UCAP - Karel


UCAP - Karel
1. UCAP Collaboraton and Communcatons System
System Applcaton Servces
• SIP sesson manager, an optonally geo-redundant and
load- sharng call control system
• Unfed messagng and personal auto-attendant applcaton
• Conferencng applcaton for audo conferencng &
• Instant messagng (IM) and presence server
• SIP trunkng server for connecton to the outsde world
• Confguraton and admnstraton applcaton wth Web GUI
• SIP presence server (RLS) for lne state presence
• Basc meda servces for call park, musc on hold, pagng and
• Meda relay servce for NAT traversal
• Call detal record (CDR) collecton & processng server
• WebCM server for sendng CDR data to advanced CDR
processng and bllng applcaton
• Thrd party call control (3PCC) server usng REST nterfaces
• Process management server for centralzed cluster
• Devce auto-provsonng server
• Alarm and notfcaton server
• Statstcs server
Requred Hardware and Operatng System
• Karel UCAP runs on standard servers
• CentOS 5 operatng system, 64 bt edton
• Generc hardware requrements dependng on number of users
(note that actual hardware confguraton depends on customer
requrements and scale):
<150 users: QuadCore processor 2,5 GHz, 4 MB Cache,
1333 MHz FSB, 4 GB RAM, 160 GB dsk
<500 users: XEON QuadCore processor 2,4 GHz, 1333 MHz
FSB, 8 GB RAM, 2x300 GB dsk
>500 users: 2 x XEON Quadcore processor 2,4 GHz, 1333
MHz FSB, 16 GB RAM, RAID 5w/ 3x300 GB SAS dsk (hot
swap). Dependng on scale, load-sharng cluster wth
several nodes can be necessary
2. SIP Sesson Manager
Core Telephony System Features
Transfer (consultatve & blnd)
Call coverage
Call hold / retreve
Consultaton hold
Musc on Hold for IETF standards complant phones
User-specfc MoH fles
Admn or user confgurable BLF presence and soft-keys
Uploadable musc fle
3-way / 5-way vdeo and voce conference on the phone
Call pckup (global and drected call pckup)
Call park & retreve
Hunt groups
Intercom wth auto-answer (b-drectonal)
SIP URI dalng
CLID (Callng Lne Identfcaton)
CNIP (Callng Party Name Identfcaton Presentaton)
CLIP (Call Lne Identfcaton Presentaton)
CLIR (Call Lne Identfcaton Restrcton)
Per gateway CLIP manpulaton
Call watng
Do not Dsturb (DnD)
Forward on busy, no answer, do not dsturb
Multple lne appearances
Multple calls per lne
Multple staton appearance
Outbound call blockng
Call hstory (daled, receved, mssed)
Auto off-hook / rng down
Incomng only
Confguraton of ndvdual Speed Dal soft-keys
Auto-generaton of drectory nformaton
• Unlmted number of smultaneous calls (voce, HD voce, vdeo)
-depends only on LAN / WAN bandwdth
• 54,000 BHCC (SIP) per server node (15 cps per node). System
scales lnearly by addng dstrbuted server nodes
• Up to fve-way redundant confguraton wth seamless
load-sharng at the transacton level and all nodes centrally
• Up to 20,000 users.
