011. In this important
period, we continue to grow with very
important attainments. We serve with a
human resource of over 450 people with
more than 60 Solution Partners, including
the ones located abroad. We concluded
the first six months of 2013 with a 30%
growth compared to the same period of
the previous year. We estimate this
growth to increasingly continue in the
second six-month period. Nebim V3 ERP,
which parametrically contains the primary
and important needs of many industries,
increases the competitive dominance and
profitability of companies by maintaining
its specialty as the most comprehensive
ERP that can be implemented most
rapidly, within the industries it has
specialized on. Nebim V3, launched with
four different editions, appeals to
companies in different segments thanks
to its edition flexibility and structure.
The company can begin with a certain
extent of coverage and increase this
coverage depending on its evolving and
changing structure, thanks to the modular
structure besides edition flexibility.
We continue to form increasingly
productive collaborations by providing
companies with the right content and a
project approach, which targets the right
effective date according to this content.
In terms of industries, with Nebim V3, we
are rapidly advancing in apparel,
footwear and sports, home textile
(dowery), carpet, furniture, electronic,
optical sunglasses, gifts, and accessories
a well as many different industries.
We have formed collaborations with over
400 companies in different segments
with Nebim V3.
When we look at the apparel industry, an
important growth in demands was
recorded as a result of the constant
development and retailification taking
place during the last years. When we look
deeper into the apparel industry; we have
initiated the Nebim V3 collaboration with
many valuable brands in the fields of
women's wear, men's wear, casual wear,
underwear, and children's wear. Brands
such as Arzu Kaprol, Doğuş Perakende
Grubu, Herry, İpekyol-Twist-Machka,
Kayra, Sassofono, Waggon, Yargıcı in
women's wear; Bilsar, Damat Tween, DS
Damat, İmza, Suv
̈ ari, Tudors in men's
wear; ARC, Delfin, Lee Cooper, Levfu,
Maraton, Sportime in casual wear; Çimpa,
Dagi, Donella, Koray, Miss Clarire, Özkan
Tekstil in underwear; B&G Store, Hello
Baby and Woody in children's wear, stand
out in our collaborations. When we look
at the other industries; we have
established collaborations with many
valuable companies such as Altın Yatak,
Aslı Bisiklet, Deriden, Derimod, Evkur,
Karınca, Kristal Kola, New Balance, Opak
Optik, Özcan Aydınlatma, Polaris, Royal
Halı, Shiseido, Sunglass Hut, Vepa62, and
Yells. Moreover, our structuring also
continues abroad. The brands Bosca
Fashion Groupa and Waggon in Russia;
Inglot and Enjoyment in Azerbaijan;
Gaylan Group in Iraq; Prestige in
Germany; Fellini in Ukraine have kicked
off active usage and their projects with
Nebim V3 continue.
As Nebim and Solution Partners, we
enable companies to prepare for today
and the future by further strengthening
their business processes and software
infrastructures. The transition into an
environment, where companies can carry
out their product planning in detail and
manage these plans at every moment
during the operations with the Nebim V3
planning vision, increases profitability.
Multi-lingual and multi-currency
environments have made it possible to
momentarily track and locally use the
offices and stores abroad. Within
applications, functions that have very
important roles in product management,
such as allocation, product completion,
and automatic intra-store transfer,
increase productivity in logistics and the
overall profitability. Efficiency has
excelled to a higher level with detailed
campaign management and more
expeditious and more flexible structures
have formed. Thanks to Active Data
Warehouse, and Business Intelligence,
analyses at the desired depth are possible
management vision
with default KPIs and with default dashboards
it is possible to orient many user groups
efficiently and rapidly. Many functions similar
to these take productivity to the highest level
for companies. Adjustments are made
according to the company's structure using
the parametric infrastructures and the active
usage of the software is kicked off very rapidly
with the fast implementation techniques.
Thanks to the Implementation methodology
further developed within the last period, the
projects are offered in a central structure so
that Nebim and the Solution Partners can track
their teams in the best way possible. Thus, a
system which ensures the quality of a project
and enables it to kick off active usage on time
is formed. Appropriate target dates are
assigned to the project depending on its
coverage and the compliance with these
calendars are audited. In addition, actions are
taken in order to increase the success rate in
achieving the targets aimed within the project.
We serve thousands of companies with our
Solution Partners. Each passing day, we further
increase the productivity with expert personnel
and fast implementation techniques. As Nebim
and Solution Partners, we combine our
industry experience with our software in order
to perfect the companies' business processes.
Hundreds of projects have come to life with
Nebim V3 thanks to Nebim's longstanding
history and the experienced staff it has
combined with its Solution Partners. We thank
both our customers and our Solution Partners
for their cooperation on this matter.
In order to work more productively with our
Solution Partners, we continue to increase our
coordination and information sharing through
the NPN (Nebim Partner Network) portal,
which we share online. This structure increases
our productivity in providing our Solution
Partners with all kinds of documentation,
information flow, and technical briefing.
We continuously improve our training quality
by determining the service levels with the
existing NAE (Nebim Application Expert)
certificate system. We aim to increase our
expertise in every field with new teams and
new certificate systems. In February, we had a
successful Solution Partners meeting in
Antalya. With this meeting, we are
synchronized in terms of information sharing
and future plans.
Nebim achieved another important milestone
on April 1st. Our Winextra portal, which has
been serving Nebim users for many years, is
completely renewed and now has a brand new
structure named NebimExtra. Nebim's
NebimExtra system, which functions integrated
with Nebim V3 ERP, offers an efficient
infrastructure to both the thousands of Nebim
users and Nebim teams as well as the Solution
Partners. With the new structure, we have
designed the error and request management,
which we used to call Reference, much more
efficiently and measurably in the new system,
calling it Case management. The Nebim users
whom we are in cooperation with can receive
the fastest and the most efficient service in line
with their company structure and service levels
-SLAs (Service Level Agreement)- determined
by their contract types. Users now have the
possibility to receive privileged and efficient
service with the error and request levels which
they can determine as they manage their
cases. Our trainings on the usage of
NebimExtra and our work to add on new
functions continue.
Many companies which are included in
Turquality and the Brand support program
benefit from Nebim software and services.
As Nebim and Solution Partners, we are now
among the accredited firms that are important
to the companies which benefit from the
support within the frame of Tuquality.
Many of our Solution Partners are also within
Turquality's pool of accredited firms with their
consultancy services. Growing market
economy and novelties in many fields such as
e-invoice or e-book are the driving force for
the change and the development of software.
We are now entering an important and intense
period that requires care because of these
matters. It is crucial that companies make their
plans regarding these changes and
transformations and adapt to this important
transformation with the necessary human
I wish to thank all Nebim users and Solution
Partners for their cooperation.
Warm regards...
from nebim
Investment in Technology and Human
Recourses to Ensure Profitability and Growth
There are certain conditions to being
successful in software projects. First of all,
both the company that has developed the
software and the company that will
receive the service need to create the
appropriate human resources according to
the project's scale. In addition, there must
be managers responsible for coordination
on both sides. In the project meetings
held, changes in computer hardware,
training dates, implementation steps, key
user trainings must be clearly and
accurately written down on the project
plan and this plan must be followed
through as much as possible. The most
important issue to be aware of throughout
the process is the training of the human
resource of the company that will receive
the service. Success in these trainings
means the project will be productive once
live use is kicked off.
