Everything you need to know about the LGBT scene in Istanbul


Everything you need to know about the LGBT scene in Istanbul
Main GLBT Organization in Istanbul
Culture Center: 90 (212) 245 70 68
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Everything you need to know about the LGBT scene in Istanbul
Love Dance Point
After a decade of existence, Love has justifiably earned institution status in the local gay clubland. It
continues to be the club of choice for those who fancy themselves more Europhile than local and
who shrug their shoulders to the increasing number of breeders in their midst. It’s also popular
among foreign visitors who have heard the name mentioned in international circuit parties. Be
advised that drink prices here are on the steep side.Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi 349/1, Harbiye. ,
Harbiye, Şişli Phone: (021) 229 63 35
For the most avid of gay karaoke practitioners, this place affords the starstruck with a stage to get up
and start belting and a ready audience composed of the hunky owner, his wait staff and hanging
friends who like to practice their singing if nobody else would. Some of the songs in their album of
mostly Turkish songs are too obscure, even to some natives. There’s bar food on the menu if you get
hungry after all the singing. Address:İstiklal Caddesi, Büyükparmakkapı Sokak 26, first floor, Taksim.,
Beyoğlu, Beyoğlu
Another year, another move for Istanbul's premiere lezzie bar: this time to another terrace floor with
a very high ceiling that the owner plans to open up in the warm months. And this time around, she is
also democratically and smartly openning the place to the whole LGBT community and their friends
on Friday and exclusively for women on Saturday. Address: Mis Sokak 5, Beyoğlu, Beyoğlu Phone:
(535) 509 09 22
Club 1001 Gece
The wheels of fortune have once again turned to favour this site of the first gay bar in Turkey. Long
since the hub of the most beautiful chicks-with-dicks in town, it is seeing an increase in business from
Turkish and visiting male admirers who think nothing of paying for pricey food and drinks to spend
some moments with their objects of lust. So the joint has been divided into two floors with the
dancing on the first floor and an intimate bar atmosphere on the second.Address: Sıraselviler Caddesi
61/18, Taksim. , Beyoğlu, Beyoğlu Phone: (0212) 229 36 31
Rocinante Café Bar
Mostly young and grungy lesbians who shy away from the lipstick crowd come here to do some
collective arabesque and Turkish pop dancing. The good thing about this place is that there’s no
exclusionary policy of keeping out male friends. Address: Sakızağacı Caddesi, Öğüt Sokak 6, second
floor, Beyoğlu, Beyoğlu Phone: 021) 224 48 21
Haspa Cafe & Bar Somehow, this bar in a short street running parallel to Istiklal has become
the current hub of young gays who find the relaxed attitude of the owner convenient to seek out
their kind and have the run of the place after school or work and before going to their families-if they
have families to go home to. And while they're here and when other slightly older folks join in, and
most everyone tries to sing along and dance to their favorite Turkish Pop music being played, the
atmosphere turns joyously electric. Reasonably priced snack food and drinks available.
Address: Kucuk Parmakkapı Sokak, Ipek Sokak 16, Beyoğlu, BeyoğluPhone: (212) 243 86 01
X Large is a gay club but also welcomes lesbians. You can see many lesbians especially on Saturdays
nights. Kallavi Sokak is somewhere opposing St. Antoine Church along the Istiklal. Opened in May
2009, X LARGE has become very popular weekend club where you can find the atmosphere of the big
European gay clubs, even better then some.
Address: Mesrutiyet Caddesi (street) Kallavi Sokak (lane) No: 12 Beyoglu, Istanbul.
If you prefer a more liberal atmosphere for gays, you can try Aquarius Sauna which has a small gym
section. The gym section has very basic work-out equipments such as barbells, treadmill, bikes
although some of these may not even be working well. The swimming pool is not very big but should
be good enough for daily swimming exercises.
Address: Istiklal Caddesi, Sadri Alisik Sokak, No: 29/1 Taksim-Beyoglu, Istanbul.
Cihangir Sauna
Cihangir Sauna is one of the best places for gays in Turkey. It is a sauna which has recently been
renewed and modernized. Clients are half locals, half foreigners. I personally feel very comfortable.
Opens at 10 am till 11 pm everyday. There is a sauna, showers with hot water, a vitamin bar,
massage (on purpose), a dark room, independent tables and chairs to have chat and of course
individual rooms and lockers.