Remote Branch Support
• Centralzed deployment: Branch only provdes phone / PC
moble clents and optonally PSTN gateways for falover,
reduced WAN bandwdth consumpton or emergency calls
• Dstrbuted deployment: Branch provdes full call server wth
SIP ste-to-ste dalng between offces
• Branch offce locatons can be defned n the admnstraton
system wth full flexblty
• Users, phones, gateways, sesson border controllers (SBCs)
and specfc system servces can be assgned to a branch
• A PSTN gateway can be avalable for calls that orgnate n
a specfc branch only or for general use wth full falover
• Source routng allows call routng based on locaton (branch
local calls are routed through local gateway preferably)
• Alternatve survvable branch confguraton possble wth
Audocodes gateways SAS functonalty
• Certan UCAP servces can be deployed n the branch as part of
the cluster (e.g. conferencng) for scale or redundancy
• Branch nodes can be redundant
Hgh Avalablty and Reslency
• Optonally fully redundant call control system wth
load-sharng and redundancy at the transacton level that
provdes a geo-redundant SIP sesson manager
• True load-sharng based on the prorty polcy set n the DNS
nfrastructure for SIP DNS SRV records
• No dropped or faled calls upon a server outage. Meda does not
traverse the server and sgnalng auto-recovers through
dynamc falover to an alternate node
• Real-tme synchronzaton of transacton state nformaton
between all nodes usng a dstrbuted data replcaton
• Unform user, credental, permsson and call routng
nformaton avalable to all nodes
• Automatc recovery after server falure. Node that comes back
seamlessly enters load-sharng mode
• Reports on load dstrbuton between servers
3. Confguraton and Admnstraton
Superor Voce Qualty
System Admnstraton Features
• Peer-to-peer meda routng for best qualty (meda not routed
through the UCAP server)
• Unmatched voce qualty wth lowest delay and jtter
• Support for any codec supported by the clents (phone or
gateway), ncludng vdeo
• Support for HD Voce wth wdeband codecs
• Peer connecton codec negotaton (no transcodng requred)
• Conferencng, auto-attendant and vocemal support HD voce
wth transcodng f necessary
Flexble Dalplan
• Easy to use GUI based dal plan manpulaton
• Tme-based dalng rules wth dfferent admnstrator-defned
• Rules-based least cost routng
• Dynamc call routng based on user's IM presence status
• Drectly route to vocemal on IM status Do-not-Dsturb (DnD)
• Dynamcally add forwardng destnatons based on user’s
presence status
• Automatc gateway redundancy and fal-over
• Specfc emergency call routng
• Permsson-based rules
• Prefx manpulaton
• Dalplan templatng for nternatonal dal plans
• Flexble nternal extenson length
• Confgurable rng tones for nternal and external calls
• ENUM support for publc & prvate ENUM based call routng
• Specfc rule for ste-to-ste call routng between SIP systems
• Redrector plugns allow any magnable dal rule to be added
as a plugn, ncludng based on drectory lookups
Browser based confguraton and management
GUI based certfcate management
LDAP / Mcrosoft Actve Drectory ntegraton
SOAP Web Servces nterface
CSV mport and export of user and devce data
Admnstraton of Instant Messagng (IM) and Presence settngs
Integrated backup & restore
Scheduled backups
Dsplay actve regstratons & actve calls
Dsplay job status
Status of servces
Snapshot logs for debuggng
Loggng (customzable log levels, message log per servce)
Doman alasng
Support for DNS SRV
Support for DNS NAPTR based call routng
Automatc restart after power falure
Server statstcs (ntegrated graphs and SNMP)
SIP Trunk statstcs
Logn hstory report (successful and unsuccessful)
Automated testng of network servces (DHCP, DNS, NTP,
TFTP, FTP, HTTP) for proper confguraton
Doman admnstraton
Installaton and management of language packs for
PostgreSQL database for confguraton and CDR data
Drectory Server & LDAP Integraton
• Ablty to confgure SIP URI based call routng to other
• Specfc Sesson Border Controller (SBC) selecton for call
• Confguraton of natve NAT traversal wth optonally
redundant meda anchorng f necessary
• Meda anchorng supports voce and vdeo for any codec
• IM / Presence support through frewall
• UCAP allows for ntegrated user management usng an
exstng drectory servce over an LDAP nterface
• Mcrosoft Actve Drectory ntegraton
• LDAP bnd authentcaton and authorzaton for centralzed
password management and sngle sgn-on
• Upload of user profle nformaton wth a flexble mechansm
that allows mappng LDAP schema felds to UCAP profle felds
• Scheduled re-sync wth the corporate drectory