In today's world, competition is increasing
in almost every industry. The increase in
competition and the abundance and
variety of companies and products
decrease profitability. Companies which
would like to leap forward in this process
Serkan Yalçın must create customer loyalty, calculate
their costs correctly, analyze their stocks
Ankara Regional Coordinator
accurately, and most importantly, make
the right decisions swiftly. It is mandatory
to find the software that is appropriate for
the industry and to implement it to be
able to conduct all these tasks and
analyses correctly. As Nebim, we continue
to emphasize the productivity concept
with this awareness. Our project and
certificate trainings have been continuing
within the last year in the Ankara Region
and the Affiliate Business Partners. Our
Affiliate Business partners have received
their Nebim V3 certificates for the
determined levels. These days, they are
about to complete their expertise trainings
on each application. We aim to take our
customers' project productivity and
human resources trainings to the highest
level with continuous trainings we will be
giving. In line with this objective, the
training for a different application is given
in our training hall every week and the
applications are presented with examples.
Our customers who have NebimExtra can
attend these trainings free of charge.
Our negotiations with Ankara Textile
Manufacturers' Association, of which we
have been a member since the beginning
of 2013, continue in order to organize joint
trainings on the topics of retail,
manufacturing processes, business
analyses. We aim to provide expertise
trainings to our peers who work in
different departments in our companies in
Ankara on the segments they are related
to, and to share our experience with them.
In addition, our negotiations continue in
order to organize the trainings which we
have initiated at different universities in
Istanbul, also in Ankara. In a short while,
trainings will start in several universities in
Ankara as well.
I thank our regional Business Partners
located in Ankara, Samsun, Konya, Kayseri,
Trabzon, Eskişehir and Van, for their
attendance and their assiduity for the
training process. Recently, we have been
receiving e-mails and phone calls
requesting to join the Nebim family and
become our business partner from almost
every region of Turkey. Let's announce
here that we consider each application
seriously and we aim to further strengthen
our Distribution Channel structure in this
Our corporate companies located in
Ankara have rapidly started their Nebim
V3 projects. Our objective is to transfer all
of our customers who have been using
Winner for the last 10-12 years to the
Nebim V3 platform and enable them to
benefit from the advantages, the speed
and the technology of Nebim V3.
Therefore, we aim to render our
companies more profitable, faster, and
more productive. Within this context, we
categorized Nebim V3 applications
separately for corporate companies, SMEs,
and small enterprises. Today, Nebim V3
can be used at a very large scale, from an
enterprise with only one store to
companies that have 300-500 stores and
factories. It is fast on track to become the
leading software of Turkey with its
properties addressing the Furniture,
Optical, and Construction industries and
Data warehouse applications.
management vision
Your Are 1000 Steps Ahead With NebimExtra
Hello, we meet once again at Nebim
News. I made an assertive claim with my
headline “You are 1000 steps ahead with
the Nebim software”. The reason I write
such a headline is our sincerity in our
understanding of support and service
and our endless efforts to render our
expert human resources more
productive by using all the instruments
that technology provides. On April 1,
2013, we brought into use our new
support portal NebimExtra for our
customers and Solution Partners.
NebimExtra support portal offers many
novelties when compared to Winextra.
The philosophy behind NebimExtra can
be summarized with the headline “Extra
speed, extra productivity, extra
profitability!” which has been used for
years by Nebim. NebimExtra contains
the services which enable companies
that use Nebim V3 or Nebim Winner to
be one-step ahead in competition and
increase their profitability by maximizing
the productivity they obtain from their
software. NebimExtra is the digital
lifeline between us and our customers.
We work in excitement to reinforce
Ahmet Coşanay customer productivity with our staff,
Nebim which has exceeded 100 people, and
Software Support Services Manager with our human resources of over 450
experts assigned at our Solution
Partners across Turkey. However, the
mind grease of the IT staff and users
working at our customers', who use our
software on the frontline, count just as
much as our efforts. Your contributions
and assistance will continue to increase
our strength. The Version Update and
Support Contract for Nebim Software is
the golden key to productivity and
speed at your company. Thanks to the
NebimExtra contract made for Nebim
V3 and Nebim Winner software, you will
obtain the up-to-date versions of the
licensed Nebim software, receive online
support, support over the phone, or
one-to-one support at your company for
your requests and questions, and thus,
put your new business processes into
effect in an agile manner by increasing
your productivity. We continuously
follow up on changes to legal framework
and add the necessary updates to the
new versions of our software.
For example, for the 2013-2014 period,
we are completing our work on the
developments regarding e-invoice,
e-book, TTK (Turkish Trade Act), and
TFRS (Turkish Financial Reporting
Standards) applications based on the
Tax Procedure Act. We are also
evaluating requests coming from our
users by observing technology and
business trends. We conduct R&D
accordingly and continuously add new
properties to the new versions of our
software. With the Nebim Extra
Executive user that will be assigned for
you by Nebim, you will be able to
connect to the NebimExtra portal and
open your own NebimExtra user
accounts. You can enable the users you
will authorize to record their questions
and requests and have their up-to-date
status regarding their requests tracked.
For emergency issues which cannot be
resolved over the phone or by remote
assistance, you can receive support at
your work place and have them resolved
in a short time. You can ensure that the
solution you anticipate is developed
accurately and rapidly by requesting
Nebim Support Consultants to provide
their services at your company location
regarding discount campaign
applications, SMS campaign preparation
work for special dates such as Mothers'
Day or holidays, the interpretation of
count differences, year-end transactions,
transactions to start a new database, tag
or report design, and many similar
processes. You can measure the
productivity you obtain from the Nebim
applications you use with the Nebim
Productivity Measurement, which will be
done by consultants who are experts on
Nebim software together with your key
users and you can thus determine your
needs, be it process optimization for the
software you are using, report
production or user training. In the
previous Nebim News issue, I had asked
“How Ready Are You For The Change?”.
The changes in Nebim V3 and Nebim
Winner software continue to turn our
heads. Our mission is to have you meet
the changes I mentioned above as soon
as possible.
Hope to meet again, goodbye...
from nebim
Nebim V3 Some Of Our New Projects
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Enterprise Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Enterprise Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Enterprise Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Enterprise Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Enterprise Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
some of our new projects
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Opak Optik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Enterprise Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Nebim V3
Enterprise Edition
Nebim V3
Standard Edition
Nebim V3
Advanced Edition
Orka Group CEO, Süleyman Orakçıoğlu:
“We have decided to proceed
with Nebim V3 ERP.”
Sul̈ eyman Orakçıoğlu, CEO of ORKA Group, shared with us their
reasons for preferring Nebim V3 ERP for their brands and companies
that are active in the field of retail, and the Nebim collaboration.
ORKA Group creates its own brands with %100 Turkish capital.
This young fashion center which has made a lifestyle out of fashion entered
the men's apparel and textile industry in 1986 with the DAMAT brand.
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
What has changed to date since you entered
the men's apparel industry with the DAMAT
brand in 1986?
We will celebrate our 30th year in three years. In 30
years, we have become a group that has stores in
important cities around the world as well as Turkey.
We were the first Turkish brand to be covered by
Italy's respected fashion magazine Uomo Collezioni.
We attended the most prestigious fairs abroad and
organized fashion shows. We dressed celebrities
from Turkey and from the world. Fifteen master
students from the world-famous London College of
Fashion, designed products for our collections. In
2011, we broke a new ground and held a fashion
show at the London Fashion Week, to which only
English brands attend. In 2012, in a one-to-one
consumer evaluation realized by the Council of
Shopping Centers in collaboration with Gfk across
Turkey, we were granted the “the most liked and
preferred brand” award in the men's wear category
as well as many other respected awards. We
continue to work and produce with our human
resources and technological infrastructure.
Could you talk about the collaboration process that
has been going on for many years with Nebim?
We have been using the Nebim retail application
since the first edition. In the retail industry, we need
to take rapid action regarding the changing and
evolving processes. Nebim has offered us fast and
quality service
on this matter
for many years.
Nebim retail
system has
grown and
developed with
us. As a
company, we
have also
contributed to
development of
Nebim's retail
You preferred Nebim V3 as the ERP solution for
your brands and companies that are active in the
retail industry. Could you tell us about your reasons
for preferring Nebim V3 in this period when your
domestic and international operations are
Nebim V3's country-adjustable structure,
multi-lingual support (data language and application
language), and enhanced retail experience
technologies comply with our objectives.
