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FACEISTANBUL 2016, Scientific Program of the MEETING
(June 1-2 2016)
Opening Ceremony
Key Note Lecture
Jonathan Sykes: How to successfully communicate
with our patients.
Moderator: Abel-Jan Tasman
Essentials for facial plastic surgery
Moderator: Holger Gassner
Ageing physiology: Berke Özüçer
Anatomy for facial fillers and toxins: Jonathan Sykes
Pitfalls in Rhinoplasty: Metin Önerci
Skar revision: Hade Vuyk
Coffee Break
Moderator: Özcan Çakmak
Anatomy and aesthetics of brow lifting: Jonathan
Endoscopic brow-lift: a critical appraisal: Abel-Jan
Forehead reconstruction: Hade Vuyk
Nasal Tip
Moderator: Metin Önerci
Finesse in endonasal tip plasty: Holger Gassner
Correction of specific tip deformities : Özcan Çakmak
Management of the patients with thick skin in
rhinoplasty: Abdülkadir Goksel
Nasal ala/ tip reconstruction: Hade Vuyk
Facial Harmony
Moderator: Orhan Özturan
Balancing the nose, balancing the face: Carlos Neves
Lengthening the short nose: Teoman Dal
Management of crooked nose: Abdülkadir Göksel
Straighening the crooked nose endonasally: AbelJan Tasman
Current approaches for reanimation of paralyzed
face: Holger Gassner
Coffee Break
Moderator: Holger Gassner
What makes beautiful eyes: rethinking aging eyelid
rejuvenation: Jonathan Sykes
Current controversies on lower lid rejuvenation: Abel
–Jan Tasman
Pearls to prevent complications in blepharoplasty:
Özcan Çakmak
Peri-orbital and eyelid reconstruction: Hade Vuyk
Management of specific problems
Moderator: Carlos Neves
Revision rhinoplasty: Endonasal solutions: Holger
Oblique turnover technique for cephalically oriented
lateral crus: Abdülkadir Göksel
Management of redundant skin in aged rhinoplasty:
Orhan Özturan
Leaving the hump in hump reduction: Abel-Jan
Facelift, Midfacelift
Moderator: Hade Vuyk
The surgical anatomy of modern face lift techniques:
Holger Gassner
Facelift: Can we get away with small procedures?:
Abel-Jan Tasman
Anatomy and rationale for deep plane facelift:
Jonathan Sykes
Controlling the mid third of the face: Carlos Neves
Midfacelifting vs Facelift: Which technique for which
patient? Özcan Çakmak
Coffee Break
Lip, Chin, Jaws
Moderator: Abel-Jan Tasman
Diagnosis and management of chin deformities:
Jonathan Sykes
Managament of skeletal deformities of middle and
lower face. Sina Uçkan
Lip reconstruction: Hade Vuyk
Moderator: Teoman Dal
Otoplasty: general overview: Orhan Özturan
Otoplasty - The safety concept: Holger Gassner
Cartilage resection in overdeveloped concha in
otoplasty: Fazıl Apaydın
Ear reconstruction: Hade Vuyk
Contour irregularities
Moderator: Jonathan Sykes
Crushed cartilage grafts to camouflage irregularities in
rhinoplasty: Özcan Çakmak
Cartilage chips in rhinoplasty: Fazıl Apaydın
Looking back on 5 years using diced cartilage in glue:
Abel-Jan Tasman
Alternative technologies for correction of dorsal
irregularities: Teoman Dal
Osteotomy: with osteotome vs piezo: Abdülkadir
Coffee Break
Structrural Rhinoplasty
Moderator: Hade Vuyk
Rhinoplasty - an aggressive process that demands
reconstruction: Carlos Neves
Management of nasal valve collapse: Orhan Özturan
Structural grafting in revision rhinoplasty: Fazıl
A new classification and algorithm for saddle nose
reconstruction: Özcan Çakmak
Non-surgical rejuvenation
Moderator: Jonathan Sykes
Botox in facial rejuvenation: Emrah Emre
Fillers and fat: Özcan Çakmak
Stem cell technology for facial plastic surgery: Cengiz
Thread lift and focused ultrasound for facial
rejuvenation: Teoman Dal
FACEISTANBUL 2016, Cadaver Dissection Course Program (June 3-4)
The dissections on the master cadavers will be performed by below faculties:
1st day (June 3):
Jonathan Sykes: Layer by layer dissection of a half cadaver head for ageing face anatomy
Carlos Neves: Blepharoplasty
Özcan Çakmak: Facelifting
Abel-Jan Tasman: Endoscopic Browlifting
2nd day (June 4):
Holger Gassner: Advanced Rhinoplasty
Hade Vuyk: Forehead Flap Reconstruction
Orhan Özturan: Otoplasty

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