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Integral X-LINE. - Schrack Seconet
Integral X-LINE.
Security without boundaries.
A professional for every requirement.
The highest quality for security.
Fire alarm systems benefit human
security and the protection of assets.
In order that this highly responsible task
can be carried out with 100% reliability,
only the highest quality and the newest
technology is allowed to be used for this
task. Schrack Seconet has once again
set another milestone with the
development of the Integral IP
system family: The use of
the latest IP-based
technology and the
use of global data
networks in
with proven full
redundancy and
the modular
system concept
are an additional
giant step
towards the
Not only the
control units and the
networking of control
units are fitted with the latest
technology, but peripherals have
also benefited from a comprehensive
range of new features: the Integral
X-LINE is a new loop circuit with
pioneering features that has been made
available to the entire Integral IP system
family: where the loop circuit was
previously limited to 128 devices and
2,000 metres in length per loop, X-LINE
now permits up to 250 devices to be
connected across a length of up to
3,500 metres.
New, higher performance and energysaving devices have not only considerably
reduced the start-up time, but have
enhanced and accelerated communications
with the fire alarm control panel
If required, the loop circuit can be split
into two stub lines. The short circuit
isolators integrated into every X-LINE
device as standard ensure planning
security as well as the devices remaining
fully functional in the event of a
short circuit, wire break
or sabotage.
Innovative, versatile and flexible.
In addition to automatic detectors and
manual call points, the X-LINE also
manages all types of acoustic and visual
alarms, all types of inputs and outputs
(e.g. fire alarm devices or controllers for
extinguishing systems), special fire detection
systems or stub lines for monitoring
potentially explosive atmospheres.
Forwards and backwards compatibility.
All X-LINE devices can also be used in
Schrack Seconet fire alarm systems that
are already in use, while detectors and
modules from previous generations
of systems can also be connected to
the X-LINE – also in conjunction
with new devices.
• New “X-Large dimensions” with up to 250 elements and up to 3,500 metres loop length
• Combines detection and alarm transmission perfectly • Forward and backward compatibility
• Eliminates wire breaks and short circuits • Simple to extend and modernised
• Short start-up times • European production ensures highest quality
Intelligent and flexible peripherals.
Interactive data communications
and functions.
The permanent and intelligent
communication between the control panel,
detectors and modules occurs with the
highest degree of transmission security
thereby permitting continuous
monitoring and evaluation of current
system states. Faults in the cabling or
deceptive alarms due to electromagnetic
disturbances, such as e.g. radio wave
interference, overvoltage, impulse
disturbances etc. are localised by the
control panel as a result of digital data
transfer using fault-finding redundant
coding, and are automatically filtered out.
It is also possible to read out detector
contamination levels and the event log
memory as well as to collect analogue
measurements, such as smoke or
temperature levels. The short circuit
isolators fitted in every element ensure,
even in the event of a detector failing due
to a shorting circuit or wire break, that
the X-LINE remains fully functional.
MTD 533X – multi-talented.
The MTD 533X multiple sensor detector,
with its integrated smoke and temperature
sensors, detects all types of fire reliably
even in the earliest stage of development
under extreme conditions. Depending on
the area of application, the MTD 533X
can be used as a smoke detector,
temperature detector or as a multiple
criteria detector. The selection of operating
type is made on an individual basis by
configuration and can also be subsequently
reprogrammed e.g. because of structural
alterations or changing environmental
Manual call points for all applications.
Depending on necessary requirements,
manual call points in different versions and
colours are used: Manual call points of
Type A or Type B pursuant to EN 54-11
are available in different protection classes,
as well as stop and actuation buttons
for extinguishing systems.
Sirens and flashing lights.
For acoustic and visual alarm transmission
there are sirens and flashing lights with
different versions and colours, which can
be synchronised periodically in active state.
Moreover, it is also possible
to fit all automatic fire
detectors with an
acoustic alarm signals.
The flash rate, tone type
and volume can
be programmed
for all devices.
also offers the
possibility of
alarm notification, and even in the
event of a fault all sirens remain active.
Flexible modules
for seamless monitoring.