We have decided to proceed with Nebim V3 since
we think it is the application that produces the
highest added value for us.
Nebim V3 ERP in ORKA Group
Burhan Çamlıca, CFO of Orka Group that has been in
the process of implementation and transition to live
collaboration with Nebim for 17 years began his talk at
use.” Çamlıca mentioned that one needs to be in the
the Nebim Planet 2013 event by stating that
right place, at the right time, with the right
Orka Group selected Nebim V3 as the new
product and said, “We are taking a risk if we
ERP. Çamlıca said, “Orka Group, which
don't do these three things. For this to
consists of two brands, is a global brand
happen, many properties are required, e.g.
with 210 stores. As a brand with 2000
advanced reporting as well as the so-called
employees, we took our collaboration of
Merchandise Planning, meaning the
many years with Nebim one step further and
distribution, feeding, and transfer and
initiated the Nebim V3 ERP project.”
reporting of the products. The possibility to
Çamlıca, who underlined that Orka Group's
reach data instantly in mobile environments
relation with Nebim is more than that with a
and being able to compare it with the
supplier company, explained why they
previous year will enable us to manage our
preferred Nebim V3: “As a Turquality
business better.”
company, we had to take action in order to
Çamlıca, who also mentioned the
Burhan Çamlıca
maintain the growth and the acceleration in
importance of Nebim's understanding of
Orka Group CFO
international markets. Nebim V3
fast and flexible service for the Orka Group,
distinguished itself with the multiple
said, “The post-sales customer loyalty of the
languages, various local permissions obtained in
Nebim team and the fact that they took all our demands
different countries, and training opportunities it has as
into account, were very important to us. Within this
well as with the fact that it has assigned its own
context, we would like to extend our thanks to the
consultants with international collaborations. We saw
Nebim family for our 17-year-long collaboration which
that all these properties will be very advantageous in
we think will continue for many more years.”
Andoutdoor CEO, Yaşar Günaydın:
“Nebim V3 is a program that greatly
responds to our needs.”
services and at this point, we are
very happy with our choice.
Yaşar Günaydın
Andoutdoor CEO
We are a company that has been
trading as a wholesaler for 30 years.
Besides our import business process,
we are handling the distribution of
outdoor products and cold chain
products across Turkey. We have all
the segments in outdoor products.
Our organization comprises
industries such as mountaineering,
diving, swimming, skiing, hunting,
and fishing. We have a dealer
network all across Turkey. Besides
our outdoor products that cover all
the segments, we are also a supplier
of supermarkets. We are also
Turkey's leading company in the
field of containers for vaccines,
medicine, organ transfer and blood
transfer containers in the healthcare
We started working in collaboration
with Nebim with the Nebim V3
program. When we analyzed Nebim
V3 closely, we believed that it could
greatly respond to our needs. The
Nebim team with all its members
developed the program along our
requirements, always responding
positively to our requests. We were
especially successful regarding the
warehouse, shipment, and retail
As a company with different
business processes, we made
decisions that will take us forward
with Nebim V3.
Data is a very important concept for
us at Andoutdoor as it is for every
company. It was crucial for our
business processes to collect the
data, to make sense out of it, and to
draw accurate conclusions in the
light of this information obtained
from the data. As is known,
Andoutdoor comprises very different
functions in its organization. It is a
company that runs processes like
import, export, logistics,
merchandising, e-trade, and finance
together. As a company who
comprises different functions and
different processes, with Nebim V3,
we took a very important step
towards gaining a corporate identity.
Before the initiation of the Nebim V3
project, we had serious analyses and
discussions with the project team.
We became aware of ourselves as a
result of these analyses and got to
know our business processes closer.
With the data obtained from taking a
closer look to our company, we
managed to revisit our business
processes and make decisions that
will take us forward with Nebim V3.
We had a very industrious and
intense working environment. We
had a project room. We went
through significant processes with
Nebim and the Solution Partner
Oskar Software. We proceeded with
the information we obtained from
both Nebim's and Oskar Software's
proficient and expert teams and had
a successful project process.
Obtaining accurate data is the
greatest gain.
The greatest benefit Nebim V3
project has contributed to
Andoutdoor and can definitely do so
for other companies is the data
reporting process. In other words,
accessing the data fast, instantly,
and accurately has been a great
attainment for us.
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
Vice Chairman of Arzu Kaprol, Cem Kaprol:
“With the Nebim V3 campaign management,
we can manage our discount decisions instantly.”
Cem Kaprol
Vice Chairman of Arzu Kaprol
Cem Kaprol, Vice Chairman of Arzu
Kaprol, one of the leading brands in
luxury retail apparel and couture
wear in Turkey, talked about the
collaboration with Nebim, the
productive business processes they
have reached with Nebim V3, and
their growth objectives.
Could you tell us about the creation
process of the Arzu Kaprol brand?
Arzu Kaprol is a designer brand that
is present on both domestic and
international platforms in the areas
of luxury retail ready-to-wear and
couture clothing. In 1995, Arzu
Kaprol made a name for herself in
the fashion world with the many
prizes she won, especially the
prestigious Beymen Prize, and it is at
that time that she started promoting
the brand named after her. The
brand continues to grow since
signing a license contract in the area
of retail with the Turkish luxury
ready-to-wear group, Beymen. In
March 2013, Arzu Kaprol's Paris
office opened in Ru Saint-Honore.
Arzu Kaprol has also designed
clothes for dignitaries worldwide,
such as Meg Ryan, Kelly Rowland,
and Gisele Bundchen, with her
custom design Atelier Collection.
The brand, which has accelerated
domestic store establishment,
international sales, and promotional
activities since August 2012, has
eight stores and plans to reach 16
stores at different locations across
Turkey until the year 2015.
We can track turnover status
instantaneously with Nebim V3's
web turnover application. In
addition, we activated this
application for stores as well and
thus enabled all stores to track and
observe each other's turnovers.
Could you tell us about your
transition to Nebim V3 and its
contribution to your business
processes with three examples?
In order to keep pace with the
technological developments and to
be also successful in our new
projects in the upcoming periods, we
have decided that it would be the
right move to proceed with Nebim's
new ERP solution, the Nebim V3
software. In 2012, with the leadership
of Nebim Gold Solution Partner
Başarı Yazılım, we made a fast
transition to the live usage of Nebim
V3 with our eight stores. Arzu Kaprol
stores were not within our own
organization. In 2012, all the stores
were transferred to the Arzu Kaprol
management and and new stores
were opened. Thus, we included the
stores in the system with our
transition to Nebim V3. Our
transition to Nebim V3 from Nebim
Winner and the implementation
process went easier than we
planned. The store personnel could
adapt to the program very easily
thanks to Nebim V3's practical and
easy-to-understand POS screens.
How did you actualize the
promotions and campaigns you
conducted before Nebim?
Initially we did not have store
operations and; therefore, we did not
use Nebim V3 Campaign
Management. After starting our store
operations, we started the store
discount campaign and gift voucher
applications of Nebim V3. Now, we
can conduct discount management
at the headquarters with this
practical application. In the
upcoming period, we plan to start
the special customer card and
money points applications.
Could you tell us about your
expectations and objectives for
Nebim for the upcoming periods?
We follow Nebim's new solutions
and apply those which will increase
our productivity. Our objectives for
the upcoming periods are to enable
the headquarters and the stores to
follow up on products brought to the
stores for alterations with the
mid-term after-sales support module
and to use Nebim V3 effectively at
foreign sales locations.
B&G Store General Manager, Seyid Nebati:
“We chose Nebim V3 in order to better analyze our
customer relations and our product development as
well as to proceed in a result-oriented manner.”
