Adjective Nedir? 1


Adjective Nedir? 1
Adjective Nedir? 1
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Adjective sýfat anlamýna gelir. Bir isim yada zamirden önce gelerek o isim yada zamiri niteleyen kelimelerdir. Dýfatlar
niteledikleri kelimelerden önce gelirler.
Aþaðýdaki örnek cümlelerde koyu olan kelimeler sýfattýr.:The truck-shaped balloon floated over the treetops. Mrs. Morrison
papered her kitchen walls with hideous wall paper. The small boat foundered on the wine dark sea. The coal mines are
dark and dank. Many stores have already begun to play irritating Christmas music. A battered music box sat on the
mahogany sideboard. The back room was filed with large, yellow rain boots.
Sýfatladan önce onlarý niteleyen zarflar, zarf gruplarý kullanýlabilir.My husband knits intricately patterned mittens.
örnekteki ``intricately'' kjelimesi ``patterned'' sýfatýný nitelemektedir.
bazý isimler, çoðu zamirler, ve fillerin üçüncü halleri ile -ing li hallerinin çoðu sýfat olarak kullanýlabilir.
Eleanor listened to the muffled sounds of the radio hidden under her pillow.
(koyu kelimeler fiillerin üçüncü hallerinden oluþan sýfatlardýr)
Gramer bilimle uðraþanlara göre "a/an ve the" sýfattýr.Sahip oluþ sýfatlarý
Sahip oluþ belirten (``my,'' ``your,'' ``his,'' ``her,'' ``its,'' ``our,'' ``their'') kelimeler birer sýfattýr ve niteledikleri isimden önce
kullanýlýrlar. Sahip oluþ zamiri olan "mine", "yours", "his", "hers", "its", "ours" ve "theirs" ise arkasýndan isim almazlar.:I can't
complete my assignment because I don't have the textbook. That is my car, this isn't mine.
Birinci cümlede ``my'', ``assignment'' kelimesini nitelemektedir ve ``my assignment'' birlikte cümlenin nesnesi durumundadýr.
Ýkinci cümlede ise mine sahip oluþ zamiridir ve "my car" anlamýnda kullanýlmaktadýr.What is your phone number.
Bu cümlede ise "your" sahip oluþ sýfatý ``phone number'' isim tamlamasýný nitelemektedir.The bakery sold his favourite type of
bread. After many years, she returned to her homeland. We have lost our way in this wood. In many fairy tales, children
are neglected by their parents. The cat chased its ball down the stairs and into the backyard. Ýþaret Sýfatlarý
``this,'' ``these,'' ``that,'' ``those,'' and ``what'' iþaret sýfatlarý (demonstrative adjectives) olarak isimlerden önce kullanýlýrlar:Whe
the librarian tripped over that cord, she dropped a pile of books. This apartment needs to be fumigated. Even though my
friend preferred those plates, I bought these. Soru Sýfatlarý
Soru sorarken cümlenin baþýnda ilgili isimden önce kullanýlan ``which'' or ``what'' soru sýfatý ( interrogative adjective) olarak
kullanýlýrlarWhich plants should be watered twice a week? What book are you reading? Belirsizlik Sýfatlarý
"many", "any", "a few", "all" gibi kelimeler isimden önce kullanýlarak onlarý nitelediðinde belirsizlik sýfatlarý (indefinite adjective)
olarak kullanýlmýþ olurlar:Many people believe that corporations are under-taxed.
I will send you any mail that arrives after you have moved to Sudbury. They found a few goldfish floating belly up in the
swan pound. The title of Kelly's favourite game is ``All dogs go to heaven.''
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