No barrier with ULTRA LF 9!.. - Akia Hess Otomotiv Karoseri İmalat


No barrier with ULTRA LF 9!.. - Akia Hess Otomotiv Karoseri İmalat
The new face of the city
Lf 9
Lf 9
With ULTRA LF 9, the first full low-floored 9-meter vehichle,
which is one of the most important needs of urban life,
AKIA, carries a step forward in public transporta on.
AKIA bring into service ULTRA LF 9, the first and
unique representa ve of Turkey in its class, providing
the highest-level design, safety, comfort and economy.
In Turkey, ULTRA LF 9 has been designed the first me
as full low-floored in 9-meter segment, in accordance
with the principles of modern local public transporta on.
It provides top level comfort and ease in ge ng on
and ge ng off for all passengers including the
disabled, preganant and the ones with children,
as a requirement of social service.
The last technology at your service!..
The new favorite of urban transport,ULTRA LF 9, with low-floor
is ready for you ...
ULTRA LF 9, not only with comfort for passengers,
but also an ideal bus for drivers.
Environmentally and economically friendly with fuel savings!...
ULTRA LF 9 with high performance and low fuel technology will
relieve the operator economically.
Today, as a growing problem, especially in big ci es against
environmental pollu on ULTRA LF 9, offers Euro 6 emission
engine to operators.
Combining highest technology with AKIA quality,
ULTRA LF 9 is in the serve of our people.
Lf 9
No barrier with ULTRA LF 9!..
ULTRA LF 9 aims to eleminate all obstacles in public transport.
Produced to raise standards for pregnant women, children and
disabled passenger transporta on within the city.
Being low floor and stepless, loca ons and sizes of the doors,
wide corridors, se lements and the number of seats in the bus
allows easy movement.
Wheelchair access system provides maximum level of comfort
during ge ng in and out for disabled passangers.
ULTRA LF 9 guarantees all passangers to enjoy their
travelling with the beauty of city.
Lf 9
Lf 9
Low Floor ULTRA LF 9 is manufactured with the latest techology by AKIA
will meet all the expecta ons of passengers and drivers.
ULTRA LF 9 with 9 meters in length, have 26 passanger seat capacity as standard,
including a total of 76 persons.
ULTRA LF 9's loca ons and sizes of the doors, wide corridors, se lements and
the number of seats in the bus allows easy movement.
Modern design with 2.55 m wide and 2.46 m internal height ULTRA LF 12,
provides a comfortable ride with electrically controlled roof ven la on,
two winged middle door lightened well and spacious passenger compartment
and standard internal design and saves me during ge ng on and off.
The city's most secure ride…
· Jam avoidance system for passanger safety at the doors
· For the highest level of passenger safety internal and over door cameras
· TFT indicator showing the vehicle informa on controlled by driver
· Minimum wai ng me at the sta ons with independent fron door
wings and speed passanger circula on
· 2 unit one-winged and 1 unit two-winged middle large inward opening doors
Lf 9
Lf 9
Marka / Brand
Ön Aks T p / Front Axle Type
ZF RL85A r g t type
o D j tal Hat Gösterges (Ön, Yan, Arka)/ D g tal L ne D rect on Ind cator Plate (Front, S de, Back)
T car Tanımı / Descr pt on
Süspans yon / Suspens on
o Manuel Ön Cam Stor Perde / Manuel Front W ndow Roll ng Bl nd
Özell ğ / Spec ficat on
Alçak Tabanlı Şeh r ç Halk Otobüsü / Low Floor C ty Bus
2 ad. hava körüğü, 2 ad. amort sör, 1 ad. denge çubuğu
2 un ts fold ng tags, 2 un ts shock absorber, 1 un t stab l zer
Arka Aks T p / Rear Axle Type
26 / 24 Opt.