• Global address book (GAL) synchronzaton wth the drectory
• TLS based secure connecton over LDAP
Enterprse Level Securty
User Management
• All outbound calls authentcated to prevent toll fraud or
unauthorzed calls
• Authentcaton and authorzaton based on user’s permssons
sustaned durng node outage (e.g. survvable branch scenaro)
• Secure user password management wth auto-generated
complex SIP passwords for maxmum securty
• Embedded frewall wth SIP packet rate lmtng capablty
• DoS attack hardenng
• HTTPS secure Web access for admnstrators and users
• TLS based sgnalng for SIP trunks
• TLS connecton to clents, ncludng clents for remote users
• Optonal PIN request to enter conference brdges
• Web Servce API over secure connecton and authentcated
usng user credentals
• Certfcate management for self-algned and thrd party
certfcates. Auto-generates CSR requests
• User management wth ease: Create a user, provson a phone
and assgn a lne n only three clcks
• Numerc or alpha-numerc user IDs
• User PIN management (Web GUI or TUI)
• Alasng faclty (numerc and alpha-numerc alases)
• Extenson and alas unqueness assurance
• Management or auto-assgnment of user's IM ID and dsplay
• Automatc IM buddy lst creaton based on user groups
• Granular per user permssons
• Call permssons:
900 Dalng
Internatonal Dalng
Long Dstance Dalng
Moble Dalng
Local Dalng
Toll Free Dalng
Forward Calls External
Drect Internet Callng
• System permssons:
User has vocemal nbox
User lsted n auto-attendant drectory
User can record system prompts
User has admnstrator access
User allowed to change PIN from TUI
User can use Mcrosoft Exchange 2007/10 VM
User has a personal auto-attendant
User can subscrbe to presence
• Custom permssons as defned by the admnstrator
• Supervsor permsson for groups (e.g. Call Center supervsor)
• Management of user contact record (user profle)
Comprehensve profle data
Work and home address
In-buldng locaton nformaton
Assstant nformaton
• Support for avatar ncludng support for Gravatar
• SIP password management for maxmum securty
• User groups wth group propertes
• Per user call forwardng (fnd me / follow me)
To local extenson, PSTN number, or SIP address
Based on user or admnstrator defned tme schedules
Parallel or seral rng
Allows defnton of rng tme before tryng next number
Allows several forwardng destnatons
Fnd me / follow-me confguraton usng the Web user portal
• Extenson pool wth automatc assgnment
• Per user Caller ID (CLID) assgnment
• Per user Caller ID blockng
• IM notfcaton settngs
Conference entry and ext messages
Alertng user when someone s leavng a vocemal message
User Self-Control
• Every user on the system gets access to a personal Web user
portal for self-management and control
• Management of unfed messagng (vocemal)
• Confguraton of unfed messagng preferences
• Access to vocemals and conference call records
• Flexble tme based fnd-me / follow-me
• Management of personal profle data ncludng avatar
• Personal call hstory and mssed calls
• Personal phone book, speed dal and presence management
• Contact upload from GMal and Outlook
• Clck-to-call
• Indvdual phone management
• Personal auto-attendant confguraton
• Dynamc conference brdge control wth partcpant mute /
unmute, nclude / solate, nvte, dsconnect functons
• Management of personal IM account
• Personal MoH musc upload and preferences
Authorzaton Codes
• Authorzaton codes allow users to make prvleged calls from
any phone enterng a secret code
• Codes can be assgned to any user
• IVR servce allows easy authentcaton
Drectory, Speed Dal, Softkeys
• Automated generaton of drectory nformaton per user or per
user group ncludng a global address book (GAL)
• Support for complete contact nformaton and user profle
ncludng avatar
• Creaton and management of many dfferent drectores
(per user, per user group, per locaton, etc.)
• Upload of contacts from GMal and Outlook
• User management of drectory nformaton
• Automated provsonng of drectory nformaton nto user's
• Allows addng contacts to the drectory from a .csv fle (Excel)
• User confgurable speed dal (nternal / external numbers, SIP
• Speed dal generated server sde and backed up
• Auto-provsonng of speed dal to phones
• User confguraton of Busy Lamp Feld (BLF) to montor
presence of other users or phones (e.g. attendant console)
Installaton & Upgrades
• Automated nstallaton from CD ISO for OS and UCAP
• Graphcal confguraton wzard for system confguraton after
• Certfcate generaton (allows nstallng a sgned certfcate f
• Standard Lnux package management wth yum
• Optonal auto-confguraton of DNS, DHCP, NTP, FTP, TFTP,
HTTP servers