Seyidullah Nebati, General Manager
of B&G, shared their growth and the
changes they have been through
within the last 13 years, the role of
Nebim solutions throughout this
change process, and their reasons
for preferring Nebim V3 ERP. B&G
started off in the year 2000 with the
objective to become Turkey's
longest-lasting children's wear brand
and to promote an approach that
gives primary importance to the
concept of design and quality. Along
with its collections Riccione, Frist
Line, Tyess, BG Baby ve Nebbati,
manufactured in-house, it brought
together the children's lines of
leading brands from the children's
segment of world fashion such as
Patrizia Pepe, Baby Graziella,
Broksfield, Bikkembergs, and Guess
Kids, under one roof.
In 2000, you started off with the
objective to become Turkey's
longest-lasting children's wear
brand. Can you inform us on the
B&G Store that has evolved and
changed throughout these 13 years?
Since our establishment in 2000, as
B&G Store we have achieved growth
and change in every field from
technological infrastructure to store
concepts, to the product range and
to our various brands. We are a
company that renews and changes
itself, grows, and continues to renew
every year in line with the requests
and expectations from our
B&G Store has become the leading
brand in the children's wear sector in
Turkey with the number of stores it
has reached, with the innovative
store concepts, and with the
successful brand strategy it has
demonstrated. Domestically, our
store number reached to 26 in
Istanbul, 7 in Ankara, and 6 in Izmir,
totaling 63. In September 2013, we
plan to open the Carrefour Maltepe,
Ankara Next Lavel, and Antakya
Palladium stores.
You have been in collaboration with
Nebim for years. Where are Nebim
solutions in this process of 13-year
growth and change?
Our collaboration with Nebim
enabled us to control and audit all
our business processes online. The
contribution of Nebim solutions is
immense in our controlled growth
and achievement of becoming a
store chain. When you proceed in a
controlled manner, you can take
healthy and accurate decisions. You
can plan your business processes
and set goals accordingly. Thanks to
Nebim, we have been able to ensure
this control in our business
processes for years.
You took your collaboration with
Nebim one step forward and
selected the Nebim V3 ERP solution.
Could you talk about your reasons
for choosing Nebim V3 ERP?
We chose Nebim V3 ERP to be able
to serve our customers faster in line
with their expectations, to make
accurate analyses, to make
accurate decisions, to ensure
Istanbul-centered control following
our investments abroad, to better
analyze our customer relations and
our product development – in brief,
to be able to proceed in a resultoriented manner. When selecting an
ERP program, and especially while
Seyid Nebati
B&G Store General Manager
implementing it, the team you are
working with matters as much as or
maybe more than the solution itself.
Throughout this process, we grasped
once more that working in harmony
with the team and being together
with solution-oriented people is very
important. Within this context,
I would like to thank the whole
Nebim team who supported us in our
work for their constructive approach.
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
Bella Tekstil CEO, Mehmet Batur:
“We prefer Nebim that is the leading
company in the retail industry.”
Bella Textile CEO Mehmet Batur
talked about the collaboration with
Nebim Silver Solution Partner, their
reasons for selecting Nebim, the
transition to Nebim V3, and the
adaptation process.
Thanks to the intense attention and
support of Nebim and their Silver
Solution Partner Fleksoft, at the end
of four weeks, we started making
sales out of our store as if we had
been in the retail business for years.
It is our company principle to work
with leader companies
Woody became Belgium's most
popular home and sleep fashion
manufacturer. In 2010, we made a
decision to focus on Woody
completely instead of manufacturing
for other companies and different
brands. At this point, we added the
retail industry next to our
manufacturing arm. We made some
research while entering the industry
and we saw that Nebim is the
leading company in the industry.
It is our company principle to work
with leader companies. This is valid
for raw material purchases and
machinery purchases as well.
Therefore, we preferred Nebim as
our solution partner after meeting
them. During this period, we were
told that the implementation of such
integrated systems would take about
four to five months. However,
because of our tight schedule, we
only had four weeks.
We Went Live In Four Weeks
Thanks To Nebim V3's Easy And
Flexible Structure
We preferred Nebim V3 for two
reasons. First, the solution it offers
for the future; second, its easy and
flexible interface. While Nebim V3
offers menus tailored for the user as
a package, it also has a flexible
structure that easily adapts to the
specific structure of each company.
We couldn't have made the
transition in a period of time as short
as four weeks if the program did not
have these two properties.
There are a lot of modules designed
for the retail industry inside Nebim
V3. Reporting is one of them. Every
company would like to do reporting
in a tailored way that complies with
its own structure. We achieved this
with the Data Warehouse.
Reporting is a task that scares most
companies and departments off.
However, with the Nebim V3 Data
Warehouse, even someone with very
Mehmet Batur
Bella Tekstil CEO
little knowledge on computers can
easily make out productive reports.
In my opinion, the investment that
pays off the fastest in the world is
software. It takes a team that will
understand it and a strong business
partner who will provide this
solution. As Woody, we achieved
this with Nebim V3.
Cebir Textile CEO, Celal Kaya:
“Our business processes gained speed
thanks to Nebim.”
Celal Kaya
Cebir Tekstil CEO
Maraton conducts all the necessary
manufacturing activities either within
its own organization or in
collaboration with subcontractors,
upon completing the cutting and the
sorting operation at its in-house
cutting department.
The company serves its customers in
Russia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine,
Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, and Czech
Republic with its personnel of over
100 people and expanding machine
park. Celal Kaya, CEO of Cebir
Textile, whose customer profile
consists of men's sportswear
shoppers, evaluated the business
processes, the effect of shopping
centers on the business, their
transition to ERP and the
implementation process, the project
process conducted with Nebim, and
the advantages Nebim provides
them with.
Our business processes got easier
with Nebim
Regarding Nebim products and
services, Cebir Textile CEO Celal
Kaya said, “Our ERP project with
Nebim started in August 2011. Since
2011 to date, we have been actively
using Nebim's V3 Production
Planning Applications within our
organization. Nebim solutions are
used all across our production
planning center and all our stores.
As Cebir, we can say that thanks to
Nebim we were freed from the Excel
tables prepared as a result of long
periods of work and many timeconsuming details. We can now
obtain our company's production
planning and and the subcontractor
tracking with one touch from
production planning.”
We receive constant support and
training from Nebim Experts
Cebir Textile CEO Celal Kaya
continued “Thanks to our
collaboration with Nebim Silver
Solution Partner Oskar Software, two
sessions a week, we receive on site,
on-the-instant and constant support
and training from the experts. When
necessary, Nebim Silver Solution
Partner Oskar Software attends our
regular weekly meetings and we
exchange opinions. Thus, we
immediately and rapidly resolve any
problem or conflict that arises. We
can make fast decisions based on
healthy data.”
Celal Kaya added, “ERP transition
happens to be a tough period for
every company. We also worked
very hard to bring Nebim V3
Production Planning into action.
During the process, we came across
a lot of resistance from the inside.
However, with the support and the
solution-oriented approach provided
by Nebim and its Silver Solution
Partner Oskar Software, we
successfully completed our ERP
transition in all our stores and at our
Maraton with its stores in Laleli,
Merter, and in Poland makes a
special effort using different
campaigns so that its sales will not
be effected negatively.
The rapid increase in shopping
centers also effects Maraton
Kaya, who evaluated the increase in
shopping centers in the industry,
said “Every passing day, new
shopping centers are opening. Just
as the opening of great numbers of
new shopping centers has an impact
on the whole retail industry, there is
an impact on Maraton Apparel as
well. However, if you manage your
business processes in a planned and
controlled manner, you can minimize
the negative aspects of this impact.
Nebim and our collaborator Silver
Solution Partner Oskar Software
have an immense effect on this.”
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
Dagi Deputy General Manager, Şeniz Katgı:
“From production to retail, we continue
to grow in all our processes with Nebim V3.”
