// director of photography -­‐ cinematographer // assistant camera
contact: Abbasaga Mah. Bostanustu Dere Sk. 16/5 Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey / phone +905302063130
mail: [email protected] / web: / /
birth: 10th March 1990 – Adana/Turkey.
education: Bahçeşehir University Communication Faculty FTV Department ’13 / Full Scholarship.
foreign language: English (Fluent).
“I am a Istanbul based, young, very creative and enthusiast cinematographer who wants to be a well known, legendary
cinematographer for feature films, TV commercials and music videos in the history of motion pictures...”
filmography (Narrative):
• Döngü (Dir: Onur Işık Cantürk / 2013 / Blackmagic Cinema Camera, ProRes)
• Güvercin “Pigeon” (Dir: Önder Kuvvet - Muratcan Gökçe / 2013 / 8’ / Blackmagic Cinema Camera, RAW)
- First film of Turkey which shot with Blackmagic Cinema Camera.
• Sakız “Chewing Gum” (Dir: Önder Kuvvet - Muratcan Gökçe / 2013 / ? / Canon EOS 5Dmk2 + Canon EOS 7D / in post production)
• Gulyabani “The Ghoul” (Dir: Önder Kuvvet / 2012 / ? / Canon 5Dmk2 / filming)
• Tortuga (Dir: Hakan Kemixiz / 2012 / 17’ / Canon 7D)
- Finalist for 19th International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, National Student Films Competition, Fiction Film Section.
- Finalist for 13rd Izmir Short Film Festival, National Short Film Competition.
• Tinerci Cinayetinde Şok Gelişme (Dir: Cüneyt Bozkurt / 2011 / 11’ / Canon EOS 7D)
• U.F.O. Rıfkı (Dir: Hakan Kemixiz /2011 / 3’ / Canon EOS 7D - also worked as Colorist).
filmography (Commercial):
• Istanbul 2020 Olympics’ Promo Film (as Second Unit Cameraman / 2013 / Dir:, DP:, Prod: New Moon Media, Line Prod: AZ Celtic Films)
• (The Best or Nothing (Mercedes Benz Fake Commercial) (Dir: Hakan Kemixiz / 2012 / Canon EOS 7D)
• Dalgıç Silverware 75th year commercial (Dir: Aybek Gözükızıl / 2012 / Canon EOS 7D)
filmography (Music Videos):
• Erdinc Erdogdu feat. Kivanch K - Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode Cover) (Dir: Hakan Kemixiz / 2013 / Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Prores + Canon EOS 7D)
filmography (Documentary):
• Bir Vapur Geçer Boğaz’a Doğru “A Ferry Passes Through the Bosphorus” (Dir: Muratcan Gökçe, Gizem Naz Özer, Deniz Ersoy) / 2011 / 25’ / Canon EOS 7D +
HDV / also worked as Co-Producer, Co-Editor)
- 2nd Prize from Aydin Dogan Foundation 22th Competition for Young Communication Majors Visual Category, Documentary Section.
“... I feel that born to be a cinematographer. In the movies which I watched, I was especially interested in lighting, lenses,
camera movements and position etc. all the time...”
camera knowledge:
• Arri Alexa, Blackmagic Design Cameras, Sony Cine Alta Cameras, Canon EOS and Cinema EOS Cameras (Advanced)
• RED Digital Cinema Cameras
• 16mm and 35mm negative (Intermediate)
• HDV (Advanced)
• And all kind of other cameras (digital or analog)
editing knowledge:
• Apple Final Cut Express / Apple Final Cut Pro (Very Good)
• Adobe Premiere Pro (Very Good)
• Magic Bullet Looks (Very Good)
• Blackmagic DaVinci Resole (Beginner)
“... Cinematography is a love and passion for me. Every time when I'm holding the camera and setting lights up, they
take me to another creation to create a world which the film we shoot needs.”
worked as AC (since December 2011)
• Worked with many international productions and productions companies as a assistant camera as such as Working Title Films, RSA Films UK.
• Worked (and still working) in more than 100 TV commercial and Music Videos with many nationally and internationally well known DPs, directors and production
• Two Faces of January (Feature Film / 2012 / Arri Alexa / Dir: Hoss Amini, DP: Marcel Zyskind, Prod: Working Title Films, Line Prod: AZ Celtic Films)
• Mordkommission Istanbul (German TV Series / 2011 / 16mm / Dir: Michael Kreindl, DP: Stefan Spreer, Line Prod: Anka Film)
• Sen Kimsin? (Feature Film / 2011 / Arri Alexa / Dir: Ozan Açıktan, DP: Ahmet Sesigürgil, Prod: BKM)
• With 16mm negative, 35mm negative cameras and all kind of digital motion picture cameras as such as Arri Alexa, Red One, Red Mysterium X, Red Epic,
Weisscam, Phantom, Phantomflex, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 5DMK3, Sony F3…
• Alex Sutherland (Owner / Producer at AZ Celtic Films)
• Zeynep Santıroğlu Sutherland (Owner / Producer at AZ Celtic Films)
• Owynne Dawkins (Director at M.O.D. Collective / RSA Films UK)
• Darius Norowzian (Director at M.O.D. Collective / RSA Films UK)
• Bora Egemen (Director, Instructor at Bahçeşehir University FTV Department)
• Tolga Mehmet Kutlar (Director of Photography)
• Mete Özok (Director - Producer at Filmpark)
• Tolga Baysal (Producer at Böcek Yapım)
• Mehmet Seçen (Producer at Filmpark)
• Alper Evirgen (Producer at Filmpark)
• Assistant Prof. Dr. Kaya Özkaracalar (Head of Bahçeşehir University FTV Department)
• Associate Prof. Dr. Melih Zafer Arıcan (Head of Bahçeşehir University POV Department)
• Assistant Prof. Dr. Erkan Büker (Instructor at Bahçeşehir University FTV Department, Director)
• Ayşegül Selenga Taşkent (Instructor at Bahçeşehir University FTV Department, Filmmaker)
• Sinem İnce (Instructor at Bahçeşehir University FTV Department, Director, Producer)
• Sinan Şensivas
• Serkan Yeğen
• Alphan Belbek (Shareholder at Oktotech Film Services)
• Arda Birkiye (Producer / Director at Randomworks)
• Oğuzhan Başoğlu (Producer at Randomworks)

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