• Desgned so that no Lnux admnstrator sklls are requred for
nstallaton and confguraton
Centrally Managed Cluster
• Automated nstallaton and confguraton of a dstrbuted
system wth specfc server roles
• Automated and central confguraton of a hgh-avalablty
redundant system
• Allows for dedcated server hardware for conferencng,
vocemal and call control
• All confguraton for remote servers s centrally generated and
dstrbuted securely
Plug & Play Devce Management
Auto-regstraton of Karel IP phones smplfes nstallaton
Plug & play management of phones
Plug & play management of PSTN gateways
Auto-generaton of phone / gateway confguraton profle
Auto-pckup of profle by phone / gateway
Centralzed management of all the parameters
Centralzed backup and restore of all the confguratons
Auto-generaton of lnes by assgnng users to devces
Devce group management and propertes
Frmware upgrade management
Managed Devces
• Karel IP phones
• Polycom SoundPont all models (IP 301, 320, 330, 430, 450,
501, 550, 560, 601, 650, 670)
• Polycom SoundStaton IP 5000, 6000, 7000 SIP
• Polycom VVX-1500 vdeo phone (release 4.0.2)
4. Unfed Messagng
Alarm and SNMP MIBs
Unfed Messagng (Vocemal)
• SNMP traps can send alerts to network montorng systems for
mmedate attenton
• All alerts can also be e-maled or sent to SMS devces (va an
SMS gateway)
• Alertng ncludes ablty to alert on-ste staff of emergency
number beng daled
sure approprate
• Alarm groups allow admnstrators to make
staff s notfed
• Hstorc alarms can be accessed over admnstrator Web GUI
• Integrated unfed messagng system
• Support for 20.000+ nboxes, lmted only by dsk space
• System requres about 1MB dsk space per mnute of
vocemal recordng
• Performance tested up to 400 smultaneous calls (ports) on
dual core server hardware
• Unfed messagng servce can run on dedcated server
hardware, or can be co-located wth other UCAP components
• Message store can be NFS mounted
• Localzed per user by nstallng language packs
• Browser based user portal for unfed messagng
• RSS feed for new messages
• Message Watng Indcaton (MWI)
• User confgurable dstrbuton lsts
• Group and system dstrbuton lsts
• Emal notfcaton of new vocemal messages wth or wthout
the message attached as a wav fle
• Forwardng of message as a wav fle
• Supports several parallel notfcatons
• Per user selectable templates for emal format when
forwardng vocemal to accommodate smartphone message
• Manage folders: Folders for message organzaton
• Manage greetngs: Multple customzable greetngs
• Remote vocemal access usng a phone
• Auto-removal of deleted messages
• Daly report on dsk usage sent to admn
• IMAP ntegraton can be used for all emal systems that
support all the necessary IMAP prmtves (e.g. Mcrosoft
• Vocemal messages automatcally appear n user’s nbox
• IMAP back-end connecton: Acts as an IMAP clent nto
Mcrosoft Exchange and other compatble emal systems
• User manageable credentals for IMAP federaton
• Properly controls MWI on the phone when message s "read"
usng the emal clent
Call Detal Records (CDR)
Call State Events (CSE) collected for all sgnalng actvty
Background processng of CSEs nto CDRs
All data stored n a database at all tmes
Flexble report generaton usng Jasper Reports, bult-n
Supports redundant call control
Determnes and records call type nformaton
Internal / external calls
Calls to specfc UCAP servces
Collates call legs nto sngle CDRs
SOAP / REST Web Servces access to CDR data
Drect database access for thrd party reportng applcatons
Basc CDR reportng over UCAP admnstrator Web GUI:
Hstorc Call Detal Record reportng n near real-tme
Montorng of currently actve (on-gong) calls
Export of actve and hstorc CDRs to Excel (.csv fle)
Indvdual call hstory per user n the user portal
Advanced CDR reportng & bllng usng external Karel WebCM
applcaton (optonal):
External WebCM tool can be used for advanced CDR
reportng and bllng
WebCM applcaton runs on another standard server
CDR data s sent to WebCM applcaton by WebCM servce
Web-based access to WebCM GUI
Can work wth multple UCAP systems
More than one user can use the system at the same tme
Multple user account types
Advanced search over CDR data
Reports can be delvered automatcally by emal. Daly,
weekly and monthly report schedules can be defned
Data presented n web nterface can be exported to CSV,
Excel, PDF or XML formats
Hstograms graphcally present dstrbutons of calls wth
respect to call type, hour, day of week, day of month, and month
Tarffs can be created based on extenson groups, trunk groups
and the operator
Perods of valdty can be defned for the tarffs
Exstng records can be modfed and costs can be recalculated
