Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae
Full Name:
Mehmet HAYTA
Date & Place of Birth:
Office Contact:
352- 4374937- 32755
& Food Engineering Department
Department of Food Science
Academic Qualifications:
Professor Doctor
Academic Interests:
•Cereal Technology
•Cereal Chemistry
•Bakery Products
•Instrumental Cereal Analysis
Research Projects:
•Cereal Technology, Undergraduate, Food Engineering
•Food Chemistry, Undergraduate, Food Engineering
•Food Quality Control and Legislation, Undergraduate, Food Engineering
•Total Quality Management, Undergraduate, Food Engineering
•Professional English, Undergraduate, Food Engineering
•Cereal Chemistry, Graduate, Food Engineering
•Cereal and Cereal Products Analysis Methods, Graduate, Food Engineering
•New Developments in Cereal Technology, Graduate, Food Engineering
•Food Proteins, Graduate, Food Engineering
Administrative Positions:
•ERCIYES UNIVERSITY, Erciyes University Faculty of Engineering, Department of
Food Eng., Head of the Department, 2009•INONU UNIVERSITY, Inonu University Faculty of Engineering, Faculty Board
•INONU UNIVERSITY, Inonu University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Food
Engineering, Vice-Head of the Department, 2002-2006
Publications :
Papers published in international journals indexed in SCI:
•2009, E. Eyidemir, M. Hayta, The effect of apricot kernel flour incorporation on
the physicochemical and sensory properties of noodle, African Journal of
Biotechnology, 8, 85-90.
• 2008, E. Boydak, I. Karabulut, M. Alpaslan, M. Hayta and D. Karaaslan, Effect of
Varieties and Years on Seed Composition of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Grown
in Semi-Arid Areaş Asian Journal of Chemistry, 20, 3907-3912.
• 2007, M. Alpaslan and M. Hayta, Effect of soymilk substitution on the rheological
and sensory properties of salep, a traditional Turkish milk beverage, International
Journal of Food Properties, 10, 413-420.
• 2006, Alpaslan M., and Hayta M., Apricot kernel: physical and chemical
properties, Journal of the American Oil Chemist's Society, 83, 469-471.
• 2006, M. Alpaslan and M. Hayta, The effects of flaxseed, soy and corn flours on
the textural and sensory propertıes of a bakery product, Journal of Food Quality,
29, 617-627.
• 2005, Hayta, M., and J.D. Schofield, Dynamic-Rheological Behavior of Wheat
Glutens During Heating, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 85, 19921998.
• 2004, Hayta, M., and J.D. Schofield, Heat and Additive Induced Biochemical
Transitions in Gluten from Good and Poor Breadmaking Quality Wheats, Journal of
Cereal Science, 40, 245-256.
• 2003, Hayta, M., M. Alpaslan and U. Cakmakli, "Physicochemical and sensory
properties of soymilk incorporated bulgur," Journal of Food Science, 68, 28002803.
• 2002, M. Alpaslan and M. Hayta, "Hydration properties, soymilk and okara yields
of soybean affected by agronomic factors," Nahrung/Food, 46, 141-143.
• 2002, Hayta, M., "Bulgur quality as affected by drying methods," Journal of Food
Science, 67, 2241-2244.
• 2002, Boydak E, Alpaslan M, Hayta M, Gercek S, Simsek M. Seed Composition of
Soybean Grown in Harran Region (Turkey) as Affected by Row Spacing and
Irrigation. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 50, 1478-1480.
• 2002, Alpaslan, M. and Hayta M, "Rheological and sensory properties of pekmez
(grape molasses)/tahin (sesame paste) blends," Journal of Food Engineering, 54,
• 2002, Hayta, M., Alpaslan, M. and Baysar, A, "Effect of drying on functional
properties of tarhana, a wheat flour-yogurt mixture", Journal of Food Science, 67,
• 2001, Hayta, M. and Cakmaklı, U, "Optimization of wheat blending to produce
breadmaking flour," Journal of Food Process Engineering, 24, 179-192.
• 2001, Hayta, M. and Alpaslan, M, "Effects of processing on biochemical and
rheological properties of wheat gluten proteins," Nahrung/Food, 45, 304-308.
• 2001, M. Alpaslan, E. Boydak, M. Hayta, S. Gercek and M. Simsek, "Effect of row
space and irrigation on seed composition of Turkish sesame (Sesamum Indicum
L.)," Journal of American Oil Chemist's Society, 78, 933-935.
• 2001, M. Hayta, M. Alpaslan and E. Köse, "The effect of fermentation on viscosity
and protein solubility of Boza, a traditional cereal-based fermented Turkish
beverage," European Food Research and Technology, 213, 335-337.
Papers published in international conferences:
•2009, Şeker, İ.T, Hayta, M. Enzyme applications in cereal products, 3rd
International Congress on Food and Nutrition, April 22-25, Antalya.
• 2009, Törnük, F, Yetim, H., Sağdıç, O., Hayta, M. Wheat sprout production and
mitigation of microbial load. 3rd International Congress on Food and Nutrition,
April 22-25, Antalya.
• 2009, Öztürk, İ., Sağdıç, O., Yetim, H., Hayta, M. Changes in functional
components of wheat grain during the germination. 3rd International Congress on
Food and Nutrition, April 22-25, Antalya.
• 2009, Z. Aydın, H. Etgu, H. Aksit, I. Demirtas, M. Hayta, M. Fincan. A comparative
study for pulsed electric field induced cellular permeabilization of different plant
tissues. International Conference on Bio and Food Electrotechnologies, October 2223,Compigne, France.
• 2009, M. Hayta, A. Kayacier, S. Karaman. Reduction of acrylamide formation in
cereal products. Food Science, Engineering and Technologies, October 23-24,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
• 2000, Hayta, M. and Schofield, J. D.,"Rheological and biochemical differences
between good and poor breadmaking quality glutens", Blacksea and Central Asian
Symposium on Food Technology, October 12-16, Ankara.
• 2000, Hayta, M. and Schofield, J.D., "Dynamic rheological behavior of wheat
glutens during heating", The Fourth International Conference on Agro and Food
Physics, May 16-20, Istanbul.
• 1997, Hayta, M. and Schofield, J.D., "Thermal transitions in gluten proteins
differing in their breadmaking performance", American Association of Cereal
Chemist's (AACC) Annual Meeting, October 12-16, San Diego, California, USA.
•PhD, 2000, M. Hayta, “Thermal Transitions in Wheat Gluten”, The University of
Reading, UK, Food Biosciences.
•MSc, 1994, M. Hayta, “Effective parameters in wheat blending and blend
optimization”, Ege University, Science Institute, Food Eng. Main Branch of Science

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