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2nd. Turkish Heads of
School Meeting - PEMKON
Palmiye Landscape
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Case Study: Site Selection for
Golf Courses, Antalya, Turkey /
Veli Ortacesme, Professor of
Landscape Architecture, Akdeniz
University, Turkey
Partner Org.
25. Nov
- 28.
Foundation of the Dept. of LA in
Akdeniz University, Turkey /
Akdeniz Üniversitesinde Peyzaj
Mimarl Bölümünün kuruluu
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Antalya, TR
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The Spatial Planning System in
Turkey: An Overview / Veli
Ortacesme, Professor of
Landscape Architecture, Akdeniz
University, Turkey
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Tülay Tosun
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Antalya is the largest city and year round
Holiday resort on the Turkish Mediterranean
coast. The Gulf is surrounded by the Taurus
mountain range to the North and offers over
200 km. of beaches coves, bays, valleys,
forests and picnic sites to explore and enjoy.
Antalya is also one of those unique places in
the world where it is possible in the same
day, to Ski on Snow in the Morning and
Sunbath on the Beach in the afternoon.
The City itself is well worth exploring from its award winning modern marina, through
the enchanting narrow winding streets of the Old City (Kaleci) or along the modern
palm-lined boulevards this city caters to all tastes.
The region around Antalya are also well worth a visit, the resorts of Kemer, Beldibi,
Belek, Kalkan, Kas, Side and Alanya are all within easy reach of the city as are the
exquisite waterfalls of Manavgat or you can opt for a relaxing game of golf on one of
the many courses in Belek, all available for pleasure, relaxation and fun.
In general, Turkey is a country rich in historical sights and Antalya is no exception to
this rule, you can visit the birthplace of Santa Clause in Kas, or the ancient city of
Aspendos with it’s well preserved Theater, Basilica and Aquaducts are but two
historical sights within a stones throw of the city – but there are many many more.
Antalya also boasts a host of Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Aqua Parks and of course Discos
ensuring that all the family is entertained from dawn and well into the night, making
this an ideal spot for your vacation, no matter how old or young.
Because of the archaeological and natural riches of the area, Antalya is also known as
the Turkish Riviera. The sun, sea, nature and history combine to form a very popular
resort, highlighted by some of the cleanest beaches in the Mediterranean. The 630 km
shoreline of the province is liberally scattered with ancient cities, harbours, memorial
tombs and beaches, secluded coves and lush forests, many of which are easily
accessible from the city.
Design Projects
Research Institution
GFRP Artificial Rock Panel (GFRP
Yapay kaya Panel), Antalya, TR
(Tülay Tosun, Her assistans)
[No research_institutions
Municipalities (E.U.L.P.)
Antalya Metropolitan
Serenity Makadi Heights Hotel
and Waterpark Landscape Design
Project - EGYPT (Serenity Makadi
Otel - Aquapark Peyzaj Tasarm
Projesi - Msr), Antalya, TR
(Tülay Tosun, Tülay Tosun and
her assistants)
Contact Person:
A.Ozlem Alpaslan
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Fodele Beach Hotel Waterpark
Project "Funny Waters" (Fodele
Otel Aquapark Projesi), Antalya,
TR (Tülay Tosun, Tülay Tosun
and her assistants)
NGOs (E.U.L.P.)
Chamber of Landscape
Architects (PMO)
Akdeniz University Botanical
Garden (Part 1) (Akdeniz
Üniversitesi Botanik bahçesi (1.
Etap)), Antalya, TR (Prof.Dr. Veli
Ortacesme, Veli Ortacesme,
Emrah Yldrm, Arzu Vuruskan,
Bihter Saatci, Selma Ersoy)
Contact Person:
Ouz Ylmaz
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Nature Conservation Center
Contact Person:
Ugur Zeydanl
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With its palm-lined boulevard, internationally-acclaimed marina, and old castle with
traditional architecture, all set amidst a modern city, Antalya is a major tourist centre
in Turkey. In addition to the wide selection of hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and
shops, the city also plays host to a number of sporting events throughout the year, like
International Beach Volleyball, triathlon, golf tournaments, archery, tennis and
canoeing competitions. The Cultural Centre, which opened in 1995, hosts cultural and
art events in the fields of music, theatre, and creative arts. The main area of interest
in the city is central old quarter within the Roman walls, known as Kaleici, and there
are many good museums.
LE:NOTRE is funded by
the EU Socrates-Erasmus programme
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Landscape Design of Social Facilities
of Akdeniz University
Royal Wings Resort Hotel Landscape
Design Project
Graduation project
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