Calls can be prced wth respect to the prefx of called number
Internal calls can be prced as well
Call records can be archved
• A securty devce s used for lcensng requred features
• Securty devce connects to prmary server over USB, and must
stay connected for operaton of lcensed features
• Lcense and securty devce nformaton can be accessed and
new keys can be entered over admnstrator Web GUI
• Only one securty devce s needed n redundant systems
Personal Auto Attendant
• Personal greetng
• User confgurable personal auto-attendant for every user on
the system
• Up to 10 ndvdual forwardng choces (keys 0 through 9)
• User can record greetng that corresponds to key confguraton
• Indvdual zero-out to a personal assstant or receptonst
• Indvdual selecton of language based on nstalled language
Integraton wth Mcrosoft Exchange
• Dal plan ntegraton wth Mcrosoft Exchange 2007/2010
Unfed Messagng server
• Allows mxed envronment wth groups of users on Exchange
or UCAP Unfed Messagng server
• Permsson-based selecton of Unfed Messagng server per
user or per user group
• Automatc dal plan routng to Exchange Unfed Messagng
server enables use of speech-based Exchange 2007/2010
5. Instant Messagng and Presence
Instant Messagng & Presence
• Standard XMPP based IM and presence capablty that scales
to enterprse requrements
• Supports standard XMPP based clents
• Auto-confguraton of user's IM accounts
• Auto-confguraton of IM user groups
• Personal group chat room for every user wth easy escalaton
from group chat to a conference call
• Federaton of phone presence wth IM presence
• Customzable "on the phone" presence status message
• Dynamc call routng based on user's presence status
• Message archvng and search
• Server-to-server federaton
• Clent-to-clent fle transfer
• Integraton of user profle nformaton and avatar
Presence & IM Federaton
• UCAP allows federaton wth the global XMPP-based network
for presence & IM
• Server-to-server (XMPP) federaton wth Google Talk
• Allows group chat sessons across systems
• Allows message archvng (f enabled) across systems
• User self-admnstraton of credentals for other IM systems
SIP Lne State Presence
• Centralzed management of resource lsts for dalog events
• Busy Lamp Feld (BLF) feature based on lne state presence
• Federated wth IM presence to show "on the phone" status n
the user’s unfed presence status
• Lne state presence as requred by Attendant Consoles
Personal Assstant over IM
Personal Assstant feature for every user
Dynamc call control usng IM
Dynamc conference management usng IM
Unfed messagng management usng IM
Call hstory / mssed calls drectly to the user’s moble phone
Call ntaton usng corporate dalplan
Corporate drectory look-ups
Fxed Moble Convergence (FMC)
• FMC applcaton enabled va Instant Messagng wth the
followng capabltes offered to moble users:
Enterprse number dalng
Corporate drectory look-ups
Call hstory
Presence sharng & Instant Messagng
• Server-to-server (XMPP) federaton wth Google Talk allows
usng GTalk clent on smart phones
• Dynamc conference management
6. Conferencng
Audo Conferencng
• Software-based
comprehensve and cost-effectve conferencng for the whole
• Voce conferencng server can run on the same UCAP server
hardware wth other components or on dedcated server
• Each user on the system can have a personal meet-me
conference brdge
• Optonal recordng of conference calls where the recordng s
forwarded to the user’s unfed messagng nbox
• Optonal PIN request to enter conference brdge for securty
• Dynamc conference controls from the user's Web portal
• Dynamc conference control usng IM
Partcpant entry / ext messages
Mute, solate, dsconnect, nvte
• Assocaton of personal conference brdge wth personal group
chat room
• Automatc mgraton of group chat to a voce conference
• Can lmt number of conference partcpants on each brdge
• Support for HD Audo and transcodng f necessary
• Support for up to 500 ports of conferencng, dependent on
• Confgurable DTMF keys for conference controls usng the TUI
• A UCAP system can have more than one conference server f
more capacty s needed
• All conferencng servers and servces centrally managed and
• Drect DID number assgnment to user’s personal conference
brdge for drect external entry
Vdeo Conferencng
• Vdeo conferencng possble wth supportng devces lke PC
soft phones or vdeo phones
• UCAP system handles call connecton. All meda processng s
done by supportng vdeo clents
7. Basc Meda Servces
Enterprse Auto Attendant
• Unlmted number of auto-attendants
• Customzable IVR menus
Hunt Groups
• Unlmted number of hunt groups
• Seral and parallel forkng (rngs sequentally or at the same
