Name of the student: ARZU ASLAN Date of birth: 29.05.1989



Name of the student: ARZU ASLAN Date of birth: 29.05.1989
Name of the student: ARZU ASLAN
Date of birth: 29.05.1989
Subject area: Nursing
Degree: Bachelor
Academic year: 2010-2011
Sending institution: Dokuz Eylul University School of Nursing
Host institution: University College Lillebaelt,The Department of Nursing
Clinical placements:
Emergency Department; Odense University Hospital in the city of Svendborg(4/2-25/2)
Intensive Care; Odense University Hospital in the city of Svendborg(21/3-29/4)
I was an erasmus student in Denmark. I wanted to erasmus student bucause;
o To see different country and learn different culture
o To learn health education and nursing practices applied in different countries
o To work with foreign nurses-students
o To perform what I learn in my country and integrate my knowledge.
I have reached all of my aims. Thanks to Lillebaelt University’s good opportunities for
erasmus students, I had beneficial erasmus course. Before I had came Denmark,I was
exciting and stresfull but after starting, my all feelings turned into happiness.
Other good part of my erasmus course; it provided me many outcomes both cultural and
social; . I could
see many kind of patients,diseases
learn different methods in the nursing care
compare the differences between Turkey
participate the nursing care actively
reach my educational aims
meet new friends from different country
see the nursing care from different aspects and it changed my nursing view.
Other than the clinical pracitces, teoric modul “Health in Nordic Countries” was good
opportunity. I could
o see the Danish nursing education system,
o study with Danish sutudents.
With international class
The strong and important part of Lillebaelt University is buddy system. My study buddy
interested me whenever I need help. I could ask everything and I solved my problems thanks
to my study buddy. This arrangement has made us good friends. Apart from these, buddy
group arranged nice meetings(mixed food night, easter diner, bowling…). They showed us
Danish culture and we spent great time. Owing to these meetings, we knew each other and
our culture. (I want to say “thank you” for my study buddy Maria Brylle)
“Easter dinner “with buddy group
“mixed food night”
Denmark and University College Lillebaelt are great for erasmus students. I will recommend
here for other students. University College Lillebaelt has various modern facilities on campus
to offer its students and high education quality with research based education and focus on
practical training. In addition to these the internetional coordinators are really interested us
and we could reached them whenever we need.(thank you Tove Ecklon and Mette Bro
With Tove Ecklon
with Mette Bro Jansen
International coordinator
International coordinator
in Campus Svendborg
in Campus Odense