Şeniz Katgı, Deputy General Manager
of Dagi, a leading brand in the field
of underwear, sleepwear,
sportswear, and swimwear, talked
about how they encountered Nebim
in 2008 as they were celebrating
their 25th year, why they needed an
ERP program, and the
implementation process. Katgı
mentioned that the growing volume
and the increase in business
processes caused their transition to
a structure that could respond to
their data requirements faster and
said that they preferred Nebim
considering Nebim's experience in
the industry.
Could you tell us about the creation
process of the Dagi brand?
Dagi took its first steps in the
apparel industry in 1983. Those steps
had big echoes. Dagi was ahead of
the times with its character, the
quality and capacity of production,
the design approach, the marketing
skills - in short, with all the brand
dynamics. Maybe that is why, for the
first 10 years, it was perceived as a
foreign brand. Even within its own
industry, there was confusion about
its origins. In time, it all got clear and
everyone accepted it. Dagi
celebrated its 25th year in 2008,
acclaiming its leadership in the men's
and women's underwear, sleepwear,
sportswear, and swimwear market.
8000 square meters of confined
space was restructured to include
production. The raw materials used
in the products were changed. We
have 40 stores and 17 consignment
dealers in our organization.
When did Nebim and Dagi cross
In the year 2008, while celebrating
our 25th year, we started searching
for software according to our
development. Our paths crossed
with Nebim, who has trustable
experience in the industry, during
this search period in 2008. Our
collaboration first started off with
Nebim Manufacturing and Supply
Management applications.
You are one of the first companies
to start using the Nebim V3
software. Could you tell us about
the Nebim V3 implementation at
Dagi was rapidly getting stronger by
the year 2008 so the growing
business volume and the increase in
business processes required us to
adopt an integrated structure that
could rapidly meet our data needs.
We decided that the software that
could best meet these needs was the
new ERP solution, Nebim V3, by
Nebim, with whom we were already
in collaboration. So our collaboration
with Nebim V3 started in December
With Nebim V3, we are now able to
distribute the expenses to all the
units and stores with the ratios we
have previously defined.
As Dagi, we know that campaigns
greatly matter in wholesale sales
processes. What do you think about
Nebim V3's property that enables
you to define different campaigns
for your wholesale, retail and your
personnel with its flexibility in
campaigns – and about this system?
The fact that the retail campaign
defining property of Nebim V3
software is customer-focused and
that it has a flexible structure
enables us to simultaneously run
different campaigns in the system.
Therefore, we can make sure that the
campaigns conducted independently
from users in sales transactions are
automatically implemented
With the Nebim V3's business
partner structure, what sorts of
benefits did the online follow-up of
your consignment points of sale
provide you and your consignment
companies with?
Thanks to the structure of the
consignment sales channel, the
follow-up on the sales-stock and
campaigns and the systematic
management of these systems
render our company and our
consignment sales channels
productive. At this point, the
Nebim V3 software further develops
its infrastructure to provide us with
advanced solutions and continues to
do so.
What kind of a system did you
establish to manage your company
expenses? What contribution did
Nebim V3 cost centers structure
have on your processes in terms of
managing your costs?
With Nebim V3, we are now able to
distribute the expenses to all the
units and stores with the ratios we
have previously defined. This way,
we can see our profitability more
realistically. We defined cost centers
for the headquarter offices, for
production, and for the stores, using
the Cost Center Distribution
Hierarchy property of Nebim V3.
All expense items were defined to
the relevant levels in the cost center
hierarchy created and so we are now
able to to make detailed analyses.
We can define direct costs within the
relevant cost center itself as well as
divide indirect costs between
headquarters departments and then
between points of sale. This way we
can create more realistic cost and
profitability reports for the cost
At what level can you follow up on
your financial payables and
receivables with Nebim V3?
What do you do regarding the
balance risk management?
With the help of the Automatic
Payable-Receivable Clearance
application within the Nebim V3
program, we can match the
payments made and the collections
with the current accounts correctly
and rapidly. Also we can follow up
on the results with the Aging Report
developed specifically for us.
Could you tell us about the
properties that are most
advantageous to you when you
compare Nebim V3 with the
software you used before
transferring to Nebim V3?
Nebim V3 provides us with many
benefits. When we evaluate the
period before Nebim V3, we can talk
about the flexibility in campaigns
which we also mentioned in the
previous questions. With the help of
this application and this flexibility,
we can now define separate
campaigns for wholesale, retail, and
personnel, which we could not do
before. Another novelty that comes
with Nebim V3 is that we are now
able to transfer data from the banks
in excel or as text into the Nebim V3
program without any problems with
the help of the Receive Data on
Incoming Pos Revenue application.
Another application that we benefit
from is the Reporting Methods. We
can make changes in the reports in
terms of defined authorized users
and design. This way, we do not
experience the data pollution we
used to have before and we are able
to report only the information
required. On top of these, with the
Pivot reporting method, we can
break into detail and summarize the
information we choose in the
breakdowns we want using the “drag
and drop” method. We can develop
custom-made reports as well.
Another beneficial application is
Nebim V3 CPM. With the help of this
application, we use different key
performance indicators with the
reporting from the data warehouse
method and create reports that help
decision-making. At the same time,
with the Nebim Business Intelligence
Application we can adapt different
Dashboards designed for different
user roles such as stores coordinator,
product manager, and store
manager to our company.
With the help of these dashboards,
we can compare the set target with
the actual data from the previous
year and take timely precautions.
In addition to these, the Nebim V3
Mobile Turnover application is
another one that I and our store
coordinators often use and benefit
Could you tell us about your
expectations and objectives
regarding Nebim for the upcoming
Conducting a value assessment
using budget management, planning,
and business intelligence
applications is among our plans
regarding Nebim within the
upcoming periods.
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
Erak Vice Chairman, Çetin Akay:
“The road to more productivity, more speed, and
better quality comes through the information
we obtain with Nebim.”
Çetin Akay, CEO of the Erak
company, which was established in
1984 and is among the top 500
companies in Turkey and
manufactures for many world
brands, talked about how their paths
crossed with Nebim and the
integrated structure they formed
with Nebim solutions. Akay indicated
that they have worked with many
software companies in line with the
needs of every department;
however, they started working with
Nebim with the aim to unite the
whole organization under a single
roof. Akay, who mentioned that they
must plan all the details very well
because of the competitive
conditions of Europe, said that they
can conduct this planning easily
thanks to Nebim.
Nebim Expedites Our Business
From A-Z
We worked with many software
companies in line with the
requirements of every department in
our company. We suffered from this.
We started off with Nebim in order
to unite the whole organization
under a single roof. In time, with the
contribution of Nebim as well, we
successfully built many details. We
currently see the positive impact of
the details we built, through the
production phases the most;
because time and quality are very
important factors in our condition.
Both of these factors are based on
the visibility of information in all
places. Being able to see and track
the location of a product is very
important for the person doing the
job. For example, the manufactured
product needs to be very well
analyzed during the washing phase.
However, where is the product? It is
not possible for the relevant person
to call each department one by one
in order to find these. A barcode
system is used to be able to see
these products on the system, find
their location, and track their count.
One can obtain information such as
when the product passed from each
department, how long and for what
reason it stayed there and why its
cost increased from its barcode. All
the information regarding a sewing
cost must be detailed down based
on a system, i.e. its beginning, its
end, the amount of time spent, the
manpower there. You can detect the
point you need to fix based on this
information. We achieved all this
system with Nebim. The only way to
more productivity, more speed, and
better quality comes through the
healthy information we obtain with
Nebim. If you take the right steps
with the accurate information, you
can get healthier results and work in
a happier manner with people. We
use Nebim from A-Z to be able to
execute business processes in an
integrated and correct manner.