• Confgurable rng tme per attempt
• Enable / dsable user call forwardng rules whle huntng
• Flexble confguraton of destnaton f no answer
Musc on Hold
• Musc on hold server plays musc durng hold tmes
• Per user or per user group confgurable musc fles
• Allows external musc source connected over a sound card
Call Park & Retreve
• Unlmted number of park orbts
• Vsual ndcaton on the phone of the state of the park orbt
usng the presence server (BLF)
• Musc on park
• Up-loadable park musc fle
• Confgurable call retreve code
• Confgurable call retreve tmeout
• Automatc park tmeout wth confgurable tme
• Confgurable park escape key
• Allow multple calls on one orbt
• Users can have a personal park orbt
Group Pagng
Web Servces Applcaton Integraton
• Unfed messagng ntegraton nto other applcatons usng
Web Servces REST nterface allowng maxmum flexblty
• Integraton nto Outlook 2010 wth Web Servces based MWI
actvaton / deactvaton
Integrated group pagng server
Unlmted number of pagng groups
Supports regular SIP phones usng auto-answer
Supports dedcated n-celng devces (SIP)
Confgurable pagng prefx
Analog Lnes (FXS)
• FXS gateway requred to connect analog machnes
• SIP complant FXS gateways supported
• Fax support wth fax machne connected to FXS gateway
(gateway should support T.38)
• Analog cordless phone support
Fax Server
• Automated nbound fax-to-emal support (fax receve)
• DID assgnment to fax servce for personalzed fax number
8. Trunkng
PSTN Trunkng
• Unlmted number of PSTN gateways and trunk lnes,
connected to the IP network
• Supports any SIP complant gateway (e.g. Audocodes, Patton)
• Gateways can be n any locaton, connected to the routed
network (no NAT between UCAP servers & gateways)
• Flexble gateway selecton per dalng rule
• Source routng of calls so that calls can be routed through a
local gateway to save WAN bandwdth
• DID management for ncomng & outgong calls
• Local DID per gateway
• CLIP Management
Gateway default CLIP
Prefx strppng / appendng
• Per gateway CLIR
SIP Trunkng
SIP trunkng gateway wth NAT traversal
Remote worker support wth NAT traversal and auto-detecton
ITSP templates for smplfed confguraton
SIP call orgnaton & termnaton
Branch offce routng
Proxy to proxy nterconnect usng ACLs
Least-cost-routng (LCR)
Mxng of PSTN trunks wth SIP trunks for LCR and falover
TLS support for secure sgnalng
Route header for flexble call routng through an SBC
Flexble rules for SBC selecton (route selecton)
9. Busness Process Integraton
SOA Archtecture
• Web Servces SOAP nterface for key admnstratve functons
• Web Servces REST nterface for user portal functons and thrd
party call control
• All components centrally managed usng XML RPC
• Google Web Toolkt (GWT)
Mcrosoft Offce 2010
• UCAP toolbar plug-n applcaton on top of Outlook 2010
• Adds presence to Outlook 2010 as a substtute for Lync 2010
• Adds socal network connector to Outlook 2010 enablng
address book and full user profle sharng wth UCAP, ncludng
user’s avatars
• Offers full unfed messagng ntegraton nto Outlook 2010
• Clck-to-call wth automatc phone number dscovery n
receved emals
• Outlook 2010 ntegrated dynamc conference call
management wth entry / ext messages and full experence
• Drect launch of IM conversaton from wthn Outlook 2010
• Notfcaton of mssed calls on Outlook 2010 toolbar wndow
• Notfcaton of unlstened vocemal messages on Outlook 2010
toolbar wndow
10. Standards Complance
SIP & XMPP Complance
Advanced call control usng RFCs
Early meda (SDP n 180/183)
Delayed SDP (SDP n ACK)
Re-INVITE Codec change, hold, off-hold
Route/Record-Route header felds
Confgurable RTP/RTCP ports
Confgurable SIP ports
Consultatve and blnd transfer and thrd party call control
A large number XMPP XEP standards
RFC 3261 Sesson Intaton Protocol usng both UDP and TCP
RFC 3920 XMPP Core
RFC 3515 Refer Method
RFC 3891 Referred-By header
RFC 3892 Replaces header
RFC 3263 Locatng SIP Servers - use of DNS SRV records
RFC 3581 Symmetrc Response Routng (rport)
RFC 3265 SIP-Specfc Event Notfcaton
RFC 3842 Voce mal message watng ndcaton (MWI)
RFC 3262 Relable Provsonal Responses
RFC 2833 Out-of-band DTMF tones
RFC 3264 Offer/Answer model for SDP for Codec Negotaton
RFC 2617 HTTP Authentcaton
RFC 3327 Path header
RFC 3325 P-Asserted dentty
RFC 4235 An INVITE-Intated Dalog Event Package for SIP
RFC 4662 SIP Event Notfcaton Extenson for Resource Lsts
RFC 2327 SDP: Sesson Descrpton Protocol
RFC 3326 The Reason Header Feld for SIP
BLA support:
RFC 3680 SIP Event Package for Regstratons
RFC 3265 SIP-Specfc Event Notfcaton
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