ZF AV132 ser s / ZF AV132 ser es
Oturan / Seats
o Motor Bölmes Yangın Söndürme S stem / Eng ne Department F re Ext ngu sher System
Ayakta / Stand ng
50 / 50
Süspans yon / Suspens on
4 ad. hava körüğü, 4 ad. Amort sör
4 un ts fold ng tags, 4 un ts shock absorber
o Armatür t p tavan lambaları / Arm. type ce l ng lamps
Kapılar / Doors
Otomat k Havalı T p / Automat c pneumat c type;
- 2 Kapılı vers yon 1-2-0 / 2 Door Vers on
- 3 Kapılı vers yon 1-2-1 / 3 Door Vers on
Tekerlekl Sandelye Yer / Place of wheelcha r
1 adet / 1 un ty
Uzunluk / Length
9450 mm
Gen şl k / W dth
2520 mm
Yüksekl k (Kl ma le b rl kte / He ght (W th A/C)
3100 mm
D ng l Mesafes / Wheel Base
4545 mm
Azam Yüklü Ağırlık / Gross Veh cle We ght
Marka / Brand
Mercedes Benz
T p / Type
Özell k / Descr pt on
Turbo Intercooler, D zel / D esel
S l nd r Sayısı / Number of Cyl nders
4 adet / 4 un ts
Hac m / D splacement
5.1 L tre / L ter
Em syon / Em ss on
Euro 6
Maks mum Güç / Max Power
155 kW (210 PS) 2200 rpm
Tork / Torque
850 Nm / 1200-1600 rpm
Soğutma S stem / Cool ng System
Radyatör Intercooler Yağ soğutmalı ve h drol k pompa & h drostat k fan
Rad ator Intercooler w th o l cool ng system and hydraul c pump & fan
T p / Type
T280R Otomat k / T280R Automat c
T p / Type
Serv s Fren / Serv ce Brake
Ön-Arka tam kuru havalı, ç ft devrel , otomat k ayarlı,
hava soğutmalı d sk frenler / Front-Rear full dry a r, double c rcu t,
automat c, a r cool ng d sc brakes
Park Fren / Handle Brake
Arka d ng le etk l hava tahr kl
Operat ng on rear axle and a r actuated
Retarder / Retarder
Ant Blokaj S stem (ABS)
Knorr - Bremse
Ant Pant naj S stem (ASR)
Knorr Bremse
Servocom 8098 h drol k / Servocom 8098 hydraul c
24 V 180Ah (2 x 12 V)
o İlk Yardım Çantası / F rst A d Bag
o Hoparlörler / Loud Speakers
o Tek Cam, Yapıştırma / S ngle Glass St cked
o “Duracak” Uyarı S stem / Stop warn ng plate
o Cam Havadanlık / vent lat on w ndows at top
o Kapı Uzaktan Kumanda S stem / Remote controlled door system
o İlave Isıtıcı / Pre Heater
o Rez stanslı Motorlu Boynuz Ayna / Horn shaped m rror w th res stance
o Mon tör
o DVD Oynatıcı / DVD Player
Sürücü Isıtma Ün tes / Dr ver Heat ng Un t
Blower T p / Blower Type
o Ger Görüş Kameraları / Back v ew cameras
Yolcu Isıtma Ün tes / Pasenger Heat ng Un t
Konvektör T p / Convector Type
o Metal k Boya / Metall c Pa nt
24 KW
o Park Sensörü / Park ng Sensor
Dj tal Kl ma / D g tal A r Cond t oner
o Motorlu Ön Cam Stor Perde / Front w ndow roller bl nd (w th electr cal eng ne)
Last kler / Tyres
275 / 70 / R22,5
Jant / R ms
8,25 x 22,5
Yakıt Tankı
210 lt.
Spes fikasyon / Spec ficat on
Marka / Brand
o Yangın Söndürme Tüpü / F re ext ngu sher
Akü / Battery
14048 kg
o Tekerlekl Sandalye Rampası / Wheelcha r Ramp
Akr l k fırın boya / Acryl c k ln-dr ed Pa nt
o Sürücü camı (elektr k motorlu) / Dr ver w ndow (electr cal eng ne)
o Ses ve Görüntü Kayıt S stem / V deo Record Dev ce
Ak a Hess, araç tekn k özell k ve ek pmanlarını daha önceden değ şt rme hakkını saklı tutar.
Ak a Hess reserves the r ght to ntroduce mod ficat ons n l ne w th techn cal progress and
change the product spec ficat ons w thout any pr or not ce.
AKIA HESS Otomo v Karoser İmalat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Ş .
Kale Mah. Ankara Asfal No:96 Kestel / BURSA
Tel: +90 224 373 00 16-17 Fax: +90 224 373 00 19
e-mail: [email protected]
Manufacturer has right to change model, technical specifica ons, feaures and accessories without any prior no ce. A er the publica on of this document may have been made changes.
Any rights cannot be claimed for the signs and numbers that are used by producer or seller in order to define the product. Accessories and special feautres might have been used on drawings and pictures.

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