Under the conditions in Europe
where there is a very competitive
environment, you must calculate and
plan everything very well. Acquiring
a job, assigning a price to that job
comes through the planning you will
do at the beginning. You must
calculate details like the entry and
production timing of a fabric
beforehand. The most important
strength of a manufacturing
company is manpower. This has
great impact on costs. As Erak, we
need to demonstrate that we will be
more productive by using
appropriate software and investing
in technology in the right way.
Making accurate calculations, correct
Çetin Akay
Erak Vice Chairman
planning of timing, buying materials
on time with advantageous prices,
calculating the financial burden of
that material, and similar calculations
need to be adapted to the system.
Thread consumption, material
consumption, their waste – none of is
found on manual reports. We use
Nebim to conduct the business fast –
to handle these aspects
appropriately and to provide good
service to the customer.
Hello Baby General Manager, Alper Taşçı:
“Nebim V3 constitutes a road map for companies
who are on their way to institutionalization.”
Alper Taşçı
Hello Baby General Manager
Alper Taşçı, General Manager of
Hello Baby, talked about the
developments, Europe's biggest
store with 5000 m2 which they
opened in 2012 in Istanbul, their
collaboration with Nebim Solution
Partner Giltaş, and the benefits of
Nebim V3. Hello Baby offers its
clients a multi-brand structure in
children's wear from socks to
bedding, from toys to strollers.
We can now manage our products
more efficiently with the Nebim
Alper Taşçı, General Manager of
Hello Baby, an important brand in
the babies' and children's wear
industry, stated the following
regarding their first meeting with the
Nebim software: “Our first meeting
with Nebim software and our
collaboration with Nebim Aegean
Region Gold Solution Partner Giltaş,
date back to 2006. We felt the need
for a software that would improve
our business processes so that we
are able to keep up with the
constant growth and change in the
babies' and children's wear industry.
As a company with a wide variety of
products - from socks to bedding,
from toys to strollers in babies' and
children's wear for ages 0-8 - and a
multi-brand structure, we rapidly got
a grasp of our business processes
with the possibilities Nebim Winner
provided us with at that time and we
became capable of managing our
products efficiently.”
Since our transition from Nebim
Winner to Nebim V3, we can define
and manage our business processes
more efficiently.
Hello Baby runs all its business
processes on Nebim V3 since the
beginning of 2012. Talking about this
solution, Hello Baby General
Manager Alper Taşçı says, “We
continue on this journey that we
have started with Nebim Winner as
one of the first users of the
Nebim V3 software in Izmir. The
most important benefit that
Nebim V3 provides regarding our
business processes is that we can
now define our business processes
more clearly and implement them
more productively.” Taşçı adds, “One
of the most important properties of
Nebim V3 is that it offers a road map
for companies who are on their way
to institutionalization, that it is also a
user's guide – in other words, that it
is a solution which prepares a
systematical process infrastructure
for enterprises. With Nebim V3, we
can define the rules that are specific
to our enterprise in a very healthy
manner. These rules are not violated
and the new employees who join our
company have the opportunity to
learn and implement their jobs
rapidly as well as to quickly share the
information.” He expresses his ideas
by saying, “One of the most
important properties we use on
Nebim V3 is the 'Product Hierarchy'.
Thanks to this property, we grouped
our products just like we wanted.
Now I can interpret the reports I
want with the detail I want based on
these groups. This property also
prevents the coding mistakes which
cause us to make false assessments.
Since which product will be entered
with which property is preset with
the Product Hierarchy, mistakes are
annihilated and healthier information
has started to form. Another
advantage that Nebim V3 offers is
that we can make different product
groups by assigning them as many
class codes as we would like. Now
thanks to Nebim V3, I can organize
the reports according to the
properties I want and easily conduct
the analyses I would like. We can
better control our inventory with
Nebim V3.”
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
Justin Alexander Turkey Operation Director, Savaş Mazıcıoğlu:
“We continue to grow successfully thanks
to Nebim V3's flexible structure.”
The New York based brand Justin
Alexander has been contributing to
the bridal gown fashion with a
distinct line for 60 years and has
received the international “Bridal
Gown Award” in the “Best Pattern”
and “Best Design” categories. Justin
Alexander Turkey Operation Director
Savaş Mazıcıoğlu shared with us the
work they have conducted with
Nebim's ERP solution Nebim V3
since 2011 and the benefits Nebim V3
provides in domestic and
international business processes.
Could you tell us about Justin
Alexander's company profile and
brand portfolio?
Justin Alexander is a designer brand
born in the U.S.A. in the 1960's. We
have been representing Justin
Alexander, which is a prominent
bridal gown brand in the world, in
Turkey since 2007. Justin Alexander,
sold in approximately 50 countries mainly in the U.S.A. and Europe - at
3000 points of sale, is sold at Justin
Alexander stores and select retailers
in Turkey. The brand, that has been
targeting A and A+ target audiences
since 2011 in Turkey, has a total of
five stores, two stores in Istanbul
(Erenköy - Nişantaşı) and in Izmir,
Antalya, and Muğla. We aim to
increase this number reaching 10
stores by the end of 2015.
that there existed a program which
greatly met our needs. Thanks to
Nebim solution partner Giltaş, we
started working with Nebim V3 in
the middle of 2011 as the pilot
company of our own region. We
received support from Nebim's
powerful staff for the operations of
our headquarters and two stores.
Towards the end of the same year,
our infrastructure was ready upon
the completion of our collaborative
work with Nebim.
Could you tell us about the benefits
Nebim V3 provides your company
We experienced many benefits of
Nebim V3 being a multi-lingual ERP
program. With the units we
established abroad, we conducted
our work very easily in the product
supply and ordering phases of our
operation in Turkey. The program
has a very flexible structure. We
could easily track all the processes
of the product from its entry to
Turkey to its sales to the endcustomer with this flexible structure.
Thanks to the easy-to-understand
and practical pos screens of the
program, the store personnel could
very easily adapt to the program.
Moreover, thanks to V3 we enabled
all the stores to track each other's
turnovers and watch their targets.
Savaş Mazıcıoğlu
Justin Alexander Turkey Operation Director
What are your expectations from
Nebim V3 and your objectives for
the near future?
At the beginning of the work with
Nebim V3, our primary goal was to
achieve an swift structure to analyze
data that was accurate. We wish
henceforward to evaluate new
solutions by Nebim and to
incorporate them into our existing
Could you tell us about the initial
process of the collaboration with
Nebim? Based on which targets did
you select Nebim V3 and at what
point are you with reference to
these targets?
We realized that we needed to work
with a multi-lingual and multicurrency program due to the fact
that our company, established in
Turkey, has organic relations with
the management and production
center abroad. As a result of our
research, we found out that Nebim,
whose experience in the industry we
trust, had developed a new ERP
program named V3. Upon analyzing
its properties, we were glad to see
Karınca Founding Partner, Fus̈ un Eczacıbaşı:
“We saved time on stock follow-up, warehouse
management, and ordering processes with Nebim V3.”
Füsun Eczacıbaşı
Karınca Founding Partner
Having preferred Nebim V3 ERP with
the desire to achieve scale by
increasing the number of stores and
to see the Karınca company as a
widespread brand across Turkey,
Füsun Eczacıbaşı, Founding Partner
of Karınca, shared with us her
opinions on the competition within
the industry and the concept of
customer satisfaction.
Eczacıbaşı, who touched upon their
experience with Nebim V3, their
future plans, and the objectives they
have set, also made various
suggestions to business partners on
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Could you briefly inform us on
Karınca started its business life in
1995 as a company that designs
children's rooms. It drew attention as
a company that offers different
accessories to its customers besides
children's rooms.
Later, the accessory division that
developed in time built its own
identity. In the year 2002, the
accessories division exited the
children's rooms' division and
transformed into a business that
operates in independent stores.
us and we think we can meet these
requirements with Nebim.
What do the concepts of
competition and customer
satisfaction mean to you?
