Directions - Witt Istanbul Hotel


Directions - Witt Istanbul Hotel
Witt Istanbul Hotel Address:
Defterdar Yokusu No. 26,
34433 Cihangir, Istanbul
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Taxi Directions from Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport (IST)
In Turkish (for your taxi driver):
Sahilyolundan Karakoy e gel ve Tophaneye ilerle. Istanbul Modern Müzesinin
hemen yanından “Tophane-Karakoy” tabelasında U donusu yap. 100 metre sonra
“Cukurcuma-Galatasaray” tabelasından saga sap. 20 meter sonra tekrar “Taksim”
yonune saga sap ve 150 metre sonra sagda kose bina:Witt Istanbul Hotel-Defterdar
Yokusu No:26
Summary of drive from airport
You will commonly see the words “Sirkeci” and “Sahilyolu”. Sirkeci is the name of the
town where Galata Bridge is located and Sahilyolu means coastal road.
Once you exit the airport make sure you turn right to “Sahilyolu”. The second critical
place is Yesilkoy Rounabout and there make sure you follow Sirkeci.You will stay on
“Sahilyolu” till you make a u-turn at Tophane right across the Istanbul Modern
Then after 100 meters make a right to “Cukurcuma” and 20 meters later make
another right to Taksim. Now you are on Defterdar Yokusu and we will be waiting for
you 150 meters up.
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