For connecting fire alarm devices,
conventional stub lines or for monitoring
hazardous areas, there is a wide range of
X-LINE modules available, which
depending on requirements and usage can
either be completely freely programmed,
or can be operated by selecting
pre-configured multiple functions
(e.g. for controlling special detectors).
Quick reaction times during operation.
Prevention of deceptive alarms is of
paramount importance in fire detection.
However, as soon as an alarm has occured,
everything must happen as quickly as
possible: notification of the fire brigade,
intelligent evacuation of the building, the
safe activation of all alarm devices and
controlling of extinguishing systems. The
Integral X-LINE makes absolutely sure,
that all of these measures are carried out
simultaneously and within a few seconds.
Intelligent integration
of special fire detectors.
Wherever there are special fire detection
systems with complex functions and an
ever larger quantity of data, and where
there are limitations while using a
contact-based connection, the X-LINE
is able to incorporate such systems using
intelligent gateways. Not only do these
gateways ensure that all information is
stored during operation, but they also
enable simple to use remote configuration
and data analysis from a central location.
If external power supply units are required
for supplying special fire detectors, then
they can also be integrated into the
X-LINE, and thereby monitored.
Simple programming
and planning.
The logical linking of all
possible input criteria with
controller outputs can be
carried both: across
multiple loops or across
multiple control units.
This grouping independent
of the physical wiring can be arranged
without any difficult to group buildings
and rooms that logically belong to one
another, such as stairwells, into detector
zones, even if they physically belong to
different loop circuits or are split
between different control units. The
logical addresses of the devices can be
completely freely selected, which also
provides a considerable reduction in
terms of costs and time for installation.
The programming and commissioning
of the Integral X-LINE is carried out
sole using software, with a calculation
program available for the calculation of
the maximum possible loop lengths.
The competent partner.
Easy to modernise.
Fire alarm systems, like all other
systems, are also subject to constant
wear and tear. In addition, changing
requirements and needs regarding the
function of a building and technological
innovations and further development of
products used also arise. Modernisation
is the blanket term for all measures
deployed for replacing and
It is equally possible to connect new
detectors to old control units as it is
possible to connect old detectors to
new control units. The greatest
advantage in modernising using
Integral IP, however, lies in the
fact that the existing cabling
network does not need
to be altered.
100% device identification.
Every X-LINE device is allocated
an individual serial number, which in
addition to the commissioning process
is also shown on a removable sticker.
Once the start-up process for the system
has been carried out, the sticker number
can be compared with that sent by the
respective element. Any topology-based
fault occurring in the initial
commissioning process can be corrected
immediately and in a clear manner,
thereby eliminating the need for timeconsuming fault-finding. All Integral
X-LINE devices are displayed in the PC
tool with their respective article, variant,
version and serial numbers. Furthermore
is also possible to identify previously
installed devices from a centralized
location with 100% certainty.
supplementing ageing equipment with
a contemporary version, in order to
considerably increase its user value
and security. Thanks to Integral IP’s
comprehensive forward and backward
compatibility, it is possible to modernise
existing systems quickly and simply.
As part of a modular system all
adjustments to be made to existing
systems can be adapted in line with
requirements in clearly defined steps.
Easily extendible.
Whether changing a detector or
connecting additional peripheral
components, the extension of the
ranges of features, and adaptation of
the system for a new use, all this can
be accomplished simply and at any time
without great expense. Thanks to the
X-LINE, these new or modified
components also fit in the secure and
rapid data communication with the fire
alarm control panel.
Quick start-up.
The Integral X-LINE allows up to
250 devices to be connected across a
loop length of up to 3,500 metres.
The specially optimised and quick startup process allows the commissioning
times, in particular for extensive
systems in large buildings, to be
reduced considerably.
European Standard.
The Integral IP system family, as well as
the Integral X-LINE and all devices that
could be connected to it, naturally fulfil
all European and national standards
and have been tested and approved
in accordance with these standards.
The production process uses state-of-theart technology and the materials used
during production do not contain
harmful substances. Development and
production takes place exclusively in
Europe, in order to ensure the highest
possible quality.
Branch offices Austria:
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