Since the first day we have
perceived customer satisfaction as
an element that could not be
compromised and we sincerely made
a point of this matter as much as
possible. As recent surveys indicate,
our customers are quite happy with
the difference our approach has
You use the Nebim V3 ERP software
at your company. In which of your
business processes is Nebim V3
most efficiently used?
Currently we benefit efficiently from
Nebim for accounting/finance,
purchasing, warehouse, and stock
management. Soon we will also be
using it for e-trade.
Could you tell us about the initial
process of the collaboration with
Nebim? Based on which targets did
you select Nebim V3?
Our collaboration process with
Nebim started with our desire to
increase the number of Karınca
stores and to see Karınca as a brand
spread across Turkey and our
decision to take action on this
matter. Nowadays, we are going
through immense changes as an
organization, as the management,
and in terms of implementation. One
of the first decisions of this whole
process was to transfer to Nebim.
At this point, fast access to the
information that the departments
require, and accurate analysis of the
recorded data matter immensely to
Would you recommend your
business partners the “Nebim
Enterprise Resource Planning”
solutions? If you would, could you
briefly tell us why?
I would like to remind those
companies that will be using the
Nebim software, to identify their
needs in detail before anything else. I
suggest that they create reporting
models, which are appropriate for
them, using the software's modules
which they need the most. Our
logistics, store, and warehouse
shipping personnel reached the
point where they can receive quite
detailed and beneficial reports upon
very meticulous work on the
program. This is beneficial for the
company in many aspects. We save
a lot of time on the inter-store stock
organization, warehouse
management, and ordering phases.
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
Sassofono CEO, Nevzat Fırat:
“With Nebim V3 our competitiveness in the market
increased in proportion with the increase of
our productivity.”
retail. Will you please give us some
information about your national and
international targets?
The retail market in Turkey and the
world is getting bigger every day.
We would like to participate in this
growth. Eastern Europe, Middle East
and Western Europe countries are
our targets for growth, both with our
own stores and franchising
operations. And then, we are
planning to use the right design and
the right timing for establishing our
brand further in Turkey.
Nevzat Fırat
Sassofono CEO
Nevzat Fırat, CEO of Sassofono,
which is a famous brand in the luxury
brand segment and one that
prepares its original collections with
its chic and elegant design style
while following world trends,
evaluated their domestic and
international operations and their
collaboration with Nebim. Fırat
touched upon their plans to go
international with the Sassofono
brand, the change in their
infrastructure, Nebim's support
throughout this period, and also the
benefits of Nebim V3.
Can you tell us about the initiation
stage of your partnership with
Nebim? Which objectives were
crucial for you when you preferred
Nebim V3 and where are you now in
terms of these targets?
When we accelerated our plans to
increase our firm's international
operations, we started our
partnership with the leading
software developing company,
Nebim, in order to improve and
upgrade our data systems. We
started to implement the Nebim V3
ERP software system, which we
thought matched our vision of
international expansion. We noted
that with Nebim V3 the production
plans are realized more accurately,
and the whole system can be
monitored in real time. Because of
these capabilities, we were able to
make faster and better decisions in
our production processes. We now
have practical and strong work
processes. The productivity and the
profitability of our company
increased with the Nebim V3
solution and competitiveness has
also increased proportionally as well.
Can you please evaluate the
implementation and adaptation
processes of Nebim V3?
The Nebim V3 project started in
December 2011, and went live in an
incredibly short time on January 1,
2012. This is the result of the
excellent teamwork achieved by
both Moda Tekstil and the Nebim
teams of experts. The Nebim team's
solution-oriented approach, and their
instant availability upon request,
especially by Turkuaz, the Nebim
Gold Solution Partner who
introduced us to Nebim and assisted
us when needed, made this difficult
implementation period easier.
What are your expectations and
objectives about Nebim for the
To implement the changes and
improvements in the Nebim V3 ERP
software program; this will quickly
fulfill our requirements for our
growing business volume.
Will you please tell us about your
company profile and its brand
Our brand is a well-known name in
the luxury brand category, with its
stylish, eye-catching and elegant
style, and we design our own original
collections by following global
trends. Our most important
principles have always been absolute
quality and customer satisfaction.
You have opened retail Sassofono
brand stores. This is an important
starting point regarding organized
Sunglass Hut Turkey Retail Manager, Seda Bur:
“We attained a more flexible structure
with Nebim V3.”
restructuring their product in line
with the changing needs of today's
retail and accounting fields.
You are implementing the Nebim V3
ERP software at your company.
Could you tell us about the trainings
and support services you receive for
the efficient use of Nebim V3?
In many areas, Nebim V3 has a
structure that is faster, more flexible,
and contains more detailed
information. We can follow all our
sales and stock online. During the
project, we were offered solutions
which were convenient for our
company structure and which
responded to our needs. We are
satisfied to be able to work with
Nebim's experienced support team
throughout our business process.
Our trainings continue non-stop
either on site or via remote
connection. We experience no issues
in the flow of information thanks to
their cooperative approach.
Seda Bur, Retail Manager of Sunglass
Hut, which is an important sunglass
retail chain operating globally and in
Turkey, evaluated the company's
operations, the collaboration and
implementation process they held
with Nebim, the novelties that came
with Nebim V3, and their customer
satisfaction work.
Could you tell us about Sunglass
Hut's field of operation, company
past, and operations?
Sunglass Hut is an international
sunglass retail chain. It is a part of
the Italian Luxottica Group. The
Luxottica Group operates the
wholesale and distribution of the
brands that have become a part of
its organization by way of
association and partnership, in 130
countries across the world.
Moreover, it serves in the retail
industry with over 7000 stores
Could you tell us about your
operations abroad?
The Sunglass Hut brand has over
2500 stores and over 9000
employees in 20 countries including
the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K.,
Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa,
Middle East, India, Brazil, and Mexico.
In line with its continuing growth
strategy, the company started
opening its stores in Turkey in 2012
while increasing the number of its
stores in the U.S.A.
How did your paths cross with
Nebim? Could you tell us your
reasons for preferring Nebim?
The facts that Nebim is preferred by
many important companies in the
retail industry and their high
satisfaction rates were vital for us.
Also, we think we are working with a
business partner that can meet our
needs in the long term for the reason
that they constantly keep
What does the concept of customer
satisfaction mean to you? What do
the solutions offered by Nebim
contribute to your company in terms
of customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is one of our
primary goals. We can make quick
decisions to earn our customers'
loyalty and to be close to them with
Nebim's CRM module.
What are your expectations and
objectives about Nebim for the near
We aim to grow within the Turkish
market. We believe that our greatest
supporter towards our objectives will
be Nebim in this period of growth.
Numbers of our current employees
and customers will reach significant
figures with the increase in the
number of our stores. We believe we
will manage this operation
productively together with Nebim.
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
Süvari CEO, Fatih Coşkun:
“We converged with our domestic and
international partners through the Nebim V3 platform.”
Süvari is another important brand of
the garment and textile industry that
chose Nebim V3 for all of its
business processes from
manufacturing to customer service.
Fatih Coskun, Board Member and
General Manager of Süvari, shared
the commercial processes of Süvari
brand and the Nebim V3 ERP
contribution. He talked about the
important elements of an ERP
project and their future plans.
Can you introduce the Süvari brand
and tell us about its product
The Süvari product portfolio can be
classified as 70% classic and 30%
casual clothing styles. We have suits,
dress shirts, ties, shoes and belts in
our classical collection. For our
casual collection, we offer pants
(jeans and khakis), shirts, polo shirts,
mercerized cotton t-shirts, shoes and
Who wears Süvari products? Who
are Süvari customers?
We can describe our customer
profile as male, 25 years or older,
C/C+/B1 (earning income between
750-3.500 TL a month), working and
looking for comfort in their business
environment. Public servants, new
graduates, people who are just
starting their careers, shop owners,
bank personnel, retired people and
managers make up our customer
You started using the Nebim V3 ERP
application in June 2012.
What contribution did Nebim V3
have on your business flow?
The Nebim V3 ERP project work
started in December with issuing of
inventory cards and was completed
when we went live at the beginning
of June. We experienced noticeable
improvements in almost all of our
processes. In the supply chain
process, we established a structure
that is integrated with our logistics
company and that can monitor all
processes from manufacturing to
customers. Our stocks are
replenished daily through the
allocation generated by the
established minimum stock levels for
the stores and based on the
distribution scenarios. Many process
improvements similar to this one
were achieved through this project.
What is the role of the ERP
application in Süvari?
With the support of technology we
are trying to highlight the concept of
“differentiation”, which enables one
to exist in this sector, and we strive
to have all our processes function
fully integrated. Therefore we can
say that we need the ERP
application for all of our processes.
We use the Nebim V3 ERP software
in all of our processes such as
manufacturing, procurement,
delivery, sales, customer relations,
finance and accounting, fixed assets,
payroll and human resources. Nebim
V3 ERP solutions also fulfill our need
for “reporting” and “business
What was the role of the key users
in the Nebim V3 ERP project?
Active participation and support
from all departments and most
importantly a positive attitude is
crucial for the success of this project
and other similar projects. Therefore,
we held meetings with all the
departments about the benefits this
ERP project will bring to our
company. We also established a
project management team consisting
of department managers in order to
ensure the coordination of the whole
team throughout the project.
The correction of processes that are
built inaccurately and reflected as
such in the ERP application can
cause loss of motivation, which can
delay the going live date. In order to
prevent such situations it is crucial
that the departmental processes are
analyzed and reflected correctly, and
the people who can achieve this are
the key users. For the Nebim V3
project, the key users were selected
from people who are experts in their
areas and who can accurately
convey the business processes. The
key users also play an important role
in training the end users.
Additionally, each key user can
intervene in issues that the end users
are experiencing in their own
With the support of technology we are trying to
highlight the concept of “differentiation”, which
enables one to exist in this sector, and we strive to
have all our processes function fully integrated.
Therefore we can say that we need the ERP
application for all of our processes.
departments, and therefore lighten
the workload of the IT department.
How do you assess the integration
between Nebim V3 ERP and your
logistics company?
We have been using an external
logistics company for the last two
years. Our integration has been
going on since our Nebim Winner
days, which preceded the Nebim V3
implementation. A SQL based
integration platform has been
created between Nebim Winner and
the software application of the
logistics company. With Nebim V3,
the integration is achieved through
FTP. An integrated platform is
achieved in many areas such as
receiving, shipments to stores, dealer
sales and transfers among
warehouses. Most importantly, with
Nebim V3, we started using the
“ASN” process which enables
advanced notification of shipments
and the integration platform is
functioning here as well.
How do you utilize Nebim V3 in your
procurement functions?
For our procurement functions we
are using the Supply and
Manufacturing module which is
integrated with Nebim V3. Purchase
orders are created in the Supply and
Manufacturing module and they are
transmitted to the systems of the
logistics company through the
integrated structure. Then the
logistics company does the product
receiving based on these orders.
Then “order and remainder” reports
can be run in different formats
through Nebim V3.
Would you recommend “Nebim V3
ERP” solutions to your business
We make our domestic and
international business partners use
Nebim V3 ERP software. There are
significant advantages when the
central office and its business
partners use the same software.
We use the same ERP software at
our business partners as our central
offices for many different reasons,
such as the ability to use the same
inventory and customer cards, the
ability to apply the same allocation
methods and the ability to centrally
manage the price lists and
promotions. This way we also avoid
high costs associated with
integration of different software
Fatih Coşkun
Süvari CEO
Prepared by:
Reyhan Mörekli
Marketing Communications Manager
Yelss Bijouterie Accessories and Textile Products CEO, Ali Tamer Birlik:
“We got a good grasp of all kinds of information
with Nebim V3.”
Ali Tamer Birlik, CEO of Yelss, which
is among the important brands of
Turkey in the Bijouterie Accessories
and Textile Products area, talked
about the Nebim collaboration
period which started off with Nebim
Winner and is continuing with Nebim
V3 ERP and the benefits they
obtained at their company.
From Original Designs to the Yelss
Yelss set off to become a big brand
in 2008 with faith by expanding its
design, organization, and production
volume. Yelss Accessories that
progressed with firm steps in the
industry, reached 8 stores and close
to 60 points of sale in popular
shopping centers and streets in a
short period of time.
It attracted great attention from the
visitors with its original décor,
colorful collection, and amiable
personnel and with each day,
improved itself further on these
aspects. At Yelss, an average of 100
different kinds of products is
displayed in stores and corners in a
short period like five days following
the design phase.
Yelss that ships new products and
RPT three times a week to its stores,
offers its customers new products at
every visit to the store. Yelss
increased the quantity of its
wholesale and retail customers
significantly by also attracting the
attention of foreign companies with
its speed in design, distribution,
and visuals.
In addition to the staff within its
structure, Yelss provides a source of
income for over 40 staff heads and
their subordinates as well as over
200 housewives with its rich product
range. During these times when the
industry works completely focused
on the Far East, Yelss designs and
manufactures so many kinds of
products within its own organization
while expanding its product range
each day. At Yelss, it is possible to
find all kinds of designs from
necklaces to earrings, from bags to
Ali Tamer Birlik
Yelss Bijouterie Accessories and Textile Products CEO
purses, from hats to shawls, from
belts to mirrors, and watches under
the title of women's accessories.
Yelss manufactured and sold close
to 500,000 products in 2011. In 2012,
it aimed to manufacture and sell one
million products. Having overachieved this target within the first
six months, Yelss plans to increase
the number of its domestic stores to
20 and open five stores abroad.
Yelss also has operations abroad;
Iran, France, U.S.A. as well as Kuwait
and Holland, where meetings are
ongoing, are included in these plans.
Shopping Center Difference
As the shopping volume increase at
shopping centers on the weekends,
Yelss draws a lot of attention from
visitors from abroad at festivals and
on special days. This attention is not
only limited to retail shopping but
redounds to Yelss as international
dealership and franchise requests.
Yelss stores are located on the
popular streets where there are
great shopping traffic and crowds.
Meeting Nebim
Yelss stores started using Nebim
Winner in 2008 and Nebim V3 in
March 2012. Yelss management
underlines that they got a good
grasp of all kinds of information and
planning that the business requires
on especially the tracking of
consignment dealers, from product
allocation to the control over the
retail stores' operations. The
company currently uses Nebim V3.
Each Yelss store has a responsible
person. During the transition to live
implementation, training programs
on Nebim products were organized
with teams consisting of project
managers from Nebim headquarters
and Nebim Sakarya Region Silver
Solution Partner Delta Computer.
The number of leading organizations that
discover real productivity with Nebim V3 ERP
increases more and more.
The comprehensive Nebim V3 ERP, able to adapt
rapidly to developing visions, is the key to
productivity thanks to its speed and practicality.
Nebim V3 ERP will put you over the top from
purchasing to production, from planning and
budgeting to sales, and from finance management
to store management with its applications that
function in an integrated manner.
For more information:
“Thanks to Nebim V3,
we are running all
our business
processes much
more efficiently
and increasing
our productivity.”
Ümit Zaim
Opak Optik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Leaders prefer Nebim V3 ERP.
Companies that are leaders in their industries know very well that achieving the
best comes through being open to novelties, not compromising quality and
productivity, and making the best choices.
In our country, the leading companies of their industries prefer Nebim V3 ERP
software. Nebim V3 continues to constitute a building block for leadership in all
processes from planning to purchasing, from production to shipment, from
finance management to store management with its integrated, comprehensive,
fast and productive set-up.
For more information;

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